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A submissive school girl takes a trip to the swimming pool with her master, but are they alone?
“Come on Amy,” Ben said, taking the girl by her hand and pulling her after him through the back door of the swimming pool, long closed at this hour.
“But what if someone catches us, this is breaking and entering, we could go to jail!” Ben turned to face her in the dim light
“Amy, I won’t tell you again, now come on.” The firm tone of command made her drop her eyes and give her boyfriend a shy smile,
“Ok Ben.” She said meekly. Ben gave her a kiss before taking her hand and leading her on through the darkened corridor. Finding this girl had been a godsend. They had met a few weeks ago, he was interning at White hall in his gap year, she was in year 11, just turned 16. Instantly they had gotten along, finding themselves the only two under thirty at a party thrown by Ben’s boss and attended by Amy’s father they had spent several hours together. She was perfect; slim, dark haired, beautiful, athletic and incredibly submissive; which was just the way Ben liked his women. Ben meanwhile was also dark haired, handsome and athletic, but he was a natural leader, and had a commanding personality that sometimes verged upon the mesmerising. Amy had been unable to resist his charms and had quickly fallen into his control. He had wanted to try something dangerous and exciting and while she had her doubts, here they were.

“The control room should be right Yes here it is.” Ben said, releasing Amy’s hand to produce a ring full of stolen keys. Amy shook her head, she had no idea how her man got these things done, but she found that so long as she let him get on with things, they did. Like when they first started going out and a guy at school kept pestering her constantly, always pressuring her into going out with him; she had told Ben and two days later he just came up to her in the middle of the corridor and apologised, and she hadn’t spoken to him since. She asked no questions, after all, she might not like the answers.

The door was open in short order and Amy timidly followed Ben into a large room overlooking the great dark hall that was the swimming pool. As lights flickered on Amy stared at the vast array of buttons and leavers which adorned the walls, she resolved not to touch anything she didn’t understand, which in this case was more or less everything. Her boy friend appeared far more at ease and slipped into an office chair in front of the largest bank of controls.

“Right then,” he said, more to himself, it seemed, than to his companion, “I think we had better get a few lights on.” He pressed some buttons and high above the large lights blazed into life, bathing the whole hall with a golden glow which left Amy dazzled. After a few seconds furious blinking she timidly took a few steps forward to look out of the large windows overlooking the pool. It was not much like what she expected. In place of water there was only an expanse of grey tarpaulin.
“Ok,” Ben muttered “Let’s try... that one,” His finger stabbed down at a promising looking button and, sure enough with a faint buzz the gigantic sheet started to pull up and away, automatic reels doing all the work. After several minuets the pool looked much more like it. One end was conventional, a simple rectangle suitable for swimming lengths. The other half was far more interesting to look at; it attempted to recreate a tropical lagoon with its stylised fish and ferns painted along the sides and the bottom. The shallow end began by lapping against your toes as you walked down a fake beach. The thing that interested Amy most however was the large island right at the centre, with a palm tree in the middle. For all that it was clearly a forgery it did not take too much imagination to think yourself in an oasis.

She was snapped out of her reverie by Ben standing up and joining her at the window, placing an arm around her slim waist. Leaning in close her took her ear loosely between his teeth, tugging at the lobe, she giggled.
“Let’s go down there.” He said, and set off back towards the door. Wordlessly she followed at his heels.

As they walked through dim corridors Amy’s eyes took a moment to adjust to the murk, as they walked something occurred to her.
“Ben,” she said
“I know you said not to worry but, couldn’t somebody notice all that light this late at night?”
“Yes I suppose someone might,” he brushed off the possibility airily.” For a moment she was silent
“Well, what happens if they come and see what’s going on?” Ben didn’t even look round
“What did I tell you before?” he asked rhetorically
“Not to worry about it,”
“And what are you doing now?” She dropped her eyes at this admonishment
“Sorry,” she murmured
“What was that?” Amy raised her voice to a normal pitch
“I said I was sorry.” She repeated. This time Ben did pause and turn around, taking the girl into his arms and kissing her fully on the mouth.
“Good girl,” he said, running his hand up her thigh and inside her skirt. She smiled as a finger pushed her thong aside and stroked across her lips before slipping inside her moistening pussy. After a few short minuets he pulled out, replacing her panties and sucking the tip of his finger.

“Your wet,” he said “Let’s go and get you wetter.” With those words he flung open a pair of double doors and revealed that they had reached the pool at last. The light was, once more, blinding and the air hot and humid. Evidently the heaters were on overnight, or Ben had turned them on as well. The hall felt cavernous with only the two of them there, she almost dared not speak for fear of the echo. They made their way to the pool side, the deep end of the lagoon portion of the pool. Here she hesitated.

“Come on Amy, take off your clothes. You can’t very well go swimming dressed like that.” It was true that her clothes were unsuitable for swimming or any kind of exercise, all were expensive designer labels and none of the designers seemed to have taken practicality into account while designing them.
“I know, it’s just...” it felt, wrong, in this huge public place. It felt dangerous, and not a little exciting.
“Amy,” Ben said, his voice carrying a no nonsense tone. Nodding hurriedly she began to comply. Her boots went first. Then her top was pulled over her head and folded neatly on the floor. Her skirt soon followed so that she was dressed only in her underwear. Here she seemed about to stop again when Ben cleared his throat ostentatiously. Her bra was removed, then; finally she slipped her thong down her legs and stepped out of them. Naked now the sense of wrongness only increased, but so too did her sense of excitement, nude before the world if they did but know it she felt liberated, and terrified. All of these confused emotions found clarity in one very simple way, she was incredibly horny.

Of course she had always been horny, when she was 14 she gave a guy a blowjob for his birthday because she had forgotten to get him a present, and loved it. Less than a month after that her virginity was a thing of the past as she went through a series of older boyfriends and she had said good bye to her anal virginity a few days after her fifteenth birthday as a special treat for her lover on passing his A levels. But under the glare of the lights in this wide public space where families of all ages came to frolic in the water she found herself as dripping wet as she had ever been.

Ben, naked now himself, admired his beautiful nymph lovingly. She truly was a treasure. Moving up behind her he placed his hands on her backside. He whispered in her ear
“Go on, jump in. Meet me on the island.” He gave her a little push to get her going, but it was hardly necessary. She walked the last few feet to the edge and dived in with an elegance that made Ben admire her all the more. Surely no one had ever been blessed by such a wonderful and obedient little slut.

Very aware of his erection Ben slid more slowly into the water. As he swam towards the island he could see the girl sporting in the shallows around it, like a mermaid taunting seamen. It did not take long to reach the artificial island and as Ben pulled himself up onto it he saw Amy lying there on her front, slippery and glowing with the bright lights sparkling off her dripping body. Ben walked towards her eagerly, but careful not to show as much. As he neared her he looked down and became aware that his swim in the cold water had robbed him of his erection, and even his impressive seven and a half inch cock looked small indeed after the effects of the water hit home.
“Well,” he said, gesturing towards his cock “This will never do,” he walked closer to Amy so that he was standing over her. She knelt, anticipating his needs and opened her mouth. Smiling Ben allowed her to take his limp dick in her hot, burning lips and bring it back to life.

The taste of chlorine soon faded as Ben began to harden once more. Amy licked and sucked her man expertly, carefully nursing his erection; but that was hardly necessary. After a bare few seconds the sour clinical flavour of chlorine had been replaced by that of Ben’s pre-cum, which Amy eagerly lapped up. Ben let her continue to suck on him for a full five minutes, Amy felt his cock throbbing under her tongue and knew that very soon his cum would come cascading down her throat. Ben knew this to, but he had no interest in cuming just yet, they had barely begun. Amy purred as Ben ran his fingers’ through her lustrous hair, raking through the heavy wet strands. Taking a handful he tugged gently.

Reluctantly Amy pulled away, just in time to keep her boyfriend from arriving early. Looking up with puppy dog eyes she pouted
“Why did you stop me?” she asked
“It’s too early yet, I don’t want to waste all my juice after only five minutes,” He replied
“But I like the taste of cum,” she said, Ben laughed. Oh yes, this one was a treasure.
“But if I had cumed in your mouth, I wouldn’t be able to do this,” he said.
“Wha...” Amy began, before being cut off by Ben’s kiss as he grasped one breast firmly and placed another on her hip. Firmly but gently he turned her over so that she was kneeling on all fours. Moving behind her he placed the tip of his cock on the smooth and glistening lips of her pussy. Amy growled with excitement as he slid up inside her. One hand toyed with a nipple while the other ran through her damp and heavy hair. Amy moaned as he began to increase his pace, each thrust faster than the last, pounding deeper as she moaned.

Amy began to rock back and forth in time with her man, she groaned in pleasure as he fucked her hard.
“You like that don’t you slut,” he said, breath only a little ragged despite his exertions’
“Yes, oh yes fuck my cunt hard!” she cried. He did not let up but she let out a squeal as he pulled her hair hard
“Whose cunt?” he asked, so intense was her ecstasy she did not understand,
“My cunt!” she screamed. Again she yelped as he tugged on her beautiful hair. His thrusts slowed and she moaned with desultory disappointment as he slid out of her without either climaxing. Still he held her in position and she purred as he stuck two fingers inside her pussy
“Who does this cunt belong to Amy, think about it.” He said, not angrily but reasonably, as if the answer was obvious and she was a rather stupid child. Amy said nothing but panted like a bitch in heat as she thought, or tried to think, but with Ben’s fingers working at her clit it was hard to keep her mind on the task. Finally she grinned as she realised the clear answer
“You Ben,” she said
“Say it properly, so I know you understand,” he instructed. “Who does this cunt belong too?”
“My cunt belongs to you Ben.” She said with full conviction, after all, he was right about everything else.
Evidently satisfied with this answer Ben removed his fingers and held them in front of Amy’s face, she licked her own juices of his digits while he mounted her again. As his cock slid into her cavity he said
“And why does your pussy belong to me?” Amy pondered this, why’s were not something she did well with. She liked simple things, she liked choices made for her. But as she began to speed up, building up a rhythm she said
“My cunny belongs to you because... because I belong to you, all of me.” Amy could see Ben’s grin in the placid water’s reflection. Lovingly he stroked her thighs, her belly, and her breasts; until once again she was on the very edge of orgasm. She moaned under his ministrations, her sighs as loud as a street whore but stemming from a true feeling of bliss, and a real strain for release rather than the need to please a client.

Amy ground back into his thrusts’; she was close now, holding it back. She wanted to cum, needed to; but she knew better than that.
“Ben,” she gasped between moans “Please, can...ah...please can I...cum?” He began playing with her nipples, rolling them between his fingers, only after she had held on for ten seconds did he reply
“Yes, you can cum my horny little slut.” And with a shuddering scream she did so. A great moan of pleasure as ecstasy more intense than any she had felt before wracked her body.

Above her meanwhile, Ben was also close to orgasm. As she finished he pulled out, still hard
“Turn around,” he ordered, though still half insensible she did as she was told. Ben took her by the back of the head, cupping her skull and guiding her in. She opened her mouth as he thrust her head onto his staff. Enthusiastically she began to suck; she did not have to do so for long. Great strings of cum exploded into her mouth as Ben came with a sigh of release. She struggled to swallow it all, but swallow it she did as she knew he liked. When he was done she licked her lips and cleaned him off. When all of the cum was gone she moved to pull away, but his hand held her in place.
“Not yet, you’re not taking my dick from your mouth until I am hard again; were not done tonight.”

She responded, working his limp member with her tongue and lips, rekindling his spark while he fondled her neck and breasts. Consumed by her task she gave a great start as Ben spoke above her,
“You might as well come out of the shadows, I can see you.” His words made no sense, she wasn’t in any shadows. A cold shiver ran up her back as another, unfamiliar, voice echoed in the vast empty space.
“How long have you known I was there?” It was a man’s voice, deep and powerful, but youthful too. Instinctively she tried to pull away from Ben so that she could see him, hide herself, do something! But his hand was steady and would not let her. Continuing to suck on his hardening cock a flurry of feelings swept through the helpless girl; fear, worry, excitement, lust. Though the eyes of this strange man bored into her like a dentist’s drill between her shoulder blades there was something undeniably sexy about knowing that someone could see her as she was; naked and powerless on her knees before her boyfriend, unable to do anything but please him.

“Since I stood up, you are not difficult to spot.” Ben replied to the stranger “Who are you?” he asked, stealing away the initiative.
“What... me? I am a life guard, I work here. Hey I will be asking the questions!” he spluttered angrily. Ben could have that effect on people
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” he demanded, straining for authority. Amy guessed he was only a couple of years older than herself. Probably about the same age as Ben.
“My name is Ben,” he replied smoothly. Stoking her hair he said “This is Amy; as for what we are doing, that seems fairly obvious.” This calmness was clearly confusing the life guard who had evidently expected them to be flustered and afraid of him once they were caught. Amy would have been, but not her man.

The life guard put on a forbidding tone, or at least what he thought was a forbidding tone
“Do you know what I could do to you for this? Its breaking and entering for a start before we even get started on what you are doing here.”
“Yes,” Ben said “If you told anybody.”
“And why shouldn’t I?” the life guard demanded
“Because,” Ben said, Amy could hear the smile she could not see “That way nobody wins. We get into all kinds of trouble, and what do you get? Nothing.”
“Oh yes,” the stranger said, his tone clearly interested “and what can you give me that I want?”

Ben’s hand pulled Amy’s head away from his own, turning her around so that she could see this man. He was big, tall and broad shouldered, no gangly youth. His hair was a golden blond stuck up at odd angles by too much swimming without properly drying his hair. He was dressed in a pair of red swimming shorts and a plain white tee shirt. Now able to see his hungry eyes wonder over her own luscious body Amy’s excitement built, her heart hammered still harder in her chest. As his lascivious gaze halted for a moment between her slightly parted legs she began to feel her juices flowing anew.

“Don’t you think she’s beautiful?” Ben asked, she beamed at his feet. The life guard nodded, enraptured by her now that he could see her fully on; for it seemed that before Ben had obscured his view. Still despite her redoubled lust Amy’s head jerked up in surprise when Ben said
“Why don’t you come and join us?” The young stranger appeared to think about it for a moment, but Amy knew from his eyes, and the bulge in his shorts, that his decision was a foregone conclusion.

Wordlessly he stripped off his top, flinging it carelessly to one side, and dived in. He was a magnificent swimmer and within moments was pulling his muscular body onto the island, water cascading off him.
“Amy,” Ben said “Why don’t you go and give our guest a blowjob?” Still startled by this turn of events she hesitated, after five seconds had passed he said
“Amy,” in a warning tone, such as a father might use on a wayward child. Snapped into action the ever obedient girl nodded and began to crawl forward towards the life guard, on her hands and knees. The distance was not great and soon she was on her knees in front of him. Tentatively she reached towards his waist and pulled down the swimming shorts. Apparently he was hornier than Ben had been for despite his brief swim the man was hard. Amy opened her mouth wide and took him in, sucking and licking at the tip. Over the top of her the two young men talked

“What did you say your name was?” Ben asked casually, as if they did not stand naked in the middle of a public swimming pool. The life guard’s tone indicated that he was less at ease, especially with a school girl clamped to his crotch, but he said
“I didn’t, its Robert. Call me Rob.”
“Of course, so Rob what are you doing here so late. The leisure centre closed six hours ago.” Robert seemed distracted, understandably, but after a moment’s pause continued
“I had to do some...paperwork for my boss, overtime to pay for going travelling in April. Then I...Oh!” Amy would have smiled at his reaction, but could not due to the cock she had just deep throated. Robert placed a hand on top of her head as she began bobbing her head back and forth. When he had regained some measure of his composure he said
“But, but then I saw the lights come on and heard the... the generators start up. So I came to see what was happening. Then I saw you, with your finger in her pussy asking her who it belonged to. It was so fucking sexy I stayed to watch for a while. I thought...Oh yes girl! I thought you hadn’t seen me. Is it true that she belongs to you? I mean how can she belong to you?”

“Amy,” Ben prompted “tell him,” Amy pulled back, his cock sliding out of her throat. She had been impressed with herself, usually she gagged after a couple of minutes.
“Ben owns me, I belong to him.” She said, pre cum leaking down the side of her mouth.
“And why?” Amy cursed silently, another why. She cocked her head to the side and thought, absently licking up the cum trailing down her lip. After a few seconds she had an answer, she hopped it was good enough.
“Ben owns me because I have given myself to him. I do what he tells me and he looks after me. That’s why,” she looked over her shoulder at her owner “isn’t it?” He smiled and she beamed at his approval.
“Yes you darling little slut, that’s why.” He looked back at Robert “Do you want her to go back to sucking you? Or do you want to do something else?”

Robert thought about it for a moment
“She gives the best fucking head I have ever had, but I want to nail her properly.”
“You don’t have any STD’s do you?” Ben asked, the life guard looked scandalised
“No I do not! You know I can still report you!” Ben gestured for him to calm down
“Alright, I have to ask. I wouldn’t be a very good owner if I let my pet get sick now would I?” Robert laughed
“No I suppose not. Now then,” he looked down at Amy
“Get up girl,” he ordered, obviously assuming she would do as anyone told her. He was wrong, she looked back to Ben for approval, he nodded.

Rising up of her knees she found her head still barley reached the life guard’s shoulder. Taking her in his hands, so much rougher than Bens, he began to kiss and lick her breasts as his hands explored her body. Two fingers plunged between her thighs, though he did not have her boyfriend’s skill Amy responded enthusiastically, pressing forward into him. Her hands played across his arms and her lips traced nipping kisses down his chest. Slowly he moved her back until, with a bump, Amy’s back met the warm rough plastic of the palm tree.

Robert withdrew his fingers and she opened her legs wide as she could while still standing. The stranger gathered her arms together and pinned them with one of his own above her head, she panted with building excitement as he positioned an eight inch cock at the entrance to her womb. Slowly he pushed forward, her pussy, tight as it was, took him in easily. He began to fuck her hard, Amy’s back slammed into the false tree again and again and she moaned, loving this mixture of pleasure and pain. She moaned as he gasped and grunted, rutting inside her. His free hand grasped a hip and pulled her in closer to him, unthinking she wrapped her long legs around his damp, broad waist. Robert thrust into her deep, his member angled to stimulate her as well as himself; a less selfish man than most, and more skilled. Amy’s groans were replaced by a little shriek as Robert surprised her by spinning around, letting her arms fall so as to grasp her buttocks with both hands. Fearing that she might be dropped, for though the life guard was strong both of them were still slippery with water mixed with fresh sweat, Amy placed her feet back on the ground. She still ground down onto him as he began talking over her head yet again.

“You said you weren’t done before, care to share her now? She is yours after all.” Foot steps behind her told Amy that Ben had accepted this offer, but she did not move and as Robert leaned back onto the tree he started screwing her once more. She gave a little start as Ben said right behind her
“Open her up for me then,” With a broad grin on his face Robert grasped her arse cheeks and pealed them apart, opening up the small hole. Amy’s eyes went wide, she had never done this before, not one in each hole. But she said nothing, only mewled as she neared a second orgasm under Robert’s half gentle, half brutal, ministrations.

Behind her she felt her boyfriend rub his cock around her hole, and was relieved to find it well lubricated with a mixture of pre-cum and her own juices. Though no anal virgin Amy still cried out as the thick shaft was pushed into her, but as he pressed deeper she began to enjoy her fucking all the more. When he was in her up to the hilt he pulled halfway back, then sank in again, then again until she took it from the rear just as fast and deep as from the front.

Amy’s moans redoubled, reaching over her head she grasped Ben’s neck and pressed her own back into his chest. His fingers kneaded her tits, pulling and playing with her nipples and stroking her thighs and stomach. She was aching for it now, forgetting herself she screamed
“Ahhhh! I am guna cum!” a hand that had been gently stroking suddenly gave her a sharp slap on her tender inner thigh
“I’m sorry, I mean, ohhhh! I mean can I....can I cum. Please!”
“I don’t know,” Ben seemed to ponder calmly, though his breath was a little strained neither man let up their relentless pounding, Amy could barely stop herself from climaxing despite all her efforts
“What do you think Rob, has she been a good enough to deserve that treat?”
“Oh please! I have been good, I am a good little slut!” she moaned, they seemed to ignore her. She started to thrash at the strain of holding back
“Oh I am not sure, she was doing well, but now she seems to be ruining it all by shouting out of turn,”
“True, true.”
“I’m sorry Ben, I am sorry for almost cuming without permission. But I need it, please!” Ben let her hang for another few seconds
“Well then, I suppose you may.” And with a scream she did, she bucked and swayed between the two of them moaning and gasping.

The two men on either side it seemed, were also close. Grunting Robert was next to climax, sending great streams of hot cum inside her and making her scream all the more wildly. With his pet pulsating on his cock as he ravaged Amy’s tight hole Ben could not hold on much longer and, grasping her hips he pressed her towards him. Amy, orgasm almost spent, began to moan anew as thick strands of spunk poured into her from behind, swiftly filling the passage. Only after all had finally finished did Amy feel two long shafts slide out of her. Exhausted she slumped to the ground.

Above her Ben shook hands with Robert
“You seem to have pleased my kitten Rob, and I do like it when she is happy. Give me your number, maybe I will decide to share her again some time.
On the ground, curled up with her eyes closed Amy’s lips curled into a contented smile. She hoped he would share her again, but most of all she hoped she never displeased him; she couldn’t bear to lose her master.

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