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First visit to my home country in 10 years
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Let me first begin by saying that I am very open to different things in life and I am quite fond of sexual things and I love young women a whole lot, especially ages 18-25. My name is Tom and I am 41 years of age. I have a great wife and 1 adorable son aged 12 years old. Now I work and live in a foreign country but when it comes to my vacation I would normally take my family with me but I have not been to my home country in almost 10 years and so the time was nearing when I would be making my long awaited visit to family and some old friends of mine. As the day approached I was getting a bit nervous but I managed. Upon arrival at the airport I was greeted by a good old buddy of mine named Sham and so we made our way home. Sham was telling me how the guys are so glad I came down and hope we all can get together for a few drinks some time soon. I loved the idea and so we continued.

After all the meeting and greeting of my family, I was finally able to settle down and now prepare for some good time with my buddies whom I have not seen in 10 years. Apparently Sham and the guys had arranged for an all guys party at Sham’s home and I was the guest of honour. Upon learning this I was happy and excited and could not wait. Everything was set for a Saturday night and as 6pm arrived I got into my dad’s car and drove over to Sham. Upon driving up to the house I can clearly see about 8 vehicles parked in front Sham’s home, I parked and rang the door bell. Sham answered and as I entered a shout of “welcome home” hit me and I saw my good lads and surprisingly I also saw about 6 girls dressed in School girl uniforms. As I asked Sham who are the girls and he told me “they are our ushers”. I was wowed at what lengths my buddies went for me. So in total there were 15 persons present. There were beers, whiskey, wine, and champagne also lots of food and music. Sham’s home was quite big and his family had vacated the place for the party. I must mention that only we guys knew about the ushers.

I was very relaxed and we all started to drink and chat and have a good time. After about 7 beers and maybe about 5 glasses of champagne I sat down with my pal Billy and as we sat I had to say something concerning the ushers. I asked Billy “where did you guys get the girls from, they are quite pretty and seems very young?” I was told by Billy that they are all over 18 and I have nothing to worry about. As I started to get a little high I found myself taking short glances at one of the young ladies and she seemed to be the youngest and she was indeed pretty. I called on Sham and asked “hey, that usher with the sweet ass, what’s her story”? Suddenly Sham said “actually she (Samantha) is 19 and this is her first job, but not to worry Tom, because Samantha is actually your welcome home present”. I froze for about 5 seconds and then replied “really, then this party has turned out to be the best one I have ever been to”. I sat back down and called for a beer and signalled that I want Samantha to bring it for me and so she did with a huge smile on her pretty face. As I gazed at her body as she walked towards me I heard a little voice in my head say “what a beautiful girl”. As she came closer I stood up and collected the beer and said to her “thank you darling, I must admit, you are quite pretty”. And as expected, she blushed and I held her hand and asked her to sit with me and have a drink and she agreed but I was going to get her a drink and she requested a glass of whiskey. I was being a gentleman and she loved it that even though she was paid to serve me, here I was serving her. I guessed it made her feel special.

When I came with the glass of champagne, the guys were very loud in saying “yea Tom, have all the fun you want with her cause she is all yours”. I smiled and sat down next to Samantha and we started to have basic small talk and so things were great. I was now getting high and all that was now on my mind is sex and sex and sex. Just the fact of knowing that I am having the time of my life and have a young woman as beautiful as can be to be my play toy was mind blowing. After Samantha had about 5 glasses of champagne, I politely asked her “would you like for us to go upstairs where we can have some privacy?” She happily agreed and so I gave the guys the notion and as we walked up the stairs they were chanting “go Tom, go Tom, go Tom, go Tom”.

As we made our way up we arrived in the hall way and we were directed to Sham’s room and wow, he actually had the bed layed with some flowers and a small box in the middle of the bed with a small note attached to it saying “here are some tools that we hope you find useful”. In the box I found KY jelly, condoms, a spray for delayed ejaculation also a neatly wrapped marijuana joint. Samantha said to me “wow, your friends really do like you” and I replied “yea that’s true since we all grew up together and also I am very liberal with my monies that I send for these good friends to either help with their businesses, family etc”. She was impressed and so I took the joint and lit it up and she started to take her shirt off when I had to interrupt her and requested that we both take a shower and freshen up and she smiled and said “Tom, you are a great guy and I appreciate that you are treating me so good”. No problem, I assured her and that I will take good care of her and gave her the joint to take a few hits and so she did. Samantha was less high than me but it did not matter. As she made her way to the shower I cleared the bed and layed the items from the box next to the bed.

I then heard the shower stop and as the door opened I closed my eyes and made my way into the shower and took the ejaculation delay spray along with a beer and the now half joint. I took a warm bath and boy it felt good to the point that I was partially restored to soberness but as I finished, I dried off and finished off my beer and the joint and took 2 spray on my cock head and waited for about 5 minutes then I came out of the bathroom. As I opened the door, there she was absolutely naked on the bed and I had on a grey robe and within seconds I was getting aroused. As I walked over to the bed Samantha seemed a bit nervous and as I enquired I was shockingly met with the news that Samantha is a virgin and has never done this part of her job before. I was so pleased to know she was a virgin and I assured her that I will be gentle with her and with that said I started to massage her legs and her skin which was so smooth and beyond belief I had to savour this moment. With the alcohol and weed in my system I was overtaken by lust and felt like an animal in heat. As I rubbed her legs and made my way to her neatly shaven pussy she was already getting wet and making sounds of pleasure. My cock was rising slowly and my mind was now fully occupied with thoughts of what I am going to do with this charm of a young woman. I then slowly leaned down and we kissed as if we were in love, there was so much passion and I loved it so much that I removed my robe to reveal my nakedness and I sat next to her and she sat up and we kissed and kissed. Her lips were so soft and her saliva was mixed with mine as we locked tongue.

I then held her hand and we changed position and I layed down on my back and she sat up next to me and reached and held onto my solid 8” of lovely cock meat and when her hands made contact I twitched with excitement and then I held her head and guided her down and as my cock entered her warm and soft mouth, she was full and gagged a bit but was doing a great job. I felt special and relaxed and she started to find some rhythm and then we were off and pleasure was the name of the moment. I have never had my cock sucked buy such a young girl before and to make it more wild, she was the first virgin I was to have. After I was satisfied I sat up and told her to lie down and moved over her and we kissed again and I can taste my pre cum in her mouth. I then started to work on her hard pink nipples and she was in so much pleasure that all she was saying is “I love you Tom, I love you Tom, make love to me, yes, yes, more Tom, more please”. With that said I slowly started to work my way down to her mound and as I got closer her body started to shiver and tremble. As my tongue made contact with her pussy lips Samantha wriggled from side to side in pleasure. As I got my first taste of her juices and pussy I could not help but notice her pussy aroma and it was mesmerizing. I sucked on her clip and pussy walls like a child having his ice cream and we were both in ecstasy. As the sucking continued I invited her to the 69 position and we were both blowing each other with juices flowing and the mere sound of pleasure flowing through the room.

After a few minutes of our suck fest Samantha was getting out of control and was now moaning and groaning until she was almost ready to cum when I suddenly stopped and we changed position and I was now ready to enter her and so she was ready to be entered and fucked. I did not reach for the condom and she was fine with that but I did take the KY and rubbed some in and around her pussy and she was wet and hot and I slowly and surely started to rub my meat up and down her slit when she grabbed my waist and pulled me into her and my 8” of power drilled deep into her hole and busted her hymen and she screamed out in both pain and pleasure at the same time. Her pussy was so tight, her walls were holding on to my meat. Actually my cock was bigger than her hole and she was being stretched to the max but the pleasure was too much for her and she loved her first fuck. I then slowly pulled out and went back in by force since she was now being opened up. I was in a trance and did not care about anything else but what was taking place. I then started to fuck Samantha slowly and the intensity of our body contact along with our perspiration along with our bodily fluids mixing made the moment wild and lustful. As I fucked her, she started to tremble and I can tell that she is ready to cum and I picked up the pace and drove home hard and she let out a loud bust of pleasure “yessssssss, awwwwwwwwwwwww, fuck me Tom, make me your slut Tom, ohhhhhh, yessssssss, yesss, yesssssss, awwwwwwwwwww”. As her orgasm subsided I grabbed her arm and told her to sit on my cock and so she did.

Now we were in a different position and as my cock made its way up her cunt it felt as tight as ever and my cock was gripped by her pussy walls. As she started to bounce up and down she then started to grind on my tool with real intent of having a good fuck. I loved it and I never wanted it to stop. I also noticed that I was fucking Samantha for almost 15 minutes and the ejaculation spray was working like a charm. As she rode my cock like a school girl I helped her to the doggy position and continued ramming my 8 ball in her now well worked cunt. She was having the time of her life. In fact we both were having the time of lives. As I stroked her pussy from behind I could not help it but noticed how pink and inviting her anus was to me. I was actually drooling from looking at her fine sexy ass. I grabbed the KY and squirted some around her anus and while fucking her doggy style I was now massaging her anus and finally I worked one finger in and the intensity was taking hold of her and she started screaming in pleasure again. She was now having her second orgasm and it was building like crazy. I noticed she held onto the sheet and her body got tense and she contracted and squeezed on my hot rod and started shouting and screaming “yesssssss, fuckkkkkk mmmeeeeeeeeee, please don’t stop, fuck me Tom, fuck me Tom, owwwwwwwwwwww, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, ooooooooooooo, huuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh” and she collapsed on the bed from exhaustion and whispered “Tom, I love you”.

I said to Samantha “are you ready for something more intense and erotic?” she replied “are you going to fuck me in my ass? if so I am scared”. I said “Sammy, haven’t I been good with you? Did I break my promise that you’ll have the time of your life? She said “no”. I replied “well you’ll love it in your ass”. She agreed and I proceeded to continue lube her up with KY and decided to do the do and I bent over and started to lick around her anal entrance and that is where all fear, nervousness and doubt went out the window. She was now in ecstasy again and was back in pleasure mode. After a few minutes of rimming her sweet ass, she literally begged me to fuck her ass. She became an animal and was groaning from immense pleasure. I then lubed up my meat and placed it at her entrance and since she was writhing in pleasure I slowly pushed in and my cock head made its way in and then I pushed some more and about 3” went in and I stopped so she can get accustomed and so she did. I pulled back out and went back in for about 5 times and then she was ready. I started fucking Samantha and she was begging me to stop saying “it hurts, it feels good Tom, please stop Tom, it’s too much, awwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, oh it feels so good”. Seemed like the pain stopped and pleasure took over her and she was now begging me to fuck her harder and so I did fucked her with sweet pleasure. My cock was as hard as iron and was now beginning to hurt and I now finally feel some intense movement in and around my back and cock and I started to fuck Sam with real passion and she was loving it but not as much as I was and finally it came rushing and I shot loads and loads of jism in her. Y orgasm lasted for almost a minute. It was so intense and powerful that i let out a loud “aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww. As I went limp and pulled out her ass, so much sperm came oozing out her well worked red anus. I fell onto her fully exhausted and when I looked at the time I realised that we fucked for almost an hour. We fell asleep for about 45 minutes and got up, took a shower together and got dressed and made our way back to the party. The guys were all high but in good shape. As we made our way down we both had glows on our faces and it was visible. Samantha was holding my hand and so our party continued.
I spent 3 weeks in my home country and made love to Samantha more than ten times. Every time I go for a visit my buddies would make sure I have a good time, after all that’s what buddies are for.

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2010-07-07 00:36:10
Wow good story I like it can't wait for part 2 of this, and to thank you for the memories, when I had my 1st virgin that I suck her sweet pussy, and fuck her virgin ass, it was wild and great to make her to submite to my urges and she loved it so much that she calls me so we can fuck like the 1st time too?

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2010-04-16 21:34:14
I love it...Veru erptic and sexy. A few mistakes but a good read

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nice....a tigh pussy is every mans wish

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Great friends

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