It was not long until I heard Daddy’s car pull into the garage. Still in his and Mommy’s bedroom, I had already prepared for his arrival, so there was no need to pull my thing from my little sister’s throat. I pushed her further down, her gagging slurps really turning me on, making me moan as I began spurting into her stomach just as Mommy greeted Daddy downstairs. Like a good girl she took it all, her already enormous belly swelling a little bit higher up to hold it all before I pulled out and sent jets of my slimy cream streaming onto her face and hair, covering her still flat chest as well while she tried to rub it into her skin. Her entire front was coated in a thick layer of my semen by the time I finished, and I watched her shake in orgasm for a good while before throwing on enough clothing to make myself “presentable”.

Leaving little sis to her task of cleaning herself up, I went downstairs, faking illness as I went to find Daddy drinking his coffee and talking to Mommy in the kitchen. Mommy winked at me, and I knew the milk and cream in Daddy’s coffee wasn’t exactly cow-based. It would be his first dose of many.

He called me over, wrapping me in a big hug before asking me how I was doing. Of course, I made small talk and used my best princess voice, getting several kisses on the cheek or forehead as I got him to try and “make me feel better”. He barely noticed that he’d finished his coffee before Mommy gave him another cup. This one I could smell was far stronger, the smell of Mommy’s milk and my cum potent to my nose but likely not to Daddy's. He took a sip and commented that it seemed richer, but continued to drink it as I gleefully watched his eyes glaze over slightly by the end of it.

I moved to his lap then, squeezing my bottom against his thing as I felt it get harder beneath me. Mommy made an excuse to go to the bathroom then, leaving me alone with him and his rapidly growing arousal. I had my hooks in him already. I smiled, knowing the power of my effect on people was growing as well as confirming men were vulnerable to it as much as, if not more than, women.

I kept wriggling around on his lap, innocently adjusting my position in ways that did little to quell the rising heat in his body. He tried to keep talking to me, stammering every so often when I’d move just so, his train of thought trailing off at times as I sensed him wrestle with his conscience and his desires. He’d set his hand on my shoulder, rubbing it a little less like a father should before pulling away when he noticed. He tried to move me on his lap so I wasn’t straddling him, my cotton covered kitty pressing into the crotch of his work pants as his thing strained against the fabric, but he couldn’t seem to get the right hold on me without grabbing my butt or touching my chest. He’d apologize and ask me to hold still, but I never did.

I turned my head back, looking at him with my best wide-eyed expression of concern and asked if he was ok. He had beads of sweat on his forehead by now as he claimed he was fine, even if I knew better. He leaned forward to kiss my cheek again, hesitating for only a moment before moving to my lips. I opened my mouth to let his tongue in, nearly cumming right there when I felt his conscience surrender to me. He wasn’t completely mine yet, but I knew I could move on from here.

I let him kiss me for a minute or two, our tongues dancing as I pulled his head to mine with one hand, the other moving down to feel the bulge in his pants. He tensed at first, nearly reaching down to stop me, but decided to move his hand to my chest, rubbing my tiny boobies through the oversized shirt. He let go of my chin, letting me maintain the kiss as his now free hand moved to my kitty.

He rubbed me through the cloth for a bit until I pushed his hand to the side of my panties. He got the idea, pulling the material to the side before pushing a finger in, making me squeak into his mouth. He buried it to the second knuckle, moving back and forth several times before he pushed a second finger in, and then a third. My juices flowed freely by then, easing his passage before I felt the spasm start. His hand was drenched in my girl-cum as I moaned into his mouth, and when he broke the kiss to clean off his hand, I knew he was done.

I quickly slid off his lap, my hands unzipping his fly and pulling out the 8 inch prize that throbbed within before he could say anything. I crammed it down my throat, feeling the stretch of my muscles and tasting the goo that had been oozing out in copious amounts. He moaned in perverse pleasure as I deep throated him, slobbering all over his penis and the sack at the base as it slid into and out of my esophagus.

I’d driven him so crazy with lust that he couldn’t last long, grabbing the back of my head with both hands and forcing me all the way down, holding me there as his penis twitched and spasmed, his cum streaming down my throat as I continued to suck wildly. The amount was significant for a human. Mommy must have been very satisfied with him before I came along. He was big and strong, and his thing was a match for his body. Now that I had him, he’d only get better.

When I pulled back, his penis remained as hard as ever. He panted in the chair, his twitching penis slick with my saliva, as Mommy came back into the room with my little sister. Both were naked, little sis less cum soaked than before as Mommy licked the excess cum from her lips and leered at the sight of us. I motioned her to come over and take my place, which she did with enthusiasm, grabbing onto Daddy’s thing and pushing it between her boobies. He moaned as she pushed them together tightly and began moving up and down, using my saliva and a dribbling of my cum from her mouth to lubricate the act.

Daddy looked down at Mommy, so caught up in the afterglow from my blowjob that he hadn’t realized she’d even entered the room till now. I saw only a momentary questioning look on his face before he just accepted it, reaching down to pinch her nipples and getting rewarded with a stream of milk. His eyes widened as he brought his hand to his mouth, licking off the cream before taking a closer look at all three of our bodies. He reached out and touched my tummy, the absurdly large bulge there nearly causing him to forget about little sis, whom grabbed his other hand and pressed it to her own, even larger belly.

The realization that we were both hugely pregnant sent him over the edge, his hips jerking up and sending several spurts of cum onto Mommy’s face and boobies before she opened up and swallowed the tip, letting the last few bits run down her throat. This orgasm was bigger than the last, the amount of cum probably doubling, and I was pretty sure his penis had gotten bigger since I started. Not to mention it still hadn’t gone soft.

I moved back between his legs, letting Mommy stand next to him and show him the proud belly bulge I’d given her as well, sending his penis back down my throat. It was, indeed, bigger, and I enjoyed forcing it down my throat all the way to the base repeatedly, using the muscles to milk him as I held it inside. I pressed my thumb to the base of his thing, pinching off the flow of cum as I slurped and sucked, driving him higher than ever before as he tried and failed to find real release in my mouth.

Mommy and little sis held his hands to prevent him from interfering with me, pressing them to their own kitties until he began finger fucking them. I kept drenching his penis in as much of my saliva as I could, a clear puddle forming on the chair and the floor below as more dripped down. His ball sack was slick with it, tingling slightly as he began making more and more cum for me. I felt his penis growing still more in my throat, at least another two inches long and thickening another inch around.

As if they knew what to do, Mommy and little sis let go of his hands at the same time, both flying to my head once again just as I let go of the base of his penis. He shoved me down, holding me there just like before as he erupted. It spurted again and again, the volume far greater this time than both previous ones combined, and I swallowed greedily. For nearly ten seconds he shot down my throat, until I pulled back and let him fill my mouth. The salty sweetness of his cum was heaven to my tongue, the flavor second only to my lovers and making me shudder in orgasm yet again.

When the flow finally stopped, I pulled off and we admired Daddy’s new thing for a moment. It twitched and jumped, still slick with my saliva but clean of any cum. I pulled Daddy off the chair, leading him, Mommy and little sis upstairs to the master bedroom before telling Daddy to lie down on his back. Mommy got up on the bed next to him and offered her still leaking boobies, which he began to suckle ravenously as his penis refused to lie still.

I pulled my little sis over to him, letting her straddle his penis before grabbing the base and directing it into her now well-used kitty. I forced her to go slow, the tip finally hitting her cervix about 2/3rds of the way in. Only then did I let go, letting her rear back and slam down with enough force to jam his penis past the inner barrier and straight into her womb. The heat from my cum was intense, making Daddy yell curses intermixed with how good it felt.

Her huge stomach bounced and jiggled as she moved up and down, never once pulling up far enough to let the tip of his penis slip from her womb. The slapping sounds were obscene, turning me on further as I moved behind Mommy. I’d originally intended to breed her again, but, considering the amount of my cum in her already, it might have endangered her life if I put more in. Instead I crammed my penis up her behind, drawing a yelp of pleasure and a thank you as I began thrusting.

Daddy began to moan more through his milking of Mommy, even stopping to tell little sis he was about to cum. Not missing a beat, she continued to bounce on him, asking me if it was ok. Still thrusting myself, I informed her that letting him cum in her would get her pregnant with Daddy’s babies as well as my own, and that she would be in trouble if she let him pull out. Her face lit up at this news, and she started talking dirtier to him, begging him to cum inside her and give her even more babies.

It was all too much for Daddy, and he reached down to press her tightly to him as he began cumming yet again. Little sis screamed in orgasm when she felt even more cum flowing into her, thanking Daddy for his sperm all the while. The sight sent me over the edge as well and I sent shot after shot into Mommy’s bottom, bringing her to orgasm as well before she began to vomit up cum, the huge gobs splashing onto the bed and floor, turning into a thick puddle in moments and a large pile by the time I’d finished.

Little sis panted on top of Daddy as Mommy fell so that she lay across the bed with her stomach pressed against his head. I pulled myself from her behind and lifted little sis off Daddy, cleaning his still hard penis off. When finished, I walked around again and picked Mommy up, straddling her on his penis and shoving it into her kitty unceremoniously.

Her nose and mouth still leaking cum and her boobies still covered in his own dose from earlier, she humped him like no tomorrow. I’d heard them have sex before, but hadn’t quite known what to make of it at the time. The intensity of their grinding surprised me, and I knew that, even though they were mine to command, they still loved each other. I was a little jealous, but knew I’d have plenty of people to work with eventually. Maybe I’d find several that drove me as wild as they drove each other.

Not needing any help from me, I let them go at it as I pulled my little sis over to the steaming pile of semen left over from my latest orgasm. Scooping up a handful of it, I rubbed it into her skin, slicking her up all over, paying closest attention to her boobies, kitty, and behind, but making sure to get plenty of it everywhere, even her hair and ears. I finished with quite a lot to spare, leaving her coated in a quarter inch of cum everywhere, so I instructed her to help me eat it. No sense in letting it all go to waste.

Her tummy was still very full from when I’d filled her throat a little over an hour ago, so she had trouble swallowing it. But I had commanded it, so she tried as hard as she could, ending up nearly choking as it went down into her lungs. Only then did I allow her to stop, letting her dribble all she couldn’t take into my mouth and then letting her feed me the rest of what remained on the bed.

Next to us, Daddy had been pinching Mommy’s nipples again, milk still streaming out every time and coating his chest. He announced that he was about to cum again, and Mommy asked me if it was ok and if she should let him get her pregnant. I scolded her for even having to ask about letting him get her pregnant, but praised her for asking if it was ok to cum yet. I nodded my consent to both and swallowed a large handful of my own cum as they reached peak.

I swore I could hear Daddy cumming inside Mommy. The spray was magnificent, making Mommy’s tummy tremble from the force as he held her down tightly. Mommy babbled incoherently in her orgasm, announcing she could feel his sperm fertilizing more of her eggs before screaming one last time and falling to the side, exhausted. Daddy’s penis slipped from her, still hard and ready to go. I had finished my meal, so I crawled over and crammed his penis into my kitty, his and Mommy’s juices still covering it on its way in.

Daddy wasn’t ready for it and gasped in surprise, my kitty sucking him all the way in with one stroke. My cervix gripped him tightly, making clear to him he couldn’t leave my womb till both he and I were satisfied. It was delightfully obscene to be fucking my own Daddy with Mommy nearly passed out beside me and my little sister watching intently. He pumped into me as hard as he could, caressing my huge belly and imagining adding his own children to the ones already inside. I egged him on, using my princess voice to beg him to fuck me harder, and I was rewarded with him flipping me over so he could drive into me from behind, my hands and knees on the bed.

He rammed into me with his whole body, the springs creaking in protest with every thrust. It was WONDERFUL. I tore the sheets in my long multi-orgasm, each one riding into the next in a sea of blissful release. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED fucking Mommy and little sis pregnant. The feel of cumming deep inside a woman, knowing your sperm will be flooding their eggs and making their bellies swell with your children was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. But I understood that I was still a female, and that meant being bred, hard and thoroughly, would probably always top breeding others.

Somewhere in my orgasm, I heard Daddy ask if he could cum now. I screamed something to the effect that he was to fuck his babies into me as many times as it took to satisfy us, and not a single time less. His response was to buck harder, and I felt Daddy’s sperm flooding into me, his thrusts never once ceasing. The orgasm intensified again, and I grabbed Mommy, pulling her beneath me so I could suckle. I drained milk through my screams, biting her nipples and bringing her to orgasm as well before I felt Daddy’s cum spill into me again.

With a quick command, I made my little sister crawl underneath Daddy so that she could lick his ball sack, penis, and my clit, the new sensations making Daddy come again after only a minute or two. I was in heaven. I could feel he’d squirted at least quart of cum into me since we began, each time shooting more than the last.

He flipped me onto my back, Mommy moving beside me so she could let me nurse some more. He spread my legs apart as far as they could go, my now even larger belly framed by them as he began to pile drive into me from above. Little sis licked feverishly between thrusts, fingering her own kitty, until Daddy thrust into me one last time, his penis swelling yet again as he released a torrent into my thirsty womb.

The volume seemed equal to the total amount he’d spurted since I’d begun his conversion, my belly growing visibly as he flooded my eggs. I wrapped my legs around his waist, refusing to let go even if I knew he wouldn’t try to pull out. Mommy and little sis cried out as well, the scene causing them to cum hard, all four of us basking in a wondrous afterglow.

I knew it wouldn’t last, but at this moment I was satisfied. I felt Daddy’s penis going soft inside me, the size still impressive as it popped out without a single drop of cum escaping my kitty, and I knew he was too. As much as I was in control, I knew I needed sex as much as I had food before. My first three thralls were not merely a way to produce children, they were a food source as well. I made sure to keep that in mind as I began planning my next move...

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