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Soccer team. Almost retry.
After that day in Mr.C's class I was never the same. I now wanted him. I yearned for him all the time. Everyday I went into his class and didn't say a word to him. It wasn't that hard because he never said a word to me. Then one day everything changed.
"Montgomery" Mr.C called my name, I snapped back to reality. "Yes sir" I said looking at him standing infront of the class. "Its time to go." I looked around and saw that everyone had left. "Oh I'm sorry" I mumbled gathering my books and getting up.
"Come here" he said, he was now walking back to his desk. "You seem to have trouble focusing" he told me as he motioned for me to sit down in the desk infront of his. "No. I'm just tired really" I told him sitting down. I had things to do and now he is keeping me here' I thought to myself.
"Really?" he asked. "Are you tired because you maybe stayed up playing Soccer last night?" he asked me.
I looked to him in shock. I had played soccer the night before, in the park at like 10 oclock, because my mothers husband, Keith, had thrown me out of the house for the night. It was a rural park so it wasn't like it was close to downtown.
"Umm, Mr.C,,,"I was trying to find the right words to say.
"I like your style. You a very good soccer player. You know school try outs are next week. Mr.J and I are coaches. I could give you any of the forms you need." he smiled.
"I already turned in all the forms" I blurted out.
"So you're trying out?" he asked. 'Crap' i thought. Truth was that I only wanted to be on the team because I thought that was the only female sport that Mr.C wasn't a coach. Turns out I was wrong.
"I guess" I whispered like a shy girl.
"Excellent" Mr.C said. With that I got up and practically ran out of his room.
I changed into my sport shorts and a tight t-shirt. Strapped on my cleats and walked out of the girls locker room. I saw only few girls on the soccer field. I bent over dropping my stuff by the fence. I noticed that Mr.C was sitting on the bench opposite side of the field staring at me. I quickly jolted up and walked over to the group of the girls. "Alright" Mr.J announced. "I'm glad everyone is coming out to tryouts. Now I know all you call us Mr's in class but out on this field its all soccer. So you can call us coach. For those who don't know I'm Coach J and this is Coach C" he said and pointed to Mr.C. Everyone turned their eyes to Mr.C except for me.
"Alright" Coach J announced getting the attention pulled back to him. "We'll play a game. Put you into random spots and see from there if your worthy or not to make the team"
During practice was amazing. I played with my full out best and I got Mr.C's attention. At the end all of us were tired and worn out. As we all sat down on the grass Coach J announced who had made the team. "Brianna, Maria, Seirria, summer, Montgomery, Laye, Emily, Nichole, Jessica, Amber, Tara, Julie." he smiled. "Good job girls. For the rest of you. Just try next year." he smiled. Everyone walked off to their cars after Coach J gave instructions for the next practice. I got to my bag and pulled out my cellphone, I paid for, and looked at the text message from my mothers husband. My mom was currently in jail, my moms husband, Keith, was a bastard who didn't give a damn about me. And I had no other living realitives. Keith did everything illegal you could think of. Usually the house was never open to me and I would have to find some where else to live for the time being. The message from Keith read 'Sorry bitch but Im not going come get you frum ur lil socer thang. I aint fuckin got time. I'm goin to the bar. ill be home about 2.(am) you ass better be home. and cuk your own fukin diner.".
Keith was a dropout his first year of college and usually could not spell very good.
"Fuck" i yelled pretty sure all the girls had left, Mr.C and Coach J were probally disscussing the positions of the teams members.
"Hey" I heared a voice from behind me. I turned around, mouth wide in an o. "No need for vile language.
"Sorry" I said dropping my head closing my phone throwing it back into the back plopping down on the bleachers.
"What wrong" Mr.C asked.
"Nothing" I said looking off as the sun set.
"Thats a lie" he told me trying to get his eyes connected with mine.
"Fine. My mothers husband wont come get me. and I live far from here. I usually ride the city bus then walk but I have no money" I told him.
"Ill take you home" he volunteered. "No. no. Besides you have a wife to get home to" i said protesting. "I am single."he said. "Sorry" I apologized. "Where do you live" he asked when I finally looked to him. "Down out by Forge Cove" I said. "Dang. You do live far. Well good thing I do to." he said. "Come on" he said tugging on my arm.
On the ride to my house it was silent untill he asked the dreaded question. "So is your mothers husband abusive to you" he asked. I stayed quiet for a few minutes. "Yes" I said looking out my window to the passing trees. The sun had gone down by now and it was dark. "Do you want me to talk to some one?" he asked. "No" I sharply said turning to him. He eyed me carefully then looked to the road. "Why?" he asked.
Then I explained to him about my mom being in jail and how I was doing good just minding my own buisness and living halfway on my own.
It wasn't long before we had arrived. I looked to him. "Thanks" a tear dropping down my face as i looked into his handsome amber eyes. He raised his hand and wiped the tear of my cheek. I was leaning closer to him and finally our lips locked. I moved my hand to his neck running it down his chest. I then climbed over the middle capartment and strattle his lap. His hands were on my hips and his grion pressed against my stomach. "Damn" i said between two long kisses as I felt a buldge in his pants.
"Do you want to move this inside" he asked me. "Yes" i nodded as I kissed him. We got out of the car and ran into the house. We went down to my basement room. I laid on the bed him laying on his hands and knees. He wiggle my shorts down the my lacy underwear. He cupped one of my brests in his hand fondiling it. I moved my hands to massage his buldge. The undid his pants to realease his member from its prison. it looked bigger than it had last time. I used all my force to flip him on his back and i slid down. I stuck his member into his mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and tried to choke me. I let my tounge swirl around the head. I jacked his balls fondiling them in my hand. Suddenly he pulled him out of my mouth and flipped me on my back. Shoving his head between my legs. "Oh god" I screamed as his tounge got slpattered with my jucies. He stuck 3 fingers in the times still licking between my legs. "Oh god. Mr.c" I said. Then he slid his huge cock into my begging pussy. His mouth sucking on my breasts. He dick shoved up in side me giving me a huge shock of pleasure.
We fucked for about and hour until I felt him go limp in side me. He pulled my small used body close to his warm big one. "I love you" he softly whispered into my ear. He kissed my cheek and got up from the bed. I was too sore and so tired I just laid there, legs spread wide watching him put his clothes back on. "I will see you tomorrow at school, my babe" he said. With that he left and My eyes drifted off into a slumber.
(The end/ Was this better than lasts?)

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2014-02-11 05:59:02
Write more please your stories are really good.I'd love it if you write more

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2010-03-25 10:31:11
That was good x very enjoyable better than your last story x hope you write more x

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