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The girls were both sisters and cousins too.
Fbailey story number 505

Sisters or Cousins

I was resting in my favorite chair, my eyes were closed, and the music was playing softly in the background. I was startled by a knocking on my sliding glass door. As I opened my eyes and focused I saw two young girls standing there in their little bikinis smiling at me. I was glad that I was dressed and not jerking off or something equally embarrassing. The girls were standing side by side at my glass doors with the bright sun illuminating their hair and the ocean behind them. They could have passed for angels. I motioned them to come in.

One said, “Hello Mister. We were wondering if we could use your private beach.”

The other one said, “We want to sunbathe nude and the public beach frowns on that.”

The first one said, “You can watch us if you want too.”

The second one asked, “Do you have a telescope or better yet a camera with a zoom lens?”

The first one said, “Yeah, that way you can take a picture of us if you see something that you like.”

I asked, “Who are you and how old are you?”

The first one said, “I’m Gale and this is my sister Stacey. We are both fourteen but I’m two weeks older than she is.”

I asked, “How can you be twin sisters and you be two weeks older?”

Stacey answered, “Oh, we aren’t twins, we just have the same father.”

Gale added, “Our mothers are sisters too.”

I thought about that for a moment and said, “Doesn’t that make you cousins then.”

They giggled and said, “That’s right we are sisters and we are cousins too.”

Gale asked, “Can we use your beach now?”

I smiled and said, “Be my guest.”

Then I watched as they removed their bikinis and ran naked out toward my secluded beach. They had rather cute tight asses as they ran away. I wished that I had seen them from the front but I knew that I would be watching them when they returned, for sure. I went looking for my camera. They were just too good to pass up. I found that my hands were shaking too much to hold the camera so I got out my tripod and mounted it. Stacey was right, the zoom feature was perfect.

I had been thinking that when I retired at sixty-two that my life was over, but now I had something to look forward too, well at least for today.

I took a few pictures of the two girls on their bellies with their fine butts sticking up nicely. After a while they rolled over in the sand and brushed themselves off. I got some pictures of their firm round breasts sticking straight up out of their chests. Then I noticed their puffy pussies with soft downy hairs covering them. Their tummies sunk way in when they were on their backs. They certainly looked like fully-grown women lying there. I though about jerking off but I didn’t. Instead I just enjoyed the fact that I could still get a hard-on.

About a half-hour later I watched the girls stand up and brush themselves off, then brush off each other. I took a couple of pictures of them as they walked straight toward me.

When they entered the house, Gale looked at my camera sitting on the tripod and asked, “Did you get any good ones?”

I smiled and said, “Not as good as I wanted.”

Gale faced me, opened up her stance, and said, “So, take a better one.”

I turned my camera toward her, cropped her in my lens nicely, and then took a picture. Gale was smiling, her brown hair framed her lovely face, her pink nipples were hard on her breasts, and her pubic hair did little to hide her moist slit.

Stacey said, “Me next.”

I turned the camera slightly and clicked off another picture.

As the girls put their bikinis back on they asked me if they could come by tomorrow. I told them that I would enjoy seeing them every day if they wanted to keep using my beach to sunbathe.

As the bright sunny days continued the girls kept coming by. They always undressed in the house and then walked out to sunbathe for an hour. I got to know more about them. I knew their father, he was my age, and he had died a while back. The girls got the house in his will and their mothers moved in as their guardians, of course.

He was doing some kind of a research study and picked two sets of sisters for his experiment. They lived together for several months to see if their menstrual cycles became synchronized. Then he had sex with them only on their fertile days. The old coot got three of the women pregnant at the same time but one had a miscarriage. Gale and Stacey were the results of his experiment.

The following week the girls showed up with their mothers Sharon and Gretchen. I could certainly see where the girls got their good looks. Their mothers were very attractive women in their thirties.

After the introductions and a sincere thank you, all four women removed their bikinis and walked naked out the door toward the beach. I quickly took pictures of four of the nicest asses that I had ever seen. I couldn’t take my eyes off those two women as they sunbathed. I was mesmerized by their beauty and their perfect bodies.

The younger girls came back first and Gale said, “Our mothers are going to stick around for a while if it’s okay with you.”

Of course it was okay with me, I never wanted them to go.

I watched the two older women turn over a couple of times and then they stood up and walked toward me. If I thought they looked fantastic going away then there was no word in the English language to describe them walking toward me. I was mesmerized by their pussies twitching, their breasts swinging, and everything else about those two women.

Sharon was the oldest one and said, “We have been talking and we like you.”

I replied, “I like you too.”

Gretchen said, “What we mean to say is that we want to have sex with you. You are the perfect age for us and we would like to have more children. We are fertile now if you wouldn’t mind.”

I must have had a dumb expression on my face because they just laughed and said, “We are serious.” Then they pulled me through my house looking for my bedroom. When they found it they undressed me and then one of them climbed on top of my cock. I just lay there while she had her way with me. It was the best sex that I had had in years. When she was done, so was I. However, her sister had different plans for me. She sucked me hard and then she climbed on top too. I felt used but totally satisfied for the first time in my life. I was so relaxed that I just drifted off to sleep.

The next three days were more of the same. The four would sunbathe then the younger girls would leave so that their mothers could rape me. Rape is such a harsh word and not exactly correct. It is very hard to rape the willing. I was certainly willing. On the third and forth day I did all the work the first time with the girls doing all of the work the second time. I had never had that much sleep in one week before.

The next three weeks were sort of back to normal. The two mothers would offer me sex but most of the time I would turn them down gracefully. Once a week though I would ask one of them to spend the night in my bed. I did most of the work and even woke up with a sexy woman in my bed the next morning too.

Four months later they both turned up pregnant thanks to those early pregnancy tests. In eight months I would become a father for the first time, the second time too.

If they were girls they would also be sisters that were cousins also.

Gale and Stacey were already making plans for me to get them pregnant when they officially turned sixteen years old.

If they were girls too then those children would not only be sisters and cousins but also nieces to their grandmother’s second daughters. How confusing!

The End
Sisters or Cousins
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