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His turn
I kiss you passionately as I?shove you on the four poster bed. I blindfold you so you can feel everything more intensely. I slowly unbutton your shirt with my teeth letting you feel my hot breath on your skin. After your shirt is off, I tie your hands to the bedpost. I unzip your jeans very slowly listening to your moans. Finally I take off your underwear, releasing your growing hard on. After you are completely naked, I tie your feet to the bed as well.

Next I take off the blindfold and strip for you slowly, enjoying your cock getting bigger. After I too am completely naked, I replace the blindfold. I straddle you, letting you feel my dripping cunt on your stomach. I then get out my oils, and begin a sensuous massage. I start with your neck rubbing slowly, slowly. I work my way down your chest kissing you all over and paying special attention to your nipples. As I rub my way down your body, cock is standing straight up and you beg to fuck me. I tell you, good things cum to those who wait, and I slow down.

Once I?m done with your massage, I slowly begin to kiss the inside of your thighs. I move my way up and begin to lick your balls, and then I move my tongue up the length of your dick and slowly tease the tip. When I feel that you can?t possibly hold out any longer, I take your entire length down my throat. You shoot your cum down my throat with such a forceful orgasm that you break your bonds, but I still manage to swallow every drop.

As you look at me with a look of extreme satisfaction, you say, " now it's your turn."...

To be continued...

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2011-12-09 14:27:00
If my problem was a Death Star, this atirlce is a photon torpedo.


2004-06-25 16:40:21
This is a good start, but needs more detail - deion of yourself and your man, how you got into this situation, take it slower. But that said, a really good piece of erotica - I wish I was your man getting this treatment from you. I am now going to read part 2!


2004-06-14 19:59:34
that sucked... too boring


2004-03-25 23:22:53
you can tie me up any time you wish, and do any thing you want, any time you wish.


2004-03-25 17:21:28
Kinda boring need more detail.

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