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Sara starts to experiment
This story is just fiction. Any of the characters are real or facts are about something is really happened (also if I suspect many of the girls who started this started in this way or for the same reason).

English isn't my mother language so I hope you will forgive me about grammars and word's errors.

Please read the first part of SARA for understand better the story.

(F/f, petting, teasing )

The next morning Viktoria dragged her daughter out of the bed, shocking the still sleeping girl..

Viktoria decided to give to her daughter a little lesson of humility. Now she has found a good candidate for put new spirit in her job, she was feeling free to start a new education for her selfish daughter.

“From today..” Viktoria spoke harshly “.. you will be without cell phone and your weekly allowance will be reduced just to your lunch needs. No more trips with your stupid friends at the mall and you will earn what you need with chores at home. Is it clear??”

Cristina was watching her mom terrified. Why she was doing that?? “B..but mom.. “ complained the girl “'s not right!!”

“Listen to me, little slut, I know what you and your friends do all the time. So , now, stop buy lingerie, stop tease boys. You'll learn soon life is not RIGHT! Now get up, and go to breakfast and I don't want ear you for the rest of the week.” Then, she slammed the door, leaving the dumbfounded girl in her bed, desperate.


Sara started her new week full of life. She knew she could get herself in trouble but she was so happy at the idea to gain money for herself and maybe for help her mom. She felt herself, for the first time, after a lot of time, much self sure, much happy: like a loss of weight on her young hart.

Her mom Deborah noticed how happy the girl was that morning and was pleased of it. She knows that a large part of the girl unhappiness was her fault. She's knows she's in an age where she needs a lot of attention, consideration and she needs to discover herself. Unfortunately she wasn't able to give to her baby girl all this and much more because the lack of time and two poor works she was doing for gain enough for close each month. Also she understands, from the way the girl look at others, how she would have competitive clothes and money to spend in the mall.

She cries inside herself but she was pleased by her baby girl happiness of that morning. Then she try her best for show an happy face too and she promised to herself to change that situation is some way.

Days were going and, more the Sunday was coming, and more three females were nervous in town.

Cristina was close to a nerve. Her mom was so strict. Every time her friends were calling, her mom was there to survey her. Worst of all, next Saturday, she wanted go to ride with her friends but her mom refused to give the money for hire the horse and told her she could work in the stalls for gain the right of ride an horse there. More than one time she started to cry and the only comfort was the ample chest of her mom but nothing more: no more proposal to send her to parties, buy new clothes, news about a week ends on the Alps skiing. Just cry on her chest like when she was a baby girl.

Viktoria was nervous as never happened to her from a lot of time. What really she was doing?? She was driving a preteen girl to prostitution. What crazy idea?? She just heard Sara by phone a couple of times for more specific agreements about hour and place where meet on Sunday.. She was been so crazy to give her, her own cell number. What if Sunday, instead of her, she was going to find the police?? But no. The girl was too much interested in gain money and be popular. Other wise what if her mom intercepted her calls or.. “Oh my god” she thoughts “ Am I going into become paranoic??”

Sara was nervous. She was near to say every thing to her mom. She was sure she was going to put herself in a big trouble. What if she was a killer? Or she will kidnap her and sell her who knows to who?? Worst: what if Viktoria will not like her ?? What if she will not able to keep company to others?? Surely Viktoria will report that to Cristina and everybody will laugh at her.
What clothes she has to wear for that meeting?? Viktoria said she was fine how she was dressed last Sunday but she felt ashamed of herself at the pool bar, when she noticed how well dressed were other people.

Was a wonderful and sunny Sunday morning but Sara was nervous. Viktoria picked her up at the right hour, now she was fastened on the rear seat of her car and she was been gentle and talked to her a lot in first minutes of their trip. Now both of the females were quiet. Both of them into their thoughts. Car brought them out of town, on the hills, within of woods of Mediterranean pines. In her pubescent girl's brain Sara wondered how beautiful and relaxing that place could be. All their worries were blow away from the chirping of the birds and intense smells of the wood coming from the opened glass windows. Suddenly a beam of sun made her notice the end of the road. A big gate was in front of them and Viktoria made her car stop at the level of a cam.. ”Private Boarding School for Young Gifted Girls” she was able to read on the big golden plate near the gate. She heard the woman talking fast and the gate opened automatically. The car came along of the road and, after another pair of curves; they arrived in front of a big mansion.

Viktoria said something but the girl was too busy to watch around for hear what she was saying but she followed the woman at the door. A pretty girl was there, waiting for them. She kissed Viktoria on the cheeks and introduced herself as Patrizia and she was there for help in all her needs.

Viktoria told her to follow the girl while she was going to take care of her registration.

She followed the girl as ordered but she turned her head looking for Viktoria. Again her feelings were mixed and her doubts, about she was in trouble, started to back in her head. She was there, talking with a vaguely familiar woman.

Patrizia brought her in a large bathroom. She told her to undress herself and to go under the shower. Sara protested saying she was already cleaned but the girl just smiled and kissed lightly the girl on the lips. Then she explained it was the rule and, if she was going to work there, she needed to be addicted to clean herself many times a day and, for emphasize the fact, she slapped the girl's butt.

Sara was in doubt and she become dumbfounded when she saw the girl undress herself. What the girl was doing? She ask to herself. Was she going to take shower with her? Sara never showered herself with some stranger also if another girl.

Patrizia was a tall girl, around her late teens or early 20th, slender body, olive skin, with proportioned boobs. Everything in her seemed a spark of joy, especially, her big black eyes. Sara thought they were smiling at her every time their sights met.

Patrizia understood the girl's doubts so she ask her if she wanted take the shower alone and she was doing that just for get the girl easy but she didn't want scare her.

Sara's face become crimson when realized how prudish she was, especially if she wanted work in this way, then forced herself to smile, telling to Patrizia how sorry she was for be so dumb and started to undress by herself but avoiding watching directly at Patrizia's body.

“Oh my god!“ She thought, watching with the corner of the eyes the developed body of the girl, “how I can compete with girls like her?? Surely nobody will want my company.”

As like Patrizia was reading Sara's mind .. “Oh my.. You are wonderful .. I wondered how a girl of your age .. I wondered how sexy you can be with a nice dress and hair comb. I hope we will be friends if you'll work here.“ Then Patrizia forced herself to blush, kissed again the young girl's lips and toke place under the large shower's cabinet. Starting to adjust the water's temp, she checks with the corner of the eyes what the young girl was doing but, with pleasure, she can see her in her birth suit.

Silently Patrizia extended her hand to the girl and, smiling but without avoid her sight, when Sara toke her hand, she pull the girl under the shower making her gasp .

Sara was like in a dream. She can't believe she was naked with another girl under the shower. Last time something happened, was years ago with her mom. But as with her mom, she was feeling the fingers of the girl between her hairs, washing them slowly, just like her mom.

“Is it your work??” Sara asks to the girl almost whispering like she was scared to disturb Patrizia. “ I mean, to be sure I am clean and help me to take the shower?”

Patrizia didn't reply immediately. She finished to wash her hair, turned the girl again then, smiling at the girl also if she, understood, she was trying to look every where except directly at her naked body.

“Sara... “ She whispered, taking the girl under her chin and pulling up her face until their sight met again “ Please look at me. It's OK if you look at my body. I like if a girl consider me enough nice to be watched.” Then she pushed his body under the warm water again and turned herself slowly, then spoke. “Yes and not.. I mean: yes. I should survey and explain you how prepare yourself following Mrs Victoria advices. No.. It's not my work strip me naked, go under the shower with you and rinse your beautiful long hair.. It's something we expect you do by yourself.” Patrizia left her words in the middle of air, waiting the young girl absorbing this information and see what kind of reaction she could have.

Sara was thinking about the explanation.. Why does she do it then?? She seems so friendly. Like Mrs Viktoria.

“Sara, our work isn't always good. Sometimes we need to do things we don't like. Everybody needs a friend. I would be your friend if you allow me. But first, before everything, you have to accept your beautiful body; accept to show it to everybody. Be proud of yourself and not hide it. The same.. I like to know you are watching me. It makes me proud of myself. It is part of our work show our self. What's wrong if I like it ??”

Sara thought about it for a while, then swallowed and try to smile. “ I..I am sorry if I am so shy. I didn't want upset you. I.. I was wondering how someone can be interested in my company . I mean you are beautiful. I am not. I am afraid Mrs Viktoria could be disappointed of me. Also I haven't your .. your hips your. I mean...” Sara blushed a lot and lowered her sight again until she felt her chin lifted up by the other girl's fingers meeting her sight.

“Oh baby girl.. Do you like my boobs?? Why?? Thank you. You are very kind and you make me feel special. Do you want to touch them?“ Suddenly, without waiting Sara's reply, she toke the girl's hand and put it on her breast.. Moaning ant the touch.

Sara wanted to die. She was touching another girl's breast. She was so ashamed of herself. About her feelings, about her shyness. She wondered how soft and, at same time, firm that was. Her sight moved from the breast to other girl's sight, again on the breast. The girl's hand was gone but Sara didn't left the breast.

“Oh Sara. You are wonderful” coed the girl “ I like your touch very much.. May I touch yours?” said Patrizia teasing the girl.. Again, without waiting a reply, she put her hand on the pubescent chest of Sara.

The baby girl's eyes grew wide. The expert touch, with the palm cupping the little breast and the thumb teasing the nipple, was like a jolt on her inexperienced body. She was split. She wanted run away, she wanted to cry, she wanted feel much more. She felt butterflies in her stomach, warm between her legs, hard on her nipples. Then everything overwhelmed her senses and she started to cry uncontrollably and Patrizia toke her body against hers, embracing it motherly, and started to kiss the wet girl's hairs, whispering it was Ok to cry and how good it was.

After some minutes, when Sara stopped to cry, she was still embraced with Patrizia. She was still sobbing but she felt herself calm. She let the girl bring out of the shower. She helped her to wear a hot and soft bathrobe and, still without talk, Patrizia started to dry and comb her hair.

After some minute Sara whispered “I am sorry. I don't know. Was a strange feeling.. I was scared. Will you tell what happened to Mrs Victoria?”

Patrizia watched the girl image reflexes on the window. “Of course I will. Why I shouldn't?” said the girl smiling but suddenly she realized what scared the girl, making her cry. So she ask: “Have you ever felt the same? Do you know what it is??”

Patrizia waited the girl's reply but not hearing she understood she never touched herself and she was not aware of her own body and feelings. She felt suddenly down for that girl.

“Sara. Listen to me. Can I be your friend? I mean your special friend?? You know the usual friend you say everything you haven't courage to tell to others? I would so much you can trust in me.”

The girl was close to another cry and wasn't able to speak so she just nodded and let Patrizia get her up and push her in another room. A rounded bed was in the middle and lights were soft and the place was warm.

“Now we are going to play a game. OK? “ Patrizia climbed on the bed and pulled the girl next to her. Slowly she opened her bathrobe revealing a part of her chest and one of the legs. Then she opened a little the bath robe of the girl.

“First: you will touch me everywhere. No matter where. OK? And when you will touch me, I have to say what I feel, OK?? Where ever you decide to touch me it will be fine. Don't be afraid and touch me. Then, after that game we will decide together what to say to Mrs Victoria”

Sara looked at her. At first she doesn't understand why that strange girl would play this curious game. Then she realized she wanted teach her what she feels when she's touched.
She tries to touch a no private place: her hair.

Patrizia smiled. “I like if you touch and caress my hair. It make me feel sure.. Your hands are warm, delicate. Is it OK?? Can we play further??”

When Sara nodded again, Patrizia toke her hand in hers. And said she was going to let her touch again her breast but, this time, she waited for her reply. The girl waited a while. Then moved her hand by herself on the breast checking the sight of the girl as reassurance she was doing the right thing.

When she felt her breast touched, Patrizia moaned softly and, for emphasize it, she kept the hand on her breast then smiled “Oh.. You are making me feel good, all dizzy but warm; I feel butterflies in my stomach and warm on between my legs. You are making me feel good, Sara.”

Sara was surprised. She was giving her the same sensations she felt under the shower. How was that possible? So she decided to try another thing. She ask to Patrizia to close her eyes and, when she was sure she can't see her, she leaned on and kissed softly the girl's lips in the same way she had a kiss from her a while ago. Then immediately she stopped and blushed crimson.

Patrizia opened her eyes, smiling. “ I felt humid, then butterflies inside my stomach and my nipples getting hard... Did you feel the same when I did it a while ago? Wasn't wonderful? When I explained what I felt while you were touching me, were them the same feelings you felt when I touched you??”

“Yes. I .. I felt the same. How did you know that?? I mean.. I never felt something like that.. It was like I was going on fire. I was so scared. I am sorry if I cry.”

“Don't worry baby girl, you just find the best thing of the universe. It's why I was going to say that to Mrs Victoria. She surely will be happy and proud of you knowing that. I was just surprised because I thought you already knew that.. So I suppose you never had an orgasm too. Isn't it?”

“No I think not” said blushing the girl then after a pause she added “ but I know what it is.. I heard it's when a man makes love with a woman and they get pleasure each other and the man makes the seed for make babies” Then, realizing what she just described, Sara became crimson again making the other girl giggling.

“See?? You are very smart.. It's why I thought you already knew that kind of feelings. No reason for blush or be ashamed of yourself, baby girl, I couldn't explain better by myself. Just, another question: you are a girl, right?? Am I a man?? “

Sara realized immediately what Patrizia was meaning and, also if she never saw a naked man, she knew the difference and also she understood also she was been touched by another girl.. Like ... She became crimson.

“Oh my god.. I am a...” but the fingertip on her lips of Patrizia shouted her.

“No baby girl, you are not, well at least seems you aren't a lesbian. Just your body reacted at my touches.. No matter if I was a man or a woman.. Your body do not understand the differences.. Well not at this level anyway. I am not a lesbian too but I liked very much your touches and.. “Lowering her voice” I would like have more touches and give more touches to you if you allow me to do it. Will you?”

Sara for first time in her life was sure for something. She wanted understand what that feelings mean. Then smiled shyly, toke one of Patrizia's hands and brought it on her chest, closing her eyes and try to enjoy the warm touch.

Patrizia embraced the girl and, without leave her chest, she kissed her lips deeply while her other hand was running around her body. After her lips her started to kiss her nose, her cheeks, here eyes, then she sucked the girl's earlobes making her moan loudly. Both of them watch each other's eyes and after a moment they burst in laugh. Serious again, Patrizia leaned down and kissed then licked her neck making Sara tremble. Slowly and without leave the girl's sight for understand any sign of her will, she lowered slowly on her stomach, opening completely her bathrobe and revealing he pubic mound, still smooth, but already wet. She brushed a finger over the wetness, making her moan again, she scoped with a finger a little of the girl's cream and, openly, she brought it to her lips sucking it and showing her appreciation.

When she saw the girl not worried but curious, she lowered her face on her wet pussy and touched her sensitive clitty with her tongue, working fast and hard.

What Sara felt in that moment was like an explosion in her mind. She felt like she was coming out of her body and then again inside. Her body trembled in all her muscles and butterflies in her stomach become like cramps. Her sight became first red, then black. Then, like a punch in her stomach, she looses her senses.

Last thought before she passed out was: “Oh my ... Yes, it’s the best feeling of the universe!”


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