I got my dad to fuck me and he never knew
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.


Hi, My name is Dianne and I have a true story that I want to tell you. I'm just 16 and I am 5'6" and weigh 118#. I am really into soccer so have a nice firm body even if I don't have big tits. They are 34B's. I am not a virgin. I had sex the first time just after I turned (1x) with my cousin Derrick when he and his folks came to visit us for a few days. I have been with several other guys after that and I really like fucking and sucking. The school nurse put me on the pill so my parents don't know that I am not a virgin.

When I was younger I first saw my parents making love in their bed when they left the door open a little bit thinking I had been asleep for hours. I went to the bathroom and while in the hall I heard noises in their room so I looked in. They were naked on the bed. Dad had his face between Mom's legs and she was moaning and rolling her head back and forth. Then Dad got up on his knees and put his "thing" between her legs and pushed forward. (Now I know that his "thing" is a big hard cock.) He started moving it in and out into the hole between her legs which I now know is her cunt and she started saying things like; "Oh yes. Harder. Fuck me harder. I love your hard cock." Dad kept pushing it in and out for about five minutes and then Mom let out a load moan and lay more quietly. Dad moved again and kneeled beside her head. She turned her head and put his cock in her mouth and he started moving it in and out like he had done between her legs. In about a minute he took it out and she held her mouth close to it and wide open and I saw spurts of white stuff come out of the end of his cock and shoot into her mouth. She put her mouth back around his cock head and I could see her cheeks pull in as she sucked hard on it. Dad pulled out and laid down with her and they kissed deeply then cuddled and turned the lights out and went to sleep. I was breathing hard and was very wet between my legs. I knew about getting wet down there and went back to my room and knowing that it feels good to rub myself down there, I rubbed my slit and fell asleep. I was able to watch them several more times. I also searched the computer and learned an lot more about sex and fucking from photos and stories that I found on-line.

It was almost a year later and my parents had sent me to spend the night with a sitter who lived a couple blocks down the street from us. It was about 10pm and I was having trouble getting to sleep. I wanted my teddy bear but had left it at home. I went downstairs. The lady who was sitting for me was asleep on the couch with the TV on. I did not want to bother her and as I lived close, I went down the street to my home to get Teddy. When I got there I could see several cars parked near the house and there was pretty loud music playing. I went around the side of the house and went up to the window and looked in. Inside I saw a lot of people in the rooms that I could see. They were all undressed and several of them were fucking. I saw my teacher from last year on the couch with my father between her legs fucking her. Mom and a man that I did not know were both naked and standing on the other side of the family room kissing. He had one hand on her ass and the other squeezing one of her tits. Another couple that I could see were in the living room. She was on her knees and he was standing in front of her while she sucked his dick deep into her mouth. Another man came up beside them and she started switching back and forth sucking both of them. I stood there watching for several minutes, rubbing my pussy while I watched. I looked in my window and saw two more people fucking on my bed. I gave up on getting Teddy and went back to where I was spending the night. That was the first time that I knew that Mom and Dad are swingers.

It was about a month later when Derrick and my aunt and uncle came for a visit. Derrick and I went down to the school playground to run some laps. Derrick was a high school senior and on the football team so he was well built. After about an hour we had worked up a good sweat and were ready to go home. We walked through the park on the way. When we passed a wooded area, Derrick took my hand and pulled me into the woods. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tightly to him, chest to chest, and kissed me hard. I tried to push him away but he held me tight. He reached to the front of my sweaty t-shirt and squeezed my titty. "You're cute Dianne. I want to fuck you." I managed to back away but he held my wrist. I told him that I had never been with a boy. He sat me on a log and we started to talk. I told him about some of the things I had seen and how wet it had made me between my legs and that I had popped my own cherry using a cucumber. He put his arm around my shoulders and started telling me how much I would enjoy letting him "do me". He said how gentle he would be. He started kissing me. I didn't stop him. He put a hand between my legs and commented on how wet I was. He slid his hand inside the top of my sweats and shorts and rubbed my pussy. It felt way better than when I did it myself and I opened my legs wide and let him push his fingers into me. Derrick led me over to a small grassy opening in the trees. He knelt before me and pulled my bottoms down and I stepped out of them. Then he pulled me to the ground on my knees and stood up and removed his sweats and shorts. His cock was a lot smaller than my dad's but it was hard and stuck straight out in front of him in my face. He told me to show him how I had seen my mom sucking my dad's cock. I opened my mouth and put the head of his cock in my mouth. It was wet and tasted salty and a little bitter but not bad. Derrick put a hand behind my head and shoved his cock into me till it hit the back of my mouth, gagging me. I pulled away and gave him a dirty look. "You said that you would be gentle." "Sorry, he said, I got excited and carried away. Your mouth feels so good on my cock." I smiled. I put his cock back in my mouth and he did not push this time. I started doing what I had seen mom and dad do. Soon I was able to get about 4" of his 6" in and let it touch the back of my mouth without gagging. I liked the feel of the soft outer loose skin of his cock as it moved over the hard inner shaft and the way it felt as my tongue rubber against his cock head. This was enjoyable. After a minute he told me to lay on my back. When I did he got between my legs and lined his cock up to my opening. I reminded him that it was my first time and to take it easy. He gently pushed just the head in between my lips and slowly moved it in and out. He pushed a little further each time till he was fully in me and pumping slowly in and out of my pussy. It was tight but it felt wonderful. Derrick fucked me for about two minutes and then said that he was about ready to come. I told him not to come in me because I did not want to get pregnant. He agreed, but only if I would suck him as he came. I said OK. He pulled out and brought his cock to my mouth. He pushed it in about half way and started shooting his cum into my mouth. It was more than I could take and I started to gag and cough. I spit some of it out around his cock and some came out my nose. I regained control and swallowed most of it. Derrick pulled out and kissed me and told me how wonderful I was and how great I had made him feel. I told him that I liked it too. We got dressed and went back to the house. He left a couple days later. We had wanted to do it again but never got the chance to be alone again before he left.

About a week ago I overheard Mom tell Dad that she had arranged for me to go to the sitter for the night so I guessed that they were planning another party. It was near Halloween and a couple days later I heard her say that she had picked her costume. I guessed it was for their party. The next day I peeked and saw what Mom and Dad were going to wear. I went to the store and bought myself a pink baby doll nightie and a pink mask that covered the top half of my face. I made sure that they didn't see it. I was going to crash the party and sure did not want them to suspect that I was there. At the sitter's I did my hair differently and put on some different perfume that I had purchased. That night about 10 o'clock I snuck out of the sitter's house and went to mine. I was right. There was a party. I looked in and could tell that it was indeed a swingers party. I went in the back garage door and changed into my baby doll and mask and walked into the house from the garage. I saw Mom and Dad talking to another couple in the family room but unlike some of the others, nothing sexual was happening right then. I walked up to them and stood with them. I stood behind Dad and put my arms around him and rubbed my tits against his back. He turned around and cupped my tits in his hands sending a sexual tingle through my entire body. I reached my hand down between his legs and squeezed his big hard erection. I wanted to take my mask off but didn't dare. I dropped to my knees and opened his zipper. I reached in and pulled his monster out. He was wearing very loose pants in his pirate costume with no underwear so I got it out easily. With it in front of my face I realized just how big it really was. I knew just want I wanted to do. I had been with several other boys between when I was with Derrick and now and had taught myself how to take all of a cock into my throat, but this was the biggest cock I had ever had for my pleasure. I took a deep breath and shoved forward. My jaw was stretched so wide that it hurt and I gagged a little as it touched the back of my mouth but I concentrated and pushed hard taking all 10 inches into my throat. I started throat fucking my father's cock for all I was worth. He turned to Mom and said,” Wow this is one hot sexy lady." Mom gave Dad a big kiss while I sucked him.

I wanted my pussy full of his giant man meat so I stopped sucking, stripped out of what I was wearing and rolled on my back with my legs spread and pulled up. He quickly got the idea and got between my legs and put his cock head to my pussy. He was so tight in me that it took some time for Dad to work his cock into me and start a fucking rhythm but he did and it felt super. Mom kneeled next to my head and Dad sucked her tits as he fucked me. He got to where he was going so hard and deep into me that he started moving me across the floor. I thought I was going to get a rug burn on my butt. He reached for my face and started to remove my mask but I put my hand up and stopped him and shook my head, no. My father stopped fucking me and directed me to change positions. Now he was on his back and I was sitting on his cock facing his feet as I bounced up and down on his shaft driving it as deep into me as it could possibly go. He reached up and took my shoulders and pulled me back so my back was on his chest. He reached around me and squeezed my tits while fucking me from the back. Mom moved around and got between our legs and bent down and started licking my slit as well as Dad's cock and balls. Soon she felt Dad's balls tighten and knew that he was about to come. She latched onto my clit and sucked it hard as he drove himself deep into me and unloaded his huge load of hot thick sperm into me. These two things together sent me over the edge and I had the hardest orgasm that I have ever had. I screamed and collapsed. My cunt could not hold all of the cum and as some leaked out of me around my fathers shaft. Mom licked it up. She got up and after a few seconds I regained my control and got off Dad. I turned around and sucked his now deflating cock clean. Then I gave each of them a big kiss with lots of tongue.

I picked up my baby doll nightie and started to make my way out of the room. Mom and Dad were embracing. Dad told me that I was one great fuck and that they had really enjoyed being with me. Dad said that the Robertsons were having another Halloween party the next Saturday and asked if I was going to be there. I shook my head yes and left the room. I went out into the garage and changed back into my normal clothes, walked back to the sitter's house and snuck back in and went to bed. Yes, I was planning to be at the next party.

Mom and Dad had never suspected that it was me but maybe next time I will let Dad remove my mask. Maybe.



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You should make a part two to this story. I would love to read about the parents finding out that would be so hot

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makes my pussy sooo wet

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We have always fucked and sucked in front of our daughter without trying to hide our sexuallity. When she was 10 she came over and started sucking my cock without my telling her to. I first fucked her on her thirteenth birthday. She is 19 now and I fuck her more than I do my wife but it is best when I have them both in the bed at the same time. They both love my cock but have never tried it with eack other. Pity.

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My daughter was more direct and started waking me up with blowjobs when she was 9. Now that she is 12 she is waking me up with pussy and ass. It's the absolute best fuckingbyour own daughter! We started video taping our sex sessions I would love to past them but I like staying out of jail.

I read these daddy/daughter stories to keep things fresh with my pre-teen dream!


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Good Story.... how do I know....? My cock is hard!

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