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Chapter 13

Ben pulled his rain hood up and glared at the second floor light in the house across the street. “Why did I ever agree to this signal?” he grumbled for the third time in the last ten minutes. “I should have insisted that Karen call me on the cell phone but no, she had to do it this way because it was mor romantic.” Even Gwen and Jane had insisted he go through with the plan when he told them about it during their after school fuck session.

He still found it hard to believe that his cousin and girlfriend had encouraged him to go through with tonight’s orgy, in fact their only regret seemed to be that they couldn’t enjoy the party. Still it would have been nice to be warm and dry somewhere waiting for his phone to ring instead of standing out here in the rain while he waited for the signal from Nancy’s bedroom.

The only thing that really concerned him was that there seemed to be a second light on the ground floor, about where he’d expect the living room to be. He wondered if that meant Nancy’s sister had decided to stay in for the night instead of going out with her boyfriend. But even if she was there it would be easy to sneak past her so he could join the slumber party in Nancy’s room.

Just as he brushed the rain from his face Ben noticed the signal he’d been waiting for, he saw the drapes in the second floor window opened and closed three times in rapid succession and then a short pause before they were opened and closed one last time. As soon as the curtains dropped at the end of the signal Ben splashed across the and put his back against the wall of the house before he brought the Omnitrix up to dial in the alien he wanted. Before he slapped down the plunger he dropped his plastic grocery bag to the soggy ground and double checked the twine knotted around the handle.

Once he was sure his package was secured Ben slapped down the plunger on his watch and felt the energy rush through his body and watched everything around him grow as he changed into Grey Matter. After tying the free end of the string around his waist Ben used the suckers on his fingers and toes to climb the outside wall of the house and scuttle over to the bathroom window that had been left open a crack for him to slide into the house. After he changed back into his human form Ben pulled up the grocery bag by the string. When he had the bag through the window Ben eased it shut and then grabbed a towel to dry off before he left the bathroom and headed down the hall toward Nancy’s bedroom.

Ben paused outside the bedroom and listened to the hushed voices of several girls on the other side of the closed door before he raised his free arm and knocked softly three times and then twice more when the voices died. “He’s here,” Ben heard Karen say in an excited whisper as bare feet pattered toward him.

A second later the door was flung open and Karen grabbed Ben’s arm to drag him into the bedroom before she slammed it behind him. “Hi Ben, we’re so glad you’re here.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” Ben said with a quick grin as his eyes moved around the room to take in the six giggling girls who were waiting for him. Karen dragged him past the girls who watched him from their sleeping bags until she plopped down next to him on the only bed in the room.

“Let me introduce you to everyone,” Karen said starting with the brunette sitting next to the bed. “This is Nancy our host, her father is an elder in my father’s church.”

“Hi Ben,” Nancy sounded shy but Ben could see the flash of lust in her eyes and her smile.

“Next to her is Cindy. Her mother teaches our Sunday school class as church.”

“Hi Ben,” Cindy giggled hard enough to make her tits wobble in her demure nightie as she brushed her pale blond hair away from her blue eyes.

“Then we have Rachel Evansworth. Her father is the head deacon in our church.”

“Hi Ben,” Rachel said with obvious excitement. Ben could see that she had her hand in her panties and realized she was already playing with her own pussy.

“This is Sarah Walters. She’s Nancy’s neighbor and her father is the pastor at Valley Baptist church over on Woodlawn Avenue.”

“Hi Ben,” Sarah said with an impish grin, pushing her light brown hair back while she casually pulled out the top of her nightie to give Ben a quick flash of her erect nipples.

“Now we have Mary Reynolds. Her parents are members of our church and her mother is one of my mother’s oldest friends.”

“Hi Ben,” the freckle faced redhead was obviously nervous but seemed to be as determined as her friends to go through with everything.

“And last and probably the horniest we have Kim Sanders. Kim’s adoptive parents are missionaries to Japan currently on furlough but returning to Japan the end of this month.”

“Hi Ben,” the Japanese girl said with a seductive smile while she brushed her long black hair back over her shoulders. “My friends back home are going to be so jealous when my belly starts growing with your baby.”

“I can see what you want,” Ben said with an encouraging smile. “But just in case did bring along plenty of condoms.”

“And you can leave them in the bag,” Nancy giggled. “The reason we took so long to give you the signal. We were discussing wether or not we should use protection, but the more we talked, the more we realized that we all like the idea of getting pregnant. So no condoms for you tonight, you’re going to do your best to pop our cherries and knock us all up before the night is done.”

“Well,” Ben said, looking at all seven girls in turn, “I can tell you that Karen is already pregnant from our fuck earlier in the week, and I can see that if I fuck all of you tonight I’ll knock you up for sure. If this is what you really want than I’ll do it.”

“Good,” Nancy said as all the other girls nodded in agreement.

“So who’s going to be first?” Ben asked, setting his grocery bag aside and pulling his shirt over his damp hair.

“That’s something else we had to decide,” Kim said. “Since all of us are still a little nervous about losing our virginities we asked Karen to go first so we can watch before we take our turns.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ben said as he stood up from the bed to remove his shoes and socks before dropping his pants and underwear to the floor. He grabbed the plastic bag off the bed and shifted it to the nightstand before he turned to see Karen already naked and stretched out on the bed waiting for him.

“By the way Ben,” Karen said as Ben crawled between her legs and started playing with her already sopping pussy lips. “What else do you have in the bag besides those condoms you’re not going to use? I can see and here that you have something else in there.”

“Yes, I brought along a special gift for everyone,” Ben said before he licked Karen’s juices from his fingers.

“Did you bring one of your special vibrators for everyone?” Karen asked excitedly.

“I always do,” Ben said, leaning forward to lick Karen’s slit and erect clit while he inched his hands up her body to tease her tits.

“Oh,” Karen moaned with pleasure, “you’re all going to love Ben’s little gift. I don’t know where he gets his special didos but the batteries never die in them and they have special settings. One setting turns the dildo on at random times through the day. Today I put mine in my cunt when I was getting dressed and it turned on five times during the day. One time was just as I raised my hand to answer a question during French class. I’m just glad the teacher called on someone else or I would have had trouble opening my mouth without moaning in pleasure when the dildo turned on.”

“Sounds like fun,” Rachael said with an envious glance at the shopping bag, “I can’t wait to give mine a try.”

“It does sound like fun, but I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on mine,” Kim said with a sigh. “My parents search everything I bring home, and it will be even harder to find a hiding place for my dildo when we have to pack for the move back to Japan.”

“Maybe,” Sarah said thoughtfully, “Karen already gave you an idea on how to sneak home. All you have to do is stick it in your pussy before you go home. Your parents will never search your cunt, and once Ben pops your cherry you should have no problem hiding it in your slit.”

“I think you’re right,” Kim agreed, “of course I’ll want to make sure that I don’t turn it on, my parents will know something’s going on if I have an orgasm with no warning.”

“Can everyone see?” Ben asked, pulling his mouth away from Karen’s pussy and shifting up her body until the head of his cock touched the girl’s drooling slit. He looked around and saw that all the girls were standing around the bed so they all had a good view of what he and Karen were doing.

“We have a great view,” Nancy said, “so make sure you give us a good show.”

“No problem,” Ben and Karen said together.

Once he was sure the other girls could see what was happening Ben thrust forward, sliding the head of his cock between Karen’s pussy lips and deep into the redhead’s cunt. Karen let out a moan of pleasure and the other girls all gasped in surprise as Ben’s balls bounced off Karen’s firm ass.

Ben barely noticed the oohs and aahs from the six virgins watching the show he was concentrating so hard on the pleasure of Karen’s cunt massaging the whole length of six inch shaft. He wondered when she’d learned the trick of using her cunt muscles like that, but then he decided to ignore the how and when and just enjoy the sensation. He shifted the angle of his thrust so his cock rubbed against her erect clit sending a shiver through Karen’s body as she emitted another moan of pleasure from her lips.

“Oh wow,” Nancy groaned, playing with her pussy while she watched Ben’s cock sliding in and out of Karen’s wet pussy. “Now I wish I’d insisted on going first.”

“You mean you wish you hadn’t chickened out,” Rachel snickered. “Right now I think we all feel the same way.”

“Don’t worry,” Ben grunted as he continued to thrust in and out of Karen’s quivering body, “at the rate we’re going it won’t be long before I’m fucking all six of you.”

“Good, because right now I don’t want to wait to lose my cherry and get your baby growing in my belly,” Kim said eagerly, watching Karen’s body shivering with her approaching orgasm.

Ben felt Karen’s cunt clamp tight around his cock as the redhead orgasmed and he managed one last thrust to burry his shaft as deep as it would go in the girl’s already pregnant cunt before his balls cramped tight against the base of his shaft and he shot his load in her belly.

“That was wonderful,” Karen mumbled with a tired smile as Ben pulled his still hard cock out of her cum filled slit.

“So who’s first to lose her cherry?” Ben asked, looking around at the circle of naked virgins standing around the bed.

“Me first,” the girls all said at once.

“Nancy’s first,” Karen said, “we all agreed that since this was her party she’d be the first one.”

“That was before we watched you and realized how much fun fucking really is,” Sarah grumbled. “Now I’m stuck in fifth place while everyone but Kim goes ahead of me. I’m not even sure if he’ll last that long.”

“I will,” Ben promised, “I don’t know how, but I promise I’ll find a way to knock all six of you up before the night is done.”

“That’s good enough for me,” Kim said excitedly, “but I’m still anxious for my turn so you better get up here and get started Nancy.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Nancy said as she scooted into the spot Karen vacated for her. “Hurry up Ben, you may have all night, but you also have six horny virgins to knock up.”

“And I’m going to make sure that all six of you enjoy it,” Ben said as he crawled between Nancy’s thighs so he could get a good look at her pussy. He could see that the light patch of brown hair around her slit was already wet but he gave her quivering pussy lips a couple licks of his tongue just to be sure before he moved up her body to kiss her small tits and suck her erect nipples.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Ben asked Nancy as he placed the head of his cock against her virgin slit. “Once I’m in there’s no going back, and I can tell you right now that you will be pregnant when we’re done.”

“I know,” Nancy said with a shiver of anticipation, “that makes it even hotter. Do it Ben, pop my cherry and fuck me. Fill my pussy with your sperm and knock me up with your baby.”

“I just wanted to make sure,” Ben said, reaching down to hold his cock steady as he eased it between Nancy’s tight cunt lips. He felt Nancy’s pussy close around the head of his cock and leaned forward to suck on her nipples while slid his shaft deeper into her virgin hole. Nancy let out a little gasp of surprise when the tip of his prick touched her hymen. He pulled back just a little and then, just before he slammed his cock through her cherry he sucked as hard as he could on Nancy’s left nipple while he shoved forward with everything he had to break through the barrier in one thrust.

“Oh my God that hurt!” Nancy said while Ben held his cock as deep as it would go in Nancy’s no longer virgin pussy while it shifted and adjusted to the intruding shaft of flesh.

“But it’s all over now,” Karen whispered in her friend’s ear. “I bet you’re already starting to enjoy Ben’s cock in your belly aren’t you?”

“Maybe a little,” Nancy admitted reluctantly. “But wait a few more seconds before you start moving, ok Ben.”

“Sure,” Ben said, taking his mouth away from Nancy’s nipple long enough to speak, “just let me know when you want me to start fucking.”

“Nancy closed her eyes and tried to focus of the pleasure of Ben’s cock in her pussy and mouth on her tit but she could still feel the ache of her lost virginity, though the memory seemed to be slipping away with every second.

When he felt Nancy’s cunt quiver around his cock Ben knew that it wouldn’t be long before she was ready to start fucking for real but her tight little pussy felt so good around his shaft that he couldn’t resist rotating his hips to give her an added push. “Ok, Ben, I’m ready now,” Nancy said, crossing her ankles behind his ass and pulling him in tight.

Ben started slow just to be sure, but when Nancy’s only response was an almost constant moan of pleasure as she lifted her bare ass off the bed to meet his every thrust. Once he was sure Nancy was ready Ben started to pick up his pace until his balls were bouncing off the brunette’s ass with an audible slap while he leaned forward to slurp her left nipple between his lips. “Fuck me Ben,” Nancy gasped through the pleasure that filled her whole body, “suck my tits, fill me with your cum and knock me up.”

“I don’t think you have to ask him,” Karen said, “I don’t think Ben could stop now no matter what.”

Without taking his mouth away from Nancy’s tit Ben managed to shake his head in agreement to Karen’s words. Nancy slapped her hand over her mouth to muffle the scream of pleasure that tried to escape her lips as her body spasmed in orgasm, clamping her pussy so tight around Ben’s cock that he couldn’t pull it out for another thrust so he did his best to bury the shaft as deep as it would go. Nancy’s cunt muscles milked Ben’s cock and sent him over the edge, filling her fertile slit with his potent cum.

“That was wonderful,” Nancy moaned weakly as her legs dropped away from Ben’s ass and she slumped back into the bed. “Am I pregnant now? Or should I let your cum soak in for a few minutes?”

“You’re pregnant,” Ben assured Nancy as he rolled off her and dropped to the bed beside her, “but go ahead and rest for a few minutes if you want because there’s enough room on the bed for you and whoever’s next.”

“That would be me,” Mary said as she dropped her white panties to the floor and climbed into the bed. “Scoot over so I can lay out on the bed.”

“Actually I thought we’d try something a little different this time,” Ben said. “I want to use a different position for each of you when I fuck you. I thought you might want to be the one on top this time, but we need to do something else first.”

“I see what you mean,” Mary said, looking at Ben’s wilted prick. “What do I do?”

“You suck it,” Karen told her.

“But it’s so slimy,” Mary said with a grimace, “do you really expect me to put it in my mouth and suck on it?”

“You’ll love it,” Karen promised her friend. “There’s nothing better than the taste of another girl’s pussy juice when you’re sucking on a boys cock.”

“Right,” Mary said sarcastically, “and how many boys have you sucked?”

“Never mind that,” Karen said. “Just trust me, you’ll love the taste, especially the taste of Nancy’s virgin juices.”

With a shrug Mary ran her finger along Ben’s slimy cock and licked it clean, a surprised smile touching her lips as the taste filled her mouth. “That does taste good,” she said. “Ok, I’ll do it.”

While the other girls watched Mary sucked Ben’s cock into her mouth until her lips circled the base of his shaft. Ben felt Mary’s tongue caressing his cock and felt himself responding at the first touch. Whatever Mary lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm and it wasn’t long before he was hard again. Now that he was ready to fuck again Ben realized that he had another problem, Mary was enjoying the blowjob so much she wasn’t stopping.

“Mary you have to stop,” Ben told the girl sucking his cock as she moved her mouth up and down his shaft. “If you don’t stop I’m going to cum in your mouth and then you’ll have to wait before I pop your cherry and knock you up.”

“Oh right,” Mary said, letting Ben’s quivering shaft spring from hot lips with obvious reluctance. “I was enjoying it so much I almost forgot why I was sucking your cock.”

“Well you’re good at it,” Ben said while Mary crawled up his body until her wet slit was running up and down his erect cock. “Trust me, any boy is going to love your blow jobs”

“Thanks, but that’s not why we’re here tonight, so let’s see if you can knock me up like you did Karen and Nancy.”

“Oh I will,” came Ben’s muffled reply as he sucked Mary’s erect nipple between his lips and chewed on it gently. Mary let out a little gasp when Ben nibbled on her left tit but she quickly stifled the sound and started moving her hips back and forth so Ben’s hard cock slid across her drooling slit until the shaft was coated with her juices.

“Looks like you’re both ready,” Karen said as she reached between their bellies to guide the head of cock until it was wedged between Mary’s pussy lips.

“You don’t have to ask Ben,” Mary said once the head of Ben’s cock was in her pussy. “I really want this and I know that you’ll probably knock me up. So let’s do it.”

Ben just nodded without releasing Mary’s nipple and wiggled his hips to force another inch of his cock between Mary’s pussy lips until it came up against the resistance from the redhead’s hymen. “You relax and let me do this, Ben. Then when my parents ask who took my virginity I can say I did it myself.”

“I wish I’d thought of that,” Nancy said from the edge of the bed as she watched her friend take a deep breath before she put all her weight into her next thrust. For a second it looked like Ben’s cock wasn’t going to do the job but Mary kept bearing down on his invading shaft until her hymen finally split and she slammed her pubic hair into Ben’s with enough force to make the bed springs creak under their weight.

“Careful,” Nancy hissed, “Cathy’s just downstairs. If we make too much noise she’s sure to come up an check on us.”

“I’ll be careful,” Mary said through clenched teeth, holding herself still to adjust to Ben’s cock in her deflowered cunt, “but it won’t be easy. Ben’s cock feels so good in my pussy I just want to scream and let everyone know.”

“I know what you mean,” Nancy said with a dreamy smile, “but you just have to hold it in, we all do.”

“I’ll try,” Mary grunted as she rotated her hips and meshed her red pubic hairs with Ben’s brown ones, “but it won’t be easy.”

Ben let out a muffled groan of pleasure when Mary started sliding her grasping pussy up and down his cock shaft. For a girl who just lost her virginity Mary was fucking him like a pro, her cunt muscles grasping his shaft every time she pulled back and releasing it when she slammed her pussy forward so Ben’s cock was buried deep in her belly with every thrust. It wasn’t long before Ben felt his balls start to twitch with his approaching orgasm and from the way Mary’s slit was quivering around his shaft he knew it wouldn’t be long before she came as well.

“Oh God,” Mary moaned, “his cock is getting even bigger in my pussy.”

“That means he’s about to cum,” Karen told her friend.

“So am I,” Mary gasped. “Come on Ben, fill my pussy with your cum and knock me up while I cum at the same time.”

“Here you go, Mary,” Ben said, taking his mouth away from Mary’s tit as he brought his ass off the bed and slammed his cock as deep as it would go as he spat his full load of cum into her spasming pussy. “That should knock you up for sure.”

“I can feel it,” Mary said while her body shivered on top of Ben. “I’m sure I’m pregnant. I can’t wait to see the look on my parents’ faces when they see my swollen belly.”

For a few seconds Ben thought Mary had fallen asleep on top of him then he saw her eyes open and she rolled off him with a groan and stretched out next to him as Nancy scooted off the mattress to make room for her.

“So who’s next?” Ben asked after a deep breath, he wondered where he was getting the energy to keep going since he usually only managed three girls before he was too exhausted to do anything.

“It’s my turn now,” Rachel said as she knelt between Ben’s legs. “It doesn’t look like you got that soft this time.”

“I guess not,” Ben said, looking down at the half erect cock that Rachel held between her fingers. “A couple licks and I should be ready to go again. Cindy, you’re next right?”

“That’s right,” the blond said. Ben could see that her hand was still stuck in her panties and from the wet spot in the front panel he figured she’d been masturbating the whole time.

“In that case why don’t you get out of that prissy little nightie and get up here too?” Ben said, gesturing for her to join them on the bed.

“What do you have in mind?” Cindy asked as she dropped her nightie to the floor to reveal her jiggling tits before she pushed her light blue panties down her legs to reveal the thick bush of blond hair around her slit. “It’s obvious you don’t have two cocks so you can’t fuck both of us at the same time.”

“That’s right,” Ben admitted, “I only have one cock, but I’m going to have Rachel sit on my cock, and that means there should be plenty of room for you to sit on my face so I can eat your pussy at the same time.”

“That sounds like fun,” Cindy said with a grin, “so I guess you can do two of us at once.”

“That’s enough Rachel,” Ben said pushing her head away from his now erect cock. “Now I want you to turn around and straddle my hips so you’re right above my cock.”

“Like this?” Rachel asked when she was kneeling above Ben’s cock.

“That’s right,” Ben said with a nod when Rachel turned her head to look at him. “Now turn and look at the mirror. Do you see yourself in the mirror?”

“Yes,” Rachel said, frowning at her own reflection.

“Good, that means you can watch yourself while we’re fucking.”

“Oh,” Rachel said, “that does sound like fun.”

“And what about me?” Cindy asked. “How do I get in on the act?”

“You,” Ben said, smacking his lips, “will face the head of the bed and straddle my face so I can eat your pussy while Rachel rides my cock like a good cowgirl.”

“That does sound like fun,” Cindy said excitedly as she knelt above Ben’s face so her slit was just a couple inches above his nose so he could breath in the scent of her cunt as she lowered herself toward his lips and tongue.

At the same time Rachel was watching herself in the mirror, using one hand to guide Ben’s cock toward her slit while she used the other one to hold herself steady while she lowered herself down. Ben felt the tip of his cock slide across Rachel’s cunt lips, her juices coating the head until she managed to slip it between her pussy lips. When the head of his cock entered Rachel’s pussy Ben grabbed Cindy’s thighs and pulled the giggling blond down to his waiting mouth.

“Oh Ben,” Cindy gasped as Ben ran his tongue along her wet slit, “this feels so good. I just know I made the right decision when Karen told us about you.”

“If you think his tongue feels good just wait until it’s your turn to actually fuck him,” Rachel said with a grunt as she dropped her pussy the rest of the way down Ben’s shaft until the whole cock was nestled in her hot slit. “I am so glad I popped my own cherry after Nancy told me about the entertainment for tonight. I decided the best way to enjoy my first fuck was to take care of my cherry ahead of time so I could take Ben’s whole cock on the first stroke.”

“I wish I’d thought of that,” Nancy sighed, “but at least the pain didn’t last too long before things started feeling real good. So what did you use?”

“My hair brush,” Rachel said as she swivelled her cunt around on Ben’s invading cock so that their pubic hairs tickled each other and sent shivers running through her pussy even before she started riding his hard cock. “The handle of my brush isn’t as long or thick as Ben’s wonderful cock, but it was enough to pop my cherry, and my parents never even knew that I did it.”

“That’s almost as exciting as letting Ben knock us all up at the same time,” Kim said, watching Rachel’s hips rotate around Ben’s shaft. With a groan Rachel lifted her ass a couple inches off Ben’s thighs and then dropped her pussy back down on his cock. The new thrust sent Ben’s shaft so deep Rachel was sure the tip hit her cervix and it sent a shiver up her spine when she realized that the boy would soon be filling her with enough cum to give her a baby in her womb.

While Rachel started riding his cock Ben sucked Cindy’s erect clit between his lips and gave her a quick nip so she emitted a sharp yelp before she remembered to keep things down. “Sorry,” Cindy told her friends, “he surprised me.”

“The surprises aren’t done yet,” Karen told her as she watched Ben’s hands crawl up the other girl’s body to cradle her tits while his thumbs rolled across her erect nipples.

“I don’t know what’s better,” Cindy gasped, “Ben’s tongue in my cunt or his hands on my tits.”

“Trust me Cindy,”Nancy told her friend, “Ben’s tongue and hands are nothing compared to his cock.”

“That’s for sure,” Rachel groaned watching her reflection as Ben’s cock stretched her pussy lips as they could go. She could even see her belly quivering with her approaching orgasm. She slammed her ass down one last time and clamped her cunt tight around Ben’s buried prick and she did her best to milk every drop of sperm from the boy’s spasming shaft.

“I’m cumming,” Cindy cried in a muffled groan, “I’m cumming with Ben’s tongue in my pussy and his hands on my tits.”

“I’m cumming too,” Rachel cried in a hushed gurgle. “I can feel Ben’s sperm knocking me up right now. Thank you Ben.”

“You’re welcome Ben mumbled, taking his mouth away from Cindy’s drooling slit while Nancy and Mary caught their friend when she collapsed from exhaustion and lowered her limp body down to the bed so she could recover.

“Does this mean it’s my turn?” Cindy asked excitedly, looking down at Rachel’s smiling face and sperm filled slit.

“Almost,” Ben told the anxious virgin. “Karen, my cock could use a little incentive if you don’t mind.”

“My pleasure,” Karen said, taking Ben’s limp cock in her hand and licking Rachel’s juices from the tip. This time it took a little extra work before Ben’s cock responded to the suction of the redhead’s mouth, but by the time Cindy’s pussy was well on the way to a second orgasm Ben was ready to deflower yet another virgin.

“Now it’s your turn Cindy,” Ben said once his cock was fully erect.

“Oh good,” Cindy gasped. “So what position do you have in mind for me?”

“Almost the same position as Rachel,” Ben said. “But instead of facing the end of the bed you’ll be facing the head of the bed.”

“That doesn’t sound like it’s going to be as much fun as Rachel had, I won’t even be able to watch myself in the mirror.

“No, but with Sarah’s help you’ll have even more fun than Rachel did,” Ben explained.

“Me?” Sarah asked with an excited squeak, “what am I going to do?’

“You are going to sit on my face while I eat your pussy,” Ben explained, “but you’re going to face the other way so you suck Cindy’s tits and she can play with yours.”

“Oh, that does sound like fun,” Sarah said, removing her clothes and crawling up on the bed with a creak from the springs as she knelt next to Ben’s head. “Time to move down Cindy.”

“I’m moving, I’m moving,” Cindy said, humping her way down Ben’s chest and stomach. When Ben’s prick was caught in her ass cheeks she wiggled ass enticingly before she lifted her ass over Ben’s cock and sat down on his thighs so his shaft was cradled against her drooling slit.

While Cindy teased Ben’s cock with her pussy Sarah straddled Ben’s head and brought her brown furred pussy down to his sucking mouth. “You know, Cindy, I never sucked another girl’s tits, I think I might enjoy it.”

“I know I’m going to enjoy playing with your tits,” Cindy said. “I always enjoy playing with my own tits, and yours are bigger than mine. I’m looking forward to showing you what Ben just showed me, I just know you’re going to love it.”

While Sarah sucked experimentally on Cindy’s right nipple Cindy lifted herself up on her knees and placed the head of Ben’s cock against the drooling lips of her pussy and took a deep breath and held it. She lowered her hips down slowly until the head of Ben’s cock split her cunt lips and came to rest against her intact cherry.

Meanwhile Ben’s mouth was busy chewing Sarah’s juicy slit through her thatch of brown pussy hair. Sarah’s cunt lips opened as he ran the tip of his tongue along them and when her erect clit poked him in the nose he sucked it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the tender bud.

When Sarah gave Cindy’s nipple a gentle nip she was so startled she dropped her hips down an inch before she realized what she was doing. Ben’s cock split Cindy’s hymen and sent a wave of pain through her pussy and the girl hissed in pain and tried to hold her cunt steady while she adjusted to the size of Ben’s prick while she caught her breath.

Cindy was surprised how quickly the ache in her pussy faded away and turned to pleasure as Ben’s hot cock pulsed in her slit. Once the pain passed Cindy eased her hips another inch down Ben’s shaft and felt a wave of pleasure shooting up her belly to meet another wave traveling down from Sarah’s sucking mouth on her tits. Determined to get Ben’s whole prick in her cunt before he filled her womb with his baby juice Cindy lowered her pussy down an inch at a time until his cum filled balls bounced off her firm ass.

“Suck my tits Sarah,” Cindy groaned as she started riding Ben’s shaft, bouncing her thighs up and down on the bed and pushing herself toward her first orgasm as a non-virgin.

“I know Ben’s cock feels incredible in your pussy,” Sarah said, taking her mouth away from Cindy’s nipple long enough to speak while she kneaded both of her breasts at the same time, “but don’t forget to play with my tits while you fuck him.”

“Sorry,” Cindy said, raising her hands to cup Sarah’s tits and roll her thumbs across the other girl’s erect nipples the same way Ben had played with her breasts. “By the way Sarah, I can now say that as good as Ben’s tongue feels in your pussy, his cock feels so much better.”

“I told you,” Karen said, “but the best is yet to come, just wait until he shoots his load in your belly. Just knowing that Ben’s knocking you up with his cum will give you the greatest orgasm ever.”

“I’m almost there now,” Cindy panted as she picked up her pace. “I can feel Ben’s cock swelling in my slit.”

“That means Ben’s about to shoot his load,” Rachel said, “I felt it just before he knocked me up.”

Ben buried his tongue as deep as it could go in Sarah’s slit at the same time that he bounced his ass off the mattress to meet Cindy’s quivering pussy and felt his balls clench tight against the base of his prick to shoot his first load of juice into the girl’s womb, sending the blond over the edge so that her cunt clamped tight around his shaft and started milking the cum straight from his shaft.

“Oh God, I can feel it,” Cindy moaned. “I just know Ben is knocking me up with his baby right now.”

“I told you it would be your best orgasm ever,” Karen said, hugging her friend’s quivering body as her womb absorbed every drop of Ben’s potent cum.

“My turn, my turn,” Sarah said, practically shoving Cindy off Ben’s cock before it had a chance to go limp in her slit.

“What position do you have for me Ben?” Sarah asked as she slid her drooling cunt away from Ben’s mouth and down his body until his cock rested against her pussy hair. Ben’s shaft never even had a chance to go limp before it sprang back to like when Sarah’s pubic hairs tickled his prick.

“For you, we’re going to spoon,” Ben said, licking the pussy cream from his lips before he spoke.

“What does that mean?” Sarah asked excitedly.

“That means we both lay on our sides,” Ben explained, “you have your back to me and we snuggle in tight together so I can fuck my cock in your cunt from behind.”

“That sounds like fun,” Sarah said as she snuggled back into Ben’s chest, “can you play with my tits while you fuck me?”

“Sure I can,” Ben said, throwing his arm over Sarah’s arm to give her breast an affectionate squeeze. “And if you cock your leg everyone can watch while I fuck you too.”

“Do it Sarah,” Nancy said, “I want to watch when Ben’s cock splits your pussy lips and pops you cherry.”

“I want to see it when Ben shoots his load and knocks her up,” Karen giggled.

“I want to see it all,” Kim said.

“You will,” Sarah promised, raising her right knee so all the other girls had a clear view of her juicy cunt. “What are you waiting for, Ben?”

“Not a thing,” Ben said with a chuckle as he slid his cock past Sarah’s ass cheeks and along her pussy lips.

“Don’t tease me Ben,” Sarah begged with a shiver. “You know I don’t want it in my ass now, but maybe I’ll consider it after you knock me up.”

“Sounds like fun,” Ben said, giving Sarah’s ass an affectionate pat, “but we’ll have to try it some other time because I don’t think I’ll be able to make more than seven of you girls tonight, and I still don’t know how I’m managing that.”

“I’m just glad you are,” Sarah sighed when Ben placed the head of his cock between her pussy lips and started to push. “When I found out I was going to be the next to last girl tonight I thought I’d never lose my cherry.”

“Well I’m going to take care of that right now,” Ben said, forcing the head of his cock into Sarah’s slit to the appreciative sighs of the watching girls. “Hold on Sarah, I’m about to pop your cherry.”

“I’m ready,” Sarah said, closing her eyes and catching her breath in anticipation of the pain.

Ben brought his cock back from Sarah’s barrier and slammed his hips forward with one quick jab to smash through her hymen. In spite of her best efforts Sarah let out a little squeak of pain when Ben’s cock split her cherry and she bit her bottom lip to stop herself from making any more noise. “Oh God that hurt,” she groaned.

“Does it still hurt?” Ben asked as few seconds later, holding his cock steady while he waited for Sarah to get use to his invading shaft.

“Not really,” Sarah said after a thoughtful pause. “There’s a little ache, but your cock is already starting to feel good.

“In that case I’ll give you a little more cock, let me know if you want me to stop, ok?”

“I will,” Sarah promised, “but if your cock feels this good in my pussy I don’t care how much pain there is, because there’s going to be a lot more pleasure.”

“There really is a lot more pleasure than pain,” Ben said as he slid his cock back until only the head was left between Sarah’s pussy lips and then eased it forward until another inch was forced into her slit.

“More, more, give me more cock Ben,” Sarah moaned, “don’t hold back, I want everything, and I want it now!”

“If you’re sure,” Ben said, pulling his cock back again before he slammed the whole length of his prick into Sarah’s shivering body. Once he was sure Sarah could handle his whole cock he started sliding in and out of her wet slit, faster and faster with each stroke until his belly was slapping against her ass with every thrust.

“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God,” Sarah chanted with every stroke of Ben’s cock. “I never knew fucking could feel this good. If I’d known fucking felt this good I would have lost my cherry years ago.”

“Me too,” Karen said, “but with my parents I don’t know how I could have done it sooner than I did.”

“Amen to that sister,” Rachel said with a giggle at her little joke.

Ben slipped his hand down from Sarah’s tit until it reached her erect clit and gave it a little pinch before he started running his fingers across the pulsing bud. “That feels so good,” Sarah purred, “but I think I’m about to cum.”

“So am I,” Ben assured her, “ready for my baby juice?”

“Give me all you’ve got,” Sarah said, “I’ll take it all and still want more.”

“Here it comes,” Ben grunted, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Sarah’s spasming cunt so his baby juice shot straight into her thirsty belly.

“Oh God, Ben!,” Sarah groaned, her pussy milking the boys cock for every drop of cum. “Fill my cunt with your cum and your baby.”

“Oh I have,” Ben assured the happy girl snuggled next to him. “I can already tell that you’re already pregnant. “In fact the only girl in the room who isn’t pregnant right now is Kim.”

“And I think it’s time we corrected that little problem,” Kim said as she climbed into the bed and pressed her body against Ben’s bare back so her erect nipples made a dint in his shoulders.

“Patience Kim,” Ben chuckled, “give me a chance to recover before you start making demands.

“I have been patient,” Kim pointed out. “Now it’s my turn to fuck and I want to lose my cherry and get a baby just like everyone else.”

“Sorry Sarah, but Kim does have a point,” Ben said, pulling his soft cock out of her tight pussy.

“I know she does,” Sarah sighed, “but can I suck you hard enough to fuck her?”

“Sure you can,” Ben said as he lay back on the bed and opened his legs to give her easy access to his cock.

“You’re not doing it alone,” Kim said as she joined her friend. “I want a taste of Ben’s cock before he sticks it in my pussy.”

“You can both do it,” Ben said, “just stop when I tell you or I could waste the shot on your faces instead of putting it where it belongs - in Kim’s cunt.”

“I’ll make sure she stops before that,” Kim promised, giving Sarah the eye.

To Ben it was obvious that the two girls weren’t sure what they were doing at first, but after a few false starts they learned to take turns with Sarah licking his prick from one side and Kim licking it from the other side. When his cock started to respond to their tongues they started taking turns sucking it into their mouths until Ben assured them that he was ready.

“So what position do you want to fuck me in?” Kim asked eagerly.

“Have you ever heard of doggie style?” Ben asked.

“But Mr. Tennyson,” Kim said, giving him a wide brown eyed stare, “I’m just an innocent little Missionary’s Kid, I shouldn’t know about anything like that. Of course I’m also a horny little twelve year old who knows more than her parents want her to. I know about doggie style, but tell me what to do anyway.”

“It’s simple really,” Ben told the Asian girl as she pushed her long black hair out of her face, “all you have to do is get up on your hands and knees. Once you’re ready I’ll come up and fuck you from behind.”

“Ok,” Kim said as she got up on her hands and knees, “like this?”

“Almost perfect,” Ben said, “just lift your ass a little higher and I’ll slip my cock into your nice tight virgin pussy.”

“It won’t be virgin for much longer,” Kim pointed out with a chuckle as she raised her a little higher and spread her thighs when Ben came up behind her.

“Say goodbye to your virginity,” Ben said, sliding his cock along Kim’s slit until the shaft was coated with her pussy juice. He placed the tip of his cock against Kim’s opening and grabbed her hips to hold her steady as he jabbed the head into her cunt.

“Don’t stop there,” Kim said when Ben paused with the head just past her pussy lips. “Give it to me, if everyone else can take it then I can too.”

“Ok, here we go,” Ben said, taking a firmer grip on Kim’s hips and pulled them back to meet his thrust. Ben put so much force behind his thrust that Kim lost her balance and fell face first into the pillow so that her scream of pain was muffled as he tore through her hymen.

“Are you alright Kim?” Ben asked as the girl lifted herself back up from the mattress.

“I’m fine,” Kim said, “you just caught me by surprise when you busted my cherry. Just give me a minute to adjust to your cock.”

“Sure, maybe this will help you to adjust,” Ben said as he took his hands from Kim’s hips and shifted them up to her tits. Kim’s tits were the smallest tits of all the girls Ben had fucked that night, but the way she reacted as soon as his fingers caressed her breasts told Ben that they were also the most sensitive.

“That does help,” Kim said with a moan of pleasure as her nipples popped erect against Ben’s fingers. “Go ahead Ben, I’m ready for you now.”

Just to be sure Ben took it slowly, easing his cock into Kim’s tight slit an inch at a time until all six inches were sliding in and out of the girl’s black furred Japanese cunt and he was able to pick up the pace until his balls were bouncing off her erect clit with every thrust. Kim was moaning with pleasure every time Ben’s belly slapped her firm ass and Ben could feel her pussy grasping his cock every time he pulled back. He knew it wouldn’t be long before they both came.

Kim could feel her belly quivering with her approaching orgasm and hoped Ben was close too. “I’m going to cum,” Kim told all her friends.

“So am I Kim,” Ben grunted as he slapped her firm ass with his belly. “Ready to be a mother?”

“I’m ready Ben,” Kim said, rocking back on her knees to meet every thrust, “give me your cum and knock me up.”

“You’ve go it,” Ben grunted with one last thrust to bury his cock as deep as it would go in Kim’s belly as he shot his baby batter into her fertile body. When the first wad of cum shot into her pussy Kim let out a muffled scream of pleasure and her cunt clamped tight around Ben’s cock, her muscles working to milk every drop of cum from Ben’s balls as they tried to give her everything they had.

“Wow,” Ben said as he dropped next to Kim on the bed, “I never would have thought it was possible, but I actually managed to fuck seven girls in one night, and six of them were fertile virgins.”

“What do you mean we were fertile?” Nancy asked with a dangerous edge to her voice that was mitigated by the wink she gave her friends.

“I mean you’re all pregnant,” Ben mumbled tiredly, “I always know when a girl is fertile, and when I’ll knock her up if I fuck her, and when I knock her up. I can’t tell you how I know, but trust me I always do.”

“I believe you Ben,” Karen said, “I knew your reputation long before I decided let you pop my cherry and knock me up. I knew you’d get the job done the first time, I just didn’t realize I’d enjoy it so much I’d keep coming back.”

“Well I’ll be happy to fuck any and all of you whenever you want, but right now I need to rest and then get out of here before Cathy decides to check up on you.

“Well don’t rest too long,” Nancy said with a yawn as she stretched out on her sleeping bag, “I’m surprised Cathy went this long without checking on us.”

“Me too,” Kim mumbled next to Ben, “she should have been up here to check on us by now. I wonder what she’s been up to while Ben was fucking the shit out of us.”

Ben thought he heard a low beeping sound coming from the Omnitrix and lifted his weary head up to look at the face of his watch. He noticed that the face of the watch was pulsing red like it did when it was recharging and through his bleary eyes he saw the image of Wild Mutt in red glow. As he continued to watch the pulses sped up until they became a continues red glow and then with one last beep the image turned green and Ben suddenly felt re-energized both physically and sexually.

The shock from the unexpected energy was enough to make Ben sit up in bed and look around the room. Somewhere nearby Ben could search a fertile girl, a girl who he would impregnate if he fucked her, but a quick look around assured Ben that he’d knocked up all the tired girls surrounding him. Then Ben realized that there was one more girl in the house who he hadn’t knocked up yet, he opened his mouth to warn everyone but he realized he was too late when the bedroom door opened without warning.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Cathy Timmer demanded as she stepped into her sister’s room and looked around at Ben and the recently deflowered girls still dripping Ben’s potent cum from their slits. Only the fact that Nancy’s older sister started laughing even before she finished her opening line spoiled the show.

“Three days of practice and I still can’t say my line with a straight face,” the older teen said with a shake of her head. “I didn’t even have to walk in here to know what was going on, I’ve been listening to every creak of the bed, yelp of pain, and moan of pleasure since you started fucking. Not only that, I could smell the sweat and cum even before I opened the door.”

“But if you’ve been practicing that line for three days,” Nancy said, “that means you knew what we were going to do.”

“Word gets around where Ben’s concerned,” Cathy said with a chuckle, “his reputation has already reached the high school and with all of you trying to keep his visit a secret someone was bound to overhear your plans and pass them on.”

“So why didn’t you stop us?” Kim asked.

“Because I knew that even if I managed to stop you this time, the seven of you would find another way to get Ben to fuck you and knock you up,” Cathy pointed out. “I’d only be delaying the inevitable, and if I did stop you then I’d miss my chance to join in the fun.”

“You want Ben to fuck you too?” Nancy said in surprise.

“I sure do,” Cathy said, “I’m tired of being a virgin too.”

“You do realize that if Ben fucks you you’ll probably end up pregnant, right?” Sarah asked.

“Like I said, Ben’s reputation has already reached the high school where he’s known as One Shot Ben because he knocks up every girl he fucks with one shot,” Cathy said with a grin.

“Personally I’d prefer the nickname Sure Shot Ben,” Ben pointed out with a frown, “but at least I have a reputation.”

“By the way Nancy,” Cathy said as she started to strip out of her clothes while Kim scooted out of the bed to make room for the older girl, “do you have any idea how much trouble I’m going to be in when you and your friends start growing out of your clothes? When your bellies start swelling at the same time it won’t be that hard for your parents to figure out that you got pregnant at the same time, and where it happened and I’ll be blamed because I was in charge.”

“But you’ll be growing out of your pants about the same time as us,” Nancy pointed out.

“Yes, but I plan to blame Carl for my pregnancy,” Cathy said with an impish grin.

“But why do you want to get your boyfriend in trouble?” Nancy asked.

“Because he’s not my boyfriend,” Cathy pointed out. “Mom and dad want Carl to be my boyfriend because he puts up such a great act in front of them, but when they’re not around all he can think about is how he’s going to get in my panties. I might even let him do it he wasn’t such a hypocrite, and if I didn’t know what he did to Beth White. You remember Beth don’t you Nancy?”

“I do,” Karen said, “she’s the girl that got kicked out of the church last year when she got pregnant.”

“What really got her kicked out of church was when she tried to tell everyone that Carl was the father. Carl’s father used his position on the board to get her kicked out of the church and Carl came out of the whole affair smelling like a rose. But a second pregnancy will change things for sure, and just to be sure I’ll wait a week or so and then let Carl fuck me so when my belly starts swelling up with Ben’s baby Carl will think it’s his. That way I kill two birds with one stone, I embarrass Carl and I lose my cherry and get Ben’s baby.”

“I guess you have things figured out,” Ben said as he sat up on the edge of the bed and watched Cathy drop the last of her clothes to the floor. Ben was surprised to see that Cathy’s pussy was almost bald, but when he looked closer he realized that sixteen year old was shaved. He also noticed that the older girl had the biggest tits in the room and he could already feel his cock growing hard as she approached him.

“What about you Ben?” Cathy asked as she came to a stop just in front of him. “Can you fuck another girl? Will you fuck me?”

“I can and I will,” Ben said. “Somehow that little rest I just had gave me the energy for one more girl, and if you want to fuck me, I want to fuck you.”

“Good,” Cathy said. “I was listening in on you guys earlier and I heard what you said about using a different position for every girl. So do you have one in mind for me?”

“I do,” Ben said after a second, “and this is it. Come over here and sit on my lap.”

“I guess that is a bit different,” Cathy said as she straddled Ben’s legs.

“No, turn around first,” Ben told her. “That way we can watch ourselves in the mirror and the girls can see everything too.”

“That does sound kind of kinky,” Cathy said with a grin before turned around and slid her ass down Ben’s stomach until his cock was cradled against her bald pussy lips. “Can you see Ben?”

“I can see,” Ben said as he poked his head around Cathy’s shoulder to grin at his reflection. “Can everyone else see?”

“I’m good,” Cindy said.

“Me too,” Sarah said looking up from her sleeping bag while everyone else nodded.

“Are you ready Cathy?”

“I’ve been ready for this all night,” Cathy said, “I’ve been frigging myself all night while I listened to you guys fucking away on this bed. So yes I’m wet and ready for your cock and your cum so let’s do it.”

“Ok, here we go,” Ben said. “Lift your ass up and I’ll put my cock in your pussy.”

“Here you go,” Cathy said lifting her ass high enough for Ben to aim his cock at her virgin cunt.

“Now drop back slowly and slide down my cock,” Ben instructed. “Take it nice and slow, let your pussy adjust to my cock and wait until you’re ready before you pop your cherry because it’s going to hurt.”

“I know,” Cathy said as she eased her slit down as Ben’s cock head split her pussy lips and entered her belly. “After listening to all those screams of pain I have some idea how much it’s going to hurt when I lose my virginity, but from all the screams of pleasure I know how good it’s going to feel afterward so I know it’s worth it.”

Cathy lowered herself a little further until Ben’s cock touched her hymen and she backed up to get a better run at it. While Cathy hesitated reached his arms around to squeeze her full tits. With a surprised gasp Cathy dropped her pussy down almost two inches, slamming Ben’s cock right through her cherry.

“Hold on Cathy,” Ben said running his thumbs across the girl’s nipples.

“I know,” Cathy said through gritted teeth, “but it still hurts.”

“Look at that,” Kim said, “I can see Cathy’s cherry juice on Ben’s cock.”

“I see it too,” Nancy said, “you’re really going through with it aren’t you sis?”

“Of course I am,” Cathy said with another deep breath, “and now it’s time for me to prove it.” With a quick grimace Cathy flexed her thighs and lifted her pussy up until only the head of Ben’s cock was wedged between her cunt lips and then she lifted her legs off the floor and dropped down in Ben’s lap with her whole weight, taking the whole length of Ben’s shaft in her deflowered hole.

“Oh my God,” Cathy screamed as her ass smacked into Ben’s lap. “I can’t believe how good this feels. This was definitely worth the pain of losing my virginity. Why the hell does anyone stay a virgin if it feels this good to have a cock in your pussy?”

“Don’t ask me,” Karen said, “I only lost my virginity a few days ago and I wondered the same thing.”

“And the rest of us only beat you by a few minutes sis,” Nancy pointed out. “But I think we all had the same question when we started fucking.”

“It’s done yet Cathy,” Ben said. “Now the real fucking starts.”

“You mean it gets better?” Cathy asked, looking at the way Ben’s cock stretched her pussy lips in their reflection.

“It gets much better,” Mary said with a dreamy smile.

“I’ll see about that,” Cathy said, lifting her hips to the head of Ben’s cock and then dropping them back down again. Her eyes grew larger with every stroke until she was screaming with pleasure.

“She knows how good it feels now,” Sarah giggled. “I wish I could have screamed like that when Ben was fucking me.”

“If we knew Cathy was going to join us we could have,” Nancy pointed with a glare at her sister. “But no, she had to keep her plans secret while we tried to keep things as quiet as we could.”

“I’m sorry,” Cathy said, “if I knew what fucking was really like I would have told you, and I would have been up here to watch the fun as you all lost your cherries.”

“Cathy, I’m almost ready to cum,” Ben said when he noticed the familiar quiver in his balls. “If you want to back out on having a baby this is your last chance.”

“Nancy didn’t back out and neither am I,” Cathy gasped. “Besides, I’m close too, and I’m not going to miss my first real orgasm because I might get pregnant.”

“There’s no might about it Cathy,” Ben said through gritted teeth. “If I cum in your pussy you will be pregnant. They don’t call me Sure Shot for nothing you know.”

“I know,” Cathy gasped, “so knock me up already. Just make sure I cum at the same time.”

“I’ll do my best,” Ben promised. “And here comes the baby juice.”

Ben bounced his bare ass off the edge of the mattress and used the rebound to bury his cock as deep as it would go while his balls clenched against the base of his shaft and several wads of baby juice shot into Cathy’s fertile cunt. As soon as Ben’s cum hit the back of her pussy Cathy’s whole body spasmed and she screamed again as her orgasm smashed through her body in wave after wave of sheer pleasure.

“Thank you Ben,” Cathy said weakly as he flopped back into the bed, now totally exhausted with every girl in the house pregnant with his babies. “Fucking is incredible and I’m so glad you were my first, the first one to fuck me, and the first one to knock me up.”

“Glad to oblige,” Ben said weakly as he tried to lift himself back onto the bed. He noticed that the Omnitrix was now completely red and he was sure that there wouldn’t be any more extra energy tonight. “But now I really do need to rest up.”

“Go ahead,” Cathy said with jaw cracking yawn. “Spend the whole night here if you want, but don’t blame us if we want to do it again in the morning.”

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I dont care how long it was, this story got my girls so Hot that they started so masterbating on my bed..(well our bed now =,=) so you finaly out done your self man. you relly thought this through..:~) you relly Make the best out of your storys* haha this is one chapter i can never forget ... well* ... if you make a new chapter then will see xD from:Kouhei & the girls. m/( = , = )m/ on bro

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