Father and young son
I am a 43 year old married guy. My wife Greta and I just moved to a new small town with our 6 year old son Nathan. We have no family or friends around but Greta was transfered to a new job here and I got the job of staying home with our son when hes not at school and on weekends.

I barley see my wife. She works such long hours. I don't mind though. I worked hard in my life and I am enjoying some time off watching tv, and sleeping in. And of course spending time with my son.

After dinner on thursday night. My wife called to say she would be working late as usual, My son and I sat down to watch some tv. When it was time for him to go to bed he wouldn;t go. I was hopeing he would get to sleep early tonight because I spent the afternoon watching some porn on the computer and I was in desperate need to get off. It is the only pleassure I get latley with the wife gone.

But Nathan was being stubborn. Saying he missed his mom and didnot want to be alone. So I let him stay on the couch with me if he promised to go to sleep.

After about an hour of watching some silly tv show Nathan was finally asleep. I began changing the channnel and found a xxx porn flick on. I figured, he is asleep I can watch and maybe make myself feel good. It didn;t take long from watching the movie till I was fully hard again. And needing to be relived. I glanced over at my son. He was sound asleep still.

I unzipped my pants and took my hard cut 8 inch cock out of my pants. I slowly began to stroke it watching a bi sexual seen. Now I am not bi sexual but for some reason this scene was making me hot. One of the guys was sucking on the other guys cock while the other cock licked the girls pussy.

I closed my eyes and began to stroke faster wishing my wife was there to suck on my cock.

I was interupted by Nathan saying. "Daddy what are you doing?"

I jumped. I tried to cover my cock and find the remote. I was having trouble doing both.

"Is that your pee pee? Its bigger then mine." he said.

"Um. yours will get bigger." was all i could say.

I wanted so bad for him to go back to sleep so I could finish. I needed to cum so bad.

I managed to shut the movie and cover myself with a pillow.

"What where you doing to your pee pee daddy?"

I sighed. "Well. When your older you will know. It is something older guys need to fo to feel good."

He heard the word feel good, and he wanted to feel good.

"I want to feel good now."

"No son. You cant. This is something only for Daddys." I told him thinking he would give up on the idea.

"Please daddy. Please? Show me how to feel good."

I was getting harder with my own son wanting to know more about this.

I smiled at him. "Well theres alot of ways to feel good that goes with this. Or with other things. Go bac to sleep please Nathan."

"Daddy, come on please. I want to see your big pee pee again and I want to feel good now!" he was geeting stubborn.

I thought for a minute. "Ok. But you can never tell anyone. Not mommy, not anyone at school, no one. Or I could go away and you wont ever see me again."

That hurt him. "I wont then Daddy. I dont want you to go away."

I took the pillow off my cock and it sprang to live. It was getting harder will my 6 year old son staring at my cock.

"What where you doing to it daddy? And what was that movie on tv?"

I figured I went thise far. I might as well keep going.

I turned the tv back on. The guy that was licking the womans pussy was now suck on the guys cock and that guy was fingering the girl.

My son just stared at the tv. I looked from my son back to the tv and I started to stroke my cock again. More excited cuz my son was there. He was getting me turned on. But how could he be? he is only 6? He is my son ! and i am not bi.

"Daddy. That guy has that other guys pee pee in his mouth. Why?"

I was stroking looking at my cute little boy. I started moaning a bit. "Because it feels soooo good." I answered.

"Oh the feeling good? I want that done to me. Can you do that to me daddy make me feel good?"

I was so far gone by this point. Knowing it was wrong. But knowing I was so incrediably horny.

"Come here." I said. I pulled him close to me and i put my lips on his. kissed him a few times.

"Nathan. daddy is gonna stic my tongue in your mouth now. You stick yours in mine and you move it with mine ok?"

"Ok daddy."
I kissed my son again. Stuck my tongue in his mouth. We moved our tongues together. I couldn;t beleive I was kissing my son on the mouth. with tongue. The moaning from the movie continued.

I pulled back. I just had to get my hands on that little tiny penis of his. It was so small as i lightly touched it. I leaned down still stroking my own cock while i put my sons entire little penis and tiny balls in my mouth. I began to suck him so hard. Just like I would want to be sucked.

He was actually moaning! He was loving it ! I doubted he could cum. But I could make him feel good.

After about 10 minutes of me sucking my son off, he asked " Can I try it to you now daddy?"

I was in shock and on fire !

"Honey I am a little big for you to get in your mouth, but you can try..."

He got down and started to hold on to it.

"Just lick it like you would on ice cream pop. But dont bite, watch your teeth."

My little boy was a born cock sucker ! He managed to get me alittle in his mouth, but he sure could lick and kiss it good. I layed down on the couch to get more comfy.

I turned my son around so he was on top of me. We began to do a 69 now. I began to suck my sons pee pee again. and I gently starting to tickle his little asshole. He seemed to like it. He began licking me faster. I told him to try stroking me too. I showed him how from his little penis.

I start to tongue fuck his ass while stroking him. I didn;t think I could actually fuck him at this age, but the thought of it.. mmm making me so ready.

Just as I was getting closer to comming, the front door opened. IN walked my wife Greta! She just looked at me and started screaming as my son jumped off me and ran to his room. I was there with my cock hanging out and Nathans pjs on the floor.

"What the fuck where you just doing to our son? "

I couldn;t answer I was so scared. I didn't know what to do. She just stood there giving me the evil eye look.
I didn't know what to say.

"We need to talk..... " she said.

----- to be continued ------

let me know what you think and I will do the next part !

I pulled his scooby pj bottoms down. and looked at my baby boys hairless little penis

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2013-12-16 20:30:50
I'm a girl and I liked it but piss's me off when u guys do chapters I can never find the next parts

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2013-09-01 06:47:33
what the fuck is that

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2013-08-27 19:46:57
what the fuck is wrong with this dad what a fucking pervert & sick in the head.pedophile child molester

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To all the idiots who say this story is wrong.

1. You're on a porn site with all kinds off people.
2. In case you didn't read it say "fiction" at the top!

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I would love to find out if you did his cute young ass.

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