In the first part of this story. I had done something I know I shouldn't of done. But lust took over. I was in a 69 position with my 6 year old son Nathan. I was licking away at his little asshole while he was licking my hard cock like a lollypop. When my wife Greta walked in on us.

"What the fuck are you doing with our son?" she demanded as my son ran away naked to his room. My wife caught me red handed molesting my son on the couch. I didn't know what to say. I was so scared at that moment.

"We need to talk." my wife said.

She sat down and I put my pants back on. I was speachless.

"I been meaning to talk to you for awhile. I guess this is the time to do it." she began. "I want a divorce."

I figured that was comming. After what I did.

"I'm going to jail arenot I?" I asked her. I figured that was gonna happen next.

She shook her head. "No."

I looked at her. "Then why do you want a divorce?" I asked.

She sighed. "I been, I guess you can say. Cheating on you sinse we first started dating. But sinse we moved here I haven't cuz we moved away from who was cheating with. I want to move back there to be with them."

I raised my eyebrows. "Them?" I asked.

She nodded. "My parents. I know I was shocked with you and Nathan but, my parents were doing the same thing to me at his age and we been fucking ever sinse. I'm sorry."

I was in shocked. I had no idea.

"You want to go back to be with them?"

"Yes. she said. I will make a deal with you. I been offered my old job back. I will give you child support to keep Nathan for me and let me see him sometimes and I wont report you. That is till you get a job again. But I will still help you with child support."

I nodded. "Ok." I was not as upset by her leaving as I thought I would be. I opened a new door with my son and I didn't want to close it.

With in a week Greta was backed and moved back with her parents. Nathan and I where alone. I had found a job and he continued with school. He wasn't that upset that is mother was gone either. We haven't had a chance to have father and son time, if you know what I mean sinse all this happened.

The weekend after Greta left I was in my room waiting for my son to come and I stuck on a gay porn movie. I wanted to get some tips.

My wife had left one of her vibrators behind. I found myself lubing it up and slowly sticking it in my ass as I was stroking my cock. I was just getting in to when Nathan came in to my room.

"Daddy. You making yourself feel good again?" he asked.

I told him to come over and sit near me as I continued to stroke.

He layed down beside me and we started to make out. Kissing my baby boy again on the lips was nice. I missed it. I stoped stroking while I was still kissing him and I unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his pants as I took the tiny little penis out of his pants.

"Come sit on daddys chest facing me."

He did as I asked and I started to kiss and suck on his little cock. He still tasted as good as before. Little pee but tasted so good. I wanted so badly to fuck his cute little ass, but he was to young for that. HIs penis was so small but I thought a little one better then nothing.

I layed him down on his back. He had a little hard on. I got on top of him. Very carefully so I didn't crush my little boy. I straddled him with my feet on the bed. I stuck his little penis in my ass. It was difficult to keep him in my ass cuz he was so tiny but i was determined to try.

I slowly started ridding my sons little cock. Up and down I went. He started to moan and thrust a bit in me. I started to moan as well. He kept slipping out of me. So it wasn' t going to work.

I got off him and began sucking him again. I sucked him to a dry orgasim.

"Daddy? Can you put your pee pee inside me?"

I shook my head. "No. You to small. Someday we will try it though." I kissed him. and began stroking my cock again. I grabbed the vibrator and started fucking my ass again.

"You want to help daddy?" I showed him how to fuck my ass with it. He began fucking me with the vibrator.

Before long I came, and I came hard. I was so happy doing things with my son now. But, it also made me want to try it with a man too. To see what a big hard cock felt like in my ass. If I had the chance. I would try it.

A few weeks later, greta called and asked if she could come and get my son for the wee of vacation from school. I couldn't very well say no. We had an agreement. I also didn't want to go to jail. So arrangments where made.

The night Greta picked my son up. I sat down watching tv when the phone rang.


"Hey Garrett. It's Garry."

Garry his my brother. and I of course am Garrett.

"Hey bro. Whats up? Long time no talk." I said.

"Yea. It has been awhile. Listen, i'm in town for a few days. I was wondering if I can stay at your house. We can catch up?"

"Sure. Sounds great. Greta took Nathan for the week and I have the next few days off from work. Come on over."

A couple of hours later. My brother and I where drinking beer, talking about old times and laughing about it all.

"So good to see you again Gary. I'm glad you here."

"Me too." He answered.

"You hungry?" I asked.

"Not yet. um, there is something I wanted to discuss with you."

I took a drink of my beer and said ok.

"Greta told me about you and Nathan."

"she what?" I was not happy.

"Don't worry. You now you can trust me. I wont say nothing."

Sigh. "How could she do this. She promised no one would know."

"It sort of slipped out."

We talked for a bit about how it started and before to long I could tell my brother was getting hard just picturing it. So was I.

He reached over and he began to feel my cock through my pants.
"I always wondered what it would be like to mess around with you" he said.

We started to kiss. While Gary rubbed my cock. I was so horny. The thought of having a big cock in me like I wanted was turning me on even more. He unzipped my pants and took my cock out. He leaned down and took me in his mouth. He started sucking on my cock. Deep throating me. Licking me up and down. He could put all of me in his mouth. It was nice having my cock sucked again by someone who could take it all. I started to moan.

"Oh yea Bro. Suck my cock. You feel so good.ohhhh"
I didn't let him suck my cock long. I wanted to suck his. I started to stroke his and said..

"I want to be fucked by a real cock."

I started to suck on his cock as he moved me around to get my ass ready. He started licking and fingering my asshole. It felt so good ! I couldn't wait to have his cock inside me. I also couldn't wait till my son got older so I could have him fuck my ass too !

When my ass was ready Gary took his cock and stuck it deep in my ass. I screamed at first having a real cock in me for the first time.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Yea. Keep going."

My brother pounded my ass for a good 15 minutes. I was getting use to it. It was feeling so good.

"Fuck me bro. Fuck my ass!"

Another door opened besides with my son. With my brother. I didn't want it ever to stop.

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l agree, Nathan should be the on that is fucked, by both of them, if he resisted one could hold him down while the other fucked him, then change places.

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I want him n Nathan not his brother try to get him to have sex with Nathan he could try

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waiting other parts please post more

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Forget about Nathan. Continue it with the brother. Pedo shit is nasty. Stop writing it.

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Forget about Nathan. Continue it with the brother. Pedo shit is nasty. Stop writing it.

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