" wanna fool around or somethin'?" I called out into the darkness of my room.

My body was still soaked as I stood in the doorway which led to my bathroom. I'd left the light on intentionally; I could see without having to turn on my bedroom lights.

"Mmm. I'm tired." A voice called back to me.

That didn't mean a thing to me. I wiped a towel over my body absent-mindedly, collecting a majority of the leftover moisture from the shower. My cock was already blooming like the flowers outside my window.

"C'mon." I pushed. "Just blow me or something."

A moan was my answer. That didn't mean yes or no.

I moved closer to my bed. Crawling on it, I straddled the young body below me; my stepsister, Misty.

True enough there were no bloodlines which connected us, but we'd been raised in a typical brother/sister fashion our entire lives. My Dad had married her mom when I was barely 2 years old and Misty was only a few months.

We'd had a relatively normal relationship until the previous year. Two hormone-ravaged teens are bound to find eachother somehow. I was 18 and she was almost 17.

In my eyes, she was just too cute. Her dark brown hair sat above her shoulders, her body was toned from working out religiously. I loved it.

Our parents had to have some kind of idea of what was going on. We were very secretive about it, but parents aren't stupid. We'd been caught time after time making out or feeling each other up. I was so embarassed the day Misty told me her mom was taking her to get birth control.

Of course, it wasn't long after that visit that Misty robbed my virginity from me. Fair play, I guess.

Misty laid below me, still dressed in her denim skirt and red top. Her room was down the hall, but she always ended up in here one way or another.

With my hands reaching on either side of her head, I kissed her cheek first, then made my way to her lips.

My cock was full at this point. As I kissed her, I could feel the tip of it rub up against her body just a tad.

"Come on." I said, breaking our kiss. "Take your shirt off."

"My shirt?" She asked. "I thought you just wanted me to blow you?"

"You lost that chance. Come on." I instructed.

I had to laugh as she sat up with a sigh. I remembered when I used to have to beg her for it.

With her shirt off, her bra quickly followed.

"There." She said, tossing her shirt to the floor.

I pushed Misty onto her back once more. I took a breast in each hand and wobbled them around. Bringing my head down low, I licked the nipple closest to my mouth before sucking it in.

"Go ahead and take your skirt off." My lips smacked.

Misty gave an almost annoyed sigh.

"And your panties." I said before I went back to sucking.

I got into a zone with her breasts. By the time I came back to reality, I looked down and saw that she'd followed my instructions.

Pushing my body up, I maneuvered myself between her legs. Placing four of my fingers on her lower, lower stomach, I used my thumb to tease around her pussy.

Misty rolled her eyes. This was all part of her act. I knew by heart now. She always acted like she didn't want to do it, or like she was bored. In reality, sometimes she wanted it worse than I did. There wasn't a room in this house that we hadn't done something in; including my parents room.

I pushed my body back even farther. Laying straight down on my stomach, my head hovered right above her pleasure zone. I have to admit, performing oral sex was something I loved. The feeling of my tongue slipping around Misty's pussy as she squirmed was often enough to get me off.

Even in the mornings when we were rushing around, getting ready for school, this performance was mandatory. More than once, this had been my chosen way to wake Misty up. I figured there was no better way to head off to a boring day of high school than with a fresh orgasm for us both.

Don't get me wrong. It may seem like I was always pressuring and pushing Misty into these sexual situations, but that wasn't the case at all. She was the one that truly called the shots. If she didn't want to do something, we didn't. She was the one that came to my room. She's the one that really started all of this.

My tongue started out stalking her pussy like a tiger laying in the weeds. Out of nowhere, it'd pounce, attacking it's helpless, yet eager, victim. Her juice was sweet, like nectar. The smell was so heavenly, it was intoxicating.

"Mmm." Misty moaned with delight.

My fingers dove into her as my tongue continued it's assault. My poor cock was trapped between my body and my bed. He'd have to wait. He'd get his prize soon enough.

I could feel the stubble from where she'd shaved a few days ago. It felt like sandpaper on my tongue.

I had to grip Misty and try to hold her steady. She was just wiggling around too damn much. She used to tell me how it 'tickled'.

"Yeah..." I breathed as I lifted my head and wiped my mouth. "You ready?"

Misty nodded her head and smiled.

When I pushed my body up, my cock flew to attention. Gripping her hands, I helped Misy up. Standing, I walked over to the computer chair and plopped down.

With my knees spread wide, Misty wrapped her arms around my neck. I looked over at my night stand and remembered we were out of condoms. See, we used them when we had them, but we didn't just stop when we didn't.

A grunt echoed from my body as Misty sat down, impaling herself with my rod.

"You like that?" She asked with a smile.

Placing my hands on her hips, rocking her back and forth, I nodded with a smile of my own.

She was already wet, and I was ready, so we didn't need to start off slow and boring. Her hips cut an excellent pace. She was fucking me.

Not wanting to feel completely worthless, I bent my head down and sucked on her nipples again. Compared to the other girls her age, she was sort of well-endowed. Of course, compared to some others, she was relatively small.

Before I knew it, Misty had her hands pressed hard into my own hips, lifting herself up. She threw her hips back and forth with severe speed. It felt amazing. Trying to get ahold of things, I grabbed her ass with both hands, adding an extra amount of force.

We were both smiling wide as we happened to catch one anothers eye. Feeling it, we shoved our lips together as she kept bucking.

Just as I started sucking on her tongue, a knock came to the door.

"Ugh...shit." Misty whispered.

She did her best to dismount as quietly as possible. Creeping to the bed, she slipped underneath my covers, pulling them up to her neck. I grabbed the towel I'd been using to dry off and draped it over my lap, leaning forward to subdue my erection.

"Come in." I said.

When the door opened, only a head came through. It was my stepmom, Misty's mom.

"Hey, kids. Just wanted to say good night." she said.

"Night." I answered.

"Night, mom." Misty quipped.

"Misty," her mom started, "if you're that tired, why don't you get to bed and leave your brother alone?"

I hated it when she called me her 'brother'. It just made everything seem so much dirtier. In a weird way, it made it hotter, too.

"Yeah, I know. If I fall asleep, I'll just have to sleep here." Misty said quickly.

Her mom looked at me and my towel, then looked to Misty and noticed how she had the blanket.

"Oh, uh, alright. I'll leave you kids alone. Good night." She said, shutting the door before we could answer.

As soon as the footsteps trailed away, I hopped up, the towel falling to the floor, and jumped onto my bed. In a flash, the blanket was off, exposing Misty's sexy body.

The next available second, her legs were in the air as I pounded down into her.

"That was a little awkward, huh?" Misty breathed.

"Not too bad." I said as I kept pounding. "So you're sleeping with me tonight?"

"Only if I fall asleep." Misty laughed.

"What if I keep you up all night long?" I laughed back.

"Looks like I'm the one keeping you 'up'." Misty pointed at my cock.

I nodded. She was absolutely right.

Misty was dripping at this point. I couldn't blame her. I was quite the guy.

I wasn't sure if I was the only guy she'd been with. She was a normal teenager and went out with her friends on the weekends to parties. I still went out with my friends, I just only got the occasional handjob or blowjob. Misty was still my only fuck.

I wasn't upset with that, either. She kept me happy. We weren't 'dating', but we were together. I don't really know how to explain it. In school, everyone was oblivious. Some people didn't even know we were only step-siblings.

As I thought about all of this, Misty rolled over to her stomach. While her top half was flat, the bottom half was stuck up in the air.

I bent my body down and pushed my face into her pussy. My tongue sifted through all the juices running from her.

Bringing myself back to a normal position, I gripped an ass cheek with one hand and my cock with the other, pushing in. I let my hands fall down her back. It was so smooth. All of her skin was, though.

My cock felt like it was beginning to heat up. All the friction was getting to me.

"I'm getting close." I said, calmly.

"Go ahead." Misty answered.

Although I'd done it many times before, I still liked to get her 'ok' before I went popping rounds off inside of her.

After being assured it was fine, I closed my eyes and began plowing. I was moaning loudly. It was that kind of moan where you know you should be quiet, but you don't give a fuck.

My balls were tugging, aching even. With a great inhale, I threw one last major thrust into Misty. My cock exploded.

Even though I couldn't see it, I knew my shots were fast and hard. I couldn't imagine how well I'd just painted her insides.

Misty giggled and said it felt good.

I was careful not to pull out as I laid down on top of Misty's back to rest. I knew that a sudden evacuation would send my body into spasms.

She smiled when I kissed her cheek and wrapped my arms around her.

"What if I oversleep tomorrow?" Misty yawned.

"Don't worry." I said between breaths. "I'll be sure to wake you up."

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2013-02-24 21:22:42
no background as to how they got started and how the parents met how long the parents have been married etc. this should be chapter two not one.

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2010-09-23 17:02:06
This One keep between the Steps, Mom has a Husband. I love loving Step making Love.

This is Not Incest, because just because the Parents got Married does not make the Sibs Blood Related. The Same with Adopts by way.

Its more situational then anything else.Getting your raging hormones taken care of at Home, reduces stress, and frustration.

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carry on as a romance,perhaps with pregnancy and babies, but no steps as that wud ruin the loving attitude.


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needs some back ground you never really said how they got to fucking not something you should leave out of a story do a prolouge


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No, keep off the step mum. This was very good, both sexualys and gramaticaly, but I think you should keep it realistic, and just stay between the steps.

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