A love poem...third post from the point of view of my older friend Gary (aka 67Goat)
Looking back on the time we shared,
Nothing else in my life has compared,
Ever since that day we walked down the aisle,
We have walked together for many a mile,
Joined together hand in hand,
Part of some much larger plan,
You have brought to my world such sheer delight,
Making my time on earth so sunny and bright,
I am so thankful for the time we spend,
Time together I hope will never end,
From the first time I saw your face,
I knew you were my saving grace,
Like a drowning man who’s been thrown a rope,
You’ve provided me such unending hope,
Casting my loneliness to the side,
Never once breaking your stride,
Like a gift from Heaven above,
I’m so thankful for your love,
A true love that will never fade,
I’m thankful for the love we made,
All the times we held each other tight,
Making love with all our might,
A special dance between the covers,
That could only be done by true lovers,
Thankful I have you to hug and hold,
Thankful for the passion you let unfold,
I pray this time with you will never end,
For it is time spent with my best friend,
So thankful for the joy you bring,
Symbolized by a wedding ring,
I know the best is yet to come,
Though we are two, we think as one,
For no matter what the future may bring,
I am proud it is you who wears my ring.


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2012-11-22 20:12:07
This year im thankful for my close fridens,family and my 2 jobs. Since last thanksgiving my life has had many ups and downs, mainly downs. If it wasnt for my close fridens and some select family i would have never been able to get though it. Specially my second family (denise,kari,and nan)they have helped my doggie paddle my way through the hardest year of my life! i love you guys!!

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2011-12-01 12:43:49
Great poem , realy enjoyed it

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2010-05-03 09:00:49
Great. Lovely. Amazing.. :) You should try out a diffrent Website, Most of the people on here are horny peoples, They wont really desire decent writing as long as it has *Sucked my cock or licked her clit*
Including myself, But i have time so, Great work

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