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I get off the airplane, and I'm looking around. I know whay you and your husband look like because we exchanged pictures. As I look around, I see someone who looks familiar walking towards me. I start to smile when I recognize you. You walk up to me and you you then give me a hug I'll never fiorget.
"It is so good to finally meet you" You tell me.
"I know. I feel the same." I say. I get embarressed because i start to get a massive hard on. I'm sure you felt it because when you move away your're smiling.
I pick up my suitcase and you take me by the hand, where you lead me outside the airport. We walk out of the terminal and you lead me to the parking lot. As we near your car, I see a man waiting outside. I'm assuning it's your husband. He walks ove to me and holds out his hand.
"Nice to meet you" He says.
"You too."
I put my bag in the trunk of your car and get ready to get in the back seat. You then ask me if it's ok if you can sit in the backseat with me.
I look over at your husband to see if it's alright with him, and he nods his consent. "Sure, it's ok with me." I say.
We get in the back seat and your husband drives off. We then start talking. We are talking for about 10 minutes , when I notice just how beautiful you are. You are wearing a very short skirt
which shows off your gorgeous legs . I couldn't stop staring.
"Do you like what you see?" You ask.
I blush. "Yes, I do."
"Would you like to touch?" You ask.
I look over at you husband, but you just take my hand and put it on you thigh. "it's alright," You tell me."Besides, youll be touching a lot more over the next couple of days."
I then start moving my hand up and down you thigh. i know you like it because you close your eyes and start to moan. I had forgotten you told me your upper thigh is very sensitive. You then lean in me and you kiss me. I feel your toungue inside my mouth. I then feel your hand as it starts to rub the buldge inside my pants. While we're kissing, you unzip my jeans and take out my hard cock. You then start to slowly jerk me off. You break our kiss , then lean down to my cock.
I feel your toungue lick the head then you go slowly up and down my shaft. I look over at your husband. I see hi smiling in the rear view mirror. I close my eyes , totally enjjoying the sensation.
I then notice that your husband turns the car into what looks like a secluded are a in a park
He then turns aropund so he's facing us. He unzips his pants and takes out his cock. I notice how hard he is. He starts jerking himself off.
Watching him, I then start to feel the begionings of a powerful orgasm. I then shoot my cum into your mouth. I start to yell out. I hear you moaning as you swallow every drop. You look up at me and smile. You then look oveer at your husband , then you take his cock and you put it in your mouth just as he's about to shoot. When he's finished, you then lick his cock clean then you do the same to mine. You then lean in again and you give me the hottes t, deepest french kiss I ever had. You lbreak the kiss and the you look up at me.
"That my friend, was your welcome to our town." You tell me.
"Wow!" I say. "You keep that up, I might never want to leave."


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2010-05-31 14:38:43
Ever hear of spellcheck


2004-04-16 12:31:35
Please don´t write more stories


2004-03-30 16:09:04
Hey guys, give me a break. This is my first errotic story. i'm sure I'll get better as I start writing more.


2004-03-30 13:25:46
Bad set up and grammar. Way too short. Too easy.


2004-03-25 19:42:13
Too short

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