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Yes, it's another love's a habit I have, what can I say?
If I called you up in the middle of the night,
To tell you something is just not right,
How would you act, what would you do?
Would you take the time to talk me through?
Or would you tell me it’s way too late,
That my problems just have to wait,
How would you act, what would you do?
If I were to really need you.

If I were to show up at your door one day,
What would you do, what would you say?
Would you take me in and keep me warm?
Or leave me out there in the storm?
Or would you tell me you’re busy and to go away,
That I should come back some other day,
How would you act, what would you do?
If I were to really need you.

Sometimes I just need to know you care,
Just need to know you’ll always be there,
Just a few loving words may be all it takes,
To cure my heart when it aches,
But I need to know that your love is true,
That you’ll always love me like I love you,
How would you act, what would you do?
If I were to really need you.


Anonymous readerReport

2017-01-10 14:21:02
Simple and love it.will you open your door and take me in.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-08-26 04:54:40
And it's a good poe and it did not make y ass bleed.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-05-10 06:17:21
love it, love it, love it

Anonymous readerReport

2014-10-04 05:09:37
made my ass bleed

Anonymous readerReport

2014-03-06 11:34:38
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