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A father catches his 13 year old daughter getting fucked.
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.

16 year-old Monica lay on her back in her bed with a well built 17 year -old senior from her school between her legs pounding his hard cock deeply into her cunt. Her eyes were closed and she had her fingers in his chest hair. Soon she shuddered and rolled her head back and forth and dug her fingers into the bed sheets as she climaxed. Her orgasm brought him to his and as he came she opened her eyes. Monica screamed, "Daddy", as she saw her father standing in the doorway. Before the young man between her legs had even finished coming she pushed him off of her and strings of his thick salty baby making fluid flew everywhere. He jumped off the bed, grabbed his clothes and held them in front of his dripping cock in a far corner of the pink girl's bedroom. She pulled her pink sheet over her, up to her chin. He had not seen Monica's father as his back was to the doorway as he fucked this 16 year-old Jr. high slut that almost half the senior class boys had fucked in the last couple of months. The children were in panic mode and were frozen in place. No one moved or said a word for about 30 seconds. Then Bill, Monica's father, stepped to the side of the doorway and motioned through it with the upturned palm of his hand. The frightened high school senior ran past the older man clutching his clothes. He didn't stop to put them on till he was just inside the front door. Looking back to see that her father was not behind him, he jumped into his pants and shirt and, still carrying his shoes, rushed out of the house, his underwear still on Monica's bedroom floor. Bill came over and sat on the corner of her bed as she cowered in front of him. He smiled. "So my sweet little daughter, Monica, likes to fuck. I was going to pop your cherry on your 16th birthday in a couple of months. Looks like I'm too late." Monica looked shocked at what she had just heard. Bill stood up, moved closer to his daughter, dropped his pants and underwear and put his hand into her hair. His large hard cock touched her lips and he said, "Show Daddy what you can do." Monica opened her mouth and put her lips around the tip of her father's 8 inches. She licked the pre-cum from his hole and the underside of his cock head making his rock hard cock jump. His cock was not only long but it was also thicker that any she had ever had so she had to stretch her lips around it. Bill put both hands in her hair and pulled her to him as he pushed into his daughter's mouth. Getting about half of his manhood into her he hit the back of her mouth and she gagged and pulled back. Bill thought to himself, "so she can't deep throat - yet." but the next push went straight down into her throat. Bill and Monica got a good rhythm going as he face fucked his just teenaged daughter. After about 5 minutes Bill could feel his balls start to tighten. He looked at Monica and told her that he was going to come in her mouth and she should show him his cum and then swallow it. She nodded. Bill stopped and laid his cock head on her lower lip while she held her mouth wide open. Bill stroked his shaft with his hand causing him to explode into his daughter's mouth. Jet after jet of his spunk filled her mouth till it started to run down onto her chin. Bill backed away a step and looked at his little cock sucking offspring. She held her sperm filled mouth open and then closed it and swallowed her father's entire load. Bill wiped the last of his cum from his cock onto her nose. She opened her mouth and he put himself back in her for a few more sucks as he went soft. Bill kissed her on the forehead, smiled and told her what a great cock sucker she was. He knew that he could teach her how to be better. She smiled back at him and said "Thank you Daddy. You have the most wonderful cock."

Bill was 38 years old. He and his wife had divorced 10 years ago after 5 years of marriage and she had left without ever seeing either of them again. He did not mind a lot. Sex with her had been very unsatisfying and they had argued about every little thing. After the first year of their marriage he had started dating other women in order to get fucked the ways that he liked and when he did fuck his wife he almost had to rape her. He loved his wonderful little girl and worked hard to give her as good of a life as he could. They were very close and happy together. He watched her grow up and about a year ago she started to fill out her figure. Now she had nice c-cup tits and just a little bit of baby fat left. She had always been a very good girl and good in school. She was very grown up for her age and at 12 she started babysitting around the neighborhood so now that she was 13 he did not think she needed a babysitter when he went out of town on business or for a good fucking which was about one day a week. It was because of returning home a little early from one of these trips that he caught Monica getting fucked. He had gone to her room because when he came in from the garage he heard noises from her room and wanted to say Hi. He had planned to teach her about sex on her 14th birthday and not just by showing her a book.

A little later she came down from her room. He picked her up and gave her a little kiss on the lips. They went out for a fast food supper and when they got home Bill took her to the living room and sat her down. "We need to talk," he said. "That was a real shock when I looked in your room and saw you getting fucked. You were really getting into it. I didn't think you were sexually active yet. Start at the beginning and tell me what has been happening."

Monica replied that about 6 months ago, after she had gotten her tits, the boys at school had started looking at her more and talking to her more, even the older ones. One day after school Jason, who had just gotten his drivers license asked if he could give her a ride home. It was great to have an older boy interested in her and she had said yes. They got in his car and he asked if she had to go straight home. She said no and he pulled onto a dirt road and parked in a clearing. He told her that he had noticed how she had grown in the last several months and that he and his friends all thought she was real cute now. Then he leaned over and kisses her on the mouth and at the same time he grabbed one of her tits through her clothes and rubbed and squeezed it. She did not want him telling everyone that she was a baby so she didn't stop him. Next he ran his hand up under her blouse and bra and grabbed her bare tit. He told her that he wanted to fuck her. At that point she pushed him away and said no. "If you won't let me fuck you then at least give me a blow job." He kissed her again. She was getting hot and feeling funny. Monica admitted that she had never seen a grown boy's thing and did not know what to do. "It's easy and I'll teach you." Jason reached down and unzipped his pants and took out his cock. It was already hard and almost 6 inches long and the thickness of a broomstick. "Put your head in my lap and open your mouth. Put as much of my cock in as you can and close your lips tight around it. Don't touch it with your teeth. Then suck hard on it like you are trying to get a thick milkshake through a straw and move your head up and down on it." Monica looked at his shaft and then tentatively touched her lips to Jason’s cock. Then she opened her mouth a little and let the head slip between her lips. She liked the feel of it and licked around the head and then pushed a little further down his pole. Monica started moving her head up and down on the shaft in her mouth and sucking as hard as she could. Jason put his hand behind her head and encouraged her to go deeper. Each time he would touch the back of her mouth she would start to gag but each time it was less intense. Then, without saying a word, Jason held her still with her head well down on his cock and splattered her throat with his cum. It was hot and salty and slightly bitter. Monica coughed hard and spit part of it out around his cock. She wanted to spit out his load of spunk in her mouth but he held her there till she had to swallow. Then he let her up and put himself back into his pants. Monica had mixed emotions about what had just happened and was glad that he then took her straight home. When he let her out he told her how good she had done and that he looked forward to seeing her the next day at school.

Bill was very excited hearing Monica tell about her first sex and asked her to tell him more about what happened after that. Monica continued that that night she stayed up almost all night looking up sex on the computer. She found thousands of fuck and suck pictures and sex stories but she also found information about having sex. She had heard from other girls and she also found on the computer that the first time she had to have her cherry popped. She had rubbed herself between the legs before and she enjoyed it but that night she inserted a hairbrush handle in her pussy. When she came to the resistance she pushed hard and popped her own cherry. It hurt and she bled but it was not as bad as she had expected. She finally went to sleep. Bill was very disappointed to hear that a piece of plastic had the pleasure of taking his daughters cherry. He had been looking forward to having the honor. The next day Jason found her at her locker. She wasn't sure if she wanted him to or not. "Hi Monica, How are you today?" Jason had two other older boys with him and one said, "I hear that you are a real good cock sucker. How about coming with all three of us after school?" Monica blushed and hit Jason on the arm. "My car right after last class. See you there." She did not see them for the rest of the day because they were a couple of grades ahead of her and they did not share any classes. After last class Monica left the school to go home. Right in front of the building was Jason's car with the three older boys in it. Monica started to turn and head for home but then, without being sure why, she turned back and got in the back seat of the car. Hal was in back with her and as soon as she shut the door he grabbed her tit and Phil reached back between the bucket seats and slid his hand up between her legs under her skirt. Jason pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the same spot as the day before. Monica felt very nervous but also excited and wanted and sluttish. She had decided that she had liked sucking Jason's cock the day before and she liked having the older boys paying attention to her, even if it was only because they thought that they were going to get sex from her.

When they stopped at the same spot they all got out and the boys were ready with a blanket to spread on the ground. They put Monica on her knees in the middle of the blanket. Then Jason reached down and pulled her blouse and bra off over her head. For a minute Monica covered her chest with her arms but soon dropped them as the boys dropped their pants and stood in front of her with their erections standing out towards her face. Jason told her to show his friends what he had taught her the day before. Monica reached for the closest cock and sucked it into her mouth. After a couple of minutes the next guy pulled her off and over to his cock. Jason reached down and put her on her hands and knees and started to rub her pussy while she sucked the two hard cocks that were at her face. None of them were very big and as she sucked and Jason rubbed her pussy she got to where she could take them to the back of her mouth without gagging. Then Hal grabbed her head and pushed himself into her throat. "Look everybody, the little slut is deep throating me. After that none of them was satisfied unless his cock was in her throat as he face fucked her. Sometimes she had trouble breathing but she found that she liked it and so much wanted the boys to like her. As she was deep throating the two new boys, Jason got behind her and lifted her skirt over her hips and pulled her panties to the side. He lined his cock up to her pussy hole and shoved it in. Monica was being fucked for the first time. Monica had already taken her own cherry and she was dripping wet with her own juices as she sucked Hal and Phil so Jason did not hurt her as he filled her cunt for the first time and started fucking in and out of her. She turned and told him not to come in her pussy but to come around and she would suck him when it was time because she did not want to get preggy. Hal came first and blew his load all over her face. She made Phil come next and she kept his cum in her mouth and swallowed. Then Jason came to her face and she sucked him. He tasted a little different with her cum on his cock also. He pushed down her throat for the first time and shot his seed directly down her throat. They all got dressed and headed for home.

The next day almost everyone in the 9th through 12th grades had heard what had happened and they all looked at her and many said Hi. Some of the girls gave her big smiles and others called her a slut. Many of the teachers watched her closely as she walked by. That afternoon she went to the school nurse and got on the pill. Like the nurse said, she did not let anyone fuck her for a month while the pills started to work but that did not mean that she did not meet a lot of new boys by giving them head. Once she was sure that the pill was working, she was so horny that she told Jason to get two others and take them all to the woods so she could get fucked by all of them that day. It was a great party. She got five loads in her pussy and two down her throat. That was about three months ago and ever after that she has gone with or brought home at least one guy almost every day to fuck and suck.

Bill was so turned on as his daughter told her tale of how she had become the school slut that he had taken out his manhood and was stroking it. "You don't have to do that for yourself Dad, I’ll take care of you. With that she started sucking his cock. While she was doing it she was working her way out of her clothes. Soon she was naked as a newborn as she deep throated her father. He played with her tits as she sucked him. Monica stopped and told him that she wanted him to fuck her good with his big hard man cock. "I want you to fill my pussy with that big daddy toy of yours. Empty your hot sweet cum into your slut daughter." "I've got a treat for your first." Bill replied. He picked Monica up and sat her on the couch, put her legs over his shoulders and dove face first into her pussy. For the first time a man was taking the time to eat her out and fully pleasure her. He licked her clit and hole and ate her through two loud orgasms. Then he stripped and sat on the couch and lifted Monica onto his lap and guided his boner into her twat as he set her down. He bounced her up and down on his shaft till be came and filled her hole. Some of it ran back out onto his balls and the couch. She turned around and licked his cock and balls clean. Bill put her back on his lap with his softening cock in her and played with her tits as they both calmed down. Honey, from now on why don't you share my bed with me any night that one of us does not have company. That sounded good to her and off to bed they went. In the middle of the night she got up to go to the potty. When she got back in bed she sucked another load of cum out of her fathers cock before going back to sleep.

For the next four years till she went off to college Monica would fuck and suck with one or more boys from school or her father just about every night. Many times Bill had friends come over and he shared his slut daughter with them. No one ever went home unsatisfied. One time Monica and her father got called to the school consoler's office because she had been caught sucking off four boys in the boys’ bathroom. When Bill saw who the consoler was he remembered hearing stories that she was a lesbian and solved the problem by locking the office door and having Monica eat her first pussy.

Monica and her father and the people in their town have a lot more good stories to tell, and have made some great movies too but this story has to come to an end so I can get to bed and fuck my daughter, Amy. Goodnight all.....


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2015-06-27 18:34:46
I started to fuck my daughter when she was 12. At first she was very reluctant but I made her understand it wasn't a suggestion. I've fucked her for 3 years now and have no plans to stop. You can't let them think they have a choice. Now she's all in to it.

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I have no fuckin idea why ppl are saying it was unbelievable. Great concept. I would Love to fuck my 15 year little bitch down the hall but she's way to conservative. Ugh.

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Everyone's saying next year when I start high school that I'm gonna be the school slut,yikes

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I just wanted to take a mnmoet to congratulate you on your decision to remove your child from a situation that she would not have progressed in, from what you have described I have to agree with you that it was not a good setting for her.My son was diagnosed as Mild ASD with SID (SPD for some) speech and fine motor delay when he was just days shy of turning three. We did the early intervention at home and the special preschool classes and he did well until we moved to where we live now. His teachers here were the only ones that taught the preschool and they just let him do what he wanted while in their class as long as he didn't disturb them or the other kids. I was disappointed with this but decided to let it go for the time being because the few times I did observe the class he seemed happy and the other kids were all doing much the same thing.It wasn't until this school year (1st grade) that it became very clear that the school was not going to give him anything more then the b

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My radio show emanates from PA. It is a cortuny formatted FM station but allows a six hour Saturday night window for older stuff. I'm quite proud of the show as it gives listeners in our part of the Commonwealth, Delaware and Maryland and anyone who picks it up streaming on the worldwide web, the opportunity to hear the music others have forgotten much of it is the roots' of cortuny. The 50 s, 60 s up through the 80s. A good mix if I must say so myself. Thanks for asking!

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