*Note to Reader. The situation described in this story is not legally incest, but you may agree it's quite close, and I liked the title anyway!

Brenda was an attractive lady who had been unlucky in life, abandoned by a cheating husband who left her with two kids and little else. They had met very young, the first week at university, which meant she was totally inexperienced at relationships. Her doubts as to whether she would attract men lasted a very short time. With her dark Italianate good looks she was soon being propositioned by all sorts of guys; she had an affair with an old friend then, resuming her abandoned studies in accountancy, acquired a number of fuck-buddies a good fifteen to eighteen years younger than her. But what she really wanted was a relationship whereas what they queued up for was the kudos of screwing an attractive older woman before finding a girlfriend closer to their ages.

Now, as she approached her fortieth birthday, her luck had turned - meeting Marc, a tall and reasonably handsome Swiss guy who was five years younger than her and had also been dumped by his wife who'd upped and left and left him with his little boy.

The friendship of two mature persons looking for affection not surprisingly soon turned to attraction and love. The first time they had sex Brenda was shocked, Marc had a thick ten-inch penis the likes of which she'd only seen in the odd porn movie. As happens often in real life with big-cocked guys he had often encountered problems in sex and wasn't very experienced. Brenda had learnt a lot from porn movies and even though her husband had been a measly five inches some of her lovers after that had been bigger, up to eight inches. Coupled with the fact her vagina had been enlarged by the two births and that she lubricated quickly and copiously she was able to cope with his size and restore Marc's shattered confidence in himself and his sexual prowess.

Marc was delighted to have found such a loving and attractive partner after his earlier fiasco. Brenda was slim with a good figure, had long raven-coloured hair, smallish breasts with incredibly long dark brown nipples and the hairiest pussy Marc had ever seen, something which had always attracted him. After they had been together for some months he plucked up the courage to ask her to stop trimming the sides and was rewarded, after her initial reluctance had given way, by acquiring possession of the biggest, widest, long-haired bush he could ever have hoped for. For her part Brenda felt that after all her troubles she was finally getting the happiness and stability she'd always craved for, and that at nearly forty when all her friends were complaining about their sex lives she was actually enjoying the best sex of her life with a genuine stud.

They soon formed a happy family together. Marie, the elder daughter, was very pretty and had a killer body but was an extremely shy and introverted sixteen year old girl with long frizzy dark blonde-hair; Louise was eleven but looked older and was a real livewire, with something of her mother's dark good looks but with a sunny disposition unlike her mum's sometimes depressive streak.

Marc's boy was Max a quiet but pleasant eleven year old who looked younger than his age. Always polite and with a shy smile on his still pretty boyface he was a delight, helpful and cheerful at all times, and he soon gained the affections of Brenda as well. He also became fast friends with Louise and there were lots of family jokes that they'd end up marrying each other.

The newly-weds were enjoying their life together when Max started changing. He was quieter than usual but no longer smiling. The cheerful kid who'd always had a smile and a laugh seemed to have morphed into a silent, solitary figure who shunned company.

One day Marc finally got the truth out of him and given his close relationship with Brenda naturally turned to her for advice and comforting.

"Brenda, Max is very upset. I now know why he has not been the same the last few weeks."
"Why darling? What's wrong with smile? Love troubles already?"

Marc managed a wan smile but he was clearly upset too.

"He is being teased and bullied at school and outside school"
"Bastards! But why?"

Marc hesitated a moment.

"Because he has a very big penis."
"Oh!" Brenda was surprised. How could this be a reason for bullying? And how silly, how big a penis could an eleven year old boy have anyway?

"But darling, how would they know? And anyway what's the problem?"

"School showers. It's just over nine inches. He's measured it to try and find information on the net if that was normal or not."

Brenda frowned. No way could an eleven year old boy have a nine inch penis. Granted Marc was very big but Max couldn't have grown such a big thing already, why he was short for his age and almost looked like a little boy....

Marc continued hesitantly, almost like thinking aloud.

"Maybe what Max needs is to be shown is it's something to be proud of?"

"Yes but how? Talking will only do so much and he's a bit young for sex..."

"I don't know, my grandfather told me he was taken to a prostitute when he was twelve. It was very common then."

"You'd go to jail if you took him to a prostitute now!"

But Max was worse, retreating more and more into his own shell, he spent most o his free time alone, brooding. He wouldn't even play with his beloved Louise, and on more than one occasion Brenda caught him shedding lonely tears.

Really upset herself by now, Brenda hated to see Marc or Max unhappy and decided to raise the issue with Marc.

"We have to do something to help him Marc! I....I... don't want you to take this the wrong there something I could perhaps do, try to do to help about Max?"

"What? He refuses to let me go to his school; he finds the embarrassment worse than the bullying."

"I could talk to him about sex? Tell him how most girls will do anything to get hold of a man, boy...with a big dick?"

"You said yourself talking could only get so far."

Brenda took a deep breath and held one of Marc's large hands between her own small ones.

"What if I.....if I....made him show me his thingy...and I praised it.....and maybe...maybe touched it or something?"

Marc looked at her incredulously.

"Like my grandfather and the prostitute? You'd have sex with him?"

Brenda nodded, bowing her head forward so her long hair covered her blushing cheeks.

"You'd do that for me?"

Brenda nodded.

"I wouldn't do that for anyone else, I've always been the faithful kind - you know that. And I love you for who you are and for how you've made me truly happy for the first time in my life. I love you and I care for Max...I don't want either of you to suffer. Perhaps if we...if I...make a man of him...he'll learn he has nothing to be ashamed of, and he's...better than normal?"

The ice having been broken Marc and Brenda discussed seriously and at great length the pros and cons of her suggestion and eventually, desperate for something to resolve the situation, decided it was worth an attempt.

The night they earmarked for the initiation arrived, the girls were staying with their grandparents and it was just the three of them in the house. They had not revealed their plan to anyone, not even to Max, in order not to prejudice its success or allow him to worry in advance.

Young Max loved having long baths and they allowed him to luxuriate without the usual "what are you doing for so long?" Emerging from the bathroom in his pyjamas with flushed, rosy cheeks he looked the picture of boyish innocence.

Marc and Brenda were in nightclothes by then; Brenda had dressed carefully, wearing a slinky sheer black see-thru negligee underneath her dressing-gown. Marc called Max to their room and he entered with a smile which became anxious as he listened to them speak.

"Max, I've talked with Brenda about the problems you've been having at school and she wants to help. Please trust her. You know she loves me very much and she loves you too. Is that ok? She's going to talk to you about things and growing up and see if she can help? I'm going to leave you with her now."

Max nodded shyly. With that Marc left the bedroom and closed the door behind him. Brenda gave the now nervous Max a reassuring smile.

"Max, your dad has explained the don’t be shy"

Max was blushing furiously now, his head looking down.

"Max, it's not a problem, it's part of...of growing up. For example, have you ever seen a girl or woman real life I mean?"

Brenda undid her dressing gown, the see-thru negligee showed off her breasts and her large dark nipples pointing outwards from the friction with the silky material. The large bush which grew out in all directions was also clearly visible.

"I'm going to take this off Max, do you want to see me naked? You don't have to do anything you don't want to darling?"

Max looked up, and nodded silently. Brenda lifted the negligee quickly and stood naked, half-shy and half-proud, in front of her silent stepson who now devoured her nude body eagerly with his eyes.

She sat on the side of the bed and beckoned him towards her, indicating he should sit beside her.

"Come here Max. Touch my boobies. You like them? They like you too! See how my nipple gets hard when you touch it?"

Max's small, eager hands wandered curiously all over Brenda's body. He seemed much taken, like his dad, by Brenda's glorious massive bush, stroking it as though it were a furry creature before noticing the wetness in the centre.

"Yes, that's wet for you darling...."

Brenda had already seen an unusual bulge disfiguring the front of the pyjama bottoms. With Max busily playing with her cunt she deftly undid the strings and pulled them down. A long white snake leapt up at her. Max's penis was indeed truly huge. A bit shorter and definitely slimmer, due to his short stature and slightness the cock actually gave the impression of being even bigger than his dad's. As indeed it was proportionately, Max was a foot and a half shorter than his dad but his cock was only an inch less in length, and since it was hairless except for a tuft of hair growing around at its base and unblemished it advertised itself even more spectacularly.

An astonished Brenda gaped at the thing, when she spoke it was in a small, awed voice.

"That is an amazing penis you have there're a very lucky boy and you're going to make many girls very happy. I be the first...and to help you to learn some things. Don't be shy, Max. Look at me? Please?"

He looked at her and she kissed him gently on the lips, he responded cautiously with a peck on her lips. Brenda slowly embraced Max, then started flicking her tongue at his lips, at his tongue, sensing his excitement mounting, and then crushed him to her whilst her tongue invaded his mouth at will, to which he responded eagerly...

Even as this happened Brenda held Max's penis with one hand, stroking it gently and running her fingernails up and down the shaft of flesh.

"May I kiss it Max?"

Max was looking away, blushing furiously, as Brenda first planted small kisses on the tip of his dick, then carefully unrolled the foreskin to reveal the pink glans which she proceeded to first kiss, then flick her tongue at then with a determined move sank as much as she could into her wide-open mouth. Pulling away to brush back a stray lock of hair, Brenda licked the pole of flesh all over and then carefully sucked one sensitive ball at a time; these had already dropped but were still totally hairless. She teased them with her tongue then sucking away at each ball in turn as though it were a boiled sweet.

A rapt Max was now gaping wide-eyed at his stepmum as she started to suck away determinedly at his large cock, she looked amazing with half his cock sunk into her beautiful mouth. For Max the novel experience of having his cock sucked was giving him indescribable pleasure and he was fast approaching orgasm. For her part Brenda was delighted at how nice the boy's cock tasted and how he was enjoying his first sexual experience. But she knew he would probably orgasm quickly and wanted him to do that inside her, after experiencing intercourse for the first time.

Brenda gently took the boy's cock and opening her legs guided the long white sausage towards her well-wet pussy. Placing it at the entrance she released her hold and groaned as Max promptly stuck the entire length into her in one single thrust without.

"Oh you're're so bigggg!!!!"

Max pushed away silently, somehow having decided pulling out almost completely and then thrusting back the full length hard was the way to do it. It certainly succeeded in pushing Brenda ever closer to an orgasm.

"You' girls......" she panted..."I... can... take... be...gentle...ow....owww.... OWWWWW!!!!!" she yelled as he hit her cervix hard with a determined thrust. The feeling and her reaction was too much for young Max and Brenda held on to him, caressing his hair, back and soft buttocks as he emptied the contents of his young balls into her with an endearing little moan.

"You're done darling? Good boy. That was really good. Oh, wow, you're still hard?"

In response Max started again, pumping even faster and more furiously than before.

"Oh Max!!! You're going to make me.....CUM!!!!!"

Helplessly Brenda felt the orgasm build up within her, her astonishment that an eleven year old boy could be doing to her in his first session what her first husband had never managed forgotten as the physical side took over. As the boy felt her trembling and whimpering into her climax, the sensation of power drove him over the edge again and they held each other tightly as they came together in a glorious mutual orgasm.

Finally withdrawing, an exhausted Max lay next to a smiling Brenda, his penis still semi-tumescent.

"You're really sweet you know? I'm going to finish you off..."

With that she started masturbating him lazily, Max's eyes were closed in silent rapture as his attractive and clever stepmum satisfied him yet again, rubbing the small amount of ejaculate from his spent balls into his smooth hairless tummy.

Brenda allowed him to relax for a few minutes, gently stroking his body and murmuring sweet comforting nothings. She then gave him a final kiss and suggested he should now go to bed, which Max did walking on seventh heaven as he relived the sexual parts of the evening in his mind time and time again.

A few minutes after he'd left it was Marc who entered the bedroom.

"How was it?"

"Good for Max I think. He came four times."

"How about for you?"

Brenda flashed him a curious look. Why was he showing concern for her? Was he being jealous?

"Good too... thanks... he made me come, the little blighter! Clearly his father's son!"

She hugged Marc, craning her neck up to kiss him fervently.

"But I did it because I love you, I love you so much!"

Marc was choked with emotion.

"Thank you my love, thank you..."
"Marc I love you so much, it's going to be all right, we're all going to be all right."

They kissed and held on to each other passionately and before long Marc's huge, thick cock was filling the pussy recently vacated by his young son and adding his sperm to that deposited by the youngster.


A couple of days after Max's initiation Brenda arrive home from her office, still distracted by thoughts of work, to find him walking down the stairs from the upper floor.

"Hello Max, what are you up to?"

He smiled at her; he really was a ridiculously pretty boy!

"I've just had a shower."
"Oh, good,"
"And it's Louise's Brownies day, and Marie is at the poetry club."
"Yes of course."
"So......"he hesitated, "no-one's in for a couple of hours..."
It suddenly dawned on Brenda that little Max was effectively propositioning her!!! The cheeky little so-and-so!!! This wasn't the idea surely? She'd done her bit and whilst Max was such an attractive and well-endowed little boy he was precisely that....a little boy! And her husband's son at that!

She looked at him sharply and was about to say something reproachful and negative when she caught his eye. He was so eager, so pretty...and he'd put all his trust in her. She couldn't hurt him now; her demeanour softened and turned into a dazzling smile.

"Come into my bedroom" he followed her happily, “and wait here whilst I shower. Actually no...come in with me!"

She stripped off in front of the lad and helped him off with his pyjamas, then took him by the hand and led him to the ensuite shower, his long penis beginning to stiffen and sway as they moved.

They both exclaimed as the strong jets of water hit them, at first cold then gradually heating up to the desired temperature. Soon they were laughing and playing about with the water, squirting shower gel at each other. Brenda, fascinated, played with the smooth long cock and she encouraged Max to lather her profuse cuntal carpet and as he did so could feel the wetness oozing out of her was no longer soapy water.

"Mmmmm....looks like I need it as much as you do now darling. Come here..."

She lowered her face towards his and started French kissing him properly, her tongue licking at his then entering inside his mouth at will as if she were fucking it.

Impatiently she turned off the shower, just thinking now of having that long, young and rampant weapon buried inside her aching pussy as soon as possible. She helped to towel him down briskly and almost dragged her willing preteen stud to her marital bed.

"Right Max, will you do something for me? You want to learn what girls like?"
"Yes please Brenda, will you teach me EVERYTHING?"
"Kiss me down there darling", said Brenda parting her thighs and holding her hairy pussy open, exposing the large brown labia, pink inside of her pussy and her clitoris. "See the little button thing there? That's my clitoris. That's what makes me orgasm."
"May I touch it?"
"Yes, but stroke softly around it, not directly. It's very sensitive."

Fascinated, Max prodded at it, stroking, feeling, caressing and rubbing

"Softly, my love, softly", murmured the surrendered woman, "around it and gently....And you can touch it with your tongue too..."

"Like this?"

The young boy lapped eagerly at her labia and vagina but hit her spot often enough to make her moan.

"Oh yes Max, like that, yessss.....oh yessss!! Like that, yessss....Good boy. Oh don't stop Max, I love it, I love it....please don't stop now, please don't....Ohhh MAAAXXXXX!!! OOOOOOHHHH!!!!"

To Max's delight Brenda's body jerked and spasmed in the throes of her orgasm. He felt almost as good a she did at being able to do this to a real woman, and such a beautiful woman too! The idiots at school hadn't even seen a girl's tits let alone done anything to anyone.

And no sooner had she finished shaking but she was hauling him onto her, kissing him fervently, with real passion, whilst his hard penis impaled her, entering her with the ease of a knife slicing through unresisting butter.

"Come here big boy", Brenda was wild with lust by now, "now I want you to FUCK me!!!""

Little Max did himself proud, and his pretty stepmum was soon groaning at the end of his rock-hard fleshy flagpole. They had a magnificent session which Brenda, coming to her senses, terminated and hustled Max out of the bedroom just seconds before young Louise burst yelling into the house, up the stairs and into her bedroom flinging herself on her kimono-clad mother who hadn't had time to even go to the bathroom.

"What's that funny smell Mum?"
"Oh, some bleachy thing darling", Brenda was relieved Louise was too innocent to recognise the smell of the semen which young Max had filled her with and which was trickling out of her vagina even as she hugged her baby daughter.

In fact, reflected Brenda and was slightly ashamed of herself , the lips which had just kissed her daughter had only minutes before been planted firmly around the eleven year old boy's cock.

She told Marc what had happened that night. He was understanding and accepted Brenda had acted with the boy's best interests at heart.

"You see Marc; I don't know what would have happened if I'd rejected him, he might not have understood why. And now I don't know....what happens if he keeps trying it on?"
"You were right to do what you did, we shall have to give him a little time."
"I'm scared the girls will find out....what would they think of me?"
"He won't tell, just be careful."
"We'll just have to hope he takes a hint and gives up?"

But Max did not give up. Far from it. Sex with his stepmother was the best thing that had ever happened to him in his life and he wasn't about to give it up voluntarily. He kept looking for and finding opportunities to do her and finally Brenda and Marc agreed there was no alternative but to have Brenda give herself to Max every other day and that the safest way to handle Brenda's sessions with the boy would be for them to sleep together when the house was quiet and restrict it to these night-time liaisons only.

And then began an odd period when both father and son alternated evenings in which to have her. Marc graciously gave up his bed every other night but they would have to wait until the girls were asleep before smuggling Max into her room, bed and waiting arms. And in the mornings she would wake up the sleepy little boy and switch rooms with his dad who, on more than one morning, felt the primitive urge to reclaim her as his own with his mighty manhood. Brenda was being fucked every night and most mornings, she began to get bags under her eyes but sexually she was so sensitized she would almost orgasm at times from the thought of the lovemaking which awaited her every single day.

But physically Brenda was exhausted and they had to confront the situation.
"Marc I'm not sure how much longer I can put up with this.”
Her husband was all concern.
"Yes dear, you're looking shattered so often these days."
"Don't get me wrong Marc, I love you and I shouldn't complain should I? Any of my friends would kill to have what I have. You're just amazing and in bed.... and not so little Max is his father's son, size wise and in how he uses his equipment. Plus he never has enough.... “she tailed off.
"If we stop him now he could be traumatised."
"I know, it's horrible to think that. What can we do?"
"What if" Marc wondered,"what if we were to somehow share you every night?"
Brenda was doubtful.
"You mean a threesome? I've never done that and neither have you. And a threesome with a father and a son....with the son being eleven years old? I'm really not sure...."
"Well we could try it.... perhaps go away for a weekend..."

After weighing up the pros and cons, they decided it might be worth trying. By having the two guys at the same time Brenda might end up with more time to relax and sleep.

But they would carry out the experiment in a hotel and Marc chose a topnotch luxury hotel to leave nothing to chance.


They travelled to their secluded hotel in the countryside, a sumptuous affair with huge gardens, swimming-pools and everything one could wish for. They were sharing an open-plan suite which effectively gave them a massive double bedroom with a bed to match, a sitting-room area and a private alcove with a single bed. As an extravagance apart from a shower room and another toilet there was a huge circular bath in the open-plan area.

That night Brenda was sparkling like the Moet Chandon they consumed - even Max was allowed a glass. Everyone in the expensive restaurant noticed her: clad simply but tastefully in a little black dress which showed off her figure perfectly, with a deepish cleavage and a pair of high heels which added some inches to her. There were younger women in the place, maybe even a couple were more beautiful than her, but none matched her for attractiveness and allure. She was positively radiant and exuded sexuality from every pore. The men and women who surreptitiously checked them out wondered at the happy family and how lucky that guy was to have such a beautiful wife; they could hardly be expected to know that the ravishing woman was in fact dining with and entrancing her two lovers.

They left happily after having consumed the best meal they'd had on their lives, laughing and joking and singing through the garden on their way back to the main building, the sounds of the night-birds, the starts and the tasteful lighting creating a fairy-tale quality to the moment.

In the suite the filled circular bath was full of fragrant bath foam, Brenda had left instruction with housekeeping for the bath to be run.

"Right!" she cried, "come on let's ALL get into the bath!!!"

Max was visibly surprised but there was no time for him to wonder if it was a joke. A braless Brenda was pulling off her dress to reveal her breasts with the long dark brown nipples he so loved and her see thru panties, pubic hair sexily peeping out in all directions were all she was wearing and his dad was already unbuttoning his shirt.

In what seemed a very short time Brenda was down to her high heels and Marc too was easing off his boxers to release his enormously thick limp dick. Max had never seen his dad's penis and it was very, very big but it was the flirty and naked Brenda walking around in all her glory and swigging champagne who made his lower regions flutter until he could no longer put off removing his white underpants.

Max had a rampant erection. Marc was impressed. How on earth did this son of his have a cock at eleven almost the size of his own?

"Sorry dad" Max apologised sheepishly.
"Nothing to be sorry for, it's a compliment to Brenda. Don't worry about it. She gets me like that all the time!"

Brenda arms akimbo looked at Marc mock-angrily.

"Are you going to let your son outdo you? Shame on YOU! Come here!

Despite her stilettos Brenda still had to crane up to kiss Marc, one hand on his cock, the other playing over his back and asscrack. The cock thickened and lengthened with every stroke and soon reared itself proudly, clearly longer than Max's by a cockhead and much thicker, giant balls the size of plums hanging low. Marc was clearly still the dominant bull in this cock contest.

"You can see why yours is big now can't you Max?" asked Brenda whilst stroking Marc's now fully erect penis. "Daddy's very big too, and these things tend to pass from father to son."

They had a wonderful romp in the bath, all good clean fun and Max's erection eventually subsided as did Marc's.

When they eventually left the bath and towelled themselves dry Max made as if to leave for his alcove. Brenda stopped him.

"No Max, look this is a very nice big bed, don't go away....."

She sat him on the edge of the edge and started to kiss the blushing boy, his penis immediately rising to attention. Marc watched feeling his own cock stirring upwards at the astonishing sight of his wife stroking his boy's big erect cock.

Beckoning him over Brenda got Marc and Max to stand opposite each other whilst she knelt in front of them working one cock in each hand.

"Look at this!" said Brenda beaming and giggling as she masturbated the two big ones just inches from her face, "Just LOOK at THIS! I've got twenty inches of cock here just for me!!! I'm like the cat who got the cream! What have I done to deserve this?"

"You're going to get a lot of cream soon" grunted Marc, "isn't she Max?"

Max nodded silently, eyes half-closed with ecstasy but transfixed as well at the sight of his father's enormous cock inches from his stepmum's grinning face.

"Big Mac and Whopper!" Brenda laughed and naughtily licked each cock in turn, looking the father and son brazenly in the eyes as she teased the other's cock. Bringing them closer to her face the two giant cocks were now inches from each other as Brenda hungrily moved from one to the other. Slurping away she tried to lick the two at the same time, father's and son's knobs now rubbing against each other as she tried to work both knobs into her mouth at the same time.

The tension was building up, Marc knew his young son wouldn't be able to hold back for long....and he wanted them to do the full porn-style facial on Brenda. Max's body stiffened, he grimaced...his mouth opened in a silent cry and the first long squirt of young cum sprayed onto Brenda's face.

"Oh cum darling! Cum, cum. Come on my face, that's right...."

A second and third ejaculation hit her and Marc, inflamed by the sight, joined in with an authoritative first rope of thicker, whiter sperm. For the next minute or so Brenda was bombarded left and right with broadsides of spunk from the father and son combination - young Max's more profuse but less dense in colour and texture, Marc's sperm-heavy ejaculate painting her face a whiter shade of pale. She hung on in there gamely, laughing as her eyes were closed by the semen in them, cum on her hair, her eyebrows and lashes, all over her cheeks in her mouth and even her nose.

Marc and Max joined in the laughter and dad offered his son a high-five which Max gleefully reciprocated.

"We’ve done a good job there Max!"
"Yeah!!! Brenda's covered! It's cool!!!"

"You're awful you two! You're evil! Look at my poor face, now I'm going to have to wash it...oh my make up's running..."

She rushed off to the bathroom; the two males lay on the bed at either end, content and almost mirroring each other's pose.

"Dad" Max looked serious "can we share Louise and Marie too?"

Marc started. He was taken aback by the question.

"Max, that's not...I...we're not sure they're ready yet...or that they needed it like you..."
"But Louise is my age....and Marie loads older! Five years older than me!"
"Age isn't everything."
"And they're really nice aren’t they? Louise is my best friend and Marie is really, really pretty...everyone says even see old guys whistling at her down the street."
"What old like me?" Marc laughed. "Yes they're very attractive girls."
"Yeah well you're not old...but older than you even yeah."
"I don’t think so Max, the girls are virgins and it's different for girls. I don’t think Brenda would like you let alone me messing with them just yet."

And at that point Brenda re-entered the bedroom and jumped onto the bed between the two males.

"Ok guys you've been naughty so you'll have to put up with me without make-up. Hope you liked that. How about satisfying me now? I want you both to fuck me senseless."

They both moved towards her and soon Brenda was kissing them alternately and having her body explored by four hands, having two large stiff penises pressed against her.

"Go on Max, you first", encouraged his dad.

A bit self-consciously Max mounted Brenda in the missionary position and started thrusting vigorously whilst his father watched them, stroking his penis. Brenda made encouraging sounds and fondled Max's young ass as he pumped rhythmically into her. Meanwhile she made Marc approach her and started sucking on his cock, now they were really in threesome territory.

She offered Marc's engorged cock to Max.

"Want a taste?" and burst out laughing at his horrified expression. "I'm joking darling, I know you like women don't I?"

"Ok", said Marc taking command. "Max, we're going to go two-on-one on Brenda."
"What's that dad?
"We're going to take her in her pussy and in her ass at the same time."
Max's eyes widened.
"At the same time? And in the ass? Isn't that dirty?"
"You should only ever do it with someone hygienic and who's nice and clean and just washed as Brenda is now."

The size of the penises involved and Marc's overall size and weight meant he had to be at the bottom of the sandwich, and whilst normally that would have meant Brenda going doggy and being taken in the ass by Max, they were wary that although he was slightly smaller he might get too enthusiastic with his thrusting and hurt Brenda.

Artificial lubrication was needed. Marc made Brenda go on her knees with her face on the pillow, exposing her raised ass to them and the tight little brown ring of her asshole was exposed to them. A mesmerised Max watched as his dad smeared generous amounts of lubrication all over her anal crack and start working it with one thick finger at a time into the anus itself.

"Try it", urged Marc. Max now anxious to experiment, was amazed to see how the tiny hole stretched to accommodate first one then two of his fingers but then seemed to grasp the intruder. What must it be like to put his cock into that tight channel? Somehow he knew it wouldn't take him too long to find out.

"Slide it in as far as you can go, our dicks will go much further than our fingers but we need Brenda to be well-lubricated or we can hurt her badly."

Marc lay on his back and held his stiff cock ready. Brenda crouched on front of him, back to his face and on her haunches, and lowered herself towards the cock. Open-mouthed Max saw the cockhead struggle to open her up, Brenda wincing and asking Marc to be careful.

"Careful honey please, you're very thick."

But the lubricant did its trick and slowly Brenda was able to slide more and more of the cock into her rectum.

"Ok Max", she said, "I'm nearly ready for you....shit this feels really, really tight."

She lay back so she was resting on Marc, careful to ensure the cock remained stuck deep in her arse and held her gaping pussy open. Max needed no second invitation clambering over his dad's feet and legs he launched himself at Brenda's pussy and started fucking her like a steam hammer.

Brenda was moaning, groaning and exclaiming: "SHIT...I'm coming...I'M FUCKING COMING, you big-cocked BASTARDS!!! You're fucking me to BITS!!!"

And with a grimace and a strangled half-scream whilst Marc slowly buggered her and young Max nailed her like a piled river she collapsed, almost senseless with lust and Max came in her pussy and Marc came in her ass.

They fell asleep for about two hours when Max snuggled up to her as a prelude to a silent fuck. An hour later it was Marc who stirred and turned on by the situation took her next to his sleeping son. In the predawn light Max took her again.

Well they'd done the threesome, now it remained to be seen if this arrangement could remain workable and if Brenda would get some rest!

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2015-06-27 14:41:35
Made me cum twice

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2015-05-16 08:44:49
Nyc . .

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2015-03-22 01:15:08
A wonderful story. The only thing that I didn't like about it is the ass fucking. But it is a good story otherwise. You should also use more letters to spell how the big woman was groaning and exclaiming in pain while the boy was fucking her.

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2015-03-20 05:03:07
I need fucking lady in cam

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2014-11-13 09:45:16
I have this same pic as wallpaper on my cell phone!Also, the wesbite listed is for the blog that I started (at Jessica's suggestion) at the National Academy. I haven't posted lately, but will resume once I get settled into school. Of course I also have the same resolution regarding yoga, Curves, the diet,

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