Chapters 19-22
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Jeremy woke up early Nicole had taking to nursing his cock sometime in the night and she was still gently sucking on it when he woke up. He touched her to let her know that he was awake and she began to fellate more vigorously bringing him quickly to orgasm, she drained him dry and kissed him and got up and skipped out of the hut. Jeremy got up out of the hut a few minutes later and looked for a place to pee. He walked to where he kept his calendar to make a new mark, when he saw Priscilla a Rose taking advantage of the early light of dawn. He made his calendar mark and quietly returned to where the two girls where. He watched as Priscilla undressed her sister. She picked up a green banana and leaned over and suckled on one of rose’s nipples. Rose moaned and grunted as her sister pressed the under ripe fruit into her sisters ass, until only the stem showed. “Oh got I’m so full she groaned”

“Your not done yet little sister” Priscilla said stripping off her shorts and panties she laid back on the ground “come and suck your sisters cunny” Pricilla dutifully got down between her sisters legs and began to eat her sister out. “Norman get some!” Pricilla said between gasps holding her sister by the hair. Norma walked up to where Rose was took a sniff of her and mounted her, He had a large red cock and it missed its mark the first couple of times before Rose groaned into her sisters pussy.

Jeremy watched in shock at the bestial act being committed in front of him Norman was humping Rose like a jackhammer and rose was apparently enjoying the feverish penetration. Pricilla moved and slid underneath her sister, Jeremy could see her tongue flicking out to tease Rose’s clit. Rose moaned and then cried out “Oh god!”

“Yeah you filthy slut” Pricilla said “Norman’s knotted you so fucking hot” and then Jeremy could hear Pricilla sucking up the apparent overflow from rose’s stuffed box. Pricilla came a few minutes later gasping and grunting holding her sisters head. She stood then and picked up her clothes. Norman made an attempt to follow his mistress dragging the smaller Rose along behind him by his cock. Rose wailed softly “Can’t wait till we can teach that bitch Annabel a lesson Pricilla said her fingers lightly stirring her slit with a surprisingly loud slurping sound. I wanna watch that bitch take Norman’s cock that and I can’t wait to have her tongue on my clitty how about you sis?”

“Ooohmmm” was about all that rose was capable of saying Norman had not slipped out of her well plumbed box and had mounted her for a second round.

“Oh and I want to see Norman take her again and again it’s a pity that we can’t find a man with a sex drive like Norman.” From where Jeremy stood he could see the milky fluids leaking out of Rose’s pussy and down her legs. It was hot to watch even if it was a little disturbing it was still hot. Norman dismounted from rose and his cock exited her pussy with a loud wet pop. Pricilla turned her sister over and started pushing the banana in and out of her sister’s ass as she sucked the cum from her slit. Norman got in behind Pricilla and started licking her ass from her clit to the small of her back with his big wet tongue as Pricilla slurped the dog cum from Rose’s pussy. A few moments later Norman mounted Pricilla who grunted in pleasure rose guided the hard red animal cock to Pricilla’s dripping slit. Jeremy shook it off and continued on his way, knowing that the two would probably be at this for a while. He marked the day on his calendar tree.

Chapter XX

When Jeremy returned to camp he found Nicole and Sara and Sunni working together in the shade on what he wasn’t sure he went back to work on his sextant it was mostly done he made a crude compass with a bit of line and two sticks, (The kind you draw circles with as opposed to the kind that’s magnetic. He looked up and saw Naomi Join the other three girls, he wondered briefly where Shannon and Annabel and Tiffany were probably found yet another way to torture Annabel he thought. He marked out degrees on the sextant it was tedious work but he managed it fairly efficiently and got it rigged pretty well by lunchtime.

After lunch the four women came up to him. “We want to show you what we made” Sunni said proudly
“Okay” Jeremy said leaning again a tree. Sunni Turned and peeled off Sara’s shirt and skirt, beneath it she was wearing what could only be described as a mail shirt and loin cloth. Using interwoven pieces of grass line and what looked like bits of wood made it. It covered Sara modestly but it appeared that it was almost skin tight supporting her breasts as well as cinching her waist. “Very interesting”

“Well see I mean we had so many of these empty coconuts and well you remember those old pictures where the island girls wear coconut tops well I broke one into pieces and started making this shirt and skirt this is just a first try the other ones I’ll make will be better I promise. And well basically I used water to make the shell kinda soft and then I flattened them under some rocks for a few hours and well then I used a rock to rub two holes in them and strung them on a rope like you taught us to make and well what do you think? I mean Naomi and Sara and Nicole helped a lot too but its good right?”

“I’m impressed Sunni we can see if we can’t get a little salt too and try and tan some goat skins and you can use that as a material too.
“Like leather?”

“A lot like leather except it will have fur on one side and the other will be like leather not supple like your used to but we can see, and we will have to be a little bit cautious on our use of the goats It’s a good source of food for us but I don’t want to run out of them because we went crazy making clothes with their skins.”


“Because Sunni” Nicole said “while there are goats on the island we don’t want to kill off all of them if we can keep them breeding and cull out a few everyone once in a while we can manage them better that way and we won’t go hungry at least not really.”

“Oh okay well then um how do we you know, tan the leather?” Sunni asked

“I’ll work on that” Jeremy said, “It will probably be a long process.”

“Not like we have a shortage of time” Sara grinned “do you like it?”

“It looks good on you Sara” Jeremy smiled and Sara blushed as the girls went back to their little work area.

“Whatcha got there” Naomi asked as the other girls retreated

“A sextant I think should give us our latitude anyway or a rough guess at what it is”

“That’s what I thought it was can I give it a go?” Naomi asked

“You know how to use one of these?”

“I sure do had an old school type teach me how when I was learning to fly” Naomi smiled

“You know how to fly?”

“Yeah didn’t you know all stewardesses do?” she joked


“I’m kidding Jeremy no one would hire a black woman pilot so I fly in my free time and serve drinks to pay the bills”

“Ah” Jeremy said handing over the crude device Naomi took it and shot the sun. then counted the marks
“Degrees or?” she asked

“I think it should be half degrees any way it’s not terribly accurate but it’s better than nothing.” Jeremy said

“Well then looks like 29 degrees” Naomi commented setting the handing the sextant back to Jeremy.

“Okay well that’s not too bad” Jeremy commented.

“Its very tropical that’s for sure” Naomi grinned.

“Indeed” Jeremy smiled back.

“We need to make a salt pot.”

“You know how to do this I assume?” Naomi said looking at him quizzically.

“I know the theory.” Jeremy said

“Well then I guess that’s all we need. What do we do first?”

“We need a container so I guess I’ll see what I can figure out maybe wood but probably not anything would actually be preferable.

Chapter XXI

Jeremy found a deposit of clay near the middle of the island it wasn’t a lot but it might work for his needs. He called Naomi over and they worked out a simple sledge to move quantities larger than they could carry across the sand. Jeremy also realized that he needed a table or two before they got too far ahead of themselves. Tables were going to be a big pain in the ass he realized with no saw he would have to hack and scrape to make a table.

The next week seemed to go on forever there was never enough time and there was always too much that needed his attention the Girls, well aside from a few were all about as helpful as a warm cup of piss in the Mohave, still he pressed on pushing himself to make things work, to make a working salt works as well as getting some tables and chairs later built. On the bright side he thought that Sunni’s work with the new clothes although a bit bizarre was a great improvement, not that it changed his opinion of her too much she was still annoying. In fact he decided that most of the girls were annoying. He sighed as he leaned against the wall of the hut Nicole lay between his legs, her breasts on either side of his cock as she softly tickled his balls with her fingertips. “Jeremy?” she said finally


“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, …everything, its almost too much.” Jeremy said

“Is it something I did I mean if you don’t want me anymore I’ll, I’ll understand there are..” Nicole whispered.

“Nicole love,” Jeremy chuckled almost out of sheer frustration to keep from crying. “Nicole you are the least of my problems, it’s the other girls and the fact that I some how have to serve every one of you and service every one of you and never mind providing for you all and insuring your all taken care of its enough to give a devout Mormon a headache. Never mind someone who never gave the whole polygamist concept a second thought but that’s what I’m dealing with I suppose I could do with a little less drama, I’m really happy with what Sunni has done.

“Me too Nicole said as she surveyed her own outfit which was essentially a bustier with a skirt, though the skirt part was more like a loin cloth than a skirt. It looked good the whole interlocking plates of coconut shell gave it a very interesting texture to say the least but at the same time it was functional and though he didn’t really want to get into the semantics of it the outfit was sexy he guessed. Hell who was he to judge what was sexy and what wasn’t. He walked out to the salt works. The Salt works ended up being two large logs that held a series of clay pots they already had accumulated a small amount of salt for the purpose of tanning. Maybe a 1/4th of a kilo he thought that was right on with about half a pound. He liked to do the mental gymnastics of conversions when he was frustrated. He sat down and ate some fruit that one of the girls had set out.

Naomi came up to him, “I think its time for you to get a new girl.”

“Aww do I have to”

“You sound like I’m telling you, you have to go back to school.” Naomi laughed

“This is worse I have I don’t know how many insecure girls and the one’s who aren’t insecure are perverts one way or another.”

“Oh come on Jeremy at least most of them are devoted to you.”

“I didn’t ask for this I mean at first it was fun but now its, its just hard”

Naomi Chuckled “I bet it is nine willing women would make it hard for me too if I was you too.”

“That’s not what I meant Jeremy said “punching Naomi playfully on the shoulder.

“I know Jeremy I know what you meant I can see where you are coming from, hey lets go survey the rest of the island we could talk Nicole with us, just so there is no one saying that any hanky panky going on.

“I know we really haven’t had a chance to do a full survey with all I have been doing its been near on impossible to get a chance to do anything aside from keeping time and making sure that everyone has enough to eat.” Jeremy sighed.

“Well everything is pretty well caught up and I’m fairly sure we have a little bit before the next crisis.”

“What about Joe and Gary.”

“What about them?”

“Should we um check on them or”

“Jeremy I know, well no that’s not true I understand that you want to try and make sure everyone makes it through this okay but from what I have seen of those two unless they wash up on the beach or something, out of sight out of mind. I don’t care what has happened to them, maybe in a few weeks we can have a look and see but right now I don’t give a crap about them.”

“Gee Naomi you’re a real humanitarian.”

“Sue me” Naomi said and Jeremy laughed. They collected Nicole and the three of them walked single file down a game trail into the jungle.

Chapter XXII

They pushed into an area of the island they hadn’t been before it was a secondary cove area that Jeremy and Naomi had noted on their initial survey, “Uh Jeremy” Naomi said.

“Those buildings are concrete” she pointed out two large flat buildings that had been all but swallowed by the jungle.

“What is it Nicole asked.”

“Hell if I know” Naomi said

“Lets go have a look see shall we” Jeremy said finally. The three advanced cautiously into what had once been a compound of some kind. Nicole swung out on his left and Naomi on his right. They covered about a half the distance to the first building when Nicole let out a piercing scream.

“What?” Jeremy said racing over to where Nicole stood one hand over her mouth the other pointing to a half buried skeleton. “Oh wow” Jeremy said

Naomi took one look and said, “I think I may barf”

“You act like you’ve never seen a dead body before Naomi?”

“I haven’t at least not one like that I mean, Not a REAL dead body anyway”

Jeremy took Nicole by the shoulder and turned her around “Its okay” he soothed “Just walk away breathe nice and even it’s okay”

“Jeremy I, I don’t think I can um go any further”

“Okay Naomi you stay with Nicole and I’ll check it out” Naomi gave him thumbs up between her retching. Jeremy looked in the first building it was maybe twenty feet tall and wide enough to be a hangar. He noted a few more rejects from night of the living dead along the way nothing that really told him anything, and then he opened the door to the first building. It was a hangar… He stood there gaping for several minutes, there hanging a few inches over the floor, well no it looked like what used to be a floor most of the boards were gone and it was a channel. It was a Flying boat. There were no engines on it, but it was a flying boat what were the odds? It was painted white, and it had a large red insignia on it. IJN markings, Jeremy stood there in complete and total disbelief for he really couldn’t tell. It was a Japanese flying boat; he hadn’t even realized that the Japanese had flying boats. The damn thing had to be 60 or 70 years old he walked up to it and touched the side, the paint flaked a little but for the most part it seemed sturdy enough. And these dead people were ground crew for the plane, Jeremy decided. He walked on to the next building there was a vat of oil it was covered with a metal lid that had started to rust though the concrete had kept the elements off of it for the most part. There were some other smaller buildings. One was a radio shack though it appeared that the radio had been smashed some time long ago. There were quarters for the men who used to live here it looked like about ten Enlisted and two officers. A few of the enlisted men were still in their bunks and it looked like at least one of the officers was still trying to follow whatever last orders he had been given. Jeremy walked back to where Naomi and Nicole were waiting

“Well” Naomi said, “what is it?”

“You’d never believe me hell I’m not even sure I believe it myself.”


“This once upon a time was a forward recon base for the IJN”

“IJN?” Nicole asked

“The Imperial Japanese Navy”

“Oh” both girls said at once

“There is a fucking flying boat in that building there.”


“I kid you not there is a Japanese flying boat in there”

“Will it work”

“Like I know I’m not a pilot but it is missing its engines but it is possible that its functional and the engines are around here somewhere.”

“Could you fix it?” Naomi asked

“I don’t pretend to know a thing about avionics or anything like that granted if we can find the engines I can fix those so they run provided the tools are around here somewhere.” Jeremy explained.

“Well when do we start?” Nicole asked

“Well that’s a tricky question I mean do we even tell the others about this?” Naomi asked

“True” Jeremy said, “I’m still not one hundred percent on how much we can trust these girls.”
“Especially Annabel” Nicole added

“And if we do tell them do we move in here or what? I mean there is space here there are no supplies and it’s a half hour through overgrown jungle just to get here” Jeremy said

“Well wouldn’t that be a good thing?” Nicole asked

“We are perfectly fine where we are and we are still comfortable. So long as Gary and “Joe don’t figure out how to make a boat we are fine. If and when they do we can reconsider it.” Naomi said

“Well its time to play the Ring around the Rosie again are you still with having Sunni be next on the list?”

“I think its best” Naomi said

“Gonna be hard now that our panties are completely destroyed” Nicole said
Jeremy Chuckled “Well I don’t see how we can cheat this time.”

“Oh I think we can” Nicole smiled

“Really?” Naomi asked

“Yeah just leave it to me” Nicole said

The three left down the same path and returned to camp. Where they met the others and prepared dinner for the evening.

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