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The ongoing story of a trip with my lover and her two daughters. Reading parts 1-6 will help this make sense.
As we sat to eat, I asked Kelly about the no-clothes requirement. "Not that I mind the results," looking at the three naked ladies at the table with me, "I was just wondering."

Kelly's response was more instruction than answer. "I just thought it would be interesting if we made the cabin a 'clothes free' zone." Any time we come inside for any length of time, we'll go nude. Obviously, with neighbors around, we can't extend that to the yard."

I liked the idea, so didn't question it. I was, however, concerned about running around with a constant hard-on. Being surrounded by three bare bodies, all of which I was fucking, was sure to keep me hard every time we were in the house. But as we ate, talk turned to how we planned on spending the day, what we wanted to do, and thoughts about lunch and dinner. Before long, my hard-on was gone, and I was able to simply enjoy the presence of the three girls I loved.

After breakfast, the girls ran to their rooms and grabbed their swimsuits. At the door, the put them on and asked if they could go for a swim. With both of us working on cleaning the breakfast dishes, Kelly gave them permission, so long as they stayed in the shallow water near the shoreline. "Stay off the raft and slide until either Tom or I get out there."

Dressed in their bikinis, the girls ran out the door. I watched them run toward the lake, enjoying the view of their asses bouncing in the tiny bottoms.

I turned my attention back to the kitchen, and started drying the dishes Kelly had washed. Interested in how her evening had gone, I questioned Kelly. "So, how did your evening go?"

Kelly's face flushed, then started to turn red. A nervous smile told me she'd had an interesting night. As we washed dishes, and well beyond, Kelly shared the story of her time with Cassie, and asked about Sarah and me. The stories aroused both of us, and I suggested we either go out by the girls or go to the bedroom and find out if I could perform, again.

"I think we'd better go outside with the girls. First, they're likely to come looking if we don't let them onto the raft and slide, soon. Second, you're mine, tonight, and I don't want to incapacitate you before then. Sarah had her night with you, I want mine."

Kelly put her skimpy bikini back on, and asked if I would wear my spandex swimsuit. "That way it's even. That suit leaves about as much to the imagination as ours." In the interest of fairness, I threw on the skin tight suit, and Kelly and I went to join the girls.

As soon as Cassie and Sarah saw us coming, they splashed further into the lake and swam to the raft. Before Kelly and I had even reached the water, both girls had gone up and down the slide several times. While Kelly spread a towel on the dock so she could tan, I swam out to the raft to join the girls. As I pulled myself onto the raft, Cassie looked at me and commented about my suit. "I love that suit, Tom. But it doesn't hide much, does it."

"About as much as yours. And more than what's covered in the house. Your mom thought this suit was more fair then baggy shorts."

Cassie gave me a quick hug, pressing her small breasts into my chest, and said she liked how it didn't hide too much. Whispering into my ear, she added, "If you think my suit hides too much, let me know."

Giggling, she ran back to the ladder of the slide, and climbed up, watching to see if I was looking at her. I was, particularly at her legs and ass. Seeing she had my attention, Cassie knelt on the top of the slide, sticking her ass out as far as she could. She held that pose momentarily to give me a good view, then went down the slide, head first on her stomach. I watched, thinking that she was one crazy little girl, in more ways than one.

After that show, we just enjoyed the water together. I joined the girls, going down the slide a couple of times, then swam out into the lake to stretch my arms out. I swam back and forth, stopping occasionally to watch the girls on the slide. After several "laps," I went back to the raft and laid in the sun. Cassie soon joined me and Sarah swam back to the dock and played in the shallower water.

I fell asleep in the warmth of the sun, and woke up some time later when someone, leaning over me, bent down and started kissing me. Without opening my eyes, I returned the kiss and reached up to the body of the person kissing me. My roving hands quickly identified it as Cassie. The breasts were the giveaway, and Cassie started to breathe heavily as I squeezed at her tiny tits, rubbing each nipple with one finger.

Pulling away from the kiss, I asked Cassie what the neighbors might think if they saw her kissing me like she was.

"Probably nothing compared to what they might think about where your hands are." She said that as I slid one hand into her bikini bottoms and cupped it over her pussy, slipping one finger between her lips. "Besides, the neighbors would need binoculars to see us." She gave me another quick kiss, then pulled away from the hand in her pussy. "Mom said it's time to go in. I bet she wants to go into town."

I got up, struggling to hide the erection that was easily visible under my tight spandex suit. Cassie saw it and giggled. "See, Tom, you can't do that to me or everyone will see your hard-on."

Laughing at her comment, I suggested she head back to the dock and see what her mom wanted. Dipping a toe in the water, she said that the water was too cold. I told her that was because she was warm after drying out in the sun. "Just dive in, you'll be fine." To show her, I dove in myself. Surfacing, I told her to just jump in. When she hesitated, I started splashing water at her. When she realized she was getting wet one way or another, she jumped in, aiming for me. She missed, and I caught her in my arms when she surfaced.

"Watch out, you never know when a lake monster will catch you and eat you."

Cassie was quick to respond. "If you're the monster, I'll let you eat me." As she said that, she reached down and slid one hand into my suit, grabbing my still hard cock. "Are you sure you'll win this game?"

Had I been able to touch the bottom, I would have played. Treading water, neither of us would be able to stay afloat fondling each other, so I let her go. After a quick squeeze of my cock, she swam toward the dock. Watching her go, all I could think was "vixen." Cassie had certainly learned a lot from our past sexual encounters. I quickly swam after her, wondering what Kelly had in mind.

Cassie was right. Kelly suggested we go into town and wander through the local shops. She wanted to look for souvenirs for the weekend and just spend time together. After drying off, we all headed to the cabin to get dressed for the trip.

Kelly reached the cabin, first, and stood at the doorway collecting swimsuits. Though she said it was so she could hang them to dry, it was apparent she also wanted to enforce the "no clothes in the house" rule. Sarah and Cassie ran around chasing each other, seeming to enjoy the "naked time" they hadn't really experienced since they were toddlers. Watching their nude bodies, I had to admit I liked the idea, too.

While Kelly was hanging swimsuits in one of the showers, I joined the girls in the living room. I sat on the couch as they ran around, and any time they got to close to me, I would catch them in my arms and tickle their sides. After I let one go, the other would run by, "trying" to escape my grasp. Neither was very good at getting past me, and I constantly had one bouncing girl or another in my arms. This version of the game was made more interesting by the fact that their nudity made it more difficult to hold onto them, and my wandering hands often tickled more than ribs or underarms.

When Kelly came back to the living room, she was carrying her clothes and starting to dress. I noted that she put shorts on without any underwear, then her bra and t-shirt. As she put her sandals on, I patted each of the girls on the ass and sent them to get dressed, themselves. "Apparently panties are optional, based on what your mom is wearing."

The girls ran down the hall giggling and chattering, and I went to get dressed, myself. Unlike Kelly, I did wear underwear. I've never been a fan of going "commando." It might work for the girls, but I decided that in town wasn't the right place to experiment with freeing myself. I threw on a pair of shorts and a shirt, grabbed my shoes, and went back to the living room.

Cassie and Sarah were both there, though still nude. When I walked in, they practically bounced over, saying they wanted my approval of their clothes. Both had selected loose fitting shorts. Cassie went with soccer shorts and a tournament shirt. Sarah had picked out a pair of khaki shorts with a cute pink polo shirt. I said their outfits looked great, and they started dressing. Like their mom, both girls dressed without panties.

Once dressed, we loaded into the car and headed into town. Once there, we found a place to park, deciding to just walk anywhere we went. The girls wasted no time begging to go to the ice cream shop, so we started there, extracting a promise of good behavior if we let them have that treat right away. In addition to helping ensure proper behavior, the quick snack now would allow us to hold off on lunch until we got back to the cabin. And the general silliness of everyone trying each other's choices was a good opportunity to bond as a "family." Of course, no one walking by knew that none of the girls at the table was wearing panties. Or that all of us were sleeping with each other.

We finished our ice cream, cleaned up, then waited for Kelly to pick our next destination. She led the way as we made our way from store to store. The girls were allowed to pick out some shirts and other small items, and Kelly found some things for herself. My souvenir was the time spent with all three of them. The girls kept their promise and behaved well, and to any outside observer, we were just a couple and their two daughters. Kelly finished up her shopping spree shortly before lunch, and we headed back to the car.

On the drive back, the girls shocked me by stripping off their shirts so they could change into the new ones they bought in town. Kelly, laughing, said that was a great idea, and took off her own shirt, then her bra, and slipped the new shirt over her head. With three half naked ladies in the car, I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. Once again, I found myself thinking about how absolutely crazy the girls could be. Of course, I wouldn't change them for anything, and appreciated the show going on beside me and in the rear view mirror.

Back at the cabin, the girls found a soccer ball and decided to kick that around while Kelly and I prepared lunch. We decided on hamburgers, allowing us to cook and eat outside. I fired up the grill while Kelly prepared the food and the girls played. Watching them kick the ball around, I again remembered that neither was wearing any panties.

I sat there watching until Kelly came out with the hamburgers. While she returned for the rest of the food, I threw the burgers on the grill. With food cooking, I turned my attention to the task at hand, away from the girls. Kelly and I set the picnic table with all the necessities for a camp lunch, including soda, pickles, chips, and cookies. When the meat was almost done, Kelly called the girls up, and they came running to the porch, both hot and sweaty.

"Wow," I said. "You must have been playing hard to get that sweaty. I hope it made you hungry, too."

Cassie asked if it was alright if she switched into her bikini top to eat. With Kelly's permission, she ran in with Sarah following her. Both returned moments later, shirts traded for swimsuit tops. As hot as they were from playing soccer, I understood the desire to change.

We all grabbed food and decided to sit in the lounge chairs rather than the picnic table itself. Everyone was more comfortable in the padded chairs, and we talked about anything and everything that came to mind while we ate. We relaxed, taking time to enjoy the meal and the company. As we finished up, nobody seemed to motivated to move, though Kelly and I did get up long enough to put away the food and dispose of garbage. We then returned to the patio and dropped back into our chairs.

As I sat down, I noticed that Sarah had rolled onto her side to talk with Cassie, and her baggy shorts were positioned to give me an almost perfect view of her legs and ass. I pointed it out to Kelly who leaned over to get the same view I had. After looking at her daughter's ass for a few moments, she said with a smirk, "Sarah, you could make it easier on us and just take your shorts off."

Sarah looked our way, realized where we were looking, and blushed, repositioning her shorts. "Mom!" The rest of us held back laughs, Cassie trying to explain that we weren't seeing anything we hadn't seen before. Sarah, almost defiant, slid her shorts down, mooning Kelly and me. "There, is that easier?" She then stuck her tongue out at us, pulled her pants back up, and laid back down to talk with Cassie some more as Kelly and I nearly peed from laughing so hard. Sarah was becoming nearly as confident and forward as her sister.

After the excitement of Sarah's little show, we just rested for a while, allowing our bodies time to recover from lunch. As the afternoon wore on, the girls started talking about playing some kind of game. Since they had been enjoying soccer so much, I suggested we all play together. Rather than try to make fair teams, I grabbed some chairs and said we could set up four goals and challenge each other. Everyone liked the idea, so we came up with some rules to make it interesting.

"First," I started, "Alliances are allowed, and they can be broken at any time. So it's fair if people 'gang' up on others. Second, goals will be determined by age. Sarah gets the smallest goal, I get the largest. Rather than try to determine when it's okay to catch a ball, we'll just say that hands can't be used at all."

Kelly then decided to throw a twist into the game. She suggested that we not keep score, but instead turn it into a "dare" game. Any time someone scored a goal, they got to make a dare for the person they scored against.

"What kind of dares," asked Cassie. "Anything?"

"Well, they have to be reasonable," answered Kelly. "How about the other two determine if something is reasonable?"

Everyone agreed that sounded fair, and we picked goals and reset them based on age. We let Sarah have the ball, and started the game. It quickly became apparent that various factors worked in concert to make the game interesting. Cassie and I had more experience at soccer, so had an advantage, there. But the addition of the dare rule changed which goal people considered trying to score against. And everyone was more interested in actually having the ball to score than they were in helping someone else score. Everyone wanted to be able to make the first dare.

In the end, it was Cassie who scored against her mother. As Sarah ran to get the ball, Cassie thought about the implications of being able to dare her mother to do something. In the end, she went sort of easy on Kelly, daring her to change into her bikini for the rest of the game. I ran over to Cassie and whispered in her ear, and she added, "Out here." Kelly accused me of cheating, but that didn't stop her from running inside and returning with her swimsuit in her hand. She didn't even bother to stand behind a tree as she started to change. She slipped the top under her shirt and put it before removing the shirt. The bottoms proved more challenging, but she managed to get them on using her shirt to cover the waist of her shorts as she undid them, then slipped the bikini bottom on under the shorts. She then slid the shorts off, ready to play in her swimsuit.

"Now who's cheating," asked Cassie.

"Sorry, dear. You dared me to change into my bikini out here, which I did. I'll start the game again, since I lost that point."

Though Kelly had gotten around the real challenge of the dare, I at least got to see her running around in her bikini. While that might make the game more challenging, it was definitely fun to see.

We ran back and forth, trying to protect our goals yet find a way to get the ball and score against someone. I made several unsuccessful attempts on Sarah's goal, challenged by the smaller size of the goal. I also found myself defending my goal as all three girls seemed intent on trying to sneak a ball past my defenses. After several minutes of back and forth play, I managed to block a shot by Sarah and catch Cassie off guard with a shot that made it through her goal. She looked almost relieved, and it was apparent why when she said that she had to go to the bathroom before we did anything else.

Her comment was a bonus, because it gave me an idea for my dare. "Cassie, if you have to go pee, I dare you to do it out here, over near those bushes," I said, pointing to some shrubs.

"Pee outside? Are you kidding?"

Sarah, recalling going pee before our shower replied, "No, it's the dare. Besides, I peed in front of Tom earlier."

Cassie really did have to go, and was bouncing as she considered what to do. Reminding her of the game, I said, "It's the dare, Cassie. You have to do it."

Afraid she would pee in her pants, Cassie ran over to the bushes and pulled her shorts down and off. Squatting down and leaning forward with her hands for support, she let started to pee and it was obvious just how badly she had needed to go. Though I didn't have a perfect view, I was able to see the golden flow spraying out of her pussy and pooling on the ground below her.

Cassie stood back up and threw her shorts back on, then rejoined us on the field. "That's a lot better. Now I'm ready to play, again."

We gave the ball to Cassie so she could start us off, again. Since Kelly and Cassie had both faced a first dare, I focused my efforts on scoring against Sarah. And it became pretty apparent all three girls had come to the same conclusion regarding me. The game quickly turned into three against one as I faced attacks from all sides. With so much area to cover, it was inevitable that something would get past me, and it wound up being Kelly who slipped one through the goal.

The girls all started cheering and Cassie gave Sarah a high-five. Sarah looked relieved, though I had to believe that would be short lived. She had to know she would be the next target. Kelly, on the other hand, looked thoughtful as she considered what dare to give me. After a few moments, her eyes lit up and she motioned for her daughters to go to her. I grew concerned as the three girls whispered together, then started giggling and laughing.

Finished with their conspiring, they turned to me and Kelly told me her dare. "You have to play the next point wearing nothing but one of my bikini bottoms."

I barely missed a beat as I pointed at the bottoms she was wearing and said, "I hope it's that pair!"

Though Kelly appreciated the humor, she headed toward the house, saying that she had other suits to pick from. The girls and I took the break to grab some drinks from the kitchen and take plop into the chairs on the porch to rest. Kelly returned a few minutes later with a fairly exotic looking leopard print string bikini.

"Wow," I said, "I've never seen you in that one." It didn't have a lot of fabric, and I was interested in what the top might look like. I was also interested in how I would manage to fit myself into the bottoms. I remained sitting as I slid my pants off while the girls watched. I pulled the bikini bottoms on, hoping I would manage to avoid a hard-on, as there was no way that would remain hidden by the skimpy suit. Standing up, I retied the sides, trying to get it as tight as possible around my waist.

"I really can't believe you three want to see my hairy ass in this outfit."

"We want you in that outfit so we CAN see more of your ass, and everything else," said Kelly.

I led the way back to our field, anxious to get back to the game. Uncomfortable as I was in the bikini, I was ready for someone to score against Sarah. But I was also going to keep my eyes open for an opportunity to sneak one in on Cassie or Kelly. I started with the ball, and went right toward Sarah's goal. Cassie and Kelly seemed willing to let me do all the work, so I took a shot I new Sarah would be able to block. She kicked the ball away and out of bounds on Cassie's side of the field. Cassie retrieved the ball and immediately went after Sarah, who managed a second lucky block. The ball rolled toward me, and with Cassie out of position, I turned and easily kicked the ball through her goal.

Cassie looked shocked, unable to believe I had scored on her. "What? I said that any alliances could be broken!"

"Fine, but you better watch out." She paused, then asked, "What's your dare?"

The problem was that I hadn't really thought about a dare. There were lots of things I might want to say, but I was trying to keep things from getting too carried away. Much as I might want to turn the dares into sex for me, I also wanted to be able to perform with Kelly, later. As that thought crossed my mind, an idea followed. I went over to Kelly and asked if she would take part in the next dare. She agreed, so long as she was a part of the dare, and not the victim.

"Okay, Cassie. For your dare, I want you to kiss your mom like you did, last night."

She looked at her mom, as if seeking permission. Kelly spread her arms and said, "That's the dare. Come here, honey."

Cassie walked over to her mom, who took her into her arms and hugged Cassie to her. Kelly leaned down as Cassie turned her face upward, and their mouths came together in a tentative kiss. Cassie's arms went around Kelly, and they locked in a more serious embrace, tongues obviously wandering from mouth to mouth. They continued the deep French kiss for a good 30 seconds, then broke it off, both breathing heavily. Cassie turned to me, stuck out her tongue, and said, "That wasn't such a bad dare. It was fun."

Sarah ran to retrieve the ball and threw it to Cassie. Though I still wanted to see Sarah face a dare, particularly if I could give it, I had to be cautious about Cassie who kept looking toward my goal. As play continued, it dawned on me that I could put my shorts back on, but it was too late to worry about it, now.

With Cassie focused on both Sarah and me, the game was very interesting for the next several minutes. Sarah was no longer receiving all of the attention, and started taking more risks. That wound up working against her and Kelly took the ball and kicked it through Sarah's goal. Sarah ran up to Kelly and whispered to her. Kelly started laughing, and shook her head. "Sarah has requested a dare. She has to go potty, too. I'll tell you what, that will be part of the dare. The rest is that you have to give me your clothes."

Sounding like Cassie, Sarah responded with "What?"

"You heard me, give me your clothes, shorts and top. Then you can go pee where your sister did."

Sarah started sliding her clothes off, and said, "I don't have to play this way, do I?"

"That's the dare. Play the rest of the game naked."

Sarah blushed, but handed her clothes to Kelly, then ran over to the bushes where Cassie had peed, earlier. The rest of us watched as she emptied her bladder, and I knew that Kelly was probably as turned on by the sight as me. Cassie was harder to figure out. She watched closely, but it might have been just curiosity. Regardless, we all watched until Sarah stood back up and went back to her goal.

As she walked back, I remembered my shorts and grabbed them off the patio, though I only had time to throw them on over the bikini bottoms. That was better than just having the swimsuit for coverage, and I joined the game feeling much more comfortable. After watching both Cassie and Sarah go pee, with Sarah naked, and Kelly bouncing around in her skimpy bikini, nothing on her ass but the string from the thong, it was becoming more and more likely I would need the shorts to cover an erection.

Sarah grabbed the ball and got the game going, again. She quickly lost the ball to Cassie who turned toward my goal. The contest between the two of us was heated, and Kelly and Sarah watched for a mistake to exploit. Cassie took several shots she thought might score, and frustrated a bunch of shots I took at her goal. Everything was made more challenging any time Sarah's nude form entered the fray. It was difficult to focus on the ball with her tiny ass bouncing around.

In the end, it was Kelly who made the final mistake. She lost control of the ball and I managed an awkward shot that bounced off one chair and went into the goal. Cassie and Sarah were relieved they weren't scored on, and torn between giddy joy at the chance to see their mom face another dare, and sadness that it wasn't me.

Confident Kelly would do anything possible to take advantage of a poorly worded dare, I took my time thinking about it. I wanted it to be something I would enjoy, but nothing that would lead to anything too sexual. The girls were full of ideas to share. Some were good for girls their age, but I definitely wanted to stay one step ahead of Kelly.

I decided it was my turn to conspire with the girls and motioned them over. I told them my idea, and asked if they had any other thoughts, or anything to add. They liked it, giving some suggestions about exactly how I carried it out. Making note of those, I turned to Kelly. "Okay, I think I have it. I dare you to undress and follow me all the way through my 'obstacle' course."

Kelly looked at me curiously, thought about it, likely trying to figure out how to twist my words, then shrugged and started undressing. It wasn't all that difficult as she was only wearing her bikini. Once she was naked, I started jogging around the yard, working my way over chairs, around obstacles, and under anything we could get under. The girls followed, watching their mom's nude form as she worked her way around the course I made up on the fly.

I worked my way toward the lake, running into the water and swimming to the raft. I climbed the ladder and went down the slide, then swam back to the dock. Once back on dry land, I ran back to the patio, Kelly bouncing along behind me the entire way. When I reached the lounge chairs, I plopped down and Cassie jumped into my lap, laying against my chest. Kelly made it to the chairs, and Sarah told her she had to sit down for the finish. When Kelly did, Sarah, nude herself, jumped into her mother's lap, throwing her arms around Kelly's neck. Kelly responded by enfolding Sarah in her arms, her hands resting on Sarah's bare ass. Sarah laid her head against Kelly's bare breasts, snuggling into her.

After sitting like that for several minutes, Cassie broke the silence, saying, "That was a fun game. Soccer is fun, but that was awesome."

Sarah started laughing, saying she liked it too, especially the part where I had to wear a bikini. Cassie said peeing outside was her favorite part, "because I've never done that."

I agreed with the girls, adding that my favorite part was seeing everyone naked. Cassie raised her head and reminded me that she wasn't naked. "Well, that's not my fault. I'm not making you keep those clothes on."

"Yeah," she said, "But you didn't dare me to take them off, either."

"The game is over," I replied. "But that doesn't mean I can't help you," I added, moving my hands to her bikini top. I untied the back strap and slid the top over her head, dropping it onto the ground. My hands wandered down Cassie's body until they reached her shorts. "Do you need help with these, too?"

She didn't say anything, but Cassie raised her hips so I could slide the shorts down her legs. She finished removing them, then laid back down on top of me. The contact of her naked skin against my body caused an immediate reaction, and I felt my cock straining against the fabric of the bikini bottoms I had on under my shorts.

Sarah, never lifting her head off Kelly's breasts, piped in with, "Cassie, he still has his clothes on, though."

Cassie looked down at my shorts, and responded, "Yeah, he does." Standing up, she grabbed hold of the legs of my shorts and started pulling. Rather than wait for her to figure it out, I undid the button and zipper on the shorts, allowing her to slide them off. Cassie started giggling again when she saw the bikini bottoms. I quickly slid those off, myself, and welcomed Cassie back into my arms. I felt the warmth of her body against my cock as she laid down, her pussy almost exactly on top of my dick.

We stayed like that until I figured I would fall asleep. I made that point, suggesting that we either start moving again, or resolve ourselves to napping in the sun, a questionable option as we were all completely nude. The girls asked if they could go swimming again, and took off when Kelly said yes, not even bothering to put on their swimsuits. I started to say something, but the words never left me lips. "Let them go," Kelly said. "In fact, I think I'll join them. I need to cool down after that soccer game. You should, too. In fact, I dare you."

Since the girls were already in the water, I followed Kelly to join them. A quick check of the lake provided a bit of relief as there wasn't anyone close enough to worry about, and I dove into the water with the girls. The water felt cool and refreshing after running around for the better part of the last hour, and we spent the first few minutes just cooling off, enjoying the sensation of the water on our naked bodies.

Once everyone was cooled down and accustomed to the water temperature, the girls got playful, again. Cassie, in particular, wanted to figure out a game that would allow us to play as a family, yet ensure some kind of contact. She suggested that tag might be a good game, and we all agreed to play. Following her mother's example from the soccer game, Cassie proposed a few minor changes to the rules. "Simply tagging someone isn't enough. For a tag to count, it has to be on either the chest or crotch. And whoever you tag gets to determine when you're done tagging them."

"What do you mean by that," I asked.

"What it sounds like. Here, let me show you. Let's say you tag me." She came toward me and had me put my hand on her pussy. Grinding herself onto my hand, she encouraged me to caress her with my fingers. She continued to grind herself against my hand, then said, "Okay, that counts." Backing up, she said, the person getting tagged isn't 'it' unless they feel they were tagged properly. Oh, yeah, you can't tag the person who just tagged you."

"Hmm, sounds dangerous," I said.

"But fun," concluded Cassie. "I say Tom's it since he's oldest and the only boy." As she said that, she started splashing away from me, followed by her mom and sister. Giving up to the fact that I was it, I started chasing after them, deciding who to go after, first. There was far less strategy involved in this game, and I went after Cassie since she was closest. I dove under the water and came up right behind her, my hand slipping between her legs from the back. I grabbed her across her chest, fondling one tit while my fingers searched out her pussy, again. I rubbed my finger across her slit, sliding one finger between her lips. Cassie pushed back into my hand and ground pussy against my hand a second time.

As I started to push my finger into her cunt, Cassie said she was it. Since she couldn't tag me back, I just sank into the water and floated, watching the girls splash around. Cassie decided to go after Sarah, knowing she was faster than her younger sister. My cock sprang to full attention as I watched Cassie close in on Sarah. Cassie almost took her smaller sister down when she caught her, but made sure Sarah didn't get pushed under the water. But the hand that helped hold her up also caught hold of her, and Sarah couldn't (or wouldn't) escape Cassie's grasp. Cassie stood facing Sarah and slid her hand under the water. From Sarah's face, it was easy to tell when Cassie's fingers reached her pussy. And from the look on Sarah's face, it was obvious that she didn't concede the tag as readily as Cassie had. In fact, she surely forced Cassie to finger fuck her for a good 15 seconds before acknowledging that she was it.

That made it Cassie's turn to rest as Kelly and I became the possible targets for Sarah to chase. We led Sarah around the swimming area, confident she would have a hard time catching us. As Kelly and I passed near each other, I decided to give Sarah some help, and grabbed hold of Kelly's naked body. Holding her around the waist, pulling her body tight against mine, I kept her from moving as Sarah waded toward us. At the last second, I pushed Kelly into Sarah, diving in the opposite direction. I came up to see Sarah grabbing Kelly, less confident than Cassie about what to do.

Kelly didn't push Sarah to do anything, but didn't move away, either. Instead, she knelt down with Sarah in slightly deeper water, and took Sarah into one arm. The other arm went to Sarah's legs under the water. A look of surprise crossed Sarah's face, and I could only guess that she now had her mother's hand on either her ass or pussy. Sarah looked at Kelly and said, "Mom, I'm it, not you."

Without stopping, Kelly encouraged her saying, "If you're it, you have to tag me. I'm just helping you out."

Kelly leaned toward Sarah and gently kissed her on the neck, rubbing her lips along her shoulder and back to the neck, then moving to her ear. Sarah relaxed as her mom caressed her shoulders, neck and ear, then slid her hand under the water. Kelly tensed as young fingers hit her pussy and started to work their way inside. She continued to suck on Sarah's ear as Sarah worked at "tagging" her.

As Sarah become more open to what was happening, Kelly stopped attacking her neck and said she that she had been tagged and was it. Before she started chasing Cassie and me, she leaned into Sarah and whispered, "That was nice, baby." Sarah lowered herself into the water, smiling at her mom's comment.

Kelly, on the other hand, charged, obviously intent on catching me. She pretty well ignored Cassie as both girls cheered her on. I splashed through the water, throwing as much water in Kelly's direction as possible. I ran toward the girls, using them as shields to slow Kelly down. I dove under water, swimming away as quickly as possible. The girls started trying to change the rules, saying I was "out of bounds," and I objected to the sudden development of new boundaries. I did, however, swim back toward the area the girls were claiming was acceptable. I continued trying to evade Kelly, but eventually had to slow down because I was laughing so hard. When I did that, Kelly managed to catch up and grab me by my cock.

I hardened immediately when she grabbed me, and stood there as she started to stroke my cock under the water. I was about to say I was it when Kelly put her other hand to my lips, mouthing to me, "Quiet." I didn't say anything as she continued to rub her hand up and down my shaft. She shocked me when she squatted down in the water and started to pull me down into the water, urging me to float on my back across her knees. As I did that, she leaned down and took my cock into her mouth, giving me a blow-job right in front of the girls. I don't know who was more surprised, me or the girls. They were looking at each other, giggling and pointing, and I was caught between shock and excitement as Kelly continued to suck my cock, sliding her tongue up and down the length of my shaft.

After a quick, intense blow-job, Kelly slipped her mouth off my cock and helped me get my feed under me. "I'd say you're it, now."

"And I'd say you just changed the game considerably."

"True," she replied, "but you can't tag me back, so what happens next is up to you."

I thought about what she said, but wasn't sure how to proceed. First, it would be much more challenging to do the same thing to one of the girls. Second, if I did, which of the two girls would be better to catch. Thinking quickly, I took off after the girls, deciding Cassie made the better target. With my size, speed, and experience swimming, I caught her just as fast as the first time. This time, I didn't even grab for her pussy. Instead, I half carried her toward the dock and helped her climb onto it. I told her to sit on the dock with her legs over the edge, which put me in the perfect position to eat her out.

I was no longer worried about what might happen to affect my performance with Kelly. She had started this, and I wanted to continue it. And with Cassie's beautiful pussy sitting right in front of my face, I dove in, face first. I started by sliding my tongue between her lips, gently prying them apart. Cassie gave very vocal approval, and I pushed my tongue further in, forcing it past the opening to her cunt. She fell back onto the dock, squeezing her knees together, hugging my head with her legs. I started to fuck her with my tongue, unable to see whether Kelly and Sarah were watching, beyond caring either way. I continued to eat Cassie out until she forced herself to stop me, pushing my head out of her crotch. "Okay, Tom. I'm it."

I turned and saw that Kelly and Sarah were both watching, Kelly grinning broadly.

It was getting late, and Kelly asked whether we should stop now, or play one more round. I was sitting this round out, so we left it up to the girls. Both said they wanted to play one more time, so Sarah and Kelly started moving away from Cassie. She started to chase them, and I wondered who she would go for. Sarah would be easier to catch, but she had captured her, last time. I climbed onto the dock to get a better view of what was happening.

Cassie decided to pursue the bigger challenge of catching her mom. Sarah ran around staying out of the way, and Kelly was either tiring or making it easy for Cassie. All of the speed she had used to chase me down was suddenly gone. Cassie, on the other hand, didn't hold anything back. She caught up with Kelly and led her to the dock just as I had led her. She couldn't lift Kelly onto the dock, and would have been unable to do much if she could have, so Kelly positioned herself where Cassie would be able to kneel in the water. Knowing what Cassie intended to do, Kelly bent her knees, spread her legs, and leaned against the dock. Cassie knelt in front of her and wasted no time diving into her mother's muff. Kelly's position gave Cassie pretty good access to her pussy, and Cassie was soon licking and sucking, shoving her tongue as far into Kelly's cunt as possible.

Kelly was enjoying the treatment from her daughter, but was in a bad position to hold for long. After several minutes, she had to stand up, effectively ending the game. As all three of the girls climbed out of the lake, we looked around realizing how late it was getting. Though still light, it was obvious it was at least dinner time, if not well past. Like the night prior, Kelly suggested we head to the house for dinner, or at least a large snack. This time, however, we had no towels or clothes with which to cover ourselves as we left the lake. The girls loved it and danced around, enjoying their nudity. Kelly and I followed them, holding hands, quietly talking about what had just happened, laughing nervously about such blatant displays of sexuality around and with the girls.

Once in the house, Kelly told the girls to dry off and take showers if they wanted. We turned our attention to food, deciding to go easy by making some pizzas. We turned the oven on, threw one pizza in, and went to take our own shower. After the afternoon's games, Kelly and I could have easily spent a long shower fucking each other, but we agreed to make it quick and save ourselves for later in the night. It was hard (and so was I), but we managed to survive without any sex. Once we rinsed off, I had Kelly hop out so I could cool the water down. In addition to needing the "cold shower" effect, I was concerned about my balls after hours of near constant teasing and erections. The cold water helped, though I was unsure how long it would last.

Keeping to Kelly's "no clothes" rule, I dried off and went back into the kitchen. Neither of the girls had come back out, and I looked at Kelly, questioning. "I don't know. Should we go check?"

We wandered down the hall to the girls' room and heard water running. "Well, one of them is taking a shower," I said, looking into the bedroom figuring the other was either playing or asleep. The room was empty, so I turned and quietly opened the bathroom door. Listening at the open door, Kelly and I were able to hear both girls' voices coming from the bathroom. We opened the door wide enough to creep in, and saw that neither girl was standing outside the tub.

We listened closely, and realized that the girls were showering together, and were apparently doing more than just showering. They were quietly discussing some of the afternoon's events, and at times got suddenly quiet. Then we would hear one girl or the other moaning loudly enough to be heard over the splashing water.

Not wanting to disturb them, we both backed out of the bathroom and quietly pushed the door shut. Laughing quietly to ourselves, we went back to the kitchen, pulled the first pizza out of the oven, and threw the second one in. Kelly asked how long we should wait, and I said that it could be two minutes or it could be twenty. Thinking about how worked up Cassie had been, and the curiousity shown by Sarah, I suggested that Kelly and I should just eat and worry about the girls if they weren't out by the time the second pizza was done.

"Think about it, if it was you and one of them, how long might you be in there," I asked Kelly.

"You're right. Let's eat. But if they're not out when the second pizza is done, I'm going to ask if I can join them." Her comment caused yet another hard-on to rear it's head, and I told her to quit it. I flipped the t.v. on to see if there was anything worth watching and grabbed several pieces of pizza and a soda.

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Amy!! you looked abslulteoy gorgeous on your wedding day. my faves are the first 3 pics. I really love the close up and your dress is beautiful. The bridesmaid pic looks so fun and natural. congrats to you and dan


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What a weekend so far. Being with these two little love dolls and their mother would be the greatest fantasy for me ever. Littles girls love to play and learn about sex. Just like him I been hard the whole time. Likeemyoung!!!

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7 pieces?Damn he's gonna get fat and btw awesome story

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7 pieces?Damn he's gonna get fat and btw awesome story

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7 pieces?Damn he's gonna get fat and btw awesome story

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