My car broke down and I had a night that changed my life
I first met Zack about 7 years ago He and my son became friends when they started high school. They were friends real soon and he used to come over quite often and he was a nice looking kid always with a smile on his face. Anyway when my son left high school and moved away last year I didn’t see Zack anymore
Last weekend I was driving along and suddenly my car stopped. I pulled over on the side of the road and tried starting it again a couple of times but no luck. I realised that I was only two doors away from Zack’s house so I walked to his place. His brother Sam opened the door. Sam was 18 a year younger than Zack and I had met him a couple of times. Just like his brother he called me “Mr M”. I explained my situation and Sam let me into use the phone. While I was on the phone Zack came in. When I got off the phone Zack asked how long before help would come. I told him about an hour so he pointed to a chair and told me he’d get us a beer each. Sam sat down too and we chatted .It came out that their parents had died six months ago. I offered my sympathy and he smiled and thanked me.Zack came back with the beers and we drank and chatted. As we talked I started to feel a bit dizzy and then my eyes got really heavy and then I went off to sleep.
I woke up in another room. A fairly sparse room with lots of candles for light. I could also see some whips and a machine with some wires attached I was groggy and it took me a while to realise my situation. I was only wearing my underwear and my hands were tied above me by a rope that led to a pulley and then secured to the ground. My ankles were tied to two hooks in the floor. I pretty soon that I was helpless.
The door open and Zack and Sam entered. They were both wearing Speedos .Their bodies were fairly hairless and as they got closer they were both wearing smiles but smiles that made me fairly uncomfortable. Both of them had brown hair and Sam even though a year younger had a much more muscular body.Zack had hair from his navel down into his Speedos.
“Hi Mr M”Sam said.”Have a nice sleep?”
“So glad you lost so much weight you were easy to strip and tie up” Zack said grinning.
“Come on guys this is weird.” I said “What’s going on?”
“Well Mr M”Sam said walking really close to me.”Zack and I thought you might like to pleasure us and we could return the favour.
I looked at Zack who was rubbing his cock through his Speedos.
Sam continued “Of course we had to tie you up n case you were a bit reluctant and we might have to convince you.”
I shook my head “Come on. This is wrong and against the law. Just let me go and we will say no more about it. I am straight as well and don’t suck cock”
“Well I think you can be persuaded.”Sam said. So saying he walked to the table and picked up a dice and a pair of scissors. He handed the dice to Zack and said “You’re turn first”
Zack rolled the dice and it came up five. Sam laughed and as I watched he took the scissors and cut the cloth on my undies and they fell to the ground. Naturally my cock flopped down .Now the boys both turned their attention to it.
“Not real big Mr M” Sam said. I felt myself getting red. But then my look became one of puzzlement as Zack came over holding a candle and a glove.He handed the glove to Sam who explained to me what was about to happen.”You see Zack rolled a five so I am going to hold your cock with a fireproof glove while Zack pours hot wax on it. We will let it dry and and peel it off then repeat that five times. By that time we will bet you might be happy to suck Zack’s dick”
Sam took hold of my cock and I tried to protest but to no avail Zack approached with a candle and tipped it pouring wax on my cockhead .It all happened so fast and the burning was agony. I started screaming yelling for them to stop and once my cockhead was covered he stopped. I was panting and looked down at my wax covered prick. They moved away allowing the hot wax to go hard .I took some deep breaths and it wasn’t long before the came back and Sam started picking the wax off. It hurt and once again I let out a couple of screams. It was soon over and my raw cockhead was throbbing.Zack got a second candle and I shook my head. Sam took hold and Zack tilted the candle and the wax fell on my already abused cock making it more painful I thrashed trying to get away but Sam had a firm hold .Once the head was covered Sam lay it out in his hand so that Zack could cover the shaft as well. I was screaming and thrashing my head from side to side. The pouring stopped and Sam let go .Once again they waited until the wax got hard and then began picking it off. My cock was now red raw. Once again Sam held it in his hand.
“Please no more “ I begged but Zack returned this time with two candles saying that he didn’t want to run out .Sam held my cock with the head facing straight up.Zack carefully coated the top ignoring my pleas and screams. Once it was coated he kept pouring so that some ran down the shaft and onto the underneath which had not been burnt before. I was in agony and thought I might pass out. Then as the pouring stopped and I was there sweating and tears running down my face I decided that sucking their cocks would be much better than this. Once they had removed the wax I looked at them as Zack had the candle in his hand,
“Okay guys you win. I can’t take this anymore. I will suck your dicks”.
Zack shook his head “Sorry Mr M.The dice has been rolled. If you had said okay this wouldn’t have been necessary. Cheer up you are over halfway there”
Sam laid my cock in his hand and Zack covered it like he would a hot dog with sauce. I was nearly hoarse from screaming begging and crying. He finished. Sam let me go and they stood back to admire Zack’s handwork. I was a mess, a broken man all my resolve now gone. They started picking off the wax and it was the first time I noticed both were sporting erections under their speedos.My pain was turning them on. I was crying sweating and racked with pain. Sam took my cock in his hand again.
I whimpered “Please no more”
Sam smiled that evil smile “Hey this is Zack’s last go. You wouldn’t want to deprive him”
Zack came forward and smiled. This time Sam held me so that the head was pointing down. So Zack put the lit part of the candle very close to my pubic hair and started to pour down my shaft. Even though I screamed and begged I tried not to move too much so that he didn’t set fire to my pubes.Finally it was over and as Zack started to pick the wax off which I’m sure was tearing at the skin. Sam spoke to me
“So Mr M are you ready to suck Zack’s dick now”
“Yes.......Yes I am “I said
Sam shook his head “No that’s not good enough I want to hear you say you want to suck his cock.In fact beg to suck it”
“Please Zack.I want to suck your cock .Please let me have it”
They laughed at me and I hung my head in shame.Zack went to where the rope was tied and undid it. I was lowered to my knees and Zack stood in front of me. He undid his Speedos and pulled them down. His cock sprung out. I opened my mouth and he pushed it in .It was quite long and very hard and tasted okay. He held the back of my head and started fucking my throat driving it in and out. The whole suffering thing got him very excited and it didn’t take long before he was moaning. Just then I saw a flash of light but I took no notice. And then Zack let out a yell and shot his load down my throat. He held my head still so I had no choice but to swallow it. He moved away and I looked up at him and this time he had a tender smile on his face.
“My turn “said Sam. So I opened my mouth again. But to my horror I realised I was being raised up again by the rope which when I was standing was tied up again. Sam had the dice and I watched as he rolled it. IT came up a 1.He looked disappointed and Zack laughed at him. I didn’t want to go through even another one of these.
“Please Sam. No more. I’ll do anything you say please”
But no notice was taken of me and Sam went to get a candle and Zack put on the glove. When Sam came back he said.”Since I only get one go I’m really going to make it count”
He whispered to Zack and Zack nodded and to my horror Zack took hold of my balls tight so the skin was vunerable.I begged and pleaded and then I screamed as the hot wax fell on my poor nuts. For what seemed like ages it burned into my balls until finally Zack let go. He and Zack stood for a moment and Sam said “Leave the wax I want my head job now.
So I was lowered again in absolute agony. My balls on fire and the wax tightening. Sam pulled down his swimmers and his cock was thicker and longer than Zack.He was straight away fucking my mouth and calling me names like cocksucker and slut.Once again I saw a flash of light and Sam let out a guttural groan and I tasted his semen as it splashed on the back of my throat .He shot several times and he pulled out wiping his glistening prick on my face.
Zack came forward and untied my wrists and I fell on the ground. I was so weak and sore. Finally I managed to stand and Sam told me that they were not going to remove the wax and I would have to remove it myself.
“And as you are doing that think of this. The flash of light you saw was a camera taking photos of you sucking cock.Now if you don’t want your son or workmates to see them you will be back here next Saturday for another night of fun”
I held my head down. I was trapped. Sam handed me my clothes and I put them on. With no undies on the fabric of my pants caused me more pain.
They walked me to the door and Zack asked “so will we see you on Saturday Mr M?’
I looked at them and with tears in my eyes said “Yes”
“Good “Sam said “By the way your car was fixed while you were asleep”
He threw me the keys and I walked to the car. My mind reeling my cock and balls aching I had been through an awful ordeal and had no idea what horrors lied ahead

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2010-03-29 12:34:09
you really need to write some guy domming girl stuff.

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