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A true story changed to protect the innocent
I was 12 when my father died and my mother took care of me until she died when I was 14.

After that I was put into a convent school and had never had anything to do with sex and the nuns ensured that masturbation was forbidden and against all gods teaching. Girls being girls we found ways to do it.

I was just a normal girl but I seemed to be selected for special treatment from the mother superior and she took me into her personal attention and training to be a nun. I felt I had been selected by god to be somebody special.

Mother superior began to act strangely just before my 16th birthday and almost every night had me stand naked in the church every night in front of the altar. Then she and the priest of the church would stand and look at my naked body. I was told to bend over and hold my arms above my head and they examined me in that position but never touched me. At first it was embarrassing, but I became accustomed to it. They never spoke to me but whispered between themselves and looked at each other and nodded occasionally. There was something between them that I began to dislike even though she had been like a mother to me and had never given me any cause to be concerned about my welfare. Never had she ever made any sexual advances toward me and at all times made sure I was virtuous in every way. The whole experience lasted just over a week. Now I realise it was to condition me to nudity and being looked at naked. I was told I must never reveal to the other girls what was occurring.

On the last night they both looked at me and the priest said she is perfect. He fondled my breasts and rubbed his hands over my naked body. Then my pubic area, it made me feel creepy. Then they dressed me in a nun’s habit even though I was naked beneath it. They both looked at me and said you are ready. I had no idea what they meant but I was soon to find out.

They both then left me to stand in the church and they went to another room together and stayed there about half an hour.

When they returned they were both a lot more animated than they had ever been before and Mother Superior spoke to me and told me tomorrow you will become a child of god.

I wondered what they meant and had learned never to question any statements made by her, or the nun teachers or the priests that occasionally gave us instruction.

The following day after lessons when we were normally allowed to play between lessons and evening meal and prayers she had me called to her office.

There was a nurse there I had seen before when we began to have periods and if we needed medical attention for colds or injuries we got when playing sport. She was young and very nice to all of us. She was a nun but never wore the habit- always a nurses uniform. Occasionally girls were sent to her to be examined after holidays if they went home. I never left the convent so I was never examined.

I was sent to the surgery with her, and had no idea why.

When I got there I was told to remove my clothes. I was now accustomed to this and it didn't bother me. Then she proceeded to shave my pubic hair off. I asked why she was doing this and she said it was Mother Superiors instruction. I had never seen or heard of this being done to a girl before in the two years I had been there and there wasn’t much that we all didn't learn from secrets etc that we all seemed to have. During the process of being shaved I had these strange sensations. I had them occasionally but we were always told to suppress them. The nurse recognised what I was feeling and she actually continued to touch me in a way that made the sensation stronger. She told me to relax and let her finish. I tried to suppress my feelings but I couldn’t and she fingered me to an orgasm. I had to really try and make out I didn't know what was happening. She said I had probably done it to myself, which I had, but did not admit it. She said I would get used to the feelings in time and know how to deal with them myself and left it at that. I knew all the other girls masturbated in secret. I knew we all did things in bed when we were supposed to be asleep. Some girls even had pictures of naked men with penis erections and we all talked about them and how big their penis was and where they put it in us. Some fantasised about letting men do things to them with their penis. One girl had a photo of a woman actually sucking on the mans penis. She said they did it that way so they wouldn’t get pregnant.

I secretly wanted to listen and talk about their ideas but I usually walked away to fantasise by myself.
In the dormitory we all knew two girls would secretly get into each others beds at times but we were warned that we must never tell on them otherwise we would be thrown out of the convent. One night they were discovered by a nun and taken to mother superior and we never saw them again.

Now back to my story.

After I was shaved and I showered I was told to put on a heavy coat and then she took me to the priests rooms in the church.

Mother Superior was there and told me to disrobe and both she and the priest inspected the nurses work and seemed to be happy with what the nurse had done. I asked what was happening and the priest told me I had been selected to be one of gods special children. I was given a beautiful white gown to wear and once again I was naked beneath it ,apart from my crucifix.

Then they took me into the church where another altar had been positioned in front of the existing one and just covered in a white sheet and surrounded by candles on high stands.

The Priest and Mother Superior then gave me a special communion. The wine they gave me tasted stronger than that we normally received at communion and I was told to drink the entire cup full.
Within a few minutes I began to feel sort of strange unlike any sensation I had ever had before. I knew where I was but had almost no feeling or sensation – I could hardly move.

Then they both helped me climb onto the altar and lay down, I sort of felt I wanted to go to sleep but I couldn’t.

Then the Priest undid all the buttons down the front of the gown and exposed my naked body. Then he undressed and mother superior did the same. They were both naked and his penis was all hard and sticking out. Mother Superior had also had her pubic hair shaved but there was still some hair there. I was shocked and I realised I could not speak or move – I thought I had been drugged but I had no idea what that was like.

Then the priest who is about 60 I guess got up on the altar with me and he began to kiss my body from my neck to my toes and as he went down he kissed my crucifix, then kissed and sucked on both my nipples and licked my vagina before working his way down to my toes. Then he got off the altar and Mother Superior did exactly the same. I was fascinated by his erect penis bobbing about as he moved. He had no hair around his penis at all, like his head. It was the first real penis I had seen and it fascinated me even though I could do nothing to show I was interested in it. Mother was younger and her pubic patch looked nice shaped the way it was. I had never seen one like it before.

Mother then went to the font and washed the fathers penis in the font water then he did the same to her vagina. Then they both came to me and washed my vagina with font water as well. As they did they said prayers for me. Then she took a big crucifix from the big altar and placed it on my body with the cross just above my breasts and the post of the cross between them and it ended at my navel. Then he came to me and pushed my legs into a position which exposed my vagina and he then seemed to be preparing to put his penis into my vagina. I had heard from girls what sex was and it seemed that he was preparing me for that event. We all knew thats how babies were made, when a man puts his seed into a girl and fertilises her monthly egg. Periods seem to have something to do with it but I had enough of my senses to know my period was not due for a couple of weeks.

Then Mother Superior came to me and for some reason just then, I realised she was much younger than she looked in her habit. My guess was she was around 30/35. Her body was firm and tight. Her breasts were firm and hardly moved. She had a lovely body beneath her habit.

She said Father was going to make me a child of god. I had this horrible thought he was going to make a baby in me. I must not make any noise and that some girls find what happens to them is uncomfortable and painful for a minute or two. I was not to make any noise or try and stop him from doing what was necessary. I was incapable of making any sound at all – I had lost the power of speech.

Then she took a tube and applied some oil or jelly to my vagina and he said a prayer and then he positioned himself between my legs and proceeded to put his penis into my vagina.

Mother Superior said another prayer and came to me and held my hands.

Then father put his penis into my vagina just a little bit. It felt strange but not painful. Then she said do it – Take her virginity.

He then pushed his penis into me and then it hurt and I wanted to scream, but nothing came out. The pain was like a burning sensation or hot poker inside my vagina. Mother got down and looked at his penis inside me from between his legs. I could feel the thickness of his penis inside me also. That didn't bother me and the hurting was subsiding slowly. I was completely bewildered by what they were doing to me.
She said you have crucified and nailed another bride of Christ and she is bleeding and showing that she was a virgin and has entered the world of the other brides. You have done it well. She was a wonderful virgin sacrifice. She is no longer a virgin.

He then withdrew his penis and it was covered in blood – I was bleeding, but my period was not due. Then he said she wasn’t hard to break, she was an excellent candidate.

Then he got off the altar and left me laying there. I was concerned that I was bleeding internally but they did not seem concerned. They were more impressed with the fact I had bled when he put his penis into me. Then the two of them removed the white gown from beneath me and it had a big red patch of blood where I had bled.

They both kissed the blood and I could not believe what they were doing.

They then laid the gown on the floor and then the mother lay down herself and positioned herselfas he had positioned me and the priest mounted her with his penis still covered in my blood. It was obviously not the first time they had done this. He then began to push his penis into her and began to pump it in and out of her. She was enjoying I and I watched as her breasts moved and wobbled as he pumped her hard.
The two of them were in rapture of what they were doing together and mother was making all sorts of moaning noises and was really enjoying what they were doing. I was still unable to move other than to watch them doing that together.

He continued to pump his penis into her and she began to make all sorts of movements which seemed to make it better for both of them. They were doing everything together and after about 10 minutes she said - now – now – I am cumming. Then he made gasping noises and grunted and she began to moan and the two of them seemed to be having an orgasm – something I knew about as we had them when we masturbated.

After he had finished pumping her they lay together for a while then she said your work is not finished. You have another bride to convert.

He then stood up and his penis was all soft and covered in a slimy mess and blood mixed with it.
She stood up herself and I could see she had some white creamy stuff and some blood running down her legs like he had on his penis.

Then they both came to me and he stood beside me with his naked body almost touching mine and his penis only inches from my eyes – I could see it perfectly. I was fascinated by the look of the top of it and the shape of it. I could see the hole where he peed out of it.

Then she touched my breasts and I could feel the nipples firming up and getting hard and it felt nice but I realised it was not right but I could not stop them. It was things we did in bed alone but never to anybody else like she was.

Then he came to me and told me to turn my head toward him and to take his penis into my mouth. I was shocked and disgusted, I knew it was wrong but I could not stop him and I was expected to do exactly what I was being told. I tried to shake my head as if to say no.

Mother superior told me not to be silly and do what I was told – I had been picked out to be a virgin sacrifice and that I was child of god. No other girls would be treated as well as I was.

I did what I was told and it tasted awful but as I sucked it like I was told. Then it began to get hard again and it became easier to suck. He only kept it in my mouth Then he kissed me on the lips putting his tongue into my mouth. I hated it. Then he kissed my nipples and bloodied vagina.

Then he began to get ready to enter me again. This time mother said it wont hurt this time and he proceeded to arrange my legs ready to put his penis into me again. This time he pushed my legs right back almost onto my shoulders exposing my vagina even more.

This time it went in without any pain but it was still a bit tender but this soon passed and I actually began to like what he was doing to me. The feeling of his penis moving inside me began to feel better and better and I relaxed and began to enjoy what was happening to me. While this was being done to me – mother told me I could touch myself down there to make it feel better if I wished. I sort of felt what was happening was nice so I didn't do that.

The two of them began to talk about me to each other about how good it was inside me and that I was a perfect choice and he was giving her praise for being such a good judge of virgins. She was standing beside me and touching my nipples and making them feel good as he was doing what he was doing inside me. This went on for about 20 minutes I thought and he was having a wonderful time and telling mother how good I was. He said is a pity you cant enjoy her as I am.

She said I will in time, she will have to be conditioned to enjoy other women as well as yourself. As you know there are two other nuns that have been converted and she will be introduced into service with them as well. I don’t want to deprive you of your pleasures. Perhaps she can be convinced to offer comfort to you occasionally.

He said I hope so – she is the best of your virgin girls you have bought me. I have had to make do with a couple of the dear little altar boys lately. I have two that are excellent at the moment.

I could not believe what I was hearing – the two most reverend people in the community having sex with other nuns and altar boys.

It was about now I was beginning to have the sensations you have when your orgasm is approaching. I began to move to enjoy the sensation of his penis inside me and have an orgasm.

Mother realised what I was doing and said to me are you cumming – I nodded and she said to him come on make her happy – it will make it easier next time.

He then began to move himself inside me faster and harder and he was enjoying his sensation like me. I reached my orgasm and tried to make noises like I was really enjoying the sensation. Nothing came out though. Then he began to moan and grunt and I began to feel that his penis was pumping stuff inside me and was all wet and slippery inside me. He was putting his sperm into me to fertilise my egg. He was making a baby in me. I think mother realised I knew what was happening.

Then she said have no worry my dear – he cannot make babies or there would be a dozen little bastards in the convent by now. I will get the nurse to explain how he cant be a real father.

I was allowed to lay there for a while and then the nurse came in and gave me an injection in the bum and shortly after that I began to regain all my senses. Mother and Father then left and went into the room again – they had left their clothes behind so I assumed they were going to do what they had done before, and do what father had done to me.

The nurse led me back to her surgery and told me to shower. After that she explained to me that there was still some semen inside me and that would leak back during the night. Then she explained about how father cant make babies. Something about having a tube cut in his scrotum. She showed me a diagram of how it is done and what happens when he cums, as she put it.

She said I was lucky girl and that the father was a good love maker – by now I was beginning to get my speech back and I said have you done it with him.

She said many many times as mother superior has done also.

I asked her about other girls like me.

She said there are very few – first of all the girl has to be an orphan and secondly she has to be attractive and finally they have to ensure that whatever has happened wont be talked about. They believe they can trust you. That will be your next training session – on how this must never go outside these walls. I was one of you and was allowed to be trained as a nurse and returned to do this and continue my service to Father. You will be trained as I was to service him as and when he wants you. I assume you will be quite popular for a while, being so young. You can confide in me when we are together as that will be part of your training – to enjoy doing what women do together. I am one of them as are a couple of the nuns you will be required to go with. You will be given a cell of your own from now on so one of us can do what we do together with you in private. When you are required to go with the Father he will call you to his rooms for his treatment of you.

In time you will begin to enjoy it and look forward to it – I know I do. I think you and I could be very good together.

She then removed her clothing and she looked beautiful with no clothes on and she had also shaped the hair around her vagina. She said you will have an opportunity to select the shape of your hair now and if father approves you will be allowed to keep it like that coming to me each week to be trimmed or whenever father needs you. He likes all the girls to be neat and tidy. He enjoys oral sex as well as you will learn.

Did you get to have him in your mouth with your virgin blood.

I said I had but only after her had put his seed into the mother and his penis was covered in my blood and his seed after it had been inside her..

Ahhh she said thats something new – I havnt heard of him doing that before.

Tonight you will be sleeping here with me, so lets get to bed and begin our introductions – I may even get to taste the seed of father from you as well. Your training will be sooner than later.

That night was the first of regular nights when I was involved in sex with one of the other nuns the mother or the nurse. I could not approach them – they had to initiate any contact with me. The father used me only a few times and I enjoyed what we did together. I had the feeling though he preferred his altar boys but I don’t know how he would have sex with them. I asked the nurse and all she said was he has his ways.
I never found out if there was another girl given the same treatment like me before I left the convent. The nurse would never talk to me about anybody other than the nuns and father. I ended up really enjoying my time there and was always treated with respect and in some ways love. It was always referred to as service by the women I engaged with - never love – there was only one love referred to within the walls and that was the church.

Five years later I left the convent and became a high class prostitute. The entire situation was engineered by somebody outside the convent. In the last few months I was taken outside the convent and trained to be what men required. I willingly slept with some of the most important people that visited these shores, and in almost every case enjoyed it. I was to learn over time that most important men and women had special requirements for sex and I was always briefed as to what they expected. I could thank my nurse and in some ways the father for the initial training I received – I would never have entered the world of sex at such a level without them. The nurse was really special to me and I still seek her out and enjoy my time with her.
I rarely had the pleasure of sharing mother superiors bed as she had other favourites but she did make sure I had learned my lessons well - occasionally.

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