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Erica never wears expensive underwear, well almost never. The styles weren’t outdated or anything just inexpensive. She can be seen most weekends at a large box store buying pairs of panties and other various clothing, the cheaper the better. That is because Erica has a little secret. A secret she has never shared with anyone and has no plans to do so.

It started not too long ago while she was getting dressed for work. She was in a hurry and not paying attention. She was looking for some now forgotten item in her dresser when she walked to her closet. What happened lead her on a path that she now almost has no control over. You see, Erica likes to rip clothing. She likes the sound and the feeling, just about everything about it. That day her panties hooked on the drawer as she walked by and ripped a hole in the back. At first she was upset she ruined the pair but then she was changing she notice she was kind of turned on by it. She finished getting dressed and proceeded to head to work as normal but all day long she only had one thought in her head. That thought was the ripping sound.

Erica returned home and found the panties she had thrown in the wastebasket. She wasn’t sure what to do next. She examined them and changed into them, nothing but them and lay down on the bed. She began to rub herself through the panties but that wasn’t enough. She needed more, more of that sound from this morning. With both hands she reached between her legs and hooked her fingers in the torn hole. She at first pulled slowly so it would just rip. That sound was incredible! She wanted more so she pulled with everything she had! The sound echoed in her bedroom, a very load rip! She tore her panties from the rear end all the way up between her legs stopping halfway up the front panel exposing her sex. That is what she wanted! Her fingers now continued to pay attention to her pussy which was slopping wet. She still had one hand on her torn panties and pulled very slowly to still produce a ripping sound. As she was about to orgasm she pulled with everything she had! The orgasm was the best she had in years, at least since she had a steady boyfriend! She would never be the same.

Erica didn’t stop there; she searched her closet and dresser looking for any older pair of panties. She would come home each night in a frenzy and with only one way to satisfy herself, To get out of her clothes and change into her older panties. She would start little holes in random spots and then rip away as she played with herself. Soon her wastebasket was over flowing with torn underwear and about to run out or at least pairs she could afford to destroy. After a special trip to a large box store she solved that problem.

This lasted for some time, Erica wanted more. She began to experiment with other clothing. She would rip apart old bras but that wasn’t easy and, as every woman knows, a good bra is hard to find. She started to use old t-shirts, but somehow this didn’t produce the same reaction in her. The naughtiness and the arousal in her lower abdomen wasn’t the same.

Erica still needed more. Not just something different but in different places. While at work she would fantasize about ripping her panties but she always had self control. Now it was becoming harder and harder to hold back. Soon she was prepping her panties ahead of time for work so while at her desk she could fulfill her fantasy. She would create a small hole in the morning and by creatively ripping small amounts throughout the day she would satisfy herself. By the time she got home they would be in tatters barely holding in place. She didn’t always orgasm at work but it was enough, for now.

One afternoon she could not contain herself any longer. She hadn’t prepped her panties that morning due to waking up late. Her workload during the day prevented her from using something at her desk to ‘start’ something discreetly. She had to use the restroom anyways so she decided that was as good a place as any. After finishing her business and confirming the coast was clear Erica removed her panties. Still in the stall she tried to create a starter hole and then she would put them back on. Maybe that would tie her over till the end of the day. She wasn’t having any luck but she did have an idea. Erica spotted the hook, that she normally placed her coat or purse on, on the stall door and thought she could use it. She placed the front panel of her panties on it gave a small tug. It was close to working but not enough. She tried a little harder and then harder on top of that. This isn’t going to work! She gave it one more try. RIPPP!!! She completely tore the front panel apart all the way to the rear leaving most of the waist band on the hook! While this was wonderful sound and it did turn her on but she now would have to go panty less the rest of the day!

“Are you ok in there?”

Erica freaked! Someone had come in while she was working on her underwear! “Yes….thanks” is all she could think to say. How did she not hear her come in?! How could she explain this? Erica’s basic instincts took over and she felt the need to flee. She flushed the toilet to cover her escape and began to walk out not even bothering to wash her hands. How gross! But I need to leave! At the door she heard “Suit yourself” and some giggling.

Erica had made her escape from the restroom sure the mystery guest hadn’t seen her. The movements of her hips were a bit more exaggerated with no panties on as she walked back to her desk. What a great feeling! This should be fun the rest of the day, even though the day had only one hour to go. As she sat down at her desk a terrible thought crossed her mind! She said out loud, “Oh my God! I forgot my panties in the stall!”, but not loud enough for anyone to hear. I have been so careful and now look what I’ve done she thought, I’ll just have to go back and get them sometime before the end of the day. Thank goodness I use the far end stall, that one may not get much use. Erica tried to reassure herself that even if someone found them they couldn’t pin them on her.

Laura, her best friend at the office walked by her desk and said “Hey Erica, We’re still on to go out with the girls tonight?”

Erica had totally forgotten about that! She quickly nodded and “Yes” with a fake smile.

“Good, I don’t want to be alone with the others while they drink and talk about nothing but work. See ya in an hour.” And Laura walked away.

Erica didn’t know if she liked the idea of going out to a bar with no panties or not. Hmmm this could be exciting. But she still needed to get her ripped panties back before leaving. She just needed to finish what she was doing and she would run back there.

A few moments turned to a few minutes which turned into a lot of minutes! Before she knew it 5 pm came around and Laura was standing in front of her desk. “Ready?”

“Yes, let me just grab my purse and…” she paused for a second “I need to run to the restroom really fast before we go.”

“ok” and walked with her to the ladies restroom. Is she going to follow me in? Just act cool, she doesn’t know anything. Just act like you have to go pee and things will be fine. Once in the restroom, Erica headed straight to the stall where she left the torn panties, luckily it wasn’t occupied! She stepped in and closed the door looking at the hook. Nothing! They were gone! Oh no! She looked all around the floor, sat down on the toilet and continued to look over the stalls next to her. Nothing! Erica pretended to do her business while going over what could have happened. What if the other person had seen her? Would they report her or something? Maybe they would tell others about her! Many thoughts flashed through her head.

“Let’s go already!” Laura said impatiently.

“All done” Erica replayed. Oh well, nothing I can do now, she thought. Erica washed up and they both left to meet the others.

The bar they were all meeting at was just across the street from the building they all worked in. It was a neighborhood type of chain bar with the bar along the far wall and rows of booths and tables right when you walk in the door. The most of the girls were already there when Erica and Laura opened the door. Laura lead Erica to the table and they both sat down. As Laura had predicted the conversation was all about work. Add that to the noise from the TV’s and soon both Laura and Erica bored but they continued to try to be social with the group. Erica was a little less bored due to her clothing state. She felt free and naughty without panties. Maybe she could do this more often? Maybe on Monday I’ll just “forget” to wear them? Soon, as always, Mother Nature was making a call that Erica had to answer. She whispered to Laura and both girls left to use the restroom. Entering 2 of the 4 stalls Laura spoke up.

“Oh my god I’m bored”

“Me too” Erica said.

“Hey check this out! I found these in the bathroom at work.” Next thing Erica sees is Laura holding a torn up pair of panties under the stall for her to look at! Her panties! “What the hell do you think happened to them?” She said laughing. Erica didn’t know what to say.”Oh my gosh, that’s too funny.” Giving a fake laugh. Oh my god! Does she know that they’re mine?! Erica continued “Where did you find them?”

“They were in the far stall hanging on the hook behind the door.” She paused “The same one you used on our way out of work.” Erica thought for sure the jig was up and Laura knew.

“Really?” Erica continued “But…why do you have them?”

“Well I was in the potty and doing my thing when I heard this loud rip! I mean really LOUD! So I asked if they needed help and they said no and almost ran for the door. When I finished what I was doing I poked my head in the stall they were in and found these ripped up pair of panties.” By now they both had finished with their business and were at the sinks washing their hands and looking in the mirror.

Laura said “It kind of turns me on to think someone tore their panties and just left them there. I mean to think someone is walking around with no underwear on is hot!” and with that she stepped behind Erica, lifted her skirt, and got a great view of her pantyless bottom.

Erica quickly move to the side and held her skirt down “Hey!”

“I knew it was you! I knew it!” Laura shouted. “Why did you do it?” Erica didn’t know what to say. She had been caught and she knew it. This was her friend, maybe she could tell her the little secret she had? “Yes, they are mine. I have a thing for ripping my panties. It turns me on. There, I said it. Even you mentioned that it turns you on.” Laura could barely stand up she was laughing so hard. Great, Erica thought, it will around the office by tomorrow morning!

Laura composed herself, stood up straight, and said twirling the panties around her finger. “You need to tell me EVERYTHING!” and that’s what Erica did. She held nothing back; she figured that if she was going down at work might as well go down in flames. But something strange happened instead, Laura seemed really turned on by it all. So much so that she touch her pubic area for just a moment.

“I hmm…I want to try it.” And she proceeded to reach under her skirt and pull her panties all the way down to the floor. Next she lifted her right heel of her black pump and stepped on the crotch then pulled her panties up till they stretched tight then slowly increase the pressure till the seam ripped and they shot up the heel of her shoe! This produced a quarter sized hole. Why the hell didn’t I think of that! Laura proceeded to unhook her heel and pull up her now altered garment. “I feel downright naughty! You’re right this is a turn on. Guess I’ll….go sit on the potty and…” she never finished, she walked into a stall and close the door.

Erica didn’t really know what to do. Should she stay in the restroom or leave? This question was answered when she heard Laura soft moan! That turned her on! She had yet to hear any ripping but by the second soft moan she could see Laura lift her pumps off the floor and assumed she had them propped up in the stall door. The moaning continued for a minute or so then Erica heard that wonderful sound of ripping panties! Not a big rip, not an all at once kind of thing. No, more like she was ripping a little and then would wait then rip a little again. This really got Erica wet even though she couldn’t really see a thing! Before she knew it she her hand under her skirt wetting her fingers with her slit and massaging her bud. Laura’s sounds became more frequent and louder which Erica matched with her own playing. “I have to see what was going on in there!” She thought. She took two steps to the stall door attempting to peek through the crack when the restroom door opened! Quickly she pulled her hand free and walked to the mirror pretending to adjust her makeup. Three women from their little office party continued their conversation as they made eye contact with Erica. All sounds had stopped coming from the stall Laura was in. One of the girls walked over to that stall and tried to open the locked door. “I think that one is out of order.” Erica told the girl. “Oh” she said and occupied the next one over. Erica proceeded to leave the restroom. I can’t stay in here the whole time those women are, they’ll think I’m up to something. Erica walked back to the table and sipped her drink watching the TV’s but clearly her mind was somewhere else.

Soon the ladies returned to the table. It’s seemed like nothing could get in the way of their conversation, they just kept right on babbling away. Erica scanned the restroom entrance but no sign of Laura. A few minutes past when she felt a hand on her shoulder, it was Laura. She bent down and whispered to Erica about a bottle of wine at her place. She put some money on the table and told the group they both were leaving and to have a great weekend. With that they both left the bar together.

The walk to Laura’s apartment was very short. She was lucky to have a place close to her work place. It didn’t take long once they cleared the bar door and headed up the street for Erica to ask what had happened in the restroom. Laura told Erica she was sooo excited by ripping her panties, the thought of them torn up and barely hanging on her got her very wet. She said she was very close to going over the edge when she heard the girls walk into the restroom. She couldn’t just put her feet down, who knows what they would have thought! So she just froze and tried her best to not make a peep. Laura explained that she must have jump 5 inches off the toilet when one of them tired to open the stall.

“Can you imagine the site I would have given?! Me sitting on the toilet with my legs up and spread showing my pussy through a pair of torn up panties?” She said. Erica absolutely LOVED that description and was very jealous she wasn’t in that spot! She continued by telling her friend that when she heard them washing their hands she continued with her mission very quietly. When they left she ripped her panties almost clear off and masturbated till the orgasm rushed over her! “Very hot” Erica told her.

They were at Laura’s place in no time. Once inside Laura pointed to the kitchen and the bottle sitting the counter and asked Erica to open and pour them a glass as she walked into her bedroom. Laura returned with two pair of panties, one a cloth yellow thong and the other a very nice red French cut made of silk with lace around the outer seams. She handed the thong to Erica “Here, put these on.” She told Erica. Erica sat her glass down on the counter and stepped into the thong and pulled them up. They fit very nicely even though she didn’t really prefer thongs. Laura lifted up her skirt and showed Eric her panties, or what was left of them! The whole front panel was just hanging from the waistband which prevented her from seeing her sex but got Erica wet instantly! Laura said “Not much left of them now. I thought about leaving them there but I wanted you to see them.” Thank you Eric thought.

Laura pulled her torn up pair down and off then pulled on the red silk ones. They continued to gab about the incident and finish their glasses of wine standing in the kitchen till Laura said something that intrigued Erica.

“I also have a fetish that I’ve never told anyone about…” Laura said as she looked away. Erica didn’t expect the hear that and was very interested in knowing what it could be!

“Oh ya, what is it?” Erica said trying to be nonchalant.

“ummm…I’m only telling you this because of what you told me. You have got to promise you’ll never tell a soul!”

Holding up her right hand Erica said “I swear I’ll never tell another soul. Now what is it?”

“ummm” Laura shifted her stance and looked at the floor a moment then said “I like to give myself wedgies while I masturbate. Sometimes they are frontal, but most of the time from the rear. I do it till I orgasm. There you go.” Erica couldn’t help but laugh, it started as a giggle and just expanded into full, deep laugher. Even Laura saw the humor in it! When they both had caught their breath Erica said softly “I’d like to see that someday.”

Laura didn’t waste time saying “I’ll show you now, you can even help me.” Help her?!? What? She grabbed Erica’s arm and lead her to her kitchen table. She turned the bright kitchen light out and turned on a softer one across the room. Laura bent over the kitchen table at the waist and spread her legs. She flipped up the back of her skirt displaying her red panties to Erica. “Now grab the back of my panties and pull up.” Laura directed her friend. Erica wasn’t sure she wanted to do this but how could she pass up the opportunity? Erica grabbed the waistband right in the center with one hand and slowly pulled up. She watching the red silk pull tight against her friends ass and outline its contours! Laura reached back between her legs with one arm while continuing to rest on the other elbow and rubbed her sex through the stretched panties. Erica changed her grip but accidently grabbed a hold of her friends skirt pulling it along with the panties.

“Hold on, hold on.” Laura said and stood up straight. She unhooked the side of her skirt and lowered the zip. Her skirt fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. She then resumed the position leaning on the table as she was once before. “There that will be easier.” Eric was shocked her friend just did that but it was having an effect on her! She was very egger to see where this went.

Erica grabbed the waistband again and pulled, this time most of the red silky material disappeared in between Laura cheeks. The way Laura was bent over, she could see the panties pulled tight over her mound and this got her very hot! I can’t wait to try this at home Erica thought to herself! Laura was also affected; she started to bend her knees increasing the pressure all the while rubbing herself. Erica continued to watch the show while helping out but moved to directly behind her friend and used both hands to push the waistband higher. This greatly increased the pressure for Laura but made it so she couldn’t see what her friends hand was doing. It also had the side effect that as Laura pushed back on the wedgie she would sometimes touch Erica with her butt! This really turned Laura on! She was soo hot and wet that the wedgie started to work it’s was into her hot slit! Once there the pressure on her clit increased to where she couldn’t take it anymore! A thunderous orgasm over took her as her legs almost buckled and she let out a loud moan that startled Erica! Erica let go and stepped back watching her.

“Are you ok?” She said. Laure could say nothing but node her head and mumble “ah ha”.

Erica was very turned on and her mind raced with naughty thoughts about what she would do once she got home. She walked back to her wine with the intent on finishing it so she could leave and head for home. Laura composed herself pulling her panties back to their normal position and joined Erica in the kitchen and the wine. She didn’t bother to cover herself by putting her skirt back on. An already hot Erica couldn’t take her eyes off Laura’s panties. She didn’t even try to hide her gauze from her friend. Laura picked up on this and played it to her advantage.

“You liked that didn’t you?” Laura said then paused. “You want to do it to yourself, don’t you?”

Erica just nodded taking a larger sip of wine than normal.

“Why not right now? Here I’ll help you.” And with that she grabbed her arm and led her to the bedroom. Eric said nothing and just let herself follow Laura. She was so wet and hot that she just couldn’t turn her friend down. “To hell with it! I really need to get off!” She thought. Once in the bedroom Laura stopped, faced Erica, and started to unbutton her friend’s blouse. Erica closed her eyes and surrendered herself to Laura. She felt her blouse open and be pushed back over her shoulders then drop to the floor. She took a deep breath pushing her chest out. Next she felt her skirt loosen and then drop to the floor joining her blouse. She was standing in front of her friend in just her bra and borrowed thong panties. She opened her eyes and they both looked deep into the others eyes.

“Are you ready? Get on all fours on the bed.”

Erica did what she was told and climbed on the bed facing the foot on her hands and knees. Laura climbed up beside her next to her hips. Her friend placed her left hand on the small of her back and with her right began to reposition her. Laura had Erica move her knees apart and arch her back causing her butt to rise in the air. She also had Erica drop to her elbows which shoot her ass even higher up. Just this position alone was a turn on for Erica. Laura took her right hand and grabbed the waistband of the thong she loaned Erica and pull up toward Erica’s back. Not a hard jerk but just enough to tighten the front panel over Erica’s mound and since it was a thong, of course, it was already between her cheeks. Erica enjoyed the feeling and brought one of her hands between her legs and felt her panties over her pussy. Laura continued to slowly increase the pressure she applied and started to twist & rotate the wedgie.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe what this is doing to me!” Erica thought. She now was rubbing her clit very hard and started to buck her hips against the wedgie to match Laura’s pulling motion. Erica also attacked her nipple through her bra with her free hand. They quickly became almost painfully hard but it didn’t stop her from scratching and pulling them. Laura saw the effect she was having on her friend. She slowly moved her left hand up her back and very quickly undid the bra clasp then pushed the garment free of both shoulders. Erica instinctively pulled her arms out of the bra which disappeared like magic. She now had free rein over her breasts and continued the pull and tugged at each nipple. She was now pushed very hard against the wedgie almost overpowering Laura’s right arm. Erica looked back at just the right time to see Laura grab something from the night stand. She couldn’t tell what but she didn’t care since she was so close to orgasm! Laura stopped pulling but continued to hold pressure on the wedgie which caused Erica to look back again. “What is she doing? Why did she stop?” She thought. She soon found out.

Laura had the waistband and thong bunched now in her left hand and in her right she had a small pair of scissors. The way she was holding it, she cut each side of the thong but still held the pressure for a moment then releasing the sides she quickly pulled the thong free of Erica! Erica felt the pressure release and fabric disappear from her finger tips; She brought her head shooting up and a loud “OH!” escaped her mouth! She now felt her own sex with no panty barrier and quickly inserted two fingers. Erica was now franticly masturbating and was seconds from exploding! She closed her eyes and arched her back as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her.

She opened her eyes, looking into Laura’s eyes, and could only say “Wow!”.

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