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My first story
Note: This is my first story, I’ve been reading these since i was 17 and i decided to add some of my adventures so enjoy and please only constructive criticism
Waking up on the morning of April first I was angry. My Mother had Just decided I was going to live with my dad, and that I was dropping out of my school in Arkansas and flying north to Montana that following weekend. That day at school I said my goodbyes and exchanged emails with everyone. After a rather teary kiss goodbye with my girlfriend Wendi I made my way to my mom’s car.
I should probably describe myself, back when I was 15 I was around 5’4 small thin body with normal build I was fast and broke the track teams hundred meter run record by four seconds. I had sharp features and a square chin, blue eyes flecked with green and gray, like a wolfs as my Opa (German for grandpa) puts it, and a small German like mouth. My cock had grown from a 4 incher at 12, to a 9 incher at 15 and I was proud of myself. I had a light dusting of hair that I liked to keep neat; I also trimmed my pubes to keep from itching too much ha-ha.
That Saturday we set out for Memphis, the nearest airport that could take me to Montana. On the way there I sat in my seat listening to my Ipod and just waiting to die. I hated my dad but I hated my slut of a mom to. She fucked her boyfriend on our couch once and blamed the smell in the cat. Then she killed the cat to make a show out of how much I stunk. Like I was saying I hated my dad for hurting me my brother and sister by leaving with some whore who had more money than us. So my mom moved us to Arkansas with her family and away from the people we loved.
As we arrived at the airport my brother kept chirping on about how exciting it was to be in a real airport.

“Since when did they have fake airports” I snarled

“I don’t know this one’s just realer”

“Shut the fuck up you little shit I don’t want to hear you right now so just keep up and shut up.”

My mom turned around and glared at me with eyes that could kill a VERY large grizzly bear.
“You don’t talk that way young man” she growled

“Or what ,bitch, you’re the one dumping me with this military bastard who doesn’t have the slightest idea
of how to raise a kid just how to raise an army.”

“You’re starting to sound like that military bastard now so just get over it and get to your plane”

With that I stormed onto the plane and put my luggage away while the other passengers eyed me as if I was some kind of freak as I sat down and put In my earbuds the plane got settled down and the engines roared to life behind me. Soon we were cruising at around 24 thousand feet and on our way to Helena. I
fell asleep about half way there and woke up to the sound of tires hitting the runway.

As I got off the plane I notice two things 1: my dad wasn’t there 2: there was a strange man standing outside in the snow holding a sign that said my name on it.
As I exited the building he said my first middle and last name and I walked over.

“Are you Conner James Stocson” he said with a strong Arabic accent.

“Are you working for Alkieda” I asked

With this he frowned and replied strongly


“Ok then I will allow you to take me to my dad”

So I got into the cheap taxi and was on my way to my dad’s. The bastard didn’t even want to pick me up from the airport. We drove through the snowy streets past McDonalds and burger king then past the small mall and the Wal-Mart. Soon we arrived at my dad’s large house it was around 25 hundred square feet with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. It also had a hot tub and a large pool.
As I entered the front door I was greeted by my dad.

“Hey Conner how are ya” he breathed into my face, his breath would have made a skunk gag, and by the way he kept correcting his stance I knew one thing, he was drunk.

“I could do with a little less alcohol in your blood thank you”

“You always were a smartass” he said slapping me across the head

“And you were always a despicable bastard” I retorted.

With that he walked off only to be replaced by the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. She was 16 and an inch taller than me she had a Native American face and brown hair. Her shoulders were normal but her breasts were huge at least a 34dd and still growing. She had a flat toned stomach and nice legs. Her ass was also nice, even with it being 15 below outside she was in booty shorts that said “sexy” on the back.

“That looked like it hurt.” she said

“abuuuuu” was all I could get out

She giggled and said
“Come inside so you can say hi to the rest of us”

I sure hope theres more like you I thought as I followed her ass. I set my bags by the front door and walked into the living room to discover there was three more of her. One was about 14 and another was maybe 18 and the last one was the mom cause she was at least 35. All of them looked the same but the first one was the hottest.

“hi” I managed to blurt before

“Hi Conner I’m Stacey” said the mother “Im your new stepmom”

“Hello” I stammered as she hugged my head to her chest causing my head to slip into her massive cleavage.

Then one by one the girls came up and hugged me. I was delighted when the last one, lily the one who answered the door after I got slapped, hugged me to her chest like her mother had done except she had no bra on and her nipples were clearly visible.

After we talked for a while and my dad staggered in to take me to my room I was delighted to know that lily, Tina, and Tiffany were all sister with different fathers and that Stacey was probably the only person there that would care for me, besides Tiffany who had her own motherly instinct thing going. I also learned that our parents worked all weekend even at night. As so my dad showed me to my room and I unpacked and put all my things into the in suite bathroom I went back upstairs to find that dad and Stacy had left for the weekend. I walked into the living room to find that Tiffany had gone on a date with a boy toy friend of hers. As I sat down lily spoke.

“Do you like porn?”

“Sure I like porn” I said “doesn’t everyone”

“Our parents do, and me and Lily found there stash” said Tina


“Yep there really sexy” she says standing up.

As she walks out of the room Lily gets up and switches the T.V to the DVD player that is hooked up to it. She turns around and just stares at me then out of nowhere she asks me.

“Are you a virgin?”

“Yes but I don’t want to be I get teased at school often for not fucking anyone.”

“Well I and Tina are virgins too and we get teased the same way.”

After she said that Tina walked in with a stack of DVDs that had obscene pictures on the front. One that caught my eye was a DVD titled “All Internal”. It had a woman on the front that had the same features as Stacey but smaller tits and her face was much less Native American but still had some of the qualities. When Tina set all of the DVDs on the coffee table I zoned in on that one.

“Which one should we watch?” she asked

“I like the All Internal one the most!” said lily quickly

“Ya I like that one too” said Tina

“It looks good.” I said casually

“Oh it is” said Lily

Lily ran up to the DVD player and put the disk into the tray. She sat on the couch next to me and Tina sat on the other side. As the movie began a woman walked onto the screen, soon followed by a man with a ski mask on. He had a gun with him that was clearly fake but that’s not the point. He walked up behind the woman and stuck the gun into her back and yelled. The women screamed something in Spanish and the man ordered her to take her clothes off. The movie was staged in a dark alley somewhere so it seemed as if you didn’t have to worry too much about being discovered. The women obeyed the strange man and took off her clothes. Although she took her time and swayed her hips a little as she took off her jeans and panties. The man had her get on her hands and knees as he pulled his cock out of his pants. I couldn’t believe what I saw; the man had a smaller dick than me. Now I was really proud of myself.

“That guys dick is huge” said Lily and Tina in unison

The man continued to move towards the seemingly frightened women. As he got up behind her you could see that her pussy was glistening with moisture. The man walked up behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her slit a few times before ramming it in all the way to the hilt. The woman moaned and the man said something about her liking getting raped. As soon as he said this the woman began go move back and forth so that the man’s dick was moving in and out of her until the man came into her pussy with a loud grunt. He pulled in and the camera got a close up of cum running out of the woman’s pussy.
Lily and Tina were visibly horny from the movie we were watching. I myself was sprouting a massive boner that I could just barely keep hidden from the girls, but unfortunately they did notice it.

“Oh my god Lily I think Conner got a boner.” She said while trying to stifle a giggle.

“Really” Lily gasped a little to audibly.

“Yes I have a boner” I admitted ”Its cause that woman on the DVD looks a lot like you two do and the fact that your both cuddling up to me like puppies isn’t helping it either.”

“Aw poor Conner has a boner that needs help” Tina said

“Yep To bad were you step sisters or us three wouldn’t be virgins anymore” Lily said

The whole room went quiet except for the slapping and slurping noises coming from the TV. I looked at Lily and then down to her massive tits and she noticed this gesture before I could lift my eyes back to her face.
“Do you like my tits?” she asked me

“Yes” I said quickly

“Then let me show you” she said as she pulled off her top

They were the most glorious things I had ever seen. They were big but perky and had a globed shape to them. Her nipples were slightly cone shaped and had become hard from her arousal. I reached out and cupped one of them with my right hand and pinched her other nipple with my left. I tweaked and massaged her right breast while I slipped her left into my mouth. She moaned and her back arched pushing her breast into my mouth. A shiver ran down her body as I ran my tongue over her nipple. I
switched breasts just as she pushed my head away.

“We shouldn’t be doing this” she said

“We aren’t even related” I retorted

“That’s true.” she said and allowed me to continue.

As I continued to lick and suck her tits and out of the corner of my eye I spotted Tina slipping her hand into her pants while rubbing her breast through her shirt.

“Want me to help” I ask her

She just nods as I slip my hand into her pajama pants and down to her hot pussy. She gasps as I slip my two middle fingers into her hairless pussy. I quickly find her clit with my thumb and move it I circles. Her hips move in small lazy circles as I pump my hand in and out of her pussy I go back to Lily and put my hand into her pants and do the same to her she gasps louder than her sister and her hips instantly start to move in quick jerky movements. Her clit was harder to find but I got it and rubbed it with my thumb like her sister I turned to Tina and pushed my lips into hers, at first she resisted but she eventually let go and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I responded by pushing mine into hers and we kissed passionately until Lily grabbed my shoulder and pulled me away.

“Kiss me” she said and locked her lips onto mine.
We kissed back and forth until Lily suggested…

“Conner I want you to take my virginity” she said

“Yah me too” said Tina

“Ok but you have to promise not to tell anyone except Tiffany” I said

“Why just Tiffany?” they asked at the same time

“Because she’s sexy like you two and I want to fuck her too so tell her how good I was”

“Ok” Said Tina

“You got it” said Lily

With that we all headed downstairs into lily and Tina’s room. I sat down on Lily’s bed and Tina and Lily started to strip dance. Lily took off her jeans to reveal a pink thong with a wet playboy bunny over her pussy. She stripped this off to reveal her glistening cunt that was now literally dripping with her juices. Tina pulled off her top to reveal a pink bra that barely held her tits. She removed her pajama pants to reveal a white thong that had a ties on the sides like a bikini. She pulled off her bra and let her ample breast fall into their natural grapefruit shape. Then she removed her thong to reveal a pussy identical to her sisters only wetter and I looked as if her juices were flowing down her leg.

“Your turn.” Lily said

I stood up and took off my short to reveal my compact chest and abs, Lily had her eyes fixed on my stomach and crotch, I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down my legs and off my body. I reached for my boxers and saw Lily and Tina lean forward to get a better look, I pulled my boxers down slowly allowing them to drop to my feet and stepping out of them I said ”So what do you think”

“It’s huge” said Lily

“Oh my god it’s enormous.” Stated Tina.

With that Lily stepped forward and gripped the swollen head of my dick with her soft hand. A shiver ran up my spine a she began to slowly pump her hand up and down. With a moan I grabbed her left breast and began kneading and pulling it. Tina walked over and put my hand on her pussy and I slipped two of my fingers into her slippery cunt.

“Conner why are you so good at frigging us?” she asked

“I fingered two of my girlfriends and the first one taught me how to do it right.” I lied

“Well your girlfriend must have been Bi.”

“Why is that?”

“How else would she know how to finger so well” She said locking her lips to mine while thrusting her tongue into my mouth. This logic made absolutely no sense to me at the time. I continued to finger her while her sister ran her hand up and down my dick with increased speed. I grunted into Tina’s mouth as I felt my cum bubbling in my balls just waiting to swim through my dick and be free. Suddenly Lily stopped pumping.

“Conner, do you want to fuck my tits.” Lily asked

“Yes!” I gasped around Tina’s tongue

Tina released her grip on my tongue and allowed me to look down at my cock as Lily got on her knees. She gripped both of her tits and pressed them together, trapping my dick between her twin globes of glory. She slowly moved her tits up and down my cock that was now slick with pre cum. My fingers picked up the speed when I heard Tina gasp and thrust her hips toward my fingers. I pumped them in and out while resuming my clit rubbing with my thumb. Her legs turned to jelly as her first orgasm of the night rocked her body sending torrents of cum over my hand and down her legs. She gripped my shoulders to steady herself, her cunt muscles clamped down hard on my fingers.

“Holy fucking shit” she screamed

Lily picked up the pace and my cock moved in and out of sight between her tits. Grunting and panting with effort I thrust my hips toward her face.

“I’m gonna cum!!!” I yelled

“Do it on my tits” Lily screamed

I thrust my cock between her tits one last time and my balls clamped down hard squeezing ever last bit of cum onto Lily’s huge tits. Spurt after spurt shoots out of my cock landing on her face, tits and hair, it felt as if my body had been completely drained of fluid and I sat down heavily onto lily’s bed. Tina got down on her knees and looked at Lily.

“What does it taste like?”

“Its kindov sweet and salty at the same time”

“Let me try”

Tina bends over and licks Lily’s left breast. Brushing her tongue up and down and around her erect nipple. This elicits a groan from her and she pushes her chest into Tina’s mouth.

“Oh my god, that feels so good” Lily says

“I can make you feel better.” I said

“I bet you can”

“I will and all you have to do is get on top”

She looks at me questioningly and then the look of understanding dawns on her. I lie back onto the bed and move towards the headboard. Lily crawls from the floor to the mattress and raises above me in a standing position with her legs splayed apart.

“Are you ready?” she asks

“Yes” I Answer for the third time that night.

She gently lowers herself onto my cock. As her dripping pussy nears my cock it twitches and Tina giggles in the background. As the head touches her lips she gasps.

“It’s not even in yet” I said

“Ya but it feels so … electric”

She slowly lowers her cunt over my cock and stops at her hymen.

“This is gonna hurt isn’t it?” she asks

“A little then it feels good” Says Tiffany


2015-01-14 23:25:10
Likely Spell Checker error, "I stood up and took off my short " I am certain you intended shirt. We can neither bold nor underline on Sex Stories.Yet we have those tools in e mail.

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2013-07-15 13:02:35
I thought it was good no matter what these bitchs are saying

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2013-03-04 13:54:42
2500 sq ft house with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.... Not likely. A house that big is going to have around 13 total rooms. 5 bedroom + 4 bathrooms + 1 kitchen + 1 family room + 1 den/study + 1 dining room. A house with that many rooms should be about 3,000 or more.


2011-05-08 11:29:34
A 9 inch cock at age 15?? Highly unbelivable. 1/10 story went to fast.

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1/10, only because there isn't a 0/10

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