gay incest in a normal family.
"Oh yea. Suck that cock. Mmmm. You are the best at sucking my cock." I leaned back enjoying that hot mouth on my cock. Feeling him deep throat me. It felt sooooo good.

I guess I should tell you who I am. I am a 56 year old single father. My son is 17 Josh. My wife left us when he was 10. She walked in on me with another man and walked right back out and I never heard from her again. My sons best friend Eric who is als0 17 has a dad named Victor. Victor is the one who is sucking away at my cock right now. We are very careful about our sons not knowing we have a relationship. I remeber the day it started between us....

It was a saturday. I had gone over to drop my son off at Eric's house. It was 2 years ago, before either boy could drive. He ran upstairs when we got there while I went in to meet his dad. I wanted to make sure he would be okay there. I have never met Eric or his dad till that day.

"Boys with be boys" laughed Victor as Josh ran up stairs.

"I'm Richard. I just wanted to meet you because this is the first time Josh will be over here."

He shook my hand. "I understand. I'm Victor."

"Nice to meet you."

"Hey why dont you stay a bit and have a beer with me?" asked Victor.

"Sounds good." I said. I went to sit in the living room while he got the beers. He is very attractive, but I doubt he is in to men, so I promised myself I would behave.

Ten minutes after we were drinking our beers, and talking the boys came back down stairs.

"Dad? Your still here?" asked my son.

"Yea, Erics dad invited me for a beer." ( My son does not know I am in to men)

"Well, safes me from going home. Can I spend the night? IF its ok with Erics dad? We want to go to the movies tonight?"

I looked at Victor. He shrugged and Nodded his head. "It's fine with me."

The boys ran off to get ready to go after they got money from us. Shortly after the boys left I didn't want to over stay my welcome. So I got up to go.

"It was nice talking to you. Been awhile sinse I've had a chance to just relax. I dont want to get in your way so I should just head home."

Victor stood up too.He touched my arm. "Please, stay for a bit? I love the company. The boys will be gone for a few hours anyway."

I turned back around and faced Victor. Our eyes met. And I noticed his hand was still on me. I couldn't help it, I leaned forward, so did Victor. Our lips met. We began to kiss. Our tongues entered eachothers mouth. They danced together. We started to run our hands on eachothers bodies. He backed me over to the couch and got on top of me as we continued to make our. Touching.

We stoped kissing and looked at eachother.

"I've never done this with a guy before." Victor confessed.

"It's not that hard is it?" I asked with a smile on my face.

His reply was to kiss me again. That was the start of it all.

2 years later. Here we are. We been very faithful to eachother. We fuck, and suck eachother whenever we get the chance. We have even had phone sex together. 2 years is very hard hidding it from our sons, but we have fallen in love with eachother. We can't let go.

Not long after leaning back and enjoying my blow job from my man. I cam. We kissed for a bit then we headed over to his house. We told the boys we were all going out to dinner. Josh and Eric just think its a father and son dinner. They think we have become casual friends. Victor and I that is. We were about 30 minutes early getting to the house. The boys car was already there.

When we got inside. It was quiet at first. The boys where no where to be found. We finally heard some noise from upstairs. It sounded like muffled moans and groans. Victor and I looked at eachother and quietly went to check upstairs. The door was part open. We were not expecting to see what we saw.

Eric was pounding my sons asshole ! His cock was barried in his best friends ass !

Josh was screaming things like. "Do it to me baby! You know you love my ass! make it yours !"

Eric was screaming. "I love your tight ass. Around my dick." He leaned down and kissed Josh's back.

I was shocked. So was Victor. I could honestly I knew we were also getting turned on by watching our sons.

Victor backed up to the door by mistake knocking in to it. The boys looked over at us and jumped a mile. They jumped off the bed trying to cover up. They were busted. And scared they were in trouble.

"Oh my god. Dad I'm so sorry. I really am!" said Eric.

"Me too. Dad. Please dont be mad." said Josh.

"How long has this been going on?" asked Victor.

The boys looked at eachother Josh mumbled. "about 2 years.

I thought to myself. same as me and Victor.

"Are you going to make us stop being friends?" Josh wanted to know.

Victor and I smiled and looked at eachother. "No." we said together.

The boys looked releived.

"We love eachother. Please dont make us stop doing this." said Eric.

"We wont I answered." The boys where shocked again. Finally it was time to tell them the truth.

"Boys. I started. Theres something you need to know. We accepted your thing, so you accept this. Victor and I are also in love. We been together for 2 years."

"Really?" asked the boys.

I went over and sat on the bed in front of my son. Victor came over too.

"Really." I pulled my son closer to me. I kissed his lips briefly to see how he would react. He liked it I guess. He kissed me back. He was naked of course so I could feel his cock growing harder.

I looked over at Victor and Eric. Victor was just lightly stroking his sons cock.

"Secret is out now. I guess we can all have fun together now. If you boys want to have fun with your dads too?" I asked.

Josh got down on his knees and started to take my semi hard cock out of my jeans. "I've always wanted to suck on your cock dad. Sinse the moment I knew I was in to guys. My son took my cock in his mouth. I moaned from his first suck. My son was sucking my cock. And he was good at it !

I looked over again at Victor. He had his sons cock in his mouth.

"Looks like we are all going to have a fuck load of fun from now on !" I said.

I was in heaven. This was the best !. And it was only the begining!

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We need more about
Sunday evening and then the other hand I was
A to the UK for a couple of years
I have been
A to the top of page and the
UK and Ireland for the xxnx

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I seduced my father.My mother asked him to wake me from my nap and when he came in I was lying flat on my back with a 7-2 erection.He leaned over and took miy stiff cock in his mouth I came quickly an it was the feginnng of his sucking on it whenever I could produce it to him.

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I suck my grandad's cock at night...he's on medication so he doesn't wake up :)

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