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a sexy threesome
Sweet Susanna
I was having dinner when the phone rang, “Do you still want to see me eat a pussy?” the sexy voice on the other end said. It took me less than a second to recognise who it was. Susanna, sweet sexy wicked Susanna; we had dated on and off for the longest while but it had been months since I had heard from her. Susanna didn’t wait for me to answer “Pick me up at work” she instructed. I finished dinner in a hurry and after a quick bath was in my car heading to pick her up, I really didn’t know what she had planned but knowing how wicked she was, I knew that I was in for a lot of fun. I reached her work place in record time just as she was walking out, behind her stepped a gorgeous curly haired girl with the cutest ass I had seen in the longest while. Susanna sat in the front seat as I opened the back door to let her friend in. “Gabby Brad, Brad Gabby was the introduction followed by a wicked smile from Susanna. “Can you get a couple of beers” Susanna asked, “Sure” I replied and pulled into the first store that I saw. With three six packs in hand, I headed to the beach area and pulled up alongside the wall. We chatted loosely for a while as the sun slowly disappeared below the horizon, each anticipating what was about to come and you could almost smell the sex in the cool sea breeze. Susanna and I braced against the car as Gabby sat on the wall, her sexy legs opening and closing ever so slightly. As we chatted Susanna stepped over to Gabby and slid herself between Gabby’s legs, I stood with my heart pounding, afraid to say anything incase I spoilt the moment. Susanna looked up and without thinking Gabby lowered her face and slipped her tongue into Susanna’s waiting mouth, I thought that my heart was going to explode, it was an unbelievable sight, that kiss was like nothing else that I had ever seen before and it ended just as quietly as it had started. We stayed chatting for a while more and I was starting to think that maybe that was all I was going to see but boy was I wrong. “Brad, we have to take Gabby home now, her mom is waiting for her” Susanna said after a while. “Sure” I said as opened my door and sat inside waiting for Susanna to come back into the front seat next to me but instead she slipped into the back next to her sexy friend. I started up and drove off and pretended to fix the rear view mirror so that I could see what was going on in the back seat. The sound of a zipper being pulled down echoed through the car as if it was on some kind of an amplifier system and I looked back in time to see Susanna pulling down the tight jeans of Gabby, her mouth wasted no time in finding the slit of Gabby’s pussy even though the jeans was only half way down, I pulled over to the side of the road and even with cars passing close to us, Susanna wickedly continued to lick at Gabby’s wet pussy. I knew that if I was going to enjoy this properly that I had to find a quieter place. I started back up the car and headed up further the road and pulled into an empty field. Gabby, as Susanna told me later had never had sex with a guy before and had never allowed a guy to see her pussy the way I was hungrily watching at it. Susanna had her tongue deep in Gabby’s cunt and with the wicked thought that she was being eaten by her friend and a guy was right there watching every flick of the hot tongue on her virgin wet clit was simply too much for Gabby, her eyes opened wide as she reached her first climax, her fingers reaching out grabbing my hair as Susanna greedily feasted on her wet snatch. Susanna eased up for a brief while to allow her to catch her breath and as we waited for her to regain her composure, I instructed Susanna to remove Gabby’s jeans entirely, it took a bit of coaxing from both of us before Gabby finally agreed to take the jeans off, Susanna wasted no time in getting it off and asked me where I wanted her to place Gabby’s legs, by this time I had lowered the seat next to me and I was just inches away from this virgin wet sweet pussy, for some reason I swear that Gabby was pushing her wet cunt closer to my mouth. Susanna once more took charge and lowered her lips onto Gabby soaking cunt, without the jeans in her way to prevent her from having total access to this gorgeous young pussy, Susanna went crazy, running her tongue in and out of Gabby’s swollen lips, her tongue expertly working its magic as Gabby came once more in an earth shattering orgasm. She didn’t allow a single drop of Gabby’s cum to go wasted as she licked and sucked every drop into her wicked hungry mouth. I sat there watching in disbelief, I had always heard people say that only a woman really knew how to lick another woman’s pussy and here I was getting a first hand look at two sexy women who definitely seemed to be in love with each other making sweet love together. Susanna pulled away for a moment from Gabby’s pussy and I heard her say”Are you just going to sit there and watch or are you going to help me lick this wet pussy” and with that she placed her hand on the back of my head and pushed my mouth onto Gabby’s dripping wet pussy, I heard Gabby gasp as my tongue entered her pussy and my lips found her huge clit. It must have been an incredible feeling for her to have a man’s mouth on her wet pussy for the first time in her life and I knew that I had to represent my fellow men who had been told the story of a women being better than men at licking pussy. I went to work licking eating nibbling biting sucking and teasing the hell of Gabby wonderful tasting cunt, I had been silently challenged by Susanna to better her earlier work on this hot young clit and I intended to prove to the both of them that man is indeed the superior beast and that we know just as much and more when it came to eating pussy. I went into my bag of tricks and brought out my entire arsenal of pussy eating techniques that I had accumulated over the last 15 years as I feasted on her sweet sexy young cunt. I felt her getting wetter and wetter and I knew that she was on the verge of a massive orgasm, I found her clit once more and sucked deeply on it, Gabby’s legs squeezed my head tightly as her hands pulled my head deeper into her, with an amazing scream, Gabby came, flooding my mouth with her hot tasty cum as she grounded her pussy onto my hungry mouth, her orgasm seem to last for a good ten seconds and finally she let go of my hair and her body seems to go limp as she slumped back onto the car’s seat, her pussy totally exposed to me, uncaring that I was looking and licking the cum out of her dripping wet pussy. I looked up to see Susanna with an astonished look on her face; she seemed in shocked disbelief that I was able to make her friend cum in the way that she had just done. I leaned over and kissed her mouth, for a minute she did not respond as if angry at what she had just seen, then slowly she started to kiss me, licking every drop of Gabby’s sweet juices from off of my lips. “Sometimes I forget just how good you are “she said “You bring out the best in me” I replied. “I hope that she can walk when she gets home” Susanna said as Gabby smiled weakly. I dropped them both off at Gabby’s house and left with the promise of more fun the next day.

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2008-06-22 15:56:32
I would have given you higher marks if you would have learned to use paragraphs. Story line good, tho.


2006-10-07 05:02:11
Don't it just break our heart to have a fine piece of USDA prime in your backseat and let that pussy get spoiled because no-one entered it with a cock?


2004-04-09 23:05:23
too short

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