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This is somewhat a long story. There is a lot of exposition. I plan on writing a series of our Hero Stephen Wells over the next few weeks, time permitting. I hope all enjoy and any constructive criticism is fine but I doubt I'll take it. ;)
Thursday, June 25

1:45 PM

It was the first week of summer break. The spring had been very wet, and this trend continued into the summer so that on the days it was not raining it was unbearably humid. This made little difference to Stephen Wells, as he was hanging out as always in his tree house his father had built for him. It wasn't really a house so much as it was a four walled room up in a tree. Stephen didn't mind though. To him, it served many functions for him and his friends. Headquarters, base camp, hideout, fortress, whatever the adventure, the tree house would play an essential role.

In it were many amenities there for Stephen. Since his father, Jonathan, had done an excellent job with the construction the roof was completely leak free. In addition the windows had little doors on them that could be shut so as to keep out any rain blown in by the wind. Because of these modifications and precautions Stephen was allowed to run a heavy duty power cord from the back of the house to his tree house. With this power he could hookup a fan, a portable TV, and on occasion he was allowed to bring out his laptop.

These were not the only items to be found in the tree house. Stephen was a fan of James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, and Encyclopedia Brown. He fancied himself a cross between a world renowned spy and private investigator. To aid him in his imagined profession, Stephen had a pair of high powered binoculars he got for Christmas, a handheld audio recorder, and his journal. This last item was his most prized of all. In it he had memories going back to his eighth birthday. Things he had seen neighbors doing (like Mr. Grant staring at the Lyons girls who lived across the street, or Ms. Bader letting her French poodle poop in her neighbors’ yards), rumors he had heard at school, and his thoughts and feelings.

All told, Stephen had a sweet little setup. Life was good, and was about to get better for him. He was just a week away from his birthday. He was excited because he was not only going to be turning thirteen, but his dad was going to get him his own personal video recorder that he could use with his laptop. He had been dreaming up the things that he would try and catch on film for weeks now, and this was exactly what he was doing when his friend Mitchell came climbing into the tree house.

“Hey turd licker, sit up! I’ve got something you need to see.” Mitchell was breathing heavily as if he had run all the way from his house at full sprint. “Check this out,” he said mischievously as he pulled from his back pocket a rolled up magazine. He opened it so that Stephen could see what it was. It was a Playboy magazine.

Stephen let out a low, “Whoa!” and went and sat next to Mitchell. Mitchell opened it and started to go through the pages. Stephen asked, “How the Hell did you get this?”

“My dad’s,” he responded, “He’s had it for a while. I saw it about a year back but had no idea where he had hid it. The other day I was helping him in the garage and he pulled a box of the top shelf to get to another box. When he laid the first one on the ground I could see inside the lid the cover of this.” He was grinning ear to ear. “So I have been waiting for a chance to sneak into the garage and gank this, and this morning I got it when my mom went to the store. Awesome, huh?”

“Sure as shit is!” Stephen exclaimed. He was thumbing through the pages himself now as Mitchell sat back to watch. “Yeah, this is pretty awesome. Were there any others?”

“Yep, about a hundred. My old man’s a perv. I figured he wouldn’t miss a few. I took a bunch of the newer ones and hid them in my room already. I thought I would give this one to you. Open it up to the middle. Tell me who that looks like.” Mitchell’s grin just got bigger. Stephen obliged him by skipping ahead. When he opened it up there was a fold out page there. He flipped this out and was looking at a huge picture of a brunette in the snow. She was holding a coat to her body and had her ass turned toward the camera. It was incredible; the way ass swelled from the small of her back and flowed smoothly into her legs. Stephen felt his dick prickle at the sight of this.

It took him a moment though to finally look at her face. “Holy shit!” He couldn’t believe it. The woman was the spitting image of his neighbor and babysitter Jodi Lynn Lyons. She had the same brunette hair, blue eyes, and beautiful tanned body. Stephen was very taken with her. He had a crush on her ever since she and her family had moved in next door. There were other feelings he had, too, but he had not yet come to fully understand them yet.

“Yeah, you can keep that one. I know how much you like Jodi Lynn, so I figured this can be your birthday present from me. I hope you don’t mind, I already spanked myself silly over this today about three times.” Again, he had that huge grin on his face. Stephen didn’t say anything. For months now Mitchell had been telling him about how often he is spanking himself. Stephen had played with himself on several occasions, but had never been able to pull off actually spanking himself. He could never “come,” whatever the Hell that meant. He did like what he was looking at though. And although he was getting hard, he wasn’t too sure how to handle it properly.

“Well, I guess you’re just too happy to say thank you, so I’ll just go now, and leave you “two” alone,” Mitchell said with a wink. He got up to leave and then stopped short. He was looking out of the tree house window overlooking the Lyon’s backyard. “Well, speak of the devil,” he said slyly. He then climbed out of the tree and left. Stephen walked over to the window and saw Jodi Lynn sitting on a lawn chair. She was in a two piece bikini and was lotioning herself. Stephen watched for a second and then thinking of his manners (he was a good boy, after all) he said, “Hey Jodi Lynn,” loud enough for her to hear.

Jodi Lynn looked around and smiled widely. “Hey Stevie, what are you up to?”

“Oh, you know, trying to stay out of the sun. It’s real hot today.” And getting hotter, he thought to himself.

“Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. With as rainy it has been though it has been real hard for me to tan. So I am going to lay out for a while. Have you been ok?” She asked him.

“Yeah, now that school’s out it has been a whole lot better. A lot more time to have fun and go on adventures,” he answered. He figured he would try to strike up some chit chat. “Dad said I will have to get a mowing job this summer but so far he hasn’t forced me too.”

“Uh huh,” she said. She was obviously only paying half attention, as she had now moved to lotioning her legs. She let out a big yawn. They continued to talk off and on as she lay down and tanned her front side. About 30 minutes into the semi-conversation Jodi Lynn said “Hey, Stevie, could you do your best neighbor two really big favors?” He answered he would be happy to. She continued, “Well, my allergies are still real bad, so I popped a few benadryl about half an hour ago. They really knock me out. Dad is at work and mom took Jessica to soccer practice, so I have no one else to help me. If you are not going anywhere, could you wake me up in thirty minutes so that I don’t sun burn myself?” Again he answered in the affirmative. “Ok, great sweetie. Ok the other favor, would you mind coming down here and putting lotion on my back. I am already feeling too weak to do so myself.”

Stephen stood for a second before stammering yes. Jodi Lynn looked at him and grinned slightly. As he was climbing down the tree she said to him, “Guess I’ll be doing you a favor, too.” She said this last with a wink. It was lost on Stephen what she meant, so he replied with a confused look on his face, “Yeah, ok.” Jodi giggled at his confusion and rolled over on her tummy.

As Stephen walked up he saw that she was wearing a thong as her bottom piece. His dick began to prickle again. She said, "Here" as she handed him the suntan lotion and told him to get about a handful and smear from her neck all the way down to her bikini line on her butt, and to make sure to spread it down her sides a little. “I’m just going to relax while you give me a massage,” she said as she grinned again and laid her face down on a towel. Stephen did as she said. He got a handful of lotion and he started at her neck and slowly worked his way down.

Stephen had never looked at a girl (let along one who was almost a woman) like this before. Jodi Lynn’s skin was already a nice brown hue from having sunbathed like this before. Something in him stirred. As he ran his oily hands over her back in an up and down and then sideways motion, he was gripped by not only how she felt, but what it looked like. As he would smooth the lotion her skin would roll under his hand as it glistened with an oily, wet look. Stephen could feel himself getting hard so he looked away-only to find himself looking at Jodi Lynn’s thong clad ass. She obviously had already lotioned this when she lotioned her legs. He immediately thought of the playboy waiting for him back in his tree house.

Think God she had her face is turned away he thought. He had a full erection now and there was no hiding it. He continued to stare at her ass while he finished up her back. Once he was done he asked if there was anything else she needed him to do. She gave back a barely audible uh-uh and went silent. Steadying himself Stephen stood up and moved as quickly as he could back to the tree house. Once in it he unzipped his pants and let his aching dick fall out. He couldn’t believe it. He had a pretty good idea this is what being turned on felt like, but what to do? He knew he should spank it. Surely he would “come” now and that would make it feel better.

His hands were still oily from rubbing lotion all over Jodi Lynn’s back. He grabbed the playboy, opened the center page and began to stroke himself. Yes, this is what it must feel like. God this felt good. He closed his eyes and imagined Jodi Lynn’s ass again and what it looked like. Oh, Stephen thought, how he wished she had let him lotion her ass. He decided he wanted to see the real thing again, so he grabbed his binoculars and looked out of his window. She was still on her tummy, and her ass was glistening in the sunlight. Damn, this wasn’t going to be good enough. It took about half a second for his plan to form. With her knocked out from the benadryl he would just go and spank over her ass and if she woke up just tell her he was there to wake her.

With that he was climbing down again from his tree house. Somewhere in the back of his mind was the word risky, but something much more base, more primal was driving him now. For the first time, Stephen was caught in the throes of lust, and was compelled as he had never been before. Once he was in the Lyon’s back yard he walked over to Jodi Lynn and said her name. He said it again much more audibly than before. She didn’t stir. For good measure he gave her a little shake. She grunted but otherwise remained seemingly asleep. Her breathing was regular, deep.

Good enough for Stephen. He gently pulled out his dick and got on his knees beside Jodi Lynn. He knew it likely wouldn’t take long because his body was already quivering just looking at her. He began to stroke but then noticed his hand was dirty from having climbed up and down the tree house ladder. He wiped it on his pants, thus drying his lubricated hand off. He was about to go dip it in the pool when he had another, more daring idea. He wanted to see what her ass would feel like on his dick. Even his instinct had to face reality. If caught he saw no way to explain this, but Jodi Lynn was dead to the world.

He grabbed his dick once more and leaned forward, touching his head to her left ass cheek. God, she was slick. He never realized just how plump and yet firm her behind was, but as a cheerleader she obviously worked out. He began to rub in little circles into her ass cheek. This was so good. He was shocked he had not come yet. Emboldened by the fact that he had committed this act of danger without consequence he decided to go even further. He knew he had to be careful, putting his right leg between her legs; he slowly laid his weight on the lawn chair. The lawn chair squeaked a little bit but Jodi Lynn made no movement and otherwise continued to breathe rhythmically. Ever so slowly he lowered his cock to lie on her left thigh. His head was pushing into the crease of her ass rolling into her leg. With his left hand and leg on the ground, his right leg between her legs, he took his right hand and stuck it between himself and Jodi Lynn and began to push and pull his dick against her leg and ass. Oh God Stephen thought. With everything that Stephen had experienced today it took all of thirty seconds for him to have his first orgasm. He started out stroking but within 5 seconds was moving his whole body up and down Jodi Lynn’s leg with him pressing his dick between his tummy and her leg and ass. The more he allowed his body to move the more his dick would poke between her legs and bounce up her ass crack.

Stephen felt his cock explode. His fluid came out and got all over her ass cheeks, splashed on both, and spurt up her back. Some got on his tummy but the majority was all over Jodi Lynn. He couldn’t see any of this because he temporarily lost his mind. Something kept sense enough to not allow Stephen to collapse on Jodi Lynn but just barely. Once he could think again reality came crashing down as he realized what he had done. He looked at Jodi Lynn’s back and ass and couldn’t believe what he saw. Her left ass cheek was a big wet spot, there was a white thread of fluid going at an angle off to her side over her right ass cheek. There was three big strings of it on her back all the way up to her hair (some was in it), but the worst was between her legs. Most of his cum that couldn’t be shot anywhere had drained down Jodi Lynn’s ass crack to pool between her legs.

Panic began to set in. He ran to the pool house and grabbed a white towel. He wiped off Jodi Lynn’s back and ass and tried to soak up what he could between her legs. He waited a few minutes thinking to let anything else that might be there to dry and yelled from his tree house to wake her up. It took a few shouts but she finally stirred. Stephen ducked out of view but peeked to see what Jodi Lynn would do. She got up and stretched. Shit! The front of her bikini bottom was completely wet. Jodi Lynn didn’t seem to notice. In fact she still looked groggy. She turned around and walked over to the pool, and then dove in. Whew!

Stephen hid out for the next few days. He figured he would wait to see if she came over to get onto him. She didn’t. Stephen was sure to put every last detail in his journal. His mind began to swin with all the possibilites of what having a video recorder would have opened for him had he had it. Oh well, his birthday would be soon. In the meantime Stephen had his new playboy magazine and to his memory of Jodi Lynn’s ass to keep him occupied.

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2010-04-01 11:24:24
Not too good....Never seen an allergy medicine make someone pass out and not be at least somewhat aware of what was going on. So thumbs down from me.....

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