“Oh yea. Mom suck my cock.” Danny said to his mother.

His mother continued to suck him but she couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened last night. When they went to get her things at the house so she could move in with her son, her new lover. She found her husband with Danny’s girlfriend he broke up with last night.

That’s not what was bothering her. What was bothering was something Danny said to his dad Mark. Something about keeping his mouth shut because of something he did to him when he was younger. Kara (Danny’s mom) stopped sucking and began stroking him while she asked him to tell her what he had on his dad.

Danny kind of groaned. “Mom, can’t we talk about this later please?”

Kara shook her head. “Honey. I need to know now. I can’t concentrate on anything else right now. I’m trying but, I need to know. I will get you off then I want to know, ok please?”

He agreed. As long as she kept sucking him. He loved his mom’s warm mouth and tight pussy. He loved the idea that she was all his now.

After Danny had cum hard in his mothers mouth, they got cleaned up and dressed and sat on the couch.

“It is kind of hard for me to tell you this but, here goes. Dad and I fucked for a few years when I turned 12. We stopped when I was 17.”

Kara was in shock. “What? For 5 years, how could I of not know any of this or ever caught on?”

Danny shrugged. “Mostly at night when you where sleeping, or out with friends. Just kind of happened.”

“He started it right? I mean, he came on to you?”

Danny nodded. “Yea. But, I liked it. I liked it a lot. I became bisexual. Don’t get me wrong mom. I am happy with you and I want to stay with you, I just want you to know I love cock too.”
Kara was actually getting turned on by this. She could feel her pussy throbbing at the thought of Danny with another man. Actually his father.

“Does your father know you liked it?” Kara asked.

Danny shook his head. “No. That’s why he thinks I can get him in trouble at any time.”

“I have to admit. This is exciting and I’m getting turned on.”

Danny took the hint and began kissing his mother on the lips. Sticking his tongue deep inside her mouth. Until the door bell rang.

“Damn it.” said Danny going to see who it was.

“It’s dad and Bianca.” Danny said. Kara told him to go ahead and let them in.

“What are you two doing here?” asked Danny.

“We need to talk.” said his father.

Danny told them to come in and sit down.

“If this is about the secret I have on you, mom already knows and I wont tell no one else if you just let mom and I live in peace together.”

Mark looked at his still wife. “Your ok with this?”
She nodded.

Danny could read his moms mind now. Knowing what she wanted.

“Dad, I never told you back then. But, I can tell you now. I loved when we would fuck each other. I loved everything we did together.”

His father smiled. “Really?”

To prove it Danny got up and went to sit near his dad as he leaned in and started to make out with his dad like they use too. With one hand he unzipped his fathers pants and pulled out his fathers cock and began stroking. He kissed him a bit longer then worked his way down to his cock and stuck his fathers cock deep inside his mouth. He was so horny at this point.

Mark began to moan as his son deep throated his cock. It had been so long since he been with his son he was going to saver every minute.

Soon they rearranged themselves and did a 69. Danny sucked his dads cock while his dad licked and finger fucked his asshole so he could fuck his cute tight ass.

Kara and Bianca watched with excitement. Soon Bianca’s fingers found their way to Kara’s hot pussy and started to finger fuck her. Kara began to moan in pleasure. From Bianca’s fingers, and watching her son and husband get it on.

Danny was sucking his dads cock so hard it was turning more white then it already was. Touching his balls, licking his cock, stroking and sucking at the same time.

Mark was now pumping 3 fingers in and out of his sons ass. They where both moaning in suck pleasure.

Soon Danny’s ass was ready for his fathers cock.

Danny bent over the couch as Mark slid his hard cock in to Danny’s now ready ass.

“Oh yes Daddy, fuck me like you use too. Fuck my ass Daddy. Pound me. Mmmm.”

Mark pounded his sons ass hard. Loving the feeling of his ass again around his cock.

Kara went over in front of her new lover, her son and kissed him. Danny moaned in his moms mouth and told her to get in front of him.

“I want to lick your sweet pussy while dad pounds my ass.”
Danny began licking his moms pussy as his father fucked harder. Bianca got in back of Mark and played with his ass which Mark loved and moaned even more.

Kara was in ecstasy seeing her son being fucked by his dad, having her pussy licked out and defiantly enjoying every minute of this.

Soon Mark erupted in his sons ass and Danny came hard too as well. They both collapsed and trying to catch their breath.

Not long later, Mark sat up and said. “There just one more thing we need to find out.”

Everyone looked at him.

“What’s Bianca’s secret?”

“We don’t need to know that.” said Bianca.

“I think we do. Considering all the other secrets came out. “ said Kara.

“I agree. You going to tell them or should I?” asked Danny.

Bianca didn’t move or say anything. Danny took his cue that he was going to tell.

“Bianca is quite the little family slut. She pretended she didn’t like me fucking my mom, while she fucked my dad… oh and the rest of her family. Men, woman., She don’t care. She fucks them all. Isn’t that right Bianca?”

Bianca wouldn’t say anything. She just looked away and tried to hide her smile.

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