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After their encounter the night before, a whole new myriad of possibilities present themselves... This is all explanation from the previous chapter, and setup for the upcoming ones. Yes, it was meant this way!
She woke suddenly, blinking against the sunlight that shone through her window. She lay in her bed contentedly, but only for a moment. There was a faint smell in her room, something familiar… Something that smelled like… Everything came rushing back as she realized that she wasn’t wearing anything save for her shirt around her arms, which were above her head trapped in her shirt. She struggled, trying to free her arms and finally succeeding, throwing it to the floor and moving quickly to the edge of the bed. Curling into a ball, she prayed that she was mistaken, that it was all in her head… She didn’t catch the irony that she had hoped for the very same thing last night, but it wasn’t surprising that she did. She first noticed the belt on the floor, as if it had been thrown there by a careless hand. It had been. She then noticed the large darkened area on her sheets where she had slept, which was always present after a night of great sex, which it also had been… Despite the start she had to admit that it still had been. However, that fact it didn’t stop her from angrily ripping the sheets off of the bed and throwing them on the floor next to the discarded belt, the memories of last night flooding back into her head. She continued to dismantle her bed in a rage, halfway through heaving a pillow across the room when she stopped. A thought had entered her mind, among the many that were still coursing through, that made her stop. A phrase. “I’ll see you tomorrow night”… Even as she remembered the words that penetrated her brain as he had done to her last night, a shudder ran through her body. Even after the horrifying ordeal, she felt herself start to get wet at the mere thought of a repeat performance. Disgusted and yet oddly aroused she sighed, giving up her angry demolishing leaving her bed to rest in peace and got up to get ready for the day.

He hadn’t slept all night, even after returning exhausted from his “adventure”. His adventure, ha. He couldn’t help flashing back to last night and smiling, remembering her moans and how she had thrust up at him, even though he began the night raping her. He paused, realizing that. She had accepted it and even enjoyed it, sending him for a ride. He had told her at the beginning that she would enjoy it, but he didn’t believe that, that was just something he said to shut her up so he could take what he saw as his. He didn’t actually EXPECT her to like it; it just turned out that way in the end… The reason why escaped him. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud buzzing noise to his left; he cursed, smacking his alarm with an open palm to shut off the annoying racket. Quickly pulling on a new pair of jeans, he slipped out the door.

She couldn’t focus. No matter how hard she tried, concentration kept escaping her today. Everything she saw reminded her of the night before, hell even the Chemistry subject itself caused a reminder of the end result of the attack. Chemistry… She felt something after the initial shock, something stirring deep inside… She didn’t completely recognize her assaulter due to how dark it was, but she knew that she had heard that voice before… “Lily!” Her name being called startled her out of her daydream, and she realized that she had dozed off during attendance. Mentally scolding herself, she turned out to look out the window at the beautiful campus grounds. It was late spring, and the college yards were trimmed and looking extremely inviting, but unfortunately she was stuck in class for the next hour. Sighing, she half-listened to the professor as he went through the list of names. “Ryan… Sarah… Ty… Ty? Anyone know where Ty is?” Lily dimly registered this question, her mind lazily wandering to whomever it was who was obviously skipping class. Ty… The new kid that had just transferred, she had noticed him immediately but briefly, as he was a handsome but extremely shy and quiet person. He sat in the back of the class and had only talked once all semester… Lily sat straight up, suddenly wide awake, just as the door to the classroom began to open.

He cursed again as he ran down the walkway towards the large brick building that housed his chemistry class. Luckily, it was the corner classroom right inside the door so he just might make it on time… As he rounded the corner to open the door, he heard out of the window, “Ty? Anyone know where Ty is?” Ty groaned, realizing he had just missed by mere seconds. If only he hadn’t spent so much time this morning reliving last night… Ty shrugged as he jumped the steps and entered the building. No sense worrying about it now, he was a good student and he was sure the professor could excuse him this one time. He opened the door as quietly and cautiously as he could, but any hopes of entering relatively unnoticed vanished as he saw every head turn to observe the late intruder. Ty stepped inside and shut the door, opening his mouth to apologize to his professor when he stopped cold in his tracks. He had just noticed the expression on Lily’s face, and it was likely one he would never forget, no matter how hard he tried. Her mouth was slightly open in an obviously shocked expression; lips moving slightly as if she were a fish out of water, trying to come up with the words to confront him but nothing was coming out. Her eyes were wide open, whether in fright, anger, surprise or some combination of the three he couldn’t tell. Right away, he could tell that she knew. Somehow, after all the careful planning and timing, he had been caught red-handed. And on the first try too! He had been hoping for a few more goes at her at least before he would have to give her up. He stammered out his excuse to the professor who was looking oddly at him for just standing there and quickly took his seat. He quickly put his head down and pretended to busy himself with his textbook, hoping to escape that awful expression that seemed to pierce right through him. Finally he couldn’t stand the humiliation and looked back up to see if she was still staring at him. Strangely enough, while she still had the same look on her face, she was not turned towards him instead still facing the same direction she was before. He followed her gaze, seeing a rather large spider on the wall directly behind where he had been standing. Puzzled he looked back to Lily, who had seemingly overcome whatever surprise that had overtaken her and was once again working. Ty looked back at the spider, and once again at Lily. Was it really that simple? Did she not know? Was she just afraid of bugs? He wasn’t able to contemplate this recent turn of events though, as he was already falling behind the more time he wasted thinking about it.

Lily wasn’t sure how she felt knowing the identity of her rapist: on one hand, she knew who he was and vice versa, it was obviously a planned attack and could happen again very easily. Then again, at least it wasn’t some strange stalker lurking in the shadows, and she had to admit he was good looking… She shook her head, conflicted and obviously in a fragile state of mind as she fought the understandable emotional trauma of a rape victim and the extreme turn on that she discovered she had from last night… Surprising herself, she made a split second decision and pretended that she didn’t realize that Ty was the culprit, instead placing the blame for her look on a conveniently placed spider above him on the wall. She saw him glance back up at her and a strange expression overcame his face as he tried to discretely follow her gaze. Knowing that her plan had a chance to succeed, Lily turned back to her desk. It was only then that she realized what she had done. Plan?!? What plan? Lily had no idea what had overtaken her, it was as if someone else had possessed her mind and body and got her to act against her will. She had no intention of anything else other than confronting and exposing Ty, and suddenly it was as if some other being blossomed in her mind, giving her this new plan and how to pursue it. Trying to calm herself down, she realized how extremely turned on she was again, and worried about the damp area now beginning to spread across the material of her shorts. She was thankful when class was finally over and she could rush back to her room for some much needed relief. Locking the door, she immediately stripped and laid on her bed, shoving as many fingers as she could into her soaking pussy, using her other hand to flick her clit as she came almost instantly, moaning her release into her pillow. Her inner walls were still twitching as she slowly pulled her hand out, hissing at the intense feeling her fingernails created against the sensitive velvety walls. Sighing, she reclined backwards exhausted. As she lay there, a sleepy smile conquered her face as she thought about the plan to come…

Ty slowly walked back towards his dorm, lost in his thoughts. Did Lily know? Or was it just a freak coincidence that she looked at him like the rapist he was? Again, his thoughts were interrupted by the buzzing of his phone in his pocket. “Seems to be a damn common thing today…” Ty groaned, frustrated that he wasn’t able to get even a few sentences of thought in before he was interrupted yet again. He deftly flipped open his phone, almost tripping over his feet as he stared in shock at the name of the text sender: Lily. How did she get his number? He had never even talked to her before, let alone gave her his number… Then it came to him. Facebook. Figures, the place where he had conveniently gotten her own. Putting that thought aside, he pressed the view button, his eyes growing wider in surprise the further he read.

I know how we’re required to have a partner for our new project that we got today, and since you seem so shy you’re not likely to already have one so would you like to work with me on it? Come over tonight at 9 and we’ll talk.

Her text was signature Lily: polite but still to the point. He had spent enough time nearby to hear her talking to her friends to already know her style. So, she didn’t know… Ty thought for a second, and then a grin slowly started to form on his face. This, he thought, could get very interesting…

To be continued…

Badd Jackal~N~Sikk FrostyReport

2011-07-01 18:02:50
Wow, we love is. Hope there's more to come.

Badd Jackal~N~Sikk FrostyReport

2011-07-01 18:02:33
Wow, we love is. Hope there's more to come.

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2010-12-06 10:43:05
you should definatly make another one

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