This is the 5th and final part of this short story. Warning: This story contains pedo rape involving girls boys and a baby. If that's not your thing don't read, blah blah blah. This chapter is longer than any of the other and it may appear unfinished in an aspect or two but have no fear there will be a side story published later to tie up the loose end. Hope all you pervs have fun jacking off to it:)
Gas Station Rape
Chapter 5: Return to the Station

A week passed. A week filled with perverse deeds as Tom and Sandy subjected there kids to every humiliation they could think of. Tom took a weeks vacation from work so he and his wife could explore their depravations.

Sammy wept in bed at night as he saw no end to the nightmare as his parents and occasional his sister raped and humiliated over and over.

Julie tried to protect her brother but at times couldn’t resist the lustful urges that built in her as her parents raped her and her brother and sometimes forced her to fuck her brother. At night shame and guilt plagued her as she tried to sleep.

Sandy became the unequivocal head of the family as she dominated her husbands natural sub tendencies and gave most of the orders and instructions carried out by her family. Tom always knew his wife was a dominant love maker but never before had the spirit of the dominatrix so completely taken her over. He found that he didn’t mind. He enjoyed following her lead, even being humiliated a little along with the kids as Sandy became comfortable with her new reign as queen bitch of the household.

They decided to leave Suzie in school, confidant that they would have no problem blackmailing her with video and pictures of her weak moments of involvement in her brothers humiliation. Sammy on the other hand, Sandy wanted to keep home. They withdrew his enrollment at school saying they had decided to home school him.

After a week of exploring the parents decided that it was time they hook up with more experienced pedophiles. Tom found the phone number for the gas station where he met Biggs and Josh. He made the call.

Biggs answered the phone, “Hello?”


“Yeh that’s me. What do you want?”

“It’s Tom Henderson. Remember me and my son Sammy from last week?”

Biggs chuckled, “Oh yah I remember. How you treating that sweet little boy of yours?”

Tom smiled, “Not very well actually. Boy gets raped at least three times a day now. We even took him out of school so we could keep him as a slave all the time.”

Biggs laughed long and hard, “I take it your wife was ok with your new appetites then?”

“Actually it turned out she’d been working on me for months hinting that she wanted bring the kids into the bedroom with us. I was just too thick to see that she was even more perverted than me!”

“No shit! Yer one lucky bastard Tom.”

“Tell me about it. Actually I was calling to see if you would be up for another session at the station? We’ll bring Sammy and Suzie and you can get a hold of Trixie and any others you know. We can have a slave orgy. Sandy and I are eager to get to know other pedophiles in the area.”

On the other end Biggs grinned with evil ideas, “That would be would be great! Why don’t you folks come over Saturday. That should give me time to get a couple people together. Nothing large at first. But I know a couple of families who like to loan out their kids. Shall we say 7pm on Saturday? It’ll give us a whole night of fun.”

Tom grinned happily, “That would be awesome. We’ll see you then Biggs.”

“Alright then. Look forward to seeing you folks again.”

They both hung up and Tom informed his wife of the plans.

That Saturday Sandy dressed the kids up and Tom loaded them into their minivan. Sammy wore nothing but a cock leash under an over coat. Julie wore an extremely tight leather corset that covered only her mid section and sank down to just above her pussy where there was a latch for a dildo attachment that hung at her side in a leather scabbard, two fake ruby’s hanging from nipple rings, a butt plug pony tail, and an overcoat to cover it all up.

It took them a half hour to drive out to Biggs’ gas station. As they pulled in Biggs stuck his head out the door and yelled, “Park it out back behind the garage! We’re set up in front of the sliding doors to the garage.”

Tom pulled around back and parked at the end of a small line of vehicles. He recognized Trixie’s car but there was also a large van and two cars he didn’t recognize. They got out of the minivan and Sandy ordered the kids to leave their overcoats behind. Tom led the way with Suzie following meekly behind him and Sandy next to him leading Sammy by the leash attached to his tiny cock.

As they reached the rear entrance to the garage Tom and Sandy found Biggs, Josh, and Trixie all waiting for them along with another man and woman as well as a boy who looked younger than Sammy, and twin girls who looked to be age somewhere between Julie and Sammy. Sandy gasped when she also saw a crib nearby with an infant in it. Julie shivered as she noticed the man she would soon find out was Josh, was lewdly looking her over. Sammy just saw the place where he had been raped a little more than a week ago. The place where this all began and was likely to continue and get worse.

The scene would have looked like any other group picnic if it hadn’t been for all of the fornication taking place. The twins were both standing over the little boy pissing all over him and laughing as he curled, naked, in a ball, his face flushed with shame and embarrassment. Biggs, Josh, and the other man stood around them jerking off at the sight.

Trixie lay back on a patio recliner with the other woman in her lap with a strapon up her ass. The woman was moaning and writhing in pleasure while Trixie fondled her breasts and stroked her pussy with long slim fingers.

When Tom and his family got close Biggs broke away and greeted them, “Tom! Great! You made it!”

Tom grinned, “Wouldn’t miss it!”

“So you’re Biggs. The one who finally got my husband to discover his perverted side,“ Sandy gave Biggs a hug accompanied by a long sensuous kiss, “Thank you.”

Even as a gay man Biggs felt his cock stir and his voice crack at the embrace of Tom’s sensuous wife, “You’re very much welcome, Ma’am.”

Biggs ushered them closer to the twin’s pissing show, “Everyone! This is Tom and his family. Tom, you’ve met Josh, and Trixie of course is over there enjoying Cynthia. I’ll Just let you introduce yourselves to everyone else.”

Tom reached over and shook the hand of the man he didn’t know, “Hey. I’m Tom Henderson and this is my wife Sandy and my two kids Suzie and Sam.”

The man gripped his hand strongly, “Bruce Richards. The woman getting an ass reaming from Trix is my wife Sin, and these two angels,” Bruce gestured to the twins, “are Rae and Rati.”

Sandy gave her husbands hand a squeeze before she headed over to Trixie and Cynthia. Tom grinned as he watched the girls finish peeing and start to molest the little boy, “How old are they?”

Bruce grinned, “They’re twelve. And I believe puberty has hit early for them. They’re having periods now and their sex drive has kicked in full blast.”

“Who’s is the boy?”

Biggs answered, “That’s Bobby. He’s one of the child hookers employed by Rick Stanton. He’s a real sweet little fuck toy. He loves to be humiliated. I don’t think I’ve tapped out his abuse limits. And believe me I’ve tried.”

Josh interrupted, unable to hold back his curiosity any longer, “Is that the daughter you told us about Tom,” he said pointing at Julie who was hiding behind her dad.

Tom laughed and pulled Julie out in front of him for the men to see, “Yes this is Julie, Josh. Would you like to sample her?”

Josh’s eyes gleamed, “Indeed I would. She is a pretty little thing.”

Tom laughed and shoved his baby girl to the pedophile, “She’s yours, then. Just do me a favor?”

“What’s that?”

“Be real hard on her.”

Josh grinned happily, “Oh no worries on that count, come with me little peach.”

Josh led Julie into the garage where he could take his time ‘sampling’ her.

Tom, Bruce, and Biggs all turned back to watching the twins humiliate Bobby.

“How old is he?” Tom asked as Rae licked at his bum hole and Rati sat on his face ordering him to do the same for her.

Bruce answered, “He’s six. I hear he’s one of Rick’s favorites.”

Bobby whimpered as his bum was violated and he was forced to taste Rati’s unwashed hole. All three men’s cocks were out now as they witnessed the boy’s degradation at the hands of the little girls.

Sandy took a seat next to Trixie and Cynthia. She admired Trixie’s massive tits pressing into Sin’s back as well as her red curls that seem to be everywhere at once. She marveled at how tiny Sin was. She was almost child size herself though she was actually thirty-four years old. She had a small petite body with tits and ass to match. Her raven colored hair hung to her shoulders, complimenting her eyes which were large by of such a deep blue they were almost black.

Sandy could tell Sin was of a submissive nature by the way she seemed so natural curled up in Trixie’s arms with a plastic cock in her tight ass. Trixie on the other hand was an obvious dom. She controlled the tiny woman in her arms as if she were a child. And obviously took much pleasure out of pinching and pulling Sin’s nipples as she occasionally jerked the cock around making the small woman whimper and moan alternatively.

Sandy knew they would get along famously.

“I understand from my husband that you and Sammy had quite a time the other day,” Sandy grinned at Trixie as she pulled Sammy stomach first across her lap and immediately began to finger his ass.

Trixie grinned back, “Yes! Your little boy is such a sweetheart! He cried for me so sweetly and he was so responsive when I fondled him. It took me years to get Sin here to where she is today. With Bruce’s help we made her the perfect slave.” Trix punctuated her point by thrust sharply into the woman’s rectum, eliciting a sharp cry from her slave.

Sandy smiled as the hooker’s fun aroused her. She pulled her son belly first across her lap and inserted a finger into his ass making him squeal a little as she wriggled it painfully around.

“Sammy is so much fun now that I can humiliate him like this,” she said as she slipped another finger in widening him more, “Trixie we have to get together often from now on. So you can show me the finer points of training him.”

Trixie grinned, kissed her prey’s neck possessively and said, “Yes we must Sandy. I take it you haven’t yet learned the joys of torturing an infant?”

Sandy’s eyes widened and she shook her head.

Trixie laughed, “I have to confess I haven’t done much of it myself, but it is loads of fun! After I
had so much fun enjoying Sammy I visited the Richards’. Bruce was kind enough to introduce me to his and Sin’s baby boy. He’s sleeping in that crib over there would you like a look?”

Sandy nodded, “Th-that would be great! I haven’t yet had the joy of a child so young!”

Trixie grinned, “Why don’t you send Sammy over to meet Bobby. I’m sure they’ll get along great while we three have fun with the baby.”

Sandy agreed and removed her fingers from her son and stood him up, “Baby why don’t you go and play with the other kids. Mommy’s going to have some fun with Trixie and Sin, ok.”

Sniffling a little Sammy nodded and walked slowly over to where Bobby was being dominated by the twins. The three women got up and walked over to the crib and gathered around the infant.

“What’s his name?” asked Sandy.

Sin answered, “We tell the neighbors that he’s called Marvin, but Bruce decided not to give him a real name. At home we call him ‘baby‘, or ‘it’, or ‘the child’. It’ll be part of his raising as a slave.”

Trixie grinned as Sandy gulped, her body quivering in arousal, “Can I touch him?”

Trixie slid behind her and started to caress her through her clothes, “Yes. Do anything you want to him. I want to see you explore him.”

Her hand shaking as the other woman felt her up from behind, Sandy reached into the crib and began to feel the soft skin of the baby. He cooed under her touch, smiling at the attention. She began to feel him all over. Touching his baby pecker, his baby ass, sticking a finger in his mouth….

“Go ahead,” Trixie whispered, “Shove it down it’s throat. It’s had much worse done to it.”

Encouraged, Sandy pushed the digit further in to the point of choking the baby boy. His throat flexed around her finger trying to draw air as she started to pump it in and out giving him only short gargling breaths.

Trixie moaned behind Sandy and started to disrobe her. Pulling off her blouse and skirt as she shoved her finger in and out of the baby, feeling him all over with her other hand. The boy’s perverted mother stood by and watched as her baby was abused, fingering herself.

When Trixie had gotten Sandy’s bra and panties off she started to grope her big soft tits from behind. All three eyes watching as Sandy molested the baby boy. She picked him up and began stroking his infant ass, her fingers probing.

Trixie rubbed her rubber cock against Sandy’s ass trying to find a hole to stick it in. Sandy turned to her.

“Why don’t you lay in the grass?” Sandy suggested, “I’ll sit on your cock with the child between us while Sin can lick at our holes.”

Trixie grinned at the idea and proceeded to stretch out on the ground. It was a bit itchy but she didn’t care. Sandy, holding the baby, squatted down and lowered her dripping cunt onto the big rubber cock. Moaning loudly as she did, she situated herself snug and comfortable against the other woman and began to grind her hips, rubbing there soft flesh together.

The baby, she lay between Trixie’s big tits while it’s mother knelt behind them and licked at the dominant women’s holes, slurping and lathering up their asses. Sandy groaned in ecstasy as she slid her cunt up and down the thick rod while she leaned down and licked the baby from head to toe.

Sin gasped as she saw her baby licked lewdly by the perverse mother, “Oh god yes,” she moaned, “Lather my baby up! I want to see him dripping with spit! Fuck my baby really good! Don’t be nice! Use him up like the little whore he is!”

Trixie had one hand on one of Sandy’s big tits and another caressing the child’s body that lay between her breasts. She gasped in further arousal as Sandy forced a finger into the boy’s ass, not caring as he screamed loudly.

“Shit! Fuck that little prick’s cunt, “ she gasped, “Ream his ass hard! Rape the little baby, Sandy! Punish him so he’ll learn to be a good little slut!”

Sin was now humping Trixie’s leg like the filthy bitch in heat that she was, spreading pussy juice over the dominant woman as she watched her baby get fucked.

Sandy was now moaning and saying filthy words to the infant, “Fucking lil’ bitch! How do you like my finger shoved up you’re tiny asshole! Scream a little louder you little cunt! Nobody who hears you is going to care you spoiled little fuck! Oh! Oh god! Oh mother fucking Jesus! I’m cummmmiinnnnggg!”

Sandy’s pussy quivered violently as she came, her hips pumping furiously, as she fucked the infants red and raw asshole. Trixie met her thrust for thrust while Sin humped furiously behind. All three women screamed there lust as they spilt fluids everywhere, reveling in their carnal act.

“How old are you, again?” Josh asked as his hands groped Julie’s body all over.

“Fourteen”, Julie said softly looking to the side, ashamed of how her body was reacting to the man’s touch.

“Fourteen! Well you’ve filled out real well. I bet all the boys at school want to fuck this tight little body of yours, huh?”

Julie didn’t answer as a silent tear fell down her cheek.

Josh smiled and kneaded the perfect set of tits in front of him as he imagined her, bent over some high school stud’s car being pounded hard.

Pulling her over to the back end of a truck they had in for repairs, Josh pushed her into the bed. Julie slid back, her soft bum scraping on the cold rusty metal. With her legs parted and hanging over the tailgate Josh leaned forward and began to taste her young pussy.

Julie moaned as his tongue delved into her, scooping out fluids from her wet cunt. Her hands searched for purchase on the sides of the old truck bed as she sought to support herself. Losing herself in the sensations released by Josh’s tongue she wrapped her smooth naked legs over his shoulders, hooking them together behind his back. His hands traveled up her leather clad stomach to her perky breasts, which he kneaded with enthusiasm.

After a few minutes of this Julie began to buck hard against Josh’s mouth as her orgasm squirted her cum into his waiting mouth.

With Julia dripping, Josh stood up keeping her nice and spread as he impaled his cock all the way into her tight, slick cunt. She moaned loudly as she was filled while still cumming. And, then he proceeded to fuck her fourteen year old body.

Josh grunted as he shoved his hard dick all the way into the young girl, her warm, tight cunt wrapped around his cock as her legs hook behind his ass cheeks. They both gasp, staring into each other’s eyes as they met thrust for thrust.

Lost in her boiling over lust, Julie rose up off the truck bed, completely supported by Josh’s arms and cock. Her body moving against his as he pounded deep into her. Julie screamed into his shoulder as she came again spilled her teenage cum over his cock.

Eye’s glazed in lust, Josh let Julie down, turned her around, and pushed her to her hands and knees. She moaned as he entered her from behind, doggy style. Ramming into her hard and fast Josh reached down and drew the attachable dildo from it’s sheath at the girl’s side. Lubing the long rubber cock with grease from a nearby can, Josh lined it up with Julie’s anus and forced it in all the way in one hard thrust.

Julie screamed as the pain of her suddenly stretched and invaded ass exploded into her body. Josh fucked her brutally at both holes, raping his fourteen year old whore hard. After several minutes of violent ramming both Julie and Josh came hard, both of them screaming out their orgasms as their cum mixed in her womb.

Sammy wandered reluctantly over to where he had seen the twins raping little Bobby. What he found was Bobby lying exhausted in front of the garage, alone.

“Where is everyone?” he asked uncertainly.

Bobby raised his head slightly to see the nude older boy staring down at him, “Oh, well, the grown ups took Rae and Rati somewhere else for a gang bang. I’m kinda glad. They did me for way to long. I’m exhausted.”

Sammy nodded, uncertain what to do next. Before he could decide anything, Bobby got slowly to his feet and held out his hand and grinned, “Hi, I’m Bobby.”

The older boy shook his hand shyly, “I’m, um, Sammy.”

Bobby grinned, “Nice to meet you Sammy. I need to clean off. Think you could help me?” He said glancing down meaningfully at his cum soaked body.

Sammy didn’t know what to make of the cheerful kid but it was something to do, “Uh sure.”

He helped Bobby over to the side of the station where there was a water spout with a hose attached. Bobby stood and spun slowly as Sammy sprayed the filth off of his six year old form. Bobby looked up several times to see Sammy staring at him before he suddenly turned away embarrassed.

Finally Bobby was somewhat cleaner and Sammy grabbed a towel from a nearby table to dry the smaller boy off. As he dried off the boy Sammy saw bruises and tried to be gentle as he swathed the soft towel over Bobby’s tender skin. Booby sighed as he began to enjoy the touches of the older boy. He leaned slightly into Sammy’s hands loving the feel of the soft cloth on him. He gasped a little as Sammy ran the towel lightly over his bare crotch and ass. When Sammy was done the little boy leaned toward him a softly kissed him on the lips before he could pull away.

“You’re really gentle,” Bobby cooed, “You remind me of my friend Ben. He’s a really nice guy too.”

Sammy gulped as he met the younger boy’s gaze, “I-I-I….you’re welcome…”

Bobby smiled sweetly, “Here, let me return the favor…” Thus saying he dropped to his knees and took Sammy’s cock in his soft, wet, little mouth and gently began to suck on it. Sammy gasped as he was enveloped in the warmth of the boy’s mouth. His cock grew hard as he gained a rare enjoyment from a sexual experience. He couldn’t believe that the part of him that had caused him so much pain recently was now feeling so deliciously good.

Bobby’s head bobbed up and down on Sammy’s small hard cock as he slurped and licked the shaft like the pro he had become. Sammy’s head fell back and he moaned loudly as the little boy swallowed his cock over and over. Suddenly, Sammy came with a loud groan, emptying himself as Bobby swallowed down his cum.

Rising back to his feet Bobby grinned seductively at the older boy he had just blown away. Sammy stared at him breathing hard as the silence dragged out.

Suddenly Sammy leaned forward and kissed the young boy. Bobby returned the kiss as they embraced and their lips melded deeply. Finally they broke and smiled shyly at each other. Bobby grabbed Sammy’s hand and led him away from the garage, deeper into the massive junk yard behind it. They passed by the men and twins without being seen as Bobby led Sammy deeper in.

“There’s a place I want to show you!”, Bobby said excitedly, “It’s a hideout I found a few months ago. It’s great!”

Sammy just followed the younger boy deeper into the trash pile trusting that he knew what he was doing. They walked carefully as they kept their naked bodies away from the myriad of rusty metal and sharp objects. Eventually they came to a cleared out section that was walled in on all sides by huge piles of junk. In the clearing their were a couple of cars that had most of their interior intact, a couple of couches in relatively good condition, some chairs and a campfire pit in the center.

Bobby grinned as Sammy looked around in wonder, “I found it just like this a few months ago, before I became Rick’s prostitute. It’s great isn’t it?”

Sammy nodded appreciatively. “Who built it?”

Bobby shrugged, “I don’t know, but no ones been back any of the times I’ve come here.”

Sammy grinned and hopped onto on off the couches. His soft skin rubbing against the deteriorating material. Bobby settled in next to him and snuggled in close.

They kissed.

They sat on the couch holding each other and necking for a long time before they finally stopped and just cuddled.

“How long have you been doing this?” Sammy asked quietly.

“Doing what?” Bobby asked.

“You know….Sex stuff.”

Bobby nodded understanding, “About two months now. It started when Rick and his gang caught me and raped me. At first I couldn’t believe what was happening and then I started to get all these weird feelings and the next thing I knew I was liking it a little.”

Sammy shook his head disbelievingly, “You like getting fucked by grown ups and being hit, and made fun of?”

Bobby shrugged, “I don’t understand it either. I just found that I need to be…..used. It makes me feel weird but I can’t seem to stop. I don’t know what Rick did to me but I can’t live any other way now.”

Sammy frowned, “Well I don’t like it. I mean you’re ok. You play gentle. But my Mommy and Daddy, and that Biggs man and everyone else hurt me so bad sometimes I can’t stand it. Mommy made me eat her poop. And Julie even hurts me sometimes. They make her do it but I think she likes it a little.”

Bobby shrugged again, “My friend Ben is the same way as you. He doesn’t understand why I like it so much. He thinks I’m weird. But we still have a lot of fun fucking.”

Sammy nodded, “I liked what you did to my cock earlier. Nobody ever does anything to make me feel good like that. They always just hurt me.”

“That’s because they don’t care about you. I like you Sammy, I liked the way you cleaned me off
and dried me so gently. You were very careful. I just had to do something in return.”

The boys settled in and held each other for a long time. They were about to leave when they heard someone moving through the junkyard toward them.

A lot of some ones.

Tom sank his cock into little Rae’s shit hole as Biggs plowed her mouth at the other end, the little girl kneeling doggy style between them. Bruce stood nearby with Rati next to him jacking him off with her small soft hand.

They had moved further into the vast junkyard behind the station, leaving Bobby to recuperate. The men had decided that they had had enough waiting and had their cocks administered to by their respective twin.

“So are there a lot of families around here who enslave their kids?” Tom asked as he slammed into Rae’s ass.

Biggs enjoyed the sensation as the girl was forced harder onto his dick, “There are a few. The closer you get to downtown Amative City the more you’ll find, but I prefer to stay in the suburbs. The deeper you go into the city the more likely it is you’ll run into a diseased hooker child. Down there they don’t care who gets sick as long as they get paid. It’s a depraved city and no mistake.”

“Yes, but I like to venture into the downtown park once in a while,” said Bruce, “There are some really extreme ones in there. Willing to do anything if the price is right. I’ve even heard there is the occasional snuff party. If You find the right people.”

Biggs shook his head even as his rod shook inside Rae’s mouth, “You can live dangerous if you want to Bruce. I’m all for rough play, but that place is just not my style. Why do you think I make you take a physical every time you come over. It’s a safety issue.”

Bruce laughed, “Yah those physical’s are annoying, but I at least see the wisdom.”

Biggs just shook his head, shedding his hands of his friend’s habits.

Tom was ramming into Rae’s bum hard and fast now, jarring her tiny body hard as he came inside her rectum. Seeing his daughter pounded so a hard sent Bruce over the edge and he ejaculated all over Rita’s little hand. Like the little nympho she was, the girl brought her hand to her mouth and sucked off all her daddy’s juice.

Biggs grunted as he pulled out of little Rae’s mouth, “This little cunt’s mouth is nice but I need something a little more masculine for my fag cock.”

Tom’s eyes glistened and his cock sprang to life again as he offered, “Why don’t you sink in my
ass Biggs. I haven’t forgotten the last time.”

Biggs grinned as he got behind the smaller man and pushed his fat cock into Tom’s tight hole. Tom groaned as the big man filled him up and started to pump in and out.

Bruce shook his head at his gay friends, “Rae darling come here and sit on Daddy’s cock”

Rae obediently hopped over to her daddy and presented her ass to him. Bruce place his rod at her well used hole and entered her, picking her up so that she was supported by only his hands on her waist and cock buried deep in her ass.

While Bruce bounced Rae up and down on his cock, her limbs flopping, Rati stood in front and spread her sister’s legs getting in close. Rae whimpered as her dad raped her tiny ass and her sister began to torture her. Rati pinched and pulled at her sister’s flat nipples and slapped her body all over as she was pounded.

“That’s right baby!” Bruce grunted, “Hurt you’re sister! Lets make her squeal in pain.”

Biggs grinned happily at them as he pounded his new friend’s ass hole. Fucking Tom’s hole as he got closer and closer to climax.

Rati leaned for ward and grabbed some of Rae’s chest flesh between her teeth. Her twin sister screamed as Rati bit down making her bleed a little. Bruce groaned as his little girl’s screams caused his cock to spasm and he came in her rectum.

Pounding furiously Biggs finally blasted wads of thick white cum deep into Tom’s abused ass, groaning as her kept pounding for several minutes forcing thick, sticky wad after juicy wad out into the new fag’s ass. Finally finished they pushed apart and lay exhausted on the ground.

“Whew!,” Tom breathed, “That was fun!”

The warm summer night passed. The pedophiles enjoyed their children and the fucking and
abusing went on for hours as the orgy got into full swing. Sammy and Bobby eventually got back to the station covered in cum, bruises, and blood. Nobody seemed to care enough to ask what had happened. The boys just washed off again and gingerly tried to relax until the party was over. Eventually it was over. The twins were well pounded, the baby sobbed in pain. Sandy got to fuck her husband from one end while Biggs pounded the other. Trixie eventually joined Josh in ravishing pretty, young, Julie. By the time it was over the sun was peeking over the horizon and the hedonists wearily said their goodbye’s and headed for their respective homes.

The Henderson’s got home bruised, tired and a little slimy. They knew that this night had officiated a whole new lifestyle for them.

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