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part 2 of my real life fucking of mom
The Names have been changed for all the reasons you know about

part 2

Well in about 1978 after I divorced my daughter's mother. I was without a
place to live and had custody of my daughter.

My mother said we could stay with her because she was alone and had the
room. She had a small two bedroom place. She said we could put my daughter
in the one room along with a twin bed for her to sleep in. She gave me her
room with the queen bed.

Most nights it was the same old thing take care of daughter then put her to bed
and then watch TV with my mom. Most of the time my mother would wear her PJ's
which were the old fannel type. Sometimes she would wear her silky rode with
matching nightgown underneath.

One night after daughter was in bed we sat watching the tube. Some idle chatting
about that had happen during the day and in the past. My mom who was wearing her
silky robe was quizzing me about ex. I told her she knew most of it from when she
lived with us. After she had moved out the ex got even crazier and so I divorced
her and got custody of daughter. When she moved a couple of times I noticed she
wasn't wearing any panties and no PJ bottoms. I got a good look at her hairy pussy.
She started asking about my sex life again and the the ex.

I told her it had been going downhill for years. I asked my mom about her sex life.
She said that she hadn't found a man that would be nice to her or that she wanted
to be with. With that she moved from her chair over to the couch where I was. When
she got up she spread her legs giving a good shot of her crotch. my dick started
getting hard. When she sat down on the couch she left her legs spread. I continued
to stare at her pussy.

She began by telling me that even though it was wrong she had really enjoyed the sex
we had had a few years earlier. She also stated that she rated right up there with
some of her ex boyfriends.

I asked her if she wanted to do it again. She said she would but had to think about it
that night. With that she went to bed. When i went to bed about twenty minutes later
I noticed that her door was cracked open. Something she normally didn't do. Of course I
peeked in from the darkened hallway. She had a small lamp on next to her bed and I could
see she was laying with the blankets off. She also didn't have her robe or nightgown on.
She was totally naked. As i looked closer I saw her hand was between her legs and she
was massaging her pussy. I felt my dick starting to get harder while i watched.

She was massaging her pussy pretty fast. She was also moaning. I heard her say " Oh, yes
larry, thats it right there. Lick my clit, finger my pussy. I am going to cum" which she
did after covering her mouth with a pillow again.

Well being the dutiful son and horny man I slowly opened the door when she had finished
cumming. Saying nothing I went to her bed scooped her up and carried her to my bed. All
this time she just looked at me.

As I laid her down she looked up into my eyes and said, "Please make love to me" as she
spread her legs.

I got undressed really fast. My cock was getting harder as I looked at her. I climbed on
the bed beside her and laid my arm acrossed her chest. I cuddled her and kissed her ear
and neck.

She started moaning again. I was glad I had closed my daughter's door and mine. I moved my
hand to her tit and began to play with the nipple. As i played with the nipple I started
kissing her neck again and moving down to the other tit. My mom reached up and grabbed her
tit and held it for me. "Yes, suck my tits."

Her hand closest to me was busy finding and grabbing my hard cock. "God, you have such a
beautiful cock. It feels so hot and hard. I want to feel it in me again."

"You will feel in you soon. Probably all of your holes will feel him." I responded.

I moved from tit to tit sucking each nipple till it was hard. Her tits were small but her
nipples grew to about a 1/2 inch when I sucked them. I wished she would of had milk in them.

I started moving down her chest from her tits. acrossed her belly heading for her pussy.
The closer i got to her pussy the the more she was raised her hips. My hand found her
mound and slipped between her spread thighs to find her pussy was hot. as I moved my finger
down I found her nice and wet. As my mouth got closer to her mound she was spreading her
thighs even wider.

I got up and crawled between her legs. I looked at the pussy that had given me birth. which
was glisening from all the wetnest. Her lips had even spread open. I knew she was ready but
I wanted to taste her juices and her pussy. She grabbed my head and was pulling me towards
her hot sex.

I grabbed her clit in my teeth and she let out a loud moan. I swear it felt like she had
peed cause her juices just flowed even more. I started licking up her juices and tonguing
her hole even on my tongue it felt tight.

After a few minutes of eating her I pulled away. wanted to feel her hot tight pussy on my
cock. She complained when I pulled away but smiled when she felt my cockhead touch her pussy

"Tomorrow night I want to shave your pussy." I told her. "I want to to be as smooth as
a baby's butt.

"God, yes, I haven't had my pussy shaved since I gave birth to you kids. Now fuck me. Fuck
me deep. Fuck your mother. I want to feel your cock and cum." She wailed as she wrapped
her legs around mine and gripped my back.

As much as I wanted to slam my cock into her I went slowly. a little then I would pull out
some then push more in a little farther til I was buried to the hilt in her pussy. She
buried her mouth in my neck and screamed, "Oh fuck. you feel so good. Fuck me. You are so

I began to slowly slide in and out of her. Each time I went into her deeply I could feel her
womb on the tip of my cock. Each time I hit it she would moan louder. She was slamming her
hips up to meet my downward strokes. "Yes, Yes, Yes, thats it. Fuck me deeper and harder.
Shoot your cum deep in my old pussy."

I picked my self up and held my arms straight. My mom moved her legs and her grip on me up
to my waist exposing more of her and her pussy to me and my cock.

I pulled out till just the tip of the head was in her. then without warning I slammed my
self back into her as deep as I could go. Mon wailed, "Oh, Fuck, You are so deep and it feels
so good. Fuck me harder and deeper."

I started to pound her pussy as hard as I could.

I felt close to cumming and I wanted it to last so I pulled out of my mom's pussy. I told
her to get on her hands and kness. After she had I got behind her and slipped back into her
waiting pussy. I was nice and deep I could feel my cock hitting her womb. Each time I did
my mom jumped and moaned. "Damn, that feels good. no one has ever hit my womb so many times
as you have."

I picked up the pace and mom started ramming her ass back at me harder and harder. "Yes,
Fuck me deep and hard." she wailed. "I am getting ready to cum again."

While I was pounding her pussy I put some lube on my thumb and played with her asshole. She
wiggled her ass as my thumb touched her rosebub. "I love that. finger my butt." She expoded
into one long and hard orgasm. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock as I drove
it into her. "Yes, more. Deeper, Harder." She screamed into the pillow.

While I fucked her pussy and fingered her asshole, I asked her if she had ever had anal sex.
"Yes, but it has been a long time and no one was hung like you. I want to do it but I am
afraid you might hurt me and tear up my ashole since its been so long."

"Maybe later we can try it." I responded. "We will go slow and use lots of lube."

"I hope it works. It has been a long time since i have had a cock up my ass longer than it
has been for my pussy." she replied. "but i do love the feel of having my ass reamed."

With that I went back to pounding her pussy till I came. We laid on the bed beside each
other holding some part of the other and talked about what we had just done. I told her we
could keep fucking each other but she needed to be in her bed when my daughter woke up in
the mornings. After she goes to school you can come back into my bed and we can sleep or
play depending upon your mood.

We fell asleep but I woke up later with the feel of a wet mouth on my cock. I opened my
eyes and looked down to see my mom totally engulfing my cock. I pulled her up on top of
me and lowered her pussy down onto my throbbing member. From my earlier fucking and from
her excitement she was sloppy wet. She slid down with no resistance.

I let her do the work while I grabbed her tits and sucked one of them into my mouth. She
was wildly grinding her ass down and burying me as deep as she could. Since there was almost
no meat on her mound I could feel her pubic bone each time it hit my mound. She was almost
yelling with each stroke, 'Oh fuck, damn its nice and deep. Its beating up my womb. Oh
this is the best fuck I have ever had."

With that she studdered into her climax. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. Thats all
it took. I let loose another load of cum into the pussy that gave me birth.

The next morning after I got my daughter off to school, my mom and i went into the bathroom
for shower. I grabbed a washcloth and began to soap her down. I paid special attention to
her tits and pussy. Everytime I washed between her legs mom would moan. 'You keep that up
and I will fuck you right here in the shower." Mom smiled.

"I was planning on fucking you here in the shower before you brought it up." I replied.
"Also I am going to shave your pussy when we are done."

"I haven't had my pussy shaved since you kids were born. It will sure feel different." Mom

I finished washing her body and stood back and let her wash mine. "I haven't washed you
since you were a little boy." As she grabbed my cock which was hard of course she went on.
"The remember one time when you were still a baby I was giving you your bath and your cock
was hard then. Before I married your step father I would wash you in the kitchen sink and
everytime you got hard I would bend down and suck your little penis. At that age I was horny
all the time. You would laugh when I sucked you."

"well, I am not a baby anymore so get on your knees and suck my cock." I told her. She let
me rinse off the soap, kneeled and inhaled my cock. I grabbed her wet head and pulled her
to me. I watched my cock disappear into her throat. I almost blew a nut. My mother knew how
to suck a cock. I guess that is why her ex-boyfriend was having her do him when ever he could.

I got close to blowing my load in her mouth a couple of times but finally made her stop. I
wanted to do other things before I busted my nut in her mouth, pussy or ass.

"Ok, thats enough. Let get out of here so I can shave that pussy." I told her as I pulled
her off my cock.

"I wanted to swallow your load." She said when her mouth was empty.

"You can do that later, right get out of here so I can shave you." I replied

Mom climbed out of the shower with a frown on her face.

I laid a towel on top of the bathroom counter. Picked mom up and laid her down on top of the
towel. Her butt was on the edge of the sink. I spread her legs and positioned them so she
didn't have to hold them open. I took some scissors and trimmed her hait down to about a
1/4" then I turned on the water and got it warm then I wet her pussy down and applied the
shaving cream.

"I never got this kind of treatment in the hospital when they shaved me." She giggled.

"Well I wasn't there to do it the right way. Let's see I was there just not born yet." I
laughed as I replied.

"But you are making me so horny. I would rather you stuck your cock in me and fucked me
instead of shaving me." Mom moaned. "At least you could finger me some."

"Just lay back, watch and enjoy. When I am done you will get you fucking that you want." I
told her.

I picked up the razor and began to shave the stubble off. Each time I touched her pussy
she would squirm. I looked up at her and said, "If you keep that up you will end up with
nicks, so hold still."

"Its so hard to hold still when you touch my pussy." She replied.

I went back to work on her. Finally I finished and cleaned off the excess shaving cream.

"Now it looks like it should and very eatible." I smiled.

"We need to keep it that way." I stated. "Then I can eat whenever I want."

I bent my head and took her swollen clit into my mouth. Mom grabbed my head and pulled me into
her pussy even tighter. I could feel her juices flowing and covering my chin. I moved
down and lapped up her fluids.

"Oh, God you eat pussy so good. Stick your tongue in me. Tongue fuck my pussy." Mom wailed
as she ground her pussy into my face.

I continued to eat her till she had a couple of orgasms then I brought my head up and said,
"Are you ready to be fucked now?"

"God, Yes but take me to the bed so we can ready do it right." She moaned. I picked her up and
carried her to the bed. As I laid her down she was already spreading her legs.

"Hurry up and put your cock in me. I need it badly." She moaned again.

I climbed between her spread thighs, aimed my cock at her wet hole and rammed it as deep
into her as I could.

When I hit her cervix she screamed, "OH! FUCK! OH MY GOD! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK OF

I had never heard my mother talk like this. It made my dick even harder and I began to
pound her pussy with everything I had.

After her 3rd orgasm I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was ready to dump my load in her
cunt. I slammed in one last time and held my cock head right at her womb and let go of my

"Holy shit! Goddamn! I haven't been fucked this deep in a long time. I have never felt
such a big load. My pussy is so full." Mom yelled.

When I finished cumming I fell forward and mom fell flat on her stomach and chest with me
laying on top of her, my cock still in her spasming pussy.

"Damn that was good." She moaned. "Are you going to fuck my ass?"

"How about tomorrow night when Sara is gone with her mother for the weekend?" I answered.

"Good. Then I can scream all I want too. Mom moaned.

We continued to have sex just about every night. after daughter went to school we would
sometimes fuck all day. Always making sure we finished and cleaned up before she got home.

end chapter 2


2016-11-14 12:31:08
Great story.
You really know how to describe the best parts of great sex.
Your story reminds me of many of the things that a Lady and I did
one summer a very long time ago. She taught me so much about how to please a lady and I still enjoy doing it today.
I wrote about the first part of that summer and posted it in xnxx stories under the title "Exploring".
If you find it and read it please leave a message at the end.
Thank you.


2016-05-19 17:11:18
very good story

Anonymous readerReport

2015-04-01 13:39:54
It's 'edible' not 'eatible'.
Sorry it's just that annoyed me alot.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-08 11:59:55
I am the person that complained in the first chapter about words not being capitalized. Still a little bit of the same problem here but this story is 98% better, so that makes it so much easier to read. Thank you for that. Your dialogue is better also. Overall a great improvement.

Now if you can work on adding more deion, it would improve you stories even more. For example where you said: "I moved from tit to tit sucking each nipple till it was hard. Her tits were small but her nipples grew to about a 1/2 inch when I sucked them. I wished she would of had milk in them." it would have been nice if you had spent more time there. For example, did you caress her other breast as you sucked on one? Did you pinch her other nipple? Did you nibble on her nipple with your lips? Did you lick around her tit? What was her reaction while you were doing all this? Anything to slow the story down would be great, as it is, it is sort of mechanical as you go through the process.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-08 11:55:28
I am the person that made the comment on 2014-01-08 11:47:24.

I did love the comment about you wishing there had been milk. That was a very nice touch. Great idea. You are a good author and you do present the stories in a good way. Just slow things down. This will give the reader a chance to put themselves into the story; to "feel" what the characters are feeling and thinking at the moment.

I've given you a positive vote in both stories, now I'm anxious to see what happens in the next chapter. You have a lot of talent, so keep writing and keep up the good work. Thanks for a great story so far.

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