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I'm not sure how long I lay on the counter, wave after wave of
pleasure flowing through me, gradually dieing away, but when I finally
came to my senses, I sat up and realized it was getting dark out. David
was nowhere to be found in the house, so I got up and went exploring
outside, not even thinking about only being dressed in stockings and heels.I went out on the deck, and around the corner, seeing for the first time, the swimming pool.
Continuing around the next corner, I came upon David in conversation
with another man whose back was towards me. Feeling embarrassed since I
was still dressed in only my white stockings and heels from our wedding,
I ducked back around the corner so I could go back into the house and get
dressed. However, David saw me, and called out "Samantha, come here,
there's someone here I want you to meet!"
Not understanding the reason, I just felt compelled to obey, and
lifting my head up, I walked out around the corner as if I was fully
clothed, and walked up to them. David introduced his friend as Andy, a
neighbor, who he met when he was moving our furniture and things into the
house. I held out my hand to him as he said "Pleased to meet you, you're
every bit as beautiful as David said."
Blushing, I replied "Thank you, you should come over for dinner or a swim
sometime once we get settled."
"Thank you, I'm sure I will"
As he said this, I noticed, and I'm sure David noticed, that Andy
couldn't keep from looking at my breasts with my nipples standing out
proud and firm.
"Touch them if you like" said David.
I tensed and stepped back slightly, not really liking the idea,
after all, it was the first day of our honeymoon, and I had always been
of the belief that I would be true to my husband. This felt like
cheating, even though my husband had offered.
"Samantha, let him touch you."
Again I was surprised that my husband would allow this, much less
encourage it, but I obeyed, and stepped closer so Andy could feel my
He reached out and brushed my right nipple with his fingertips
making it stand out even more, and sending a shock wave straight to my
pussy. He looked over at David, and seeing him nod his approval, Andy
cupped my breast and squeezed slightly then rubbed it with the palm of
his hand. Now I could feel my pussy come alive and moisture begin
wetting my lips. When Andy pinched my nipple I shuddered, my legs
feeling a little rubbery, and my eyes closed with the pleasure. I
couldn't believe I was enjoying the touch of another man with my husband
standing right there watching!
David grinned and chuckled, then said "good girl, Samantha, now go
inside and put on the dress I laid out on the bed for you"
I did as he said, all the while wondering what the men were talking
about after I left. When I reached the bedroom, I saw the dress David
had laid out. The material was a beautiful shimmery green, contrasting
with my red har perfectly. I showered, the hot water caressing my flesh,
adding to the arousal I felt from Andy's hand. I hurried to bathe and
get dressed, not knowing how soon Savid would want to leave.
After I slipped the dress on, I turned to look in the mirror, and
noticed how it clung to my body, and the material was much thinner than I
had thought, so it showed every detail underneath. I never thought I
could look so sexy, or that I would enjoy wearing something so revealing.
The neckline was so low that my cleavage was very much exposed, my
nipples showed through the thin fabric, and when I turned around I saw
that the material molded itself to my butt, defining my ass cheeks. I
realized that it was almost as if I was naked!
David came in then and I spun around asking him if he liked what he saw. "Just as I had imagined when I picked out the dress. Now let's go, I have a special evening planned."
All through the drive, and the wonderful meal, he was the perfect gentleman I knew, treating me like a princess as he had all during our courtship. Then during dessert, He reached his arm around my shoulder, turning toward me, and slid his other hand up under my dress, carressing my thigh, at the same time blowing hot air in my ear. After the meal, and the wine, I was very receptive to his advances, and felt as if I was melting into a puddle right there in the restaurant!. Then when his hand reached my crotch, I could feel the fire in my pussy increase, wetness flowing to meet his probing hand. Thank god we were sitting at a table in the corner out of the way, so no one could see what was going on. I spread my legs open so David could have easy access which he took full advantage of, sliding his fingers along my slit, spreading the moisture around. Next I felt his finger penetrating my hole, probing and pushing in and out, then two, then three fingers, working my hole for all it was worth. My clit was throbbing, as I neared climax, and that was when the waiter stopped by. David made a point of letting him see his fingers in my pussy, holding my dress up so I was wide open to the waiter's sight. As he watched, David started working my clit with his thumb, causing me to cum hard, shuddering and convulsing in my chair, with the waiter staring at the show.
David ordered rich chocolate cake, and espresso, we finished our meal, and left, I was feeling kind of embarrassed due to the wet spot on my dress, and the smell of sex I just couldn't hide.
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