I was happy to finally be back home. Even though I'd only been gone a week, I was positive that every day I was gone, I was missing out on something with my friends. At 19, that was a big deal.

The week away had found me travelling to Texas with my family to visit relatives. I'd spent the better part of the month begging my parents not to make me go. They couldn't be reasoned with. According to them, it was important to see family whenever possible. I have to admit...I didn't care.

To get them off my back, I agreed to go. I thought it was too hot and the days seemed to drag on, but that was all finally over. I was home and I was happy.

I'd called my friends the minute our plane landed to let them know I was back. Since it was Friday, I knew they'd be up to something. As I suspected, they were.

I only had two really good friends that I'd kept from the High School days. One was Cody. He was about 6'3, 260lbs. He actually should have graduated a year before I did, but his think-tank was just about empty and ended up graduating with me.

The other was Derek. Derek was a year older, though he had called it quits in school during his Junior year. He stood about 6'1, and weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 160 lbs. He didn't have much fat. He worked a lot and had a pretty built frame.

With me standing right at 6'0 and hitting the scale at 210, we were some above-average sized guys in our area.

To understand my group of friends, you'd have to know a little about us. We loved hunting and we loved fighting. I won't tell you we were the toughest guys that ever walked the face of the Earth; we weren't. But, when push came to shove, we weren't afraid of getting dirty.

Because we all loved to hunt, we wore a lot of what would be considered 'country' attire. Cowboy boots, hats, belt buckles, you know?

However, Cody and Derek were considered 'hicks', whereas I only looked that way. For starters, I didn't drink. It wasn't that had some moral high-ground against it, I just didn't like it. I also didn't get a hard-on whenever I saw a John Deere logo. I had excellent grades in school and a mind for business. But, we all got along just the same.

So, as you can imagine, I'd been missing them like crazy.

One thing I could never understand about Derek was the way girls were drawn to him with a magnetic force. True, he had been working for a few years and had managed to rent a small house, but that was about the only thing he had going for him. I guess he had some kind of hidden charm that none of us knew about.

I couldn't complain, though. Thanks to Derek, it was almost a guarantee that there'd be girls at his house whenever I went there. Some were beautiful, some made me think his vision was slipping.

Another thing I could thank Derek for was introducing me to my now ex-girlfriend, Candace. She was absolutely my idea of 'beautiful'. After meeting her, we were inseparable. We'd only been dating 2 months or so when I told her that I loved her, a feeling she admitted she shared.

Sure, it was a small amount of time, but I'd never felt that way about someone. It was a feeling I didn't know how to describe and I didn't think I could if I tried.

That same night, we took each others virginity. I was 18 at the time and so was she. I'd always felt awkward that I was the only one of my friends that was still a virgin, but I suppose I had somewhat of a fear of females.

I honestly believed that I 'loved' her. I also honestly believed that she 'loved' me as well.

My faithfulness was commendable. I never even thought about being with another girl, although I'd had ample chance.

Of course, after dating close to a year, it was obvious she didn't feel the same way. We started fighting a lot, and during one of my stops at her house, I found used condoms thrown in her trash can. She didn't even deny it. So, bam. We were through.

Even though it ended so badly, I didn't hate her. Not at all. I still thought she was a great person, and hoped she was happy.

I sat restlessly in the car during the ride home from the airport. It was already 8 p.m. and dark. I was so annoyed at the traffic that was keeping me from my friends. Of course, with a little patience, we got away from it and were soon home.

I didn't even bother unpacking. I put on some jeans and a different t shirt and headed out the door to my truck. One new part of my attire were the boots I'd bought while in Texas; Snakeskin.

It was almost 9:30 when I finally got to Dereks. From the outside, it looked calm. Once inside the door, it was obvious that wasn't the case.

Cody was sitting in chair in the corner while Derek was up walking from one room to the next. Scattered about the living room were 5 girls. None of them looked familiar. My guess was that Derek had invited a couple of them and they ended up bringing friends. It happens.

Everyone that I saw had a can of beer in their hand or somewhere close to them. I'd like to mention again...I don't drink.

Derek didn't care if people came to his house to drink. The only rule was that once they started, a sip or a 6 pack, they weren't leaving.

Obeying the rules, the girls were dressed in various ways. Some were in normal clothes, while others had brought shorts and a shirt to sleep in.

I sat down next to Cody, who gave me a nod. We made small talk. He asked about my trip, yada, yada.

As the night went on, everyone kept drinking. I didn't talk much to any of the girls. I wasn't shy. I just didn't really have a lot to say to someone that I didn't know. Especially when they were drinking. Truth be told, though, Derek had done well. Each of these girls was very attractive.

As most people will find out in their youth, when you get a group of young people together and alcohol's involved, people tend to act stupid. It's just part of growing up, I guess.

Girls being girls, they formed a small group on one side of the room. Whispers and giggles left their close circle. It was obvious they could only be talking about one thing. Us.

Derek, Cody and I just shot looks to each other. We thought it was funny. The clock was closing in on midnight when Derek asked me to help him with something in the kitchen.

"Whatcha need?" I asked as I followed him into the room.

"Nothing." Derek said with perfect clairty. He was one of those people that didn't get stupid when he drank.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Just wanted to tell you", he paused, "Nicole thinks you're pretty cute."

"Nicole?" I had no idea which one that was.

"Green shirt, black pants." Derek said, trying to jog my memory.

"I'll have to look." I said.

Derek raised an eyebrow at me and walked out of the room.

When I came back to the living room, I immediately looked for Nicole. I don't know if it was just because I knew she thought I was cute or not, but she was definitely attractive. We made eye contact by accident and she smiled at me. I smiled back, but I'm sure it made me look ridiculous.

Her hair was very light, almost blonde on top, and a lighter shade of brown below. It was natural.

I tried to act as naturally as I had been, but it was difficult. I was much more careful about my appearance and the things I said.

A few minutes went by when I felt my phone vibrating. When I opened it, a number I didn't recognize had sent me a text. 'Hey', it read.

Me: Who is this?
Nicole: Nicole
Me: Oh. Ha. You're like 10 feet away.
Nicole: I know lol
Me: How'd you get my number?
Nicole: Derek
Me: Figured.
Nicole: Yup. Come talk to me
Me: Why?
Me: I didn't mean it like that.
Nicole: Then come talk to me lol
Me: About what?
Nicole: Stuff.
Me: I don't think I should come down their with all of your friends.
Nicole: Then we'll go somewhere else and talk.
Me: Kitchen?
Nicole: Everyone will stare at us!
Me: The only other place is the spare bedroom.
Nicole: Let's go!

I shut my phone and looked at Derek. I'm pretty sure he knew. Derek's house was small, but still had two bedrooms. One was his. The other was used for one thing. Sex. Basically, anytime one of his friends hit it off with a girl while at his house, they were allowed to use the room to their liking. Candace and I had used it a time or two...or a lot more than that.

It was after midnight when I got in the room and looked at a clock on the wall. I sat on the edge of the bed for a few minues. No Nicole.

I was just about to go back into the living room when she stumbled in, shutting the door behind her. She was a pretty small girl and the alcohol had taken it's affect.

"Hiiii!" She almost whispered with a smile as she sat down next to me.

"Hi." I said, staring at her. "Having fun?"

"Mhmm." She answered.

I looked down at her legs. Her black pants were sweats and she had them pulled up over her calves.

"Are you spending the night, too?" She asked.

"If I find a reason to." I pushed my luck, hoping she was too drunk to really be paying attention.

"I think I drank too much." She said, rubbing her forehead.

"Then why don't you lay down? You're already on a bed." I offered.

She smiled like she knew what I was up to. Regardless, she scooted to one side of the bed, laying longways. When she opened her eyes, she looked at me and patted the spot beside her.

I crawled up beside her and laid on my side, facing her. We just stared at each other for awhile.

"You're very pretty." I smiled.

"Aw. Thanks." She replied. I could smell alcohol on her breath. Her head came up and she kissed me on the cheek for being sweet. Before she could move away, I kissed her cheek back.

The smile faded from her face as she stared intently in my eyes. For a second, I thought I'd crossed some line with her. To my delight, it was just the opposite. She moved her head back down again, this time her lips meeting mine.

I felt her tongue pushing into my own mouth. I allowed my hand to explore her back, coming to a stop at her ass, giving it a squeeze. When she didn't object, I squeezed some more.

The stirring in my pants didn't bother me at all. Even if she felt it, what did she think would happen?

My lips left hers and trailed down her neck. She moaned into my ear as my hand continued groping.

Through the tinge of alcohol, Nicole had a sweet smell to her. I liked it.

My kisses stoppped abruptly when a knock came to the door.

"Nicole! Nicole!" a voice called out from the other side. It had to be one of those other girls...annoying.

With a sigh, Nicole rolled off of me and stumbled her way to the door. She opened it up, just a crack.

"What?" She asked her friend.

"What are you doing?" the friend asked.

"Nothing. Laying down." Nicole answered.

"Well, come on." Her friend instructed. "We're getting ready for bed."

"I'm gonna sleep in here." Nicole explained.

"Want one of us to stay with you?" the friend asked.

"No. I'm good. I just wanna go lay down." Nicole said.

With that, she shut the door, locking it.

When she turned back toward me, she was rolling her eyes.

"She's probably right." She said.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Should probably get ready for bed." Nicole said.

I felt like my chest collapsed. Rejected. Or so I thought.

As I was getting ready to roll off the bed and leave, Nicole grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head. A white bra supported her perky breasts.

Adding to my amusement, she was soon peeling her sweatpants down to the floor and stepping out of them. Panties with just enough material to cover the basics in the front and back, connected by strings at the hips, smiled at me.

Nicole acted like it wasn't a big deal as she laid back down next to me.

"You're sleeping in your clothes?" She asked with a smile.

I looked at her for a minute before I stood and slipped my boots off. We kept eye contact as my fingers unlatched my belt.

With my pants on the floor, I slipped my t shirt off, leaving me only in boxers.

I crept back to the bed, laying down slowly. I scooted my body close to Nicoles. Man, what a body she had. She looked great.

My hand floated to her bare hip, rubbing slowly. With a twinkle in her eyes, she moved close and our lips met once more. As she pulled her nails along my chest, the rest of my body tingled.

Throwing caution to the wind, my hand left her hip and worked its way up her smooth skin, stopping at her chest. With her breast in my palm, I squeezed slightly. Pressing forward, I allowed my finger tips to infiltrate the underside of her bra, pushing it up.

She giggled in a cute way as her breasts became exposed. Using my index and middle finger, I playfully pinched at her nipple as we kissed.

Breaking our kiss, Nicole sat up, reaching behind her to unclasp her bra. With it out of the way, she tossed it to the floor.

Instead of laying back down, Nicole bit her lower lip and stared down at me. I had to smile at her as she bent her body down and kissed my stomach as her hand groped me through my boxers.

I was already hard, but her touch stiffened me fully. Her fingers worked at me as her kisses trailed down lower and lower.

With no other option, she lifted the elastic of my boxers up, pulling me out. Assisting her, I lifted my hips from the bed, scooting my boxers down my legs, finally flipping them off with my feet.

Her sweet lips met the base of my shaft as she tugged at me slowly. I allowed my hand to explore her hair and scalp as she worked.

With a last look at my eyes and a somewhat wicked smile, her mouth maneuvered to my shaft. Her tongue ran up and down my length, her lips making contact along the way.

My eyes shut as I did my best to contain my obvious pleasure. Feeling brave, her lips parted, my cock finding its way into her mouth.

What a great feeling it was. I'd been with a girl or two...or more...since Candace, but I'd never taken this much time with one. Since Candace, every girl had just been 'come in, lay down, fuck, see ya later'. Nicole and I were being more sensual about it all.

Her hot, wet tongue swirled around my shaft. All I could imagine was ramming my cock deep inside her. The whole blowjob just seemed like a tease. I didn't complain, though.

Nicole had switched her technique up, now sucking mainly on my head as her hand continued to pump at me.

Taking a break, Nicole pulled herself to her knees, keeping her hand gripping my shaft. She looked so cute when she smiled at me.

Even though my cock had just left the area, I had to kiss her. Sitting up, I pulled her head to my own and tasted myself on her tongue. Seeing my chance to take control, I pushed Nicole to her back, gently.

My bare cock dangled above her pelvis as I kissed down her body. I took a brief stop at her chest to give her nipples a thrill. As I neared her panty line, I hesitated. I stared into her eyes, making sure my advances wouldn't be halted.

With no sign of wanting me to stop, I gave her cotton panties a tug, pulling them down her legs.

I placed my face between her legs. The sweet smell of female drifted into my head. Her vagina was textbook. It was beautiful and bald as a baby's ass.

She let out small giggles as my tongue flicked at her. Placing my hands on her stomach, I drove my tongue in deep. Her hips squirmed and her breathing quickened.

Truth be told, I could have stayed down there until morning. I had a real talent for cunnilingus, or so I'd been told.

With her slit shining, I was satisfied with my job. Working myself up, her legs found their way onto my shoulders.

My eyes shifted to Nicoles. She had a strange mix of innocence and excitement in them.

"This isn't your first time, right?" I asked, joking.

"Please. I'm 16. I can handle it." She smiled.

That's how I found out she was 16. It didn't slow me down at all.

I pushed the head of my cock against her lower lips. I was slow in my assault. I backed myself off, then pushed slowly again. I repeated this several times, allowing the anticipation to build.

Finally, I decided the time was right. I pushed myself in slowly, a moan exiting Nicoles small body.

She felt so tight. My cock struggled as I backed my hips up before pushing myself back in.

My hips were starting to loosen up, allowing me to thrust to my heart's desire. I could hear my balls smack against the warm skin of my play mate.

The more we got into it, the more her legs just didn't want to stay on my shoulders. Deciding it was more trouble than it was worth, I allowed them to fall. I still had a pretty good angle, so I wasn't too upset.

Her ankles locked around my waist, pulling me in deeper. I smiled as I felt my cock smashing around. Burying my face in her neck, I kissed everything my lips could touch.

Nicoles hot breath hit my ear, giving me goosebumps.

"Oh, God..." she moaned lightly.

I knew that was a good sign. That meant she was enjoying herself.

I loved what we were doing, but I need to diversify. After a few more pumps, I pushed myself up, sitting on my knees, my cock slipping out of her. The lips around her pussy were slowly beginning to redden.

My stiff cock was glistening as I rolled off the bed and motioned for Nicole to follow.

Her small body followed my own, first facing me. I turned her around, running my hands down her back. I was gripping her hips as she took hold of the bed post.

As soon as I pushed myself back in, she started moving her hips wildly. There didn't seem to be any real rhythm. Up, down, side, side, anything she could do. Again, I wasn't complaining.

Getting a firm grip on her hips brought the wild motions to a stop. With a steady platform, I started popping my hips back and forth. My balls sounded like gun shots. I was sure that anyone still awake would be able to hear them, but what did I care?

I moved my hands from her hips, to her back, to her shoulders, to her chest and back. I just couldn't decide. It all felt so good!

All the tension weakened my legs. I felt wobbly and could only imagine how Nicole felt.

I pulled out once more. Turning around immediately, Nicole wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me. I pulled her with me as I made my way back to the bed. As I sat down, I pulled her on top of me.

My legs were partially hanging off of the bed as Nicole scooted herself back up my body. I gripped her thighs as I felt her fingers guide my shaft back inside her.

She immediately began bouncing up and down, sending the cries of a squeaking bed piercing through the night.

A smile spread across my own face. My sweaty body was in ecstacy. Nicole began moaning more and more.

Finally, her body fell down onto mine. I knew I was very, very close. I figured she had to be, too.

Keeping this in mind, I wrapped my arms around her, tightly. As her own hips continued flowing, mine started bucking up and down.

I knew this was it. The big finale was to speak.

With just a few more pumps, I felt my body start to convulse. Hot loads jetted from my body into Nicoles. This must've sent her over, too. As I kept pumping for my life, I felt her pussy contrat around me like a viper.

I knew I was moaning, but I was totally inaudible over Nicole's shrill roar of pleasure.

I wasn't sure how long I had been holding my breath. I exhaled and felt the cool air wash over me. I tried my best to lay perfectly still, knowing any movement at all would send my sensitive dick spasming.

"Oh my God..." I sighed.

"Amazing." Nicole said between breaths.

After a few moments of post-sex kissing, Nicole rolled off of me, collapsing at my side.

We laid there, staring into each others twinkling eyes, as the clock struck the next hour.

With my arms around her, Nicole and I kissed good night and closed our eyes...

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2010-09-23 18:02:36
This is worth a part 2. Letting the relationship develop.


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Ha. Well, link me to some of your stories and I'll see if I can get some pointers.

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wow terrible story and at the beginning the dude sounds gay, details sucked, backtracked way to much, not pissed his ex cheated on him how stupid is that any guy would be fucking pissed just a bad story

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Well written, but a bit boring at times. The back story is important however, I felt that some of it was just a bunch of drivel. All around good story, 8 out of 10


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Really nice. Can tell this came from the heart and was very realistic good job can't wait to read more.

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