Amber's virgin bottom is taken. Then marijuana dealer Chantell Brown pays the price for her actions.
Jim awoke. There were two beautiful young women in his bed. Both sleeping on their stomachs, no doubt because he’d blistered both of their bottoms. His daughter Amber for drinking, smoking marijuana and lying to him; her friend Sally for supplying the booze and joints. He’d had sex with both of them and they had both slept the night with him in his big California King bed.

When Jim awoke Sunday morning, Amber and Sally were still sleeping. One on his right the other on his left. Both were on their stomachs; no doubt because he had blistered their bottoms over the last two nights.

Jim quietly crawled out from under the covers. Let the girls sleep. He went to the kitchen, put coffee on and, after picking it up from the front porch, sat down to read the newspaper. He’d just finished the sports section when Amber came into the room. “Good morning honey, would you like some coffee?” “Daddy, there is a problem with Sally, after you got up, so did we. We went back to my room to get dressed. Sally didn’t look too good. She was walking kind of hunched over. I thought it was because she was sore down below from last night. She went into the bathroom and was in there for almost half an hour and I got concerned. When I opened the door she was sitting on the potty hunched over and seemed to be in a lot of pain. I helped her up and put her in my bed. When I asked if she was in pain from last night she said yes, but that wasn’t the problem. She said she couldn’t move her bowels, in fact hadn’t for three days and she was cramping badly. “Daddy, I looked under her night gown; her vagina and anus are still red and swollen but then I felt her tummy. It’s sore and she feels feverish. Can you help?”
“Amber, let’s go check on her.” Jim and Amber went to Amber’s room. Sally was curled up in a fetal position holding her stomach and quietly moaning in pain.

“Sally, tell me what’s wrong’” Jim asked. “Oh daddy, my tummy is cramping badly. I tried to go to the bathroom and couldn’t. I haven’t been able to go for three days.” Jim caressed her face. She did seem to have a fever. “Daddy, I feel cramped and feverish like when I have my period but the cramping is far worse. Please help me.” “Sally is your period due?” “No daddy, I finished two weeks ago.”

“Sally, I think I know what the problem is. You’re severely constipated. I want to get your temperature then we’ll give you a series of enemas to clean you out. I think you’ll be feeling much better in a couple of hours.” “Let me get my equipment.” Jim went to the bathroom in his bedroom and gathered up a two quart enema bag, enema soap, his rectal thermometer and a jar of Vaseline and put them on his night stand then returned to Amber’s room. “Amber, out in the garage is the IV stand I got when your mom was ill. Would you get it, please? Bring it to my room; I’ll help Sally to climb into my bed.”

“Sally, I want to get your temperature. Lift your gown and roll onto your tummy.” After Sally complied, Jim took a small dab of Vaseline on his finger and parted her cheeks. Her anus really did look like a rosebud, pink and swollen. It was still partly distended from last night. Jim rubbed the lubricant in and around her hole, dipped the thermometer into the Vaseline and slowly inserted it in her bottom. He stroked her still inflamed cheeks and slowly rotated the thermometer. “Sally, this will be done in three minutes.” Jim removed the thermometer. Sally’s temperature was slightly below 100 degrees. Jim didn’t think there was an infection, just feverishness from her constipation.
Amber wheeled the IV stand into the room. “Amber, can you help. I’m going to give Sally two enemas. Would you get several towels and lay them out on the bed while I prepare the enema solution.” Jim filled the two quart bag and mixed in the enema soap. When he got back to the bedroom, Amber had already gotten the towels spread on the bed. Jim hung the bag on the IV stand. “Sally, I want you to roll over on the towels. Please either take your nightie off or pull up beyond your hips. I want you on your left side with your right leg pulled up toward your breasts. “Sally, have you ever had an enema?” “I’m not sure. Maybe Nanny gave me one when I was little.” “Ok, here’s what you can expect. I’m going to insert this nozzle in your bottom then I’ll release the clamp and soapy water will flow into you. At first you will feel pleasant warmth. As more water fills you, you will feel fullness and some cramping. If you cramp too badly, let me know and I’ll cut of the flow ‘til you’re ready again. I want you to take the full two quarts. Ok?” “Yes daddy.” “Amber, if Sally starts to cramp I want you to help her. Massage her tummy to help the water fill her bowel.” Jim helped Sally get into position. He lifted her right cheek and rubbed Vaseline around and into her anus and greased the enema nozzle. “Sally, I’m going to start your enema now.” Jim inserted the nozzle and began the flow. As the water filled her, Sally did feel a warm comfort. “This isn’t going to be bad at all,” she thought. Then the first cramp hit. “I’m slowing down the flow, Amber, will you rub Sally’s tummy please?” “That feels better, thanks Amber.” Jim resumed the flow. “Amber, rub Sally’s tummy continually I want to get this second quart into her.” As Amber massaged Sally’s tummy, Sally asked her to rub lower. That’s where the bloating was. It felt like all the water was settling there. “Lower yet please Sally pleaded.” Amber was rubbing so low on Sally’s stomach that she was brushing against her blonde pubic hair, still, Sally asked her to rub lower. Amber thought I believe she wants me to rub her pussy. Should I? Why not, if it makes her feel better?

Amber slid her hand under Sally’s pulled up leg and cupped her vaginal lips. With two fingers she parted the lips and began to play with Sally’s huge clitoris. “Oh thank you Amber. I don’t know if it helps with the cramping but it sure takes my mind off the pain, please don’t stop, Sally whispered.” Just a few moments later, Sally began to quietly moan. Jim asked, “Is the cramping too bad? We can rest if you like but there’s just a little more to go?” “No daddy, I’m ok. Amber is helping.” “Ok, we’re done. Lie here for just a minute then Amber can help you to the bathroom. I’ll need to give you a second enema of just clear water to rinse out the soap we used in this one. After Jim left, Amber helped Sally to the bathroom and took off her nightie. “Sally, I’m going to wait outside while you evacuate. Call me when you’ve finished and I’ll help you back to bed.” After the splashing and gas noises had stopped Sally called to Amber for help. “Ok daddy, we’re ready.” Jim came back into the bedroom then walked to the bathroom and rinsed and refilled the enema bag. “Sally, for this one I want you on your knees with your chest resting on the bed. This one won’t be nearly as painful. It’s only clear water. “Ok, assume the position.” With Sally in the proper position, Jim spread her legs slightly and greased her rosebud. Inserting the nozzle, he started the flow. There was no cramping with this enema but Sally did feel like she was nine months pregnant with her distended tummy. “Amber, please help Sally.” “Sally, when you finish you might like a warm bath and a nap. When you’re feeling better come down to the kitchen and I’ll fix you some hot tea and toast to help settle your stomach.” Her friend was still sitting on the toilet when Amber went back into the bath. Her long hair was damp and stringy and her long legs were splayed. “Amber, I feel exhausted.” “Let me help you to my room Sally.
I’ll run you a bath but I want to change the linens on this bed while you nap.”

Amber helped Sally with her bath. It was nice and hot with just a little scented salts.
When Sally was finished Amber helped her dry off with a big fluffy towel and walked her to the bed. “Sally, would you like a massage, I have some really nice body lotion.”
“Amber, you’re a life saver. I’d love that.” “Ok, lie down on your tummy and I’ll get the lotion.” As Amber walked back to the bed she gazed at Sally’s long lithe body. Sally was 5’11” tall. A starting forward on the girl’s high school basketball team. She had a tight and muscled buttocks and powerful legs. She was beautiful. Amber started the massage at Sally’s shoulders and worked downward. She skipped over her bottom and did her legs, only then continuing to her fantastic ass. Her bottom was still bruised and red from yesterday’s spanking and Amber was gentle. Then she spread Sally’s legs so she could reach her inner thighs. As she moved up Sally’s thighs, she brushed against her lower lips. Sally pushed back against Amber’s hand. “Amber, would you please?” begged Sally. “Yes, I want it, too; let me finish your massage. Roll over.” As Sally lay on her back, Amber saw that she had small firm breasts with rather large nipples. Her blonde pubic hair was neatly trimmed but not shaved. Amber had never really thought about sex with another girl but, God she was attracted to Sally. As Amber rubbed the lotion over Sally’s breasts she couldn’t resist. She bent down and took a nipple into her mouth and sucked, then the other. Sally’s breathing started to become ragged so Amber stopped. She didn’t want Sally too excited yet, she had other plans. Amber completed the massage, rubbing lotion into Sally’s stomach, legs and feet. With just a small amount of lotion still on her hand, she reached between Sally’s legs and cupped her sex. “Is this what you wanted Sally?” Responding to Sally’s blushing nod, Amber answered; good, because I want it, too.” Positioning herself between Sally’s parted legs; Amber began to masturbate her engorged clitoris. It was big as her little finger. Nothing at all like her own sensitive button. Amber pulled her hand away and put her fingers to her mouth. The scent and taste were like ambrosia. She wanted more. Amber was not going to finger Sally. She would still be too sore after having just lost her virginity last night, but she was going to taste her. Dropping her head to Sally’s crotch, Amber tongued her sex from anus to clit. She tickled her rosebud with the tip of her tongue then lapped between her inner lips; finally, she took her clit between her lips and sucked. Sally almost immediately began bucking as intense orgasms washed over her. She held a pillow over her mouth. Sally was a screamer and didn’t want daddy to hear. Amber got up and sat on the side of the bed. She bent down and gently kissed Sally. “God Amber, that was wonderful. I want to do it to you. Can I?” “You sure can, but not now. I wanted to help you relax. Now take a nap. I want you awake, rested and feeling well for tonight. Remember, daddy is going to take my anal virginity and I want you to watch. Sweet Dreams.”

As Sally dozed Amber straightened out daddy’s bedroom ad changed the sheets then walked to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. “Amber, please sit over here with me, I want to ask you a few questions. Honey, do you know where Sally got he vodka and marijuana you two had Thursday night?” Daddy, she took the vodka from home and she bought the joints from her teammate, Chantell Brown.” “Amber, tell me about this Chantell Brown, what do you know about her?” “Daddy, I don’t really know Chantell, only just to see her in school. You need to talk to Sally when she gets up.”

It was nearly two hours before Sally came into the kitchen. She’d showered and pulled her long blonde hair back into a ponytail. God, Jim thought, she’s looks great. “How are you feeling, beautiful?” Sally blushed a little at the compliment. “Daddy, I feel much better; just hungry. I think I want more than tea and toast. “I can do that. How do ham sandwiches and potato salad sound? It’s lunch time.” “Sure, that sounds like it would hit the spot.” “What would you like to drink; we’ve got Coke or iced tea?” “Make mine a Coke, please.” “Amber, would you pour a Coke for Sally and tea for me. Get yourself whatever you like and join us.”

After finishing lunch, Jim asked Amber and Sally to remain at the table. He wanted to hear more about Chantell Brown. “Sally, tell me what you know about Chantell; Amber told me that you got the marijuana from her.” “Well Daddy, Chantell is the starting point guard on the team; she’s really good. She’ll get a full ride athletic scholarship if she can get her grades up just a little. Chantell is Black and seems to know where to get a joint. I don’t think she smokes, at least not a lot, but if someone asks, she always comes through. I think Chantell is a good girl; I like her as a teammate and as a person. I think she only sells marijuana for a little pocket money. She doesn’t sell any quantity, just a joint or two now and again.” “Well Sally, what do you think? She sold you the joints; I think she deserves the same thing you girls got. Can you invite her over for supper, tonight, I’d like to talk to her. If she hesitates, tell her that I’m thinking about going to the police but that I want to talk to her first.” Ok, Daddy, I’ll make the call. I’ll have to kick her up, though, she doesn’t have a car. Is 5:30 ok? That’s when I told her I’d be there?” “5:30’s fine. That gives us plenty of time to do what we had planned for today. When do you girls want to get started?” “Daddy, I want to take a shower and freshen up first. Let’s meet in your room in thirty minutes.” Amber replied. “Ok Amber that will give me a few minutes to prepare.” “Sally, do you want to come with me or go with Amber?” “Daddy, I think I’ll help Amber’ she may need a little support.” Amber was still in the shower when Sally entered the room. She was using a body wash that smelled of apricots. Sally took off her clothes and put on a robe; she knew she’d become aroused while she watched; she wanted easy access to herself. “Sally, I’m so nervous I can’t even think what I want to wear.” “Do you have a set of baby doll pajamas? I think that would be perfect. Let him undress you; no panties, just your baby dolls.” “Sally, I like your idea; let’s do that, but I think I’ll take a light robe like you’re wearing for after.” “Sally, please tell me what it felt like. I watched you but I couldn’t feel; you sounded like you were in pain.” “Amber, I won’t lie to you, when he pushed into me I thought I was going to split; but then it started to feel good. By the time we’d finished I felt an incredible fullness but I enjoyed it; you’ll be ok.”

After dressing in her pink baby doll pajamas Amber was so nervous she thought she was going to pee her panties. She didn’t really have to go, it was just nerves. Sally took her hand and walked with her to Daddy’s room; Jim was already there. He’d dimmed the lights and put the tube of lubricant on his night stand. As the girls entered the room he was surprised to see Amber in her baby dolls; she looked almost like a, well like a little girl. He was immediately aroused; stiffening in his boxer shorts. Sally led Amber to the bed; she gave her hand a squeeze, took Amber’s robe and went to sit in Daddy’s large chair. Jim hugged Amber and gave her a deep kiss. He’d decided he wanted to make long and sensuous love to his daughter. Breaking their embrace, Jim lowered Amber to the bed them climbed in beside her where he again embraced his sweet child and kissed her. She felt tense; Jim needed to help her to relax. He began caressing Amber’s small breasts through her pajama top while he continued to hold and kiss her. He raised her top and massages each breast then gently squeezed and rolled her nipples with his fingers. Slowly he raised her top and lifted it over her head. As he sucked her nipples he felt her relax; her breathing steadied. Continuing the attention to her breasts, he reached down, palmed her bottom and pulled her toward him. She pressed her pelvis against his; she was almost ready. Cupping her vaginal lips through her baby doll bottoms he could feel her wetness. Jim slipped out of his boxers and directed Amber’s hand to his stiff rod. He wanted her to feel him while he took off her pj bottoms. As her bottoms came off he saw that she was completely shaved. Just two days earlier she’s had hair. Jim thought she’s done this just for me. He loved her even more. Slipping his hand between Amber’s legs he spread her lips and began pumping one finger into her. As she got wetter he pushed in a second finger and probed deeply. He massaged her “G” spot while he used his thump to stimulate her clitoris. Amber began to moan as her body quivered. She clamped her legs together holding Jim’s hand in place while she squirted forth an enormous orgasm; yes, Amber really did squirt, the bed was soaked but no one really cared. As Amber on his hand, Jim spread her legs widely; he wanted to taste her. Jim placed Amber’s legs over his shoulders and began lapping her swampy sex; her climax had soaked her. Using his tongue, Jim cleaned her. He elevated her legs providing better access to her back door. He paid special attention here; he was going to invade her later. He wanted to educate her that this was an erogenous zone where she could take pleasure. Jim circled her rosebud with his tongue then pressed the tip into her. Amber enjoyed the feeling; not as much as attention to her clit, but this did feel nice. Jim slipped a finger deeply into her anus as he licked back up Amber’s slit ‘til he found her clit. He alternated between circling it with his tongue and sucking on it with his lips. He could feel her climax building. She exploded soaking Jim’s face, as orgasm after orgasm rippled her tummy muscles. Jim continued to suck on her little love button until her excitement subsided. Jim thought it’s nearly time; I need to help her get ready. Jim slid to Amber’s side and rolled her onto her tummy. “What are you doing Daddy? That felt so good, why did you put me on my tummy?” “Amber, honey, I want you in a different position tonight. Please get up on your knees and place your chest on the bed like Sally did last night for her second enema.” “Daddy, you’re not going to give me an enema are you? I don’t need one.” No honey, but it will give me better access to you; I think you’ll enjoy it.” As Amber got into position Jim spread her legs a little further and mounted her from behind. Jim slowly pressed forward into her pussy. Amber had only been fucked twice and she was incredibly tight. Jim wanted her to have one more orgasm but he didn’t want to cum himself; he was saving his load for her sweet, tight ass. While he stroked into her he began to massage her clitoris; with her slender body it was an easy reach. Rubbing harder and faster he quickly brought her off. Amber collapsed onto her tummy as she finished. Jim gripped her hips and lifted; “Come on honey, get back in position, it’s time now.”

“Daddy, I’m so scared. You’re so big I’m afraid you’ll hurt me. I’m not sure I want to do this.” “Baby I’ll be as gentle as I can, but you owe it to Sally. You got to watch her last night and now it’s her turn. Lift your hips back up and I’ll get you ready. Reluctantly, Amber elevated her bottom, positioning herself. “Sally would you please bring me the lubricant there on the night stand.” She brought the tube to Jim and handed it to him. She continued to stand by the bed staring at Amber’s most private places. Jim squeezed a little jelly onto his fingers and rubbed Amber’s rosebud. He gently pressed one finger in and pumped her slowly. Jim could feel her tension; she was gripping his finger tightly. He removed his finger and added more lube. He squeezed a dollop directly on her anus and worked it in. As he continued to gently stimulate her he pressed in a second finger. He felt her tightening again. He spread his fingers to open her up then squeezed more jelly directly into her open ass hole. He pumped both fingers deeply into her, as far as he could go. After a few strokes, he felt that she was ready. Jim pulled his fingers out and squeezed some KY onto his cock. He stroked himself several times to spread the lube and placed his tip against her hole. “Sally would you put a pillow under Amber’s face, I want her as comfortable as possible.” Jim really wanted her to have the pillow to cry on. He expected some tears in just a few moments. Sally placed the pillow under Amber’s head then returned to the bedside. She wanted to see and hear all of this. Jim pressed forward. With just half of his head in, Amber moaned in pain.” Daddy, please stop, it hurts so badly.” No honey, we’re going to do this.” At that Jim pressed himself forward. As his head popped in Amber again pleaded with him to stop. He didn’t like hurting his little girl but he was going see this through. He pushed forward hard; half of his 81/2 inch cock was now buried in his daughter’s tight ass. As he entered her Amber began to cry and wail. “Please, please stop Daddy; I’m your good girl, why are you doing this to me, why won’t you stop. Oh, oh, pleas take it out of her, you’re splitting me in half.” Jim’s resolve almost slipped but he was going to finish what he’d started. He reached forward and grasped Amber’s hips pulling her back onto his shaft while he thrust forward impaling her completely on his rigid hardness. God she was tight. Jim began to slowly pump her. Amber wasn’t pleading anymore. His deep thrust into the very depth of her bowels had quieted her screams. Now, with her face buried in the pillow she could only moan and sob, crying her eyes out. Jim thought as he pumped her that she would eventually begin to get pleasure but that wasn’t happening. She just continued to sob. Jim picked up his pace, he needed to finish. He stroked her hard and deep. It didn’t take long before he exploded, filing her bowels with his hot cum. He softened and slipped out. He’d forgotten all about her, Sally was still standing beside the bed with a glazed look in her eyes. He walked to the head of the bed. Amber had collapsed when he had pulled out and lay sobbing into her pillow. He brushed the hair from her face and leaned to kiss her cheek. “Daddy, please leave me alone for a little while, you hurt me badly and my tummy feels queasy. I’ll be ok in a little while.” Jim went to the bathroom, cleaned himself then left the room. Sally went to the bathroom and got a warm, damp cloth. “Amber, let me help.” Sally wiped Amber’s face then cleaned up her bottom where lube and cum were leaking out. “Come on Amber, let me help you up. Let’s go to your room. It was evident Amber was in distress; she could hardly walk without Sally’s support. Sally lowered Amber to her bed then went to draw her bath. As Amber had done for her, she added a handful of scented bath salts. After assisting Amber to get in the tub, Sally washed her; she then dried her with a large fluffy towel. “Amber, I’d like to give you a massage like you gave me, just like you gave me, can I?” “Sally, I think I’d really like that, I think it would make me feel good; I really hurt right now.” “Great girlfriend, where’s that lotion.” Sally got the lotion and returned to the bed. Amber was already lying on her tummy. Sally stared in amazement; her friend was so small and so pretty. Only 5’2”tall and 110 pounds Amber could be termed petite. Sally remembered when she was envious of these small cute girls, then she’d discovered basketball. Her 5’11” frame along with a good jump shot were going to pay for her college education. Enough of that, she had to help her friend. Sally jumped on the bed and poured lotion on Amber’s back. “Damn, that’s cold. Couldn’t you have warmed with your hands,” Amber complained. “Oh hush, you’re going to enjoy this.” As Sally began to rub the lotion in Amber asked, “Why did Daddy hurt me so much?” “Amber, I don’t think he meant to do you harm. I think that since he’d done the same to me last night that, first since you got to watch me take it that I deserved to see you lose your anal virginity and that second, like that you, like me, would begin to enjoy it.” “So tell me how you could enjoy something like this. To me it hurt even more than the spanking he gave me and I couldn’t believe that was possible.” “Girlfriend, let me tell you, I’m anal erotic; I’ve known that for years. Hell, I damn near climax just from wiping myself.” “Amber, that was a joke, quit scowling.” Then, maybe it’s because I’m so much bigger than you. I’m bigger that you everywhere else maybe I’m bigger than you down there, too.” “I guess that makes sense; now get to work and do my butt and legs.” Sally applied the lotion to Amber’s legs then moved to her bottom. There was still some redness and bruising from her spanking but it didn’t seem that it was still painful. She spread her cheeks; her anus was red, swollen and fully distended. She was so open Sally could almost look into her body. Sally even rubbed a dab of lotion back there. “Why don’t you roll over so I can get your front?” On her back Amber looked like a young girl. With her A cup breasts, small frame and shaven pubis one would have never guessed that she was nearly eighteen. “Amber, I’m going to be a little quick here, I see what I want and I’m getting wet just looking, do you mind.” “No, honestly that’s what I want, too. Do my breasts and skip the rest; what I really want is one more orgasm.” After massaging lotion onto each of Amber’s breasts and giving each a perfunctory suck, Sally opened Amber’s thighs and dove in. She licked along Amber’s inner lips then stuck her tongue deeply into her vagina. She searched for Amber’s clit but it wasn’t there. She was looking for a finger length organ like her own but she only found a button like bump. Taking it between her lips she sucked. Amber lit up like a Christmas tree; not like hers but the effect was the same. Amber climaxed hard. Now Sally knew what a squirter was; the bed and her face were soaked. “God that was great, thanks Sally.” “It was my pleasure; by the way, you taste fantastic. But we better get dressed; it’s 4:30 and we need to pick Chantell up in an hour. I want you to go with me. I’m really looking forward to this. Do you think Daddy can get her to drop her panties for a spanking?” “Sally, I don’t know Chantell but I can tell you Daddy can be awfully persuasive; I want to see it, too.”

After Amber and Sally left Jim was in a bit of a tizzy. He needed to get supper prepared but he needed a few minutes to plan the evening. First things first; supper. Jim decided to go simple. He microwaved some spaghetti sauce that he’d frozen and filled his pasta cooker with water. After setting some frozen garlic bread out he fixed a green tossed salad dressed with Dijon vinaigrette. Although he’d opened a bottle of Chianti to go with the meal he poured himself a glass of Chardonnay and sat down to think. Chantell seemed like she was going to he a hardcase. He really didn’t want to involve in her marijuana sales but he did want her to receive the same punishment he’d inflicted on the other girls. He decided to play it by ear.

A few minutes later he heard a car in the driveway; the girls were back. When Amber and Sally arrived at Chantell’s house they’d suggested that she pack a few things; they wanted her to stay the night with them. “Let your Nana know you may not come home tonight. Tell her you’ll call her later when you’re sure,” Sally said. Chantell resisted the suggestion but Sally insisted. She didn’t want Chantell coming home if she agreed to be spanked; she’d be too sore! Finally agreeing, Chantell packed a few personal things along with a nightie and a change of panties. Both girls thought she probably won’t need those panties but said nothing about that to Chantell.

Arriving back at the Davis residence Amber and Sally said, “Hi Daddy.” this is Chantell Amber said, Chantell, this is my Daddy, Jim Davis.” Chantell said not a word; she just stood unsmilingly between the two girls holding her small bag. “Nice to meet you Chantell, why don’t you young ladies go to Amber’s room and get washed up for supper.” As the girls left, Jim laid out supper with wine for everyone.

In the bedroom Chantell asked, “What’s the deal here?” Amber answered, “We’ll eat then we’ll talk, simple as that.”

After they had finished their meal Amber and Sally cleared the table. Jim had asked Chantell to stay with him. “Chantell I’ll tell you what I know about you. You’re Black, you’re very pretty with your long raven hair and hazel eyes, you play basketball and you sell marijuana. Do you want Amber and Sally here while we have our conversation?” “No, I don’t think so. I’ll talk to you about some things but they don’t need to know all about my business.” “Fine Chantell.” “Sally and Amber, when you’ve finished why not watch some TV or something so Chantell and I can have a private talk.” “Ok Chantell I’ve told you what I know; how about you telling me about yourself.” “Mr. Davis what difference does it make, you’re just going to report me to the cops.” “No Chantell that’s not what I really want to do; that why I wanted this talk.” “Ok what do you want to know?” “Chantell, just tell me about you.” “Well for starters my name is Chantell but all my friends call me Twitchy cause I can get my jump shot with just a twitch. You want to call me Twitchy Mr. Davis?” I’m not we’ll be friends, let’s see how the evening goes. For now I’ll stick with Chantell; now tell me about yourself.” “Ok I’m eighteen years old and a senior in high school. I’m 5’8” tall, weigh 138 pounds and wear a C cup. Anything else you need?” “Yes there’s a lot more that I need. You gave me your vital statistics but told me nothing about you as a person. Talk to me; change my mind about the police.” “Mr. Davis I don’t want the police involved, I might get a college scholarship for my basketball but a police record would totally screw that up. I want to be honest with you but only if you agree that what’s said here stays here. If you agree, I’ll talk to you. What do you say?” “Yes Chantell I’ll agree to that; now tell me why you’re a girl worth saving.” “Mr. Davis we live in a nice house just a few blocks from here, my Nana and me, but it wasn’t always like that. My Nana is my great-grandmother and she’s 78 years old. We use to live on the other side of town in a rough neighborhood. When I was twelve my father was killed in a drive-by shooting. Just a few months later my mother disappeared. She was addicted to drugs and we never knew if she just ran off or worse. When my father died; I called him Daddy by the way, we didn’t know what we were going to do. He had a pretty good job and provided all the money. It turned out that he’d taken out a $100,000 life insurance policy that paid double since his death was ruled to be accidental. Fortunately, he’d made Nana the beneficiary. After my mother disappeared Nana bought our house. She paid $150,000 cash and put the rest, she says for a rainy day.” Chantell tell me about your parents.” “What’s to tell, I was never close to my mother, I blamed her for some of the things that happened to me. She could have stopped it but that would have been the end of her gravy train. I loved my Daddy but he hurt me.” “Chantell you said your mother could have stopped things but didn’t then you said your Daddy hurt you. Did he molest you?” “Remember your promise? Not a word to anyone.” “Chantell you can trust me to keep my word, go on.” “Mr. Davis, molest is not a strong enough word. My Daddy hurt me for seven years. He broke my cherry with his finger when I was only five. He tried but he couldn’t get into me then. But he kept after me, fingering me, licking me and making me lick and such his thing, when I was only seven he split me open, God did that ever hurt. He even tried my booty but I was too tight. He hurt me there but he never got in. When he got shot I was only twelve and I was so conflicted. You see, I loved my Daddy but he’d hurt me so badly. He’d messed me up down there so much I can’t have kids. After we moved out here things got better. No body has hurt me, we live in a nice house and I’ve got my basketball.” “Chantell you’ve had a rough life and you have my sympathy but you still haven’t told me why you sell drugs, why do you?” “Mr. Davis, truthfully I don’t sell all that much but it’s for pocket money for clothes, DVD’s and so on, that’s it.” “ I thought you said your Nana had some money, doesn’t she help?” “Like I said, that’s rainy day money, it’s for my college. Nana says clothes and such ain’t no rainy day.” “Chantell you mentioned a scholarship; tell me about that.” “My grade point average has to be 2.0 to qualify and mine’s 1.8. If I work hard maybe I can get it up, but I don’t know. If I can’t the money Nana has is for me to go to State. If I go to State she won’t have enough to buy me a car. I can go to the community college and she can buy the car but I want to play major college ball. I just don’t know what to do. I want to go to State and major in social services. Like I said I can’t have children but I love kids. I want to work for the Department of Children and Family Services.” At that Chantell abruptly stopped talking, crossing her arms under her breasts and assuming a defensive posture. Jim thought for a moment, he empathized with her regarding her early life but she seemed materialistic and self centered. Maybe he could shake her up a little. “Chantell let me tell you what I’ve heard you say. I’m sorry about what happened when you were young but that was a long time ago. I’m sure intervention to break the cycle and counseling would have been in order but that’s past. You have to live your life in the present and here are the choices you seem to have made.

First, you sell marijuana so you can buy things, nice things I’m sure, but things you could do without; second you want to play major college basketball but you haven’t put forth the effort to raise your GPA a mere 2/10ths of a percent; and finally your dream is to work in social services but, again, you don’t have the GPA to get the necessary education to qualify. Chantell, I think you’re all talk and no action; I think you’ll end up wasting your Nana’s money, drop out and end up selling drugs. You have choices what are you going to choose?” Chantell was taken aback by Jim’s words. She wanted to scream at him, hell, she wanted to hit him. But Jim went on, “Chantell, correct me if I’m wrong. You want to get your GPA up and qualify for a scholarship, you want to play major college basketball and you want to be a social worker when you graduate, is that right?” Still in a defensive posture Chantell growled, “Yeah, that’s right.” “Chantell, if you’re willing to work for what you want maybe I can help.” “Oh, good Mr. Davis,” said Chantell sarcastically, “how you going to do that?” “Chantell let me ask you, can you clean a house?” “Sure, Nana says I’m neat as a pin, what’s that got to do with anything?” “Well, I was thinking, Amber and Sally are excellent students; they could tutor you to help get your GPA up.” “Ok but still what’s that got to do with cleaning a house?” “Chantell, my idea is that you come over after school on Fridays. The girls can work with you on your studies then on Saturdays you can clean this house for which I’ll pay you $100 a week. Saturday evenings more tutoring or, if you’re caught up on your studies some recreation. Sunday morning we’d drive you home. With the $100 a week you wouldn’t need to sell marijuana, what do you say?” “Mr. Davis that sounds real good but what’s the catch?” “Chantell I think you know what the catch is. I’ve punished Amber and Sally for using the marijuana you sold them. If you’ll accept the same punishment they received we’ve got a deal.” “Mr. Davis if I agree when’s this going to happen?” “When we finish this conversation.” Chantell thought about Jim’s offer, she didn’t really didn’t want to get her ass beaten but she knew she could take it, she was tough. It would solve a lot of her problems. “Ok Mr. Davis, I’ll agree.” “Chantell let me set some rules, first I expect you to follow through on our agreement and work hard on your studies and secondly Amber and Sally will be in the room to witness your spanking, they were both spanked for using the substance you sold them so I think it’s only fair that they watch. “Ok Mr. Davis, let’s get it over with.” “Amber, Sally, please come here. Chantell has agreed to a spanking and you two are to be witnesses. Please show Chantell to your bedroom and help her get ready.” “Chantell, go with Amber to her room and take off your panties.” While Jim was getting his antique ivory hairbrush Sally and Amber took Chantell to Amber’s room. “Chantell, you won’t feel like going home tonight, why don’t you call your Nana.” The call made, Chantell turned back to the girls. “Chantell, he’s going to beat the hell out of you. You’ll be squirming and crying before he’s done. I’d suggest you take off everything including your bra. You won’t want that binding while you’re writhing.” Chantell stepped out of her shoes and, standing barefoot, removed her t-shirt and bra, then she pulled the t-shirt back on. “Come on take off your shorts and panties, he’ll be in here in just a minute.” “Amber, I’ll take the spanking but if he wants my ass bare he’s going to have to take off my shorts and panties himself. Damned if I’m going to help him.” When Jim walked into the room Amber and Sally were sitting on chairs waiting. Chantell stood across the room, arms crossed and scowling. Jim asked, “Chantell why aren’t you ready? Are you backing out?” “No Mr. Davis, I’m not backing out but if you want my big ass bare you’re going to have to strip me yourself.” God Jim thought, this is one tough gal. “Ok Chantell, we’ll do it your way.” Seating himself on the bed he said, “Chantell come over and stand in front of me.” Chantell walked over and stood just a foot from Jim; her hands at her sides. Jim reached forward and pulled her purple velveteen basketball shorts down. They dropped and pooled at her ankles. “Chantell please step out of those.” As she stepped out of her shorts her legs opened slightly. Jim noticed that the gusset of her panties was wet. He thought for a moment that she was aroused but then he caught the scent. The moisture wasn’t arousal, it was urine. Jim realized that Chantell was so terrified by what was about to happen that she’s lost bladder control and had leaked pee into her panties. He couldn’t believe she could stand so stoically in front of him and be so scared. Nonetheless, he tugged her pale lavender panties down and dropped them to her feet. “Chantell please step out of your panties and come stand on my right side.” With no change in expression Chantell complied. “Chantell have you ever been spanked before?” “Lots of times by my Daddy when I was little but Nana don’t spank me.” “Ok Chantell, here’s what’s happen. I’m going to ask you to lie across my lap. I’ll spank you with my hand and then with this hairbrush. I’ll decide when the spanking is over. Do you understand?” Yes Mr. Davis.” “Alright, bend over my lap.” Chantell didn’t move. Jim thought,, this is just like her shorts and panties, she’ll take the spanking but won’t help. Jim encircled her hips with his right arm and with his left hand he pushed her over his thigh. After jostling her a little to get her into a better position, Jim took a moment to look Chantell over. He thought, Amber and even Sally were really still girls, this was a woman. He could see her full breasts, her nipples pushing against her t-shirt on his left. Before him, on his lap, Chantell had wide hips and a high tight bottom. He thought, I’m going to enjoy breaking this one. He began to spank. Like Amber and Sally he gave her twenty on each sit spot, then twenty, twenty low and twenty on each thigh. Chantell hadn’t made a sound or moved an inch. Jim thought to himself, I’m really going to have to lay the hairbrush on if I’m going to make an impression on this girl; maybe I need to up the pace a little. Picking up the hairbrush he put thirty of his best on each sit spot. Jim had hit her so hard that he’d scooted her forward; again Chantell made not a sound but only scooted herself back a little, repositioning herself properly for the rest of her punishment. Thirty more on her high proud bottom, then thirty low on the bottom of her ass, followed by thirty on each thigh. Jim didn’t even ask for her to do it. He simply pulled her leg on the bed spreading her open. Jim noticed she was wetter but the aroma let him know it was only more urine. He was literally beating the piss out of her and she hadn’t made a sound. He was astonished but not deterred. Without further hesitation he thrashed her inner thighs mercilessly. Thirty to her right followed be thirty to her left. Still, she just lay there. Jim glanced at Amber and Sally. They sat glassy-eyed, not believing what they had just witnessed. Finally Chantell spoke, “Mr. Davis, are you finished?” “Yes Chantell, I am.” Unassisted, Chantell stood. She said to Amber and Sally, “I’d like to talk to Mr. Davis alone; you girls please stay here.” “Mr. Davis please take me to your room so we can talk.” Jim stood and walked Chantell to his bedroom. She closed and locked the door after they had entered. Mr. D, do you mind if I call you Mr. D?” “No Chantell, I don’t.” “Ok Mr. D I want you to know that spanking hurt like fire. I couldn’t even hold myself in, I was leaking pee you were hitting me so hard, but I wasn’t going to cry with those two girls in the room. You asked me earlier if I’d ever been spanked. No not spanked, I was strapped ‘til I couldn’t stand. My Daddy use to do that to me. Do you have a belt?” “Yes Chantell, I have several.” “Then I have some things I want you to help me with; but first I need to pee, I don’t want anymore accidents. Jim listened as she emptied her bladder, he’d always enjoyed the sound of a woman’s gushing piss. When she returned Chantell said, “I want you to get your heaviest belt and strap me until I break down in sobs and then I want you to help me to your bed and make sweet love to me, will you do it?” “Chantell, I don’t want to spank you anymore, I don’t want to hurt you more. :Mr. D I’m not asking for you, I’m asking for me. I’m so conflicted about my feelings for my Daddy. I want the strapping he used to give me ‘til I cried my eyes out, but I want to end it with a loving feeling; please do it for me. “If that’s what you want, who am I to deny you. Yes, Chantell, I’ll do it.” “Thank you Mr. D, why don’t you get the belt while I pee?” Jim paused a moment to listen to her gush then went to the closet for his belt. God what had begun as a straightforward for what she had done was suddenly becoming Freudian. “Where do you want me Mr. D; how about over the arm of that big chair?” Chantell positioned herself to accept his blows. “Chantell, are you ready?” “Oh I want this, please, Mr. D, I’m ready.” Jim lashed her with the belt but he didn’t really put much force into it. He didn’t really want to hurt her any more. “Mr. D I can’t feel it, give it to me good.” Jim paused for a moment. He thought if that’s what she wants, that’s what she’ll get. He beat her with the belt as hard as he could swing. Red welts were rising on her dark skin as Chantell began to writhe and moan. Jim didn’t let up as he strapped her again and again. Chantell slid forward on the chair arm to reposition herself, as she moved Jim noticed that the insides of her legs were wet, moisture flowing to her knees. “Chantell, are you wetting yourself again? Your thighs are soaked.” In a low raspy voice, Chantell replied, “No Mr. D that’s not what that is.” Jim thought, my God, this girl is flowing like a stream from a strapping. I can’t imagine what she's going through. “Mr. D don’t stop, we’re almost there.” Jim gave her twenty of his best, he could the welts rising on her ass and fiery red marks on her hips where tip of the belt bit in. Suddenly Chantell collapsed over the arm of the chair; wailing in agony. Her tears flowed like a spring flood; she lost control. Sobbing like a child, Chantell clutched the chair arm; it was all that was holding her up. Jim just stood and watched her cry. This was what she’d wanted, what she needed. As her sobbing ebbed Jim held her and caressed her, stroking her raven hair and gently rubbing her back. He kissed her on the cheek and on each of her tear stained eyes.
Amazed at his feelings for this woman, and yes, she was a woman not a girl, Jim lifted her to her feet and embraced her. “Mr. D please take me to bed now, please will you?” Holding her around the waist with one arm he turned down the covers and helped her to lie down. “Mr. D will you make love to me? We don’t need the preliminaries if you don’t want; I’m so wet right now you could probably get a bologna in me.” Jim chuckled at the analogy. “No Chantell, this is not just for you or just for me. I want us to share this experience and I want it to be wonderful for both of us; but while we’re talking, I should tell you, I’ve never been with a Black woman before; is there anything special I should know?” “Mr. D how would I know, I’ve never been with a white man!” Jim pulled her into a tight embrace kissing her deeply and hard. He crushed her lips and thrust his tongue into her moth; she met him thrust for thrust. Helping her out of her t-shirt Jim admired her beautiful large firm breasts with huge dark areolas and ½” nipples that were nearly purple. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Chantell moaned softly, “That’s it Mr. D, suck on me like you was my baby.” Jim moved down her body kissing her tight flat stomach and tickling her belly button with his tongue. He spread her legs and cupped her sex rubbing her there. Chantell opened her legs further, breathing; “touch me there, touch me please.” Parting her outer lips with two fingers Jim slipped both into her vagina. He pumped her several times then thrust forward ‘til he found her ‘G” spot. Massaging it he brought her slowly toward her climax. Suddenly she shuddered and her love juices flooded his hand. As she climaxed a musky redolence filled the room; much more pungent than Amber, Sally or any other woman he had been with it he was intoxicated by the scent. Smell was not good enough; he had to taste this woman. Removing his fingers from her vagina parted her lips. Not at all like Sally’s wispy pubic hair nor Amber’s newly shorn pussy; Chantell had a mass of black curls that seemed to hold her aroma; he liked it. He lifted her hips slightly so he could get to her anus. He licked and tickled her there with the tip of his tongue then lapped upwards between her lips ‘til he found her clitoris. Not he finger length of Sally’s nor the little button of Amber, it was about ½” long and now, protruding in arousal it was red and swollen. Jim sucked it into his mouth and nibbled lightly with his teeth. That was all it took; her juices flooded his mouth and she shook with multiple orgasms. “Oh my God she moaned, Mr. D I’ve never felt anything in my life like that, never.” Jim continued to suck on her clit while he lubricated his fingers with her copious love juices. He began to rub her tight rosebud. Chantell whimpered with pleasure but as he started to penetrate her he heard, “Please Mr. D not that, not there, not now. Please just fuck me; I want you in me.” Jim positioned herself between her open thighs; he was not a small man down there, 8 ½ inches in length and 3 ½ in girth but he slipped into her well lubricated hole easily. “Oh god Mr. D that feels wonderful. Please pump me deep, fuck me hard, I want to feel it.” Jim pushed her legs up towards her breasts for maximum penetration and slammed into her. As Jim pounded into her with hard deep strokes Chantell moaned, mewled and whimpered; whipping her head from side to side on the pillow. He could feel her body tense as he felt his own cum rise; they exploded in climax together. Jim was sure this was the most fantastic sexual release he’d ever experienced. He hugged Chantell and showered her face with kisses; God he certainly wanted more of this woman. “Mr. D was it good for you? I know I’ve the best I’ve ever had; who’d have thought with an old white man.” “Smart ass, I know I’m white but what’s this about being old. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready to go again. Chantell you’re an exquisite lover; no doubt the best this old white man has ever had.” “Please hold me for a few minutes; I’ve got a big decision to make but I want to feel loved. Can you just hold me?” Jim took her into his arms and caressed her body. He didn’t touch her breasts or reach for her crouch; he just held her and gently rubbed her back. Her face was buried in his chest and she was quietly, gently sobbing. When looked up he softly kissed each of her eyes, erasing her tears. “Thank you Mr. D that was sweet of you. Can we talk for a few minutes?” “Of course Chantell, about anything you like,”

“Mr. D you know when you tried to put your finger, you know, in my booty? I stopped you. I want to tell you why. My Daddy use to put his fingers there and it hurt me. When I was eleven he put me over the kitchen table. He beat me black and blue with the belt then he tried to push his thing into me. He couldn’t get it in but it still hurt more than the strapping; he made me bleed badly. I cried almost all night. I knew he’d try again and keep trying ‘til he got into me. I dreaded the pain I knew I was going to get; put crudely, I knew I was going to be beat to shit and fucked up the ass. He was shot before he ever got to try again. Mr. D I was happy and relieved when I heard he was dead; but I was conflicted. He was my Daddy, I was supposed to love him but he gave me so much pain that I hated him. I guess I’m trying to deal with that conflict today. I don’t think my Daddy liked me; all he ever did was hurt me. I’m trying to resolve today whether or not someone can give me pain with a deserved punishment then be loving and forgiving. I think I’ve got my resolution. You punished me severely for what I’d done wrong and that could have been the end of it; but you’ve not only been loving to me, you’ve committed to help me reach my life goals. Even when I insisted that you strap me; and I know you didn’t want to do that, you held me and comforted me while I cried. The sex was great; you’re the finest lover I’ve had and probably ever will have, you were gentle and tender with me and I appreciate that; but the other things were even more meaningful to me. You made me look at myself and I didn’t like what I saw then you gave me the opportunity to change. What I guess I’m trying to say is that I love you.” “”Hugging her tightly, Jim answered, “Chantell I think I love you too, you’re the strongest woman I’ve ever met and I respect that strength.” Mr. D I told you what my Daddy tried to do to me; other boys and men have tried to play there, too; I’ve stopped them all; tell them this sister don’t play that game; just like I made you quit. Mr. D do you still want to do me that way?” “Chantell only if it’s what you want. I don’t want to hurt you anymore and that can hurt.” “Would you be gently with me?” “Yes I be as gentle as possible; why are you asking?” “Mr. D I want to give that to you. You’re special to me and I want to something special for you.” “Chantell, I’m pretty big, I could make you hurt.” “Mr. D I think you’ve seen I can take some pain. Let me do this for you, please.” “From you to me Chantell, we’ll do it.” “Let’s have a glass of wine and relax for a few minutes first. While I get the wine is there anything you want to do to get ready?” “Mr. D I’ll be honest with you, I’m nervous as a whore in church; can you feel me shivering? My bowels feel watery and I have to pee again. I’m bordering on abject terror, but other than that I’m fine; get the wine.”

As Jim walked to the kitchen he passed Amber’s closed door. He could hear soft moans, what were those two up to he wondered. Jim got two glasses of wine. When he returned Chantell had put on a pair of panties and a top. Not the same lavender panties, these were a pale yellow; contrasting nicely with her light chocolate skin. Handing her a glass of wine; he sat in his chair and pulled her onto his lap. “Chantell I want to tell you how happy you’re making me. You’re a very special person.” “Draining her glass in a single gulp, Chantell said, “I’m ready.” “How do you want to do it,” Jim asked. “Mr. D it may sound strange but I want you to bend me over the arm of this chair and once you’re in me, I want you to do me hard. I really want to feel it.” “ Then you’re ready?” “As ready as I’ll ever be.” “Ok let me get some lubricant, we’ll need it.” When Jim returned with the KY jelly Chantell was standing by the chair. Jim sat on the bed. “Come over here Chantell, I need to help get you ready for what’s coming.” Chantell walked to Jim and stood in front of him; he pulled her top over her head and kissed her breasts; then he leaned forward and pulled her panties down. “Lie over my lap, I promise it won’t be as painful as the last time.” Chantell smiled and prostrated herself across Jim’s lap. She could feel his erection rising; he was ready but was she? She’d peed again and still felt like she was about to wet herself; She’d never been so nervous in her life. Jim could feel her quietly shaking on his lap. He assumed it was a combination of nerves and fear. He wanted to help her relax. That’s what the wine had been for but it didn’t seem to have done much good. Jim rubbed her back and massaged her bottom. He felt her settling down but what came next would be telling. “Chantell I’m going to start to lubricate you now.” He squeezed some KY onto the fingers of his right hand while he spread her cheeks with his left. He looked at her; she was a brownish pink; much darker that the other girls. He gently began to massage her rosebud adding a little jelly as he went. He just rubbed her for several minutes; he could fell her tension. Adding more lubricant he put pressure on her back hole. Chantell moaned and squirmed a little. He eased the pressure then took one finger and entered her to the second knuckle. Chantell’s sphincter clamped down. “Chantell you need to relax yourself. I’m going to do something; when I ask you to, I want you to push out like you’re trying to go the potty.” Jim squirted a large glob of jelly directly onto Chantell’s anus then heavily lubricated two fingers. Placing them at the entrance to her rosebud he instructed her to push back. As she did so, he slid both fingers into her. Chantell moaned loudly at this penetration but did not ask him to stop. Jim pumped in and out of her several times while spreading his fingers to open her up. Holding her open, he squeezed quite a lot of the KY directly into her.” “Chantell I think you’re ready. Let’s go to the chair.” Jim helped Chantell to her feet; rubbing her bottom, he walked her with her. He could still feel her quivering nervously. After stroking some of the lubricant onto his cock, he bent Chantell over the chair arm. He massaged and caressed her bottom then separated her cheeks. Placing the head of his penis at you opening he said, “Chantell I’m going to enter you know. When you feel the pressure push back like you did before for my fingers.” He couldn’t get her any more prepared. He didn’t know what else to do. He reached around stroked her quivering tummy and massaged her clitoris lightly then grasped her hips and pressed forward. “Chantell baby push back.” As she did so, he thrust the complete head of his cock into her most private of passages. Chantell gasped but did not cry out. Jim pressed onward; burying his entire 8 ½ inches in her. Chantell wasn’t crying or wailing like Amber had but she was moaning, obviously in some pain. Jim started to pump her gently. Her moaning decreased and she made deep rumblings in her throat; umm, umm. She began to push back toward him; meeting his thrusts. “Umm Mr. D this feels nice. I can feel you deep in me. I feel full but it’s a warm, comfortable fullness. I’m ready now, please pump me hard.” Jim pulled out ‘til only the head remained in Chantell; then thrust back deeply burying himself completely. He grabbed her by the hips, pulling her back to meet him and pounded into her time after time, plunging into her musky depts. Chantell was now wailing but not in pain, “Oh Mr. D, Mr. D, I’m ready to cum; pound me hard, pound me hard.” Jim ground into her as hard and deep as he could. He felt her sexual tension rise and his balls and legs were flooded with her juices. Jim couldn’t hold out any longer; pressing deeply into her he had an explosive orgasm; flooding her bowels with his hot cum. As he softened and slipped out a string of cum leaked out of her distended asshole and ran down her leg. “Mr. D why don’t you lie down on the bed; I’ll get a cloth and clean us up?” Several moments later, Chantell returned and wiped him off. Returning, she slid into bed beside him. “Mr. D I loved that but you must have filled me up. I still feel so full that it feels I’m retaining a little enema.” “You know how an enema feels?” “Sure Mr. D; I saw your bag behind your door. Will you give me one tomorrow, please?” “Chantell, I’d love to have you back over my lap for that. I think I’ve fallen I love with you and I know I love your beautiful bottom. But for now snuggle up to me and let’s go to sleep.”

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