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a sister and brother grow closer with games
I couldn’t believe it…we had to move? The news devastated me, ruining my everything, as much as my everything could be at 10 years old. Of course to me at that age, that was a lot. Having to leave all my friends, and not only that, we were moving across the country from one coast to the next. My sister seemed slightly upset, but not quite as much as myself. At that age I hated change, I was stubborn, and didn’t like this idea one bit.

My mom had been a single mother for as long as I could remember, my father splitting when I was one, my sister only 2 years older than myself. She worked hard to keep a roof over our head, food on our plates, and clothes on our back. She didn’t go to college, but was highly skilled with computers and marketing, making it a surprise to most she had such a successful job as a marketing manager for her company. Her company decided with their recent growth it was time to relocate…for some reason they decided to relocate over 2500 miles away. Though my mother didn’t like the idea of packing up everything and moving, it was the best job she had in quite some time, and feared not being able to find a comparable job with competitive pay. Her work offered to help pay for the move and even set us up in a small month-by-month rented townhouse. So it was set, my mother broke the news to us. We said our goodbyes to all our friends and headed out by car.

My sister tried to cheer me up during the long car ride, poking jokes like we usually did, playing car games, anything her 12 year old mind could think of. We would often play tongue sword fights, for some reason we never thought of this as wrong, and my mother seemed to allow it seeing it was just all in fun. We began the tongue sword fights, sticking out our tongues, mine fairly long, just how it was since birth. Our tongues would meet, slashing against each other in an epic duel—or so as our minds saw it. Of course, my sister always won as she would bite my tongue and claim victory. The drive was extremely long, we shacked up at a motel for the night to begin our drive the next morning; of course, my mom wanting to beat traffic, the next morning meant 4 am. My sister and I reluctantly loaded up into the car and began the journey again, this time too tired to play any car games. My sister sat on her side, her thin spaghetti strap shirt hanging on her young body, her shoulder length brown hair dangling along her shoulders and one side of her face, her small stomach moving with each slow breath, causing her premature, developing breasts to rise and fall in the same rhythm. I lay on the other side, my shorter yet thicker brown hair ruffled as I sleep subconsciously with my fingers in the waistband of my pants, mouth slightly ajar as my small body begs for more sleep.

After quite a few more hours of driving, making a few pit stops, we finally arrived at what would be our temporary home until we could finalize renting a home of our own. It was a two story building, somewhat like apartments and townhouses combined. Though it was two story, each story would hold one person, or in this case family. My sister helped my mother unpack the few supplies we brought with us, the rest of the home still in a giant u-haul trailer awaiting our final resting point. My sister, Michelle, and I had always been close friends, she always looked out for me. We would play a lot of fantasy games, pretending either to be in high school, little mermaid and flounder, ninjas as I always wanted to choose, etc. We continued our imaginative games outside until it grew dark.

”Ok kids, time to get your baths, brush up, and go to bed” my mother instructed as she did nearly every night. Michelle and I took our respectful separate showers, brushed our teeth together, and asked mother where we would be sleeping.

“Well, there’s only two beds here, but both are very big beds. I’ll just be across the room in the master bedroom, you two will have to share the bed in this room,” she led us to the second bedroom where laid a queen size bed. After grumping and protesting, my mother reminded us we had no choice unless we wanted to sleep on the couch, that this was just a temporary home until we could get our own. My sister got into her PJ’s which consisted of a thin t-shirt and cotton panties. Though she was only 12, she was starting to enjoy wearing cute panties, I noticed the little heart cut-out shape near the top of her panties with a small bow on the back. Stretching and yawning, exhausted from the long haul and our playing out back I easily slipping into my PJs, which at this age was just a pare of briefs. We crawled into bed together, though feeling a bit odd with so much bed space our bodies would scoot to one another.

“Hey Michelle, what do you think it’s going to be like out here? Do you think we’ll have lots of friends?” I questioned, still upset about leaving my two best friends and the girl I had a crush on.

“I don’t think it will be too hard, we made plenty of friends at Boys n Girls club, maybe there’s one out here too” Michelle tried to perk up. She could tell I was upset and slightly nervous, “Hey, come here little bro” she pulled me into a hug and told me everything would be alright. I was unresponsive. “Hey, do you want to play mommy and daddy?” she chimed in. She was always up for playing some type of game.

“But, its bedtime, won’t mom get mad?” I questioned, not wanting to get in trouble for not going to bed when told to.

“Well mommies and daddies go to bed together, we can still play while we’re in bed. Here, I’ll show you, get ontop of me” she would position me ontop of her, spreading her legs so my lower body rested between them, my pelvis resting ontop of her own. She began to kiss me, little pecks and rubbing my back. I kissed her back, confused how this was playing mommy and daddy. We had played before, but was usually about coming home from work and her cooking, or us shopping together. I was extremely shocked when I felt her lips part and her tongue start to probe my mouth. I thought she was playing sword fight in the middle of mommy and daddy and when I started to stiffen my tongue she protested, “No, we’re not doing that. This is what mommies and daddies do. Just relax” she continued to run her smooth tongue over mine. It slightly tickled and I could feel my body warming up. I wasn’t sure what to do, she had never taught me this game, so I stayed still, trying to copy her tongue movements with my own. Her hands would move under my shirt, caressing my back and moving forward over the curves of my stomach. Her touch felt good and I gave in, returning the kiss, our kissing becoming much more passionate. Michelle began to slowly buck her hips in a grinding motion against my brief-covered groin. I could feel something stir and was slightly confused. I had gotten erections before, but was only in the bath when rubbing my body with soap. I wasn’t sure why I was getting an erection now as my 10 year old cock grew to life pressing between my own sisters panties. I didn’t really know about sex, it had never been something my friends and I discussed, and being brought up without a father I never got that bird and the bees talk. The kissing grew deeper, as my hardness grew thicker, as thick as a 10 year old cock could grow (sorry, this isn’t one of those fantasy 10yr old with a 10inch cock stories). My heart was racing within my chest, I parted the kiss a bit, “I think I might have to use the bathroom” I said in a slightly panicked voice. I wasn’t sure what it could have been causing my cock to grow so thick and stiff, I must have to pee right? My sister must have known what was going on, she protested, “No, you’re fine. You just must hate kissing me” she pouted. I hated when she pouted, “No, no that’s not it. I just felt like I must have to” I looked at her still pouting face and leaned down to continue kissing. Her hands would explore my body once again, though now my cock was pointed straight at her pussy as it had adjusted during the time I leaned up. Of course we still had our bottoms on, but I could feel the warmth between her legs as her prepubescent pussylips tried to push thru her panties to reach my cock.

“I’m too hot, hold on a second” my sister lifted her thin shirt over her head and tossed it to the other side of the bed. Her hands reached under the covers and shuffled a bit forcing me to lift away from her body for a brief moment. “Much better” she stated and giggled. As my face went down to continue kissing she directed my head to one of her nipples, a small puffy mound barely a breast. I was a bit confused but continued to kiss her breast like I was kissing her lips. My natural instincts to breasts must have kicked in as I started to suck and lick her nipple within my mouth like I had been doing it for years. I heard my sister whimper soft moans, but I didn’t want to stop. That wouldn’t be any problem as she was loving it, running her fingers thru my hair. As my groin met between her legs again, I felt a bit of a shock. Her panties were now off, my brief-protected rod throbbing against her bare pussylips, and I could feel it was much hotter than before. I broke away from her nipple to look at her

“Wow, it’s really hot down there” I was slightly surprised. I knew there was a good bit of heat between your legs as I often would keep my hands there to warm them during winter nights, on myself. But this was the hottest I had ever felt it. Curious and not knowing what we were doing was taboo, I moved my hand to her fresh hairless pussy, pressing my palm against it, “wow…like really hot.” My sister simply giggled, rocking her hips a bit, sending me a message to rub her. I did as subliminally told, my hand moving up and down as if waxing a delicate car. I could feel a slick liquid coat my palm, but it only intrigued me, now able to smell something I’ve never smelt before. I liked it, it was new and interesting. Michelle slid her hands down and spread her pussylips, I moved the comforter to see what she was doing, and could see there was an opening. I used to tease my sister about her belly button, it was so deep and I would often probe it with a finger. Seeing a new opening, I decided to do the same, the smell much stronger than it had been before. I slipped my index finger inside, it was extremely tight but velvet smooth. My finger twirled inside her and I could hear her moaning more. Looking up I saw a smile on her face, so I didn’t protest. Continuing a delicate onslaught on her pussywalls with one finger, her contradictory thrusts pushing my finger deeper inside. Suddenly, my sisters moans and breath ceased, her hips shaking and I was scared, tough she held onto my arm tight, then in a burst I hear her “oooohmp!!” as she began to cum on my finger. I smiled up at her as she breathed heavily. I pushed my briefs off as I truly was much hotter now than I had been; that and I also needed to free my throbbing cock from its constraint. I reclaimed my position ontop of my sister and smiled, not sure what had just happened but I liked it. Michelle giggled, “That was fun, but this seems like it would go further” she reached under and dragged her fingers along the length of my cock. I of course had never measured my cock at that age, but it was clearly much longer and thicker than any of my fingers. I nodded and wasn’t sure what to do until my sister guided my pulsating excitement between her gaping pussylips. Feeling the warmth and wet combination nearly sent me over the edge, I had never felt anything like this and nearly thrusted forward like a horny pup until I heard my sister squeal, “Hey, be careful! That hurt” I stopped and apologized, she began to guide me by my ass until my cock was fully inside her virgin pussy. I stayed there for a moment until instincts kicked in, slowly rocking my hips back and forth, causing her tight contracting pussy to stroke my cock inside her. My own breathing became heavier, but I enjoyed every blissful minute; my sister meeting my bliss as her eyes closed and she moaning and held me close. I could feel my cock fall out a few times from her tightness, now reaching down myself and aiming for her sweet opening. I couldn’t help but to lean back a bit and watch what was occurring. I was delighted to see my circumcised dick slipping in and out of her pussy, slightly white and pink from the bloodrush and the tightness of her contracting pussy. The image was all I needed. I began to moan a bit more loudly, my sister covering my mouth so we wouldn’t wake mom. I got the hint and removed her hand, my body shaking as I began my own orgasm. I didn’t know of course what it was, I just knew it felt amazing. My cock had slipped out of her pussy and a watery liquid began erupting from my cock onto my sister’s barely peach-fuzzed pussy. The liquid not fully developed into sperm yet, simply the fluid that carries the sperm, spurting like a squirt gun a few gushes onto her body. We both breathed heavy and lay next to eachother laughing lightly until we fell asleep.

That was actually the only night any thing like that occurred, we never spoke of it, but it was one of the best nights I had ever had.


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2016-06-03 20:08:35
total waste of time, why would you ever fuck a relative only once? now every time he sees her it will eat at him killing any feelings he had for her making him hate her. thanks for the turn off you hack.

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2012-05-12 14:52:41
that was very good 7/10. i liked how it went along with the trauma of suddenly moving. sister fucking is great!


2012-04-10 22:03:26
I love the innocence of the story. I'm just sick of all of the horny maniac boys on this site who make them selves have 10 inch long dicks and loads of sperm, I also hate how people put males 13+ under boys categories. THEY ARE NOT BOYS, THEY ARE TEENS AND ADULTS!!!

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2011-11-29 16:46:53
Made me remember when my sister fucked me. We were swimming and we were all of a sudeen naked and just did it. Several times.

It was at the lake and we got bolder doing on the pontoon boat as people passed by and watched.

Omg. I need to go jerk off thinking about it

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2011-11-12 21:04:11
doing it once with a sibling it awaste of time and will ruin the relationship. if you do it once with a stranger or friendit's ok you can avoid them afterwards but not a sibling. every time you see them afterwards you will wonder if it should have happened or not and wonder if it should have continued driving you apart.

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