This one is for youngndirty. hope you like it baby.
"I'm scared daddy." my daughter whimpered as I rubbed the head of my hard cock across her clitoris, and in between the moist folds of her soft, thick labia.
I had just finished licking her cunt to orgasm, and now as I held her on my lap it was good, and wet.

"Shh, shh, shh, you don't have to be scared." I whispered, as I began to slowly slid into her hot little vagina. "Daddy's put his cock in you before baby."

Yeah, like every night when her mother was at work.

"But who-who are th-they?" she panted looking at the several men who were clustered around us, and stroking their cocks as they watched me fuck my baby girl.

"I told you," I explained as I began thrusting into her harder, and faster. "They're daddy's friends. They've come to play with us."

"Ooooooodaaaaaaddyyyyy." she moaned as her little snatch began clenching rhythmically around my thrusting tool, and it got a whole lot wetter down there.
I decided that now while she was cumming was a good time to switch, so I pulled my cock out of her, slid it across her taint, and started thrusting it into her tight little asshole.

"Oooo da-daddy, that's my butt-butt-hole." She whined, sounding a little alarmed.

"Oh I know baby." I growled, as I slowly slid in balls deep. "Daddy's gonna fuck you in your little butt-hole sweetheart."

As I started slowly fucking her ass I motioned one of the guys over.
"Hey Tommy, come on over her," I said, and then asked my little girl, "You know how daddy taught you to lick, and suck his cock like a lollipop?"
She nodded, bitting her bottom lip.
"Well why don't you show Tommy here how good you can suck a cock baby."

As soon as he was close enough she gasped hold of his thick shaft, wrapped her lips around the bulbous head, and began bobbing up, and down, making a loud slurping sound.

"Oh shit!" Tommy moaned through clenched teeth, burring his hands in her thick, dark hair as she sucked his dick.

"Okay Bob," I called, as I spread her thighs, and started really pounding her ass. "Time to take my daughters pussy."

I thrust my cock in all the way, holding her as still as I could while she continued to bob up, and down on Tommy's prick, and without missing a beat Bob crouched down, guiding the tip of his dick too the entrance of her steamy hole, and began burring his massive tool in her wet little pussy.
It was an odd sensation to feel Bob's cock sliding into my baby girl, with only a thin layer of flesh separating us.

She pulled her mouth off of Tommy with a loud slurp, moaning, "Oh my god daddy!" as Bob thrust the last couple of inches in.

She was still stroking Tommy's cock fast, and I guess the sight of Bob, and I DPing my daughter drove him over the edge.
"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum." he shuddered.

"Quick baby," I commanded, "Eat his sperm." and she opened her mouth just in time for his first creamy load to blast into her.

With our cocks buried balls deep in my daughters asshole, and pussy, Bob, and I watched as she quickly wrapped her lips around Tommy's ejaculating penis.
She sucked, and swallowed as fast as she could, but a little bit still dribbled down her chin.
"Uuugghh, uuugghhh, uuugghh." Tommy grunted as he unloaded into her mouth.

As soon as she'd sucked him dry Tommy stumbled off, to be replace by my brother Jim.
"Show uncle Jimmy how you suck cock honey." He said salaciously as he thrust his dick between her lips.

Bob began fucking her little pussy hard, and that worked out great for me because every time he thrust into her he lifted her up until just the head of me penis was in her tight little asshole, and every time he pulled back he dropped her, impaling her ass on my throbbing fuck stick.

As Bob's thick, long tool repeatedly violated her little hole she moaned around her uncle Jim's cock in her mouth.
About that time Jesse decided he couldn't wait any more, and he got on the other side of her, placing her other hand around his shaft which she started stroking almost instinctively
After a while she pulled her mouth off of Jim's prick with a pop, and turned her head taking Jesse's throbbing manhood in, and bobbing up, and down on him.

Jesse lost control, and started thrusting wildly into her mouth.
She opened it, trying to pull back, but he grasped her head firmly, a steady, "Guh, guh, guh, guh." emerging as he repeatedly thrust his cock down her throat.

"Jesus man, take it easy." I scolded. "That's my fucking daughter."

"I-I'm sa-sorry." he panted, and then grunted loudly, thrusting all the way in, and squirting his hot jizz down her throat.

“What the fuck!” I exclaimed.

Jesse's eye's suddenly snapped open, as if I'd snapped him out of his orgasm induced trance.
“Oh fuck,” he cursed. “I'm sorry.” pulling his cock out of her mouth.
She coughed, and a thick glob of cum flew out of her mouth hitting Jesse in the face.

“oh shit!” he exclaimed, throwing his hands up too his face, and backing up. “It got me in the eye!”

“Serves you right.” I told him, and then I slid my hands up, grasping her breasts firmly, pulling her body in tight against me as Bob continued to pound her little pussy.
“Are you okay baby?” I asked, kissing the side of her face.

“Uh-huh.” she panted, and then started chanting, “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!”

I felt her flesh quiver, and I knew she must be cumming.
Her vaginal muscles clenched so tight that even her little asshole felt like it was squeezing me to the rhythm of her orgasm.
Somehow she had kept steadily stroking Jim's dick, and now she turned her head, and took him back into her mouth.
I closed my eyes, savoring the feeling of her sphincter wrapped around the base of my cock as Bob pulled out to the tip, swirling his thick meat in the entrance to her wet little hole.
Suddenly my eyes snapped open as I once again heard, “Guh, guh, guh, guh, guh.” emerging from my baby's mouth.
I glared at Jim, but he threw his hands up, and shook his head, the look on his face clearly stating, “It's not me.”
My jaw dropped as I realized that it was my daughter that was forcing Jim's cock down her throat.
“oh my god!” I exclaimed in surprise. “ you like that honey?”

“Ye-yeah daddy.” she panted, pulling her moth off of Jim's penis as Bob suddenly started fucking her harder, and faster. “It-it hurts, bu-but it feels go-good, like when you pu-put it in m-my ass.”

This was an interesting new twist.
My daughter liked having cock shoved down her throat, and some how this discovery made my dick feel even harder inside her ass.

“Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum.” Bob grunted, and my beautiful baby girl opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue.
That was all the invitation he needed.
He quickly pulled out of her slick cunt, aiming at her mouth, and just before she wrapped her lips around the bulbous head, a thick pearly ribbon of sperm stuck her nose, and trailed down across her tongue.
Once again she sucked, and swallowed as fast as she could, but Bob was pumping out a heavy load, and some of it ran out the sides of her mouth.
“Uuughhyeah, ooohhhhfuck,” he grunted as she drained his balls.

I knew Bob hadn't been laid since his wife left him, which is why I'd given him first crack at the pussy, after me of course.
This had caused some of the other guys to grumble, thinking that he would stretch her out since he easily had the biggest cock out of all of us, but I'd taught my daughter to do her kiegal exercises which she had dutifully been doing since I'd first started fucking her when she was ten.

As soon as Bob had finished cumming I decided it was time to switch things up.
I stood my baby up on her feet, withdrawing my cock from her asshole, and then stood up myself.
“Jim, come, and sit on the couch.” I instructed, and he eagerly obeyed.
Then I told my baby girl, “Face uncle Jimmy, and put his cock in your pussy honey.”

“Goody!” she yelped, clapping her hands like a little girl. “I like to feel uncle Jimmy's cock in my pussy.”

A couple of years ago Jim had come over unexpectedly, and caught us fucking.
The price for his silence was, Yep, you guessed it, to share my daughter's sweet pussy with him.
So now on some of my wifes nights off my daughter went to my brother's house, ostensibly so that the old lady, and I could get some alone time.
Once my wife had even said, “Thanks for doing this for us Jim.” Bless her clueless heart.

“Hey, no problem.” he'd said, putting an arm around my baby girls shoulders. “We have fun together, don't we sweetie?”

At this she'd blushed a little, and said, “I always have fun at uncle Jimmy's.”

My wife had kind of eyed them dubiously, and when we got into the car she said, “You don't think, oh forget it.”

“No, what is it?” I asked, suddenly feeling a little nervous.

“Well,” she said slowly, measuring her words. “You don't think Jim would do anything to her, do you?”

“What-what do you mean by do anything to her?” I responded, faining ignorance.

“You know, like anything sexual.” she almost whispered.

“Well honey,” I said with a chuckle. “I think I can honestly say that Jim would never do anything to our daughter that I wouldn't do.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right.” she sighed.

“I just worry about her because I don't know if you've noticed, or not, but our little girl has grown into a sexy young woman,”

“You think?” I asked, once again pretending to be clueless.

“Oh come on Eric.” she'd said. “Stop looking at her through a father's eye's for a minute, and just look at her like a man.”

Now it was my turn to sigh, and say, “I guess your right.”
Then I'd reached over, and started rubbing my wife's pussy, putting my mouth close to her ear, and whispering, “Takes after her sexy mama.”

“Eric! Not here.” she'd snapped.

“Why not?” I'd said salaciously. “Nobody's around, and isn't nice to be a little crazy, a little naughty.”
Then I'd yanked open her shirt, popping a couple of buttons off, and pulled one of the cups of her bra aside, taking a nipple into my mouth as I felt her vagina begin to moisten her panties under my fingers.
Molesting my wife in the car while my brother fucked my daughter inside was making me really hot, but I knew it was too risky so I told her, “Start the car, I know one sexy woman who's gonna get fucked hard to night."
But back to the action at hand.

My sweet baby straddled Jimmy, letting out a long, “Ooooooooooooooo.” as she slowly lowered her body, impaling herself on his hard cock.

I crouched behind her, once again thrusting my meat up into her perfect little ass, and once Jim, and I were firmly ensconced in her tight little fuck holes I called Steve over.

“Finally.” he said, walking around to the other side of the couch, and as soon as he was within reach, my little sex fiend grabbed him, pulling him by his cock until he was close enough for her to put her head over Jim's shoulder, and start sucking it.
“Fuck yeah.” he grunted, burying his hands in her hair as she bobbed up, and down on his dick, making loud slurping sounds.

Jim cupped her tits in his hands, licking, and sucking her pert little nipples, and I began really fucking her ass in earnest.
Now it was Jim's turn to have her lifted up, and dropped back on his dick repeatedly as I thrust into her tight little asshole, hard.
I could feel myself getting close, and when she pulled her mouth off of Steve's dick, and panted, “I'm c-c-c-cumming da-da-daddy!” her flesh quivering around my thrusting tool, I couldn't hold back any more.

I buried my cock all the way inside her, pulling her ass cheeks open for maximum penetration.
“Aaaaghhhh, uuuugghhh, yeeeaahhhh,” I grunted to the rhythm of my hot cum pumping up the shaft of my cock, and squirting deep into my daughter's ass.

“Ooooooooodaaaaaddyyyyyy.” she moaned, seeming to cum even harder as she felt my sperm bast into her.

As soon as my orgasm wound down I reached down, my cock still all the way inside her, and scooped up some of the cum that was already leaking out of her ass, and as I popped it into her mouth, I leaned up close, and whispered in her ear, “Are you enjoying your birthday present baby?”

“mmmmm-hmmmm.” she cooed as she sucked the cum off my finger.

She was eighteen today so everything we were doing was nice, and legal.
Well, except for the incest, but I knew I could trust these guys to keep their mouths shut.
Besides, we'd all done legally questionable things together in the past, and they were fully aware that I had shit on them, and that, if nothing else would insure their silence.

I kissed, and licked her neck as I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass, and my finger out of her mouth.
She started bucking up, and down, riding Jim's stiff rod as she grasped Steve's prick, stuffing it back in her mouth.
“You want another cock in your ass baby?” I whispered in her ear, as I massaged her thick, juicy buttocks.

“Mmmmm-hmmmm.” she hummed enthusiastically around Steve's cock in her mouth.

I turned too Joey who'd been patiently watching all this as he slowly stroked his throbbing member.
“Hey man,” I said, as I sat on the arm of the couch. “If you don't mind getting my cum on your dick you can take her in the ass.”

“Shit bro,” he chuckled as he advanced toward her. “If I was worried about some shit like that I wouldn't even be here.”

He had a point there.
He slid his hard cock into her ass, and almost immediately started pounding it hard.
Steve hunched up a little closer panting, “O-open your mouth wi-wide sweetie.” she instantly obeyed, and he started thrusting his fuck muscle down her throat.

Despite just having had a massive orgasm my cock was still rock hard, and as I watched my daughter take on these three men at once, I suddenly recalled that night eight years ago when I'd fucked her for the first time.

A thunder storm had rolled in, and I was awakened by my little ten year old daughter shaking my shoulder.

“Daddy.” she said as she shook me. “Wake up daddy.”

“What is it sweetie?” I asked groggily.

“I'm scared of the lightning.” she whined. “Can I get in bed with you?”

“Okay honey.” I said, rolling onto my back, and pulling aside the blanket for her to climb in.

I had always slept naked.
A fact that I didn't really consider until I felt her soft cotton night gown against my skin, and heard her ask, “Where are your PJ's daddy?”

“Daddy doesn't wear PJ's baby.” I told her, wrapping my arm around her, and kissing her on the forehead. “Now go to sleep okay.”

“Okay.” she whispered, cuddling up close to me. “Night daddy.”

I drifted back to sleep only to be awakened sometime later by a strange sensation in my loins.
It was still raining pretty hard, and I was half awake, and half asleep so it took me a minute to realize that my cock was hard, and was that, was I stroking myself in my sleep?
It was possible, my wife had been working 60+ hours a week for the last month, and although I did masturbate, I'd still been feeling horny as hell lately.
As I slowly became aware of the rest of my body I realized that one arm was around my daughter, and the other was behind my head.
I quickly returned my attention to my crotch, and that's when I noticed what felt like a soft little hand stroking me.
I looked down, and I could hear my little girl softly cooing to herself as she slowly stroked my hard cock.
Although I now knew what was going on, I was still having a hard time wrapping my head around it.
“W-what are you doing baby?” I whispered.

“I don't know.” she replied innocently. “It just makes me feel better. Not so scared.”

If you were to ask me now I honestly couldn't tell you why I'd said what I'd said next.
Maybe I thought I was being funny because it was with a slight chuckle that I suggested, “Why don't you suck on it lick a pacifier, maybe that will make you feel even better.”

“Okay.” she chirped, and quickly disappeared under the blanket.

Whoa, wait, did I just? Did she just?
Suddenly I felt her warm, moist mouth wrap around the head of my penis, holding my shaft in both her little hands as she began to suckle.
My eyes popped open, and my jaw dropped, as I fought the urge to thrust up into her mouth.
I was sure as fuck awake now.

I threw the blanket aside, and looked down, my breathing becoming quick, and shallow, my mouth moving up, and down, but my brain still in too much shock to put words in it as I watched my daughter suck on the head of my cock.
She pulled her mouth off with a little pop, smiled up at me, and said, "You're right daddy, it does make me feel better." before taking me back into her mouth.

I still couldn't think of anything to say, but my hands flew down, and grasped her head, ostensibly to pull her away, but then she did something even more unexpected.
She began rubbing her tongue on the underside of my cock, and slowly bobbing her head up, and down.
I buried my hands in her thick, dark hair, and finally found my voice.
"Oh god Amber," I panted. "what are you doing to me baby?"

Once again she pulled her mouth off of me with a slurp, and said, "I'm just trying to make you feel happy daddy. Doesn't this make you feel happy?" before taking the bulbous head of my penis into her mouth again.
As she sucked the head in, and out I could feel thick beads of saliva rolling down my shaft, and knowing that having my cock in her her mouth was making it water drove my mind into an erotic frenzy.

I should have pulled her off of my cock, I should have told her, “No! Daddies, and daughters don't do that together.” but instead I cradled her head in my hands, looked down, and asked in a breathy voice, “Oh god baby, where do you learn to do that?”

She slid my cock out of her mouth, and then bit her lip, blushing a deep crimson before saying, “Watching you, and mommy.” she lowered her head, before going on. “When mommy sucks your thingy it looks like it makes you feel really happy, I want to make you feel happy too daddy. Please daddy, can I make you feel happy too?”
Then she began sucking me again, humming a pleading whine around my dick, and looking up at me imploringly as she slurped the head of my penis in, and out her sweet little mouth.

I'd always had a hard time saying no to my little girl, and so even though I knew how completely sick, and wrong it was, I said, “Oh yeah, ssssss, make daddy feel happy baby. Suck on daddy's cock. Sssssss yeeah, that's my good little girl.” as I began thrusting up, slowly fucking my baby girl's moist, sucking little mouth.

I lifted my shoulders up off of the bed so I could reach down, pull up her little flower print cotton night gown, and rub the soft naked skin of her back as she sucked me off.
We stayed like that for awhile, and I tried to keep my breaths deep, and steady as she slowly bobbed up, and down on my throbbing tool making wet, sucking sounds.
Then she pulled me from between her lips, and said, “I'm hot daddy, can you take my nighty off?”

“Sure baby.” I said, as she lifted her arms, and I pulled off her night gown, and then flung it onto the floor.
In the light from the window I could see her lithe little ten year old body as she crouched next to me, and began sucking my cock again.
I reached down, and began rubbing her little prepubescent tittie, gently pinching her hard little nipple, and squeezing her soft breast meat.
Her breasts were just barley starting to bud, but they felt so nice, and soft as I massaged one, then the other, causing her to moan around my thick prick in her mouth.
I decided that if she wanted to suck my cock, I would teach her to do it right.
I pulled her head off of me, and began spreading my legs as I said, "Come here honey, get in between daddy's legs."

"Okay daddy." she chirped enthusiastically, climbing over my thigh, and settling down in front of my cock, and balls.

I put one of her hands on my balls, and the other around my shaft, and said, "Now play with daddy's balls, and lick all up, and down his cock lick a lollipop baby."
She immediately began fondling me, and pressing her tongue against the shaft of my stiff prick, spreading her saliva all over me.
She took to it instantly, caressing my balls gently yet firmly, and once she'd gotten my cock nice, and wet I showed her how to stroke it, and she was perfect, running her little hand up, and down my shaft with just the right amount of pressure.
"Oh yeah, that's good baby." I panted. "Now take it back into your mouth, and suck on it."
She bobbed her head up, down, taking as much of me into her little mouth as she could, and being a good father, I encouraged her by saying, "Ssss, yeah, that's just right baby. Oh yeah, you're daddy's good little girl."

She was definitely aroused by having my cock in her mouth because beside drooling all over it, I could now also smell the musky odor of her sweet little pussy.
God, it smelled so fresh, and good that I just knew I had to taste it, but first I had to taste her lips.
"Come here baby," I said, pulling her up, onto my chest. "Lie down on me."
She giggled as I kissed her all over her pretty little face, and then I pressed my lips against hers, tentatively poking my tongue into her mouth.
Once again she took to it like a fish to water, thrusting her little tongue into my mouth, and cooing sweetly.
I ran my hands all over her little body, squeezing, and caressing her soft skin, and then took an ass cheek in each hand, giving them a good squeeze.

She spontaneously broke from our kiss, a thin trail of saliva dropping on my chin as she moaned, "Ooooo, daaaaddyyyy."
She didn't have the thick, perfect ass that she has today, but even at ten it was already round, and smooth.

"Okay Amber," I instructed. "Turn around, and suck my cock some more."
She quickly obeyed, putting her little butt in my face, and taking my thick, hard penis back into her mouth, sucking it like her favorite lollipop.
I kept one arm on the outside of her thighs as she straddled my shoulders, readjusting my pillows so that my nose pressed right into the wet spot on her white cotton panties.
I inhaled deeply through my nose, taking in the intoxicating scent of her sweet young pussy.
I pulled the crotch of her panties aside, spreading her soft, thick labia open with my fingers, then ran my tongue across her stiff little clitoris, and through her sticky slit.
She pulled her mouth off of my cock drawing in a sharp breath, and then whimpered, "Ooo daddy," sounding excited, and a little confused. "You licked my pee pee."

"I know baby." I replied salaciously. "Daddy's gonna lick you all over your little pee pee." and then took her clit into my mouth, sucking on her sweet flesh like I was starving.

"It feels funny daddy." she whined, sounding scared as her body shuddered on top of me.

"Shh, shh, shh," I soothed, rubbing her back, and massaging her ass. "Daddy just wants to make you feel happy too." before licking her wet little pussy some more.
She writhed, and wiggled on my chest as I stuck my tongue into her tight little hole, pushing in until the tip of my tongue touched her hymen.
I fucked her shallow hole with my tongue, the sweet taste of her little girl juice making me even hornier.
I held her body tight against me, my arm around her little waist, while I grasped one of her ass cheeks with the other hand, holding her crotch against my mouth.

As I began sucking her clit again, probing her moist little pussy hole with my thumb, I felt her body twist on top of me as if she were trying to look behind her.
"Oh-oh god da-daddy," she cried. "Wha-what are you do-doing too m-my pee peeeeee?" her voice beginning to shudder as her whole body shook.
I extended my tongue, rubbing her stiff little clitoris with the tip, as tiny rivulets of her sweet, sticky girl juice began pumping rhythmically into my mouth.

She grasped my hips, and pressed her face against my lower abdomen, grunting to the rhythm of her orgasm.
I greedily lapped up every bit if her cum that I could get in my mouth, grunting like an animal.
If she had been watching her mother, and I, I suspected that she must have touched herself, and maybe even had the odd orgasm, but nothing like this.
As her climax began to wind down, I realized that there was nothing on earth that I wanted more at that moment than to fuck my daughter.

I rolled her off of me, and left her on the bed panting, and rubbing her wet, swollen little pussy.
"Daddy?" she asked, shielding her eyes as I turned on the lights, and walked back toward the bed.
I wanted to make sure I got a good view of what I was about to do.

"Come here baby." I instructed, stacking the pillows up in the middle of the bed, grasping her tiny waist, and placing her ass on top of the soft pile.
She was sitting up, facing me as I stood on my knees on the mattress, so I slipped my arm around her waist, and bent my head down, taking one of her hard little nipples into my mouth.

"Oh daddy." she moaned, resting her head against my neck as I slid my other hand down her tummy, playing with her bald little vagina, licking, and sucking her tiny tittie.
Once I was satisfied that she was still good, and wet I leaned forward, laying her on her back, giving her another deep tongue kiss as her shoulders hit the mattress.
I drew myself up onto my knees, widening my stance so that my cock was at the same level as her pretty little pussy elevated up on the pillows.
Now that I could see it well, I realized that her sweet little cunt looked as good as it tasted, and I couldn't wait to get inside of it.

I grasped her thighs, spreading them open a little wider, and I couldn't resist the urge to dip my head down, shoving my tongue into her virgin hole, licking her all over her tender, wet flesh.
"Oooo daddy," she giggled, "You put your tongue in my pee pee again."

"I know baby," I said salaciously, as I drew myself back up, smiling down at her, and I began rubbing the head of my penis through the thick folds of her pink, swollen pussy. "and I'm about to stick something else in there."

"Wha-what are you doing to me daddy." she asked nervously.
This was obviously going way too fast for her, but that was just too damn bad.
There was no way that I was gonna stop now that I had her moist little hole on the end of my dick, wet, and ready to be violated.

"It's okay sweetie," I grunted as I began pushing the tip of my penis into the entrance of her tight, hairless little vagina. "Daddy's just gonna fuck you."

I could see tears begin to bead up on the edge of her eyes, here mouth moving up, and down as her breathing became quick, and shallow, but, "That-that's a bad wor-word daddy." was all she could think to say.

"I know it's a bad word." I replied in a breathy voice, as I slipped the head of my cock into her tiny hole, and it squeezed me so hard that it almost hurt. "But it feels so good baby."
Now that my cock was lodged firmly inside her, I grasped a thigh in each hand, and began slowly pushing in deeper until I pushed against her little cherry.

A tear flowed down, and she whimpered, "I'm sca-scared daddy, I doh-oh-n't want to play anym-m-more." as I began slowly working the tip in, and out of the entrance of her tight little hole.

"Shhh, it's okay baby." I soothed. "Daddy's just trying to make you feel even better."
She wrinkled her adorable little ten year old nose at me, clearly confused as to what I meant, so I went on.
"You know how it made you feel good to touch my penis, and how putting it in your mouth felt even better?"
She nodded, looking up at me suspiciously.
"And didn't it feel really good when I licked your sweet little pussy?" I asked.
She nodded slowly, still eying me dubiously, as if she wasn't sure where this was going.
"Well just think how good you're gonna feel when I put my penis inside your little pussy." I said grinning, and doing my best to make it sound like the funnest thing in the world, which to be honest didn't take a lot of acting on my part.

The look on her face told me that she was having a hard time finding the flaw in this logic as she softly grunted to the rhythm of my bulbous head slowly rocking in, and out of her moist, tight little hole.
She still didn't seem to be entirely convinced, but that was okay because I was about to convince her like a mother fucker, well, daughter fucker technically, but whatever.
"Okay baby," I warned. "This might hurt a little bit."

Her eyes went wide, and she sucked in a deep breath through her teeth as I thrust hard into her tight little vagina.
I felt a slight bit of resistance as the tip of my dick pushed against her little cherry, and then it burst, coating my shaft with blood as I slipped half way into her.
Her tiny pussy squeezed my hard cock so hard that it almost hurt as she suddenly started panting quick and shallow before bursting into tears.
"No daddy," she wept. "Take it out. It's too big."

I bent down, taking her in my arms, and as I lifted her shoulders off of the mattress a couple more inches of my stiff prick slipped into her, and she threw her arms around me, holding on tight.
I held her head on my shoulder with one hand, and grasped her tight little ass with the other.
"It huuuurtsss." she sobbed, as I slowly slide the rest of my thick meat into her tender, swollen little pussy until I felt the tip push against her prepubescent cervix.
I wanted to reassure her, to tell her to relax, and that it would be okay, but the feeling her tiny cunt griping the full length of my penis was so intense that all I could do was grunt, and pant.

I held her that way for a long time, crying on my shoulder with my cock lodged deep inside her, and slowly she stopped crying, and began flexing around me, almost as if she were exploring my hard shaft with her little vagina.
I relaxed my grip on her ass, and she pulled back, getting a couple of inches out.
she whimpered a little as I pushed on her ass, once again burying my whole cock inside her.
After a minute, or so, she drew her ass back again, so I pulled her back onto my throbbing fuck muscle.
We did this about five, or six times, until finally, before I could push her back onto my cock, she did it her self.
"Oh yeah, that's my good little girl." I cooed in her ear, sliding my arm around her waist as she slowly bucked her hips, sliding those last few inches in, and out of her tight, moist little hole.

"It feels so big inside me daddy." she whispered back, her voice expressing equal parts pain, and pleasure, as she continued slowly rolling her hips, taking a little more out, and putting it all the way back in with every stroke.
I let her go on like that for a little while, enjoying the motion of her hips, and the way her tiny pussy sucked at my hard shaft as we held each other tight, until I decided it was time to get down to the serious fucking.

I leaned forward, laying her back on the bed instructing her to let go of me, and as her arms flopped back onto the mattress I drew myself up onto my knees, so that I could see my cock buried in her sweet bald little pussy.
She drew in a long deep breath as I slowly pulled out to the tip, and the sight of those bright red streaks of blood on my shaft seemed to make my cock even harder, as if the visual evidence that I'd just deflowered my daughter was acting as the most powerful aphrodisiac imaginable.
"Ooooooooo." she cooed as I slowly slid all the way back into her.
As I began slowly fucking my little girl, before long she had wrapped her legs around me, and was pulling me towards her on the in strokes, panting, and cooing as she squeezed her little prepubescent breasts.

"See baby," I said slyly. "Isn't this even better?"
She blushed, and nodded, biting her bottom lip as she looked me in the eye.
I pulled out to the tip, rolling my hips so as to move just the head around in her tight pussy, and then she yelped in three sharp reports as I quickly thrust half way into her three times, fast, rolling my hips again before going all the way back in slowly.
She gasped, and moaned as I pulled back to the tip again, but this time I didn't go back in, I just stayed there with only the head in her sweet pussy.

"Daaaaddyyyy." she whined, trying to trust her hips up, and pull me in with her legs.

"What is it baby?" I asked teasingly.

"Put it in meee." she whimpered, still trying to impale herself as I held her thighs firmly against the pillows.

I just had to tease her some more.
"What's the magic word pumpkin?" I asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Pleeeeease." she begged.

"Please what?" I asked, enjoying the hell out of teasing her.

"Please put your thingy in me." she whined through tears of frustration. "Pleeeeease daddy, put it in meeeee."

The way that she begged for my cock was nothing short of adorable, not to mention astoundingly fast progress.
I less than twenty minutes she'd gone from, "No daddy, take it out." to, "Please daddy put it in me."
I decided she'd had enough teasing, and she panted hard as I quickly thrust all the way into her little pussy twice, and then pulling back out to the tip I asked, "You mean like that baby?"
She nodded enthusiastically, her eyes wild, and that was all I needed.

I started fucking her hard, the feeling of her almost impossibly tight vagina as I repeatedly pounded into it making me feel as though I might cum at any moment.
Then I felt her tiny cunt begin to clench rhythmically around my thrusting tool as she moaned, "Ooooooooodaaaaaddyyyyyyy!" and that did it.
I grunted loudly as my hot jizz pumped into my daughter's little pussy, the feeling of her tight squeezing little hole milking my sperm out of me driving me mad with lust.
I thrust all the way into her, and I guess her tiny twat couldn't hold it all because I could feel thick globs of cum sliding out between her vaginal wall, and the underside of my cock.
I pitched forward, gasping her tiny wrists, and pinning them to the mattress as I just kept cumming inside her sweet, young pussy.

"Oh yeah baby." I panted, laying my head next to hers on the matress as she finally drained my balls.

We both lay there panting, and recovering from our orgasms, when she turned her head, kissed my cheek, and whispered, "I love you daddy."

"I love you too baby girl." I replied, kissing her slowly, and sweetly on her mouth.
Then a thought suddenly occurred to me, and I whispered, "Now, it's really important that you don't tell mommy about this Amber."

"Why?" she asked innocently.

I didn't want to go into a long explanation so I just said, "If you ever want daddy to fuck you again, you just can't tell mommy, okay?"

"Okay." she agreed. "It'll just be our secret daddy."

"That's right baby," I said with a smile. "It'll just be our little secret."

We laid there for a while, my still rock hard cock all the way inside her now creamy pussy, when suddenly she whispered, "Daddy?"

"What is it sweetie?" I whispered back.

And I will never forget the sound of her sweet little voice as she whispered, "Can we do it again?"

That was how it started, but my walk down memory lane was suddenly interrupted when I heard Jim pant, "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum."

She managed to pull her mouth off of Steve's cock, and chant, "Cum inside me uncle Jimmy, cum inside me."
Joey must have been close as well because he pushed all the way into her ass, gunting hard, and just then Amber started quivering, and moaning, "Oooooohhh gooooooood."

Seeing them all climax at the same time must have set Steve off too because he grunted, "Oooohhh shiiiit!" as thick ribbons of pearly white cum began spurting out of the end of his cock, and landing all over my daughter's pretty little face.
My cock felt like it was hard enough to cut diamonds as I watched all this with my mouth hanging open.
Four simultaneous orgasms?
This hed to be some kind of fucking record, and it was shit for sure the most amazing thing that I'd ever seen.

Then, without warning, I heard the front door open, and the unmistakable sound of my wife's voice saying, "I got off work early, so..."
Her keys fell to the floor, and her jaw dropped as she took in the scene before her.
Then, after what seemed like an eternity, she screamed at the top of her voice, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!?"

Boy was I gonna have some 'splaining to do.

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2015-07-24 07:29:43
I love your stories! My Grandfather when I would go for the summer taught me at a young age about sex.. it was awesome!

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2015-07-06 04:10:49
been there, done that. I got busted, not by my mom or step dad, but my step brother, he caught me with 3 of his friends. not a pretty picture. yes i was 19 at the time they were all 26yrs old. by the way my step brother acted that night you would think i was under age. but alls well that ends well. 10yrs later they are still friend's and i'm now happily married (8yrs) to one of those guy's from that night.....loved the story. hope you add another part. would love to see how the mom deals with this.


2015-04-07 04:06:23
Big fan, would you please do a part two where she joins in because fuck yea!

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OMG I want to be gangbanged like that so bad.

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you got me soaked! I am so glad now that you pussy says thanks, Eric. Xx

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