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I wrote this some time ago about and for my partner, Claire, who is a very private person. However, it was recently my birthday, and as one of my treats she has said that I can post this for everyone to read, because she knows how much I want to. Thanks, honey – love and kisses, for always.
copyright: Lesley Tara, 2010

I love my partner, Claire, for so many reasons – her kind and loving nature, her lively personality, things she says and does, how good she looks (dressed and undressed), the way she looks at me (ooooh, shivers down the spine!), just everything – but I know without a doubt what turns me on most all: it’s her ass, her hot sweet cutest butt!

She’s 35 years old, but I swear she’s stolen that ass from some cheerleader half her age – it’s so trim, so tight, so firm, so fucking sexy. And yet, it’s also got a hint of fullness, of rounded curve, that has the magical allure of a grown woman – a woman who knows her own body and how to receive and give pleasure (and, oh! believe me, she does, she does). The combination just rocks my world, and she knows it, the minx, wandering about in those tight jeans. In the summer, around the house and garden and on holiday, she puts on these little blue denim shorts, cut so high on the leg that I can see the gusset of her panties – and when it’s hot, and she’s hot, and there are no panties on underneath, I can see that too and my knees go so weak that I can hardly walk.

Claire isn’t a tease, but she does know the effect her wonderful ass has on me. At five foot nine inches, she is just a little taller than me, lithe and slender with lovely long shapely legs ... legs that soar up to those perkily curved and jutting buttocks, to join at the wide magic space between them, where I part the flare of her hips to find my secret garden of delights, my heaven on earth.

Sometimes, when we have been out for a walk or down to the local shops for a few groceries, and are strolling home, she knows just what I want most of all. She rests her hand on my forearm, and as my heart skips a beat for joy, she whispers in my ear, her warm breath making me tremble:

‘Count to 10, honey – and then follow me home!’

So I take any shopping bag that she has been carrying, maybe her coat as well if it would spoil the view, and I wait those few seconds whilst she walks ahead several paces. Then I follow my babe down the road, admiring the lovely ass that is being presented purely for my pleasure. And she knows that I am, she knows full well how much it turns me on, and that turns her on too, and she puts that extra sensuous sway into her walk so that it becomes a strut, she is stalking down the street with a ‘fuck me’ wiggle to her hips with every stride, and I can’t tear my eyes away from the swing of her butt and the cleft of her ass in the tight jeans or slacks that she usually wears. It is a good thing I am wearing a skirt and not trousers, or there would be a huge damp patch around their crotch, a real give-away. As it is, my pussy is open and drooling, my panties are sodden and sticking to me, my pulse is pounding, my palms are sweaty, my throat is dry, and I am nibbling my lower lip in breathless appreciation and anticipation.

I catch up with my honey as she stands unlocking the front door of our house, and, because it is out of view from the other houses nearby, I come up close behind her, slip my arms around her waist and then up her front to cup her shapely 30C breasts (in the summer, if she has just a T-shirt on, I’ll run my hands underneath it and squeeze her tits in their bra, or sometimes she isn’t wearing one and I stroke their cool firm flesh). I pull her tight against me, pressing my breasts into her back, drawing the curve of her ass between my hips and grinding my crotch against it with a gasp. I find her earlobe, lick and nibble it, and I whisper in her ear that she is temptress and is going to get just what she deserves as soon as we are inside!

Her breath catches, and she fumbles at the lock, for she is just as eager as me, she has the same need and desire burning in her cunt. The door swings open and we tumble into the hall, dropping bags and handbags, throwing aside jackets and hats and scarves and all of that, and we fall into each others’ arms like we’ve been parted for a year.

I grab the front of her jeans, unsnub the big brass button, feverishly tug down on the zip so that it peels apart, and I plunge one hand down inside, finding and cupping her Venus mound. My other hand seizes one of those deliciously pert ass-cheeks, pulling her firmly close whilst my fingers inside her trousers are rubbing up and down her pussy-cleft through the sodden cotton of her skimpy panties, and she gives a soft moan of pleasure – the hot minx, she loves to turn me on so much! I am kissing her mouth, her neck, telling her how amazing she is, how much I want her, how much I love her.

Claire is either tugging my camisole top off over my head or unbuttoning my shirt and stripping it down my back and arms, she wants to get her hands and mouth on my breasts which – thank the heavens – she enjoys so much; I’m a 34D, so there is plenty for her to play with. Once my top has been discarded, she will unsnap my bra at the back and fling it across the hall, or if she can’t wait even for that she will pull the bra cups down and let my tits spill out. She kneads my mounds like dough, squeezing my aroused stiff nipples between her fingers, making me gasp in my turn and redouble my pressure on her pussy. I jerk the gusset of her panties aside, and push a finger into her pussy – easily and smoothly, her labia are parted and her hole is oozing juices, it is like sliding into soft butter. As I penetrate her, she arches her back in pleasure, pressing her flat stomach against me, riding her pussy down on my upthrust finger and grinding her cunt against the palm of my hand.

She releases my tits, having warmed me up very nicely (thank you sweetie-pie!), and she reaches for the hem of my skirt and pulls it up, bunching it around my waist. Now it is my panties that are breached by a questing hand, seeking the glory-hole, and she homes in on my cunny like a cruise missile finding its target, and when she thrusts two fingers into my vagina it blows me apart, blows my mind.

Wrapped around each other, her jeans sliding part-way down her smooth thighs, we stagger the few feet into the living room – there’s no time to make it up the stairs to anything so civilised as a bed, our hunger for each other is so fierce. We kneel down on the rug in front of the hearth, arms entwined, kissing passionately, our tongues roving thirstily inside each others’ mouths.

I pause for a second and swiftly remove her top, and sometimes her sweet pointy breasts are swinging free, the nipples already stiff, ready to be kissed. Usually, she is wearing a bra, and I’ll take a moment to stroke her through the fabric before slipping my hands inside. She looks so delectable in a lacy demi-cup, or something with little feminine decorative touches – often I will have bought it for her, as I love to shop for lingerie and I see so many beautiful and sexy items that I know my babe will look hot in (it’s selfish, really, for I will have the pleasure of seeing her curves so delightfully displayed, I will have the thrill of unveiling her special places by removing them).

She puts her head back for a second, giving a shake to her shoulder-length brown hair, and I kiss the base of her throat with a fierce growl of possessiveness – you are mine, all mine, only mine! I give a firm tweak to her tits, and then quickly reach behind her back to remove her bra. Now I take one of her bright pink nipples into my mouth, licking it and sucking it and nibbling it with my teeth, whilst one hand keeps a firm grasp of her other breast. Her jeans have dropped to rest around her knees, fully revealing her sky-blue bikini panties with their dark blue patch around her pussy. My other hand delves for treasure again, but this time inside her panties, and my thumb presses on her clitoris whilst my forefinger curls round to push upwards into her vagina again.

My honey soaks up this attention for a moment, her eyes closed and a blissful grin plastered across her face, but then she pulls backwards and puts her hands on my shoulders. I know the next move, and my eyes widen in anticipation ... she wants me, oh! she wants me, is ringing in my ears like the bells of heaven.

Claire eases me down with tender loving care, and I am lying on my back on the deep-pile carpet, naked above the waist (if my bra was still on, she would undo it first). My skirt is bunched around my middle, and I put my legs together for a moment whilst she tugs my panties down and off, and then I spread them apart. I know that this is how she most loves to see me – I have been wearing one of the combinations that she likes best: the black pencil skirt that comes to an inch or two above my knees, plain sheer black hold-ups, and my black leather boots. It gets her so wet to see me like this, sprawled on my back, arms and legs outflung in an X-shape, the skirt hoisted up and my knees wide apart, my pussy fully exposed and my labia puffy and open down the length of my slit.

She gets to her feet and for a moment stands over me, drinking in the view that she enjoys so much. Her trim body is fully revealed, her jeans remaining at half-mast, and almost without realising it she has slipped a hand inside her own panties and is gently stroking herself. I gaze up at her through half-lidded eyes, trying to look vampish, and I stretch languorously, deliberately pushing my breasts upwards into the air and arching my thighs as open as they can get. It is an unmistakeable offering of my cunt, shouting ‘fuck me!’ louder than any words ever could.

Claire swallows and licks her lips, her eyes gleaming. With a quick motion, standing first on one leg and then on the other, she pulls off her shoes (or sometimes those lovely light-brown cowboy boots that she likes), her trousers and her panties. She stands above me, totally nude, her hands resting akimbo on her hips, her pointy tits silhouetted against the white ceiling of the room, so that I am gazing directly up between her legs at her pussy.

She straddles me and then sinks gently down to her haunches, and her gorgeous butt is just above my face, as she settles into place on top of me for a mutual oral 69. I run my hands over her smooth flanks, down from her waist to ease her buttocks apart, and I draw her pudenda down onto my mouth. Claire gives an exhalation of breath as she feels the tip of my questing tongue along her slit, and then a louder gasp as I take a firmer grip around her thighs, pulling her pussy fully onto my face, and I thrust my tongue like a spear into her gaping vagina, lapping up the juices, savouring the special taste of my girl, my lover.

With a frisky shake of her head, Claire slips her hands around my thighs from underneath to keep them wide apart, and then she makes me squeal by running her tongue from my belly-button down across my pelvis to the clitoral hood at the top of my pussy. Adjusting her angle, she thrusts two fingers of one hand into the bottom opening of my vagina, whilst her agile tongue slurps around my clitoris, teasing it and rubbing it and nibbling it. Once she has it targeted, her fingers start a rapid pistoning penetration, making me jerk my butt up off the floor in reaction each time they smack home. She’s drilling me for oil, and she’s going to be rewarded with a gusher real soon!

We are fucking fast and furious, so aroused and so lustful for each other. I am devouring her cunt with my mouth, growling with passion and pleasure as my eyes are fastened on the stunning ass that is bobbing inches above me. Claire is beginning to pant for breath, but taking only quick gulps for air before she goes down on me again, and her finger-fucking never loses a beat – in fact, she is increasing the tempo.

Quickly, urgently, too soon, we both reach our climax, almost together. I think I am the first to come, by a few seconds, my whole body shaking as if under the impact of a rapid machine-gun burst of pleasure bullets. It makes me hug her tighter and closer, and rasp my tongue over her clit, sucking so hard I am stretching her skin. My lover gives a throaty wail, and I feel her tremble in my arms and her juice spills onto my lips and cheeks, warm and tangy and with that wonderful just-cum flavour and smell.

For a moment we are spent, exhausted volcanoes after our Krakatoa eruptions, and she rests her cheek on my sweaty inner thigh, her eyes closed and her lips and nose against the side of my pussy. I slump backwards, releasing my grip on her legs, my head on the carpet but my eyes still worshipping the sweetly-rounded ass that is quivering just a few inches above me.

Claire raises her head and looks back over her shoulder at me, a happy and contented grin on her face. She runs her tongue around her lips, looking like a cat who has just emptied a bowl of cream – and I did cream, oh yes, I creamed for you, my sleek cat, my pussy-cat ... my pussy-lover. With a smile, she says that she had better put the groceries in the refrigerator – the bag is still lying, unheeded, where it was put down in the hall. Ever practical is my sweetie-pie, and I love that about her too.

So she gets to her feet, and if it’s a cool day maybe reaches for her T-shirt and shrugs it back on – the effect is actually sexier than complete nudity, for her tits are visible points thrusting into the thin cotton, and it comes down only to the top of her hips, emphasising the naked availability of the cunt and ass below. My perspective from the floor gives me a wonderful view of her butt as she deliberately flounces towards the door into the hall – but there she stops and turns towards me, striking an artful pose against the door-frame, legs apart and pussy exposed.

Claire says my second most favourite thing:

‘Go upstairs and wait for me, honey – I’ll only be a moment!’

Then she says my most favourite thing:

‘Choose a strap-on, and put it on – because I need a real hard fuck real bad!!’

She blows me two kisses, and with an excited laugh she peels herself away from door-frame and skips out of view towards the kitchen, effortlessly scooping up the bag of groceries on the way.

All my energy comes coursing back, my lust for her not sated but redoubled. With an electric thrill, I get to my feet and hurry up to our bedroom, eager to be ready and waiting there for my babe when she comes tripping up the stairs.

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