Sydney is 9.
She has been coming over to our house to stay on the weekends since she was about 6. What can I tell you? She is a perfect, undeveloped little girl…well she does have slightly enlarged, almost puffy nipples and barely breast buds but they are still very small. She has only ‘little kid peach fuzz’ on her plump pussy. She has an athletic body from playing soccer. Great legs and a tight, tiny, no-hips-at-all-round- butt! She has big dark eyes, comes from a single mother home; she makes A’s and B’s and she has a very highly developed curiosity about sex. She is a huge flirt with definite sexual overtones. God love her.

Today’s fun started when Syd bee-bopped out of the bathroom after her bath; her wet hair was brushed back. She was totally naked except for a towel hanging around her neck covering those lovely growing tits and nipples. She hopped out into the hall in front of me, grinning like a loon and began a wonderfully silly ‘wiggle dance’ like only little girls seem to know how to do. She turned heading down the hall to her room still silly dancing but stopped to stick her little girl butt out again. Bending way over looking at me between her legs, her tight and toned little ass cheeks opened up seductively revealing both of her perfect little sex holes! I think she knew exactly what was happening for me to see! She wiggled her beautiful little package at me, giggled and ran like crazy for her room! I caught her as she turned the corner into the guest bedroom. Holding her up in the air from behind I kissed both of her little butt cheeks then ran my tongue from the top of her crack licking my way up her wiggling spine to the nape of her neck. Raising her hair from her neck I sucked a big wet tongue kiss right there. She got suddenly quiet and moaned. I put her on her belly on the bed. She arched that little butt up for me showing her little business end to me again. Sydney’s little sex slit was shiny wet, her small pink and brown anus was on display. She was making it pucker just for me. OMG! She had me hard as a rock. She was hot and ready to perform and she did as well as any grown woman performed sexually, at least those that I had been with…and we’re talking big double digits here!

Right now, this minute she is naked on top of me, those huge dark brown doe eyes looking right into mine, humping and hunching; rubbing her little pussy up and down the length of my erect cock. No it’s not inside her. She is using it to rub herself off…rub herself to orgasm. My cock is lying hard on my belly. Her little hands are on my hairy chest as she leans forward breathing in my face, struggling to make maximum contact with her clit and those little wet pussy lips. She is working and flexing her little butt big time. I inhale her little girl breath as she pants. She closes her mouth to swallow, moans then her mouth opens again; she pants, holds her breath then pants some more. There is a fine string of her saliva connecting her bottom lip to her perfect front baby teeth. Too sexy! I lick it from her mouth. She almost gets there…almost but she misses it as a moment of frustration passes over her face. But she is right back at it panting, humping, fucking herself against my cock and moaning, struggling to cum.

I first brought her to orgasm at 6 years old using a vibrator. It only took me a couple of tries to have her rigid and curling her little toes up in pleasure. God, she was unbelievable to watch at that age! Her little butt was flexed hard as a rock pushing her tiny pussy up in the air off the bed to cum, head back, mouth wide open, holding her breath and then jerky little spasms of sexual pleasure hit her little body and pure ecstasy crossed her 5 year old face. If I’d let her, she would use it over and over and over again until I took her vibrator from her, quieted her, kissed her, licked her, stroked her pussy gently to sooth her. Then she would sleep hard for an hour or so while I played with her little body.

At 9 Sydney is still absolutely unbelievable to watch, to hear, to smell, to feel having sex. Sometimes I have to remind myself she is only a little girl. She loves sex and will try anything I suggest.

Back to right now, she goes faster again, harder, scrunching-up that sweet little face; then tires slowing down but never completely stops her pleasure ride on my penis. Wonderful little girl sex noises escape from her mouth as Sydney works for her orgasm. She is out of breath, huffing and puffing, sniffing and panting.

Short of me gently stroking her back and her tiny butt, telling her how hot she is, whispering how sexy she is, how little she is, how delicious her pussy smells filling the room with that scent of female sex; I do nothing. I want her to cum for me but I do little or nothing to help her achieve release. Sydney is doing all the work.

Her stomach muscles and her little 9 year old butt flex hard over and over straining to help her cum. Her nose wrinkles, her eyes close and open real wide as she approaches orgasm… ah, so close again but she misses it. I pull her to me now and stick my tongue deep into her open mouth. She sucks it excitedly, moaning, drooling in my mouth, her hair on my face. I fondle her nipples. She reaches up and now holds my face in her little hands lovingly caressing me, kissing me. I grab the back of her head and suck her little mouth to mine hard then withdraw licking her neck, her chin. I lick and suck on her button nose then run my big wet tongue all over her face, licking her eyes and finally push my tongue into her ear. She almost collapses shaking, trembling her shoulders quickly back and forth in a sexual spasm. I again stick my tongue inside her little ears and again she shudders hard.

My cock is wet and shiny from her pussy. 9 years old and Syd’s pussy already lubricates better than many grown women. Those little pussy lips are making those sticky, ‘clicking’ noises wet pussy makes when being used or played with. One day soon I am going to have to fuck her little brains out for real. Not that there is anything wrong with what is happening in front of me right now! But I absolutely have to fuck her.
She is beginning to perspire now working her pussy hard on my hardon. Her forehead is damp; her long brown hair is sticking to her face; getting in her mouth as she rides back and forth, back and forth, the length of my dick. Her eyes open, roll part way back in her head and then close. I hold her butt cheeks open; one in each hand. I massage her tiny, tight anus as she again begins to work really hard and fast. Her head is bobbing around; she has her little feet hooked under my thighs for more pressure and control. Without warning I shove my wet slippery index finger way up into her asshole, to the second knuckle! She wails, “AAAAAAAaaaaHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” as she begins to spasm into her first orgasm of the morning. Her little head is tilted way back, her mouth open wide and that face! It’s that face only an orgasm causes. Big girls or little girls…the face is the same! Beautiful agony. Her baby butthole clamps down on my finger over and over and over as she rides through her orgasm. She grunts and grunts hard each time her little asshole puckers, clamping down around my finger.

Suddenly the head of my cock seems to accidently slip into her little pussy; just the head is in her but God it feels like warm, wet, tight heaven. Accidently? Well maybe not! It pops out of her as she writhes around on me but Sydney seems to be trying to get it back in there after realizing what has happened. She reaches down under herself tucking my dick right back into her baby cunt. A nasty little smile crosses her face. Her eyes close again. Her pussy is contracting on the head of my cock now. I shove my tongue into her mouth again, so now with my finger deep in her asshole and my cockhead in her pussy I have this 9 year girl old triple penetrated and she’s having an orgasm! Cum hard little one….
She is exhausted. She is helpless.

I easy my finger from her asshole and put it in her mouth. She sucks it in like a dick. My finger is touching the back of her throat….she gags hard as I push it even farther, even deeper into her mouth. Scooping her up I turn her up-side-down replacing my finger with my cock in her mouth. With her hanging up-side-down her legs over my shoulders, I burying my face in her pussy, my tongue in that sweet, salty young slit and my nose in her earthy smelling little asshole. I ravish her sex. My cock is drooling pre cum and lots of it. Syd sucks it in, licks it and sucks it some more. She already knows what pre cum is and what it is the portent of. She moans taking my balls in her hands massaging them, pulling on them to get me more excited, hotter, to create a bigger shot of my cum for her. Suddenly her fingers tickle my asshole then she slides her finger part way in my ass. Shit! You little devil. Syd knows exactly what she is doing; what she wants. Sperm! My sperm! And lots of it shot right into her pretty little mouth. She sucks and nurses while massaging my balls finally reaching around behind me grabbing my ass cheeks pulling to help her force my cock deeper still into her throat. She gags again retching up that slippery mucus just made for cock sucking, deep throating. With a fist full of her hair I force the entire length of my dick’s 7” into this 9 year olds throat! Her button nose is buried in my pubic hair.

Now the cock is all the way down her esophagus. I begin shooting rope after rope of hot thick semen directly into her little belly. She didn’t even have to swallow. I hold her head steady for my pleasure letting my cock relax and go half soft in her mouth. One huge ejaculation, two huge ejaculations, three, four, nice ones for her. She begins to struggle for air. I let her come off the softening cock. It come from her throat with a little girl gasp for air. She is so beautiful hair stuck to her sweaty face, she is wet, her stomach mucus on her face along with my sperm. Her beautiful eyes are tearing and red, her nose is running and Sydney smells of sex….hot, wet pussy.

You win again you little shit! You forced me to give you my sperm…sucked it right out of me making sure you got the extra big mouth-full’s by massaging and playing with my balls all the way through my orgasm. I tried not to do it. I tried to hold out but nooooooooooo, you had to cheat! Fingering my asshole!! That did it. God I love it when you win.

I’m exhausted. I’m helpless!

FYI: Sydney always wins these contests and then goes to sleep a complete mess with a smile on her face and her tummy full of cum.

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I m 19 year old girl having fucked by my boyfriend but best had been my three years with my uncle. I was just nine he loved to suck my pussy for hours and fucked finally care fully causing me pleasure beyond dream and no pain ever. I loved to sleep with his long cock inside me whole night often. I can never forget and still never refuse him for any opprtunity.

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