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Continuation of two roommates trying to live with each others differences
Norah sluggishly woke up at 12:21pm and dragged herself out of bed trying to remember what had occurred last night. And also trying to remember why she had a feeling of hate all over. She stepped out of her room walking past Derek's door; she could tell he was passed out from his loud snoring. As she walked to the kitchen to get herself something to drink, flashes of the previous night came back abruptly.

"That fucker!" Norah thought as she remembered how her ex tried to seduce her at the club, "that's why.". Another image appeared of herself listening to her best friend and her roommate fucking in the living room, "no, it was those two..." she continued to speculate the reason for her anger. At last the final memory came to her, "Oh shit.." Norah covered her face in shock at how she could have thrown herself at Derek, her roommate. This was someone she believed she had no feelings. "oh, no." she whispered to herself as she finally realized the root of her anger. The thought of herself giving her body to her roommate, and him denying her gift. How embarassing for Norah. True her sexual needs had reached a critical point but never would she have thought to stoop so low. "And how dare he say no to me. I guess he is only into sluts and whores." she thought to herself trying to make her outlook on the situation better. Norah walked back towards her room and from the sounds of things, Derek was still sleep. She peered in his room to make sure. She covered her mouth as she gasped as to not wake him from what she was staring at. Derek was a wild and heavy sleeper. His covers were only covering one leg and a foot, his arms were above his head, and his dick was hanging out the left leg hole of his boxers at full attention. This morning wood had Norah's gaze. Almost a full minute had passed from Norah staring at his enormous cock. It seemed bigger than it had been when she and Lindsey had walked in on him yesterday. Norah's right hand crept down to her panties and teased from the outside. She rubbed slowly and gently until, "mmmmmm" her own moans snapped her out of her lust daze. She closed the door softly and went to her room to start the day.

Norah closed her room door and prepared for her morning ritual, which was just her code word for masturbating. She grabbed her vibrator, climbed under the covers into bed,"I'll just get a quick one..." she thought,"damn that's a big dick.". After getting herself nice and comfortable, by taking off her panties and leaving on her cowboys jersey, she started her ritual. Norah turned on her toy and placed it lightly on her clit. "Oooooo" she cooed. Her clit was engorged from the events that occurred last night and viewing Derek's dick again this morning. While she circled the vibrating to around up and down her pussy lips, she thought back to last night for motivation. How Derek's hands massaged her shoulders and relieving her stress,"mmmmmm". Feeling his ever growing cock up against her ass, "mmmhhhmm". How wet it made her when his fingers entered in and out her soaked hole,"aahhh yesssss". The thickness of his cock in her hands as she stroked it, making his precum drip down and lubricate the shaft, "MMmmmmmm OOoooo Mmmm". Norah started to go wild with her fantasy now. She imagined Derek grabbing her thighs, while she was still facing forward, and lifting Norah up, and sliding her back down on his enormous cock. "Oh fffffuck", Norah was now rubbing her clit with the toy and fingering her pussy with two fingers. Back to her fantasy, she put both hands and rested them on his thighs while she lifted up and down on his member. Each time, she rose her hips ever so slowly to where only the tip of Derek's dick remained inside, then she would come down on it abruptly, drenching the cock as well as her pussy lips with her juices, "Oooohhh". Every so often between thrusts, she would grind her pussy in a circular motion, to feel it deep inside herself' "Oh yeah, oh yeah". Brushing aside her long dark hair, Derek would kiss and suck on Norah's smooth neck while passionately fondling her breasts "yeah, mmmmm, yeah". By now, Norah's pussy was pulsing hard, "ffffuuucckk yeah". The combination of her vibrator stimulating her clit, her fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy, and the images in her head had her nearly there. What was suppose to be a "quick one" had gone over ten minutes. She then imagined Derek setting Norah on the couch. Face down, ass up. He grabbed her hips and thrust his dick forcefully deep inside, "shit, oh shit". She was almost there. He kept pounding away at her swollen vagina," fuck, yeah, fuck yeah". Her juices flowing down both his and her legs. She gripped the couch pillows to steady herself as he fucked her harder and harder, "fuck me". Derek kept going deeper and deeper, making her pussy wetter and and louder,"yess, yess, yessss, right there.". One last thrust from Derek, long, hard, and deep and Norah was there, "DEREK! ffuuucckkkk me! ooohh ssshhhhhitt!". Norah couldn't contain herself. She screamed out of pure pleasure. This was by far her best ritual.

"DEREK!". Derek woke up quickly after hearing Norah scream his name. Thinking she was in trouble, he stumbled out of bed to see what was the problem.

He burst open the door of her room, "What happened? What's wrong?". Derek stopped dead in his tracks to see Norah was laying on her bed, legs spread open, both her hands on her vibrator pressed hard against her pussy, all while she was shaking from an intense orgasm. Norah opened her eyes to see her roommate standing at the door. Unnoticed to him was his dick was still out a leg hole of his boxers at full attention.

The sight of this dick threw her into another orgasmic frenzy,"Ffuuuuuuccckkkk!". She arched her back as this orgasm was just as intense as the last one. She couldn't stop herself from cumming. Being that Derek's cock was just feet away from her, she couldn't say or do the normal, "Don't you ever knock! Get out!" routine.

He left and quickly shut the door,"Sorry, sorry, I thought...sorry" he went to the kitchen to get a snack in hopes she wouldn't chew his head off.

Norah, lightly rubbing her pussy and still shaking thought,"I have got to have more restraint." and a grin creeped over her face remembering the look on Derek's face. Just then her cell rang. It was her younger sister Maricella. "Hey Mari, wassup?".

"Nuttin' I was just wonderin' if that invite to hang out with today you was still good, cuz I don't wanna stay at the house and most of my friends are either sick, going on a date, or out of town.".

"Sure, sure. What time were you planning to come over?".

"I was". There was a knock on the door.

Norah rolled her eyes, "I told you to call before you come over.".

Mari replied,"I did, I'm not in the apartment yet, plus I'm family, that rule doesn't apply for me.". Norah got up and put on her robe,"Here I come.". She walked out the room to find that Derek had already answered and opened the door and let Mari in.

Maricella is a 19 year old 5ft even, 96lbs. Hispanic chic, with 36b breasts, and long black hair down to her ass.. Being Norah's sister, Mari is very out spoken, even more so than her older sister. She is also a smart ass and a cock tease. She has learned about men from her sister, "Men only want what's between your legs, after that they move on to the next pussy.". Being the younger sister, Mari looks up to Norah even though she can be over protective. Mari is not only family but Norah's best friend to confide. Derek gets along a lot better with Mari than Norah, because of her flirtatious nature.

Mari gave Derek a hug,"How you been cutie? Oooh, someone has been working out.".
"I've been ok.",Derek just hugged her back and smiled. She gave him a peck on the cheek and started walking towards Norah.

Jokingly she said,"You tell them girls to stay off my man.".

Derek jokingly responded,"You better talk to your sister then.".

"She knows better." she said laughing as she went in Norah's room. Norah closed the door behind them. "Did I come at a bad time?" Mari asked as her eyes met Norah's toy on her bed. "Norah, how long ago did you finish your 'ritual'?". Slightly embarrassed, Norah quickly grabbed it an put it in he night stand.

Mari grabbed a brush and sat on the bed,"What? It's not like I have never seen a vibrator before. I was thinking about buying one a few days ago.". Norah sat down behind her sister, grabbed the brush from her and started to brush Mari's hair.

"Anyway, for your information, yes I still do my 'rituals', if it was a bad time, you'd be still outside. And it was right before you called. There, happy." Norah told her little sister, not really wanting to explain had just happened.

Mari teased,"Is it me or did Derek have a hard on? You sure you was doing your ritual and not him?".

"What? Ew, no! Never!",Norah said in a false disgust. "And yeah, I think he was hard. You need to stop flirting with him so much.".

"Why, do you want him or something?" she said with a smirk. "What tha, you're crazy. No I don't want him. You are starting to sound like Lindsey.".

Shocked and joking, Mari replied,"I'm not a slut. One day hoping, but not now.".

"Lindsey's not a..." Norah stopped herself for a second and thought about it,"...okay, maybe she is.".

"And it's only a matter of time before she tries to get my man.", Mari commented with a confident arrogance.

"Oh, I think that time has passed.".

Mari turned around and looked at Norah's face astonished,"Are you serious? When? Where? Did she tell you?".

Norah turned her sister back around,"No, she didn't have to tell me. It was last night and I was in here and they were doing it in the living room. I heard every scream from that girl.".

Mari gasped,"He had her screaming? Damn, I guess black guys do have big dicks. And Lindsey did say she only fucks guys with big dicks. OW!".

"Watch your mouth Mari." Norah said as she tugged on her sisters hair.

"Okay mom, sorry." Mari sarcastically retorted.

"Yeah, it is big." Norah replied now starting to braid Mari's hair.

Mari's interest peaked,"Really? You've seen it?".

"Yup, yesterday afternoon. Me and Lindsey walked in and caught him jerking off at the computer.".

"Wow! Well, at least he knows how to f... uh please a woman. We better get started if he is gonna give me fifteen kids.", Mari joked.

"Riiiiight. Good luck with that." Norah changed subjects, "Anyway, enough about Derek and his package. What do you wanna do today?".

Without hesitation Mari declared,"Clubbin' and drinkin' and dancin'. It doesn't have to be in that order.".

Norah, now reluctant,"I dunno about the club. We had enough of it last night. How about we stay in and watch some movies?".

"Aw, I had my heart set of some magaritas.", said Mari, now disappointed.

"We can still do that." Norah said trying to keep her sister happy, "Just have to go to the store though. I'll even call Lindsey over and we can make it a girls night in.".

Mari jumped up in excitement,"Alright, let's go to blockbuster, cuz there is nothing on t.v.!".

Norah sluggishly replied, "You go. I gotta take a shower..." Just then they both heard the shower come on, "...after Derek finishes. Ugh! Here take my key, just in case I'm in the shower and he's gone.". Mari took the key and went on her way to the video store.

Even though Mari did not know the area of Richardson very well, she did know of a blockbuster store off Audelia where a boy that she flirts with on occasion works. Unfortunately for her, Ronald was off that Saturday. She didn't waste time. She grabbed the movies she wanted and left. When Mari had returned to the apartment the shower was still running. She assumed Norah was now taking a shower so she slowly entered Derek's room to flirt a little more with him. But he was not in there. At that time she heard Norah talking on the phone with someone in her room. So Mari decided to do the next best thing; she snooped around his room to find anything of interest. She opened his night stand drawer, "Hmmm big boy." she said as she saw the many XL condoms. Then his laptop caught her eye. "I wonder what websites he visits." she pondered reaching for it.

Just before she could begin to even look she heard Derek yell, "I'm out now!". Mari jumped up quick and hid in the closet.
"It's about time! There had better be some hot water left!" Norah screamed.

Derek entered his room,"There is, damn. Get on my nerves." he said to himself body glistening with water and wearing only a towel. Mari had left the sliding closet door open enough where she could get a good glimpse of what was to come. She saw a well put together body. Very nice muscle structure, one which you couldn't tell until his clothes were off. He had the chest and abs that Mari craved in a guy. And as Derek dropped his towel on the floor, she got more than she bargained for. Her eyes opened wide at his massive member.

"Oh my..." she quickly covered her mouth fearful Derek had heard her. Her lips quivered as she watched his dick dangle back and forth as he moved, her eyes never leaving it. Snapping back to reality, Mari saw him coming for the closet. She tried to shift to a corner quietly. When a knock came at the room door. Derek turned to answer it, Mari breathed a sigh of relief. This gave Mari time to shift with less urgency.

Norah, wrapped in only a towel, was at the door," Can you take your razor with you next time?!" she sounded aggrivated. To Mari's surprise, she saw that Derek did not even try to cover himself. Instead he just poked his head out the door as they conversed. She had a full view of his bronze ass, and his legs were spread wide enough where his dick hanged down in her perfect sights. She licked her lips as she felt it becoming hot in the closet.

"Sorry, I forgot." she heard Derek reply to her sister. "What's your problem? Why do you seem upset at me?".

Norah sighed,"Well, if I didn't have to either clean up your shit or have to remind you to clean it up, then I wouldn't seem so upset for once!".

He took the razor from her,"You know what? You're right. I'll start by cleaning up this whole apartment, just to make you happy.".

Norah began to walk off,"Don't bother, I've seen how you clean. Just pick up your mess so I don't have to seem like your mom." and she slammed the bathroom door.

Derek closed his door,"Whatever!" and walked to his dresser to grab his lotion.

It didn't dawn on Mari until just then; "How am I gonna get out of her without him seeing me?". She got an idea. She grabbed her phone and text Norah. MARI<Guess where I am?>. While she waited for a response, she enjoyed the show. Derek was rubbing lotion on his chest and abs making Mari's pussy tingle. She refrained from touching herself. Next he rubbed his thighs down. First the left one then the right one. She was in such a trance watching his body, wishing she it were her finger tips exploring his muscles. Mari nearly screamed when her phone vibrated a text.

NORAH<U been gon a wile. Where r u>.

MARI<im n front of a big dick>.

NORAH<lol Corey?>.

MARI<NO! but he was a dick. A 4real dick>.

NORAH<where the hell r u?>.

MARI<I need u 2 get Derek out of his room cuz im hiding in his closet>.

NORAH<WTF r u serious?>. At this time, Derek was taking his time putting lotion on his dick and once again Mari was mezmerized.

MARI<yes, but take ur time, im njoying the show ;)>. She watched in aw as he stroked the shaft up and down, up to the tip and down to the base. Until a knock came at the door again, more urgent than the last.

"WHAT?!" Derek yelled not bothering to go towards the door.

Norah came up with a story quick,"Some kids just busted one of your car windows.". He jumped to the window to varify her story, but there was a tree blocking his view. But there were some kids playing around the parking area. Derek grabbed his towel, tried his best to put it on and rushed out the apartment. With a big smile on her face, Mari slid open the closet door and saw her sister, still wrapped in a towel, waving for her to hurry before Derek returned. She dove onto Norah's bed with a sigh of both relief and pleasure.

"We are gonna talk after I get out." Norah said to her with a stern look on her face.

Later that night, Derek had pulled in to a parking spot of his apartments after a depressing blind date. "I just need to lay down and get a good night's sleep," he thought as he walked towards the door. As he put his key in the door, he could hear female laughter. "Shit! That's right, Norah's having a girls' night in." he had just remembered. "Well, there goes my good night's sleep." he thought as he opened the door. Sitting on the couch was Norah wearing her favorite cowboys jersey, with her arms folded with an angry expression on her face. Next to her was her ex-boyfriend Tino with his arm around her and his face in her ear whispering something to her. In the kitchen was Lindsey making at least 20 shots of Patron, Jack Daniels, & Crown Royal. Sitting on the floor to the far end of the couch was Mari wrapped in a blanket and her hair in two long pig tails, watching the Ugly Truth, one of the movies she had rented earlier.

Mari saw Derek and jumped up quick,"Hey! Look who it is!" she gave him the usual hug and kiss on the cheek.

Lindsey stopped pouring shots for a moment,"Hey Derek!".

Mari grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the couch,"Oh, have you two met? Derek, this is Juventino. Tino, this is my future man Derek.". The two guys said nothing, they just nodded at each other.

"So, you're home early. What happened to your blind date?" Norah said still looking upset.

Before Derek could answer Mari jumped in,"She wasn't me.". She looked up at Derek still holding his arm.

"She right." he replied. "Well, it was a disappointing night, I'm just gonna go to bed. Nice to meet you man. You girls have fun".

Derek walked towards his room when Mari still gripping his arm gave him a tug,"Why don't you join the party? It'll make your night better.".

Lindsey agreed,"Yeah, Derek. We're about to play a little game. And we got Crown, you know you like that.".

He looked at Mari's sweet smiling face,"Alright. Let me just go get comfortable." As he left, Mari followed close.

"Naked is comfortable...just putting it out there." Lindsey shouted as he left the room. Mari, still wrapped in her blanket, closed the door as Derek kicked off his shoes.

"Thanks for staying. Norah's no fun when Tino's around.", Mari watched him undress intently.

Derek unbutton his shirt,"What about Lindsey? Aren't you friends with here?".

Mari leaned her back against the door,"She's okay, but she's Norah's friend. All she talks about is guys and their dicks." She watched as he began to remove his slacks. Her pussy began to tingle,"I mean, there's nothing wrong with that. I like dick as much as the next girl.". Derek sat on the bed now down to just his boxers, under shirt and socks.

He began taking his socks off,"And how much does the next girl like dick?". Mari dropped her blanket to reveal that she wearing a long muscle shirt. The material was thin enough to see exactly where her dark nipples were located. Derek was stunned; eyes wide and jaw open. She walked to him and put one leg on the bed and as the shirt raised up, her clean shave pussy was being presented.

She used her fingers to spread it open and show him how wet she was,"About as much as a guy likes this.". She could read Derek facial expressions like a book. He wanted to attack but something was holding him back. Before Derek could get the words out of his mouth, she grabbed his head and gave him a kiss. This time it was on the lips. Never before had he felt lips so soft and a kiss so passionate. She sat on his lap and continued to make out. Derek gripped her tight little ass as she grind his on erection. Mari then broke the kiss,"I've been wanting to do that for a while.". Derek leaned in for another kiss. Mari leaned back,"Nuh uh, gotta always leave them wanting more." and with a wink she got up, wrapped herself with the blanket,"Don't have us waiting too long." she said as she exited the room.

After a few moments in his room, Derek walked into the living room to join the others in whatever drinking game they were about to play. As soon as Mari saw him, she patted her hand on the floor for Derek to sit behind her. And so he did. She then wrapped them both in her blanket. Derek sitting with his legs spread wide open and Mari sitting in between. Her ass pressed right up against his crotch. She then leaned back and gave him a kiss on the cheek as if nothing had happened a few minutes earlier. Unnoticed by anyone, Mari grabbed on of Derek's hands and his index finger right at the entrance of her wet vagina. He slowly circled the entrance, teasing her. Derek could feel his finger tip getting wet without entering her pussy. Mari was enjoying herself but she played it off very well. As he kept teasing her, Derek looked over to Tino and Norah; they were still on the couch and it had seemed that Norah was a lot less tense. She was actually laying down in his lap. This made him a tad bit jealous, but he payed it no mind. As Derek watched Lindsey bring the shots from the kitchen, he had just now noticed what she was wearing. He couldn't tell before but Lindsey was wearing a small spaghetti strap shirt showing the form and shape of her perfect erect nipples, and she was also wearing a pair of boy shorts. Lndsey set the shots down onto the coffee table. She stood up,"Everybody here? Good. The game is 'I've Never', the rules are we go around the room one at a time and say something you have never done. Like 'I've never fucked four guys at once.".

Norah interrupted,"You sure about that?". Everyone chuckled.

"It's just an example, but anyway..."she continued,"if you have done whatever was just said, then you have to take a shot. Simple enough? Questions? Okay... everyone grab a shot glass.". Each person had picked up the shots they had preferred," Now, who wants to start? How about Derek?".

Derek hesitated," Uh, well, I've never, smoked weed before.". And with that, everyone but Derek took a shot.

"Mari!" Norah shouted.

"What? It's peer pressure Norah. Besides I only did it to see what the fuss was about.", Mari said trying to explain her case but not caring at the same time.

"My turn..." Mari said with excitement for the game and now that Derek's finger made it's way inside,"I've never sucked a guys dick!". This time it was just Lindsey and Norah taking the shots.

Lindsey shook her head,"Whoo, that's some strong stuff. Alright, me next. I've never..." she had to think for a minute about what she hadn't done. "Oh, I've never been caught masturbating.". She looked over at Derek and just as she planned, he took a shot. But to her surprise Norah took a shot too. "You never told me about this..." Lindsey tried to coax Norah into telling her.

"No I sure didn't. Tino, your turn." she said quickly changing the subject to avoid embarrassment.

"I've never fucked in public.", Tino said. Norah, not saying a word gave him a look and wondered why he had just lied, knowing that when they were together, fucking outside was second only to their bed. But just then he took a shot.

Lindsey tried to stop him,"You can't say you didn't do something and then drink!".

Tino replied,"I couldn't think of anything, so I went with what I did do. I came to drink anyway." Everyone took a shot, except for Mari.

"Wait, does a car count as public?".

"Yes!", they all said simultaneously.

"Okay gooooood" She said as Derek pushed his finger deep inside now and then took her shot.

Norah continued," I've never fucked a black guy before.".

Everyone looked at Lindsey as she took her shot,"And I'd do it again. I'm sure he would too.". She looked over at Derek who tried not to make eye contact.

Derek kept the game going," I've never...". He was thinking as he rushed his finger in and out of Mari's soaked pussy. She started to breathe heavy.

Norah sat up with concern for her sister,"Mari, are you alright?.".

Quickly answering,"Yeah I'm fine, it's just the liquor hitting me, that's all.".

Norah laid back on Tino's lap as Tino took another shot, thinking to himself,"This is taking too long. I should be fucked up by now.".

Lindsey teased,"Wow, somebody's in a hurry to get drunk.".

And with that remark he took a third shot. "Okay, well, I've never," Derek tried to continue,"gotten fired from a job.". This time nobody drank except for Tino.

"Come on Derek," Lindsey was frustrated,"we are all doing the sex topics. Keep it going. We know you like sex.".

Derek changed his reply,"Okay, how about this then? I've never used a sex toy on my partner.". At this point the whole room took a shot.

Lindsey gave Derek an erotic look,"It seems you have a lot to learn.". Mari saw her look and gave her a nasty glare which she didn't notice.

A hour had past and the game had gotten very intense. Everyone was very inebriated. Still covered in a blanket Mari was now sitting on Derek's lap stroking his cock and teasing her pussy where no one could see. Derek would occasionally lean forward to rub and squeeze her breasts, making it appear he was only giving her a hug. Lindsey had one hand fondling her breasts and the other down her shorts, lightly teasing herself in front of everyone. She was putting on a show and her excuse was,"Patron makes me do wrong!".

Norah stood up,"Okay, Lindsey I think we've seen enough.". The display and the drinks were making Norah very horny. "Imma go to bed. You freaks have a good night.". She grabbed Tino's hand,"Behave yourself" she pointed at Mari and led Tino to her bed room.

Derek sat up holding on to Mari,"So what now?".

Lindsey got on all fours and slowly crawled over to the two, "How about we finish what you two started?".

Mari let go of Derek's dick,"What are you talking about?".

"The little party you two have been having under your blanket silly.". Both Derek and Mari were shocked. "You were jacking him off right? And I'm prety sure he was fingering you earlier.".

Derek jumped in," What? You're drunk. We're just cuddle buddies.". Lindsey opened up the blanket and revealed Derek's fully erect dick wet from Mari's pussy juices.

Frantic, Mari tried to explain," It's not like...". She was interrupted by Lindsey's full on kiss to the mouth. At the same time, she grabbed the large cock and stroked it a few times. Even though, Mari had never kissed a girl before this was something she more than enjoyed. Lindsey sucked and bit on her bottom lip which only made her pussy wetter. Lindsey broke the kiss, went down and applied her lips to the head of the cock and tasted Mari all over it"Oh shit, that feels so good". She then licked the entrance to her pussy to get the flavor's origin. Mari never had pleasure like this,"What are you doing... OHH FFUUUUCK".

She sat up,"I don't care what was going on. Right now I just care about getting fucked with this dick. And we can keep this our little secret.". Lindsey bent down and started licking her clit this time.

"AAAHh ooooo ahhh.". Mari was enjoying herself. This was to be her threesome. She couldn't believe how experienced Lindsey was at eating pussy. Lindsey flicked her tongue on to Mari's clit several time to tease her in anticipation for the main course. Derek grabbed and massaged Mari's breasts as she held his hands in guiding him the way she liked to be touched. Derek used his tongue to search around her neck and find the spot that made her quiver. "Oooooooo" she moaned as he had found it. He began to lightly suck and nibble on that very spot while Lindsey began to suck her clit and stroke his cock. Lindsey proceeded to switch her attention to Derek and engulfed his cock into her waiting and salivating mouth.

"Oh yessss" Derek's eyes round into the back of his head. It had been way too long since he has had this feeling. Her mouth was so warm, so wet, so full of his cock. Lindsey decided to multi-task her efforts. Still bobbing her head up and down on his enormous dick, she slid two fingers slow and deep inside Mari's wanting pussy. Her body went stiff almost completely. Mari reached back and grabbed Derek's head and continued the kiss the started in his room. Derek applied his fingers to Mari's clit and began rubbing in a circular motion. Mari's hips were now gyrating going steadily faster and faster.

"Oh, oh yeah, oh yyeeaaahhh" The combined touches of Lindsey and Derek were almost too much to endure. Lindsey then grabbed the cock and tapped Mari's pussy with it. "Ooohh" she jumped.

Lindsey now had a smirk on her face,"I think she is ready for you Derek". She licked up some of the juices that had gotten on to Derek's dick before she let it go. Derek lay on the floor ready for her. Mari, said nothing as she turned over, grabbed, the cock and aimed it towards her pulsing vagina. When she had gotten the tip in the entrance, Derek grabbed onto her hips and guided her down.

Mari arched her back,"OH mmmmm, mmmmm, yes, shit this fucker is thick". Surprising to herself he fit inside rather easy. It was more so because of how wet she was. Even though it was a nice and tight fit, she could not take it in completely. This didn't stop her at all. Mari put her hands on Derek's chest and she began to ride him. She went at a fast pace; up and down, up and down. Mari was like an animal. Part of Mari's reason was to prove to Lindsey that Derek was her man. Another reason was she was too horny to go slow. "FUCK" she screamed as she switched up the pace. Mari began to rock back and forth on his cock and occasionally grind. She was getting very close to cumming but she wanted this to last. Both Derek and Lindsey were amazed at Mari. Lindsey started finger fucking herself once again off of Mari's performance. Lindsey was a freak but at that time, Mari had her beat. Just then Mari stopped and started shaking.

Derek grabbed her hips tight and continued to fuck her,"Don't stop. Don't stop". The ball was now in Derek's court. He knew she was trying to hold out on cumming. He sat up and wrapped his arms around Mari and fucked her hard.

Mari grabbed on to Derek and put her finger nails into his back,"Shit, shit, oh, fuck, shiiiiit". She was getting wetter and wetter by the second. His cock reached deep inside her. Thrusting back and forth, in and out. She couldn't take it any long.

Mari threw her head back," OH FUCK, I'm cuuuuummming, ssssshhhhiiit!" she screamed as Derek kept on fucking reguardless of status. He felt her pussy tightly grip his dick and pulsate hard. Derek stopped his thrusting. Having Derek still inside her, Mari shook uncontrollably. Derek lay back down with Mari laying on him. It took her a while to stop shaking.

Lindsey looked over at the two of them and licked her fingers, "It's my turn". Mari rolled over and sat up on couch trying to compose herself. As if in a contest Lindsey pulled her shorts to the side and took in all of Derek's cock. "Fuucckkkk" she said with her head down" I thought I'd be a little bit used to it." Mari watched as Lindsey took her time riding. She slowly rose her body up to the top of the cock and then rammed her pussy down to the base. Every so often she would grind for a few seconds the continue what she was doing before. Mari watched as Derek seemed to enjoy fucking Lindsey more than her. But she couldn't deny that Lindsey was more experienced at it. Watching the two fuck like a newly wed couple got Mari hot and she found herself rubbing the opening of her slit. Mari was getting ready for round two. "Come here' Lindsey said calling Derek to lift up. As he did she planted a huge kiss on him. Mari saw this and took it as a challenge as she pushed two fingers deep inside. Derek grabbed on to Lindsey as he had Mari and began fucking her hard. Lindsey lay her head on his shoulder and bit it. She was into this. But unlike Mari, Lindsey did not cum that easily this time. Lindsey pushed him back down as she switched positions. She rode him in the reverse cowgirl style now. Lindsey grabbed his knees and proceeded to fuck his brains out.

Derek viewed over at Mari; eyes closed, on leg up, and three fingers thrusting deep inside her pussy. She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her. He motioned her to come over to him. She lustfully removed her fingers from inside and licked them. She began to crawl her way over to him. As a surprise to Mari, Derek grabbed her by the hips, lifted her up and sat her on his face. Derek started to taste the girl who had teased him so much for so long. His tongue found it's way passed her lips and onto the pussy walls. Mari grabbed his head with one hand and balance herself with the other on the couch. He grabbed her thighs and went to town on her pussy. "Oh, ahhhh, mmmmhmm, hhmmmm" was all she could must up in trying to tell him how good his tongue felt.

Enjoying herself, Lindsey turn her head to see why Mari was moaning. She watched as Mari's arched her back and writhed in passion from Derek's tongue. That did it. Lindsey was holding back to enjoy this session as long as she could but seeing Derek eating out Mari triggered her orgasm. "OOOOOHhhhhhh, sshhhiiiiiiit, I'm cumming, I'm cummming.". Now grinding his cock, Lindsey rode as if her life depended on it. Just then, along with licking Mari's sweet pussy, Derek lifted his pelvis to increase Lindsey's orgasm just like the last time. "OH FUCK ME!!!" she said as she cam for a second time. She looked down and saw the she had soaked Derek's boxers. She then pressed two of her fingers onto her clit and rubbed frantically to prolong the feeling. Not able to take any more, Lindsey rolled of on to the floor; pussy throbbing, legs quivering, head spinning, breathing heavy, and listening to Mari and Derek continue their escapades.

Derek, now feeling Lindsey was no longer in the action, raised Mari up off him for a second. He stood up and grabbed Mari to pick her up. Without hesitation she wrapped her legs around Derek. It was like she knew exactly what he wanted to do. She reached down and guided his stiff soaked dick into her juicy wet cunt. "AW, fuck that feels so good" Derek whispered to her. Still standing Derek began to fuck her. Mari held on for dear life as her pussy was being stretched and pounded in a wat it had never been before.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" was her reaction to each thrust he gave her. Mari had always played with Derek and flirted with him but never to believe that it would come anywhere to this. She had always had fantasies about seeing his dick or even just feeling how big he was through his pants. But never had she dreamed of this situation, her being carried and fucked by her flirting buddy. The pain and pleasure of being stretched and stuffed by his enormous dick. How wet she could become from it. No, none of these ever entered her mind. Maybe if they had, she would not be enjoying it so much. Maybe she would know what to do other than moan and take it. Maybe she would know how to better fuck him back. All these thoughts rushing through Mari's head and only one action came out. Once again she grabbed Derek's face and kissed hem ever so passionately. He continued to fuck and she continued to moan, but the kiss did not break. Mari's juices got warmer and wetter, and Derek could feel this. She was about to cum again. He felt it trickling down the base of his cock, and the down his legs. Mari was now cumming. She broke the kiss and whispered "I love you" just the moment she orgasmed.

Now Derek was cum. "MMMmmmmm" his trusting pace sped up and this time each with each thrust a bit of his cum found it's way out of her pussy. Derek fell back onto the couch as he and Mari both were spent. She lay on top of him as the both tried to catch their breath. Lindsey, joined them on the couch and covered them all up. Derek began to wonder, "Wow, Mari said she loves me. It's just gotta be the liquor talking. Or the sex." Shortly after, the three of them all dozed off into each other's arms. After a long night of drinking and fucking.

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