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My night with Kelly while the girls spend a night together. Read Chs 1-7 for it to make more sense.
Part 8

It turned out that Kelly and I didn't have to chase the girls out of the shower, or join them. We heard the water shut off before the timer went off for the second time, though not by much. The girls had certainly taken a long shower, perhaps longer than 30 minutes. When the pizza was ready, I called down the hall telling them to hurry or we would eat their pizza, too.

The girls came out of the bathroom giggling, staying very close to each other. Kelly asked them if they enjoyed their shower together, and both girls blushed. Noting they were both wearing panties and t-shirts, and Kelly called them over to her. Without saying a word, she removed Sarah's shirt, and both girls caught the reminder. With an "Oh, yeah" from both of them, they slid out of their panties, and after Cassie removed her own shirt, they ran back to the bedroom and returned without the clothes. Kelly served up some pizza for each of them, and told them they could have a soda or juice. Both girls grabbed a drink and wandered into the living room where Kelly and I were already eating and watching t.v.

Mindful of their mother's plan for the weekend, the girls sat down together on the second couch. While I enjoyed seeing their nude forms sitting near me, that was all I would enjoy from them, tonight. Now that we were eating, I was their mom's, and they were content to spend time with each other. Kelly came in and joined me on our couch, and we discussed what we would watch. Kelly suggested the girls dig out one of the movies they had brought, though she did ask that it be something more adult in nature. "But not MY videos," she added as the girls made another trip to their room.

I glanced at her, figuring she must have meant porn.

"What," she said, "It isn't like they haven't seen them. I only brought things I thought might be 'educational.' We'll save those for another time."

The girls returned quickly with a movie from the Harry Potter series. Though we might have picked a different movie, it did fall within the guidelines Kelly had provided. It was more adult than a Disney movie without moving into the realm of adult cinema. Cassie knelt down to put the disc into the player, giving me something to watch besides the t.v. As the movie started, Cassie crawled back to her seat on all fours. Likely oblivious to what the whole situation was doing to me, Sarah started patting on the cushions saying, "Here, kitty, kitty."

I grabbed the blanked Sarah and I had used the night before and pulled it over myself, only to have Kelly say that it was warm and nobody should need to cover up, tonight. That garnered another quizzical look from me, and she just returned my gaze without saying anything. Almost imperceptibly, she nodded her head toward the girls, who were already leaning into each other as they watched the movie. She then stood up and motioned for me to lay down on the pillows. Kelly then laid down in front of me, allowing me to pull her body tight against mine as she did.

The situation what it was, my attention was divided between the movie and the living room. To be honest, the movie got a raw deal as I was far more interested in what would happen between Sarah and Cassie than what was happening at Hogwarts. Any time the girls moved to get more comfortable or reached for something to eat or drink my eyes were drawn to them. And every time I looked their direction, my cock would respond, twitching against Kelly's ass.

Then Cassie and Sarah laid down together with Sarah wrapped in her older sister's arms. Cassie had one arm under Sarah, and Sarah grabbed that hand, holding it in hers. Cassie's other arm was draped lightly over Sarah's waist, her hand resting against Sarah's belly. The sight of Cassie gently rubbing her younger sister's stomach and abdomen caused a more noticeable reaction from my nether region, and Kelly pushed back, spreading her butt cheeks slightly so my cock could nestle between them. In this position, she could both rock her hips and squeeze her cheeks together any time she wanted to tease me.

Though Cassie and Sarah weren't being overly aggressive with each other, the mere sight of their naked bodies cradled together was a turn on, for me. As the movie continued, the sun set, and the living room got darker, I became eager to release the sexual tension that had been building all day long. The girls shopping without panties, the constant displays of nudity, the exhibitionism and sexuality of the games we had played, and the sight of three naked girls all within a few feet all worked to push me toward a state of animal lust.

My hands began to wander, longing for sexual contact with Kelly. I cupped her massive tit in one hand, and started to rub her nipple. Pushing her curly hair off her neck, I began to nibble at her ears and shoulders. At the same time, I slid one hand between us, working it between her legs from the back. She seemed to be just as aroused, and her pussy was already wet with her own juices. Rubbing my hand back and forth between her legs, I worked that lubrication from her pussy toward her ass.

When she was completely wet, I started to play with her anus, teasing it with the tips of my fingers. Breathing heavily, Kelly started to rock her hips back, begging me to do more than tease her ass. As she pushed back, I forced two fingers into her rear hole, drawing a gasp of pleasure. I started to slide my fingers in and out of her butt as I continued to flick my fingers across her nipple. All the while, I was working my tongue around her ear lobe, drawing soft moans from Kelly.

As I worked my tongue toward Kelly's neck, I heard giggles and whispers from the other couch, and risked a quick glance toward the girls. They were no longer watching the movie, their eyes glued to what was going on between Kelly and me. I shoved my fingers deep into Kelly's ass, and whispered into her ear, "Your daughters are watching. Open your legs up for them."

Kelly obeyed, spreading her knees apart so Cassie and Sarah could see everything that was happening. By rocking her hips forward, even the fingers sliding into her butt were visible to the girls. Their eyes grew wider as they realized what was happening, and they were visibly excited by watching Kelly and me. Unable to restrain myself any longer, I decided it was time for them to witness what they had known was happening for a long time.

Slipping my fingers out of Kelly's ass, I slipped my cock between her legs and into her pussy. With one shove I completely buried my shaft in her cunt. After two quick strokes, I pulled out and shifted my aim back, positioning the head of my cock at her anus. Kelly's ass opened to accept me with little effort, and I shoved myself deep into her. Kelly moaned loudly as my shaft entered her rear, and her own hands wandered toward her pussy. She started to finger herself as I continued to ram my shaft into her ass. The girls were completely focused on us as their mother willingly and eagerly engaged in anal sex, and Kelly kept her legs spread wide, allowing them to see every bit of the action.

In addition to the cock in their mom's ass, Cassie and Sarah could see Kelly driving two of her own fingers into her pussy. Kelly was alternating between fucking herself and toying with her clit. The combined imagery of everything happening to Kelly quickly aroused the girls to the point of action, and Cassie's hand slid down Sarah's body, searching out her pussy. Sarah, unwilling to stop watching her mom, spread her legs so Cassie could get at her slit, but refused to move. She did, however, return the favor by easing her hand behind her and slipping it between Cassie's legs.

It was easy to see the girls start to finger each other's pussies though their gaze never left their mom's pussy and ass. I slowed up my rhythm momentarily and whispered to Kelly, "Look at your daughters, now. They like what they see. Watch them." Kelly again looked toward her daughters and saw how they were responding to our actions. She started to frantically rub at her clit as I drove my cock into her ass deeper and harder. Seeing her daughters finger fucking each other as I fucked her ass pushed her past her limits and a massive orgasm tore through her. As her cunt and ass spasmed, the tight contractions on my cock made me climax and I dumped my cum into her anus.

The girls, attentive to their mother's moans, saw her orgasm, and stopped fondling each other while their mother shook and moaned through her climax. They continued to watch as we came down from the sexual high. Kelly kept her legs open the entire time, and Cassie and Sarah saw when I pulled my cock out of her anus, cum dripping out the hole and running down Kelly's ass. Kelly then brought her legs back together, catching my rapidly shrinking cock back between her butt cheeks.

I collapsed back onto the pillow, squeezing Kelly into me. As we both recovered, we watched the girls as they surrendered to the sexual longing that had resulted from watching us fuck. Kelly and I settled into the couch, determined to watch them as closely as they had watched us.

Part 9

Cassie and Sarah enjoyed the chance to shower, together. And it was nice to sit on the couch, bodies in constant contact. Though they watched the movie, neither was really interested in it, both being far more interested in what the night promised once they were alone. It was Sarah who first noticed that Kelly and I weren't bothering to wait to be alone.

She watched as I took her mother's tit in my hand. She saw me slide my hand behind Kelly's body and between her legs. When I slipped my fingers into her mom's ass, Sarah turned to Cassie and whispered, "Look at mom and Tom!" Cassie turned so she could see, and both girls started giggling. Neither realized I had noticed, nor did they hear me ask Kelly to spread her legs so they could better see what was happening between her legs.

When I started to fuck Kelly, the girls went from engrossed to aroused. Cassie was very wet thinking about what she was watching her mom do. She slipped her hand around her sister's body, moving it down Sarah's stomach toward her pussy. Sarah spread her legs giving Cassie access to her pussy, then eased her own hand between their bodies, blindly groping for Cassie's wet lips. Unable to take her eyes off my cock as it slid into Kelly's anus, Sarah was on autopilot with her sister.

Both girls became further aroused as they felt their sisters' fingers slip into their own pussy. Cassie rocked her hips forward, forcing Sarah's finger further inside her cunt. Sarah purred her approval of the attention being given by Cassie, though her response was far more muted. And when Kelly screamed out in ecstasy, both girls stopped what they were doing and watched as I finished fucking her, my cum exploding into her ass. They kept watching until I pulled out of Kelly, and then turned on each other with passion, knowing the show was over.

Sarah rolled over, turning to face Cassie. Cassie wrapped her arms around Sarah, pulling her in tight. Both were aroused from seeing their mother fucked as they had, and fingers quickly found their way into pussies. Cassie put one hand behind Sarah's head and held her as she lowered her mouth toward her sister's. Tongues out in expectation, the two girls came together in a passionate, needy kiss. Their tongues danced quickly, and their lips locked as they explored each other yet again.

After several minutes of kissing and fingering each other's pussies, Sarah broke off the kiss. She took Cassie by surprise by sliding her tongue down Cassie's neck, across her collar, and down her chest. Sarah stopped when she reached Cassie's titties, taking the time to suck and lick at each of the small mounds. She enjoyed the sensation of Cassie's nipples hardening in her mouth, and continued sucking on both tits as she worked a second finger into her sister's hot cunt.

Sarah worked her tongue back up Cassie's neck, moving back into position to again shove her tongue into Cassie's mouth. As they came together in another kiss, Cassie pushed Sarah down into the couch. She then followed Sarah's lead, working her own tongue across her sister's body, stopping at the almost non-existent titties. Flicking her tongue across each nipple, Cassie teased each until it was standing straight up, aroused and sensitive.

Unlike Sarah, Cassie did not stop her journey there. Instead, she slid her tongue further down Sarah's body, moving toward, then past her sister's belly button. When she reached the downy hairs covering Sarah's pubic mound, she shifted to the side, sliding her tongue along Sarah's hips. Following the line of her sister's hips, Cassie finally reached Sarah's wet pussy lips. She wasted no time in sliding her tongue between the lips, licking at the intoxicating juices. She licked and sucked at Sarah's lips, then forced her tongue deeper, pushing past the opening to her cunt.

Sarah's hands went to Cassie's head so she could pull her sister's face tighter into her pussy. Spreading her legs, Sarah allowed Cassie to eat her out, knowing that she would soon be able to do the same. Cassie continued to attack her sister's pussy, sliding her tongue up the slit until she found Sarah's tiny clit. Licking and sucking at it as she had her mother's the night before, Cassie drove her sister wild. Sensing Sarah's excitement, Cassie pushed two fingers back into her cunt as she continued to suck on her clit. That was enough to bring Sarah to the brink of a small orgasm, and her body quivered as she felt the pleasure ripple through her body.

As Sarah's body tensed, Cassie eased her fingers out of her sister's cunt, and crawled back into her arms. Sarah hugged Cassie to her, giving her a kiss as a "thank you" for what she had just done.

It was only as they broke off that kiss that they realized Kelly and I were watching them as closely as they had watched us. They both blushed deeply as they saw our eyes locked on their bodies. Cassie quickly threw off any embarrassment, then resorted to sticking her tongue out at us. Seeing the tongue, I said, "Don't stick it out unless you're going to use it."

Cassie stuck it out, again, and said, "I did use it, just ask Sarah. You're just jealous."

She was right about that. I was jealous. Jealous that it was Sarah's pussy and not my cock Cassie was licking. And jealous that it was Cassie eating her sister out instead of me. Even so, Kelly and I both appreciated the show the girls had given us, and we both hoped to see more. Unfortunately, Cassie had other ideas, and she stood up, taking Sarah by the hand to lead her to their bedroom. She closed the door behind them, forcing Kelly and me to use our imagination about what might happen.

Once the door closed, Sarah nearly tackled Cassie on the bed. "That was crazy, Cassie! I can't believe we did that in front of mom."

"After what she did with Tom! What we did was nothing compared to that. It was weird seeing Tom's dick up mom's butt like that. But I got so turned on that I had to do something." Cassie got up on her knees and moved toward the closet, pulling Sarah with her. Bubbling with excitement, Cassie said, "I have to show you what mom brought."

Cassie jumped off the bed and grabbed the box with all of Kelly's sex toys and tossed it onto the bed before jumping back next to Sarah. Sarah's eyes went wide when Cassie opened the box and started pulling various vibrators and dildos out for Sarah to see. Cassie was just as excited, as she hadn't had an opportunity to play with everything the night before. And her own eyes widened in shock when she found one toy Kelly hadn't shown her. It was a dildo, but attached to what looked like panties.

"What do you think this is for," she asked, holding the strap-on dildo up for Sarah to see.

Sarah glanced at Cassie, mumbled something about not knowing, and held up the bug shaped clit stimulator. "I'm more interested in this weird looking thing. What is it?"

Cassie smiled, remembering Kelly saying it was something they planned on using on Sarah. "I'm not sure, but mom said she was going to have Tom use it on you. I think we should try it, instead. Lay down and let me try it out."

Sarah started to object by saying it was her turn to do something to Cassie, but thought better of it. She really was interested in finding out what the butterfly shaped toy did, so she laid back on the pillow, opening her legs so Cassie could sit between them. Sarah was already starting to breathe heavily before Cassie even touched her. The excitement of having her sister trying out new toys had Sarah excited to the point of getting even wetter than she had been.

Cassie played with the toy's controls and quickly figured out how to turn it on. Once it was on, she used her fingers to determine what exactly it did. When she felt the vibrations on front of the little "bug," she guessed how it was used. She took the toy and positioned it against her sister's slit so that the vibrating "nose" pushed into Sarah's clitoris. The immediate and intense response from Sarah made Cassie glad she had remembered what her mom called the little toy.

Sarah, her clit already tender from her sister's attention, went into an almost immediate frenzy when the new toy hit her clit. She started to writhe in pleasure as Cassie watched in awe. As Sarah closed her eyes and arched her back, Cassie grabbed one of the vibrators out of the box and slipped it into her sister's cunt. Sarah gasped in ecstasy as she felt the toy cock slip inside her, and almost screamed when Cassie turned the vibrator on.

Sarah did start to scream when Cassie worked the vibrator back and forth in her pussy. Unlike the orgasm she had from Cassie eating her out, Sarah experienced a massive climax as the clit stimulator and vibrator worked their magic. Moaning loudly, she continued to writhe on the bed, unable to control herself. Cassie made no move to stop fucking her sister with the vibrator, and the constant stimulation pushed Sarah through a long and intense orgasm. When Sarah could take no more, she struggled away from Cassie, folded into the fetal position and pulled the clit stimulator off her pussy.

Cassie sat at the foot of the bed, amazed at the response of her 10-year old sister. She was just amazed that it was her own actions that had led to Sarah's massive orgasm. She moved to lay down behind Sarah and tenderly took her into her arms. Sarah grabbed Cassie's hands and pulled them into her own body. She was too wiped out to say anything, so she just laid there snuggling with her sister.


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Yawn, Anonymous 2/16. Much like your comments. I'm interested in why someone so clearly annoyed by my writing has spent so much time reading it. Then posting on it.

I read plenty of stories I find less than notable. I move on. I don't fixate on them.

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Repetitive dross.

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Yes please!!! Also, i can't thank you enoguh for your post below. I have 2 kids and have never experienced what you went for, but I have to say when I go on blogs (especially yours) I sometimes feel really down on myself. You seem like such an amazing mother, wife, friend, sister, and so put together at the same time, and I sometimes feel like such a mess. Thank you for letting us see behind the curtain, and for reminding us that you never really know what someone is going trough. It makes me want to be a better mother, and to try be more kind to those around me. I'm so happy to hear you are feeling more like yourself!xx

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IMHO you've got the right asnwer!


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Your writing is magical! I can't get enough of these two little girls. You made every thing the tried a beautiful experience I wish I was there! Likeemyoung!!!

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