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Me, Brad, and my Annoying Bro James

"Mom come on I don't want to babysit James all weekend he's such a brat."

"Well you don't have a choice me and your father will be back Sunday night."

"Whatever. See you Sunday."

"Bye sweety be good to your brother."

And with that my mother and father walked out the door leaving me total freedom of the house. With the exception of James my little 9 year old brother. I was 15 and James 9 so the age difference played a factor in our relationship. I was always the older one who had to set an example while he could do as he pleased. "James you are to leave me alone all weekend you hear me"

"Yes Justin I understand. But what if I get lonely or need to eat."

"If you need something to eat you come and find me. And I'll make you something."

"Ok and can I invite Charlie over to play with."

"Fine as long as you stay out of my hair."

So I went up to my room and was laying down watching tv and I was getting pretty bored. So I decided to get my phone and call brad. Brad was my 7th grade boyfriend. We were next door neighbors and pretty close friends through childhood despite the two year difference. When I told him one day that I was bi instead of being disgusted he said he was gay also. So we've been dating for almost 4 months now. So I called brad over and we were just hanging out being buddys when I started to kiss him and what was just us hanging out became a total make out session.

We were laying there sucking tongue both shirtless and I was in total bliss. Brad my best friend who was remarkly sexy even with his childish body was pouncing on my mouth. He was so beautiful at 4 foot 11 inches and 93 pounds he came up to my chin. I was about 5 foot 5 inches and 120 pounds. When we took our shirts off I was so turned on by how hairless brad is. I had only a small amount of armpit hair but his was hairless as a babys balls.

After about a half an hour I came up from air and I was hard as a rock. I asked brad if I could take my pants off and he enthusiastcly smiled and said yes. What I didn't tell him was that under my shorts was no underwear. And I pulled them down and my rock hard 6"s of man hood came out with a light patch of pubes. He looked amazed and I said "go on touch it" and I took his small delicate hand and rubbed it up and down my shaft and pulses of electricty rocked my body. It felt like velvet his skin was so soft.

I told him to get on his knees and kiss it. And he puckered his lips and gave a wet kiss to my pulseing dick. He than put the head in his mouth and toungued the bottom of my head. I couldn't resist and I shoved more in his small mouth until he almost gagged. "Brad relax I won't hurt you. You might gag but it will make me feel so good."

And with that I slid the last two inches of my dick in his throat and he started to gag so I pulled out. Than imediately put it back in. Until I was throat fucking him. He looked scared so I tryed to relax him. "Your making me feel so good braddy baby. Don't be scared."

I was about to cum but I didn't want to just yet so I stoped throat fucking him and pulled out. I started working on his jeans til I had them off. Than I took off his little tidy whiteys that he looked so hot in. I slid them down and when I saw his little four inch cock I pounced on it and slid it in and out of my mouth so fast. Brad groaned in pleasure. But I wanted to to take his little boy cherry.

So I flipped him over and rimmed his ass and made it all sloppy in spit. I than put my dick back in his mouth to lube it back up. "Brad what i'm about to do may hurt a little at first. But I promise I'll go slow and easy till you get used to it."

"Don't worry James I trust you."

And with that I slowly put my man hood in his perfect little ass. And soon enough my head had made it past his sphincter and he screamed a little in pain but I waited to let him stretch out. He said he was ok and I pushed a little more until I had 5 inches or so in. And than I started humping like a rabit I was in ten different levels of orgasmic bliss and right as I was about to cum in his ass and plant my seed in him...... My brother walked in my door.

"James I'm going to kill you. You mother fucking piece of shit I told you to leave me alone and not come in my god dam room." 

"Justin I'm so sorry if I had known I wouldn't have. Please don't hurt me please I'm so sorry."

My anger was building inside of me. What had been my perfect moment was now ruined. My little brother had not only ruined this moment but also found out I was gay. And for that he had to learn a lesson he would never forget.

"James get over here." I was now sitting on the side of my bed stark naked with Brad cowering under the covers. He was ten different shades of red with embarassment. He was that kid in school that every guy looked up to. He was athletic, popular, and every girl wanted him but for some reason he never dated a girl. His entire reputation hung in the depths of James mouth. If one word slipped he could be compared to the scum of the grade. Even the retard booger eaters were regarded as higher in social popularity.

"James I've known you practically your entire life. I swear if one word of this gets out I personally will cut of your dick and make you choke on your own little cock." Brad said with such a voice that scared James to his core.

"Justin we have to do something to make sure he doesn't talk. Your reputation and mine hang with that little twirps mouth. If he speaks me and you both go down."

Justin was thinking that exact thing to. There had to be a punishment for invading his privacy. With little James standing in front of him he wound his hand back and "Justin plea..." James wasn't able to finish his sentence before Justin had slapped him. Justins mind was thinking at a thousand miles an hour.

The thing was though after he slapped his little brother he had gotten quite aroused and liked the feeling of it. And he slapped James again with a massive skin on skin noise. "Brad I know how to make this kid pay."

"James strip." James didn't understand what was happening. His cheek was burning. And now his big brother was making him get naked. He almost had his under wear off when his brother and Brad started laughing hysterically. He hadn't even noticed but he had pissed himself a little bit and that was the blunt of his brother and Brads laughter. James was so embarassed and regreted ever walking into the room. 

"Brad oh my god look at his cock and balls. I've seen babys with bigger. It can't be more than two inches." Justin taunted his little bro. It was true though James was quite small even though he was nine.

"James get over here and put my dick in your mouth." Brad said as he was getting more daring. He thought James was so hot but never had said anything to anyone except for Justin.

"Ewwww no." shouted james in protest and as soon as his sentence finished he recieved another smack that shook his body to his core that made him tear in his eye.

"You do it now or I'll make you feel pain you could never imagine." screamed Justin. He knew he could do what ever he wanted. His parents wouldn't be home for another 24 hours at least. And with that James got on his knees in front of the bed very shyly. And brad grabbed the back of his head and forced his 4 inch rock hard dick into James small hot wet mouth. Immediately James started gagging and he felt like he was choking. But Brad didn't care he kept pushing down.

"You know Justin it could be a good thing he walked in. Now we have a slut that we can do anything we want to and no one will ever know right James."

"Yes yes just as long as you please don't hurt me. I won't tell anyone." And he was shoved right back down onto Brads throbbing package.

"Here come and suck me james. Make sure and get it wet." James quite didn't understand what Justin had meant but he would soon find out.

"Alright, alright that's enough." Brad than took James by the hair and shoved James back down on his dick. James stood up and got behind his brother. He placed his dick right up against James fuck hole. With one hard shove he got his entire 6 inch dick inside James virgin hole. "OH MY GOD. STOP THAT HURTS SO BAD."

Justin spanked his brother five or six times and told him to shut the fuck up or he would kill him. At this point James was crying but his screams and whimpers were being muffled by Brads dick which was tickling the back off his throat.

"Holy shit he's tight Brad I feel like my dicks in a vice grip. This little cock whore is enjoying it to aren't you James." James was hating every second to his core. He had a feeling in his stomach that he was so filled and felt constipated and ontop of that he was getting jolts of pain as his brother kept pounding him even harder and spanking him with out mercy. His tears had stoped flowing out his eyes but the pain he was feeling was unbearable. He was also having trouble breathing with Brads kind of large dick in his mouth. At least it wasn't like Justin which completly cut off his air supply and his pubes tasted gross. Meanwhile the sensations flowing through justin and brads dicks was builing bringing them closer and closer to their climaxs while James was slipping in and out of concionous. The pain was so immense that he would have rather been dead.

"Brad let's double penetrate this little bitch. Go get a sock and some tape." When brad got back he pulled out of his brother and a gasp escaped James lips in relief but he had no idea how much more pain he would still be in for.  Justin told James to open his mouth again. While James thought he was going to be choked by his brothers fairly large dick again he got a mouth full of sock instead. Than a piece of duct tape covering his lips.

He was told to stand up and his brother started to suck his little boner which was no more than 2 inches and length. Out of no where his brother bit his dick hard and the pain was even worse than before but he couldn't scream. "You see whore you can't scream no one will hear you. Are you sorry you walked in now bitch." James frantically shook his head up and down trying to signal he was sorry. "I can't hear you little bro you going to have to speak up." and he broke out in a terrifying laughter.

"Brad lay down on the bed. Now James get ontop of Brads dick and face him. With your ass facing me." James felt kinda relieved brad was much smaller than his bro who had stretched him out. Than he felt his bro rub his head of his dick and he started to scream because he knew what was about to happen.

Justin bucked his hips foward getting his dick all the way in his brothers now bleeding anal cavity. Brad moaned in pleasure below rocking up and down a little bit. He was about to cum because james tight asshole and Justins dick rubbing agaisnt his. He couldn't hold it any longer and let out his ropes of hot boy sperm into james. Justin was about to bust to and right after brad came and his brothers squirming in pain he came. He held his dick far in his brothers womb letting rope after rope flow in and than pulled out with a sickening pop. So did Brad.

"Brad let's go get cleaned up in the shower. You whore can lay there thinking about what you've done." James felt relieved that this ordeal was over. But he was still in pain and had a sock in his mouth and his asshole was leaking a bloody seamen mix. Still he was scared of his brother and couldn't wait til his parents came home because than he knew he would be safe.

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2016-11-02 10:26:55
I like such stories

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2016-07-21 05:39:21
I usually like a lot of stories like this, but I am sorry I read it now. This is way out of line. Incest can be a hot topic,but not done with such a mean way as this story. You could change this a lot and it would be a good story as you seem to have talent. Hurting others is not a good thing. I have read some stories where there is domination and humiliation and makes me want to see the younger or weaker boy find a way to get revenge. This sort of story will not make any of us better persons

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2014-04-12 16:25:26
It is funny how most of these people commenting hate are reading the story for detail... It's good because it's fiction if it was real that would be fucked up

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2013-09-17 02:05:52
You mean the guy 7 below you

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For the first guy with your imagination you could write the sequel. With the bat up the guys ass well the just golden

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