Chapters 23-26
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Chapter XXIII

After dinner that consisted of mostly fruit and coconuts, Nicole stood up “okay girls time to find out who is going to get knocked up next or who gets to try”

“Oh me!” Several of the girls called

“Okay here is what I want you to do We are going to take some of Sunni’s clothing tiles” that was all she could call them they were actually about one and a half inch square pieces of coconut shells, Sunni had made a large pile of them that she was using to make their clothes though everyone was now wearing some in one form or another. The outfits themselves were form fitting and trimmed with skirts made of the small black tiles that were interlaced with grass string that though they were not particularly durable they did give support and in spite of the materials were quite attractive at least Jeremy thought so. Jeremy himself had a skirt made of the stuff and though Sunni had made him a shirt he hadn’t gotten around to wearing it yet. “Everyone scratch your initials onto your tile” Nicole continued. “Give them to me and I’ll put them in Jeremy’s hat.” Oddly enough Jeremy’s Commando style campaign hat had survived very well in the humid salty climate. She took the now full hat and handed it to Naomi who held it up above Jeremy’s eye level and Jeremy reached into the hat feeling the tiles while the girls held their breath.
He pulled out a tile and handed it to Nicole. “Sunni!” she called out

“No fair” Rachel said

“I don’t know how but there is something fishy going on” Sara said

“Look for yourself” Nicole said holding out the tile in front of everyone.

“They all grudgingly admitted that it was Sunni’s tile and that a fast one hadn’t been pulled”

“And now Naomi said we all draw straws again for the privilege of keeping an eye on Annabel.” Some of the girls groaned at this but Jeremy held a handful of straws of dried grass and each girl picked one. Rachel ended up winning the draw this time and she frowned at her long straw in the firelight.

Jeremy retired to his hut and was joined by Sunni shortly there after. She stuck her head in the door. “Um its okay if I come in right? I mean I don’t know I mean most of the girls well sometimes they hang out near here when you were in here with Nicole and we could here you making love and all that and well I mean its okay I come in right?”

Jeremy laughed “Yes for the next two weeks or so you live here with me so you can come and go as you please”

“Really you mean it” Sunni said

“Yes Sunni you’re the current girl I’m trying to knock up”

“Really I mean your going to do it with me?”

“Unless you don’t want to”

No, no I mean yes I do but your just well” she knelt inside the dimly lit hut. “I mean I thought Joe had a big one but you are like huge compared to him I’m a little scared you’ll hurt me I know Joe liked to slam his hips and get rough are you gonna…”

“Sunni” Jeremy said standing up and pulling her to her feet he untied the ties on her shirt and skirt.

“I mean Jeremy if your like” Jeremy put a finger to her lips and she looked up at him with a hopeful worried look on her face. He untied his own skirt and let it puddle around his feet. He gently lifted Sunni up his hands lightly gripping her well-toned ass as he brought his lips to her breast. He sucked gently on her breast, it was a new experience to him because her nipple seemed to be turned in on her breast leaving a sort of indentation in the center of each of her areola which were quarter sized disks that rode slightly high on her breasts. He sucked gently on one “Oh, oh my” she said as he tasted her other breast. He lowered her to the fresh palm leaves that was their bed. He licked and suckled at each breast as her hands flailed and then settled on either side of his head. Jeremy dragged his teeth over the curves of her breasts and flicked his tongue over the indentations where her nipples were hiding. “They are inverted least that’s what the doctor said” Sunni breathed, “I hate my breasts because of that I wish I had big proud nipples like Nicole.

“Your breasts are beautiful,” Jeremy said kissing her.

“Are you going to you know? Now?”

“I have a better idea” Jeremy said “why don’t you have a look at it first and get comfortable with its size and how it feels”

“What do you mean?”

“Kneel right here” he said and she got up and knelt “Now be gentle he said as he laid his head in her lap and then she leaned forward he pressed his head between her thighs. He brought his mouth to her sweet smelling snatch. He gently probed her gash with his lips and tongue, Sunni squealed first and tried to pull away but he held her firmly.

“Only Nicole has ever done that before”

“Just relax Sunni, and enjoy yourself”

“But we are supposed to…”

“We have all night” Jeremy interrupted. Jeremy went back to licking Sunni’s slit. Sunni took a moment to get used to his probing tongue as she very gently touched Jeremy’s throbbing cock, her fingertips danced lightly and deliciously on the skin. Her fingertips lightly touched his balls, delightfully tickling the sack.

“You can be a little more firm Sunni if you want”

“I’ve never you know really looked at a man’s thing, it’s a cock right”

“That’s one word for it Sunni but you can call it whatever you want” Jeremy said his fingers lightly tracing racetracks on the skin between her asshole and her gooey slot.

“Oh Jeremy what are you doing, that’s nasty” she said stroking his cock lightly at which point Jeremy lightly flicked his tongue over her tight pink little pucker. She moaned and Jeremy went back to licking her slit he pressed his mouth against her clit and sucked it between his lips. “Oh, Oh Jeremy what are you doing?” she moaned and she started grinding her dripping slit on his face. It took a few minutes before she groaned and shuddered her legs and arms trembling as she collapsed on top of him. Jeremy gently moved the Sunni beside him and kissed her cheek. He embraced her lightly as she cuddled against him her thumb went to her mouth as she breathed in a semi sleep. Jeremy closed his eyes and drifted off.

It was some time later in the night, when Sunni woke Jeremy up. “Did you do it with me while I was sleeping?” She asked “I’m sorry I fell asleep it was just that I felt so good and warm and peaceful I couldn’t help it. Was it good did you make me pregnant?”

Jeremy looked up at the hopeless blonde and smiled “No Sunni I didn’t think it would be right for you to miss your first time with me.”

“Oh” She said sounding slightly disappointed “Didn’t you want to?”

“Of course I did but I’m not fond of having sex with sleeping or catatonic females.”

“Why not?”

Jeremy sighed “Well mostly because” he reached up and traced her areola with his finger nail “I think that sex should be shared between two people and they should both be part of it.”

“I’ve had sex before it was a lot of grabbing and grunting and shoving and then the guy squirts and I mean I thought that was it”

“Sunni” Jeremy said “sit on my stomach straddle my hips” she did

“Oh your thin.. Your cock is poking me”

“Well move it so you’re comfortable”

“You don’t want me to put it inside me?”

“Oh I do Sunni but only when your ready.” She reached down and pressed his cock against his stomach as she lowered her hips against his she rolled her hips slightly as the head of his cock pressed against her clit. “That’s nice she whispered” she rolled her hips again “its very nice”

He kissed her his tongue probing the inside of her mouth. She moved her hips again his cock slipped down towards the entrance of her swollen slit.

“Are you sure that it will fit?” Sunni squeaked as the tip of his cock pressed against her opening.
“Take it slowly” she did slowly letting the head squeeze between the lips of her pussy, she let it inch in barely moving

“It feels so nice” she gasped and she pushed back a little more she kept moving until he was entirely encased in her wet velvet glove box.

“Now start moving” her hips rose slowly and then dropped she eventually found a rhythm, his cock being kissed by the mouth of her cervix drove him crazy and he tried his best to hold off as she increased her tempo.

“Oh Jeremy” she cried “I’m cumming” he felt her contracting around his cock which sent him over the edge he erupted inside her “That was wonderful” she gasped after catching her breath a few moments.

“It was” Jeremy agreed

“Can we do it again?”

“In the morning Sunni”

“Mmmm” she moaned as she clenched the muscled of her pussy around his wilting cock.

Chapter XXIV

After satisfying Sunni’s now voracious sexual appetite in the morning Jeremy crawled out of his hut. He had a breakfast of fruit and went fishing he returned to camp around noon. Where Sunni dragged him back inside for another round. When he walked out again Nicole was standing outside “She’s keeping you busy”

“I don’t think she would let me out if she had her way” he grinned

“I heard that” Sunni said from inside the hut

“What’s up Nicole?”

“Naomi wants to talk to you about the thing”

“What about it”

“She didn’t say just asked me to come and get you so you all could talk about it.”

“Right” he said the two started toward the southern beach

“I’m coming with you” Sunni said scrambling behind them Nicole gave Jeremy a questioning look and he just shrugged they walked to where Naomi was waiting she was laying on the beach naked with Rachel and Annabel the contrast between the Naomi and the two other girls was stunning all three were attractive, and Jeremy’s cock stirred at the sight. He sat down across from Naomi.

“Well it looks like you survived the first night” Naomi grinned

“Indeed it does” Jeremy agreed

“If we can find everything we need could you make it work?”

“I think so,” Jeremy said.

“I’m a little worried about the control connections,” Naomi said

“That could be a problem but we can see what we can do about that I don’t know how easy that will be to deal with but if we can get that worked out”

“Then the rest will be easy”

“But that’s assuming everything is there”

“Lets plan to make a trip in a few days”

“Where are you guys going?” Sunni asked, “I want to go too”

“Sunni” Jeremy said “you trust me right?”

“Of course” Sunni beamed “you’re my big hero and my pussy pungler”

“Pussy plungler” Rachel laughed

“Ya” Sunni said “He’s got a great big pungler” Nicole and Naomi grinned at that and then looked back at Jeremy.

“Well I guess when I’m not punglering we have some things we need to do, or maybe we don’t we have supplies fairly ready and shelter and clothes and fire and what the hell else do we need.”

“Maybe babies” Rachel winked

Jeremy rolled his eyes. “Right that said I need to go take care of a few things before it gets too late in the day and I forget that I’m supposed to do them.” And much to the annoyance of all of the women he walked into the jungle. A few seconds later Sunni chased after him and quickly caught up.

“Where are you going” Sunni asked as she tried to match Jeremy’s longer strides with her shorter.

“Going to check the calendar and see a few things.

“Like what?”

“Not sure but these walks are always interesting.” Jeremy responded he came to the place where he kept his calendar and marked it, this was his most important everyday ritual. He got up to continue down his way but Sunni stopped him she gently pressed him up against a tree and lifted his skirt up. She took his cock in hand.

“I never thanked you like I wanted to” Sunni said, “For saving me”

“You don’t…” and that was all Jeremy was able to get out before Sunni swallowed the head of his cock.

“Mo nuh nnun ish gluoor” Sunni said around Jeremy’s cock

“What?” Jeremy asked “don’t try and talk with your mouth full”

She gingerly pulled the engorged piece of meat out of her mouth and said “I’m not very good at this” she smiled at little “but I’ll get better I promise I’ve only done it one time before well twice if you count that other time but nothing really happened then but Well mostly I just like boys looking at me. But I really, really want to make you feel good I mean I’ll practice everyday all the time till I’m as good as Nicole or whoever is the best at it I swear, you’re my hero and I have to take care of you and make sure your satisfied I’ll do anything”

“Anything? Really I’d be willing to do anything too” Came a voice and a red head popped up from behind some nearby shrubs.

“He’s mine Sara I won fair and square”

“I, I know,” Sara said softly “but I want to so much”

“Sara where did you come from?” Jeremy asked

“I thought I might um well get a moment alone with you…”

“Uh huh,” Sunni said standing and folding her arms under her breasts.

“Why Sara? You never seemed to be interested in me before I thought you were well I thought you were a lesbian with your two friends.” Jeremy asked

“Oh” Sara said and then turned to go

“You’re a lesbian Sara?” Sunni asked

“No” Sara said, “I mean I have fooled around with those girls but not really I mean I was waiting for someone to notice me.”

“What does that mean?” Sunni asked

“It means” Sara said softly “God I can’t” Jeremy walked over to Sara and put his arm around her and pulled her to his chest. Sara sobbed against his chest, Jeremy holding her close.

“What’s the matter?” Sunni asked

“I… I’m in Love with Jeremy he was always nice to me my parents love him and he’s never ever done one mean thing.” She sobbed again “It hurts so much to have to share him an I don’t want to”

“Well he’s mine right now” Sunni said

“Sunni Shush be nice” Jeremy said glaring at Sunni then tilting Sara’s head up “I never knew Sara I wouldn’t know you never gave me a sign”

“I know” She said “You just so good and that’s a little intimidating and you never seemed to notice me.”

“Well you didn’t exactly make it obvious and besides school made the whole relationship thing hard never mind my father and uncle.

“I know I was hoping that I might get a chance this time well on vacation with you I thought maybe there would be a chance for us and now we are in this mess.”

“Well I have to agree with you there Sara, we are in a mess but not as big a mess as we were in.”

“But I’ll have to share you forever with ten other girls do you know how hard that is?”

“Well it may not be forever I’m not promising anything mind but there is hope, there is always hope” he leaned in and kissed her she froze like a armadillo caught in the headlights and oddly enough she jumped like an armadillo when Sunni stepped behind her and pulled the knots on her shirt and skirt. Jeremy kissed her neck as Sunni helped pull the clothes from her body Sunni having already removed her clothes while no one was paying attention.

“Wha… what are you doing” Sara asked dumbfounded to find herself naked. Sunni embraced her from behind taking Sara’s large melon sized breasts in her hands.

“You have great tits Sara” Sunni said squeezing them gently and kissing her spine, and the other side of her neck

“Oh!” Sara moaned

“His big fat cock will feel soo good in your pussy Sara” Sunni whispered in the other girls ear “He filled mine this morning it was so wonderful he made me feel wonderful I’ll let you play with him a little if you want to” Sunni’s fingers dipped down into the valley between her thighs. “And I don’t mind playing with another girl, I always wanted to play with a girl who had big tits and your nipples are so much better than mine oh they are like big fat erasers” Sunni mauled one of Sara’s breasts to her mouth. Su nni pushed Sara over onto a fallen log and lowered her face between Sara’s legs her tongue pressing between the lightly red haired slit she looked back at a dumbfounded Jeremy and hissed “fuck me”, Jeremy moved up behind Sunni and pressed his cock into her swollen slit. Sara watched with great interest as Jeremy’s cock disappeared into Sunni’s tight little hole. Sara grabbed her own breasts tweaking her nipples as Sunni lapped at Sara’s slippery slot. Jeremy pistoned slowly in and out of Sunni as he watched the two women in front of him feasting on each other’s pleasure. Sunni’s well-trained tongue quickly drove Sara to the heights of pleasure.

“Oh god Jeremy plow that pussy hard” Sara moaned. Jeremy started pounding harder at Sunni’s little pussy and Sunni in turn slurped luridly and loudly at Sara’s sopping snatch. It took only a few minutes more before the sights and sounds of passion helped bring Jeremy’s balls to a boil and they exploded into Sunni’s hungry gash. He pulled out his cock covered with cum and girl juice.

Sara reached out and took his cock in hand and pulled it to her mouth her tongue tasting and savoring all the salty flavors of sex. When she had cleaned it fully she wrestled with Sunni till they were in a sixty-nine position. Both girls sucking loudly at the other’s pussy Sara obviously delving deeply into Sunni’s sex slurping Jeremy’s cream sauce out of the other girl’s slot. Jeremy proceeded on his errand though he probably would have loved to continue with the two girls.

Chapter XXV

Jeremy quickly moved down the forest path to the area where he had found the old Japanese base. He hurried to the hangar he examined the aircraft. The paint was bubbling but there didn’t seem to be horribly damaged by over half a century of neglect. He didn’t really know enough about Plane’s to really check the controls but he did get up into the Cockpit it was occupied by another skeleton. He gently removed the corpse and put it outside of the plane. He finally sat down and wiggled the stick. There was resistance a little when he moved it but in one direction it didn’t and when he pushed the pedals there seemed to be good resistance with those as well. Seemed to be mostly okay he thought, though Naomi would know better. He walked around the grounds and found what appeared to be a graveyard and he collected the bones of the various bodies and placed them in a shallow grave in the graveyard grounds.

Jeremy walked over to what appeared to be a machine shop. Most of the major tools seemed to be rusted beyond repair. But there was a large sealed box made out of concrete with a steel lid that was rusted. But intact with the help of a pry bar and a badly rusted wrench he removed the bolts and lifted the lid. Inside stood on wood horses were three rotary aircraft engines. He looked around some more there was a wooden box that was mostly rotted but inside he found a propeller. There were more boxes apparently spare parts. He found a box of tools that were not in too bad shape. Fuel he thought but it’s a start. The sun was well past its azimuth when he stepped back outside of the dimly lit building. Jeremy walked back out of the overgrowth and found a path back to camp.

“What are you doing Shannon?” he heard as he neared the campsite. He followed the voice. He found Shannon and Tiffany near the beach Shannon was working with a foot long length of wood on a boulder.

“Well if you must know I’m making a dildo,”

“Well its not very good”

“How do you know Tiffany I’m not even done yet”?

“It’s a piece of wood Shannon”

“Yeah tell me that when I shove it up your ass bitch” Shannon replied

“No need to get huffy Shannon”

“Sorry it’s just that this is frustrating and not exactly ideal”

“What do you mean?”

“Well actually I could use some of those sharp rocks that Jeremy has but he keeps them all and well I don’t want to fuck them up we really kind of need them for more important shit.” Shannon said
“You could always ask him” Tiffany suggested

“mmm I could maybe while your blowing him god his cock is nice don’t you think”

“Fuck yeah” Tiffany said, “His cum is so good and gooey never mind his cock is so nice and big”

“I still like sucking pussy better” Shannon said “But sometimes a little poke in the hole is what a girl needs”

“Yeah” Tiffany said, “I’ve had an itch for quite some time”

“Have you now Tiff maybe I’ll let you try this baby out after I’m done.”

“We should make more than one, you know different sizes”

“I’d love to get a big one to shove into Annabel and watch her squirm on it.”

“Me too” the other girl laughed Jeremy turned down the path and a few moments later ran into Naomi.

“Hey” Naomi said.

“How’s my favorite mocha goddess” Jeremy replied

“Mmm Flattery will get you anything stud” Naomi smiled her eyes drifting to Jeremy’s Crotch
“Incorrigible” he laughs slapping her ass.

“What’s up Jeremy” She asked

“Can you go back to that place where we were before and see if you can find some wood working tools, and check out the controls too while your there. I have been disappeared too long and I’ll be missed, not that you won’t be.

“Sure sweetie when will it be my turn”

“I think its best we wait on random chance for your turn”

“Aww… shucks… you felt so nice the other night in my ass I can’t wait till I have you all to myself.”
“Wait your turn you hussy,” He said laughing slapping her again on the ass. Naomi turned back down the trail heading toward the hidden base swinging her hips seductively. Jeremy in turn headed back to camp and Picked up his spear to do some fishing it had been a few days since they had eaten meat. Before he did he checked on the two clay pots that were for pulling salt out of the water, there would of course be a little sand in there it couldn’t be helped but it looked like there were some salt crystals forming in the bottom. It was actually a two step process raw sea water was poured into one pot then when it was mostly dry it was put in the other pot and most of the sand settled to the bottom of the first pot. It should really be a longer system he thought but you had to start somewhere. He walked out into the lagoon, and speared a dozen fish and it was approaching sunset by the time Rachel had gotten them cleaned and cooking. A few minutes before dark Naomi walked up to Jeremy and handed him a small package wrapped in leaves.

“Best I could do,” she said, he walked over to his hut where he could look and still see inside the palm leaf package was a awl and two chisels of different sizes and a file. Jeremy was very pleased with this and called Sunni over. “Sunni doll I have a request, I want to reward Naomi for doing me a big favor.”
“What did she do”

“Sunni just trust that it was a big favor and I need to reward her she did an excellent job”

“Of course” Sunni said “I was just curious what should I do?”

Jeremy kissed Sunni, “well doll you have to give her permission.”

“Well of course Jeremy I mean whatever you want to do you can,”

“No Sunni you won the draw so that means that you have to give the favor so you decide what its worth.”
“Mmmm Okay!” Jeremy took Sunni by the arm and walked back where everyone was eating.

After supper Jeremy stood up and said, “Ladies I have a few things, first Naomi did me a big huge favor that she didn’t have to do, and she completed her task brilliantly. That said thanks to Naomi I have a present for Shannon and Tiffany so come here and get it.

The two girls got up and walked toward, him Naomi looked very annoyed as he handed them the package. They quickly opened it and Shannon squealed “Its perfect where did you” never mind I don’t care this is so wonderful thank you Jeremy.

Tiffany looked up a little perplexed “how could you?”

“Shut up tiff common I have so many plans now!”
“But how…”

“Tiffany just accept that our master is good and wise and he is the most wonderful man in the world and we do not even deserve him”

“Too true” Sunni added as Shannon dragged tiffany off into the cave.

Chapter XXVI

The other girls dispersed and Jeremy went back to his hut and was soon joined by Naomi and Sunni. “So I get a favor Jeremy?”

“Yes Naomi you get a favor, you can do whatever you want with Jeremy tonight as long as I get to participate or watch?”

“Hell that sounds good to me Naomi said stripping off her shirt and skirt, she then quickly removed Jeremy’s skirt. Sunni quickly followed suite as Naomi took Jeremy’s cock in hand and started stroking it. She engulfed it into her mouth deep throating his tool causing Jeremy to moan as she sucked his erection to steel like hardness. Naomi gave Jeremy’s rod a few long strokes and then popped it out of her mouth. She then straddled Jeremy’s hips guiding his cock into her wet slippery slit. She leaned over and dangled her mahogany colored mammaries in his face. Jeremy quickly went to work slurping and sucking her dark nipples. Jeremy could feel Naomi’s pussy clench around his cock as she tried very hard to bring him off in the first few minutes. Jeremy was having none of that and relaxed fixating on other things mostly Naomi’s mammoth breasts. Sunni moved up behind Naomi and attended which ever breast Jeremy wasn’t sucking with her own mouth. Jeremy almost lost it when Naomi brought herself off on his cock but then Sunni did something that got him shooting, she stuck her fingers into Naomi’s ass and the increased pressure was more than Jeremy could take and the hot warm jizz blasted into Naomi’s hungry slot. They rested for a few minutes before Sunni stood in front of Naomi and pressed the older woman’s face against her pussy. Jeremy could look up and watch the dark skinned woman eating out the lightly tanned Sunni’s pussy, that was enough to start resurrecting his flagging erection and the contracting muscles of the velvet glove his cock was inside of was more than enough to bring it back to full strength. Naomi seemed to have no sense of fatigue as she bounced up and down on his cock until another dose of his potent sperm was deposited into her hungry snatch. Then Naomi and Sunni switched places with Sunni slurping the sperm out of Naomi’s slot and her pussy impaled on Jeremy’s overexcited member.

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