Lisa, Bob and Mommy
The taste of her tiny, salty pussy lingered fresh in his mouth. He could smell her little cunt on his own breath. The head of his cock was still slippery wet with her saliva. He was rock hard, rigid. He had not yet cum. His penis bounced up and down, up and down as he walked about the room looking at her. She was on his bed. Naked. He had already brought the little girl to orgasm twice. She was sleeping with her legs open wide, her tiny vulva and miniature pussy lips hot pink, a beautiful stream of clear pussy juice running wet over her taint to her butthole. Her cunt was standing open from her position, arousal and Bob’s hungry oral stimulations…her tiny grey-brown anus showing plainly underneath her slit. The bottoms of her tiny feet were together; arms spread open in invitation, sexual welcome. Bob would throw her feet over his shoulders around his neck resting them behind his head while he made love to that little, fat pussy with his mouth. Her mouth was slightly parted; she was making a quiet sucking, clicking noise with her tongue on her teeth. Lisa was all his for this rainy day; hours and hours of delicious debauchery with tiny, happy, beautiful, sexy 5 year old Lisa.

Bob had been taking care of Lisa for 2 years while her mother worked in the next rural Texas Country Offices over in Kennedy. Bob owned and ran a small, old fashion motel, The Oaks. One of those throw-backs to the 50’s and 60’s. His larger ‘suites’ had kitchenettes, a bedroom and a small separate living area. Several people lived there full time…Lisa and her mother Lucy among them.

Naked, Bob stepped onto the bed with his feet above the little girl’s head. He squatted down over her on all fours dragging his cock and long, hairy balls over her face. He hunched his ass to make contact with her hair, her lips, and her face loving the erotic nastiness of this act. Lisa was so small he could not actually manage 69 with her. If his face was in her pussy her face was on his belly. But he could push his cock into her mouth then lick and suck her tiny toes and her feet. He pushed his tongue between her toes licking and cleaning the soft tiny space between them over and over then sucking nearly her entire foot into his mouth. He licked and kissed the soles of her tiny feet and up her legs. His big dangling, hairy, balls were laying on her nose, across her eyes; just the head of his cock filled her tiny mouth. She sucked it in her sleep. He arched his back to push more cock into her face; this position opened his own asshole to the cool air of the fan in the corner. Changing position he squatted over her face, cupping her little head in his big hands he rubbed her nose and mouth in his asshole over and over and over. God that felt good! Her cool, damp baby lips on his warm, sweaty asshole. His other hand was playing with her miniature pussy. Closing his eyes throwing his head back, Bob pushed out on his asshole again rubbing her lips and nose firmly into his wide open butt crack. Then he turned around to tongue kiss the little girl. He could smell his asshole on her face and his cock on her breath. He pushed his long tongue past her perfect baby teeth deep into that sweet pink little mouth to the back of her throat. He really loved the taste of his cum in her mouth; the smell of it on her breath…that smell and that taste he would enjoy later today after he fed her sperm. Right now he wanted to simply crouch over her and jack-off squirting his semen all over her naked, baby body. Straddling her on his knees he took his raging rock hard-on in his hand and began stroking himself to a wonderful, moaning, jerking, heavy ejaculating completion all over her tiny nipples and her sweet face. Panting, Bob massaged his sperm into her little nipples scooping more up from her neck. Spreading her little girl pussy open with two fingers he rubbed and pushed his cum into her cunt making the tiniest of cream pies. Beautiful, just beautiful; Bob ate it.
Lisa slept. She always did after he ate her pussy; ate her pussy for a long before bringing her to a beautiful, convulsive, grunting, baby anus puckering orgasm. Bob had never seen a very little girl cumming before Lisa. She is so hot to see, to hear, to smell and to taste her. It happened almost every day. As her little brown anus and vagina began contracted in orgasmic spasms her brand new pussy began pumping sweet baby girl cum out of her unfinished slit. It trickled down to her butthole. Bob was always right there to clean up her thin, clear pussy juices licking her clean. Her tiny sex was delicious. Then Lisa slept. For at least an hour; like she was drugged. She was in fact. Like any woman after good hard, heavy sex ending in two shattering orgasms. A special kind of sleeping pill.

Sexing his 5 year old prize and now stroking himself again Bob gave into to his little sex girl again… spraying her with more sperm. She made him cum so hard and so often. He had never been what women call a ‘heavy cummer’ until Lisa. She always got what she wanted. Little slut always made him cum for her. Always. She was in complete control of Bob in their daily sexercise. Using her baby pussy, her cute mouth and her perfect, tiny butthole she gave him no choice but to cum and cum again all over her. Sometimes he would cum before he got Lisa off, before she fell asleep so she could watch him squirt for her. She liked to watch him squirt. It was absolutely fascinating to Lisa, that long, hard thing pumping thick white, warm sperm all over her as he jacked-off pulling and wiggling his cock over her. She liked to get very close to it and look right at the hole in the end of his penis waiting for his sperm to shoot for her. She knew it was coming but it was always like her big surprise. She’d say “Cum Bob! Squirt Bob! Yea! Good Bob. Bob squirt more. Whoa, squirt far!”

Today there was to be another big surprise. Lucy, Lisa’s mother was coming home from work early. Two hours early! This might be really bad. Or maybe really good…

Lucy was 33; slim, fairly long legged, small breasted with puffy nipples, neatly trimmed full golden brown bush surrounding a bigger than average clit between her legs; hot looking. Horny. Lucy was looking forward to playing with Lisa this afternoon. Mommy and Lisa had a special relationship. Lisa still sucked her mother’s tits while Lucy played with her own pussy and Lisa’s little pussy too. But Lucy didn’t know Lisa could have an orgasm yet. Only Bob had made her cum. Lucy had wondered for some time if Bob was ‘playing’ with Lisa. She had found what she believed to be dried semen in Lisa’s little cunt and the corners of her mouth more than once and her little vulva had been bright red too as though someone was playing with it. She even tasted the suspect dry material a couple of times and it tasted like sperm to her. When asked what kind of games she and Bob played all day Lisa never talked about anything like that but then Lisa never talked very much period. Lucy and Bob had both been working on Lisa’s communications. She was more verbal now after staying with Bob everyday than ever before. She obviously loved Bob, Lucy liked Bob too. In fact she wanted to sit on his face and swallow his dick. Today.
Lisa looked forward to seeing Bob each day. They took walks, play games, went to MacDonald’s in Kennedy to play on the swings and eat chicken nuggets together, they watched Bob’s videos, played with his cat and fed his fish. So Lucy just left it alone. He might be playing with her little pussy but he had always taken good care of her little girl of that she was sure. Today Lucy wanted him to take good care of her and her little pussy too! Lucy knew he liked her. Bob had flirted with her before but nothing serious; nothing overt. Well today Lucy was in heat! She needed a cock and Bob had one. She had seen the nice bulge in his sweat pants on many occasions. It might be a good day for the three of them to play together. She wasn’t quite sure how to initiate this but she would think of something. Little did she know what was to come?

As Lucy pulled into The Oaks parking lot stopping in front of their little apartment the wind came up and the rain got even heavier. Thunder and lightning rolled across the Texas countryside. Thinking about sex and playing with herself all the way home was so hot but now her panties were sopping wet! The car smelled of sex, a wet woman. Lucy could smell herself in the car. This might be interesting! Day dreaming she wondered what Bob would do…or if he would even notice her carrying a scent of sex on her. She ran from her car in the rain getting drenched in the process, knocked on Bob’s door and waited.

The door opened and there stood Bob. In a bathrobe, his penis sticking straight out under it making an obvious tent and bouncing to the beat of his heart…which was really fast right now! Lucy couldn’t believe her eyes. OMG!

“Bob, what the hell are you doing? You’re almost naked!” said Lucy.

“Giving Lisa a bath. Join me?” Bob said matter-of-factly.

Stepping close to him, “Almost Naked? I knew it! With a hard-on? I knew it!” Lucy growled.

“No! Sometimes completely naked and always with a hard-on. I knew you knew it. I’ve been waiting for you too for a long time Lucy! Grandma was slow but she was old! Lucy (sniff) you smell like pussy!” Bob growled back in her ear.

Still startled by the sight of this man in nothing but a robe with a tent Lucy just stared open mouth as his erect cock found its way out between the gaps in the two sides of his robe. Oops! Then he just let the robe drop completely. Bob looked better naked than she had ever dreamed. And Lucy had dreamed about him a lot. He was hot. Or maybe she was just really pathetic, lonesome and horny but the guy molesting her little girl had a flat stomach, really good legs, big, long balls and a beautiful, cut, straight, hard 7” cock! Not too big but not too little either….for Lucy, a nice size; kind of thick too. Yes, he really was hot! So was she.

With a dangerous grin on her face she wrapped one hand around his rigid dick put the other in the center of Bob’s chest and pushed him back into the apartment following him in, closing the door quickly, stood back breathlessly taking in her door prize! Dropping to her knees she hungrily sucked Bob into her mouth! Glorious! Soft and hard at the same time. Salty, delicious! Been a long time for Lucy and she loved, loved men’s cocks. The texture, the smell, the taste and the cum. OMG! It had been so long. Lucy fondled his long hanging balls kissing and licking them. Bob’s hands went to the top of her head aiming his cock back into her mouth then fucking her mouth hard, pushing his rigid dick to the back of her throat. It took Lucy a moment to relax and allow him down her esophagus, to fuck deep and hard in her throat. She was helpless and happy. It really had been a long time since she had had a man to enjoy this way, she let him take her. Lucy began to gag and drool; making those sexy female noises, slobbering up that super slippery goo women’s bodies producing when deep throating making what men call a wet blowjob. Heaven for both of them! Lucy’s eyes were tearing; her nose running, slobbering while Bob’s head was back his mouth open in ecstasy as he held her head tightly fucking her throat deeply. Lucy gagging then gasping between thick cock insertions for quick breaths while literally ripping her own clothing off.

Suddenly, “Mommy!” And here comes a beautiful, wet, naked little girl. Skip running into the room Lisa ran right into the full blown, heavy, adult sex. Her Mommy was giving a wet blowjob. “I heard you Mommy!” Wrapping her arms around her mother’s neck, “What you guys doing? Playing! We play this game Mommy, me and Bob. Are you crying Mommy? Don’t cry Mommy. I don’t cry. Bob loves me! Bob. Bob not make my Mommy cry. K?”

Lucy pulled Bob’s cock from her throat and gasped, “Hi baby girl! No, no! Mommy is fine.” Eyes running face wet with her tears, slobber and Bob’s pre-cum, “I like playing this game baby. Mommy loves licking and sucking Bob’s cock. Guess what little one? I’m going to make him cum for us, OK baby? Mommy and Lisa can share the sperm today, OK?” said Lucy.

The muscles of Bob’s naked ass were clinched tight hunching his cock again into her Mommy’s mouth. Squatting slightly with his feet wide apart Lisa went around behind Bob so she could see his big balls swinging back and forth between his legs, swinging into her Mommy’s face. Lisa loved those hairy balls. She was just enthralled by his big balls. Bob taught her how to lick them and kiss them sometimes even sucking one into her tiny mouth…carefully! Sometimes she got a pubic hair in her mouth and while stroking his dick he would put his fingers in her mouth to help her find it and get it out. His fingers in her slippery mouth usually made Bob cum for her; thick cum all over her forehead sometimes down the bridge of her little turned-up nose and a lot of it shot in her pretty hair. Lisa thought testicles were fun. She liked to watch them swinging over her face when Bob did his thing crouched over her jacking off and rubbing his sex and his asshole on her face. She wasn’t always asleep! She fooled him! Sometimes she stuck her little tongue out to lick his asshole and balls as he fuck them over her face. Wonderful little sex child.

“He’s about to cum baby!”

“Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkay! Suck Mommy, suck! Make Bob squirt.” screamed Lisa with glee. “I watch Mommy! I like Bob to squirt! I can make him squirt far Mommy! I can!” Lisa settles in to watch her mother suck Bob’s cock deep and hard. Moaning and drooling Lucy worked him hard and then backed off. Worked him some more and then backed off again….driving him crazy. He needed to cum badly but she would not take him quiet that far and not let him touch himself; teasing him.

“No stop Mommy! You have to keep going Mommy to make Bob squirt!” Lisa coached her mother seriously.

Lucy smiled. Then she worked him very close to ejaculation again but came off the cock offering it to Lisa. The baby girl did not hesitate as she sucked the slippery, saliva covered pre-cum drooling head of Bob’s dick into her tiny mouth. Lucy watched her little girl in action while finger fucking herself as deeply as she could. Lisa’s little hands found Bob’s balls as she bounced her head up and down of the cock. That was it. Bob went over the top holding the little girl’s head in place…just where he wanted it he shot rope after thick rope of sperm into the child’s mouth. Sperm was going everywhere. She gagged, swallowed, gagged and finally had to come off his cock for a moment. Her mouth replace by her Mommy’s. In the middle of her own orgasm, Lucy finished Bob’s ejaculation eating it all and sucking for more. Lisa watched her mom working her thumb from the base of Bob’s dick to the tip wringing the last of his semen from his penis eating it, looking for more. Then she licked Lisa’s little mouth cleaning his sperm from her baby. Bob collapsed on the bed weakened by his massive orgasm, his dick going flaccid, arched over big and thick but soft; still dripping his salty thick sperm.

The whole room smelled of pussy now. Lucy and Lisa were both lazy from the work of good sex. Naked and still a bit breathless they lay on the bed with Bob. Lisa rolled over finding her mother’s ear and whispered little girl loudly, “Mommy. We’re posed to clean Bob…his cock and his balls with our mouth. We watched a video and I saw them do it, the girls. Girls are supposed to do it after he squirts. Bob likes it a lot…he falls asleep while I lick him. I like to lick him Mommy. Like to lick them too Mommy?”

“Yes I do! Ok baby. I like to lick cock. I just didn’t know. Show Mommy how you do It.” grinned Lucy.

Crawling up between his legs Lisa picked-up Bob’s semi-flaccid cock in her little hands and began licking it from bottom to top, sipping up the sperm still drooling from the end of his penis. “Watch. Like this Mommy.” So Lucy joined in beginning with his balls. She and her baby licking and sucking together… cleaning Bob’s balls and cock. Their faces close together, they licked under his balls near his asshole then up in that smooth, heady smelling, sweaty place between his ball sack and his thighs. Lucy worked her way down under his balls to his asshole. Pushing his left leg open and up she caressed, kissed and licked the sex sweat from his big, hairy anus. Lisa was already accustomed to the taste and smell of Bob’s anus so she joined her Mommy helping in the cleaning of their man’s most intimate, sexy place. Both girls enjoyed their chores. Lucy kissed Lisa squarely on the mouth smelling sperm on her little girl’s breath. She was sharing a man’s cock, his sperm, his big sweaty testicles, with her 5 year old daughter. Delicious. Little as she was Lisa already knew what was expected of a woman in sex and she knew her way around a man’s genitals. Without hesitation she preformed her part.

Bob stirred; opened his eyes. His cock stirred. He was getting hard again with the two girls tongues licking and sucking his sex clean; a little girl and her mommy. If he is honest this is heaven for any man.

Lisa noticed the cock growing and wanted to play with it some more. The little girl straddled Bob’s dick positioning her tiny pussy lips right on it and began hunching back and forth using her vaginal lips to “jack-off” Bob’s now rock hard cock. With all her weight resting on his penis Lisa treated him to a sexual experience she had done for him before. Lisa knew she could make Bob cum this way…she had done so several times before. Lucy watched her little girl with awe and fascination. How did she know how to do this? Where did she learn this technique? Duh!! Bob looked her in the eye and grinned big time and threw his head back in pleasure. Lucy eased her way down to his balls licking them as her baby girl’s little spread asshole touched her nose with each stroke of her pussy on the cock. Lisa was having a good time, working harder now and beginning to grunt; beginning to feel it in her tight, tiny pussy. Lucy thought she might actually get to see Lisa cum for the first time. Lisa’s head was back, eyes closed, that little mouth open, her face straining in the special way only an impending orgasm creates for any female. Beautiful agony is has been artfully called. As she went into orgasmic convulsion Lisa’s pussy began to pump her baby girl pussy juice all over the cock she was riding. Shiny, slippery wet, abundant. Mommy Lucy watched her tiny anus pucker over and over and over as her little orgasm took control of her body. Lisa went rigid with her hands on Bob’s chest holding her upright. The she lost complete control yelling “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Ooooooooh! GRUNT” And she squirted…well she actually peed big time all over Bob’s cock and his balls even wetting the bed, then collapsed on top of his hairy chest panting and still jerking hard. Lucy buried her face in Lisa’s tiny butt resting on Bob’s hard sex member smearing the child’s vaginal juices and her urine all over her own face. She watched as the baby’s anus slowly stop convulsing and gradually opened up. Sobbing in sexual pleasure herself Lucy patted her girl on her little ass as she licked and sucked both of them clean. Tears came to her eyes and her tongue darted from Bob’s cock and balls then into Lisa’s open 5 year old butthole. Nasty delicious!

Awesome rainy day sex. This was certainly the beginning of something wonderful for all three of them.

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