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How three teenage girls gang up on the skipper
I was sailing my 16 ft sailboat with three girls who I knew quite well on a sunny summer afternoon. We were to practice manuvers for racing. The girls were getting a little giddy talking about boys and which ones were the sexiest. We all had shorts on and I a light shirt, the girls in tight pullovers. The girls all were well endowed, but I had been used to them, since we sailed often.

One of the girls, chuckling, turned to me steering the boat and asked if I had ever been in a sexual situation before. I thought, a very strange question, but answered in the negative. The other two girls acted surprised of my niavity as if they were professionals. I though the subject would be dropped then and there. Then the girl who asked the first question asked if I had ever thought about sex with girls. Dumbfound and lying a bit, I said no.

The girls, almost in unison, said to me, "My, looks like we have a virgin skipper on hand here. Let us see what we can do about this situation. We can't have a virgin skipper handling this craft with experienced girls, can we?" I felt trapped aboard my sailing vessel far from land and an escape.

The girls hudlled about me, their hands touching my body everywhere. They, as a good crew, lowered the sails and we wre adrift upon a smooth sea. They systematically removed my clothing, exposing me to the bright sun. They pushed me down on my back and immediately took my dick in hand, as if to steer the boat. I could not resist but geting hard as the girls said, "Now we are getting somewhere with our skipper."

The all girl crew slipped out of their shorts and panties, pulling their shirts off and undoing their bras. It seemed like a pack of wolves about to devour their prey. One girls moved he cunt over my face, forcing my tongue in her and said, "Skipper, do as we tell you and your ship will survive." Another girl, with a very wet pussy stradled me, placing my trobbing dick in her. She was going bonkers, up and down on me. Soon the other two mounted me and pumped their asses up and down, each arriving at spectacular orgisms. I was shooting load after load of cum until I just ran out of steam.

After this the girls had me lick their tits which excited them to have a repeat all over again. I remained hard, but empty.

We all quickly dressed and the sails were raised. The crew said they felt better not having a virgin skipper and it was about time that I was laid. As I have always said, "A good boat needs a good crew."

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