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This is my story put together with a long addition to it
If you've read my other stories then this is the same just put all together with some revisions and another part added to the end. As a warning to anyone who it concerns, this story is about homosexual relationships so if that is not what you want to hear then you can move on and not waste your time here. I hope you enjoy and I apologize for taking so long to post again. Please rate positively and comment. I planned to stop posting because I didn't get very good or very many responses to the story line but a few private messages did encourage me to add another. So if you want me to continue please comment and rate positively. If not the move on because I know my story isn't the same style as many on here that you guys may prefer. Thanks and here you go:

Hey, my name's Zac, I'm 22 years old 5 feet and 10 inches tall 170 pounds athletic build but not ripped or really well defined. I have brown shaggy hair no facial hair and not much body hair only armpits and little on my arms and legs but no hair by the time you get up my thighs. No hair on my butt and I keep a clean trimmed 'area' with a little strip of hair going up to my naval but no further. I'm average to small in length, 5 inches cut, but pretty thick.

I act totally straight but I am totally gay and have been out since middle school. Being gay I got some grief but most people didn't have a problem as I had a lot of friends that were jocks and popularity seems to reduce harassment. It was also hard for people to make fun of me being gay when I am not at all feminine and unless you ask or found out some other way people just don't have a clue that I'm gay. It's nice that way because I didn't and don't get made fun of or harassed, but I also get a lot of girls flirting with me. I normally think of it as friendly conversation but my friends can tell better than I can when they are flirting and when they are just chatting and they will step in and say "you know he's gay, right?" or "you're barking up the wrong tree." I usually get more embarrassed than the girls just because I never seem to notice when they are interested in me and they just kind of laugh it off and move on.

A few girls have gotten really upset after hitting on me and finding out I was gay. One time in high school a group of friends and I went to the water park and another group of people kind of meshed with our by mutual friends and one girl started chatting with me. I had two other guy friends, Randy and Chris, close by me chatting with each other sitting on the edge of the pool with the sun deck behind us. This girl was talking to me and I had no idea she was flirting but my friends noticed and instead of telling her they just let it play out. We all continued chatting with each other for the next twenty minutes or so and my friends made little chuckles every so often obviously from what they knew and she didn't and she was apparently pretty focused on me but I had no clue. I was talking with all of them and listening but I wasn't really maintaining eye contact with any of them. Finally she asked what they were giggling about and Chris broke the news. "You really don't get it do you?"

"Get what?"

"Haven't you noticed where he's been looking the entire time we have been talking?"

She looked ahead of us where there was a group of guys playing water volleyball and she looked back "so, what's your point" I suddenly realized what was going on and my face turned bright red.

"Wow, really? You've been flirting with him this whole time and he hasn't been looking at you, he's been checking out other people."

"No he hasn't, there are hardly anyone in the pool right now they are all over there tanning" she snapped back at him really offended that they assumed I would be checking out other girls when she was right there. I felt horrible and buried my face in my hands as they continued.

"Haha, no all the GIRLS are over there tanning" he pointed over behind us "he's looking out in the pool at the GUYS" there was a long pause like she either didn't get it or was in shock about the situation before Randy laughed and like a smart ass slowly said "hee's gaaayyy"

"oh my god" she stood up "jerks" and pushed my friends into the pool and stormed away. They just kept laughing and I felt horrible and quick got up and chased her down to apologize.

"I'm sorry Kate, I didn't know you were interested in me, I just thought we were hanging out."

"You're really gay, you were flirting with me and everything?"

"Yeah, I'm really sorry, I had no idea you were flirting. My friends can be assholes sometimes I feel awful."

She grabbed me and started kissing me hard for a few seconds like she would tongue the gay out of me. "How about that?" she said proudly like she was irresistible and that I couldn't possibly turn her down now.

My friends caught up to us and were about 10 feet behind me and saw the whole thing. I stepped back really thrown off and started shaking my head "I'm really sorry"

She got this really angry look and just turned and walked away while my friends began laughing yet again. Randy put his arm around my shoulders and said "nice job Zac, I'm gonna have to try the uninterested thing cuz that kiss looked pretty hot haha"

I laughed a little "shut up dude, that was really mean"

"Oh come on, it was funny and she'll get over it. It's not like you led her on and broke her heart, everyone saw you staring at those guys. She was just dumb enough not to notice."

Chris then stepped in laughing even harder "holy shit"

"what now?" I asked.

"She's not only dumb enough not to notice you drooling at those guys but she's unlucky as hell"

"what are you talking about?"

"Look at your chain hahaha" he pointed to my chain necklace that has a link in it with a silver gay pride logo. I looked down and Randy looked at it. It was twisted so that the logo was facing my chest and wasn't visible to read.

Randy straightened it out so it was clearly visible. "Hahaha there we go, maybe we should get you a tattoo or something"

"Or maybe we should like write it on your forehead or get a sign or something" Chris piped in.

We started walking back to the pool "you guys are horrible. Was I really that obvious?"

"Dude, yeah, you like licked your lips twenty times looking at those guys. If we weren't already at the pool I'd have to hose you down haha" Randy snickered.

"So how was that kiss by the way" Chris asked happily.

"she tasted like strawberry lip gloss. Not good." I said disgusted.

"Damn it, I love that taste. How do you not like that?"

"Haha Zac needs to feel a five o’clock shadow rubbin on him when he makes out not a pair of Cs grinding on him" Randy chuckled.

"Damn she did have a nice chest, you think I have a chance?" Chris asked.

"After all that, I'm gonna go with no. Maybe I should get a tattoo, that was really embarrassing"

Most girls don't cause that much of a scene but that was the worst.


The school day was over and I went with Chris and Randy and our other friend Brent to the weight room to workout before going home. Randy was on a machine while Chris was just hanging out with us not lifting weights.

"So do you think Kristin likes me?" Chris asked.

"Dude, when are you just gonna ask her out?" Brent asked while spotting me on the bench press.

"I just wanna find out if she'd be into me before I ask cuz if she isn't then it'd be weird. I mean we all hangout all the time so it'd be weird if I ask her out and she shoots me down."

"God, you're such a pussy, just ask her."

"Screw you Randy. Seriously, you think she'd like me? I'm good looking right?"

Neither said anything they just laughed.

"Come on guys. Zac, I'm attractive, right. If you didn't know me you'd like me right?"

I finished my set and sat up "You're not my type but yeah you're good looking you should ask her"

“What do you mean, not your type? That’s such bullshit. What’s your type?”

“First of all, gay is my type. Secondly, a little more tough guy type, like someone who can take charge in the relationship…” I tried to explain my type to Chris.

Brent interrupted, “Ok let’s not get into how you wanna be dominated Zac.”

“Not like that you sicko. I mean a guy that is I guess more rugged or something” my voice got a little quieter, “that would just hold me in his arms” I got back on topic and my voice went back to normal, “anyway, you’re just not my type, but if you must know you are attractive and I’m sure Kristin thinks you are cute so ask her.” We finished working out and headed to the locker room.

"Hey, wait up!" Kristin yelled at us before we got to the locker room.

"Hi Kristin" Chris said stupidly. Brent laughed under his breath.

"Hey, guys. Zac, what are you doing tonight?"

"No plans yet, we were just going over to Randy's place to hang out for a while but nothing really, why?"

"I wanna introduce you to my friend Jon. We're going bowling tonight and you should come with us, you guys can come too. I think you two would be cute together."

"Awwwww" Brent joked and laughed. I just stood there for a second.

"We'll be there" Randy answered for me.

"Great, meet us at the alley at 8" Kristin headed out.

"Bye, Kristin" Chris said and Brent proceeded to laugh at him. We all headed into the lockerroom to change.

"Alright Zac, you got a date tonight" Randy congratulated me.

"Yeah, maybe Chris will get the balls to ask Kristin out tonight too haha" Brent said as he slapped Chris on the back.

"Maybe I will, Ass. I can't let Zac be the only one with a date."

"It's not that big of a deal guys, I'm just gonna meet the guy doesn't mean it's a date."

"Dude, have you seen Jon before?" Chris asked as he pulled out his phone.

"No, have you?" I asked as I pulled up my jeans.

"Yeah, look, he's hot" Chris showed me his phone. He had a picture message saved of Kristin at a party with Jon.

"Wow" I suddenly got nervous for tonight.

"Alright, Zac has a hot date tonight. Let's go chill at my place til bowling" Randy said as he tied his shoes and walked to the door.


"Zac you haven't said hardly two words since we left the school" Chris said. We were in Randy's room playin video games.

"Haha that's cuz he's nervous bout his date tonight" Brent laughed.

I just smilled and gave a little laugh.

"Oh wow, you really are" Randy paused the game and turned to me. I was on his bed leaning against the wall, Chris was on the floor in front of the TV, Randy was sitting on the edge of the bed playing the game with Chris and Brent was sitting on a chair on the other side.

"Why'd you stop playing" I asked.

"Cuz we gotta get you ready for tonight. If you're this nervous just from seeing that pic on Chris' phone then we gotta make sure you're ready."

"What you mean ready? We're ready, we just gotta wait til 8" I asked.

"No, we're ready. We're just bowling. You are going on a date, you gotta be date ready" Randy got up and went to his closet. He threw me a towel. "Go shower cuz you stink and I'm gonna give you some clothes to wear tonight."

"It's not that big of a deal"

"Don't be stubborn just get in the shower." Brent said as he pulled me up and pushed me toward the bathroom.

When I got out Randy had clothes for me and I got dressed. "Nice, you look good. Now if you strike out tonight then I need those clothes back but if you get lucky and start grindin on him, I don't want them back haha"

"Whatever let's just go"

We got to the bowling alley in Randy's car and met up with Kristin and a group of friends. She introduced me to Jon as the rest began bowling and talking. He was taller than me around 6 feet tall with short wavy brown hair and green eyes. He he looked well built like a wrestler's build and had an amazing smile. We all hung out together had a really fun time and on the way out Jon asked if I needed a ride home. I obviously didn't because I came with Randy and them but I immediately said yes and waved Brent away and he took the hint and told the guys they were going home without me.

We drove around for awhile talking and then stopped at an empty park and continued talking. I slid closer to him as he put his hand on the back of my head and began kissing me. I melted and let out a soft moan "mmm" and he didn't miss a beat. He put his hand under my shirt and ran his fingers around my body. He grazed my nipples as I continued softly moaning. He then proceeded to pull off his shirt as we continued kissing. I reached down and unbuttoned his pants. He dropped the back of his seat and pulled me with him to the back and in the process his unzipped jeans slid down staying in the front seat.

I began kissing his neck as his hands slid into my jeans and his fingers wandered down my crack. I couldn't wait I moved down his chest. He was built with broad shoulders and tan defined body. I made my way down and lifted the waistband of his boxers revealing his 8 inch uncut cock. I began sticking my tongue under his skin rolling around the tip and felt his hand on the back of my head push me down onto him. I bobbed my head on him tasting him, heart racing.

The taste of his precum was so sweet and made me suck him harder. He stopped me pulling me up again. "take off your pants" I got out of my pants faster than ever before and he pulled me up so that I was straddling his chest and he swallowed my cock as he slid his fingers around my tight hole. He poked one finger into me and i almost lost my mind.

I began moaning "ahhhhh" biting my lower lip. He then grabbed his jeans and pulled out a condom and as I slid down his body he put on the condom while licking my stomach and chest. He guided his cock to my boy hole "it's all you, I don't wanna hurt you" he whispered and I lowered myself on him. I slowly took all of him inside me as he moved his hands around my chest rubbing my nipples "ahhhhhhh" I began moving up and down as his hips started to thrust slowly.

He grabbed ahold of my shaft and started pumping. His body glistened with sweat and the combination of seeing his sweaty chest, his strong fist stroking my penis and his massive cock fucking my insides I just couldn't hold it and I began shooting my cum onto him. The first shot landed on his face and he licked it off his lips the next few onto his chest and down his stomach and the last couple onto his hand that he then lifted to his mouth and licked clean. i continued riding him as he ate my cum and he then quickly pulled me up off of him "I'm bout to cum"

I went down and pulled the condom off of him and attacked his dick with my tongue as he blasted my throat with his hot sweet cum. Eating ever bit I could as he thrust his hips on my face. After his cock started to soften I lick up my cum from his stomach. I licked his abs and his pecs. Licking around his nipples that had a little hair around them and a small patch of hair in the middle of his chest. The taste of his cum still in my mouth mixed with my cum and his sweat was intoxicating and I was floating as I made my way up to his face and kissed him adding the taste of his tongue to the cocktail in my mouth.

We got dressed and he drove me home. When we got there I saw Randy's car in my driveway and got one last kiss before heading inside.

"Hey honey, you're home late. Your friends got here two hours ago. They're waiting in your room."

"Thanks mom." I rolled my eyes and headed up stairs.

I walked into my room and Brent and Chris were playing video games and immediately stopped and looked at me with huge sarcastic smiles. Randy asked "So, two hours huh? What the hell, did you get lost?" I just ignored him and walked in and over to my closet. "So should I even ask for my clothes back?"

I didn't answer his question. Instead I grabbed a towel "I gotta take a shower, I'll be out in a minute"

Chris and Brent started making hooting and hollering noises "oww woo hoo oww wow" and Randy laughed and as I got into the shower I could hear him say to the others "damn and I really liked that shirt haha"

When I got out of the shower I put on some shorts and joined them in my room.

"On the first date, you slut haha." Brent chuckled "Just kidding man, how was the date?"

"It was good" I replied as I climbed onto my bed. Randy was sitting on the bed with me and the other two on my couch next to the bed playing video games.

"I heard it was better than good" Chris said.

"What do you mean you heard? I just got back!"

"Kristin texted me while you were in the shower. Jon just thanked her for introducing you two" I smiled as Chris continued explaining his texting conversation with Kristin "and she was just as shocked as us that you two took two hours to get home and asked him what happened. He told her that you guys made a stop and bowm chicka wow wow hahaha"

"What! I can't believe he told her!"

"Holy shit! I added that part, but you really did have sex with him!!!!" Chris exlaimed. Both Randy and Brent's jaws dropped and my face turned red. "He just told Kristin you guys went to the park for awhile." Chris corrected his previous statement.

"Wow, now you have to fess up Zac, what the hell happened?!?!?!?" Brent asked.

"Oh my god, you guys suck so bad"

"Come on buddy, Chris caught you, now you gotta let us know what happened" Randy said as he moved next to me and rubbed my shoulders to try and get me to relax and take my face out from behind my hands. "What happened? Nothing too graphic just the basics."

"Fine I'll tell you but give me a minute" I was so embarrassed.

"Ok you have until the end of this game." Randy accepted my request and they started playing again. I laid back on my bed trying to get over the embarrassment. Randy was sitting on the bed right next to me and Chris and Brent continued their game. I probably had five minutes.

Randy was my best friend and always stuck up for me and knew me better than anyone. He had medium length dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He was about my height and weight with the same build but slightly thinner and had facial hair in a strip that went along his jaw from ear to ear and had hair around his nipples and a strip that goes through his naval down his shorts and above his naval a couple inches as well.

Chris and Brent were also really really close friends. Chris has light brown hair and brown eyes and wears glasses. He is a little taller than me and is a little chubby but not at all fat and was pretty strong and muscular but no definition because he was a little chubby. He has no facial hair and none on his chest or stomach either. Brent is shorter than the rest of us but is about the same weight and is well built and fairly well defined. He has dark hair and blue-green eyes no facial hair with hair around his nipples and a line from the middle of his chest all the way down his stomach to his shorts. We all have clean and trimmed 'areas'.

All three of them are really comfortable with me. All of my friends were comfortable with me being gay and they all accepted it but these three were the only one's that were totally comfortable meaning they didn't feel weird in locker rooms or changing with me or staying at my house or me at their houses. I had dated a few guys previously and talked about it with them but this was embarrassing because I had never had sex with a guy after just meeting him.

The four of us were sitting around in shorts at 1 in the morning and their game was over. "Ok Zac, spill it, what happened?" Chris demanded.

"We drove around for a little while talking and then we stopped at the park." They all were looking at me and made me embarrassed again and I dropped back to lay down so I didn't have to look at them while I told them.

Randy was sitting legs crossed on my bed next to me with his back to the TV facing me. Brent and Chris were sitting on the couch both on the edge waiting. "Come on buddy, keep goin" Randy said patting my stomach trying to get me to continue.

"We talked for a little while longer and then he kissed me. We started making out and then ended up in the back seat." I looked at them and they all had stunned looks but weren't going to let me stop there. "Some clothes came off.......and........I had sex with him."

"Nice, way to go Zac haha" Brent laughed and congratulated. Chris did the same.

"So, how was it? You glad you did it? You like him? Are you going to see him again? Randy interrogated.

"Woah, slow down. Yes I like him or wouldn't have had sex with him. I don't regret it even though I've never done that on the first date." I tried to answer all questions but Randy caught me.

"You didn't answer one."

"Yeah" Chris agreed. "How was it? Is he hot? Is he packin haha?"

"Ok, don't get too graphic here Chris. That's enough questions haha" Brent interupted.

"Well Zac?" Randy directed the questions back to me.

"Well Chris, yes he is insanely hot and he's bigger than you haha"

"Well that ain't hard hahaha" Brent joked.

"Shut up prick!" Chris hit Brent "For real, I'm not small am I? Was he really that much bigger?"

"Hahahaha settle down Chris he's just giving you a hard time" Randy said.

"I'm just kidding Chris you're fine he's just bigger than you haha and yes it was good, it was very very good" I said with a huge smile.

"Nice buddy, you got a hot boyfriend. Now I just gotta find a hot girlfriend and catch up haha" Randy congratulated and patted my chest as he turned around back toward the TV and sat next to my head while I stayed laying down.

Brent and Chris continued playing video games "Ok for real, I'm not that small am I? I mean I'm bigger than Zac and he just got a hot guy so I should be able to get a hot girl right?" Chris asked with a worried tone. "Would Kristin like me or am I too small? Seriously guys!"

"Oh my god you fucking spaz" Brent said. "you're not small, you're average. Zac is small but it obviously doesn't matter cuz he's the only one getting laid and by a hotty so you need to stop worrying. Kristin won't care especially if you never get the balls to ask her out."

"Oh Zac, kick his ass he called you small" Chris said.

"Hahaha I don't care he also said I have a hot boyfriend" I replied.

"Oh Brent, kick his ass he called you gay" Chris instigated.

"Haha you're the only one that's gonna get his ass kicked if you don't stop tryin to start shit" Randy ended the bickering.

We played video games for the next hour or so before Kristin texted me “OMG u had sex with Jon?”

“What the hell Chris, why’d you tell Kristin I had sex with Jon?” I asked Chris.

“Sorry I didn’t think it was a big deal to tell her cuz she introduced you two” Chris replied.

“I guess but did you tell her not to tell anyone else?”

“No, but I’m sure she didn’t. What does it matter? He doesn’t even go to our school.”

I texted her back “Yeah, we had a great night and it just happened. I didn’t mean to tell Chris and the guys but they tricked me.”

“So what you guys wanna do tomorrow? Pool? Movie?” Randy asked.

“I don’t wanna do a movie cuz I’m broke so we gotta do something that’s free unless you guys are paying for me.” Brent answered.

“Ok so pool or we gotta pay for Brent or we gotta think up something else. What you wanna do Chris?” Randy continued.

Kristin texted me back “That’s crazy, I mean you two are really cute together it’s just crazy that you had sex. Are you gonna see him again?”

“I hope so. I wouldn’t just have sex with him if I didn’t really like him and wanna see him again. Have you told anyone else?” I texted back.

“I don’t care, we could go to the pool or go hang around the mall or something. Text and see what other people are doing and we can meet up with ‘em” Chris replied.

“We can’t go to the mall cuz Brent is just gonna be stuck with nothing to do there with no money.” I said.

“It’s not like he ever buys anything” Chris replied.

“No but if we eat he can’t afford anything and even if you don’t buy anything you can’t have fun if you know you definitely can’t buy anything.” I said while waiting for a text back.

“What’s wrong Zac?” Randy asked.

“I’m talking to Kristin since Chris told her I had sex with Jon. I’m waiting to see if she told anyone.” She replied as I was explaining the situation to Randy.

“I didn’t tell anyone but Jess saw the text message. She hasn’t told anyone so it’s just between us and u guys.”

I was so relieved. “Ok cool I just wanted to make sure it didn’t spread all over. Thanks for introducing us I had a great time.”

“Only you guys and Kristin and Jess know so it shouldn’t be a big deal. So what are we doing tomorrow?” I asked.

“Cool, I don’t know, see if Kristin and them are doing anything. If we can’t think of anything else we’re goin’ to the pool as a fallback.” Randy replied.

“By the way, are you guys doing anything tomorrow. We can’t think of what to do?” I texted.

I almost immediately got a message back “that’s great u r welcome. U guys r so cute. We haven’t made any plans yet u guys have any ideas”

I texted back “just the pool as a fall back”

“The indoor?”

“yeah the outdoor is closed for winter”

“That’s what I thought, yeah we can go to the pool”

“Ok guys, they haven’t made plans but are game for going to the pool” I announced.

“Sounds good.” Chris said. Randy and Brent both concurred.

“Ok we’ll meet you there at 11. Hey if I tell you something can you keep it absolutely to yourself?” I texted Kristin.

“Of course”

“Ok, I figured since you set me up with Jon I owe you something and I was wondering if you like Chris cuz he has been crushing on you for a long time. You can’t tell him I told you, but would you be interested in him?” I broke the message into two texts.

“Wow, I had no idea but I guess he has acted a little strange. Why hasn’t he said anything?”

“He’s afraid you don’t feel the same way and it’ll get weird when we all hang out. So are you interested?”

“Yeah, he’s a really good guy and he’s cute. If he asked me out I’d say yes.”

“Ok thanks. Don’t tell him I said anything and he will hopefully get the guts to ask soon if not tomorrow. Thanks again for introducing me to Jon.”

“Your welcome, see you tomorrow”

I put my phone away and looked up. They had turned off the TV and video games. It was pretty late so I got under the covers. Chris slept on the floor with a sleeping bag and Brent slept on the couch and Randy slept in the bed with me. They usually rotated who got the couch or bed when they stayed at my place.

“So Chris, you think you are gonna ask Kristin out tomorrow?” I asked.

“I don’t know man, if she said no then we’d spend the rest of the time at the pool feeling weird.” He replied.

“Well I think she’d say yes.” I told him and nudged Randy. He figured out that I had asked Kristin.

“Yeah man, I don’t know for sure but I think I heard she’d be down if you asked her out. Just try it and if it doesn’t work out she’s cool and wouldn’t be weird and we’re here for ya.” Randy said.

“Really, you guys think I should?” Chris asked.

“Yeah man, ask her out right away tomorrow that way if she says yes you two can hang out at the pool.” Brent added.


The next day we met up with Kristin and some other people at the pool. I also invited Jon. We forced Chris to ask Kristin out and she said yes so he spent most of the time hanging out with her while the rest of us played water volleyball and Jon showed up half way through the game. He came out of the locker room and waved to us.

“Damn Zac, he really is hot haha” Brent said quietly to me.

Jon looked amazing last night when it was dark and now in the light he looked even sexier. He was perfectly tan muscular but not so hard and ripped that he looks bad just the perfect amount of muscle, definition, and softness. He had just the slightest bit of hair like I had noticed the night before but now I can see that it makes him look even sexier with the perfect amount of hair in just the right places. And his legs had the same perfect amount of hair with well built calf and trunks that go down to his knees and a lightly defined v shape from his stomach down his trunks. Again not too defined where he looks too hard but defined enough to see the v. His arms were big and strong and shoulders thick and broad.

“Dude, he’s already your boyfriend. Quit drooling and just go over there.” Brent told me.

We all hung out for a while and then Jon and I went to the hot tub to hang out while the rest stayed in the pool for a while. We chatted about anything and everything. Basically we just picked up from the previous night. Jon was a year older than me and lived about 20 minutes from me. He was an only child like me and had been out for only a couple years. He also acted totally straight. We also discussed sexual interests and he’s mainly a top and though he likes his ass played with he doesn’t like receiving anal that much but is willing. It was cool with me because I am mostly a bottom. We talked some more and realized how perfect we are together because he likes to be more of the dominant role and I like to be more submissive. Neither of us are into pain or hard core bondage but sometimes soft stuff. We also both don’t like PDA so neither of us were going to pressure the other into kissing or anything in public.

He had to go early so I went to the locker room with him to say goodbye. No one else was there so we started making out. I got hard very quickly and Jon slid my trunks down just enough to pull out my hard on which he then proceeded to put in his mouth as I leaned against the locker room wall. With one hand he felt around my stomach and chest and the other wandered to my backside and I felt a finger penetrate me and almost collapsed. Jon used his arm that was on my chest to pin me to the wall so I wouldn’t fall and continued bobbing his head and rolling his tongue and swallowing while he finger fucked me faster and faster and I couldn’t avoid moaning but kept it as quiet as I could while he continued and finally I tightened on his finger and blew my load into his mouth and he sucked harder and harder making sure to swallow all of my cum. My knees buckled and he was holding me up with his arm pinning me to the wall and his hand underneath me. I regained my strength to stand and he pulled my trunks back up.

“You better go back out to your friends and I gotta get dressed and head out.” He said after pulling away from kissing me.

“What about you?” I asked as I put my hand on his groin.

“Later Zac” He smiled “I gotta go you have fun with your friends and I’ll see you later.”

I headed back out to the pool and joined my friends again. “Where’s Jon” Brent asked.

“He had to go.” I said with a huge smile on my face as I sat down and got in the pool with them.

“Why are you so happy about that haha?” Brent face changed to shock and whispered “You didn’t? Did you?....oh my god you did. You just had sex in the locker room!?”

Randy got closer “What?! Did you?”

“No, I didn’t have sex in the locker room. We just said goodbye cuz he had to leave.” I told them quietly.

“Then why do you look so happy?” Randy asked “Don’t lie man I can tell when you’re lying.”

It’s true, Randy could always tell when I was lying so I had to tell him. I quietly told them “We didn’t have sex, he just went down on me”

“You lie” Randy said too loudly.

“Ok, shut up.” I whispered “He went down on me and uh, and he fingered me.”

Their jaws dropped. “Dude, right there in the locker room? That’s crazy. You lucky son of a bitch.” Brent said quietly. He turned to Randy “Why the hell can’t we find anyone while Chris is finally dating Kristin and this fucker is getting screwed in the locker room?”

“Haha I don’t know man but we better start looking for some girls” Randy laughed back.

Chris came over “Hey guys, what’s the plan? Kristin and those guys had to go.”

“Well to bring you up to speed, Jon left but first he nailed Zac in the locker room and now Randy and I are actually jealous of you two”

“What, you had sex in the locker room?!” Chris asked in shock.

“Haha, no he went down on him and gave him a finger” Randy corrected.

“A finger?” Chris asked.

“I was trying to be discrete, he gave him head while he finger fucked him.” Randy continued.

“Holy shit” Chris exclaimed.

“Jesus guys, can we keep it down and not talk about this. It’s bad enough that you guys are suddenly needing to know every detail of my sex life but we’re not gonna discuss this in public.” I told them while I got out of the pool. “Let’s head out we can go back to my place and think of what else to do today.”

They followed my lead and Brent mumbled “I wish I had a sex life to be embarrassed about” We all laughed.

We went back to my place and watched TV while we thought about what to do the rest of the night when I got a call from Jon. He asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him. I cleared it with the guys and accepted. I got dressed and they headed out to a movie and said they’d be staying at Randy’s place while his parents were gone for the weekend and I could go over there after dinner if I wanted and Jon was welcome to stay over too.


We finished dinner and when we got in the car he asked “You wanna come over to my place for a little bit?”

“I thought you wanted to stay with me over at Randy’s house.”

“I do. I’m wondering if you wanna go to my place for like an hour or so. My house is empty right now and I thought we could be alone for a little bit before going to your friend’s place”

“Oh, yeah that sounds great”

We got to his house and he led me up to his room where he proceeded to throw me on the bed, rip off his shirt and lay on top of me. I undid his pants as he did the same to mine and shortly we were making out naked and rolling on his bed. I moved down and started rolling my tongue around his cock before putting it in my mouth and sliding one finger into his hole. He put his hand on my head and forced me down on him until he was almost fully in my mouth and throat. I kept sucking and moved my finger around inside of him making him breathe harder and harder and grunted “uhhh get up here Zac” I moved back up to kiss him and he rolled me onto my back.

He pinned me down and began kissing my neck and down my chest licking gently on my nipple as I began to moan. “ahhhh ohhhhhh” he kept moving down and stuck his tongue in my naval and licked around my abs before sucking my cock momentarily and then pulled my legs apart and licked my ass getting it full of his saliva. His tongue almost inside me made my cock ooze precum as I continued to softly moan.

Jon got up and grabbed a condom from a drawer and put it on before lifting my ass up a little with my legs spread. He pushed the tip inside me and slowly forced his way all the way in me with my legs spread as he hovered over me. He slowly fucked me as I felt up his chest rubbing his nipples and holding his strong arms as he began moving faster. He kept sliding in and out of me faster and faster while my heart raced and moaned louder and louder “ahhhhh AHH ohh OHHHH Jon OHHH JON UHHHH AHHHH” He pinned my arms to the bed turning me on even more and fucked me even harder as sweat ran down his body and dripped onto me. It was too much I began cumming on my stomach even though it hadn’t been touched. I screamed and tightened up on his cock while cum shot all over my stomach. Jon grunted and thrust hard cumming into the condom inside me.

He pulled out of me and went down to lick my cum off of my stomach while I lay there panting. He finished licking up my cum and grabbed my hand pulling me up. “Let’s go take a shower”

We went into his bathroom and he pulled off the condom and threw it away. I saw his softening penis covered in cum and dropped down to it as he started the shower. I sucked up all the cum I could and we began washing off.

We got dressed and headed over to Randy’s house.

“What’s up guys” Randy said as we went up to his room. “How was dinner?”

“Good” I replied.

“Must’ve been really good. You were there for three hours.” Randy laughed.

We got to his room and Brent had to ask “So did you screw at the restaurant too?!? Every time you guys go out alone you take twice as much time as it should.”

Jon looked at me questioningly. “It’s ok, they are gonna be like that. For some reason they demand to know everything about my sex life.” Jon laughed.

“Yup we gotta know, just not the graphic details” Chris added.

“We went back to my place for a little while” Jon answered.

“Gonna need more than that.” Brent said.

“Ok, I made Zac cum on his stomach just by screwing him then licked him clean.” Jon said with a smile.

“Ok Jon, I like your enthusiasm but that would be the graphic part we don’t need to know. Work on that, just meet us in the middle haha.” Brent said laughing.

“Is it bad that I just got a little turned on by that?” Chris said with a dumb and disgusted look on his face.

“Haha ok guys let’s just let it go. You now are totally up to date with just about every detail of my sex life so let’s just watch a movie or something.” I said trying to end the awkward investigation of my relationship.

We all took a seat. Chris and Brent on the couch, Randy sat on his bed and Jon sat down next to him and I laid on the bed with Jon and laid my head down on his stomach.

“Awww how cute” Brent joked.

“Shut up Brent” I laughed.

“Seriously though, that’s cool but don’t start screwing here haha.” Brent replied. We all laughed and agreed no one was going to screw tonight and started watching the movie.


Jon and I had been going out for a few weeks and I was falling hard. He was gone for the weekend so I was going to spend the weekend with the guys.

“So you gonna survive without your boo?” Brent joked.

“Whatever, he’s just gone the weekend. It’s not the end of the world.” I replied.

“Yeah but he’s been around almost everyday for the past month. I’m not saying I mind, Jon’s cool, but you haven’t gone one day without seeing him.” Chris said.

“Yeah, you’re not gonna like call out his name in your sleep are you?” Randy put his arm around my shoulder “Jon, Jon, oh Jon hahahaha” he teased.

“Screw you guys” I laughed “So what he’s just gone this weekend and I’ll see him again Monday so let’s just drop it.”

“Yeah but you usually have sex on the weekends and now you’re missing out” Chris added.

“Seriously Chris, it’s not a big deal. I’m not dating Jon for the sex so it doesn’t matter.” I said starting to sound irritated.

“Ok guys, let’s drop it.” Randy said.

We were at Brent’s place this weekend. Brent had a nicer room than the rest of us. His room was in the basement and pretty much had the whole place to himself. He has a bunk bed and a couch in his room with a much nicer TV than any of us so we liked staying at Brent’s more than anywhere since none of us had to sleep on the floor.

We had been playing video games and watching TV all night and finally decided to go to bed. Chris took the top bunk and Randy the couch. I was on the bottom bunk with Brent. We talked for a little while before falling asleep.

The next morning I woke up and saw Randy looking right at me.

“Awww how sweet” he teased.

I sat up right away realizing that I had been sleeping with my head on Brent’s chest and my arm around his waist. Brent was still sleeping so I got up and shoved Randy on the way out to the living room.

“Haha so do we need to warn Jon that you’re straying” Randy joked.

“What? What’s goin on” Chris asked. He was sitting in the living room watching TV already.

“You didn’t see Zac cuddling with Brent when you got up?” Randy replied. I just sat on one of the lay-z-boy chairs and ignored them.

“No I just came right out here haha what was happened?” Chris laughed.

“Zac had his arm wrapped around Brent’s waist and was cuddling with him with his face on his chest haha” Randy explained.

“Hahahaha, uh oh Zac, you better hope Jon isn’t the jealous type.” Chris joked.

“Whatever guys, it’s no big deal” I mumbled rolling my eyes.

“Good morning guys.” Brent said walking out.

“Good morning, stud” Chris said laughing. Brent looked at him weird and they proceeded to explain what had happened.

“So, you still gonna claim it’s no big deal that Jon isn’t here this weekend?” Brent asked.

“It’s not” I answered.

“Dude, we’ve all slept over a thousand times before and never once have you cuddled up to one of us. Now you are dating a guy for a month never spending a moment without him and when he isn’t here for one night you wake up on top of me. Doesn’t that seem a little odd?” Brent asked.

“Ok so I miss him but it doesn’t mean anything.” I replied still watching the TV.

“Well it means I’ll be guarding my ass next time I sleep with you haha” Brent laughed.

“No, remember Jon’s the dominant one” Chris commented, “you gotta watch out for Zac’s hands goin for your junk.” My friends definitely know too much about my sex life.

They all laughed and I smiled a little trying not to give in to their taunts.


We went to the mall to hang out later that afternoon. We went to the movie theater there and then just bummed around.

“So how are things goin with Kristin?” Randy asked.

“Great, I’m going over to her place next week to have dinner with her parents.” Chris answered.

“Ouch” Brent said grimacing.

“What?” Chris asked.

“You’re going to meet the parents, that sucks.” I joked as I received a text message and frantically replied.

“Why is that bad, it’s not like I’m some punk that her parents are gonna hate.” Chris said worried.

“He’s got a point, Chris is a good kid” Randy said.

“Yeah, parents wouldn’t be afraid of him taking advantage of their daughter” Brent added while I received another text that tore me up inside.

“I can’t tell if you guys are comforting me or making fun of me.” Chris replied confused.

Randy looked over at me “What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing, I’ll be back in a minute” I said quietly with no expression on my face as I walked away.

I walked away from them and turned the corner. I went out the door of the mall to a side entrance that hardly anyone ever uses plus it was almost nine o’clock so the mall was pretty empty anyway. I leaned against the outside wall and slid down and sat on the concrete with my legs bet up and my face buried in my knees with my hands on top of my head as tears filled my eyes. I’m an emotional person but not outwardly emotional. That is one of the ways that I’m more masculine and straight acting because I don’t show my emotions and never cry in public. I hardly ever cry at all to begin with, but when I have a breakdown it’s not pretty. I can hold in my emotion as long as I need to and in this instance it was as long as it took to leave my friends and be alone.

I had been outside in that same position for around ten minutes when I heard Randy say something around the corner and walk over to me. “Zac, what’s wrong” He crouched down next to me.

“Nothing, I just wanna be alone for a minute” I said quietly as I tried to stop crying.

Randy sat down next to me and started rubbing my back “You know I’m not gonna leave you alone like this. What happened?

I didn’t wanna talk about it so I handed him my phone. He opened it and read my text message conversation.

Jon: Hey, I know this is out of the blue but I didn’t want to worry you before I knew for sure. My dad is taking a job down here.

(Jon was in Florida with his family for the weekend visiting relatives)

Me: What are you saying?

Jon: My family is moving here for his job. It wasn’t for sure before but now it is. We’ll be back Monday, but we’ll be moving as soon as the semester is over. I have to go, but I thought you should know and I’ll talk to you more when I get back.

Randy closed my phone “I’m sorry Zac. You wanna talk about it?” I shook my head. Randy pulled me closer to him “I’m here for you buddy, if you wanna talk I’ll always listen but if you don’t I’m still here for you. Come here” I turned and buried my face in his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me.

Brent and Chris came over and crouched down. “Jon’s family is moving to Florida at the end of the semester.” Randy told them.

Brent put his hand on my back “Oh god, I’m sorry man.”

“Me too Zac. But you still have a few weeks before he leaves and we’re here for you” Chris added.

“You want us to take you home buddy?” Brent asked.

“No, we’re not leavin him alone tonight, let’s all head back to your place.” Randy answered for me.

“I’ll go get my car and pull over here.” Brent said and walked away, Chris followed.

“Let’s just go back to Brent’s place and we can just hang out. You can talk if you want or just hang out but we’re not gonna let you just go off by yourself again, ok?” Randy requested.

“Ok” I sniffled.

We got in Brent’s car and I again buried my face in my hands while Randy put his hand on my back to comfort me. When we got to Brent’s place we went straight to his room and turned on the TV and Brent began playing video games with Chris. Randy said he’d take the bottom bunk with me, Brent could take top, and Chris would sleep on the couch.
Randy refused to leave me alone. He knew me better than anyone and had gone through me breaking down before. When my grandpa died I was really emotional and people listened to me and left me alone for a while and things only got worse for me and Randy stepped in and helped me through it.

We had gotten ready for bed and were all just wearing shorts but I Randy kept his shirt out rolled it up and put it on his shoulder to soak up my tears as he laid down and held me with my face buried in his shoulder. I didn’t need to talk about it as we all knew the situation and that I was crying because I had fallen for Jon and now he was leaving in just over three weeks. I just needed to cry out my pain and Randy knew that. Brent and Chris were close friends but hadn’t ever seen me breakdown so they decided to defer the situation to Randy and trust he knew how to help me and they were just going to be there for support.

A couple hours passed and Brent turned off the TV. I had almost cried myself to sleep in Randy’s shoulder and was half awake as Brent pulled a blanket over both of us and whispered to Randy “is he gonna be alright? Do you need anything?”

“He’ll be alright, can you grab me another shirt or something?” Randy whispered back. Brent handed him a shirt and he swapped the shirts and I moved my face back to his shoulder.

“Geez, it’s soaked. You sure he’s ok? I’ve never seen him like this” Brent asked again.

“Yeah, Zac hides his feelings so much that when something like this happens he really falls hard. He just needs to cry it all out. We just gotta be here for him and he’ll bounce back.” Randy whispered as soft as he could hoping I either couldn’t hear or was mostly asleep “I’m just worried how the next few weeks are gonna go. Jon will be here and Zac is either going to be really upset that whole time or he is going to get as close to Jon as possible til he leaves and he’ll break down even worse. That’s what I’m worried about.”

“Damn, he sure puts up a front then.” Brent whispered back.

“Yeah, he’s a tough guy but he gets emotionally invested really easily. That’s what’s great about him and what hurts him the most. He’s always there for anyone who needs him and he really honestly cares about the people he loves but he gets so invested that when something goes wrong it effects him more than anyone else ever would.” Randy said softly.

“You think he loves Jon?” Brent asked

“I know he does. He probably won’t admit it but he loves him. You remember when he dated Jack and Grant before? He dated them way longer than Jon and yeah he fell for them too but he never looked at them the way he looks at Jon.” Randy answered.

“Yeah I suppose you’re right. God I feel so bad, he looks so hurt and it’s not even like it isn’t working out with Jon it’s just his family leaving.” Brent said.

They continued talking as I finally finished crying myself to sleep on Randy’s shoulder.


We were working out in the weight room at the school. It stayed open over break for use of the gym and weight room and other athletic facilities and computer lab.

“Is it weird that we spent all semester complaining about school and wanted to get out, and as soon as it’s out for break we’ve spent like every day here?” Brent asked. He was spotting Randy on the bench press while I was on the mats near them doing sit-ups.

“Sort of, but we always worked out here, it’s just easier. It’s not like we come back to write papers or anything.” I said.

“That’s true.” Brent nodded, “Hey you guys wanna go to a party tonight? “

“Sure, where at?” Randy asked.

“It’s a frat party down by the college.” Brent replied.

“Sounds good to me.” I answered.

“Alright, it’s a frat party so let’s get Chris to drive for us so we can drink then we can stay at Brent’s place tonight?” Randy said as he looked to Brent for confirmation. Brent nodded.

They switched and Randy spotted Brent on the bench while I pulled out my phone and texted Chris if he could drive. “Chris can’t do it tonight, him and Kristin are going out. I can drive, and you guys owe me the next time.”

They agreed and we went to Brent’s to shower and get dressed. The locker room was open, but over break the water heater was really slow to work since it wasn’t used as much.

Brent had already showered and was getting dressed when I got out of the shower and went into his room. Randy went behind me and got in the shower.

“Does this look good?” Brent asked as I dried off and started getting dressed.

“Sure.” I answered.

“Should I wear something else, help me out here. I wanna look good. Maybe I’ll meet someone there.” He whined.

“I don’t know what to tell you, that looks good.” I said.

“Dude, you are the worst gay guy ever. You’re supposed to be good with fashion and stuff. You’re just a straight guy that likes men.” Brent whined again.

“Haha, sorry to disappoint.” I laughed.

A couple minutes later I had already gotten dressed and Brent was still wavering and trying on different shirts. Randy came in. “Dude, you don’t wanna wear that tonight.”

Brent sighed and looked at me as I laughed. “Ok, what do you think I should wear?” Randy grabbed a shirt out of his closet, gave it to him and went over to the bed and got dressed while Brent took of his shirt and changed into the new one. “See Zac, he’s a better gay guy than you” Brent said glaring at me.

“What?” Randy asked with an awkward laugh.

“He’s upset because I’m a gay guy that isn’t into fashion and can’t help him pick out clothes.” I answered.

“Oh, so that makes me a better gay guy?” Randy laughed “Cuz I’m pretty sure I’m not better than Zac at actually gay stuff….unless Zac is really bad in bed haha.”

“Yeah yeah, so how’s this look?” Brent asked.

“Oh yeah that’s hot as hell, I’d totally do you now.” I said as serious as I could.

“You wish. Seriously though, this good?” Brent asked.

“Yeah, you look good.” Randy assured him as he tied his shoes and stood up, “Now are we ready to go?”

We went to the party and met up with some people we knew for a little while as Brent and Randy started drinking some. We eventually started to move around and mingle and were chatting with a group of guys that were in the frat that was hosting. As the crowd got more and more drunk we had more and more people come over to us. All the guys in the group of us talking had been checking out drunk chicks throughout.

Brent was clearly attracted to a girl across the party who was with a group of her friends. He kept asking if he should go over there or wait and see if she notices him.

We kept chatting and a few different girls had come over and while some of the guys would make comments and try hitting on them they all came over and talked to me. I didn’t wait long to tell each of them that I was not interested. Drunk girls aren’t as discreet so I could tell when they were hitting on me.

“Dude, what is up with you? Every girl here seems to go straight to you. How do you do it?” One of the guys asked me.

“It’s cuz I’m not interested in them. They see you guys lookin at them all night and get creeped out. They see me and I’m totally ignoring them.” I answered the best reasoning I could think of.

“Damn, I gotta try that but it’ll be hard ignoring all these chicks.”

“Well I’m not ignoring them to get their attention, I’m ignoring them cuz I’m gay and don’t care.” I explained.

“For real, I never woulda guessed. So send some of em our way man.”

We continued talking and a few guys in the group tried their hardest to ignore all the drunk chicks. It was pretty funny how obvious they were, but they were buzzed so they couldn’t help but look dumb. I talked mostly to the guy next to me who had just been dumped by his girlfriend so he wasn’t as awkward as the others. We had something in common having both come out of relationships.

Our group kind of broke apart and moved around everyone mingling. I was still chatting with the same guy, Randy had wandered over to another group and Brent was with another still looking over at the same girl every so often. I had enough. “Hey I’ll be right back, I gotta do something. Save me a seat.” I said to the guy, Reed was his name or Reid, not sure how he spelled it.

I walked over to the group that Brent had been checking out. I introduced myself to the girl. “Hey, how’s it goin?”

“Good, how are you?”

“Good, I’m Zac.”

“I’m Michele, I guess you’re a designated driver too haha.”

“Yeah, not many people here that aren’t pretty drunk already.”

“So what brought you over here?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not trying to hit on you or anything.”

“Haha, oh I know.” She flipped my necklace, “The drunk girls may not be able to read, but I’m sober”

“Haha, yeah well the reason I came over was cuz my friend Brent over there” I pointed “thinks you are really cute and just hasn’t had the courage to come talk to you because he doesn’t know if you’d be interested in a younger guy. He won’t say that, but he’s not normally this shy so it’s clear he’s just worried about a college girl. He’s 17.”
“Ok, yeah, I’ve noticed him looking over here a little. I’m 19 so it’s no big deal. I hope he’s not too drunk?”

“No, he’s been drinking, but not much. I think he’s afraid to drink to much and look like an idiot in front of you.” I assured. “So would it be ok if I sent him over here to talk to you?”

“Yeah, that’d be fine. Oh, and you’re wasting your time with that guy.”


“The guy you’ve been talking to. He’s straight.”

“I know, I’m just hangin out.”

“Ok, well it was nice meeting you.”

I looked at Brent and motioned him to go talk to her. I he tilted his head a bit and I nodded. He then smiled a little and walked over to her. I then went back over to Reid who had been bumped out of where he was sitting.

“You wanna go upstairs? It’s a little less crowded.”

“Sure” I answered.

We went up stairs and into his room. It was small but probably bigger than the campus dorms. We continued to talk about whatever, sports, music, relationships, etc. He was pretty drunk at this point but he wasn’t a dumb drunk. We were just sitting on his bed away from the loud party but could still hear the noise through the wall and floor.

“So, how long til you think you’ll get over that guy” He asked.

“I don’t know. It’s tough. He left a little over a week ago and we broke up three weeks before that so it’s been a month. It still hurts, but I think I’ll be ok eventually.”

“Man that’s rough, I only got dumped a week ago and I feel like shit. I don’t wanna feel like this after a month.”

“It gets better, just gotta try to move on.” I tried comforting him. It made me feel better to help him.

He took a breath and then before I knew it he had moved over and with one hand on the back of my neck he kissed me. He tasted like beer but made up for it with his soft lips and he knew how to use his tongue.

He pulled back and looked away “I’m sorry, I didn’t….I’m sorry”

My eyes were wide open in shock.

“You just made me feel a lot better and it just happened and holy shit, I’m an idiot.” He started mumbling to himself. “I’m straight, I mean I’m not like trying to. Fuck, I’m an idiot.”

“It’s ok man, it’s no big deal. You’re just vulnerable and it happened.” I said trying to collect my own thoughts. “I know you’re straight, you just needed someone to comfort you about your break up and you got caught up. It’s alright, it doesn’t make you gay or anything.”

“Really? I mean I know I’m not gay, but you aren’t mad or anything?”

“No, it’s fine. I mean, I got to kiss a really cute guy haha” I said jokingly trying to break the tension and make light of the situation. “You’re just vulnerable and you are drunk so you had a little lapse in judgment.”

He lifted his head a bit but didn’t look at me. “Um, I’m not like gay, but that made me feel really good.”

When he said that I was curious as to what he was thinking and I was now looking at him not as a guy I just met at a party, but now I started checking him out. He had dark brown hair, buzzed haircut, brown eyes, around six feet tall and average build. He was wearing jeans and a green t-shirt that showed he was not built but not fat, just average size.

He continued talking “I mean, I don’t want you to think that I’m gay and wanna like date or anything but maybe like do something tonight or something if you wanted to.”

I thought about it for a second and figured one night with this guy might not be so bad. No heartbreak, just have some fun and help each other get over our break ups. “So, you saying you want to have sex just tonight and just to move on?”

“Yeah kinda, I mean, I couldn’t really do much cuz I ‘m not gay or nothing. I can kiss but I couldn’t do much else.” He replied.

“Ok, I understand.”

He looked at me and started kissing me again. He held the back of my neck and guided me down to his bed and took off his shirt. He had a hairy chest that led down to his stomach and narrowed as it went down. His chest and nipples had hair all around them with just a line of hair going down across his belly button down his pants. He reached over and turned off the light so I couldn’t see anything anymore. He then went back down to kissing me.

We kissed for a long time before I turned him on his back and undid his jeans. I kissed down his chest stopping at one nipple licking softly then down his stomach. I pulled his pants down as I licked across his stomach and down to his semi hard cock. I could see better now that my eyes had adjusted. He was uncut and I proceeded to put him in my mouth rolling his foreskin around with my tongue and he got hard in a hurry. I slid my tongue under his foreskin swirling around as he began breathing heavy.

He put his hand on my head and began pushing me down on him. He was around six inches and fit mostly in my mouth. He grunted softly as he proceeded pressing my face down on him further and moving his hips slightly fucking my mouth. He tasted amazing but the smell of his sweat was of beer.

He slowed for a moment “Can I fuck you?”

“Yeah” I got excited. I got up as he sat up. I undid my pants and he pulled them off. He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed a condom out.

“Shit” he mumbled. I can’t get it to work.

He was drunk and couldn’t figure out what side to roll it. I grabbed another and put it on him. He turned me on my stomach and lifted my hips up a little. He leaned down and spit in my crack and then used two fingers to rub it in my hole. “Shit you’re smooth” he didn’t take up any more time. He lined his cock up to my ass and pushed inside of me. He didn’t work his way in very well and needed more lube. He seemed to try to move slow at first but he lost his balance and fell on top of my back forcing his cock all the way inside me all at once. I gasped in pain but he didn’t notice.

“Fuck, you’re tight as hell” he began thrusting in and out of me. “Try to keep it quiet, put your face in the pillow” he told me. I buried my face in his pillow as his thrusts made me moan. He got faster and faster and thrust harder and harder. He was too drunk to tell how hard he was pounding me.

He kept going and going forever making my insides raw. He was riding my ass at the same high intensity for what must have been twenty minutes at least. I was in pain to start then pleasure as he got going then I was in pain again from the constant pounding. I still loved the feeling though it hurt so much. I was just glad he wasn’t bigger than six inches or he would really hurt me. I didn’t know how much longer he was going to fuck me but I knew that the feeling was going to force me to cum very soon.

“You gotta slow down or I’m gonna cum” I told him.

“No, go ahead, I’ll wash the sheets later.” He said panting.

He continued fucking me at this pace pounding as hard as he could with every thrust. I couldn’t take it, I lay there face down in his pillow arms spread at my sides over my head, clenched my fists bit the pillow trying to contain my screams as I blasted my load on his sheets. He didn’t slow down, he kept going fucking me, thrusting over and over and over. The alcohol clearly making him last a crazy amount of time. My whole body felt like it was going numb from his thrusts and my orgasm. He went on for ten more minutes pushing me to nearly cum again before he gave three final thrusts that felt like he was trying to push right through me and he grunted as he came inside of the condom and me. The thrusts made me tighten up and cum which only made him continue cumming even harder.

He pulled out of me and collapsed on the bed. I laid there for a minute catching my own breath when I got a text from Brent that he was looking for me and that they were ready to go. I pulled up my pants, “I gotta go, my friends are looking for me.”

“Ok, thanks for talking with me and everything else” he said. He looked like he was ready to pass out. I reached down and pulled the condom off of him and left him in his room.

My shirt was drenched in both of our sweat and some of my cum so I grabbed a random cup of beer and splashed some on my shirt and looked for Brent and Randy.

“Dude, you’re soaked, what happened?” Brent asked. He was still not overly drunk so he must have hit it off with Michele. Randy was totally gone.

“Somebody spilled beer on me” I replied. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah but Randy can’t walk.” Brent said looking at him in a chair.

“Yeah I can you guys” Randy leaned forward in his chair to get up and nearly fell on the floor. I caught him and helped him to his feet.

I put his arm around my shoulder and basically carried him to Brent’s car. Brent couldn’t really help me with Randy since he was drunk to, but he wasn’t that bad so he could walk on his own. We got almost all the way out to the car when Randy puked all over. He was able to avoid puking on me or him for the most part but got a fair amount on us. I got him to the car and leaned him up against the side.

“Well I guess this shirt isn’t salvageable.” I took off my shirt and dropped on the street corner. I did the same with Randy’s shirt but used a dry part of his shirt to wipe off his face. Brent got in the car and I put Randy in next to him “Keep an eye on him and make sure he pukes out the window if he has to.”

We got back to Brent’s house and surprisingly we got inside and down to his room quietly. Brent went into the bathroom to pee. “I got pee too” Randy said.

I brought Randy in the bathroom. “You need help?” I asked.

“No I get it” He answered and stepped up to the toilet. He was standing ok so I thought he’d be ok. Then before I could take one step away he just started peeing. He didn’t undo his jeans or anything. He just stand up to the toilet and let it go. I hurried over and undid his pants helped him pee.

When he was done I got him undressed and tossed his soaked clothes in the corner and got him in the shower. “Stay there for a minute I’ll be right back” Brent had a nice walk in shower that had a bench but I didn’t trust Randy on it so I put him on the floor.

I stepped out to Brent’s room “Randy pissed himself so I gotta get him in the shower. Do you need anything?” I don’t know why I even asked, While I was saying that I saw him trying to get his shoe off but couldn’t figure it out. The alcohol had caught up to him, but he still wasn’t as bad as Randy so that was my priority.

I grabbed a couple towels from the closet and went back into the bathroom. Randy was still sitting in the shower smiling away. “Did you know I’m naked?” he asked.

“Yes Randy you peed your pants” I replied. He just laughed.

I got undressed and turned on the shower. I lifted him up to the bench and let the water run on him. I squirted body wash on him with one hand while I had to keep my other hand on his shoulder to hold him up. “Ok, I’m gonna have to touch you to clean you off, ok?” I don’t even know why I asked because he just smiled like an idiot. I rubbed him down quickly and rinsed him off and got clean myself. I shut off the water and put a towel around my waist. I picked him up and did the same to Randy. At this point he couldn’t even hold himself up to stand. “Screw it” I said as I bent down, put my shoulder to his stomach, put my arm around his legs and picked him up. That didn’t work so I put his arm around my shoulder and held him up by my head and put my other arm under his legs and lifted him that way.

I got him to Brent’s bed and laid him down. Brent was still trying to get his shoe off. I dried off and put on a pair of clean underwear from Brent’s dresser and went down to help Brent get undressed. I got him undressed and on the couch and gave him the TV remote.

I then went back to the dresser and got another pair of underwear for Randy. Brent had turned on Cinemax and at this time of night it was nothing but porn. I would’ve made him change it, but that was the least of my worries. I went over to Randy and dried him off and put the underwear on him. Then I laid him down on Brent’s bed. I sighed in relief that all of that was done.

Right as I was finally able to sit down Brent said “I gotta pee again, but I can’t get up.”

I got back up, helped Brent to his feet and walked him to the bathroom and now I regretted not making him change the channel. He had a hardon from the porn but I hadn’t noticed quite yet. I held him up and he got his boxers down on his own but started peeing on the wall. I quickly held his dick down to the toilet until he was done.

I got him back to the couch and turned the channel. Randy was passed out. I got a couple garbage cans and put one next to each of them in case they had to puke. I didn’t expect either to puke since Brent rarely ever did and Randy had already puked tonight, but I wanted to cover my bases. After all I never expected to have sex with a straight guy, have to give my best friend a shower because he pissed himself, or that I’d have to hold my other best friends hardon to prevent him from peeing on the wall. This whole night was one shock after the other.

I would’ve expected a night that I had had my hands on three cocks would have been more fun. Granted the first was great but the other two were just work and touching friends like that is just not as exciting. I’ll preempt the question that I know many people would ask. Brent hard was probably around 7 inches. First time I had ever gotten a good look, and in this case feel, of one of my friends with an erection. Seen before, yes, but not this much of a look.

I got both of them in bed/couch and all was taken care of so I got in bed and went to sleep.


After that night, I decided to take a break from relationships. I needed to get over Jon and just relax. This way I could stop worrying about sex and dating and just have fun with my friends.

We finished the school year and then went through senior year. I didn’t sleep with anyone or even date for that year and a half. I was actually really happy with it. Sure I missed being in a relationship and masturbation went into overdrive but I didn’t get hurt and I had a lot of fun with my friends and actually enjoyed my senior year.

Well, actually, during my senior year I joined a few dating/chat sites just to meet people and ended up talking to a few cool guys and avoiding many many others. Chatting was fun though I didn’t do the cam and picture exchange that so many guys wanted. I just wanted to meet people and talk for fun. It was nice because online you can be whatever you want to be. I didn’t lie to people about myself, but if the question came up about ‘size’ I could always say, “oh I’m 7 inches” and they’d never know that I’m more like 5 rounding up slightly from 4.5ish. I never looked to meet anyone or get into a relationship because I thought it would be better to wait until college so I wouldn’t start something and then leave when I go to school.

Brent ended up really clicking with Michele and decided to go to the near by college to be closer to her. Chris and Kristin didn’t work out and he went to school with Brent and roomed together in the dorms there. Randy and I went to another school out of state but close by (no specifics). The interesting thing with us going to school together was that we applied to room together in the dorms, but when we got there they had a problem. I don’t lie about my sexuality so I answered the forms honestly. The forms asked questions about personality and sexuality and comfort with other peoples personalities and sexualities. They were concerned that it may be a problem for Randy to room with a gay guy. So we had to fill out a ton more paper work that relieves the school of any liability. Basically, Randy was no longer allowed to sue them form making him uncomfortable by making him room with a gay guy. First we laughed at the situation but the paperwork was a pain in the ass.

Anyway, we got to room together in the dorms. They were set up so that lower and upperclassman were together. The building was coed but roommates were not. So we were on the same floor as guys, girls, freshman, seniors, grad students, etc. Each floor had a living area with huge TV and stereo system and also had a big kitchen for everyone to use.

Each room was pretty much the same. Ours was an ok size with two beds sort of in the shape of an L so that Randy’s was against the far wall and mine was on the left size of the room against the wall. It opened space that way so that there was a desk inserted between the two beds so that my desk was right next to my head when I slept and at the top of his bed. His desk was next to his bed and the bathroom. We had our own bathroom to share rather than a bathroom for the floor. We also got a pretty big closet with two dressers. The room was nice and all of them were mostly the same except upperclassman got rooms and a bathroom to themselves so it was nicer. Same size for them but they didn’t have to share.

The policies for the building were pretty lax considering it being coed. Girls could wear whatever they wanted on the floors as long as they had something on in addition to bra and panties so most girls when they were in the kitchen or living area just wore shorts and skimpy shirts or pajamas. Guys had less restrictive rules and had to have something on in addition to underwear so guys could just wear shorts and no shirt. Depending on who was in the kitchen or living area most guys would at least put on a tank or sleeveless shirt, but nobody really cared so shirtless was pretty common.

They put people on each floor based on the personality paperwork so all the people on our floor had no problem with homosexuality and had similar interests and personalities. It was cool because after just a couple months in school we had tournaments on various video games involving guys and girls and also had little parties and ate together quiet a bit. There were around 30-34 people per floor and if we ate together we usually ate in groups of 5-10. There were around 18 girls to 12 guys on our floor. I always wore at least shorts and a tank around our floor while three other guys did the same, the rest of the guys would either sometimes or usually go shirtless. I did not mind one little bit; the girls never complained either.

We all knew each other on the floor but it seemed like it was broken into two groups that got to be closer friends and hung out a lot. As a whole group we didn’t hang out as much and didn’t know each other really closely. All the girls on the floor were straight and the same goes for the guys except me…at first

Now that I was in college, I was ready to date again and though I wasn’t pursuing a relationship aggressively, I was open to one. Randy and I had gone to a few parties and I had met a few guys, but none were my type. I didn’t mind; I was still having fun.

I had one class Tuesday mornings with two athletes one basketball and one wrestling who would go to this class right after morning workouts. I had a very hard time paying attention Tuesdays. One of them wore a cut off t-shirt that was totally open from his arms to his hips making his sweaty chest and stomach totally visible from the side. The other sat just in front of me and had very strong shoulders and well built arms. He had medium length light brown hair and it was always wet from sweating during workout. So every Tuesday I could see a sweaty wrestler’s chest and abs a few rows up and to the right while I could see and smell another guy’s strong back with sweat dripping down his hair and neck. I was always the last one to leave the room, as I needed to conceal my erection each day.

One day in early November, I was sitting in the living area watching TV. The building was pretty empty because there was a campus event on the library lawn and I had already checked it out the day before. So, I was relaxing when Shawn, one of the guys on my floor, came over to me.

Shawn had blond hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. He had short hair and a little scruff facial hair when he skipped a few days shaving. He was in a wheelchair but would be about six feet tall standing. He could walk a little bit, but he needed to lean on countertops or whatever was around to keep balance. He was a freshman too, but had his own room instead of a roommate. He was a cool guy and always joked about his wheelchair. He was totally comfortable with answering questions about his disability. At this point everyone on the floor didn’t care about the wheelchair and he was just another guy on our floor. He didn’t get any sympathy from us and no one ever asked if he needed help with anything because most of the time he’d get whatever done before you could even think to ask if he needed help.

“What’s up Shawn?” I asked.

“Nothin much.” He said. “What you watchin?”

“Nothing really, just flipping through trying to find something decent.” I replied.

Shawn rolled up to me with his elbows leaning on his knees turned half way between the TV and me. “You got plans tonight?”

“No, how bout you” I said casually still looking for something on TV.

“Me neither,” He paused a couple seconds, “you wanna go out to eat?”

“Sure, who all’s goin?” I replied as I landed on Comedy Central playing an episode of The Daily Show.

“Oh, no one, I was just wondering if you wanted to go with me” His voice dropped slightly to an awkward, nervous tone.

I turned the TV down and looked at him giving him my full attention now. “Wait, do you mean like” I paused “like a date?”

Shawn had his arms folded in his lap while he was leaning over still facing half way between the TV and me. His was blushing slightly and he quickly replied, “Yeah, I mean if you don’t want to that’s cool. You don’t have to-”

“No, I’ll go out with you” I interrupted. He looked up at me with a relieved look, “I just had no idea that you’re gay.”

“Yeah, well I wouldn’t know that you’re gay either if you didn’t wear that necklace.” He said finally making eye contact still blushing slightly.

“That’s true” I paused looking at him clearly still a little on edge over asking me out “You know, you’re really cute when you’re embarrassed haha”

He smiled and turned bright red as he laughed and covered his face with his hands.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you even more, but I’ve never seen you blush like that and it’s cute” I laughed as he put his hands down and smiled. “So where are we going to tonight?”

“I don’t know, Applebee’s or something. I didn’t really think much farther than asking you.” He laughed.

“Haha, ok, that sounds good.” I laughed. “So, what time do you wanna go, or did you also not plan that?”

“Leave here around seven?” He replied.

“Sounds good to me.” I agreed.

“Cool” he smiled “I can drive us, you wanna meet out here at seven then?” He asked as he sat up ready to go back to his room.

“Yeah, just one more thing” I said before he could roll away. “Are you out at all or do you want this to be secret or what?”

“Oh, it’s cool, I don’t care who knows.” He replied.

“Ok, see you tonight.” I smiled as he went back to his room.

Once he left I texted Randy “I have a date tonight!” and went to our room and got in the shower.

When I got out of the shower Randy had gotten back, “Who? What? Where? When? Why?”

“Can you at least let me get dressed? And what kinda questioning is that” I laughed.

“Well, you can’t just text me you have a date and nothing else. So who is it?” He interrogated as I dried off and got dressed.


“For real? He’s gay?”

“Yeah” I said smiling.

“When did this happen?”

“Well I don’t know the exact date, but I’m pretty sure he’s been gay for a while”

“Shut up, you know what I mean”

“He asked me right before I texted you”


“I was watching TV and he just came up to me and asked. I felt bad because I didn’t know he was asking me out at first. I thought he was asking me to join a group or something”

“Wow, so where are you going? When?”

“He’s taking me to Applebee’s at seven.”

“Awesome, so is he in the closet or something?”

“No, he said he doesn’t care if people know, he just doesn’t advertise it. I mean I’m the same way other than the necklace.”

“Ok, so it’s ok if I start telling everyone here while you guys are gone?” He asked with a sly grin.

“You should ask him that before you go spreading it around. Plus we don’t know yet if it’s going to be more than one date.” I answered.

“Ok, do you like him?” He continued.

“He’s cute and we’ve gotten along so far. I just don’t wanna get my hopes up. I don’t know that much about him or what kind of boyfriend he is so let’s just wait at least one date before you make me answer all this stuff.”

“You’re boring, I’m gonna text him” He laughed and sat on his bed.

“What the hell, what are you texting him?” I laughed rolling my eyes.

“I wanna know if I can tell people”

“You are such a gossipy chick”

“Whatever” he paused for a few seconds waiting for a reply. “Sweet, I can!”

Seven rolled around and we went to the restaurant. He drove a truck so he could easily lift his chair in and I just sat back and watched him take care of it knowing that I would’ve just messed it up. When we got to the restaurant we ordered and got to chatting.

“So, you do realize that when we get home, Randy will have told everyone.” I said.

“Yeah, I was a little surprised at how quickly he asked me if he could.” He laughed.

“So, since you don’t tell people, does anyone know?” I asked.

“Yeah, I came out to my friends in high school and my parents, but just don’t think much of it now and I guess I just did bother telling anyone here. I guess they’ll all know shortly.” He smiled.

I was looking at him in a totally new light now. He had a very strong upper body with thick arms, strong chest, and strong broad shoulders. His smile was absolutely adorable and I wouldn’t stop looking at his amazingly blue eyes.

We continued talking as we ate dinner. I told him about me and told him about the situation with Jon and when I came out and everything I could think of to say and answered all his questions. “Ok, so now you tell me about yourself. Hobbies? Interests? Old boyfriends?” I prodded.

“Ok, well you know a lot already but I like video games, sports, I play some sports, I am kind of a movie buff and have a bunch of DVDs and love going to the movie theater.” I nodded as he continued “And, well, this is a little awkward. I have talked to a couple guys and sort of dated but not really.”

“Ok.” I paused “You don’t have to say if you don’t want to, but what do you mean sort of dated? What did you do with him? You don’t have to say.”

“Um, I went out with a guy but never really were boyfriends and never even kissed a guy before.” He was blushing again.

“That’s cool.” I paused and smiled “You really are adorable when you are embarrassed.” He laughed.

We paid the check and went back out to his truck. “So was this sort of a date or a real date?” I asked jokingly.

“This was real.” He smiled.

“Ok, good I just wanted to make sure.” I laughed.

Shawn smiled and asked, “So would you like to go out again sometime?”
“I’d like that” I answered.

“Then does that mean you’d wanna be my boyfriend?” He started to blush again.

“Are you asking me to be your boyfriend?”

“Yeah” He said softly looking down.

I put my hand on his shoulder and he looked me in the eyes. “I’d really like that.” I leaned in and kissed him. He smiled.

“So that’s two firsts for you, first boyfriend and first kiss.” I smiled “You ready for your first time facing a mob of friends set to embarrass you and your new boyfriend?”

“Is it really gonna be that bad?” He asked.

“Well, they all know about it by now. Randy probably told everyone two minutes after we left. There will probably be a fair number of people waiting for us to get home. They’ll have some comments and questions, but if we’re lucky it’ll only last a few minutes.” I replied.

We got back to our building took a deep breath and went into our floor living area. There were only five people there watching TV: Randy, Melissa, Dana, Lauren, and Jeff. They all turned their heads and smiled at us.

“So, how was your date?” Randy asked.

“It was good” I answered as Shawn got out of his chair and sat on the nearest couch. “So how long did it take you to tell everyone we know?” I asked as I sat down next to Shawn.

“Bout five minutes to tell everyone on our floor and the rest took another ten or so.” He answered with a proud smile.

“You guys just gonna stare at them all night? I mean come on, Shawn is blushing so bad it looks like his head is about to explode.” Jeff said. Shawn covered his face.

“I think it’s cute.” Melissa said.

“Told you.” I said to Shawn. He dropped his hands with a smile.

“Ok, let’s leave them alone and watch the movie.” Lauren said.

We all started watching Tommy Boy. We sat next to each other on the couch with our legs up on the ottoman. Shawn got the courage to put his arm around me and I sank and leaned into his chest.

“Oh my god, that is so cute” Melissa commented. I held Shawn’s hand to keep him from hiding his face again. I was determined to get him to relax and just deal with the comments because they were going to keep coming. His hands were strong and rough from the wheelchair but somehow soft.

When the movie was over the group dispersed and it was just Shawn, Randy and me still in the living area. “Well, I’ll leave you two alone. See ya later”

I just stayed sitting on the couch relaxing in Shawn’s arms “You wanna go to my room and watch a movie?” He asked.

“Yeah” I replied sitting up. He got into his chair and we went to his room. It was the same layout as Randy and my room but he had a double bed and fit a TV in with the extra room from not having a roommate.

Shawn put in Remember the Titans and we got onto his bed. He took off his shoes and lay down and I did the same. I lay down next to him and rested my head on his chest as he held me close. We watched the movie for a little while holding each other when I turned a little and moved up to his lips and kissed him softly as he kissed me back. He pulled me closer and held me as we kissed deeper. My head was flying. He was a great kisser, not too aggressive and not too timid, he moved his tongue with mine gently and passionately. I sucked on his lower lip and he rolled over on top of me and continued kissing me holding himself up by his elbows. We kept kissing until the movie was nearly over and he just held me in his strong arms with my head on his chest and arm around his stomach.

He held me like that until the end of the movie “I should go back to my room.”

“Ok” We sat up and I picked my shoes up off the floor. I leaned in for a kiss goodnight and as I began to pull away he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me in for another deep kiss then sent my head spinning once more “Goodnight Zac” He said with a smile.

My jaw had dropped and with a dumb smile I said “Goodnight Shawn” I stood up and walked to the door, looked at him with a big smile and closed the door behind me. I walked down the hall and into my room where I closed the door and collapsed onto my bed.

The lights were out but Randy wasn’t sleeping. “You got back late” He teased. I just lay on my bed with a huge smile. “Well, what happened?”

“We went to his room and watched a movie. We made out for like an hour. I’ve never been kissed like that before. It was amazing, I got light headed almost and just melted. Then, he just, held me.” I explained.

“Wow, did you do anything else?” He questioned.

“No, we just kissed and he held me. That was it and my head is still spinning. I haven’t even felt like this after sex or during sex. It was perfect. He just kissed me and held me and my head is still spinning.”

“Yeah, you said that.” He paused “Wow, that sounds intense.”

I got undressed and got into bed.

“Just do me a favor and jack off quietly. I don’t wanna hear that” He laughed.

“I’m not jacking off” I said calmly back to him.

“For real? After all that you’re just gonna go to sleep?” He asked with a confused voice.

“Yeah” I said calmly.

Randy got up turned on the light and kneeled next to me. “Are you ok? You’re just spaced with that stupid smile. What’s up with Shawn? You didn’t look like this after your first night with Jon and you had sex with him. What’s your deal?”

“I’m fine” I said looking up at the ceiling with a huge smile. I looked down at Randy “I’m great, I don’t know why or how but the way I feel from Shawn kissing and just holding me makes me feel amazing. I can’t explain it.”

“Ok,” he said with a laugh and turned the light back out, “goodnight Zac.” He got back in bed and we went to sleep.


A few weeks went by and Shawn and I were going out every weekend to a movie or bowling or dinner. We didn’t go out during the week because we wanted to make sure we kept up with classes and I didn’t go to his room to hangout and watch movies during the week either. Friday and/or Saturday we went out on dates or went out with friends and I’d go to his room after to be alone and watch movies, talk and make out.

Winter break had come and I went home with Randy. Every day I talked to Shawn on the phone. I had never talked this much before and gotten to know a guy so well. We told each other our life stories, our interests, fears, family histories, stories from childhood, etc. He told me how he had a hard time coming out to his family and the depression he went through when he was younger dealing with having a disability and being gay and how so many people treated him badly over both. I told him how I came out and about my past relationships. We both got emotional with our stories and we just felt really comfortable talking to each other about everything.

By the end of winter break I really missed him and couldn’t wait to get back to school. We came back right after Christmas so we could spend new years on campus. So we still had another week and a half on break together before school started again. When we got back to our apartment I went straight to his room. He was on his way out to greet me. I dropped to a knee and gave him a huge hug “I missed you so much”

“I missed you too” he laughed, “can you let me go for a second, I can’t move.”

We went to the living area and lay down on the couch. Shawn put his legs up on the ottoman and sat at an angle so I could lay across the rest of the couch and rest my head on his stomach as he held me. We were just laying together for about an hour watching TV when a few people joined us and we all chatted for a little while before the conversation got awkward.

“So have you guys slept together yet?” Dana asked.

“No” Shawn chuckled.

“Really? You’ve been going out for like two months now and you’re always going into Shawn’s room.” She continued.

“No, we just hangout and talk when we go to my room, but we’ve never had sex.” He said. I could hear his heart beating faster as he was getting uncomfortable.

“I’ve never even spent the night with him. I always go back to my room.” I added.

“I can vouch for that. He always comes home every night and I’d be the first to know if he slept with Shawn.” Randy chimed in, “I’m a little surprised though. He’s never been in a relationship this long without sleeping with the guy.”

“Wow, thanks Randy, you make me sound like a man whore. We just haven’t slept together yet, we will when the time is right. So what if it’s been a couple months.” I told them.

Dana hesitantly asked one more question, “Well, Shawn, can you have sex, like does it wor-“

“Ok, that’s enough of this conversation. You guys are getting a little too involved in our relationship.” I interrupted.

“Ok, yeah let’s settle down. She didn’t mean anything. That’s a little too much and Dana knows that, right?” Jeff tried to calm the situation.

“Yeah, I’m sorry you guys. I didn’t think.” Dana said sheepishly.

Shawn held me rubbing my chest a little, “Calm down Zac, it’s no big deal. Let’s just watch some TV.”

The mood leveled and we watched TV for a while before the group cleared a little. Some people left and others came in. Shawn and I excused ourselves to his room and put in a movie. I laid down next to him as he held me and watched the movie for a little while before Shawn interrupted, “Do you wanna sleep here tonight?”

I sat up and looked at him.

“I’m not saying we have sex tonight or anything like that, I’m just saying you could sleep here tonight instead of going back to your room.” He added when he saw my blank stare.

“Is this cuz of what they said out there?” I asked.

“No,” he paused, “well not completely. I guess they just brought up a good point. We have been seeing each other for two months. I’m not saying they are gonna control when we have sex or anything like that, but it made me think that I’d really like you to stay the night. We can figure everything else out later. I’m just asking you to sleep here tonight.”

“I’d love to” I smiled and leaned in, kissed him, and laid back on his chest and finished watching the movie.

When the movie was over Shawn got up into his chair and put another movie on and I texted Randy that I was going to stay there and he shouldn’t worry that I wasn’t going home tonight. I also added that I wasn’t having sex but just spending the night and not to go out and tell everyone.

“You wanna go ahead and get under the covers? I’m gonna put on some sweatpants to sleep in. Do you need some?” Shawn asked.

“No, I can just sleep in these shorts.” I said as I sat up and pulled the blankets down and got into bed.

Shawn went into the bathroom to change. I took off my socks and threw them on top of my shoes. Shawn came out a couple minutes later and turned off the lights again, pushed play on the movie, and rolled over to the edge of the bed. He stopped before getting out of his chair into bed, “I hope you don’t mind, but I can’t sleep with a shirt on.” He proceeded to lift his shirt off. I hadn’t seen him without a shirt yet. I had always seen through his shirt and felt that he had a strong chest but now I could fully see. He was smooth with a little bit of light blond hair starting under his belly button. He had strong pecs that weren’t overly ripped, strong amazing body, he had strong abs but not very visible abs. For reference, his body was built like Tim Tebow is now, very strong stomach and chest without much definition and very strong thick arms and shoulders.

He lifted his shirt all the way off as I looked at his body by the light from the TV screen, “Damn, you are so gorgeous” I said stunned and proceeded to take my shirt off.

Shawn laughed and got into bed with me lifted his legs under the blankets and pulled me closer to him. I put my arm around him and rested my head on his bare chest. He was soft and warm and I could have fallen asleep right then but kept my eyes open watching the movie. When the movie was over he turned it off and we just lay there together. I ran my hands around his body feeling his chest and stomach as my head was now resting on his bicep. I was looking down at my hand grazing his stomach as he looked at me, “You having fun?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I looked up at him with a smile.

He laughed and rolled over on me, kissing me as I moved my hands along his back. He held himself up over me as he kissed me deeply. I moved my hand up his back holding his flexed shoulder and arm. I moved my hand along his arm and back up to his shoulder. I pushed him back down and moved on top of him still kissing before I relaxed on top of him and put my head on his chest and closed my eyes with a sigh.

Shawn pulled the blankets up over us and wrapped his arms around me, “Good night baby,” he whispered.

“Good night” I whispered back and fell asleep in his arms.


Another month went by and now on weekends I spent the night with Shawn, but we continued to keep up with classes during the week and only hangout for lunch and in the living area when we didn’t have work to do. It was February and we had been seeing each other for three months and I was happier than I had ever been in my life.

Thursday night I walked into my room and Randy was already in bed but not sleeping. “Hey, how’s it going?” I asked.

“I’m good,” he said quietly. I got undressed and turned off the light. “Zac…” he said.


“How are things going with Shawn and you?” he asked.

“Great, why?”

“I was just wondering, and um, I don’t wanna make you mad cuz I know how you felt when Dana asked that one day, but can Shawn actually have sex?” He asked with a worried voice.

“Of course he can” I said sitting up in my bed. “I mean, I don’t see why he couldn’t.”

“Well, I just thought about it and you guys haven’t had sex yet and maybe that’s cuz he can’t really do much. You know?” He continued with his worried voice.

“Relax Randy, I’m not gonna get mad at you for talking to me about this, I was only mad when Dana said it in front of everyone. You’re my best friend, I tell you everything, so relax.” I assured him while I avoided his comment.

“Ok,” he said with a sigh of relief and walked over to my bed and sat next to me, “so do you think he might not be able to?”

“I don’t know, I mean, we haven’t done anything down there yet and I never really thought about it. It’s not like I just grab his crotch. I don’t think there’s a problem there but I don’t know for sure. I’ve never asked.”

“Well, just hypothetically, what if he can’t do it?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked. Now I had thoughts and emotions running all through my head. I hadn’t thought about this at all before, I just assumed everything was fine.

“Well, if he can’t have sex then would you have to end it with him?” he asked and began to talk quickly, “I’m not trying to upset you I just don’t want you to get too invested and then get hurt.”

There was a long pause as I calmly realized what my answer was, “No, I couldn’t leave him” I paused, “I don’t care if he can have sex or not” I looked up at Randy as my eyes began to water, “I love him” I said choking up.

Randy smiled, “That’s great man.” Randy gave me a hug as a tear ran down my face. I smiled and wiped my tears. Randy let me go and with a smile and tear filled eyes he got up and went back to his bed.

I laid back in bed with a smile. I was in love. I loved Shawn. I had been in relationships before where I got very emotionally invested, like with Jon, but had never been in love before.


The next day I couldn’t stop smiling and that night in Shawn’s room I had to tell him. We were in the middle of the first movie, I looked up at him with a smile, “I love you.”

He looked at me and smiled, “I love you, too” he said softly and kissed me gently. He lifted his hand to my face and wiped my eyes, “Why are you crying?”

“You have no idea how amazing you make me feel. I love you so much and to hear you say you love me too-“

“Zac,” he said with a smile “of course I love you, I’ve just been afraid to tell you. What brought this on?” he asked wiping more tears from my eyes.

“I was talking to Randy last night and he asked me about you and what Dana said about you being able to have sex.” I was talking fairly fast rushing through the story trying not to offend Shawn, “He didn’t want me to get hurt and asked me if I could stay with you if you couldn’t. I never thought about it and I realized I don’t care. I don’t know and I don’t care. I love you so much, that it doesn’t matter.” I paused waiting for a response.

Shawn smiled, “Baby, I can have sex” he said nodding slightly with a tone of voice that made me feel stupid for ever thinking otherwise.

I closed my eyes tight and turned my head away slightly. I opened my eyes looking at the ceiling, “Well I feel like an idiot.”

Shawn laughed, “Don’t, you just made me feel so great that you feel that way” He paused for me to look at him, “I love you”

I smiled and felt a wave of relief fall over me. I was so worried he was offended that I ever thought that. “I love you, too.”

He wiped away my last tears and I laid my head down on his shoulder. “Since we are on the subject, we have been together for a long time” he stopped.

I looked back up at him, “Are you saying you want to have sex?” I asked.

“Well, we have been together for three months and love each other very much. So, I think we should consider having sex.” He paused for a second, “and not just because I want to, but because I can” he laughed.

I shook my head and smiled at his smart-ass comment, “If you are ready then so am I. I don’t want to rush you into anything.”

“Zac, we’ve been seeing each other for three months, we’ve been sleeping together every weekend for the past month, and I’m madly in love with you. If that’s not ready, then I don’t know what is.”

“Ok” I said as I kissed his neck.

“Oh, wait” he paused and I stopped kissing, “do we need a condom?”

“Well, you know my history. I’ve always used one in the past to be safe and got checked regularly. I was tested two years ago and haven’t been with anyone since. And I know that you’ve never been with anyone before, so it’s up to you. If it would make you more comfortable then we should, I trust you” I explained. The mood was diminished by that explanation but it needed to be discussed.

“Ok, I’m good then.” He said with a nod.

I began kissing his neck again. I stopped for a moment to toss the blankets aside and straddled his waist kissing him deeply. I could tell he was nervous because he just laid there with his hands firmly on my waist.

I whispered “Relax Shawn, do whatever feels right and don’t worry about doing something wrong. As long as it feels good to you, then it’s right.”

He nodded his head in agreement and I continued kissing him. He started moving his hands around my back slowly. I sucked on his lower lip as he worked his hands underneath my shorts and underwear. He moved his hands around my ass and I put one hand on the waistband to pull them off. He got the hint and slid my underwear down. I had to stop kissing him to focus on kicking my shorts off and returned to his lower lip. His hands went right back to my butt as I moved to his neck. He ran two fingers along my smooth crack. I began sucking gently between his neck and shoulder while he moved his middle finger down my ass and around my hole. He felt his way to my hole and pushed gently against it. He pressed against it and relaxed a couple times before poking his finger just inside making me stop sucking his neck and breathe heavily.

He recognized this and pushed his finger inside just a little bit and back out. He kept poking in and out of my hole over and over as I softly kissed his neck moaning softly. I couldn’t wait any longer and slid my body down slightly so my ass was now out of his reach. He now moved his hands up feeling around my back as I kissed his chest. I moved to his left nipple and licked around it before kissing and sucking it gently. He was breathing heavier and I moved to his right nipple. I moved my tongue around his nipple again but this time when I touched it with my tongue he exhaled heavy with a soft grunt. I proceeded to suck his right nipple gently and he began to squirm slowly. I continued to work his nipple as I moved my hands to his waist and pushed his pants down. He took his right hand and pulled them down as far as he could while he kept his left hand on my back.

I kissed down the middle of his chest down to his stomach, licking slightly. I slid my body down further and sat up. I looked down at his fully hard penis and was in shock. His length was probably between 6 and 7 inches but he was insanely thick. I moved my hands to his pants at his knees and pulled them off of him and tossed them on his nightstand. His legs had some hair a lot like mine. There was hardly any up by his thighs. He had short blond pubic hair around his thick cut cock. I held him in my hand as I returned to his stomach, his hands on my back. I kissed his stomach and slid my tongue in his naval and then kissed down the little strip of hair.

I lifted up looking at his cock again. He already had precum all over the tip and had dripped down his shaft slightly. I licked his precum up to the tip of his penis and moved it into my mouth. I couldn’t put much inside my mouth because he was so thick. When I put him in my mouth his hands left my back and went over his head. He was panting as I began moving my tongue around his fat cock.

It wasn’t more than a minute after I put him in my mouth when he grunted and body tightened. He began unloading in my mouth. I didn’t have much room in my mouth and tried swallowing but cum still dripped out of my mouth down his shaft. He shot over and over five good blasts then oozed out two more shots worth of cum. I swallowed all I could before licking the rest off of his shaft. I never got more than three inches in my mouth maybe just two inches. He was just too thick to get into my mouth.

He panted for a minute, “Sorry I came so quick, I just never felt that before.”

“It’s ok” I smiled moving back up him and kissing him. My tongue softly against his as he gets a taste of his own cum. I began sucking on his lower lip again when he rolled me over and got on top. He kissed me for a moment and then moved to do almost the same thing that I did to him only faster. He kissed my neck and then down my chest. He licked my nipples and down my stomach. He was going a little too fast since it was his first time, but he knew how to work his tongue. He rolled his tongue around my abs and naval and didn’t waste time putting my cock in his mouth. I’m pretty thick but nothing compared to him and he was almost able to get my entire penis in his mouth. He was inexperienced, but like I said, he knew how to use his tongue. He rolled his tongue around my shaft and tip making me moan softly.

He went at my cock for a little over five minutes before I started to cum in his mouth. He felt me start to cum and he forced his whole head down on me. His face was in my trimmed pubic hair and my cock was at the back of his throat shooting down it. He pulled back and sucked the last few drops up. He climbed back up to me and kissed me. His penis hard again and pressing against my leg.
“You gotta go slow.” I whispered as I turned away from him on my side. He put his arm around me and pushed his cock against my crack. I reached back and guided him to my hole and he pressed against it. He was wet with precum again. He pushed slightly against me like he had done earlier with his finger. I backed into him a little but it wasn’t working. I lifted my right leg and laid it on his legs as he pushed against my hole again. I panted as the tip of his cock was almost inside of me. He pushed again and I whimpered in pain breathing heavy “ahh ahh” and he pulled out of me and I relaxed with a sigh.

“I don’t wanna hurt you” He said softly.

“It’s just been a long time and you are a lot thicker than I’ve ever had” I explained.

“I can’t do it if it hurts you this much. We can try another time.” He said turning me around facing him again.

“Ok, we can try another night.” I said with a smile looking in his beautiful blue eyes.

He kissed me, “I love you.”

I smiled, “I love you too.”

I grabbed the blankets and pulled them up over us. I turned on my side again and he did the same. He wrapped me in his arms holding me tightly against his warm body. Our legs were tangled together, my back pressed against his chest, my butt against his stomach and now softening penis, his left arm straight in front of me for my head to rest on his left bicep, his right arm holding me firmly against him, and his head just above mine as he kisses the top of my head and whispers “Good night.”


We continued to see each other primarily on the weekends all the way through March. I only spent the night with him on weekends but now we spent a little more time together during the week. Classes were going well for both of us so we were comfortable being together more often. I loved the change and I’m pretty sure Shawn did too. We were two months from the end of the semester and would move out of the dorms until the fall.

A few people gathered in the living area to watch the notebook. I was lying on the couch with Shawn and Randy sat on the other side. A lot of people came in and watched some with us but only a few stayed for the whole thing. Jeff and Melissa rented the movie and Dana stayed for the whole thing. I’ll say again that I’m very masculine and people can’t tell that I’m gay, but as you’ve probably figured out, I get emotional easy. I teared up at several points in the movie and Shawn wiped my eyes. He was sensitive but didn’t cry during movies (I’m determined to get him to cry during one though).

“You really crying?” Jeff asked looking at Melissa who was laying on the floor watching.

“This movie always makes me cry. It’s sad.” Melissa sniffled.

“Yeah it’s sad, but it’s just a movie” he laughed, “don’t be such a girl.”

“Umm, she is a girl. Besides, Zac’s crying too,” Dana added as she wiped her eye.

“He’s gay though, no offense.” Jeff replied.

“So is Shawn but he’s not crying, some people just cry at movies.” Randy chimed in.

“So you’ve never cried during a movie?” I asked.

“One, but I was a kid.” Jeff answered.

“Which one?” Shawn laughed interested in what ‘tough guy’ Jeff cried over.

“It was nothing, I don’t remember” Jeff said quietly.

“Nope, you can’t back out now. What was it?” Melissa demanded.

“When Bambi’s mom died.” He mumbled.

Shawn, Randy, and I laughed while Melissa and Dana smiled and said “awwww”

“I was like 4 years old, it’s not like I cry at movies now.” Jeff pouted a little and looked back at the TV.

“Now I gotta find a movie for both you and Shawn that’ll make you cry.” I said. “He’s never cried at a movie, either.”

“Nope, not even at Bambi” Shawn laughed. “Course, Zac cries at movies all the time. He cried during Radio. He even cried during Rudy, and that’s a happy movie.”

“Ok, Radio’s mom died and I cried and Rudy made me cry because he couldn’t get into Notre Dame and then he finally did and then his dad was really happy and then he got in the game. I didn’t cry cuz it was all sad, I cried cuz it was emotional.” I explained. “Can we just finish with this movie?”

“Alright baby, let’s just finish the movie.” Shawn pulled me up a little and held me tight as we finished the movie.

The movie ended and I again had tears in my eyes. Everyone chatted for a little while and Shawn and I went to his room.

“Can I ask you something?” I was laying on his bed and he was in his chair looking at me.

“Of course.” I replied as I sat up a little on his bed.

“Well, you know that we have to move out of here for the summer”

I nodded.

“…and we have to move out until the fall. Well I was thinking about where to live and I found a really nice apartment just off campus.” He said.

“Great so you need help moving in or something?” I asked.

“No” Shawn was holding my hand. “actually I was wondering if you would move in with me?”

“Yes!” I jumped up, Shawn laughed as I gave him a huge hug. “You’re serious right? You want to live together?”

“Yes, I love you and I’ve thought a lot about this. The apartment is great and I want you to come live with me.” Shawn laughed and assured me. “One more thing.”


“You’re actually the second person I asked about this.” He continued, “First I asked Randy to see if he thought you’d be interested and asked him if he wanted to live with us in the second room.”

“Really? That’s great, how big is this place?”

“It’s a two bed two bath with kitchen, living room and laundry. The only catch is that we have to move in right after we leave here instead of the beginning of next semester.”

“We’ll figure it out, just shut up and kiss me,” I demanded. Shawn got out of his chair, moved on top of me and met my request.

He kissed me passionately as I moved my hands under his shirt and lifted it over his head. He continued kissing me as he slid my shirt off and reached down to undo my jeans. He pulled them mostly down as he kissed my neck.

Running his tongue down my chest he pushed my legs apart and slid a finger inside me. I began to moan softly as he now had two fingers fucking me while he licked my naval and played with my nipple with his other hand. As I squirmed in pleasure he started sucking my cock. He had gotten very good at this by now and got my entire penis in his mouth. I continued rolling around moving my hips both into his face and into his fingers. He began thrusting his hand fingering me like crazy, my moans getting louder. I had to put a pillow over my face to keep quite.

We had tried several more times fucking me but it was always too painful due to his thickness. He told me he didn’t mind at all because he enjoyed playing with me and I had gotten very good at taking him in my mouth so he said he didn’t need want me to try anal anymore. I was happy to hear that it wasn’t a problem that I couldn’t handle his size but I did miss out on taking it which is something I really enjoy. That’s why he continues to finger me.

I momentarily made him stop and made him turn his body around so his waist was now at the head of the bed and he returned to sucking me and put his fingers back inside of me while I pulled off his pants. I was holding back my moans as much as I could and now I gagged them with Shawn’s penis. Now I was moaning into his cock sucking him ferociously in rhythm with his fingers.

He lasted a lot longer since the first time but anytime I wanted him to cum, I just had to play with his right nipple. I reached down as I swallowed his cock and started to rub his nipples gently. I could feel his body shake and I moved his cock out slightly and sucked harder as I fondled his nipple. He squirmed and uncontrollably shot cum in my mouth. He tightened his body slamming his fingers as deep inside of me as he could and grunted on my cock as his cum dripped out the corner of my mouth. I love that he cums so much. I ate all I could and licked my lips as he proceeded sucking me and the taste of his cum and the thrusts of his hand made me lose control and I started to cum as he swallowed my cock and every drop of cum with it.

We took a shower together and then went back to bed. I snuggled next to him with his arm around me. I rubbed my hand up and down his stomach and chest and played with his nipple making him moan softly. I loved the sound so I continued moving my finger around and across his nipple as he squirmed a little and moaned. He was getting hard again and I got up and straddled his waste. I lowered my head to his chest and just tickled his nipple with my tongue and he moaned louder.

“Stop baby, you’re gonna make me cum again” he whispered as his body squirmed.

I held his body steady as I continued tonguing his nipple. He started to jack himself off with one hand but then I pinned his arms down and returned to licking his nipple. He moaned and squirmed for a few more minutes before he blew his load all over his chest. The first shot hit himself in the chin under his neck and the rest made a line down his body. He grunted and sighed in relief as I sat up with a smile.

“You happy? Now I need another shower.” He said with a half smile that he couldn’t hold back.

“Yup, very happy” My face beamed in satisfaction. “I’ll clean you up” I proceed to clean him off licking up all of his cum.

“You know it’s really not fair that you just pin me down like that when I can’t do that to you” He said with a chuckle as I licked his chest.

“Not my fault you have terrible balance.” I finished licking him clean.

“Yeah well I’m still way stronger than you” He laughed.

“Oh really”


“Then how come you couldn’t get away?” I provoked.

“Cuz I let you pin me.”

I laughed, “Oh, then how come you just said it’s not fair that I pinned you when you can’t pin me?”

“Oh, I can pin you” He said as he pushed me to my back and rolled on top of me, “I just can’t stay up while pinning you or I’ll fall over. Doesn’t mean I’m not stronger than you.” He got on top of me, held my arms down to my sides over my head and smiled.

“Ok, point taken” I conceded as I tried to get out but was prove that he was strong enough to hold me down, even if he was laying on top of me and couldn’t lift himself up without falling over at the same time. “So you gonna let me go?” I asked.

“No, I kinda like this.” He held me down as he kissed my lips, his tongue penetrating me and mine meeting him. I relaxed as we kissed.


We had been packing all week from Shawn’s room and Randy and my room and had to move it all to our new apartment. Shawn was taking his last final while Randy and I loaded up our rented trailer with the last of our stuff and drove to the new place.



“Does Shawn seem to be acting different to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. He’s just been kinda distant and not acting like he normally does.”

Randy continued driving “I guess he’s been a little grumpy or something, but not too bad and I’m sure it’s just finals and stress of moving. Some people just get anxiety over moving.”

“Maybe, but it can’t be the move totally, last weekend when I slept in his room he barely kissed me and we hadn’t even started packing yet.” I said concerned.

“Zac, packing isn’t what stresses people out, it’s the whole concept plus he was probably stressed about finals week. Just relax” Randy tried to comfort me as he parked and got out. We began to grab boxes and carry them inside.

“Do you think he’s having second thoughts about us moving in together?”

“No, it was his idea and it’s not like he came up with it a week ago, it was months. Maybe you should talk to him about this and not me.” We dropped off the boxes and went out for more.

“I have.”

“What did you say?”

“I asked him if anything was wrong and he just shrugs and denies anything.”

“Wow, no offense and I know you hate this kind of stereotype but you are so the girl in this relationship. Before you correct me, I’m just saying that that is exactly what chicks screw up in relationships. They ask what’s wrong and never say what they are worried it might be or what they are feeling. Most of the time, the guy is just stressed or something and doesn’t realize he’s acting that different and when you ask what’s wrong it’s nothing.” Randy explained.

“Ok, that makes sense, the telling him what I’m feeling part, not the I’m a chick part.” I gave Randy a look.

“Haha, Zac, I love you man, and I know that you are not flaming or anything and, no, the average person can’t tell you’re gay, but I know you better than anyone and you fit more of the stereotype than you think.” Randy laughed.

“Oh, and how’s that?” We grabbed the last of the boxes and brought them inside.

“Ok, yeah you don’t have a feminine voice or dress or act feminine, but you do listen to a lot of stereotypically gay music, you love chick flicks, you drool over every cute guy you see, and above all you are way too sensitive. It’s not a bad thing, but they are stereotypes because in a lot of cases they fit and in this case you just gotta talk to your boyfriend and don’t act like such a chick.”

“Alright, whatever” I hated that he was right and he just laughed as we unpacked the boxes.

When Shawn got home we were mostly unpacked except for Shawn’s boxes in our room that we had left for him to unpack so he could put his stuff wherever he wanted.

The apartment was really nice, the two rooms were on opposite sides of the living room and the kitchen/dining area were on the far side of the living room so everything was accessed through the living room. We had a three-person couch and a love seat in the living room facing our entertainment center with TV and stereo and Randy’s video games. Randy’s room was about the same as our old room but it was all his and a bathroom to himself. Our room was slightly bigger with a nicer bathroom and bigger closet. The kitchen was pretty nice with decent space and all appliances and a smaller laundry room attached. We had everything we needed.

That night we were totally settled in and exhausted. We were watching TV in the living room and talking.

“So I’m hoping the walls here are pretty thick.” Randy said.

“Why?” Shawn asked with an curious laugh.

“Cuz I can handle hearing you two but it’s not exactly a turn on if I bring a girl home.” Randy replied.

Shawn laughed, “Well I’m gonna go to bed. See you in the morning Randy.”

“Want me to come to bed with you?” I asked.

“Nah baby it’s ok I’m just really tired.”


Shawn went into our room and closed the door. Randy and I watched some more TV before going to bed. Our room was black and Shawn was already in bed so I kept the lights off and snuck around to the side of the bed, got undressed, and laid down.

I got into bed with Shawn and snuggled up next to him. He was laying on his side and he turned his head back to me slightly “Good night baby”

I kissed his shoulder and his neck and ran my hand around his chest slowly.

“Baby, I’m tired, let’s just go to sleep.” Shawn whispered and went back to sleep. I conceded and held him as I went to sleep.


“I’m headin out for a couple hours. Ok?” Shawn said tying his shoes.

“Hold on. Can we talk for a minute?” I asked. It had been a couple days since we moved in and Shawn was still acting distant.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Do you still love me?” I asked. I was sitting on our bed in my boxers.

“Of course I do?”

“Well then do you regret us moving in together?”

“No, where’s all this coming from?” Shawn looked clueless.

“For the last week you’ve been really distant and you act like you want nothing to do with me.”

“Zac, I love you. Nothing’s changed. I just get really stressed over finals and I don’t relax until I get my grades back.” Shawn said in a monotone.

“Even when you kiss me you seem like you’d rather be somewhere else or something. You weren’t like that last semester.”

Shawn sighed impatiently “You and Randy went home last semester so you didn’t see me stressing out and we weren’t living together or even sleeping together then. So how the hell could you tell?”

“Why couldn’t you just tell me that in the first place?” I asked standing up about to go to the bathroom to shower.

“I didn’t think I should bother you over it when there’s nothing to it other than waiting until I get my grades. Besides, I’m going on campus to talk to my professors now to see what they are so it’ll be over and we can move on.” Shawn said irritated.

“Fine, go. I just thought you’d be somewhat happy the first weekend together in our new place, but apparently that isn’t as important to you.” I said as I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I heard our bedroom door close as Shawn left.


Shawn was gone for a few hours and Randy and I went out to do nothing in particular. I just needed to get out and do something. I didn’t have a problem with Shawn being stressed and was fine with it knowing that he’d hopefully be better when he got home, but it bothered me that we spent our first weekend living together with such a bad mood.

After a few hours of just bumming around, I got a text from Shawn:

“Where r u?”

“Went out with Randy”

“K, I got my grades. Can we talk?”

“How did you do? Feeling better?”

“They were good but I still feel bad, can you please come home so we can talk?”

“We’re going to go eat dinner I’ll be home later.”

“What time will you be home, I really need to talk to you”


Randy and I went out to eat and talked. “Well, don’t you think you’re being a little too hard on him? He said he loves you and it’s just cuz of school.”

“I’m not even that mad at him. I understand that he was stressed over classes but he didn’t tell me anything and we spent the first weekend together being totally distant.” I explained.

“Well, just talk to him and move past it. I’m sure he’s fine now and we can all just move on with no problems.” Randy said as we paid the check and headed to his car to go home.

When we got home there was a piece of paper taped to the door that read: “I’M SORRY.” I pulled it down with a smile and walked inside.

“I’ll just be in my room and leave you two alone, see ya tomorrow” Randy said as he opened his bedroom door walked in and closed it behind him.

I walked to our room and another note was taped to the door with the same message. I pulled it down and opened the door.

The lights were all dimmed and our bed was made with Shawn sitting cross-legged in the middle wearing khaki pants and his nicest polo shirt and a sad look on his face.

“I’m sorry.” He said “I acted like a jerk to you and ruined our first weekend together. Today, I couldn’t think of anything else. I talked to my professors and even after I knew my grades I still felt horrible because I let you down.”

I closed the door behind me and walked over to the bed.

“I would’ve made us dinner, but you said you went out to eat with Randy so I thought we’d have some desert.” Shawn said with a piece of cake waiting on the bed in front of him.

I sat down on the other side of the plate from him and took a bite of the cake.

“Can you forgive me?” Shawn asked with a half smile.

“Of course I forgive you.” I said with a smile. He sighed in relief and we proceeded to eat the piece of cake.

“Not to knock you down at all, but you didn’t need to do all this. You just wasted an insanely perfect apology on a really really small fight.” I told him with a grin.

Shawn grabbed the plate and set it on his nightstand out of the way. “Well it might have been small, but I still never should have done that to you. I love you and I ruined our first weekend together. Do you think we can forget it and start over tonight?”

I leaned in and grabbed him by his shirt collar and said, “you are just too perfect” before kissing him softly.

Shawn pulled away for a second, “So is that a yes?”

I smiled, “That’s a big yes, now kiss me.”

He continued kissing me as we laid down on the bed. He lifted my shirt off and I began taking his shirt off when he stopped me, “Hold on, I have something for us. I’ll be right back.” He got up into his chair and went into our bathroom as I took off my pants and waited.

He came back having taken his shirt and pants off “I thought maybe you’d like it if I used this?” He asked holding a certain sex toy we had previously purchased. “I figured it might be better than my fingers.”

“Aww there’s nothing more romantic than a guy getting his boyfriend a sex toy,” I said softly with a smile. We both laughed as Shawn crawled into bed.

He kissed me gently and as we held each other closely he looked into my eyes and I knew I never wanted to be with anyone else. Shawn was the love of my life and we were starting the rest of our lives together.

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