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This was going to be the worst day of her life
My wife is a dance instructor at one of the local studios. She has always been very introverted and awkward, never had a whole lot of friends. Sometimes she would hang out with another of the instructors, Chelsea, a seventeen year old girl from the local high school. My wife and I are only twenty three so even though I gave her shit for it, no one ever thought it was too weird, especially with them being co-workers and all.
Chelsea, however, was very immature. So the match up wasn't a terribly great one. Chelsea would frequently drunk dial us in the middle of the night. She had her sister's ID and would always go to the clubs and bars in the city. My wife is somewhat attractive… well she used to be before she had our daughter. Her body has gotten saggy and nasty and she does nothing to fix it. That doesn't really matter since her sex drive is zero. That's an exaggeration, she still masturbates and flaunts it. She thinks it's sexy, but really it just pisses me off. I get no action whatsoever and she's in the bedroom flicking her bean every time I turn around. So, needless to say, I enjoy the rare occasion when Chelsea comes around, because she is something nice to look at. Chelsea is about 5'9", shoulder length brown hair, a very cute young looking face with cute chubby cheeks. Other than those chubby cheeks, there isn't an ounce of fat on her. As well as being an instructor, she was a ballet dancer herself. Her long slender figure, with firm breasts just a bit too big for her frame. She had such a cute bubbly personality to match her bubbly nipples, which I had happened to have seen. Being a partier, Chelsea was known to get pretty crazy. On more than one occasion, she would send my wife topless pictures. I shouldn't have to say that I have rubbed myself nearly raw looking at her tight stomach and perfect chest.
Anyhow, my wife and I were sitting in our apartment one Friday night watching a movie after the baby went to bed. Her phone rang, it was Chelsea. She had called and said asked my wife if we were up to anything and if she could come over with one of her friends. Considering we weren't really doing much and I was always in favor of seeing Chelsea, especially with one of her friends, my wife invited her over. About half an hour later, that sexy brunette strolled in, already half drunk, with an unspectacular blonde, much drunker.
For the next couple hours we sat around, played some drinking games and card games, listening to their incessant gossiping about nothing. Seventeen year olds have literally nothing to talk about. I remember high school being so much more interesting when I was there. After a while, I was starting to feel a little drunk and I could tell they all were. I had even convinced the three of them to make out at one point. All their tongues knotted up, I didn't care that they weren't all as drop dead sexy as Chelsea, but it was still enough that I had to discreetly rub the growing bulge in my jeans. Things started to wind down at about 4. My wife had long since gone to bed. Chelsea and I were hanging on the couch and her friend was sleeping in the floor. We were sitting there watching a movie I was rubbing her feet, completely innocently although I again my crotch was aching for some attention. I really was getting pretty tired and I knew that I was going to have to take my wife and daughter to my mother in laws house in a couple of hours, so I had to head to bed myself.
At 6:45, my wife woke me up with the best news I had gotten all week. The blond from last night happened to live a couple of streets from my mother in laws house and was going to take her there. She said the girl had to get home herself, but I would have to take Chelsea home when she got up. Gladly, I rolled over and went right back to sleep enjoying having the whole bed to myself. I only slept for another hour or so and I got up to make myself some breakfast and Chelsea. When I walked out into the living room I saw Chelsea asleep on the sofa in her little booty shorts, face down butt jutted into the air. The bottom of her ass cheek was hanging out. It looked so fucking delicious, perfectly tanned perfectly curved. I called out to her, "Hey Chels", just to check if she was up. Thankfully no response. Just to be sure I said it again barely audible, "Chelsea". She was still completely out. I stood there for a second, my eyes running over her tight little body. I could already feel the blood rushing to my dick. I decided since she was still out of it I would at least enjoy having the real thing here to look at. I pulled at the band of my gym shorts and let my half hard cock flop out into my hand. I just stood there looking at her for a couple of minutes slowly stroking myself to full strength. I had really considered shooting a load into her hair. Letting her wake up and find some sticky shit in her hair and watch her try to figure out what she had rolled in while she was asleep.
Just then, I saw her start to stir. Quickly, I whipped my shorts over my pulsing dick, whipping it up into the band of my shorts so I wasn't pitching a tent right into her face. I took a second and let myself go back down a little under control. I figured I'd just put that one in memory for later. I bent down, put my hand on her shoulder and tried to shake her a bit to wake her and see what she would want for breakfast. I shook her pretty hard a couple of times and I just could not get her to wake up. Finally, I was pretty loud and forceful with a "Chels!" and a hard shove. This time, at least, she responded. She gave me a "…ugh" and rolled over. Then she mumbled something along the lines of "just homework tomorrow" and I realized she was still obviously drunk. I crouched next to her and thought for a minute, with my hand still resting on her shoulder. When I thought about it, I realized had she drank almost an entire fifth of Jack Daniels. I was actually pretty impressed there wasn't any puke anywhere. One last time, just to get a real judge of how drunk she was I shook her to try and wake her. She was already back to sleep.
I knew this was my opportunity. I really needed some action, my wife wasn't going to be back until Sunday afternoon, and this was one of my fantasies just lying in front of me completely at my mercy. FIrst I slid my hand down from her shoulder, over her tank-top and hips down to her warm legs. No reaction from her at all. I was really getting excited. Immediately at full mast, I had to fight the urge to rip off my pants. I took my other hand from suppressing my bulge to her lean muscular calf. The warmth from her skin was so intense. I squeezed her legs and began to rub further up along her thighs. When I got to her butt, I paused for a moment. I was still waiting for her to jump up and start screaming at me, but still nothing. I couldn't stop myself any longer. She was too drunk to even feel this. I wasn't going to let this go to waste. I am surprised I didn't bruise her I rubbed her ass so hard. I was outside of her shorts, but I could still feel her smooth ass cheeks and the heat radiating from them. I was squeezing her ass cheeks together, pulling them apart, squeezing them individually. They were fantastic. I slid my hands up further and straight under her tank top. Over the small of her back and up towards her bra. I felt the lacy straps. I pulled them back a little and let it snap back on her shoulder blade. I loved the muffled crack of the elastic on her skin. I decided to take this to the bedroom.
I rolled her off the couch and over my shoulder. She just laid there limp like a rag doll. I was carrying her fireman style to the bedroom. When I was in the hall I gave her ass a nice little spank. I could feel her ass jiggle just a little bit under my hand. I made sure to get in a couple more spanks, each one a little harder, until we reached the bedroom. I walked to the foot of the bed and flopped her onto her back onto the bed. I gave it little thought before I decided to go ahead and tie down her arms and legs down with the restraint system underneath the bed from back before my wife decided she was going to become celibate. Now that I had her completely submissive, I had uninhibited use of her body. I couldn't help myself and bent down and began to kiss her legs. My mouth was watering as I worked down, kissing her, tasting her skin. I kissed the tops of her feet then licked her toes for just a moment, before I worked my way back up her legs. I skipped over her hips and went right to her stomach. I made sure to go slow enough to savor the barely salty taste on my tongue. I kept pushing up her shirt and exposed those young puffy nipples from the pictures that I longed to suck so bad. I let my hands beat me to it and pinched them just a little to get them to harden up. They looked like dark pink marshmallows sitting on her tanned chest, surprisingly thick. I moved myself up and put her nipple in my mouth. I flicked it with my tongue appreciating the texture and the springiness of her teenage flesh. I tried my hardest to suck her nipple off of her chest. It was so tasty I couldn't help myself. When I finally pulled off, her nipple and areola were both swollen and rock hard. Compulsively, I snapped back down and bit her nipple as hard as my jaw would let me. I felt a jolt as she sudden snapped awake.
Her eyes were opened as wide as she franticly looked around and tugged at the straps holding her wrists and ankles. After she took a second and got her bearings, she looked at me, the panicked look on her face getting worse. Realizing her shirt was up and I was hunched over her, "What… What are you doing?" she said. She barely got the whole sentence out before my hands were both covering her mouth. I didn't want her to scream. I tried to be calm and told her "Shut the fuck up, do you understand? Just shut the fuck up. Got it?" Slowly realizing what was going on, she nodded. I was now straddled above her waist, putting all my weight on her chest to make sure she knew I was in control. I released my grip on her mouth and looked down at her. As she was gasping for air, I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. "Why are you doing thi…" I made sure not to let her finish this time. I back handed her pretty little face, "I told you to shut up, you fucking bitch" I saw the cut right at her cheekbone. I reared back and hit her again just to make sure she got it. More than anything I was just pissed she woke up and ruined my fantasy. Looks like I was going to have to take out another one and use this whore until she wished she was fucking dead. I got up from the bed and stared down at her. Her chest still bared, it was rising and falling so hard as her lungs begged for air. She was starting to cry and just a little blood was pooling in the corner of the cut. I took my finger and wiped a tear from her face and some of the blood from her cheek. I put my finger in my mouth and let the metallic flavor of the blood mix with her salty tears. I couldn't wait. I sat thinking to myself this is going to be the longest and worst day of her life


2010-04-02 18:23:52
Good stuff man, I look forward to part 2

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