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I recognized the woman across the street on my favorite web site of naked ladies.
Fbailey story number 509

It Is You

I could hardly contain myself. Mom had just left for work and I was peering out the window. Finally after an eternity Jack left for work and I practically ran across the street to ring her doorbell.

Rachelle opened the door and said, “Hi.”

I just blurted it out, “You are Tits Galore from New Mexico, Fucking MILF from Utah, and Split Beaver from Florida…aren’t you? Your tits are 38-DD and you are thirty-eight years old.”

I pulled out three of the best pictures from those three ladies and practically shoved them in her face.

Rachelle pulled me inside then looked around to make sure that none of the other neighbors had overheard me.

She closed the door and leaned back against it. Then she said, “Yes, I am all of those women and a couple more. Apparently you didn’t find them all. Yes it’s me. I knew that someday someone would find out but I never expected it to be you, of all people. Why you can’t be much over thirteen.”

I blurted out, “I’m fourteen and I jerk off every day to pictures on the Internet. It was only last night that I put two and two together. Well I put those three women together and then I matched them to you. I was right. I knew it. I just knew it.”

Rachelle said, “Okay, okay, now what do I do with you?”

I smiled and said, “Please let me fuck you. One of your accompanying remarks was that you were hoping that someone would recognize you and want to have sex with you. Well I recognized you, didn’t I.”

Rachelle said, “Yes, but you’re just a kid…and a minor at that. I can’t let you fuck me.”

I asked, “Why not. I found you fair and square.”

Rachelle said, Because I could go to jail. That’s why.”

I looked at her and said, “I promise that I won’t tell another living soul.”

Rachelle looked like she was thinking that one over. Finally she asked, “Just for shits and grins what would you want to do to me?”

I had given that a lot of thought since I had figured it out the night before. I said, “I would want to make love to you every day if I could, I would want you to teach me how to please you in bed, and I would want to be your boy toy.”

What I had really wanted to say was something more like, I want to fuck you to death, ream your asshole, and then shove my cock down your throat. However, I also knew that I could sugar coat it and still get the same thing.

Rachelle looked at me for a while and then she smiled and said, “Well you did figure it out, I have to give you that, and I suppose I have to give you your reward too. Let’s go upstairs to my bedroom. I’ll just lock this door first. I wouldn’t want anybody finding us together…especially if we are both naked and you are fucking me.”

I let her take me up the stairs, down the hallway, and into her bedroom. She said, “I hope you don’t mind, I haven’t made my bed yet, and there may be some pecker tracks on the sheets from my husband.”

I replied, “I would love to put some pecker tracks on them myself, if you don’t mind.”

Rachelle smiled and asked me to get undressed first. It took only moments. Then I watched as she undressed. She pulled her T-shirt up over her head. I saw the well-rounded belly that I had seen on the Internet. She wasn’t fat by any means but she did have a pretty good swell from right under her breasts to her pubic mound. If she had any children I’d say that it was from childbirth. She took off her bra next and I saw the breasts that I had been admiring for real. When she lowered her blue jeans I saw her breasts hang down from her chest just like in some of her pictures. She looked up and smiled at me before standing back up. Then she asked me if I wanted to remove her panties. I sure did and I got on my knees before her. I hooked my fingers from both hands into the side of her yellow panties and pulled them down. I saw the tiny tattoo of a unicorn near her pussy. That confirmed it she was the woman in all of those pictures. Now all I had to do was find the other ones. Rachelle stepped out of her panties and put them in my pant’s pocket.

She said, “For your first lesson you will have to bathe me properly. It will be your job to wash every inch of my body. Not just on the outside either. I’ll teach you how to give me an enema and how to give me a douche to clean out my insides. You will find that I taste much better when I’m clean down there.”

I followed her into the master bath. She had me start with an enema. She put some powder in the bag and filled it with warm water, letting me feel the temperature. Then she laid on her belly on the bed and let me stick the thin tube into her asshole and release the clip. It took quite a while to empty the bag into her and then we watched the clock. She waited for five minutes before she got up and very carefully made her way to the toilet. Then a gusher flowed into the toilet. I got to give her a second enema to make sure that she was clean in there. Next she showed me a different powder to use and a different nozzle too. I got to give her two douches while she sat on the toilet with her legs spread. I was having a ball.

Giving her a bath was nothing new really, after all I had been giving myself baths for years. Washing her body was something special though. I got to play with her tits and her pussy. She pointed out her clit and let me play with that for a while too. Then I watched as she shaved her underarms, her legs, and trimmed around her pubic mound. She said that I deserved the very best for my first time.

After she dried off she took me to her bed where she got on it. I was given instruction on to be gently with her breasts and how to abuse them so that she got even more feeling. She instructed me about her nipples too and let me at them. When I had enough fun she had me get between her legs. She rolled her knees up to her big breasts and told me to lick her asshole. When I hesitated she reminded me that it was clean in there and that I had request to be trained in how to please her. Well, I had, so I started licking her butt hole. She really liked it and I quickly found out that I liked it too. After that I got to suck on her clit. She liked that even better and so did I. Finally I got to stick my cock in her and fuck her but that didn’t take very long. I lasted just about a whole minute.

Rachelle was nice though and told me that I could keep doing it until I got better and that we had all day before her husband would come home from work. I too had all day before my parents would come home from work.

I fucked Rachelle a whole lot of times that day and I did get better and I did last longer. We took a shower together before I left. I got a nice kiss goodbye and she said, “See you in the morning. I should have had you take some pictures of me to post on the Internet.”

I said, “I’d like that.”

She smiled and said, “I’m pretty sure that I can get my husband to take some but they won’t show up on that web site for a day or two.”

I asked, “In that case can you wait for me to take some tomorrow and pick out the ones that I want you to post.”

She smiled and said, “Of course I can wait.”

The End
It Is You
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