The story of Incest Island started with Ryan Miller’s young family exploring family love while on a sailing trip in the Bahamas in FAMILY LOVE BOAT. It is a tender and intensely sexual story about sexual discovery and first time experiences. It was during that trip they met Ted and Dr. Amy Taylor and became very close to their family. Ted ended up buying an island and inviting Ryan and his family and 12 other families to join his family on Incest Island. We will spend the early chapters of Incest Island really getting to know the families that have moved to the island. Zach (14) and Hannah (12) Miller and Mike (15) and Kaitlin (14) Taylor are convinced that they can help change the world’s view of family love. They have conceived an idea for a very secure website that will begin to tell the stories of the families of Incest Island. They are starting to interview the families. The beginning of this chapter finds Ryan and his family back in Marsh Harbor to get their sailboat and eventually talk with Hank and Bill. When we left them in the last chapter, they had enjoyed an awesome day on the beach of sun, fun and wild sex. They all drifted off to sleep on the beach and we find them as they wake up the next morning. While they are sailing back to Marsh Harbor, they get a phone call telling them that Mike, Kaitlin and Jane Colby interviewed the Wong family yesterday and it is a very hot story. The kids connect to the satellite and down load the story and pictures of the Wong family. The story was so hot, it cause Ryan and the family to make wild passionate love. Mike and Kaitlin interviewed their Dad to find out more about the early planning for the island. Please let me know if this is a story that you like and want it to continue at and please see the note at the end about sharing your thoughts and ideas about the story and its direction.
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The story of Incest Island started with Ryan Miller’s young family exploring family love while on a sailing trip in the Bahamas in FAMILY LOVE BOAT. It is a tender and intensely sexual story about sexual discovery and first time experiences. It was during that trip they met Ted and Dr. Amy Taylor and became very close to their family. Ted ended up buying an island and inviting Ryan and his family and 12 other families to join his family on Incest Island.

We will spend the early chapters of Incest Island really getting to know the families that have moved to the island. Zach (14) and Hannah (12) Miller and Mike (15) and Kaitlin (14) Taylor are convinced that they can help change the world’s view of family love. They have conceived an idea for a very secure website that will begin to tell the stories of the families of Incest Island. They are starting to interview the families.

The beginning of this chapter finds Ryan and his family back in Marsh Harbor to get their sailboat and eventually talk with Hank and Bill. When we left them in the last chapter, they had enjoyed an awesome day on the beach of sun, fun and wild sex. They all drifted off to sleep on the beach and we find them as they wake up the next morning.

While they are sailing back to Marsh Harbor, they get a phone call telling them that Mike, Kaitlin and Jane Colby interviewed the Wong family yesterday and it is a very hot story. The kids connect to the satellite and down load the story and pictures of the Wong family. The story was so hot, it cause Ryan and the family to make wild passionate love. Mike and Kaitlin interviewed their Dad to find out more about the early planning for the island.

Please let me know if this is a story that you like and want it to continue at and please see the note at the end about sharing your thoughts and ideas about the story and its direction.

As always, if you are not supposed to be reading this story…then please don’t…please practice safe sex.
This story is a total fantasy. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write me. Your encouragement, ideas, fantasies and personal experiences are very much appreciated. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome at

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MILLER FAMILY (Ryan 31, Christie 31, Zachary 14, Hannah 12, Emily 11, Noah 11)
TAYLOR FAMILY (Ted, Amy, Mike 15, Kaitlin 14, Will 13, Sara 13, Thomas 11, Josh 9 months)
COLBY FAMILY (Rev. Devin, Jane, Carrie 14, Matt 12, Eli 27 months and Grace 9 month)
SWENSON FAMILY (Marty34, Kathi 32, Jessie 18, Tyler and Jessica 15)
GARCIA FAMILY (Simon 44, Randy 24, Elizabeth 15, Taylor and Ashley 12)
JACKSON FAMILY (Jacob, Charlotte, Cayden 12, Lilly 10, Jimmy 14, Mary 8, Tony 10 months)
SMITH FAMILY (Jim, Maggie, Maryanne 14)
WONG FAMILY (Steve, Mary, William 18, Leah 17, Grayson 16, Zoe 15, Kira 8)
HALSTON FAMILY (Phil, Mary, Max and Marie)
GIBSON FAMILY (Tom, Sally, Kiera and Landon 14, Lucy 13, Owen 12, Abigail 10)


The next morning the Miller family slowly started to awaken naked on the beach where they had slept the night before. Noah looked over at his big brother Zach who had morning wood. Noah reached over and began to play with his big brother’s 14 year old erection. It was so thick and hard. Zach grinned at his horny little brother. Since Doctor Amy gave Noah the growth hormone shot he has been insatiable. Noah needed 5 to 7 orgasms a day.

Zach took his brother’s hand and led him down the beach toward the water. As they stood there in shin deep water, Zach began to kiss his sexy 11 year old brother. Lately Noah was too hard to pee when he woke up. His boner was so stiff and hard that he couldn’t pull it down to aim at the toilet bowl.

Noah’s erection was like stone and his balls ached to release seed. Zach held his little brother close and whispered in his ear.

-Let it go…little bro…let it go. Zach whispered.
At first Zack felt a tiny bit of warmth on his belly and felt it drip off his scrotum. He kissed Noah and felt the stream increase. Zach stepped back and Noah began to develop a powerful stream that was squirting all over Zach’s body. Zach released his stream and was squirting all over Noah.

Ryan was masturbating furiously as he watched his sons piss all over each other. He had no idea why watching them was such a turn on…but it was. Emily pushed her Daddy’s hand out of the way…

-Daddy those boys are sooooo grosssssss! It makes you so hard. Emily told her Daddy as she began to suck his hard penis. Ryan was torn between watching his beautiful 11 year old daughter and his two sons. The boys had finished and Zach was kissing his little’s brother’s wet face. The two of them still in each other’s arms fell sideways into deeper water. They swam for a few moments and then surfaced with Zach’s lips fastened on Noah’s throbbing 11 year old boner. Zach cupped Noah seed heavy balls in his hands. They were so full.

-Oh Zachy…I need you so bad. Noah told his big brother as he began to face fuck him.

Noah began to grind his aching cock against the ridges in the top of Zach’s mouth. Noah felt his seed rising and knew that an orgasmic explosion would happen at any moment... Noah decided Zach need a facial.

Ryan was gasping as 11 year old Emily gripped the tip of his ultra sensitive cock with her tongue holding the throbbing flesh tightly against the roof of her mouth. Ryan knew that Emily craved the taste of cum. She wasn’t going to let any of his precious seed go down her throat without thoroughly enjoying the awesome flavor. Emily, like the rest of the kids had the sharpest little ridges in the roof of her mouth. Those ridges absolutely drove him crazy. Ryan was hovering on the edge. He watched his sexy 11 year old son and marveled that a few weeks ago that the boy had a tiny hairless boy boner. Since he got the growth hormone shot his cock lengthened and thickened so that it looked more like Zach’s. The pubic hair had not come in like Zach’s yet…but it was starting. And Noah’s suddenly deep voice was so sexy. The best part was that Noah went from dry orgasms to pumping out thick creamy man seed…it was awesome to watch the boy cum.

-Oh…fuck…Zach…gonna shoot.

Noah warned Zach in his baritone voice just before he pulled his boner out of his 14 year old brother’s mouth. Noah flogged his slippery boy boner furiously.

-Oh shit…here it cums!!!!

Thick creamy ropes of cum flew end over end from the tip of his boy boner and squirted all over his sexy brother’s face and white blond hair.

-Fuck bro…you look hot all covered in cum.

They heard their Daddy cry out as his hard cock exploded in his 11 year old daughter’s mouth.

-Oh baby I am cumming… Ryan cried out as he jetted hot semen in Emily’s mouth.

Ryan was so horny that he flooded the little girl’s beautiful mouth until his thick cream leaked out of the corners of her mouth. Ryan looked over and saw 12 year old Kaitlin lapping her mother’s clit. Ryan could see that pregnancy was beginning to cause both Kaitlin and Christie’s boobs to become more voluptuous. Kaitlin was up on her knees presenting her perfect pussy. He watched his sexy boy Noah run up the beach and kneel behind his sister. His boner was still rock hard and he slipped it right in and began to thrust.

Zach scooped up his sexy little sister in his strong arms and licked Daddy’s cum off of the corners of her mouth.

-You are so sexy Zach told her as he laid her down on the blanket. He lifted her little butt and began to lick and suck her clit.

-Very cool…you are getting a lot of white blond pubes and your breasts are filling out. Zach told her as he played with her pubes with his tongue.

-You know it won’t be long before you become fertile. Zach said as he looked up at Emily who had propped herself on her elbows so that she could watch her sexy brother. I guess we’ll have to start being careful….won’t we?

-I hadn’t really thought about it yet…I was just enjoying all of this too…oh god yes Zach…right there. Emily cried out. Her sexy body began to tremble as Zach took her over the edge. Her body shuddered and shook with the intense pleasure of orgasm. Her pretty blue eyes rolled up in her head as she hit the peak of pleasure. As she came back down, she played with Zach’s sexy blond hair.

Zach moved between her sexy lean legs and he slipped his erection deep in her vagina.

-Whoa…you are so hot and tight. Zach told her. Zach told her. He asked her what she thought about getting pregnant as he pumped his thick 5 ½” boy boner in and out of her steaming sex.

-It would be very cool to have a beautiful baby that looked like…well…you or…umm…like Noah…or …Daddy….or ummm…it would be really hot if Will made me pregnant…he is so sexy…I just get all wet every time I am around him…and spending the night with him is heaven…he has that hard boner of his in me all night. Emily told her big brother.

-Have you and Will ever talked about it. Zach asked Emily.

-Ummm….yeah…a lot. You promise you won’t laugh? Em asked her big brother.

-I promise. Zach told her.

-Two nights ago when I spent the night with Will…he…ummm….told me that…he loved me…that he wanted to be with me forever…He told me that when he was making love to me…I…ummm…had a squirting orgasm. Emily said shyly. Would it make you and Noah mad if I wanted that?

-Zach kissed his little sister tenderly. I want whatever you want… Zach told her. Oh sweet baby you are so wet…never been wet like this before. Zach pulled his penis out and found that it was wet with menstrual blood. Oh wow…Emily you are fertile…I better not squirt in you… Zach said as he ground his hard cock against her abdomen. Zach arched his back and squirted his hot semen all over her abdomen. Jet after jet of Zach’s thick creamy boy seed squirted all over his little sister’s body.

Everyone jumped up and gathered around Emily. Her Daddy lifted her up and held her tight against his body with Zach’s thick creamy semen squishing between them.

-My beautiful baby girl is becoming a woman. Ryan held her close and then kissed her passionately. Their tongues joined together and his fingers found her turgid nipples. –And what’s this about my sweet little girl wanting a sexy guy like Will to fill her belly with a baby…are you sure? Her Daddy asked her as Zach’s semen began to drip down their bodies.

He led her out into the water so that they could wash off the thick semen. When she was washed clean, Ryan kissed her perfect puffy pussy lips.

-I know that Will is sexy baby…but is he good enough for you? Ryan asked as he held the naked 11 year old against him. He picked her up and he carried her back to the beach in his arms.

-Daddy…he always finds places where we can be alone…we have slipped away up to the pool at the top of the bluff and made love…sometimes all afternoon. I love it when he just holds me tight his boner deep inside me…when we kiss so long that we are breathing through each other. Daddy…Will worships me. He licks my pucker as he gently fingers my clit until he has my body rocking. He kisses my feet and bathes my toes with his tongue. When I am hungry or thirsty, he practically runs to get me something. I love him Daddy and Will loves me. Emily told Ryan.

Ryan smiled and hugged her.

-I love you baby and I just want what is best for you. I want to be sure that you are ready for the responsibilities of being a parent. Are you sure that you want Will to fill your sexy belly with his baby?

-Yes Daddy…more than anything. Emily responded.

They gathered up their belongings and put them in the dinghy. They took the dingy out to the sailboat. Christie hugged her naked and now very fertile girl tight. She took her below and Christie showed Emily where she had the always pads. They found a bikini bottom and put a pad in. Zach and Kaitlin fixed breakfast they while Ryan and Noah got them underway. They started the engine and Noah pulled up the anchor. They began to sail back to Marsh Harbor. Ryan couldn’t wait to see Hank and Bill.

While they were sailing the satellite phone rang. It was Mike and Kaitlin. They were really excited about their interview with the Wong family. They have already put it up on the server.

Zach went below and got the satellite receiver that Ted had given them. Ryan watched his very sexy naked 14 year old and 11 year old sons as they rigged the satellite receiver on the halyard used to raise the spinnaker. He watched as the receiver went up the 44’ mast. They connected it to the laptop and booted up the secure communications software. They connected with the satellite and then the server on the island. They down loaded the Wong’s story from the server. It was an excellent connection and they had it all downloaded quickly. They printed the story and went up on deck. Hannah said she would read the story.


Steve Wong is an architect. He sold his practice and now consults internationally on building stabilization for projects that will be constructed in earthquake prone regions. Mary is a Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts trained chef. She has operated a 5 star restaurant for years. A large restaurant chain wants to purchase her restaurant and open multiple locations in major cities. They want Mary to continue to develop the menus and train chefs. Steve and Mary are cousins. Their deep relationship started when they were 12. This is their story.

Steve’s family was visiting his Cousin Mary’s family in their apartment above the family restaurant in Chinatown. Their family fervently believed in astrology and his aunt had invited her favorite astrologist to the house. She did everyone’s chart and then told Steve’s aunt that he and Mary were destined to be married and have many children and grandchildren.

It didn’t seem to matter that Steve and Mary were both 12. The woman was insistent that this was the time.

Steve’s Aunt was hesitant. The astrologer asked if the girl had just become fertile. Steve’s Aunt was shocked because Mary had started her first period a week earlier. The parents went in the dining room and discussed it. Steve and Mary sat side by side on the couch trying to grasp what was going on. The astrologer showed everyone the charts and explained that this is the favored time for Steve and Mary to conceive a very special boy child.

She explained that they should begin to have sex immediately.

As he listened, Steve realized that he didn’t know a lot about sex. His penis became rock hard as he imagined the intricacies of intercourse. Steve looked at his beautiful cousin in awe. Her delicate features and beauty were breathtaking. Her eyes were as unique as Mary. She had green eyes which was very rare for the Chinese.

As Steve studied her body he saw that her nipples stood out in her t-shirt. He found that interesting because they were not that way when he arrived. Mary wore Nike running shorts and running shoes. She was determined to make the track team in her middle school so she was always running. Mary’s silky straight black hair begged to be touched. It had such a beautiful sheen. The discussion in the dining room grew more heated and Steve took Mary’s hand. All of the raised voices and arguing frightened her because she knew it was something about her…and Steve.

Huge tears began to roll down her beautiful cheeks. Steve took her in his arms and he held Mary tight. He whispered to her that everything would be okay. She continued to sob.

Mary’s father who was the one opposed to the idea, looked in and saw that his daughter was frightened and that her cousin Steve quietly took her in his arms and comforted her. He watched as Steve rubbed Mary’s back and said soothing things to her. Soon she was calm.

One by one, others began to notice that Mary’s father was not paying attention. They too looked to see what was going on. The room slowly became quiet. Steve and Mary seemed oblivious to all of it. They just held each other.

-I was wrong… Mary’s father said. Steve is a special boy and they are obviously meant to be together.

The family gathered in the living room and Mary’s father began to explain the astrologer’s words.

The astrologer consulted their chart again and then consulted the clock. In a high pitched voice she announced that it must be now. The hour is right.

Her father touched Mary’s cheek softly and looked deep in her beautiful eyes.

-Delicate blossom I know that you have not been with a man. It is time for that to happen. You must lie with Steve now. He will fill you with his seed and your belly with his baby. It is as it should be as destined by the stars. Her Father told her gently.

-But Father I do not know how. Mary said shyly.

-We will show you my child. Her Father told her.

He lifted the hem of her t-shirt and gently pulled it over her head. He saw that her nipples were erect. He kissed her cheek as he lowered her shorts and slipped them over her shoes. He untied her shoes as if it were a solemn ritual. Then he slipped the shoes and socks off of her cute bare feet. She was left with only a pair of blue and white stripped panties. He pulled those down revealing a small patch of straight silky pubic hair. Her small body was magnificent. Her father found that his penis was so hard that he ached.

He turned to Steve and told him that he would help him. He slipped Steve’s t-shirt over his head and noted that the beautiful boy didn’t have a single hair under his arms. He untied Steve’s Nikes and slipped them off of Steve’s bare feet. His thumbs grasped the waist band on either side and slid the shorts down. The tip of Steve’s boner caught in the waistband of the shorts and made a loud slap as it snapped back toward his belly. The sound of Steve’s stiff flesh slapping his tight abdomen startled everyone including Steve. Steve had a nice little patch of black pubic hair. Other than his pubic hair, the boy had no hair on his torso, arms or legs.

-My child lay here on the floor, her dad told Mary. Mary blushed as she realized that all eyes in the room were on her fully exposed body. Beautiful flower you must open so that your inner beauty maybe discovered.

Mary spread her small muscular legs opening her pussy lips to Steve. Steve looked in awe at the lips of her labia. The inner lips did look like a delicate flower. Steve looked from the delicate pussy up to the beautiful and fine features of Mary’s face. She was so beautiful. His eyes drank in every detail of her naked body as his Uncle watched his reaction to his beautiful daughter.

It was so strange to be naked in front of their parents, the astrologer and their brothers and sisters. Every eye in the room watched their naked bodies.

-Kneel here Steve and present your manhood to the beautiful virgin in front of you. Take her into your arms as you begin to gently penetrate her. This was said while he held Mary’s pussy lips open for Steve.

Steve felt his hard penis being guided into Mary. It seemed so strange to have his Uncle’s fingers holding his boner. Steve gasped at the awesome pleasure of having the tip of his penis engulfed in the intense heat of Mary’s pussy. It was like she was on fire for him.

-Now thrust forward Steve and deflower my delicate flower petal. Steve’s Uncle told him.

Steve thrust forward and there was a small yelp of pain from Mary. His penis quickly found her magical core and the tip was pressed against her cervix. They held each other tightly for a few minutes and stared into each other’s deep dark eyes. Steve thought Mary’s eyes were like bottomless pools. He leaned down and kissed Mary. The kiss was shy and tentative at first. Then Mary responded and their kiss became passionate. There was talking in the room but it was lost on the two young lovers. They were lost in each other. As Steve kissed Mary he felt her lean muscular legs wrap around his hips. Steve began to thrust. He wanted the awesome feelings to last forever, but he was much too stimulated by their exposed situation. Steve felt his need to seed become more intense with each thrust. His thrusts were long and hard until he felt his creamy boy seed flood Mary. They kisses intensified until their tongues dance in each other’s mouth as Steve fill Mary’s womb with his potent boy seed. Mary held the sexy naked boy tight in her arms never wanting to let him go. They stared in each other’s eyes as she traced his fine eyebrow with her finger. Mary kissed Steve again.

After a while their brothers and sisters gathered around their naked siblings still united as one. They stroked and caressed their naked brother and sister. Steve became fully erect again and he began to thrust more slowly. Their older brother unzipped their shorts and pulled out their raging erections to the disapproval of their parents. The older boys were so stimulated that they had to have relief. Steve was very turned on by being on display and he quickly was on the verge of another powerful orgasm. He heard his brother Jerry and her brother Mike groan and suddenly felt their hot semen landing on his naked back. That pushed Steve to a powerful climax. This time Mary joined him at the pinnacle of pleasure. Their young bodies shuddered with the wild pleasures of their climax. His young orbs delivered his man seed deep in her fertile unprotected womb.

As Steve’s softening penis slipped out of Mary’s delicate flower he knelt between her legs. His semi erect member was streaked with her virgin blood.

His Uncle reached around and held his still slippery penis in the palm of his hand and he presented the blood streaked penis to Steve’s father.

-You see I have given him Mary’s finest gift. His uncle told Steve’s father.

Steve felt the semen from their brother running down his back. Mary took her naked boy by the hand and she kissed his cheek. She led him to the bathroom and she turned on the shower. Mary began to wash Steve. When she reached his bloody penis she soaped it carefully and then cupped the flaccid member and his scrotum in her hands and allowed them to become a bowl that filled with warm water to rinse him. She watched as his penis magically rose before her eyes. Mary kissed the head of his boy stalk and then looked up at Steve as the water cascaded through her silky black hair. Steve was in awe of this beautiful girl.

He realized that they had not spoken a word since they were told to become one and make a child.

He lifted Mary up and he pulled her against him. His kiss was tender and loving.

-You are so awesome… Steve quietly whispered in her ear.

He washed her body tenderly. When they were through, Steve took a fluffy white towel and began to dry her. When he was finished, Mary dried him paying careful attention to his stiff boyhood and scrotum. She looked up at Steve and lightly kissed the tip of his erection.

She took his hand and led him down the hall stark naked. Some of the younger kids had gathered in the hall to catch another glimpse of the naked cousins.

Mary turned back her sheets. Steve lay on his back as he watched Mary brush her long black hair. His erection throbbed with each beat of his heart.

Mary’s parents would have been shocked to know how sexual their daughter was. Mary learned how to pleasure herself when she was 10. She did so every time she had a private moment.

Mary turned back toward Steve. He looked at the smile on her face. She was so beautiful. He watched as her fingers lightly touched and then pinched each of her nipples. As she touched them they became so red and hard.

Mary climbed into bed and as she did she straddled Steve. She took his raging boner and guided it into her delicate pussy lips.

Steve gasped at the awesome feeling of his penis sliding into the tight sleeve of her vagina.

Mary looked at him and spoke. You have always been my fantasy…even when we were little. Mary’s fingers slid down her perfect abdomen and her middle finger parted the lips. Her eyes rolled up as she found her pleasure button. The fingers of her other hand found a stiff nipple and began to pleasure it.

-I dream or think of you when I…ummm…you know… Mary told him.

She felt his penis swell inside her as she told him that.

-Me too…I think about you when I touch myself and make myself cum. Steve told her.

-Do you do that often? Mary asked him.

-I feel like I must do it 2 or 3 times a day to keep from being hard all the time. Steve told her.

Mary kissed him.

-I will take care of you as much as you need it…anyway that you want it…. Mary told him shyly.

Steve began to thrust into her as she rode up and down his stiff erection. Her eyes rolled up in her head as the powerful good feeling hit her and he felt her juices begin to flow over his hard cock. That was all it took. His stiff shaft erupted thick creamy boy seed into her womb.

The held each other tightly and drifted off to sleep. They slept two hours and then made love again and again. The next morning Steve awakened with his usual erection and saw that Mary was awake and studying his stiff boy stalk. She smiled and pulled him on top of her. Their need was great and the antique iron bed banged against the wall as they made passionate love. Her parents held each other tight and began to make love too.

Her mother found the naked children in the kitchen foraging for food. She fixed them something to eat as she admired their beautiful naked bodies. The two young lovers were magnificent. Mary shamelessly played with Steve’s penis while they ate.

-Little flower you are going to spill his beautiful seed. Milk Steve’s semen into you fertile womb.

Mary grinned at Steve as she straddled his lap and they both shuddered as his penis slipped deep inside her.

-Momma insisted. Mary said with a grin. Now fill me with your seed sexy boy! Mary told Steve as she contracted her vaginal muscles to pleasure him.

Mary’s older brother Jerry walked into the kitchen. He was shocked to see his mother with her robe open and the hem of her night gown pulled up. Momma was vigorously fingering herself while playing with her hard nipple through her night gown. Mary straddled the sexy boy. Jerry’s penis ached for that boy. He jacked off all night thinking about the sexy boy and his beautiful boner. Jerry began to stroke himself. When Mary started her orgasm, Jerry shot the first jet of hot semen. It landed between Mary’s shoulder blades and began to run down her spine. The next two jets landed in Steve’s cereal bowl and floated on top of his Cheerios.

His mother almost fainted when she saw him cum in Steve’s cereal. She wanted to say something but watching her oldest son cum all over his naked sister while she rode a beautiful boy cock was too much for her. She cried out as she rubbed her clit rapidly with a powerful orgasm

Mary tenderly kissed Steve as she dismounted from his penis. Jerry could not take his eyes off of the thick boy cum still on the tip of Steve’s penis. He so wanted to taste the boy’s seed.

Steve grinned up at Jerry as Jerry held his semi erect penis in his hand. Momma started to lunge for the cereal bowl when Steve took a spoonful of semen covered Cheerios and began to raise them to his mouth.

-I see you have added some extra flavor to my cereal. Steve ate the semen covered cereal and smiled at Jerry. Quite tasty… Steve told him.

Mary, Momma and Steve watched as Jerry’s penis became fully erect. Steve took another bite of cereal.

-It is probably better from the source. The sexy 12 year old said teasing the 14 year old who had cum on his food.

Mary’s Daddy walked into the kitchen in time to see his son, wife and daughter cum. Watching his nephew eat a spoonful of cum covered cereal almost made him cum in his pants. He took his wife by the hand and led her to the bedroom where he proceeded to make passionate love to her.

Steve reached out and touched Jerry’s rock hard erection.

-Dude your cock rocks. Steve told the older boy.

Jerry moved over closer to the younger boy and let Steve feel up his cock and balls. Jerry moaned as the younger boy’s fingers caressed his sensitive cock head.

-Oh god yes…Steve that feels so good. Jerry told him.

Steve used the rigid shaft to pull the older boy closer to him. As he did he milked precum from Jerry’s awesome erection. Jerry’s 14 year old penis was 5 ½” and very thick. Steve stopped to lick the precum off of his fingers.

Mary stood behind Steve running her fingers through his silky black hair. She found that she loved watching Steve play with Jerry’s boner. She was amazed when Steve leaned forward and began to lick and suck the head of Jerry’s cock. Mary reached over Steve’s shoulders and began to play with his stiff nipples as she watched him suck her big brother.

-Oh man…that is awesome. Oh dude…suck it…yeah…. Jerry groaned as Steve sucked his hard cock. Oh God Steve….gonna cum…..

Jerry’s hips began to buck as he filled Steve’s mouth with hot semen.

Oh fuck yes…so hot…as Jerry emptied his nuts into Steve’s mouth.

The sexy young couple had sex 5 or 6 times a day. Steve was surprised that no one seemed interested in doing a pregnancy test after the first missed period. Mary’s parents kept insisting that they continue having sex constantly. In the 5th month Mary’s belly began to swell with baby. In three weeks time she had a beautiful baby belly. By that time Jerry was fucking Steve while Steve made love to Mary. Mary loved it when her boys sucked each other off and let her taste each of their loads. Three months later Mary delivered William, a beautiful baby boy.

Mary was only home from the hospital a week when her mother began to encourage her to take Steve’s penis. As Steve made love to Mary the first time, he chuckled and told Mary that her Mother could not wait for him to fill her belly with another beautiful baby. They did not think there was much risk of pregnancy because the 13 year old was breast feeding William. They were wrong. Two months later they realized that she was pregnant again. Leah was born 11 months after William. No one could believe how easy her pregnancies were.

-I love it when you fill my belly with babies. She told Steve as he made love to her after Leah’s birth. It took almost 6 months this time and she found she was pregnant with Grayson, another beautiful boy. During her pregnancies, Mary became an excellent cook. She loved everything about cooking. After she delivered her fourth child, Zoe another beautiful girl, Mary was offered a job as a Sous Chef or the executive assistant to the Chef in a 4 star restaurant. She had a flair for recipe development and exquisite presentation. She craved the opportunity to learn more.

During this time they discovered that Steve had a brilliant mind for science, math and design. Steve graduated at the top of his class from Stanford with a degree in engineering by age 18. Stanford developed a special program where Steve earned his Masters degree in one year.

The ?ole nationale sup?eure des Beaux-Arts in Paris approached Steve about the opportunity to earn his PhD in a special 18 month work/study program with one of the premier architects in the world. Steve almost had tears in his eyes this was perfect…but it had to be perfect for Mary too. Steve had a plan.

He ran in the door and hugged and kissed each of their 4 children. Steve still found it hard to believe that William would be 7 this year.

Steve found his beautiful bride and kissed her too. He was overflowing with joy. He told her about the exciting opportunity to study in Paris for 18 months with one of the premier architects in the world.

The disappointment of living without Steve for 18 months was etched in Mary’s face. She bravely nodded yes and hugged her handsome husband. She felt something behind his back.

He told her it was nothing…just a letter.

She could tell he was being evasive and begged to see the letter. In the upper left corner she saw the embossed crest of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

-I had a beer the other night with Maurice, the Executive Chef. I didn’t know that he was a graduate of Le Cordon Blue Paris…did you?

Mary continued to grab for the letter.

-Maurice thought it would be very good for you to get a little education in the culinary arts…and he talked to the other owners about it. They have decided to pay your way to Le Cordon Bleu…Paris! And we went ahead and applied for you… Steve said as he handed her the letter.

-But what about the children? She asked.

-It is time that you two had the opportunity to become lovers…we will watch your precious babies. Her Dad told her.

The tears of joy streamed down her face. Steve took her in his arms and slowly stripped her naked and as her parents and their kids danced around them they made passionate love.

Their time in Paris was marvelous. They relished every minute of it.

They traveled Europe when their schedules permitted. They became very close to the Executive Chef Francois at Le Cordon Bleu. He invited them to travel to Amsterdam for a weekend. He told them that his friend Ricki ran a 4 star restaurant and private club and they would be Ricki’s guest.

When they arrived it was the most amazing club ever and it resembled a Roman orgy with all of the patrons wearing togas and being severed by near naked 12 to 14 year gorgeous old boys and girls. The name of the club was Perc?r French for pierced.

Steve’s mind was still racing about the experience. The boy assigned to Steve was a beautiful blond 13 year old who stripped, fondled and tantalized Steve as he helped him change in to his toga. The boy’s name was Niels and he wore only the tiniest flesh color g-string pouch that barely contained him.

It turned out that Niels and his sister Kristen were the performers for the evening. They along with their parents participated in the wildest reality show ever. They could choose if they wanted just the audience in the restaurant or an internet audience as well. The larger the audience the more they could “win.” It was very much like the Roman Coliseum except instead of Christians and lions being watched by thousands, it was a young very fertile brother and sister making love for the first time while the audience watched.

It was very much an audience participation show. If the audience was not moved by the performance a drum beat very slowly and very softly. If the audience was tantalized by what they saw on stage they could vote and their voting increased the pot of money that the couple received. The couple started with a base of 10,000 Euros. To receive the 10,000 the boy had to pierce the virgin girl and fill her with his semen. He could do it as quickly as nature allowed and the two of them walked away with the money. The more erotic and exotic they made the performance the more the drum would be faster and louder.

Niels and Kristen had been very well coached. Their performance was amazing. It lasted over three hours and each of the beautiful children had 3 orgasms, a feat which was quite daring because Kristen was at the height of her fertility. The audience took advantage of the togas and most had intercourse or other forms of pleasuring as they watched the amazing performance.

The beautiful couple collected 75,000 Euros. Steve was amazed to meet the Niels and Kristen’s parents the next morning. They recognized him from the night before. They had coffee and were very willing to answer his questions. Steve learned that they were part of a small religious sect that practiced family love.

Steve shared his story with them about being paired and encouraged to inseminate Mary at age 12. He told them about his 4 children and how the latest astrologer told them that their children should inseminated each other as soon as they are fertile.

They talked for 2 hours and exchange email addresses. They stayed in touch by email. Steve found out that Niels had inseminated his beautiful sister Kristen and later learned that they had a beautiful boy.

As much as they enjoyed being in Paris, they couldn’t wait to get back to their beautiful kids. When they returned they were astounded at how the children had grown. William their oldest was almost 10, Leah was 9, Grayson 8 and Zoe was 7.

They talked to the kids constantly on a web cam while they were in Paris. They learned that a world famous astrologer visiting from China had done the kids charts. The astrology took Mary’s father aside after he did the charts and he told him that the children were destined to have exceptional children with each other. He told him when the stars predicted fertility for each of the girls and that they should sow their seed as soon as possible after fertility.

They should be taught as soon as possible to pleasure each other because that loving attention to each other’s pleasure is what causes a happy and exceptional baby. As soon as the astrologer left, Mary’s parents called Steve and Mary with the news. They decided that the needed to follow the astrologer’s advice because they had never gone against the stars. That evening they had a family meeting via the internet.

Steve and Mary worried about it all afternoon. They worried about the genetics of the situation and they worried about the risks of discovery. They had been lucky and been able to maintain a low profile during the four years that Mary was pregnant. This would be much more difficult.

Mary began to search the internet for information about genetics. She found two people who were doing work in the area. There was a man in Maine who was perfecting a genetic test. There was a doctor that she found who was doing the testing.

The scientist in Maine after weeks of corresponding asked her if her children had fallen in love…it happens you know…is what he told her. She told him that was exactly what was happening. The children are still very young but they are very attracted to each other. She was afraid that it was only a matter of time before they became fertile and began to make love.

He told her his name was Casey Robinson and that he was the one who invented the genetic test. He said he would be happy to help her with the testing process when she was ready.

She told him that she was returning from Europe in a week and she would like to begin it then.

She told Steve the news and they hugged and then tenderly made love. His kissed her passionately and asked her if Executive Chefs ever have babies?

Mary hugged him tight and combed his silky black hair with her fingers. As she traced the outline of the ridges in his ear, she told him how she was beginning to ache for another child. Their family was amazing. They had four beautiful children and they were only 23 years old. It was hard to imagine, but their two oldest children would become fertile in the next three or four years. If they followed the stars they could be grandparents at 27.

They made beautiful love and were lost in each other’s arms with his semi erect penis still inside her slippery vagina. The bell rang on her notebook computer that signaled email. She checked it a few minutes later and found that her old executive Chef and his investors wanted to take them to dinner to celebrate her graduation. They had an idea for her.

In their last few days in Paris, Mary corresponded with Dr. Amy Taylor and OB/GYN that specialized in genetic medicine. Mary opened up to Amy about their family love situation. Mary told Amy about Casey and the new test genetic tests. Amy told her that she would help her. Amy and Ted had children that were older than Mary’s kids. She and Ted had often talked about being open sexually with their children but had never found the right way for that to happen. She decided to talk with Ted about it again. Amy knew that their oldest son Mike was fertile because she was constantly finding his underwear, socks and sheets stiff with dried semen. Kaitlin just seemed so shy and modest that she had a hard time imagining the beautiful girl being sexual. Little did Amy know that Kaitlin’s sexual fires were already smoldering and she was very interested in her sexy brother Mike.

When Mary and Steve arrived home it was to a tumultuous welcome. The family was joyful. After dinner they gathered in the living room. They explained to their beautiful children that when the family had private time in the evening, the kids were to take their baths and then were free to be naked the rest of the night. Mary told them that this would be a perfect evening to start. She suggested that they shower together and wash each other.

The four beautiful children emerged in a few minutes scrubbed and as naked as the day they were born. William (9) and Grayson (7) both had raging boners. The two beautiful girls, Leah (8) and Zoe (6) sat on either side of their Daddy. Mary explained that if they could keep secrets, they would be taught many wonderful things about their bodies and the pleasure they could give each other. She stressed that these were things that they only talked about and did with each other. All of the kids promised.

With their grandparents watching in awe, Mary began to pleasure the two boys. She slowly began to masturbate them. Steve’s fingers began to explore the little girls’ delicate pussy lips. His finger found their tiny vaginas and he felt both little girls’ clits become erect. Soon they had all four children on the verge of their first orgasm. One by one, the kid’s bodies shuddered with the good feeling.

Mary’s Mom and Dad excused themselves. Mary’s Daddy had a powerful erection so there was no doubt what they were going to do. They announced that it was time for bed because both Steve and Mary ached for sexual release. The two youngest children, 7 year old Grayson and 6 year old Zoe, wanted to be with their parents. They were the ones that had the hardest time coping with their parents being in Paris. Mary nodded to Steve and they went to their bedroom where they stripped each other naked. The beautiful children watched wide eyed as their parents got naked and were drinking in every detail of their Daddy’s erection. Mary stretched out naked on the bed and she patted the mattress on either side of her for the children to join her. At first it felt very strange to have their naked bodies snuggled against her naked body. As her sexy husband Steve knelt between her spread legs, he gave her one of his awesome tender loving smiles that warmed her whole body. She and the children watched as the precum drooled from the tip of his throbbing shaft. They watched as he took his shaft in hand and the kids leaned up to watch the stiff shaft slide deep inside Mommy.

Steve kissed his beautiful wife tenderly. He looked into the deep pools of her eyes and relished the joy of having the two of them joined as one as their children witnessed their love for each other.

The spell was broken when Mary asked the children if they knew where babies came from. Steve thought this a damn strange time to talk about the facts of life.

Grayson leaned up on his elbow with his 7 year old boner touching his mother’s leg and said, they come from a Mommy’s belly.

That’s right. And how do they get there? Their Mom asked the two wide eyed children.

Zoe shook her head indicating that she did not know. Grayson said it had something to do with the Daddy planting a seed in the Mommy. Then his eyes lit up and he asked if that was what Daddy is doing now.

That is very good Grayson. A Daddy puts his hard penis in the Mommy and he plants his seed in the Mommy’s womb or belly. Once a month, the Mommy has an egg in her womb. Her womb is a special place where babies grow. If the Daddy’s seed which is called sperm finds the egg a baby will start to grow. A growing baby needs nourishment so the egg attaches to the side of the womb. The womb is filled with nutritious blood that feeds the baby like we eat food. When you were inside Mommy you had a cord that attached to where the egg attached to the wall of the womb. And that cord went right here, she told them as she touched both of their belly buttons.

Now if the seed does not get fertilized, the Mommy’s womb needs to start all over. That happens about every 28 days. The body does a wonderful thing. It automatically knows that it is the first day of a new 28 day cycle and that it needs to flush out the old lining of the womb. A woman has what is called a period and once it is cleaned out a new lining that is perfect to grow a baby coats the walls of the womb. About two weeks later one of her ovaries releases an egg into the womb.

Exactly two weeks ago Mommy had her period. That means there is an excellent chance that there is an egg in Mommy’s womb right now. That means that Mommy is very fertile right now and her body is ready to receive Daddy’s seed. Steve kissed Mary passionately and he began to thrust his hard shaft deep in her womb.

-Oh god baby that is awesome…you want me to fill your beautiful belly with a baby.

Grayson and Zoe both instinctively rubbed their Daddy’s back as they watched his hips flex and thrust again and again. There were both very quiet because they were awed that they were watching their Daddy and Mommy making a baby and they didn’t want to do anything that might cause them not to get a baby brother or sister. Hundreds of questions flashed through their little minds.

-Oh Steve yes…right there…oh please fuck me harder…oh yes…and then Mary cried out as a powerful orgasm rocked her body. She thrust her pussy at Steve again and again as if to beg for his thick creamy hot seed.

The room was filled with the sound of their flesh slapping together as Steve cried out with the intense pleasure of his own orgasmic release. He felt the hot semen rage through his body and he held the tip of his hard cock against her cervix trying his best to stretch it open and deposit his seed in her womb. He pumped jet after jet of hot seed into her womb until his sacred orbs had emptied themselves into his beautiful wife. Steve pulled out of Mary immediately after his orgasm subsided and he milked the last small drop of semen on to his finger and showed Grayson and Zoe what man seed looked like.

-So ummm…does…Mommy…ummm have a baby growing in her now. Zoe asked.

-Baby we don’t know yet…so Daddy will keep trying until we know for sure…and probably a lot longer after that. Mary told them.

-Why will Daddy keep doing it? Grayson asked.

-Well…sweetie…it is because it feels so good when our bodies are joined together like that…and then we get a really strong good feeling too. Mary told Gray.

-You mean like the way you made us feel a little while ago? Zoe asked.

-Yes like that only even better. Mary told them.

They spent most of the night making love…and in between sessions…they pleasured Grayson and Zoe. It was a magnificent night.

Mary became the Executive Chef at San Francisco’s hottest new four star restaurant. Steve joined a world famous architectural firm and became a partner in record time. Both of their careers skyrocketed. They couldn’t have been happier. A few months later they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl that they named Kira.

The family spent most evenings with everyone including their grandparents naked. Once the children finished their studies it was time for everyone to begin to pleasure each other. Both of their careers were terribly successful. The restaurant had an international following and Steve was in demand globally particularly in areas prone to earthquakes. They became phenomenally wealthy because they continued to live in Mary’s parent’s apartment.

It was a Monday night and everyone was at home. William was 13 and showing signs of puberty. Leah was 12 and developing beautiful breast buds. There was a tiny amount of silky black pubic hair growing about the precious puffy lips of her pussy. This particular night William and Leah were pleasuring themselves.

Leah had complained about tummy cramps a couple of days ago and Mary wondered if she might be getting ready for her first period. Grayson and Zoe who were 11 and 10 were pleasuring each other orally. Steve was pumping his stiff shaft in and out of Mary while beautiful 3 year old Kira sat on her Mommy’s face.

Grayson quickly approached orgasm but it felt very weird. At first it was like a stomach cramp and then a really intense strong feeling. Seconds later clear boy semen began to erupt from the tip of his rock hard boner.

Seeing her older brother have his first wet orgasm was enough to push Leah over the edge. She cried out as a powerful orgasm rocked her beautiful body as she rapidly fingered herself. It was one of her strongest climaxes ever. Her body felt really different this week. She pulled her fingers out of her vagina. They were wet which was nothing unusual…they just felt kind of sticky. She was so busy watching William admire the small puddles of clear boy semen that she paid no attention to her own fingers. She and William both knew that as soon as they were fertile they would begin to have intercourse. Leah was a little jealous that her brother was the first to become fertile.

-Ewww…Leah…look at your fingers. Zoe told her.

Leah looked down and saw that her middle fingers were covered with blood.

-Mom look…Leah cried…She held up her fingers. William shot seed and I…um…started…you period.

The family was joyous. They danced around in celebration. And then it was just Leah and William celebrating. Will looked down and saw that there were a few drops of menstrual blood that had collected on the perfect lips of Leah’s pussy. He touched the drops with the tip of his finger and looked at his sister with awe.

-It is so cool…Leah…I mean awesome! William told his sister as his voice suddenly cracked and changed pitch.

-Whoa dude…what is that about? Leah asked her big brother.

-I think you handsome brother’s voice is starting to change. It will crack and be squeaky a lot until it settles into a deeper tone. Their Dad told them.

-Very cool…my big brother is becoming a man! Leah said.

They began to kiss. This was the first time that it was more than a quick peck on the lips. This was a kiss filled with passion and love.

-Are you going to be ready soon…to ummm…you know…ummm…make love? Will asked his beautiful sister holding his breath for the answer.

Leah didn’t answer. She threw her arms around William’s neck and kissed him even more passionately and they as her parents, grandparents and siblings watched their mouths opened and they tongues began to dance in each other’s mouth. Eventually they breathlessly broke their kiss.

-I can’t wait to feel you inside of me. Leah told her older brother William.

Steve thought about seeing Niels and Kristen make love in Amsterdam and he almost had a spontaneous orgasm. Their beautiful baby was 5 and Niels had impregnated her again. Their parents sent Steve a picture of Niels, Kristen and their baby naked with Kristen 5 months pregnant. Steve tried to imagine his beautiful little girl’s belly swollen with her brother’s baby.

Mary said they would wait until William’s semen became creamy before they began to have intercourse. In the meantime, pleasure each other orally as much as you need to do it to keep yourselves under control. You can sleep in our room with us for a few weeks.

Four weeks later Leah had her second period and she masturbated William to a beautiful creamy orgasm. Three days later everyone was home. Leah and William went to their Mom and Dad naked and asked permission to make love.

They had just arrived home from school and both were still wearing their Catholic school uniforms. Leah had on a plaid skirt with cream color knee high socks and a navy sweater with the school crest. William wore a white shirt with a maroon and gold regimental striped tie with a navy v-neck sweater with the school crest. His pants were khaki with black lace dress shoes.

The family watched as Will eased the sweater over Leah’s head. He stopped long enough to kiss her passionately as his fingers fumbled with what seemed like a million buttons on her white oxford cloth blouse. As he slid the white blouse over her sexy shoulders, he saw that she was wearing a bra. It was a very pretty sheer lace training bra that only made her nipples more beautiful.

William released the bra and began to lick and suck Leah’s erect nipples. She moaned and held his head tight against her breast with one hand while she explored his erection through his pants with the other hand. William was starting to get some very sexy black pubic hair that Leah loved to play with using her tongue. More than anything right now all she wanted was his stiff shaft in her hot pussy.

She felt her skirt fall away and his fingers begin to play with her pussy lips through the sexy panties that Mom got her. She pushed William’s school sweater up over his head and pulled his lips to her face. Her fingers fumbled wildly with the buttons on his shirt. When she had trouble with the last two buttons she grabbed either side of the shirt and ripped it open. She had never felt like this. Her pussy ached for his cock.

She unbuckled his pants and shoved down the pants and boxers to his ankles in one swift move. Will laughed as he stumbled around trying to toe his dress shoes off. Will stood almost naked before his sister. He still had on his black dress socks.

Will knelt before the girl he loved more than life itself and pulled down her sexy panties. He slipped off her knee socks. He helped her spread her legs and he began to worship her pussy with his tongue. Leah was so turned on her fingers pulled his silky black hair as his hot tongue ravaged her hard clit. They had made love orally for so many years that William knew exactly how to bring her right to the edge of orgasmic bliss. Will took her right over the edge as his tongue flicked and sucked her hard little clit. He felt her juices flow over his fingers as they explored her virgin vagina and they lightly caressed her hymen. Leah cried out as her awesome brother took her to an awesome peak of pleasure.

As the powerful orgasm subsided, Will stood and kissed her his raging boner pressed against her tight abs.

-Do you want me baby…do you want me to fill you with my seed? William asked her.

-Oh god yes Will…right here…right now…take me…fill me with your seed…make my belly round with your baby.

The two young lovers melted into a puddle on the floor at their parent’s feet in a tangle of his and her uniforms. William held the beautiful globes of her ass in his hands above the tatters of his white oxford cloth uniform shirt.

-Take me Will…fuck me hard…fill me to the brim with your seed. Leah begged.

Will held her legs wide apart and slightly draped over his shoulders. His 4 ½” thick boy boner with the tiny patch of silky black pubic hair was so hard that it felt like it might shatter. He guided his stiff shaft right to the lips of her pussy. He almost shot off at the feeling of her moist lips caressing his raging boner. Will thrust forward and he felt the head of his penis was momentarily restrained by the thin membrane of her hymen. He felt the snap as the symbol of Leah’s virginity popped and the head of his penis rushed toward her cervix.

-Oh Leah…I’m in you…deep in you! Will told her as he kissed her wildly.

Leah wrapped her muscular legs around Will and pulled him as deeply as she could in her sex. She felt his breathing increase and heard him groan and his seed filled orbs released his essence into her body. Will began thrusting like a wild man jetting every drop of his essence in her womb.

Leah felt herself being filled with his steaming hot essence and she cried out with wild pleasure as her young body convulsed with wave after wave of wild orgasmic delight. As their orgasm subsided, Leah tugged at Will’s lower lip with her beautiful white teeth.

-That was fucking hot…you’re fucking hot. She told him when she let his lip snap back.

-Yeah…nice talk for a Catholic school girl…I want to be around outside the box when you lay this one on Father Brian.

-Not likely sex boy….there was nothing sinful about this…and by the way…I want it morning, noon and night until you fill my belly with your awesome baby.

-Imagine the two of us getting caught making love at school. I have a compromise….morning, after school, evening and night except on weekends when we’ll do it at noon too. Will told his sexy sister.

-Awesome! And Will…it still feels like you are pretty hard BIG brother. She said with an impish grin.

This time they made love slowly and passionately. The boy filled her again with his potent boy seed.

Their parents told them that it was time for bed even though it was only 6 pm. They said they could sleep in the master bedroom. Their Mom told them that she would bring them a snack later so that they could keep up their strength. As they stood up, Will laughed at his tattered shirt now covered with her hymen blood. Well I guess I won’t be wearing that shirt again. And then he kissed his sexy girl and took her by the hand to the bedroom. They made passionate love all that night and most of the next day.

They moved William and Leah into their own bedroom and that meant that Grayson and Zoe would be sleeping together. Grayson and Zoe seemed to have much stronger sex drives than their brother and sister had at their age. Steve told Mary that he doubted that her hymen would survive very long with them sleeping together. Mary shrugged her shoulders and kissed Steve.

Leah had periods for 5 months before they suddenly stopped…5 months later her beautiful belly was round with William’s baby. Leah found it uncomfortable at school. Steve and Mary grew more and more disenchanted with their jobs because they took them away from their families.

It was at about that time that Mary’s investors approached her with an offer from a large restaurant holding company. The investors were fearful of how Mary would react to the offer. The company wanted to buy her out and franchise the name. They wanted her to develop recipes, train the Executive Chefs on the new recipes and attend the occasional grand opening.

Mary told them that she would have to talk to Steve about it. On the spot the President of the new company blurted out a much higher offer. Mary left and practically skipped out to her car.

When she got home she found Steve having a drink and quite upset. She hugged him and asked him what was wrong. He told her that his partners wanted to move away from his specialty because it was too risky and they didn’t want to carry the insurance for it. There was a shouting match and the managing partner proposed buying Steve out of the business. He made Steve an offer…probably less than what his interest was worth and Steve hung his head and said he took it.

-Awesome! You were not happy, I was not happy and the kids hated the situation at school. Things are probably about to get a lot more complicated with another pregnancy. I got an offer today too. She showed him the amount and he gasped. We are not independently wealthy, but we don’t have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. This is the best day for us…EVER! Mary told Steve.

-Amazing! Was all Steve could say.

-You know that Amy and Ted have talked several times about finding a place where family love families can live in peace and joy. Mary said.

-Yes…I am beginning to wonder if he is ever going to find any place for us. Steve said…still a little depressed.

-Well Mr. Pessimist…Ted is going to call you this evening. He had an architectural challenge for you.

-What is it? Steve asked.

-I have no idea, but Amy sounded very excited.

The email chimed across the room on the desk. It was the invitation to all 25 families to join the conference call. It seemed like Steve paced for two hours waiting for the call to begin. When the teleconference began Mary was worried that Steve would turn blue from lack of oxygen. She didn’t think he had taken a breath for an hour.


I have great news. I will fill you in, or at least those of you who are interested, on all of the details. I own an island. Jim and I finished the negotiations yesterday. It is 5 miles long and an average of about a mile wide. It has an excellent water supply and a sheltered harbor/lagoon. It is off the Bahamas and is 30 miles from the nearest island. It is out of the way of everything so there is very little traffic by the island. It is an independent island nation.

He proceeded to give a slide show of the island including aerial photos. There is a perfect place for a rather long runway down the spine of the island.

He told them that he knew that they would have hundreds of questions. We will have to answer all of those questions. I have to ask you a question first. Assuming that we can create an awesome place to live, overcome logistical problems and can practice family love, would your family want to live there or at least try it? I have a system where your family can vote yes, no, not now, or not sure. Will you please take a few minutes and let me know what you think is the right decisions. There may be the opportunity to change your decisions, but we need to know for planning purposes how many families are in favor of the project.

Ted was surprised at how fast the voting went. Of the 25 families voting, 9 families voted yes and that included Ryan and Christie Mille, Ted and Amy Taylor, Reverend Colby and his wife Jane, Marty and Kathi Swenson, Simon Garcia, Jacob and Charlotte Jackson, Jim and Maggie Smith, Steve and Mary Wong and Tom and Sally Gibson. There were 6 families that were not sure. Ted was very pleased with the results.

Ted told everyone the results and invited everyone to stay if they wanted to and see the initial planning meeting. We are going to need to begin planning for the island. Steve as we studied the island, I think I would like to focus on creating temporary housing so that we can move as quickly as possible.

That brought a round of cheering.

Ted showed Steve the picture of the natural harbor/lagoon. The water is deep enough on one side to provide an excellent anchorage for relatively large boats or deep draft sail boats. The other end is a lagoon that is relatively shallow with a reef teaming with fish. The initial thought is to build a dock that extends along the reef. It would be designed to accommodate prefabricate 3 or 5 bedroom units for temporary housing. The units would have modest cooking facilities. We would rely on a central kitchen and dining facility on the island…a beach club. In addition the beach club will have a patio, pool and office complex/communications center. That will be where we will locate offices for those that need them.

-I like it! Steve told Ted. I will get started on some rough design concepts this afternoon and we will need to have a bottom survey done on the lagoon. Steve Wong, the architect told Ted.

-That works beautifully with what I need too. Mary Wong told Ted. I will begin working on the designs for the kitchen and dining room. Are we going to have communications where I could broadcast a cooking show from there?

-You mean for television?

-No…to train Executive Chefs around the world. Mary explained.

-Sure…what we will have is perfect for that. It can be interactive if you wanted it to be that way.

-Kathi with your experience working with the water and power company, I am going to need your help on electricity, water purification, and a waste system. I would like to leave as little carbon footprint as possible.

-That sounds exciting and I have been doing a lot of work in all three areas on green approaches. Please send me the geologists report and I will get started. Kathi told Ted.

-Simon will you please work with Steve regarding your thoughts on runway requirements and logistical support for aircraft on the island. I will also need recommendations for an aircraft that we can use to shuttle cargo and passengers to the island.

-Marty, Kathi and Tom we need to think about how the island can become relatively self sustaining from a food perspective. What do we need to be thinking about from a farming and cattle production perspective? Kathi I want you involved in this because the island does not have great soil. How do we recycle our waste in a way that creates a nice base of topsoil?

-Steve…Ryan has met two brothers who have a general contracting business located in Atlanta. Please check out their capabilities and let me know what you would think of using them…they are our kind of people.

-Ted…have you thought about school and nursery facilities? Leah is in her 6 month and I don’t think it will be long before Grayson impregnates Zoe. Mary Wong told Ted.

-Steve add those to our building requirements. We will need to form an education committee to determine what we need to offer and how best to offer it.

-Ted have you thought about how we are going to get heavy construction equipment to the island? Steve Wong asked him.

-Yes…we just found a 300 foot old costal freighter that has just been reconditioned. She is too big to bring into the harbor so well have to use a landing craft. We may have to use barges for some materials, but I think it should be workable.

The energy was electric among those that committed to the island. Each family volunteered to begin a list of issues and answers. Ted asked Devin to collect the issues and ideas and begin to develop a plan. Devin was excited to be in on the planning and enthusiastically agreed to do that.

Two weeks later when they all met again, the progress was amazing. Steve was excited when he showed images of awesome prefabricated housing units. The interiors were amazing and the furniture could be customized to meet the needs of individual families. As Ted studied the photos he was reluctant to throw cold water on them because the interiors were awesome. The exteriors were just ugly gray boxes.

-Ted…you are really quiet. What are you thinking? Steve asked.

Ted was honest and direct about what he liked and his concerns about the aesthetics of the exterior. Steve laughed and told him that he was sorry in his enthusiasm he forgot to show his plans for the exteriors.

The next picture that flashed up was that of a one story very large thatched hut that looked like it was from some remote Polynesian island.

-While these huts look very primitive they are made from recycled materials to look absolutely authentic. The one place we splurged is on the palm fronds for the roof. Each frond is actually a state-of-the-art solar collector. Kathi and I are still putting the final touches on the infrastructure needs including electricity, water and waste treatment. It is all very exciting and very green. It looks like we can be 60% to 70% self sustaining from an energy perspective. Kathi will have more to report next week. Steve Wong told everybody.

Ted told everybody that work has started on the runway. It too is made from prefabricated materials. The grading is complete and the runway will be installed in 3 weeks. Ted also mentioned that three families asked about camping on the island until the accommodations are ready. Suddenly all 9 families wanted to camp on the island. The Jacksons, Swensons and Gibson families volunteered to pull together a plan for camping.


The committee selected a campsite on the top of the bluff by the fresh water. It was away from all of the construction around the lagoon on the beach club and dock. Ted was surprised at the shyness and modesty among the people in the campsite. He talked to Jacob Jackson, a psychologist and student of human behavior, about the shyness. Jacob told him it was to be expected since these families have spent many years hiding their love for their family. Jacob pointed out how the young pregnant girls kept to themselves or were friendly with other pregnant girls. They wore clothing that did it’s best to hide their baby filled bellies and often sent other family members to the cooking/dining tent to get their food. Jacob told Ted that it would take a while for trust to develop.

As Ted made his nightly tour of the campsite, he heard the joyful sounds of love making from each of the tents. It was interesting. The families worked together beautifully and were quick to support and help each other. They seemed to be meshing very nicely…everyone except Phil Halston. He was an unusual character.

Thank you so much to those who have written and shared your reactions, thoughts and ideas for the story. The ideas are awesome and they keep me charged up about writing. I have had several emails about having Black and Latino families on the island. It was my bad that I didn’t explicitly speak to the fact that the Garcia family is second/third generation Mexican Americans. I had been thinking about adding a black family and the email caused me to think more about where and how to do it. The next chapter will be about our new family. The main character of the family is the son Hawkins Howard…but everyone just calls him The Hawk.

Keep your emails coming…they are the fuel that keeps me going.


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