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This is my first attempt at a story on here, so please be gentle with me - I'm a story virgin!
Just one girl.....

She sat at her computer, in the corner of the lounge, as she often did during her spare time. Just for once she’d disconnected the internet, and she was typing away at the keyboard as fast as her limited typing skills allowed. She wished she’d taken that typing course when it was offered at school all those years ago, but spending one lunchtime a week having extra lessons hadn’t seemed as much fun as snogging boys round the back of the tennis courts. They used to give her cigarettes in return for kisses…a fair bargain it had seemed at the time. She used to have a ‘price-list’ – two cigarettes for a snog, five if they wanted to touch her boobs (an early developer, she’d had the biggest tits of any girl in her year, which got her a lot of attention from the boys) and a whole packet of ten smokes if they wanted to put their hands up her skirt and inside her panties. She smiled at the memory, and then carried on typing.
She was glad that she’d entered this competition on the website, though. The challenge had really appealed to her. She’d spent several nights staying up late, way past the time she ought to have been in bed considering that she rose at 6am in order to go to work, and she’d spent most of today, her day off, on the PC. The appeal was both the challenge itself which was good, but it also gave her the opportunity to let her imagination run wild, to see just how much of a horny story she actually could write. Some of the story was true though, and she’d leave it in the mind of the reader as to how much was true and how much was made up.
She’d had a look back at the thread about the competition on the website before she logged off, and had seen that at least she wasn’t the only person who hadn’t known exactly what an electric candle was, although she wished she’d been smart enough to Google it as some others had done. It would be the first story she’d ever put up on the website, and she considered maybe doing a shorter story first, and seeing how that would work out.
What would she write about though?
Time for a bit of inspiration, she thought. She clicked the mouse on its mat alongside her, and connected to the internet. The website sprang onto the screen, and she went into the User Control Panel, then clicked on ‘Contacts & Friends’.
She looked at the list, and clicked on a couple of favourites, going to their profile pages, and then to their picture albums. A quick look at the pictures of their cocks gave her the inspiration she needed, so she left a cryptic comment for each of them to read next time they were on-line, and she minimised the screen, then returned to Microsoft Word, to get her short story started.
The thought of those cocks stayed in her mind though, and it made her feel more than a little horny.
She was dressed comfortably (it was her day off, after all) with just a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt on. She didn’t expect any callers today so she hadn’t bothered with underwear. She looked down, and saw that her nipples had hardened, and were visible through the material of her t-shirt.
She stroked her right nipple with her left hand, and then moved to her left nipple. She used both hands then, stroking both nipples. She let out a light moan of pleasure, then pushed her t-shirt up at the front and began to stroke her nipples again, rotating her fingers around them. She leaned her head back, and half-closed her eyes, savouring the moment.
She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter now, down there, and her left hand strayed down, tracing a line down her stomach, then slipping under the elasticated waistband of her bottoms. She began to rub her clitoris with her index finger, then slipped first one, and shortly after two, fingers inside her pussy. She was very wet by now, and the fingers slid in and out easily. She used three fingers now, and now leaning forward she put out her right hand onto the computer table to steady herself. Her left hand sped back and forth more and more rapidly now, and she began to moan louder as the pleasure increased.
This wouldn’t be enough, she realised, so pulling her hand out from her trackkie bottoms, she jumped to her feet and dashed out of her lounge, across the hall and into her bedroom. She pulled the t-shirt up over her head and threw it into the corner of the room, and hurriedly pushed her trousers down, stepping neatly out of them and leaping onto the bed. She rolled across the bed to the divan drawer on the other side, and hastily dragged the drawer open. She looked at the little selection of toys there, but there was only one that was going to do right now. The big silver Rabbit it was, and she rolled onto her back, and pushed it towards her glistening slit. She let a little “Oooh” slip from her lips as the coldness of it entered her, but that was only a momentary thing. She clicked the little button at the top, and it quietly buzzed into life with a low hum. She toggled the big button three times and the vibrations changed to four second bursts, starting with low power, then rising to full power, then suddenly dropping down again. She let the sensations ripple up through her body for a while, then hit the button again. The vibrations changed to a rapid pulse, and she began to squirm a little as the pleasure increased. Another push of the button, and the bursts came shorter. She could feel herself breathing deeply now, and beginning to pant.
She pushed the button again, and the pattern changed to three short bursts followed by one long one – her back arched and she thrust her hips forward, in order to satisfy an imaginary lover who was above her. She hit the button again and the vibration speed suddenly dropped, but two more pushes of the button brought it up to a constant full-power vibration………..she cried out loudly, and the orgasm overtook her. Her body shuddered and several streams of clear liquid shot forth from her as she came.
Her body trembled a little as she lay back on the bed, breathing heavily still, and she rested for a minute or two. When she’d got her breath back, she rolled across to the still open drawer and picked up the pack of Dettol wipes she kept there, pulled one out and cleaned the toy off. She went into the bathroom, dropped the wipe into the waste bin in there, and returned to her bedroom with a towel, and dried the toy.
She replaced the rabbit in the drawer, giving a silent prayer of thanks to Ann Summers, ‘where would womankind be without her’, she thought to herself with a smile.
Her eyes caught the large damp patch on the bed. “Damn!” she said, wishing she’d brought the towel in with her beforehand. ‘Ah well.’ she thought ‘It is my day off; I’ve got time to strip the bed and get the sheet and the duvet cover in the wash.
She opened the wardrobe, selected her favourite black silk kimono and slipped it on, then she stripped the bed, carried the bedding through to the kitchen and put it in the washing machine, added the powder and conditioner to the drawer and set the machine off.
She put the kettle on to make a cup of tea, and went into the lounge.
She sat at her computer, in the corner of the room, as she often did during her spare time, and began to type…..

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2014-03-05 10:57:12
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2013-09-17 10:30:34
Thanks for watching Matt. Yep, Colorado is a prtety cool state as is all of the South West. We came through your country last summer, even posted a blog or two about it on my blog. Look us up if you head up this way.

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2013-09-15 13:37:40
Great Video! Thanks for Sharing. I can't wait to see more of your videos and hope you do one of Trinidad also. Love your work!Charlie


2011-06-26 21:30:59
Great job, Janey. As someone above me said, every now and then, a quickie is just the thing. The only thing that tripped me up was that when you said "lounge," I was thinking of a coffee shop type lounge. So when she pulled up her shirt, I thought "Wow, she's brave" -- but that was also kind of exciting :-) I enjoyed reading it.

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2011-01-30 09:15:56
smooth story line very well written ty from a guy that cares about women first

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