You all know the legal bull crap required at the beginning but here it is anyway; The following story is a complete work of fiction, It is for Adults Only, Do not read if under 21 years old, Do not read if it is illegal to do so where you live, ya-da…ya-da…ya-da. Also, this is story about adults having sex with minors; if this offends you; DON’T READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Trade – Chapter 1

I live on the west coast and am the sole owner of a medium sized electrical supply company. All our business is to electrical contractors; we have no walk in trade or DIY’s at all. Probably fifty percent of the companies that do business with me are well established and have enough equity built up in their company that they are able to pay me in full every month whether or not they have been paid by their customer. The next forty percent of the remaining companies that do business with me pay me as they get paid by their customer. The remaining customers, but one, eventually will get the bill paid in full.

And the one is Juan.

Juan has been a customer for around three years and the problem is he has never paid any bill in full so he keeps getting deeper and deeper into debt with me each month. The reason he can’t pay his bills is not because he’s a bad electrician, he is quite good. And it’s not that he doesn’t work hard; he does. Juan has two problems; the first is that he tends to under bid the jobs so the profit margin at times is slim. But the biggest problem is that both he and his wife are addicts. And their addiction is gambling.

Any time Juan gets paid, instead of paying me the money he owes me, he and his wife go and loose the money by gambling. Juan should make enough money to live somewhat comfortable but he is always broke. It’s bad enough that he doesn’t pay me but I feel sorry for his two daughters. I’ve see the girls once or twice a month; one looks to be between nine and ten and her sister is two or three years younger. They live in dump of a house in a bad section of town and the girls are always dressed in old dirty clothes. And the girls are so unbelievably cute; Juan is of Spanish heritage and his wife is Oriental. The girls have the slim female Latino features but with Oriental eyes. THE GIRLS ARE GORGOUS!

But Juan has a theory about a secret life that I live that no one else has any knowledge about; and that is that I’m an addict also. Juan has no proof of any kind; just a suspicion based on bits of information about me that others do not have access too. He got this information both from conversations we have had about our personal lives and by information he gets from his wife; who cleans my house. He has put this information together to come up with the idea about this secret life. And my addiction is; I’m sexually attracted to children.

I am a pedophile.

One reason I kept giving Juan credit is that even with his suspicions about my secret life as a pedophile he continued to bring his young daughters around me, almost to the point of teasing me with them. Juan will bring his daughters in on Saturday mornings when there are very few people around and I’m in my office by myself doing the weeks bookwork. But several times when Juan did not think I could see him, I have caught him unbuttoning the top buttons of the older girl’s shirt just before walking into my office. As we sit in the office talking the girls are moving around as children do. If I look at Maria, the oldest girl, at just the right time I can look down the front of her top and am rewarded by seeing her bare, young, developing breast. And a few times Juan insisted that the youngest girl, Isabella, sit on the desk besides mine when she obviously does not want to. The first time that this happened and I glanced at her my jaw dropped; she was wearing a short dress with no underwear. I could look right up between her small legs and see the bare, puffy lips of her vagina! Now I know that if he puts on that desk I will see her bare vagina if I look in her direction.

The first time that I became aware of my sexual attractions to children was when I was in my mid-twenties. I played on a basketball team with a guy that was a few years younger than me and he had a girl friend that was seventeen. The girlfriend’s parents were not happy about their daughter dating someone that much older so they often sent their younger daughter along with them to act as a chaperone. I would see both girls at the basketball games and the youngest girl, who was around twelve or thirteen at the time, was a real flirt. She was very cute and had a body that I admired both for its shape and small size. I had never found anyone this young to be sexually attractive before and was surprised that I felt that way about her but I knew that to have sex with a girl that age was just trouble waiting to happen. There was a reason girls like that were called “jail bait”. But after being around her for a few months I knew I wanted to put my cock into that body and the age issue began to have a less and less important reason for not pursuing her sexually.

But after making the decision to have sex with her the reality set in of the problems that would have to be overcome for this to be successful. For one thing, I wasn’t even sure she really wanted to have sex; she could just be a tease. Another problem was that it was going to take a substantial amount of planning to set up a way to have sex with her without anyone finding out about it or her telling anyone about it. And on top of that I was not even sure that it would physically be possible for me to have sex with her. My cock is about average length; six to seven inches but it is thicker than most with a large head. So not only was I not sure I wanted to put the effort into trying to have sex when I wasn’t sure that she did, I wasn’t even sure I could fit into her if she did want to have sex!

Then one night about three months after meeting her I answered a knock on my apartment door and there she stood! I was so surprised to see her standing there for a second I couldn’t speak. When I asked how she knew where I lived she said that she had seen me carry in groceries last week while she was going into the mall that was across the street from my apartment building. She explained that her parents had dropped her off at the mall to meet with her friends but instead she walked over to my apartment. She mentioned numerous times that both her parents, and her friends, did not know that she was at my apartment. She ended up staying about two hours before she had to get back to the mall in time to meet her parents. But in that two hour period I found that my thick, big headed cock did fit into that young, tight body. I could not get it completely inside her but enough so that I had a huge orgasm in the condom I was wearing. The sight and feel of being in bed nude with that small girl and watching my cock as it disappeared into that thin body was wonderful. But by far the most erotic stimulus for me was hearing her whimper every time I drove my large, veined cock into that tender girl. It was without a doubt the most sexually satisfying encounter that had ever happened to me.

Afterwards though I was terrified that someone would find out about what I had done to her. We had a basketball the game the next night but I did not go for fear that she might say or do something that might make others realize what we had done. I spent a lot of time the next few days thinking about how to defend myself if I were to be questioned by the police. This was before DNA so it would have just been her word against mine. I even thought how the police might have her wear a recording device and get me to confess about what we had done! I knew that I would have to be very careful about what I said around her at all times to protect myself. I missed the next game also I was so scared about seeing her again.

The night after that game there was another knock on my door. When I opened the door there she stood again. For a second neither of us spoke but then she looked to her right, and then to the left before facing me again. Then she pulled open her long coat that she had been holding closed, she was totally nude under the coat! She stared in my eyes and only said two words;

“Fuck Me.”

She walked past me and into my apartment letting the coat drop on the living room floor as she walked nude to my bedroom. I watched as that young, nude body walked away from me and into my bedroom. She laid on the bed and spread her legs apart. The only words she spoke were; “Do Me!” As I started to put on a condom but she told me she was now on the pill. For the next two hours I fucked that little girl again and again. This time I even got into her a little deeper than the first time. Watching and feeling my large cock as it slid unprotected in and out of that small body was very sexually satisfying once more. But again the most stimulating thing for me was to hear her whimper under me as I was driving into that little girl.

But within hours of her leaving I was shocked at how stupid I was to have sex with her a second time. I swore to myself I would never do that again with her or another underage girl. But every day the need to be with her again was getting stronger. I had no way of getting in contact with her so by the next Friday night my need was so strong that I even went to the mall hoping to see her. I hung around the mall for hours without seeing her but then my teammate who dated her sister walked by. We made light conversation before I asked about his girl friend hoping to get information about the young sister. When he said that he was no longer seeing the girl I was shocked thinking my connection with the girl had just got slimmer. But then he dropped the bomb shell; the reason he was no longer seeing he was that the family had moved to another state. Turns out this had been planned for months; I just never knew about it. I never saw the girl again.

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