Yesterday Amber was spanked hard.
Seventeen year old Amber Davis had come home two nights ago with liquor on her breath and the smell of marijuana on her clothing. Her father, Jim, had asked her about and she had lied to him.
Last night Jim had spanked her severely for breaking the house rules and lying about it.
As Jim rubbed a soothing lotion on Amber’s bottom, both had become sexually aroused. Amber had spent the night in Jim’s bed.

Amber won’t do it again (the sequel) You may want to read this first.

Jim Davis awoke just before 7:00 a.m. His seventeen year old daughter, Amber, was still sleeping. Jim kissed her gently then awakened her. Come on honey, we need to get dressed. Come down to the kitchen when you’re dressed. I’ll fix breakfast and then I want to talk to you.

Jim had a light meal ready when Amber came into the kitchen, coffee, orange juice and a muffin. Jim was concerned about Amber’s girlfriend Sally. Sally had provided the alcohol and marijuana that had gotten Amber in trouble. “Amber, I’m not certain Sally is the kind of girl you should be associating with. Bringing booze and joints into your life isn’t what I’d call a good friend. I think you should consider distancing yourself from her.” Amber thought for a moment. Sally was her best friend. What they had done wasn’t at all what Sally was usually like and Amber didn’t want to loose her as a friend.
She replied, “Daddy, Sally isn’t a bad girl. She’s friendly and a lot of fun. I don’t want to lose her as my friend but I will if that’s what you feel is right.” I’d like to invite Sally over so you can meet her. If, after talking to Sally you still think we should not be friends, I’ll do that.” What could Jim say? Amber’s suggestion had merit. He could get the facts and then decide. “OK, honey, ask Sally to come over this evening. I’ll withhold judgment ‘til then.

Jim got home just after 6:00 p.m. When he walked in the house it smelled wonderful. Amber already had supper started. Jim went to the kitchen. Amber was there with another girl. “Hi daddy, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Sally Biggs. Sally, this is my daddy, Jim Davis.” Throughout the day, Jim had imagined what Sally would look like. Man, was he surprised. He expected some sluttish looking druggie. Not this beautiful young lady. Sally was tall, nearly as tall as Jim’s 6’2”. Her long blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail that came mid way down her back and she was conservatively dressed in a beige skirt and pale blue top. On her feet were strapped sandals. “Hello Mr. Davis, I’m pleased to meet you and get a chance to talk.” “Sally, I’m looking forward to that chat,” said Jim. “Daddy, supper is almost ready. Do you want to change clothes before we eat?” Jim did want to get into something more comfortable. It was Friday night and he was looking forward relaxing.

When Jim returned to the kitchen, the table was set. He’d changed into a loose fitting pair of shorts and t-shirt. “That food looks great. Let’s eat!” After the meal was completed, the girls cleaned the table and loaded the dishwasher. Amber asked if anyone wanted coffee. Both Jim and Sally said yes.

They all sat at the table for the talk. Jim started. “Sally, I’m concerned about your influence on Amber. She’s never come home in the condition she was in the night before last. Honestly, if that’s the type of girl you are I don’t think I want Amber associating with you. I’d like your side of the story, if there is one.” “Mr. Davis, I understand how you feel and, no, I’m not that kind of person.” Sally thought for a second. How much did she want to tell about herself? “Mr. Davis, I guess you really do need to know about me. The other night was the first time I’d ever tried strong liquor and certainly the first time I had ever smoked a joint. You’re right; I did talk Amber into sharing with me. I suppose I was just feeling rebellious. My parents are out of the country on a three month vacation. But then again, they are almost always gone. My father is wealthy and retired. I came late in life to them and I think I was an oops baby. I was virtually raised by my nanny.”

“But about me. I have an a-b grade average, am active in student government and am the starting forward on our school’s girl’s basketball team. I’ve been recruited by both Tennessee and UConn but I’ve decided I’ll stay here and go to State.” “Like I said, Wednesday night was the first time I’d ever done anything like that. I don’t hang out with the wrong people. Amber is my dearest and maybe only real friend. I don’t even date much. Between athletics and my studies, I just don’t have the time.” “Mr. Davis, I’m still a virgin.” “Sally, I appreciate you telling me about yourself. I think I had the wrong impression about who you are and what you’re about. I want to apologize for what I thought about you, but you still introduced Amber to some pretty serious things and she paid a severe penalty for that.” “Daddy, I don’t mean to interrupt but I’ve asked Sally to spend the weekend with us so you can get to know her better. Is that alright with you?” Jim thought he wouldn’t mind the company of a beautiful young lady. He approved the weekend plan. “Mr. Davis, Amber and I have talked. I know about the spanking she got. I can’t put into words how remorseful I am about that. I know, without my prodding, Amber would never have gotten into trouble. I feel so responsible for what she got. Mr. Davis, like I said, Amber and I have talked. I want you to do the same thing to me that you did for Amber. Mr. Davis, I’ve never been spanked in my life. Maybe I should have been.” “As much as I agree you deserve to be punished, I won’t be the one doing it. You’re a minor. I don’t want to have to explain to your parents or even the police why I spanked you.” “Mr. Davis, I’m not a minor. I turned eighteen on Valentine’s Day. I can make my own decisions. I’m not saying I want to be hurt but it’s about the only way I’ll feel better about myself for what I involved Amber in. Please spank me and do everything you did to Amber.” “Amber, how do you feel about what Sally wants?” “Daddy, like Sally said, we’ve talked about this and she’s seen my bruised bottom. She really does want to be spanked.” Jim thought about this. If it would make Sally feel better about herself, why not?

“Ok, Sally, I’ll do it. Are you sure you want everything Amber got?” “Yes sir, everything.” Sally, please go into Amber’s room and take off your panties. Amber, will you help Sally get ready. I’ll be there in a minute or two.
Amber and Sally walked into her bedroom. “Sally, you need to take off everything. I think you’ll be more comfortable, if that’s the right word, in a loose fitting top. You can fold your clothes over that chair.” “Amber, I’m so nervous. I’ve need to pee. I don’t want to wet myself if I loose control.” “That’s a good idea because you are going to lose control. I couldn’t even cry when he was done. I was beyond tears. I felt limp as a dishrag and could only moan.”

Jim went to his room. He needed to get his grandmother’s antique ivory hairbrush. While he was there, he thought about what Sally had said. She wanted everything Amber had gotten. Jim wondered if that included what had happened after the spanking. He and Amber had gone to bed together and had sex. Did Amber tell her about that? Jim got a tube of KY jelly out of his medicine cabinet and put it on his night stand along with a box of Kleenex. It was time.

When Jim entered Amber’s room, Sally was sitting on the side of the bed. She was wearing only a loose fitting t-shirt and she’d taken her long blonde hair out of the ponytail. It cascaded down her back nearly to her waist. Jim sat down beside her on the bed and asked if she was ready. Sally just nodded yes.

“Sally, please stand up and come to my right side.” Sally arose and shuffled to Jim’s side. She stood with her head down, her hair hanging forward over her shoulders.
“Sally, please lie across my lap.” Sally couldn’t believe she had volunteered for this. She wanted to back out but she knew she deserved what she was going to get. She lay down. Jim pressed her forward so that she was positioned with her bottom raised. He’s spanked Amber in this same position just yesterday but this was different. Sally was much taller and heavier than Amber. Her head nearly reached the floor on his left side and she weighed about 150 to Amber’s 110.

“Sally, do you want Amber to leave the room?” “No, Mr. Davis, I want Amber here. She got this and I want her to see me get mine.”

With no preliminaries, Jim started. He administered five quick hard spanks on Sally’s sit spots. Sally gasped at the pain and squirmed in Jim’s lap trying to escape. Jim grasped her firmly around the waist with his left arm while his right hand went to work. After about twenty spanks on Sally’s spank spots she was wailing and begging his to stop. “Please, Mr. Davis, I’m so sorry for what I did, but please stop, please, please, please.”
Jim ignored her pleas. She’d earned this and asked for this and she was going to get it. Jim spanked her higher on her bottom with another twenty spanks then low on her cute butt for another twenty and finally twenty on each the back of each leg. Sally was in agony now, her pretty blonde hair was wet with sweat, her nose was running and her bottom was crimson. Sally thought it was over as Jim paused. Then she remembered the hairbrush. “Oh, God, please Mr. Davis, stop, please stop. I can’t take anymore. I’m so, so sorry for what I did but I just can’t take anymore.” “Of course you can,” said Jim. Yesterday, punishing Amber had been a distasteful duty but today, Jim was enjoying himself. Sally looked so desirable sprawled across his lap. Jim picked up the hairbrush and started to make a little booty music. Again, he started with her sit spot. Thwack, thwack, twenty very quickly on each. Sally stiffened and really began to squirm and wail. Still holding her securely, Jim hit her higher then lower, and finally on the back of each leg, twenty whacks each. Sally felt like she was on fire. Her bottom was in more pain than she’d ever suffered before. She wanted to plead with him but she couldn’t form the words. Then, Jim said, “Sally, please spread your legs. We’re almost through, but I’m going to spank the insides of your thighs. Now, spread them. Sally spread her legs, resting her left one on the bed and the other hanging over the side. Sally knew Jim was getting a view. It should have been embarrassing but she didn’t care. She would do anything to get this over. Jim struck her on her right leg first quickly and solidly for twenty strokes. My God Sally thought it was like she’d been struck by lightning. Then she got another twenty to her left leg. It was more than Sally could endure. She just collapsed limply across Jim’s lap. Her beautiful blonde hair was matted, some strands in her mouth. Even her breasts were sore from all of her squirming. But Sally wasn’t thinking about any of that. In fact, she wasn’t really thinking at all, she was just a ball of fiery pain. Jim knew it would take a few minutes for Sally to get some control of herself. He raised her t-shirt and rubbed her back to help her relax. After a few minutes, Sally got control of her breathing and Jim helped her stand.
“Amber, would you help Sally to the bathroom. I’m sure she’ll want to clean up and change.” “Sally, did you bring a gown. You may want to get dressed for bed?” Sally just nodded yes. “When you girls are ready, come into the living room and we can share a glass of wine if you like.”

After Jim left, Amber took Sally into the bathroom. She washed her face and brushed out her hair. Amber got a nightie out of Sally’s bag, helped her out of her t-shirt and dressed her for bed. “Sally, are you sure you want to go through with this. Daddy can rub some lotion on your bottom and legs. It’s soothing and cooling. It’ll make you feel a little better, but you don’t have to go through with rest.” “Amber, I’ve never been in so much pain. I’ve got through the spanking now I’m looking forward to the rest.” They walked to the living room together.

Jim looked at the two of them. Gorgeous young women; Amber slight of body while Sally towered over her. Sally was walking uncomfortably with eyes still leaking a few tears.

“Mr. Davis, I want to again apologize for what I did. I understand why you were upset and angry, but Amber is my best, in fact, my only friend and I don’t want to loose her. Please don’t stay angry at me. Let Amber and me stay friends.”

“Sally, I’m not upset with you. Amber’s a big girl; she can make her own choices. You might have provided the means but she’s the one that chose to break the rules. In fact, I’ve gained a lot of respect for you. You could have avoided coming here tonight or, at least tried to make excuses. Instead, you were woman enough to know what you’d done was wrong and you chose to take your punishment. I’m proud of you and I’m proud that you are my daughter’s friend.”

“Mr. Davis, Amber said you have some lotion that can take the fire out of my booty. Would you let me lie over your lap and have you rub it in?” “Sure, Sally.” “Amber, if you’ll pour each of us a glass of wine, I’ll get the lotion.”

Well, it seems that Sally might take this all the way thought Jim. He definitely wanted to fuck Sally but it wouldn’t be the gentle love making he and Amber had shared last night. He wanted to fuck her hard, virgin or not. She was so damned beautiful and desirable.

When Jim returned to the living room, his wine was waiting on the coffee table. Amber and Sally were already sipping theirs. Jim took a sip then sat in the middle of the couch. Sally walked over, raised her nightie and lay across his lap. Sally was small breasted with a flat stomach and powerful looking hips and legs. No doubt from playing athletics. Jim had to take a few minutes to admire her sexy body and his handiwork on her ass. If anything she looked worse than Amber had yesterday. She was flaming red, purple and almost blue from bruising and he’d enjoyed doing it to her.

Jim took the bottle and poured some lotion on his hand. He started on her thighs then rubbed the soothing balm over her bottom. God, she felt wonderful. “Sally, spread your legs, please, I want to put some lotion on the insides of your legs.” Sally spread her legs as wide as she could. When Jim had been spanking her, it was a little embarrassing when she put herself on display. Now he wanted him to see. As Jim looked down, he was amazed. Her pink rosebud was totally on display and her pussy was already sopping. Jim had the stiffest hard on he’d had in years. As he massaged Sally’s inner thighs, she was already mewling and squirming on his lap. He didn’t hesitate. Adding more lotion to his hand, he began to finger her pussy. Oh God, she was a virgin. He penetrated her as far as her hymen with one finger. She was so tight. Pulling his finger out, he strummed on her swollen clitoris. It was huge, nearly as long as his little finger. He wanted to suck it. That would happen later. Jim spread her bottom cheeks and poured a little lotion over her anus. He wanted get that virginity, too. He circled her rosebud then began to gently massage and press against it. One finger slipped in to the first knuckle. Sally exploded in climax. Man, was she anal erotic. That would be a dream come true.
He continued to push into her. Sally pushed back sinking his finger in as deeply as possible and began to hump on his lap. She was mewling and wailing nearly as loudly as she had during her spanking. Jim glanced up only to see Amber staring intently at Sally’s bottom. She had her hand up under her night gown and was fingering herself. Jim watched as her breathing changed and she brought herself off.

“Mr. Davis, thank you. That was the grandest feeling I’ve ever experienced. What a day, the best and worst feelings I’ve ever had.” Jim asked Sally if she were ready for bed. “Yes, I think I am, Mr. Davis.” Jim helped her to her feet and, taking her hand, led her toward his bedroom.

“Daddy, I want to come, too. Please let me.” “Amber, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Why not go to your own room. I’ll help Sally in after she’s feeling better.”

“No, Mr. Davis, I want Amber with me. I’m sore and I’m nervous, I want Amber’s support. Please let her come in.” “OK, Amber, Sally, let’s go.” Amber took a seat in daddy’s big overstuffed chair while daddy helped Sally to the bed. He asked her to take off her nightie and to get under the covers. “Amber, would you do me a favor and get a pillow off your bed. I think Sally will appreciate it in a few minutes. Amber retrieved the pillow and put it on daddy’s bed.

Sally was laying on her stomach hugging one of the king sized pillows. “Sally, you know what’s going to happen. I want you to tell me that’s what you want.” “Mr. Davis, I’m nervous and a little scared but I want this to happen. You’re the kind of man I want to give my virginity to. You’re a strong and honorable and abide by a set of ethics and insist your daughter do the same. Yes, I want this, please take me.”

Jim slipped in bed beside Sally. He wanted to take things slowly and give her a lot of pleasure because he knew he was going to give her some pain. He helped her roll onto her side facing him. God, she was beautiful. He pulled him to her and kissed her lips then nuzzled down her neck to her small pert breasts. Gently he took her nipple into his mouth and suckled. Sally began breathing heavily; it was obvious that she was getting fully aroused. Jim began putting more pressure on the nipple, sucking harder then let his teeth scrape the tender bud. After having given the other nipple the same attention, he kissed and nibbled his way down her flat tummy. Now, he wanted to taste her pussy. “Sally, let me get the pillow Amber brought, I want you to roll on your back and it will feel more comfortable under your bruised bottom.” Jim placed the pillow under her and rolled her onto it. After getting her positioned, he spread her legs and kissed her vaginal lips. As he spread her lips the aroma was intoxicating. Jim had never been with a virgin. The lips of her pussy were still pink like a young girl. He parted her lips with his tongue and licked her from her anus to her clit. He did this several times, luxuriating in her mellow taste. Sally was moaning and writhing under his oral attention. It was time to get her off. Jim found her large clitoris and began sucking it like it was a huge nipple. Sally began wailing, God she was a screamer. It almost felt like contractions starting. Sally’s stomach muscles were rippling and she wrapped her long legs around Jim’s head and thrust her pussy hard against his mouth. Pulse after pulse of pleasure ripped through her. She could hardly breathe. “Oh, oh, oh Mr. Davis, please stop, I feel like I’m going to die of pleasure.” Jim looked up into her pretty eyes. “This is just the start. We have a long way to go.” “Sally, are you ready to lose your virginity?” “Yes, Mr. Davis, I am.” Jim was not hugely endowed but was a bit larger than average. His penis was 81/2 inched with a girth of 31/2 inches. He knew he would hurt her. He looked across the room to his daughter. “Amber, would you bring me the KY jelly from the night stand.” Amber stood, her eyes were glazed and she was breathing erratically. She walked to the night stand and handed the lubricant to her daddy. “Thanks, honey, I think Sally may need this. Jim squirted a little of the jelly in his hand and stroked it onto his cock. Suddenly, he had a thought. “Sally, do I need to use a condom?” No, Mr. Davis, my parents put me on birth control when I turned sixteen. They were afraid I might get promiscuous.”

Jim leaned forward and kissed Sally gently on the lips. “Ok, Sally.” Jim lifted Sally’s legs high into the air. He wanted to be able to penetrate her deeply. Directing his rigid shaft to Sally’s virginal vagina, he pressed forward. God was she tight. Even with the lubrication penetration was going to be difficult. Still, he pushed further into her and felt her hymen. “Oh, Mr. Davis, that hurts. Can we rest a minute; maybe I can get use to it.” “Sally, the first time is always painful. I want you to try to relax. With your muscles tensed it will be worse. Just take several deep breaths and relax.” After a moment, Jim grabbed her hips and pulled toward himself as he thrust forward. He could feel her hymen break and he slid completely into her no longer virginal pussy. Sally moaned in pain. As Jim began to slowly stroke in and out Sally’s moaning intensified but it was no longer entirely from pain. Several deep strokes later, Sally began to wail. God, she was a screamer. Her body shook as orgasm after orgasm rocked her. Jim started pounding hard into her. He wanted her to feel it. He wanted her to be sore tomorrow. Pounding harder and harder, he felt his own cum rise as he exploded into Sally. He continued stroking until he felt his erection subsiding. Jim leaned forward and gently took Sally’s breasts into his hands. He lightly kneaded them then kissed each nipple. “Oh Mr. Davis, after the pain I had at first that was fantastic.” Jim took her into his arms and hugged her. He wanted her to feel loved because he knew it would take that to finish his plans for the evening.

“Daddy, here’s a wash cloth. Can I clean you and Sally up?” “Sure, honey, please do.” Amber gently washed the blood and cum dripping from Sally’s vagina. Then she wiped daddy’s cock.

“Girls, what say to another glass of wine, I’d like to rest and relax for a while.” After assents from both Jim got out of bed and walked to the kitchen. Amber followed. “I thought you would need some help carrying three glasses.” Thanks honey, that’s thoughtful. “Daddy, I want you to do the things to me that you did for Sally.” “Amber, we will but tonight I have more plans for Sally.”

The three sat sipping their wine. Sally was uncomfortable sitting and was using the pillow as a seat cushion. “Amber, how did it feel just watching,” asked Sally. “Sally, it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I loved watching and listening. Did you realize you scream when you climax?” Sally blushed at Amber’s comment. “Mr. Davis, can I watch you when you make love to Amber, I’d want to see.” “Sure, if it’s ok with Amber but that’s for another evening. We aren’t finished yet.” By the way, please call me Jim. I think we know each other well enough to drop the formality.” “Jim it is if that’s what you want but if it’s ok with you, I’d rather call you daddy like Amber does.” “Sally, of course, call me daddy if you like.”

Their wine finished, Amber returned to her chair and Jim and Sally slipped back under the covers.

Again, Jim began gently caressing Sally. He wanted her to regain her romantic mood before he moved on. As Sally’s breathing became a deeper and ragged, Jim again asked Amber to bring the lubricant to the bed. He could have reached it but he thought Amber might enjoy the view. Jim had Sally poised on her pillow with her long legs draped over his shoulders. Her pussy was gaping open and her rosebud of an anus was completely exposed. That was Jim’s target. Amber stood mesmerized by the sight.

Jim circled Sally’s clit then took it between finger and thumb and stroked it like a small penis. Sally’s reaction was immediate. She underwent a series of small rippling orgasms. Jim then took a dollop of KY jelly and began to massage Sally’s asshole. She squirmed with delight. Jim added more lubricant and penetrated her with one finger. He slowly stroked it in and out, beginning to open her up. Adding ever more lubricant, Jim inserted a second finger. Sally took that with no complaint. She was pushing back to get him deeper. It was time. Taking a goodly amount of the jelly, Jim pressed it deeply into Sally. He took another glob and stroked it onto his cock. Jim wanted to hurt her a little. He didn’t want to split her and an 81/2 inch cock was going to get her attention. Jim had almost forgotten Amber. She still stood next to the bed watching. She knew her daddy was about to take Sally’s anal virginity. She wanted to see him penetrate Sally’s tight rosebud. Jim positioned his cock at her most private opening and pushed forward. Just the head of his cock had entered Sally when she screamed out in pain. Tears came to her eyes. Nothing had ever been back there and it hurt like hell. Jim had made up his mind to have her. Ignoring her tears, he thrust hard into her. Sally was still screaming in pain and the tears were flowing down both cheeks. Jim pumped her hard. Stroke after punishing stroke he reamed Sally. He pushed her legs further up on her chest so he could get maximum depth. Sally screaming had stopped. She was now moaning loudly from both the pain and the pleasure she was beginning to feel. Sally started pushing back against Jim’s onslaught. The pleasure was overcoming the pain. She reached down and began to pull at her clit. That put her over the edge. She exploded into a mind boggling climax. Her contractions squeezed Jim’s cock so hard he thought she was going to squeeze it off. Pumping several more times, Jim blasted his cum into Sally’s bowels. Both of them were exhausted from the violent sex. As he slipped from her body, Jim collapsed into Sally’s arms. “God, that was fantastic. Thank you daddy.”

Again, Amber brought a wash cloth and cleaned both of them up. It seemed the least she could do in repayment for the wonderful show.

Sally looked at Amber. “Amber, are you an anal virgin?” “Yes.” “Daddy, I want to watch when you take Amber’s anal virginity. May I?” “Yes, Sally, you can watch. With what Amber was able to see tonight, I think you’ve earned the right.” “But that’s for tomorrow night.” “Amber, this bed is a big California King. Would you like to join us?”

“Yes, daddy, I would.” With Sally on one side and Amber on the other, Jim thought he’d died and gone to heaven as he drifted off to sleep.

The end

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